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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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local comedian in his party claim the waitress was inappropriate whil on the job, 911 calls tell a different story. instead of pasta, actor ricky smith clades in all of god waitress in parma served up a helping of racism to him in france, but is he telling the entire story of what happened. parma police called to the olive garden around 8:15 p.m. tuesday the call made by a employee after she claims a party of five, were all asked t leave the premises. they got the idea for alcohol
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>> kit ricky smith and his party telling a different story , he told tmz they're making small talk with waitress and she mentioned that she does not lik to wait on black people because they do not tip well, that waitress was a black woman, he says he went to the manager requesting any waitress, instea of honor that manager allegedly told him to keep the same lagers relief, he conquered the ordeal on social media, and the first of several to read -just got asked to leave olive garden because we asked for a new server because our server said she doesn't like to serve blacks parma places the group was nondestructive once they arrived, once they arrived, the customers were that allege the cosmic disturbance were cooperative and left on their
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the charges filed in the said investigation is in hi by the restaurant, olive garden says they take allegations of any kind seriously in discrimination of any sort will not be tolerated if they say that exec vice president of operations and reached out to mr. smith apologized mr. smith to make handwriting police involved of them placed on leav pending the outcome of the investigation. , at this very different stories and see what comes from that investigation.
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busy this morning , the first report on rates at several loca gas stations. >> peggy gallek, is at the cleveland fbi headquarters. the fbi says very little except that the investigation is ongoing, the gas station manage says he does not believe they did anything wrong 7:00 a.m. this morning, fbi raided several area gas stations and a strongsville home as part of th investigation. hammers were on scene wednesday and caught up with investigations rating the station at west 117 in bel air. they saw what appeared to be agents checking the gas tanks another one at the gasway gas station at bel air in jasper also at the sunoco gas station
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the manager of some of the gas station says he would like answers. eliza who is in charge of investigation, what they are looking for and they take away any equipment from the stores, especially our cash registers, we cannot operate without them, it's going to affect us greatly and is not cheap to replace them. >> sources say one person arrested, but this case is sealed, so we do not know the persn were carjackings in cleveland and one of the areas safer suburbs, as ed gallek is here with the latest. to carjackings and beachwood antiwar in cleveland, an increase in these cases and now one where you would least expec
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i stopped at a stop sign and i felt a jolt i got out of my car and this man starts to walk toward me and then stole the car. the 79-year-old woman who was carjacked, it happened last evening and beachwood outside of the menorah park nursing home, then shortly after, a wallet wa carjacked in beachwood near somerset crimes began with staged accidents. is of course what hit me from behind i got out to check the damage and then he jumped in th car and drove away. one of the cars was later found, meantime, on cleveland's west side, to carjackings at gunpoint, days ago the police and out the miller due to a rational carjackings, not clear how many might be connected to the police are taking a hard look at that coming up at
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story. some have been recovered a short distance from where they were carjacked such as in beachwood's amount what else ca they gather such as fingerprint and dna. sparked his trend because it is happening everywhere. >> a new bill that could give t.j.lane the chance to get out of prison early and make him eligible for parole when he turns 40 since he commit the crime before he was 18 t.j.lane is currently serving life without a chance of parole for shooting and killing three classmates at chardon high school in february 2012 the bill is up for vote in the senate a similar bill has already passed
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the ohio state attacking possible ties to terrorism as we learn more, matt wright is here with what we know about the suspect. the fbi today stop short of calling the attacked an act of terrorism, but they say it appears that abdul razak ali artan planned and carried out the attack alone inspired by isis in al qaeda. >> they say that he purchased a knife at a lu morning of the attack, he drove a car into a crowd at the ohio state campus then began attacking people the knife injuring 11, the fbi is analyze is electronic devices and socia media says it had no previous knowledge of him investigators are looking at a posting to facebook page before the attack , praising a al qaeda cleric, ohio state confirming
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business student. this ad is unclear why the somali refugee who came to the us from pakistan, acted monday. there is no determination as to why it was ohio state where that building that is the information were trying to decipher from any electronic signatures that he left behind. of why did he go there? >> investigato are asking for anybody with information about his whereabouts between he purchased the knife in the time of the attack to come forward. today to the victims rehospitalized in fair conditio and please confirming that one victim was hit in the foot by a bullet fired by the police officer who killed the suspect, investigators say the fire alar
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stay with us for continuing coverage of the ohio state campus attack that dates at fox >> . arrayed on the west side, dog's turkeys and opaque or taken from a local home and out at the apl. call to the apl prompt of the investigation and suzanne stratford joins us with the latest. words cannot describe what's happening at the apl , the process of handling all of thes animals just inside the garage we can show you earlier today and ongoing. it began with a tip to the hotline. the police and apl began to arrive they were stunned by wha they found behind the house
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estimated about 100 animals including chickens, mainly chickens, ducks roosters, potbellied pig, rabbits several dogs cats and even a goat. brain out there doing the processing to assess their health and they were stunned that so many animals were livin in the backyard in the city, co sharon harvey of the apl says they have not seen anything lik this before this is afi have had large caesar's before of birds, we have dealt with large groups of chickens usuall cockfighting. first time we have an example o urban farming gone wrong. they're reaching out to animals sanctuaries to deal wit
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they don't handle that here, they have over 30 cats that the just sees last week from a different hoarding situation. or is a lot going on here will have the latest for you, the owners will face some charges but they cannot say at this tim the investigation is underway. jack thistledown racino is getting a makeover, is investin $9 million two-story glass entrance it is hollywood makeover, the material is commonly used to construct movie sets, the construction as part of a $70 million $70 million enhancement that st year the construction on the ne entrance is expected to be done by next spring. holiday season will be warmer for about 100 students in east cleveland community school
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the third year, the annie l. dawson foundation founded by wayne dawson and his brother judge william dawson pastel winter coats to students and fo elementary's schools there were purchased with money raised fro a recent bowling fundraiser and from donations from local residents want to make a difference. a major announcement the
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would you personally, with dump trucks and graded out? >> could you imagine him drivin heavy equipment? >> no, that would be a very scary thing. >> thank you for the christmas cookie today. i got one yesterday and i
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if you can maintain your weight program through the holiday, then you are in good shape. earlier today i had some breaks in the clouds. you can see the clouds darkening, that indicates the cold front just about ready to move through. is beginning to fill up with some showers, where as we do no have that before. the showers were beginning to fill that gap with the leading edge right here. the temperature is much cooler. it does cool off just west of toledo's we go from nursing to degrees to eventually in the
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that we could see some periodic rain showers. this is an impressive squall line shows up on the 3d satellite. a variety of tornado warnings in the counties in red. warnings in a couple of tornado warnings in northwest, south carolina. storm reports indicating, over the last 24 hours, over two dozen tornadoes , have tweeted out a picture of my twitter account. a very active day to the south. we are near 60 currently. but the 40s were beginning to
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37 degrees with a local flurry and if you stray showers tonight with the front. if we see sunshine it will be sporadic with some passing rate snow showers from time to time. overall it will be going down but near normal, here comes a system that will try to move by sunday. and a lot of nuisance type rate snow showers beginning tomorrow. >> on sunday, i think the greatest chance of rain/snow showers that minor system, otherwise, the temperature may go back to 50 degrees midweek next week before thursday, rated
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snowfall and may be the gateway to winter. that will be in december. >> fox 8 official school closin station,get alerts on air onlin and the fox 8 app,sign up for text alerts. fox >> superstar fill in the role of semi- close. >> build it lebron james likes to give back, how he is spreading holiday cheer all
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lebron james, is playing santa claus.
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he is spreading holiday cheer for, check out what he did for a girls high school basketball team missouri. they want the missouri state title they were undefeated and he recent surprising with new features, shoots and a handwritten letter from one says you cannot stop working you cannot let up compete. stay humble and stay undefeated i'll be watching. several other teams including a girl's team in spirit lake, idaho into our girls teams in virginia received similar packages and notes from the
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entering the season of holiday parties, is go over som of the do's and don'ts. first off, the tenants optional we know that means, that you ha better be either post on mango, and keep it up beat. be the perfect time to meet a higher up in a different department in chad, show off your type b personality, put down your phone, don't stay in the quarte talking to one person, losses can reach her nonverbal cue negation of standard quarter an hiding. don't get wasted, bruises serves to loosen up the atmosphere but not tailgating, don't be the guy who knocks ove the christmas tree don't reveal
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don't wear clothing that is to revealing, and, make sure to say thank you to the host. also to go the extra mile, writ
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netflix customers, the company is rolling out, that might make the next long flight
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a bus ban is causing problems were writers in city council. >> they said they were kept in the dark to close a portion of superior avenue, maia belay wit more. city bus is going down superior they had to circle around public square, it is the center of the debate today, so why where the buses banned? >> the mayor says it is with two minibuses, through the area of the council said the argument does not make sense since public square was designe to attract large crowds. the council argues the city is reaching an agreement with the federal transit authority in millions of dollars given to th rta could be at stake, bus riders in council agreed that the problem is to be fixed. >> , what really turns around the square that puts people in more danger than what it would
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superior. >> by not going straight about having to make extra turns around public square, it makes me, that janice, i have missing the bus that mean something to me. rta rider say they miss the buses because of this rerouting at public square, city councilman complained that the issue is that they were kept ou of the loop and that is the issue there were trying to avoi during the decision-making proces i walked across there for two months, one minute is not a problem it's crazy to have a street in the middle of that beautiful redone part, the buse go around, there's no problem, was never in danger. public square is beautiful
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that is the argument that the mayor is making. >> the mayor is right, to the road closed, covered with grass and bushes. donald trump says he is leaving his business empire to focus on the end the warty fift president, who had the announcement on twitter, the elizabeth noreika here with more. the president-elect being written to take him out o the operations he says the presidency is far more important. 's been out of prison for exposing himself to potential conflicts since he kept a role in his global business, right now he's filing documents will have more details during a news conference with his kids in two weeks, they will announce and h will nominate former campaign finance chair steve mnuchin ansys treasury secretary, wilbu
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todd ricketts as deputy secretary of commerce. our number one priority is the economy. blue that is very sustainable. >> he also named gop congressma tom price as his choice of health and human services will be leading the charge in congress to repeal the affoa say will become a party in the trump administration. surprise guest made an appearance at a new york city ball, hillary clinton attended the united nations children's fund's snowflake ball presentin the audrey hepburn award to kat perry
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people through music to keep moving forward even when things don't go your way. cylon is powerful voice and creative lyrics remind us when you get knocked down and get back up. >> katy perry supported and campaign for hillary clinton, this was hillary clinton second
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changeable skies a few flurries later, start in the 50s, as we put this a promotion, how quickly the temperatures go down, we will b in the 30s at 2:00 a.m. and then tomorrow not much of a ris be a passive snow shower and then through the day the number do not change because the jet stream is going to be selling off to the south. also, we hav a couple of minor bombs along the way. the lows will be more frequent, it would be cooler, not super cold and you see that in the 8 -day .
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42 degrees tomorrow. and then 41 degrees friday the 40 on saturday, i think the strongest system will try to come through on sunday with a chance of snow or rain , and who will stay in the 40s were much of next week until late next week with rainfall change to snow thursday that after that i think it will be more wintry fo a while maybe even through the holidays. fox 8 official school closing station,get alerts on air onlin and the fox 8 app,sign up for text alerts.
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might make your next long flight easier, today netflix announcing that members have the option to download movies and shows to watch off-line later, you can watch your shows while away from a wi-fi or sell signa the feature is free with no netflix memberships , members will want to make sure that the have the most recent netflix ap on their devices to access the new download button. if you have a radioshack gift card, you want to catch the end this week, they file for bankruptcy last year and one of the last piece of the business
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estate will stop accepting the online request on friday so far more than $130,000 have been returned to consumers who turne
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a live look from our roof-cam, it is pouring outside. you might want to consider
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powerball jackpot. >> and is there any other while baby on the way, as natalie herbick joins us with the empty. prayers to the raging wildfires intimacy that have devastated to first destination killing seven and made many people homeless, 100 homes and buildings were lost in those raging fires in kahlenberg and pigeon forge in the smoky mountains, evacuations ordering thousands out, seven dead and several more are still unaccounted for the said the fire was likely started by a human. at least five people dead after violent storms and tornadoes through the south of an eye, three people were kille in alabama at a mobile home, two more were in tennessee.
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today to honor the members of the brazilian soccer team kille in a plane crash, they held a vigil at the home soccer field last night morning the 71 people who died, the blackboxes have been covered they say it's possible that the playground of field history for landing. queen elizabeth is going to be a grandmother again, will royal baby on the way for the duke and duchess of cambridge, the queen's granddaughter, zara tindall and her husband expecting their second child in the new year, in addition to th royal family will be queen elizabeth's sixth great-grandchild. if you want to hit it big, wanted to tennessee, job postings are to skyrocket and a manufacturing plant entered 20 of its workers hit the powerbal jackpot, winning $400 million, they can forward to claim the
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are still in shock and do not believe that they would when it. i went to bed i said, that i would check it in the, i made a pot of coffee for my husband. he said another she bothered ticket so they were shakily and i grabbed my ticket and there i this is the sixth powerball jackpot wanted tennessee, some
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the life of the millennial, and on the big stage, sort of, and never believe what two
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introducing millennials the musical, to document the
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that was from the musical satire created by dwayne the rock johnson in hamilton actor lin-manuel miranda , the main character learned to embrace each other's lifestyles, joke and will be on the stage i the big apple anytime soon, the superstar duo, teamed up in the new disney animated movie moana that will be in theaters today. this is not members newest driver driver, imagine leaving the bar and matthew mconaughey
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he surprised a group of university of texas by arriving in golf cart to give them a ride home, it's all part of the schools sure program that stands for students united for rape elimination that offers volunteers to walk or drive kids home from campus at night, he i currently teaching in some clas of the school, no doubt the students are excited, as were his driving, we heard that it was all right, all right, all right. surprise reunion that you thought she would seek him with the stars ofrthe 2,004 film napoleon dynamite team up
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zocalos's tater-tots and here i a reunion, if you are a fan of
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bring back tater-tots. may remember the scene and he asked him if he was going to finishes tater-tots pickering the united to put cheesy tots back on the menu for a limited time, >> dozens of animals are remove
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of urban farm gone wrong. man is granted in shock after learning that his dogs were gunned down, he says that the man who did it shows no remorse. i did until restaurant serve a dose of bases along with re random acts of kindness says that he and his friends were treated very rudely. elder wallin is one of the latest victims of a growing aspirate of carjackings. stretching from the inner city to want of northeast ohio' haida suburbs uncovered cases o
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on the street outside the menorah park nursin home. >> i stopped at the stop sign and then i got out of the car this man started to walk toward the south and stole the car. >> both teacher cases came afte staged minor accidents come in one case 79-year-old wallin fel the bump, she got out to look
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to the ground, and the bad guy jumped in the car and took off. >> i've never had anything like that happened to me and i'm almost 80 years old feel like it's not going to end, like it' only going to get worse. >> in cleveland, a young man an woman were carjacked on west 90th, a car pulls up, a gunman jumps out that opposes gun that takes the other car, dr the stolen car, this is one of at least two carjackings in the city tuesday at gunpoint. the carjackings in cleveland and beachwood come just days after police sent out an alert. they had seen eight increasing carjackings it is no clear how many of these may be connected, they are taking a


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