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tv   Fox 8 News at 4PM  FOX  November 30, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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checking the gas tanks, another raid was at the gasway gas station at bel air and jasper , fbi says this is part of an ongoing investigation, so not able to tell us what they were looking for, also the agents at the sunoco gas station on these 55th in payne avenue. the manager said it just took some of the equipment so they are unable to operate gas pumps at a few la like answers. light snow who is in charge of investigation, what they are looking for and if they are taken away in equipment, especially of cash registers, w cannot operate without them, is going to affect us and it is not cheap to replace them. >> fbi says they do not know ho long the investigation will take. sources say there was one
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case is sealed, suite do not have the specifics are what they are charged with. for those gas station still open for business? >> they are still open for business, but some of the gas station not operate the gas tanks so you cannot get any gas but you can still buy food or other items, so they are still open for business. learned of carjackings and cleveland and and one of the safest suburbs, the 19th of the story has ed gallek as the latest. to carjackings and beachwood, at least two more in cleveland in recent weeks, an increase in these cases, where you might least expected. >> i stopped at the stop sign
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the car this man started walkin toward me, though i missed all the car. 79-year-old woman was carjacked, and happened last evening in beachwood on the street outside the menorah park nursing home. a case shortly after another moment was carjacked in beachwood near somerset both guys started with fake accidents, that were staged. >> i was me from behind i got out to check the damage and then the person jumped in my car and drove away. one stolen card, later found, but not the other, last night o the west side of cleveland to carjackings at gunpoint days ago the police it out apart due to recent rash of carjackings coming up at 5:00 o'clock the
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mahoning county wallin is that after she was struck and killed in a mall parking lot happened yesterday in the parking lot of southern part mall in boardman near against him that his name has not yet been released they say she was in her mid- 60s, the police department and the highway patrol are investigating, the driver of the truck has not bee charged. a new bell, that chardon high school shooter t.j lane the chance to get out of prison early, it would make him eligible for parole when he turned 40 years old, since he commit the crime before he was 18, is currently serving life without a chance of parole or shooting and killing three classmates at chardon high school in february 2012, the bill is up for a vote in the senate a similar bill has passe in the house. >> today learning more about th investigation into the ohio state attacking possible ties t
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and has in the newsroom with what he has learned. the fbi today stop short of calling it an act of terrorism, but they say it appears that abdul razak ali artan on planne and carried out the attack alon and was inspired by isis in al qaeda, investigators say that he purchased the knife at a columbus walmart the morning of the attack but not sure that wa the knife use, it drove a car into a crowd of pele and then began attacking people with a knife injury and 11, the fbi is analyzing his electronic devices in social media says it has no pews knowledge of him. investigators looking at a posting to his facebook page that had before the attack praising al qaeda cleric. ohio state confirms he was a first year visit student but sa it's unclear why the somali refugee, who came here from
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motive, and when he came up wit that plan that's why were askin anyone's assistance that may no is specific whereabouts that morning, to try to pinpoint where he was in the hours between the purchase of the knife and the attack, this afternoon to the victims remain hospitalized in fair condition for please confirm one victim was hit in the foot by a bullet fired by the officer killed the suspect alarm before the attack was unrelated to the attack. the story is still developing, so stay with us wer continuing coverage of the ohio state kemps attack without date any time by going to fox >> allegations of rations pronation and a northeast ohio olive garden restaurant. >> a local comedian and his
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inappropriate will on the job, but what the manager did next may surprise you, as jennifer jordan joins us with more. lets a people talk about this on social media, cleveland comedian and actor ricky smith claims and olive garden lagers department served up a helping of racism to him in a group of friends, 911 audit released by the police tells a different story, take a listen. i need back up, i have customers you're making racist comments, talking rude to the only female manager. police were called to the olive garden restaurant about 815 p.m. tuesday the 911 call made after the restaurant employee claims that a party of five, four men and one woman were asked to leave the premises. >> they want to purchase alcoho
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and the waitress refused and that's when they asked for a different server. canadian ricky smith and his party telling a different story after being seated, he told tmz there were making small talk with the waitress when she casually told him she doesn't like white on black people because they do not tip while, the lagers a black woman, the comedian says he went to the manager requested a new waitres but instead of honoring that request told smith to keep the same waitress or leave. he chronicles the entire ordeal on social media, the first of several tweets. just got asked to leave olive garden because we asked for a new server because our server said she doesn't like serving blacks. parma police of the group was nondisruptive once they arrived on the scene.
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the customers who were inside were allegedly causing disturbance were cooperative and they left on their own accord. >> as a result no charges were filed a police say the investigation is being handled by the restaurant, olive garden telling us they take allegation of any kind seriously and discrimination of any sort will not be tolerated in the restaurant. they said that olive garden executive vice president of operations is reached out to mre , and in to make things right, the voice involved have been placed on leave pending the outcome of th investigation. after repeated attempts to request an on camera interview, ricky smith and not return our calls or e-mails, he is the founder of a local organization called random acts of kindness everywhere, ironically, kindness is something he says he is friends were not given last
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firefighters battling claims of the great smoky mountains as lou maglio has a look at this. it is getting a bit better, tennessee mayor confirming poor people have been killed and almost four dozen injured, more than 150 buildings have been destroyed, thousands had to be evacuated, some still searching for loved ones, the wildfire spread from the great smoky mountains into the gatlinburg area the help of strong winds o monday the mayor says that ther is a way you can help as the
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normal. that is our message, we are going to be okay. if you want to do something for gatlinburg, right to be back on her feet here real soon, come and visit us, come back and vacation here. heavy rainfall that fell earlier today held to put out some of the wildfires, 200 firefighters are still working to put out the rest,t go. such a great area down there in gatlinburg in pigeon forge. i've been there it would be on my bucket list of places to visit and to help them to get back on their feet. >> we know that their will not be buses and public square but
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holiday season will be warmer for about 100 students in these cleveland community school district-ccsd. are concerned they sure that you are the best leader students switch you don't have to worry about being one. >> with her third year in a row the annie l. dawson foundation, brother passed out winter coats to students and four elementary schools, purchased with money raised from their recent fundraiser from some donations from local residents wanting to make a difference. the con ed a good time because the weather is expected to turn much colder starting next week. >> a lot of them, many kids tak for granted they can't receive
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it is a blessing. coats will be passed out to local grandparents who were raising their grandchildren. charges back to december beyond eight with highs in the 40s. .enjoy days like today. had some sunshine, a few raindrops. >> look from avon lake. looking at sunset, remaining prior to 5:00 p.m. through
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61 degrees hopkins, 37 getting closer. >> the rain showers moving through with a few lingering early overnight between eight and 10:00 p.m. then focus on upstream. this will move in with cooler conditions the chance of rain and/or snow showers,
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the cutting across the turnpike approaching the western territory of new london. >> most of the area has been pretty dry. sevier thunderstorm warnings an watches across the carolinas and georgia to the last things are a little quieter. with some advisories in idaho montana. looking at some showers that will be gone about 10:00 o'cloc and th?n mostly cloudy. a few raindrops with wet snowflakes tomorrow otherwise pretty quiet day ago friday, going to be quite cool with highs in the 40s in the chance of a few raindrops snowflakes have asked chance to the east and the typical snowbelt denied going to get colder with overnight lows in the upper
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rain or snow showers, the highs in the 40s. chance of a few rain/snow showers friday if you like effect on saturday dixie possible sunday. that likely will be the end of the 60s, but not impossible, the way that the fall has been but it looks like late next week, and we can end the week after, much better chances of lake effect snow
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fox 8 official school closing station,get alerts on air onlin and the fox 8 app,sign up for text alerts. fox >> , your lack of sleep could be costing us money.
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protesters versus the north dakota access pipeline have one week to leave the site, army corps of engineers issued a december 5 deadline the demonstrators showed no signs o leaving. >> they said the pipeline woul and contaminate the water. water is sacred, it is also good business to protect your water resources. the county sheriff had threatened to block supplies an the governor says first responders will no longer be responsible to render aid to those who stay, the protest has been going on for nearly five months, to experience what it was like to be on the titanic,
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in china, investor group is constructing a life-size replic of the ship and iceberg the ideas that uganda crews and experience but the victim staye on april 15, 1912, some say it' in poor taste but supporters sa it will be respectful and educational, should be able to book a ticket by the end of nex year. >> after months of pestering, netflix decided to let you watc off-line. yo of shows while on a flight or stuc in the subway away from wi-fi o sell single just have to plan ahead and downloaded , the features free with all netflix memberships make sure you have the most recent apps to access the new download button. lack of sleep that just will not just on your health but the country's economy the report found sleep deprivation costing
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$400 billion per year they say it's caused by three main factors, sleeping less than seven hours a day increases ris of health problems in death, it leads to lower productivity at work and more sick days and sleep loss causes children and young adults to fall behind in school resulting in lower earnings throughout their lifetime. make the presidency a priority, the actions of donald trump is taken to make sure tha
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tomorrow, is december, and despite today's wants it is going to feel more like december. >> get ready for at least a 20-degree drop overnight, let's get the official word now from
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we've had so many warm days, at times reaching record highs, currently 61 degrees, but to the west already 10 degrees cooler aroun 50. these selfless wans, shifting more to the west near toledo/findlay. looking at some rain showers approaching lorain/elyria. will be around spa day, till 10:00 p.m. most of rainfall to the southeast while there could be a mixing
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10:00 p.m. tonight was a cloudy tomorrow, cannot rule out a few raindrops or snowflakes especially to the east. tonight upper 30s, tomorrow partly sunny , buses and public square, the decision causing some controversy. many city council members said they were not kept them a little bit today they sounded off during a public meeting, as maia belay is from public squar with details. council says they were caught offguard with the decision to close the street, talk to some
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they missed the bus over time, they said that the constant bus trip was too dangerous, but the people who walk around the square, the council said that should have been considered before the construction and public square the called the safety argument bogus, this ad closing public square two basses makes it even more dangerous to people walking. this is causing a million turns around the square people in more danger that woul be if you ran buses through superior. is talked about the amount of terms that basses had to do to provide the stretch of superior instead of, he said the future he demands that federal dollars could be at stake because of the closure urging the city to reopen this portion
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shroud police officer will not face charges in the shootin death of amanda sparked several nights of protest, birth, prosecutor says the officer acted lawfully, told keith lamont scott to drop the gun news-times in september, his family said he was not armed, his family still considering whether or not to file a lawsuit. >> report shows ohio leads the nation in opioid overdoses. according to state by state stats compiled by the kaiser foundation, the state have more than states with large populations, it was 14 ohio had more than 12,000 , that's more than new york and california, the buckeye state continued to be the nation's overdose capital, the number of deaths jumped more than 3,000 last year. >> democrats, beecher devos, california representative nancy
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want another term as house minority leader, a the closed-door vote was held w her eating ohio congressman tim ryan 134-63, he told supporters he is disappointed by the parties in good shape. become out of this leadership election united as democrats an will take on the challenges and we need moving forward i am disappointed because i liked it when but i think i was a great discussion that the party is better off. nancy pelosi is that the democratic party in the house o representatives since 2,002. donald trump says he's leaving his business empire so he can focus on being the president. they can then asked on twitter as elizabeth noreika ha more he tweeted earlier today that legal documents are being
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take me completely out of the business operations, and that the presidency is a fa more important task. >> have been under criticism fo explosives out to potential conflicts of the capped a role in his business, right now he i filing documents and will have more details during a news conference with his kids in two weeks, then while announcing he will nominate his former campaign finance chairman secretary of commerce anton birkett says deputy secretary o commerce , the number one priority is to be the economy, to get back to three or 4 percent growth we believe tha is sustainable to focus on things for the workers. >> also naming tom price as his pick for secretary of health an human services, who had been leading the charge to repeal th
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transition officials say will become his party in the administration. if you want to give to his children how remote but he really be from his businesses? >> people question if he will not be involved, but that remains to be seen. >> surprise guest and familiar face made an appearance in new york city, may not feel like a princess, hillary clinton attended the united nations children's fund snowflake ball presenting the audrey hepburn humanitarian ward 2 katy perry who she says inspires people to keep moving forward even when things don't go your way. someone who's powerful voice and creative lyrics remind us when you get knocked down to ge
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katy perry supported in campaign for hillary clinton. this was her second public appearance since conceding the election. breaking news out of cuyahoga county, a judge has approved a settlement in the tamir rice case, and april the city and th family agreed to the settlement in a lawsuit filed by the city for the death of the ball in 2014 today the family filed an application to appoint a truste kluber will pay half the $6 million this year and the other half next year. keeping tabs on developing stories cleanup underway after powerful storm hit multiple states. it is a massive cleanup after a night of stars went five dead in a dozen injured a husband-and-wife tennessee died
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home in other one killing three people in alabama the weather service says war potential tornadoes and strong winds down and trees paralyze and damaging in mississippi and also bringin heavy rainfall and working to clear blocked roads some people returned home after the storms to see the devastation they said that they made sure they got to safety in time. >> live about one quarter mile across the field and we heard all of the noise got into the basement and then saw the buildings torn up and stuff scattered all over. sheriffs deputies in mississippi or helping people with damaged homes to find places to stay for the time
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scientists at the atlantic experience its first above normal hurricane season since 2012, it saw fit named storms this year including seven hurricanes three that were considered major. matthew fluty longest and strongest, the category five sustained winds of 160 mph and was a major hurricane for eight days. doody calls unexpectedly for a police officer. pic actions taken when the baby cannot wait and the reason that the baby will remember it
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a new mom is reunited with her hero term the police officer filter to deliver the baby when she was blocks away from the hospital, and her in-laws in kentucky when her water broke, they got into the cart but knew that they would not make it in
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honking and flashing the highbeam headlights the flight down an officer. in the first heel to deliver a baby. is nice to have someone to bring life into the world. >> i pictured her and would lik to thank her, she help me to deliver this one. >> the mother and included the officer name in her baby's name. using her name as the baby's middle name. looking at a lot of cloud
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prevents a sporadic rain showers but not all day event will start with had some upper 50s to low '60s. it is core to the last, the lead is beginning to shift their. expected they went to become gusty her tonight and gusty again tomorrow. got these warm temperatures. neighboring cities, 47 indianapolis in some 30s, omaha is 36, >> that will be asked because currently about 60 tomorrow the highs will be in the low 40s start showers heading into richland county.
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these are new light and sporadic. we are pretty dry, a few shower through the evening the gone about 10:00 p.m. then focus on from the upstream with temperatures there in the upper 30s bringing us colder air and a chance of rain and or snow showers. we have an upper-level disturbance just enough to induce some wintry mix. the best chance in the snowbelt. tonight, showers moving east about 10:00 p.m. the lance increasing, as the colder air moves in we will be in the upper 30s by tomorrow
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low 40s on thursday, december 1, and partly sunny. the lead will be pretty active, and the windchill will be be a factor. cooler air hangs tough through the weekend and then some warme temperatures building the middl part of next week and then the coldest air so far this season expected to transition from the western portion to the eastern half including u and that is a better chance of lake driven snow. tomorrow, as the beginning of winter. on friday and chance of a wintr mix, low 40s and then a few lake-effect showers on saturday with highs in the 40s overnight in the twice, slight
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expected though the lake effect continue into early monday low to mid 50s wednesday, that chapter four the temperatures fall. rainfall moving over two snowfall and then a colder patter next weekend thereafter. fox 8 official school closing station,get alerts on air onlin and the fox 8 app,sign up for text alerts. fox
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, it will slew of animals at a local raid, got a call of a large number of animals at bailey avenue the police arrive they found 100 animals, living and poor conditions. reliving dogs, chickens and turkeys and a pig. also cats, rabbits and a goat who were outside. the house is described as a makeshift bar. >> this was a first we have had large seizures before we have had a large seizure of birds we have dealt with large groups of chickens usually involving cockfighting the first time we have had an example of urban farming gone wrong.
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at west 38 and bailey, for the outside you would not know it. a rough night for the cavaliers in milwaukee. losing for the third time this season they looked completely disinterested. p.j. zagara joins us with more on last night's loss and embarrassing moment for jr smith. one loss and 82 regular-seas g night was a conqueror for the team including jr smith forgot he was in the game peered the play involving jr smith in the second quarter after a timeout, you know to shake hands with hi buddy jason terry place with milwaukee bucks, but that realizes that the basketball wa life , told reporters after that he did not know he was in the game, to his defense it appeared none of the cavaliers were in the game for all four quarters
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here's the response of day to his defensive lapse. it was embarrassing moment, and we will move forward we had a discussion, he felt embarrassed and we will be moving on from one of the cavaliers return home versus la clippers been to chicago versus the check chicago bulls last year they went through those growing pains and injurie in this year they're healthy and and.
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the super bowl is 66 days away, houston is preparing the big game construction underway for the traveling i club in tow for the game thursday friday an saturday, the company behind it announcing that bruno mars will perform there in the days before the 51st super bowl then the club will move to a different city after the game. starbucks does it also chipotle in dunkindo you can add mcdonnell's of the list of places you can order from your phone, business insider confirming their rollin out the new technology next yea they have not said exactly how it will work but it a lot and a last year that let you look at the menu
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else can suffer from anxiety, you'll never believe what's, an the nerves of a stressed-out
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ridge of warmth found himself i a situation, better pet goat having anxiety attacks, she figured out a way to calm down, bought him a duck soup, it is n stranger to close, her own addresses it up all the time bu not until she put on the duck costume that she knows the difference she says the same concept as a thunder shared some pads for comfort when they're swaddled something tight this i
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sensation. everyday i get messages from people do say that i am battlin depression or cancer and just lost a loved one and a look at your feet every day in to see these little goats and if they can do it then i can do it. she owns a farm with more than two dozen coats, or with
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begin breaking news tonight at judge approving the settlement in the tamir rice case. >> the city and
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wrongful death lawsuit filed against the city, clear them will pay only half of the $16 this year and the other half next year, 12-year-old was shot and killed by the police will carry a pellet gun outside the cudell rec center. breaking news dubbed portage county, sheriff's deputies and ravenna police looking for a suspect in the shooting today o henderson road in ravenna township at high school was placed on lockdown but since been lifted her students were escorted out of the building the police are asking people to stay indoors stay with us for the latest and up-to-date ads also fox >> . to all caught employees suspended after an alleged case of racism at one of its
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local comedian in his party claim the waitress was inappropriate whil on the job, 911 calls tell a different story. instead of pasta, actor ricky smith clades in all of god waitress in parma served up a helping of racism to him in france, but is he telling the entire story of what happened. parma police called to the olive garden around 8:15 p.m. tuesday the call made by a employee after she claims a party of five, were all asked t leave the premises. they got the idea for alcohol


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