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tv   Fox 8 News at 6PM  FOX  November 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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to the ground, and the bad guy jumped in the car and took off. >> i've never had anything like that happened to me and i'm almost 80 years old feel like it's not going to end, like it' only going to get worse. >> in cleveland, a young man an woman were carjacked on west 90th, a car pulls up, a gunman jumps out that opposes gun that takes the other car, dr the stolen car, this is one of at least two carjackings in the city tuesday at gunpoint. the carjackings in cleveland and beachwood come just days after police sent out an alert. they had seen eight increasing carjackings it is no clear how many of these may be connected, they are taking a
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referred us to beachwood police the idea obtained this shaw par memo outlining increase security. university heights police last week at a carjackings, the problem is so deep, and one of the cleveland cases home security cameras captured the car that dropped off a gunman for a carjacking, the car he go out of have installed earlier. lied to investigators have to go on? >> some of the cars have been recovered they are being processed to get evidence, in one case they did make an arrest, that was a car that the spotted later to notice it in pursuit.
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approved a settlement in the tamir rice case, in april of th city in the rice family agreed to the settlement in a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the city so will pay half of the $6 million this year and the other half next year he was sho and killed by the police while caring in airsoft pistol outsid the cudell rec center two years ago. looking for the suspect in a shooting this afternoon the man they say shot two people and ravenna township shortly before 230 identified as david calhoun one person killed the other injured the high school placed on lockdown but since we left i they escorted students out of the buildings are asking people to remain inside as they search suspects. >> soul-searching for a lot of in the attack at
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about the attacker. >> fbi says it appears that he carried out the attack alone an was inspired by organizations, there are still searching for what motivated him to act on monday. >> there was not time to react, just to try to get away. wire stories from the victims at ohio state, details into the investigation of the attacker abdul razak ali artan. is too soon to determine if this is terrorism. >> at a press conference wednesday they said there looking through evidence including his cell phone and laptop in social media accounts looking at this post on faceboo monday praising al qaeda leader. what we know is that he may have been inspired by al qaeda or isis or isil, our
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isis attack method plowing a car int a crowd monday then cutting people with a knife injuring 11 they say he purchased a knife a walmart one of the attack and working to pinpoint his whereabouts. >> we want to determine when he came up with the plan. >> they say that he came to the us from pakistan in 2014, the fbi had no prior knowledge of him, graduate from a community college by spring, brawled as a business student at ohio state and clear why he talked of his own university monday. there's no determination as to the amount of, and why on that particular building and alma street. >> to the directives remain hospitalized in fair condition confirming that one victim was hit in the foot by a bullet fired by the police officer
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fire live that sent students of the building where the attack happened was unrelated. stay with us work team coverage of the ohio state campus attack with updates at fox >> . >> local fbi and state agents busy this morning, the i've reporting fbi raids in several local gas stations, peggy galle your with what we know. >> about 7:00 a.m. wednesday, fbi and state agents raided several aerie gas station's and a strongsville home as part of an ongoing investigation, many who live there the gas stations were surprised by the grades.
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stunned. i woke up this morning, and told that the investigation was going on, there were searches, nothing has been found, we are not being told anything. on wednesday morning, fbi agents raided gas usa at west 117 in bel air, they showed the >> another raid was at the gasway gas station at bel air i jasper. fbi says the rates are part of an ongoing investigation so they cannot tell us what they'r looking into. >> also found agents at the sunoco gas station on east 55th and payne avenue. the manager said that they took
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few locations. >> is if you'd like some answer from a mountain of who is in charge of the investigation, what they're looking for in the third taking any equipment from the stores, especially our cash registers cannot operate withou them, is going to affect us greatly and is not cheap to replace them >> fbi says they do not know ho long the investigation will take, peggy gallek fox 8 news. one arrest has been made but at this point.the information i sealed so were unable to get th person's name. >> allegations of racial discrimination at an olive garden restaurant, claiming that the waitress was inappropriate, but the restaurant manager did next may surprise you, as jennifer jordan joins us. >> instead of all you can eat
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ricky smith says olive garden waitress in parma serving up racism to him in france, a 911 audio release my police tells a different story. parma police called to the olive garden restaurant around 815 tuesday night, the 911 call made by a restaurant employee after she claims a party of five were all asked to leave the premises. >> they want to purchase alcoho for a minor the waitress refused and that's when they asked for different server. ricky smith and his party tell a different story after being seated, the toll tmz ther were making small talk with the waitress and she mentioned that
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tip well, she was a black woman says that he asked the manager for a new waitress but instead, the manager allegedly told smit the q. the same waitress or leave. >> smith was often the incident on social media, first of several. parma police says the group was nondisruptive once they arrived. >> when the officers arrived, the customers were inside , they were allegedly causing a disturbance, they were cooperative with our officers and they left on their own accord. resulting in no charges filed in police say the investigation is handled by the restaurant, olive garden says they take allegations of any kind seriously and discrimination will not be tolerated in the
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after repeated attempts to request an on-campus interview, ricky smith did not return our calls or e-mails for comment he is the founder of a local organization called random acts of kindness everywhere, ironically, kindness is his friends were not given last night. l quilty or urban farm gone wild tangent in the middle of a massive rescue operation,
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with the latest. rescue effort at the apl. see the volunteers go through the boxes those are chickens, rabbits and others rescued toda from a home on the west side at the apl they said they had not seen anything like this, a tip call came to the apl hotline. they responded to the house you west 39th street the backyard, they found the animals. some early estimates of about 100, many showing signs of neglect in bad living conditions. most of them are chickens but there are also a potbellied pig, rabbits, a several dogs and
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the latest count is 155, there been assessed at the apl, they are working overtime here it is add a challenging time because they just rescued 30 cats from quarter last week was that. >> this is a first we have had large seizures before of birds in the past, we have dealt with large groups of chickens, usually cockfighting, this is the first time we've had an example of urban farming gone wrong. the latest number is one and 55 animals rescued from their home. the apl is processing, they're not equipped to handle farm and also reaching out to sanctuarie and others to help out there, the owner is going to face some
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violations right now it is ongoing investigation, suzanne stratford fox 8 news. you can enjoy i skated on but
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looking outside earlier today from burke lakefront airport.. >> and sunset now is at
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normal is 44 for the high. sunset will be through december 16, and by the time you and december, since it will be at 5:08 p.m. and then later thereafter. looking at some showers, shaker heights, along 271 and the i-90 route 2 split blanketing lake county. to the last some spots of heavier downpours including the washington, and towards shelby and mansfield. in the south near holmes county
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and tuscarawas county getting some rain shower that are at times heavier. one strike of lighting and some embedded cells in cuyahoga county and a secondary cold front reinforcing the showers that will taper off about 10:00 p.m. tonight and then focus of strain with colder air tomorrow. for december 1 to make it feel more like winter time with a little bit of mexican. you can say the past 24 hours reports of severe weather, 29 across the deep south, going down significantly as the wind
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the wind will then become more guest here tonight and tomorrow as with 30s overnight tonight. we will also have a chance the next couple days of a few rain/snow showers this especially the snowbelt. tomorrow partly sunny, low 40s around normal. over the next eight days, chanc of some mixing on friday. on saturday some lake effect an mixing again on sunday. there are some slim chances the best chance will be on sunday a then the middle part next week it warms up again before it goe
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, thursday lifted the rain and snow and much colder next weekend and the lake after with more chances of snow. the greatest klubot brown and the greatest of all time, jim brown in-home dolly will be lat
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meone once asked, do we ever think about anything other than steak? yes... and... no. you can't fake steak. longhorn steakhouse. tonight's special: turf and surf. flo's filet and lobster tail,
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it wasn't person playing and we will be moving on. >> the cavaliers to bounce back tomorrow then to chicago on friday versus the chicago bulls. richard jefferson says last night was just one game they need to put that behind them an learn as in the long season continues. you look around the lake, is not just a matter of keeping pace but try to get the most ou of yourself and that's what we should do, again last night whe you look at a big game with home-court advantage of probabl heard us, the difference between
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a big honor for jim brown from a major publication from a jim brown and muhammad ali will be linked together joining in the hall famer's kareem abdul jabbar and bill russell as recipients of a sports illustrated muhammad ali legacy work. are there were chosen based on the careers and social activism they ll could the buckeyes lose a top assistant coach after the seaso but to mark reports oregon is interested in greg schiano after the docks farther head coach tuesday, oregon is one of the best jobs because of all the nike money behind it, the nike ceo phil knight will pay upward of $10 million a year with new coach. >> the golf world is focused on
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>> are the gotti look at it thi way since returning from his back injury. after 466 days away from professional golf tiger woods i to tee up at his own tournament in the bahamas this weekend, hi first in 15 months at albany golf club here to eagles in his round in place afterwards with all the shots he had his bigges concern was the putting, he sai his speed is off but he's ready. i get out there to compete, it's going to be normal going t try to put the ball in the righ spot into post a low score to get the title. >> congratulations to rich paul, receiving an honorary degree from cleveland state december 1 speak at the schools fall commencement. hunting season is underway in
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the animal
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explain that to me again please. alright, here's the deal. i'm gonna pretend i'm with the irs. i'm gonna say you owe back taxes and threaten you with jail time. that'll scare you into giving me a whole bunch of your money. i also need your social security number, too,
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that's why we're here. dedicated to protecting ohio families against frauds and scams. get the facts you need today at i asked them
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and there was her leg, sticking out from the logs. is something that many pet owners cannot imagine, and someone intentionally killing their animals. >> that's what a belmont county men says happened to his dogs a the hands of a hundred with thanks to goddard's law suspect's facing some serious charges, gabe spiegel has the story. i turned round to lock the gate and then i turned around m daughter gone. pete byers was going to take his dogs on a trip to pittsburg when they disappeared, got the help of friends, neighbors all the while calling for his dogs were, he says hunters reported hearing shots, and eventually a trail of tracks led to michael chidester's tree stand,
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know so i can bury them, below the caves looking at this new brush pile , then he looks down and says, i killed your dogs, you want me to buy you two new ones? by two new dogs. i asked them where they were in the looks at me like i'm confused and he points to the brush pile and could see the le sticking out from the logs. you notified authorities, and a belmont county sheriff's deputy was called to interview both pete byers and the suspect, all that was taken put in a very thorough report and forward to the prosecuting attorney. the prosecutor says to felony charges of prohibition concerning content animal will be filed against the 59-year-ol
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stemming from the newly imposed goddard's law that went into effect on september 13 , they allow the family and friends remember the 5-year-old, and the 6-year-old bella, the government. >> they were really good friends, unconditional love, whilst the two charges are filed, he will appear in court for hearing, it's good to could be sentenced months on each count or 24 months consecutively, gabe spiegel, fox 8 news. nor buses at public square the controversy, they said they were not kept in the loop as my billye shows us, the day they sounded off during a meeting fo the first time. this portion of superior at public square is causing a majo
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>> i just missed my bus because it got delayed going around the square. one of 40,000 by the rta daily says said sapir has been close he misses his connecting bus too often and he's not alone, by not going straight, t make an extra turn, it makes me a one minute that means something. the problem does not stop there, city council had a debat wednesday about the closure, said it puts the city in breach of a current agreement the federal transit authority. the rta over $70 million awarded through the transportation dollars, there the words or a risk in the future if we continue to be in breach with the fta. >> police in members of the
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safety, and be put in danger by the constant bus traffic. castle call that such a close they portion of superior brough in that it does not make much sense. this causes more turned around the square that puts people in more danger than what it would be if you ran bust through superior. it is a bogus argument by the safety issue. councilman reed said the closure is about limiting acces to public square people who doi. >> people like me, who ride the rta made a bad decision had arrived at bus and i had to and thank god for the rta. does not seem like they cannot have the bus goes
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>> my billye fox 8 news. >> councilman reed demanded a seat at the table for further decisions says federal dollars could be at risk by close of th square to buses. donald trump says that he is leaving his business as elizabeth noreika has the latest. donald trump announcing the news on twitter said the documents are being drafted to remove his involvement in business operations so there will be no conflict of interest, he is bound to remove himself from business to focus on the presidency using his favorite means of medication on twitter, said he will hold a news conference with his children december 15 in new york city meanwhile, announcing he will nominate former campaign financ chairman steve mnuchin treasury secretary, wilbur ross as secretary of commerce and todd ricketts says deputy
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assure all of you that were going to get this right for the american people, at 870 after having a phenomenal life and to build this business and its great tower is going to be focused on working for the american people of the united states. >> also naming tom price as his pick for secretary of health and human services who has been leading the charge affordable care act which they say will become his party in th travel administration. >> democrats meeting the new boss the same as the old, nancy pelosi one another term as hous minority leader , of what was held today with her beauty and tim ryan 134-63, the representative tells supporters that he is disappointed by the
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leadership election united as democrats and take on the challenges we need moving forward i am disappointed because i liked it when but i think it was a great discussion for us and i think that the party is better off. nancy pelosi is lead the democratic party the house of representatives since 2,002. charlotte officer will not face charges for the shooting that touched off days of violence september scott was in a car at an apartment complex when confronted by the police told him to come out of the car and yelled several times for hi to drop a gun, he did not liste and officer brett benson opened fire killing him, scott's famil claims he was unarmed today the dea says the officer acted lawfully and will not be charged. the attorney for the family
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in the future. new information about the plane chrisan killed a soccer team radio that the plane was i total failure and without feel down in columbia killing one's 71 was on a charter flight to take the soccer team to colombia three players a crew member in journal survive this time they said the lack of fire damage along the wreckage would back of the theory that the playground of the field. wildfire interesse blamed for at least four deaths were getting a close look at the devastation along one of the people killed more than 45 have been hard and two and 50 aldis in the gatlinburg area have bee destroyed the city's mayor says they will recover and offers a simple solution.
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something gatlinburg are going to be back on her feet and a real short time, just, and visi us take your vacation here. some fires continued to burn and part of gatlinburg is still off limits the area can be helped by up to 2 inches of rai expected today into tomorrow. 2016 was a hurricane season for the atlantic. they say they saw 15 named storms including seven hurricanes three of which were considered major that makes toy 16 the first above normal hurricane season since 2012 the eastern and central pacific also experienced above normal hurricane season this year all
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steve is going to feel more like winter so? was going to come to an end is the hurricane season and our wild temperatures and tomorrow the beginning of december. were some areas of downpours. this is the avon lake camera from th folger home we did back in two 62 degrees sunset at 4:59 p.m., all the way now from now until december 16 and the 4:00 o'cloc hour, >> light rainfall, then extreme north of geauga county with some heavier downpour lot 77 through
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some scattered showers in lorai county. to the south along 77, lightning strikes, were a coupl of the near akron most of them off to the north and east. the winds bringing out much cooler temperatures. watch in this tomorrow with a chance of a few spotty rain/snow showers, especially in the snowbelt.
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shows a cool down and toledo an tran eight. the winds will be casting out t 25 tonight and tomorrow will be breezy conditions. 37 in minneapolis will be our morning low tomorrow starting off colder, the rain showers will be out about 10:00 p.m., tomorrow mostly cloudy and then it will be the same story on friday. tonight upper 30s
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weekend. then a bump up before a serious domes of cold air moves in, the coldest of the season, to transition from mid-december and to more snowfall in the forecast. more rainfall possible sunday and precipitation monday, then next week they increase a bit before cooling backed down with rain and snowfall with falling temperatures much better chance of snowfall next weekend and mid- portions of december. cliches and will be for about 100 east cleveland school district students. our concern is make sure that you are the best leader student
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>> for the third year, annie l. dawson foundation, founded by wayne dawson in his brother passed out winter coats to students at four elementary schools, they were purchased with money raised from a recent bowling fundraiser and from generous donations from local people wanted to make a difference they came at a good time because the weather is expected to turn much colder next week. a lot of that lack things that many children take for granted, they received gift items like the ones that you have given, i is a blessing that touches the heart. additional coats will be passed out to local grandparents, who are raising their grandchildren next week. dogs can be so much more than man's best friend but can they
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college student study for the finals and also can be stressful, the company college they have found a four-legged solution to relax. >> , these students have been studying for the last few days so it is defini many of them are inside the library leave them are looking forward to dog therapy during. that sent the sound you would expect from college students just days taken the final exams. >> where here is part of the do therapy day to come here every semester to the santa barbara city college to help the
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the part of a nonprofit , for two hours, they will greet any student who walks by or runs up to them. there are squeals of delight and smiles, they're so excited to be here, some students will sit down to meet the dogs for five minutes in between classes. we were all stressing, i think that's heading these dogs just helps us forget what was going on. >> santa barbara cutie college is a lohal college, there are many students who don't live near their families. min of the students have been in mhe library for hours and days and it is a respite for, the dogs don't judge, the dogs love them before they have met
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>> .bring a sense of home to students. allow dogs, i have a dog of my own and anytime i can see an type of dog, i run into them. them back here next time before finals, >> face it began you were limited to leaving comments on peoples pages or poking them. >> now added new feature to allow you to play games with your contacts be done through the facebook messenger app that allows for chanting and video calls now you can test your skills in arcade classic like pac-man, as well as newer titles. >> the feature is available in 30 countries, the games are
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i have not been down to public square to see the holida lights, but everybody says it i gorgeous and well worth a trip downtown. drunk driving is a sears parvo from the canadian police department make sure that some people make sure that they get a designated driver. the kids at the police department posted this warning on its facebook page, a photo of nickel back. warning that anybody arrested for drunk driving would get a ride back to the playstation with a nickel back album on the car stereo, they say, that's no really a good unopened copy of nickel back, you don't drink and drive and we will make you listen to them so why are they thinking on
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chad kroeger for dui ten years
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enforcement was very busy, the id was a first report of raids in several local gas stations peggy gallek is more o what we know. fbi says very little except that this is part of an ongoing investigation. the manager the gas station say he doesn't believe that they ha done anything wrong. >> 7:00 a.m. wednesday, fbi and state agents raided several gas stations and a strongsville hom as part of an investigation cameras were there wednesday th agents were reading


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