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tv   Fox 8 News at 10PM  FOX  November 30, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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plan your holiday getaway at of first please search for suspect a suspect well family pleads for justice and army national desert as critically hurt when you're struck by a hit and run driver kevin freeman is here with all the details and the pretty serious injuries. according to his father the 27 -year-old victim is hospitalized in intensive care for the severe brain and head injury investigators are trying to track down the driver who struck him and kept going. relatives of 27 note how the field described him as gentle. his family and police are asking for the public to help him.
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people that we're walking in take off northbound on them. please say just before 1045 friday night scott and a friend we're walking kn north van buren street at the corner of lincoln avenue a car struck scott and kept going his friend got injured. the passenger side window was busted out during the impact we don't know about any other damage on the car we are kind of assuming there is some damage. scott's father tells fox 8 his son serve in the army national guard he says the accident left him in a coma with severe injuries to his brain he urges the driver to turn him in our self into police. it's possible you don't know what you hit when you hit something. morgan and do our best to find out who involved in this accident it's best for the person if they come forward. investigators say no one witness the accident they say scott's friend was looking the other way
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saw this car pulling away at 42 miles an hour. unfortunately don't have anything else to go on. i wish get a better description of the car or drivers how many people we're in the car. they are notifying body shots in the area to look out for cars they come in the passenger side damage or a broken bass nurse as window also trying to find out if their surveillance that may vehicle we can knows the family if they started ago fun me count to help with that. physics will probably be quite an expense. with the victim and his family and the police really need the public's help. the sheriff deputies and police need your help ten night as the search continues for the suspect in a deadly shooting it happen this afternoon forcing authorities to place the local
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short time today fox 8 is here now with more on what we know about this. please say the suspect in this case is considered armed and dangerous and there asking for help from the public to find him this is the man please are looking for his name is david darnell can have a junior he shot two people at a home on henderson road around 230 this afternoon. one man was killed a woman was shot and taken to the hospital the high school lockdown for a short while and tell police believe the suspect was out of the area people who tell us they knew the mail victim heard the shots. were not used to hearing that shooting here. we stood there for a minute we're kind of scared that may be. i'm still be shooting. we waited a little while. police believe the suspect has left the area and are searching
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information on his whereabouts give police a call once again be careful if you do see him police say he is armed and dangerous. we have his picture on our website if people want to take another look. call for whenever is it officers to a find on the city's west side hundred animals including a lot of birds and other creatures discovered and taken to the atl. strafford is live with more on this tonight. good evening what a day multiple police officers your main officers at this out for much of the afternoon and well into the evening hours done the hard work and to news. assessing all these animals trying to figure out exactly what was going on everyone absolutely stunned so many farm animals we're found inside city limits. you can hear from across the street even vegan her main officers we're not prepared for what was living in this small
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this is the first time we have had an example of urban farming gone wrong. of big potbelly pig bunches of bunnies chickens roosters turkeys ducks and pigeons. i believe we have a go coming in. we've a dog that is a missy at it in the angered shape. hundred and 50 removed wednesday by the animal protective the ceo sharon harvey says back there were used for fighting however we do have animals all being treated at the atl for now while the illicit help from more rule rescue groups. we are really not equipped to deal with this many foul and large start after just saving 38 test from a different home last week. as overwhelming as this is to
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safe and were going to get them into appropriate homes. exactly when they get that sleep is the question because they're still working here in the latest count is up to over 200 of those farm animals they have recovered they are still working through everything still checking everything out that number may still go up at this point the home owner of the animals could possibly face charges also zoning violations cleveland investigations ongoing that remains to be seen one there nonprofit is a nonprofit organization they run fully on donations and a very attacking situation. anyone can help out on appreciate it. we hope people are. now the man behind monday's attack at the ohio state university may have been inspired by ices still looking
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what a house investigators are saying. it appears the man planting carried out the attack along he was inspired by terrorist organizations what motivated him to lash out like that in the meantime ices is taking credit the fbi caused that standard procedure when the attacker is dead and cannot be questioned also victims are removing those horrible few moments. the army veteran graph the butcher knife our ten was using in the attack and brand about some precious extra time before campus police officer shot and killed the attacker their precise says is too early to note this is an act of terrorism investigators are looking through our ten cell phone laptop and social media accounts one facebook post praise now cut
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recommended attack method when he drove a car into crowd and/people with a knife. that he believes he's been inspired by my ices. there is no determination as to why ohio state why that particular building why the street. still out there on answered tonight our ten was a smaller refugee you can to the arrest from pakistan and 2014 he was graduated from the community college last spring and en state in the fall jersey two of 11 victims for injuries agreed to osama and a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the city they cleveland will play half the six mind dollars this year the other next year the 12 -year-old was shot and killed by
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airsoft pistol outside the condone rec center two years ago state and federal agents raided several area gas stations early this morning fbi time the eye team to raise are part of an ongoing investigation but are giving few details be on that tonight federal agents around the scene at the cleveland gas station hundred and 17 them bel air and jasper at east 55th. in addition the fbi is manager in charge of some of the gas says some of the equipment sees by the agents will make a hard to conduct. what is they are looking for. if they're taking away any equipment from the stores especially are cash registers. that's going to affect us greatly. it's not just to third-place. sources tell the eye team one person was arrested in the raids because the investigation is
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person is or what they will be charged with. temperature drop is on the way and andra has a first look at the forecast next. racial tension and a local olive garden finds what they allegedly said to their customers and how it ended with a visit from police a star looking to build an empire of her on meet the local child actress making the prime time debut. silence by our church went man and morni singing at his own grandmother's funeral. watch this money really made of the discovery desk are plenty of
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this is exactly why i like doing weather outside setting up came out here in the the bruises are going. we probably have some of the higher when gust in the area check it out, when things are 17 to 28 miles per hour sustained but look at the lake fronts and what does almost 40 miles per hour i would say it's pretty close in the front yard from time to time feeling get my hair is almost moving when that happens you know it's wendy but the bruises will continue on to the southwest for a little while
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northwest upstream eventually ago west and northwest the cold air comes in right now it's 45 there in mind we're up in the low 60s today but that warm air is getting pushed away. the can see that too on the doppler weather radar and nose behind it we are seeing snow showers a few of those eventually. changeable skies most of the showers with the firm to the east will see a local spurts maybe a flurry are two in the morning 37 is overni much of a rise in temperature tomorrow lots of clouds if we see any sign the passing rain or snow showery especially closer to the snow belt nothing serious but the very fact we are changing out the air mass to almost near normal killed they'll be enough of a change for now. were going to stick with that for a little while.
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and rolling in the wintry department will talk more about that in the a day coming out. from the city two are normally quiet summer a please investigating a string of terrifying crimes the eye team shows we're drivers are being targeted. taking issue with ink why restaurant is refusing to serve people with a certain type of tattoo. the buckeyes in jeopardy of losing a subject coach. indians and major league baseball we will share the news
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don trump is returning to the buckeye state tomorrow if he invites president-elect mike pence will be in cincinnati for what's been car the usa thank you to her theic will focus on formally blue states that trump flipped during the election also to the indiana-based carrier announced is keeping 1,000 jobs here in america that shipping them mexico and a release the company think the incoming president at all submitted the state of indiana offered numerous incentives to pay. nothing is terrific the vice president picked up the phone and called the cda the knotted technology and told him we want
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the last time the president did that. this is going to be a terrific opportunity. trump also promised to leave his business operation behind to concentrate on the presidency. house minority leader nancy pelosi will keep his tighter if you did ohio congressman timberline the battle to lead house democrats the two democrats congratulated one another afterwards with brian claiming his bid lead to tough discussions about the party's future ohio governor and the future term limits present john casing from running again. no charges filed against the charlotte police officer shying killed keith scott back in september the deadly competition sparked several nights of protest today prosecutor released evidence that scott was armed at the time of the shooting his family had claimed that he did not own a weapon but the prosecutor says is got dna was all over a gun recovered at
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seven people confirmed dead following those wildfires in the great smoky mountains of tennessee more than 400 buildings have been damaged in and around the gatlinburg area the blaze remains 10 percent contained covers nearly 15,000 acres wildfires forced evacuations thousands of residents and tourists. public transfers in cleveland. city council member spitting out over the decision of public square that's not sitting well. back of an armored truck the search is on for a pot of gold
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but buses will not return the public square sounded off on the change in the same thing kept the dark force a mile. the small portion of the public square is causing a major headache for rta writers. keith ballantyne is one of 40,000 who ride the rta day the
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extra time and asked her about it makes me little wet minute. the problem doesn't stop there city council had a fiery debate wednesday morning about the closure arguing in the city of breach of a tart agreement with the federal transit authority. every transit award are at risk in the future if we continue to be breached with efta members of the mayor's staff argued public square attract thousands the safety could be put in danger due to the constant buzz traffic council called the decision us a pair year abreu up in that argument about a improving your safety they make much sense.
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around the square that actually places people in more danger than what it would be if he ran buses through superior. it's a bogus argument about the safety issue. the closure is not limiting access to public square for people think cam right even rest is his own dui. people like me that i was forced could lotta dui and made a bad decision on. thank god for the rtf. a service he says needs to be fully restored. it's frustrating. they make the connections. in cleveland fox 8 news. still to, local actors ready for the spotlight.
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plessy may not know his faith by you deftly know his family a death of a man that made an
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y25ehy y16fy racial dispute and a local olive garden employees of employees on leave over what a waitress trimming the fat from cash by people in one country have a big problem with what their money is made up. temperatures in the forecast find out what's in stored under looks ahead to the weekend as a continues right now. allegations of racial discrimination in northeast ohio all of garden restaurant a local comedian and his party claim their waitress was inappropriate
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manager did next may surprise you jeffrey jordan has more. i need back of sent here. customers who are getting rally with our only female manager. the olive garden restaurant on day drive around a 15 tuesday night the 911 call made by restaurant employees after she claims a party of five format and one woman we're all asked to leave the premises. they got id for alcohol they want to buy alcohol for minors. is hard to get racial asked to the server who is bright comedian ricky smith and her crew are tying a different story after being seated inside the restaurant. smith time tm z there are making small talk with their waitress she doesn't like wearing all black people because they do not tip well. that wages was a black woman the
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manager requested a new waitress instead of honoring that request the manager allegedly told smith to keep the same waitress or leave smith chronicling the entire ordeal on social media the first of several degrees reading just got asked to leave all of guarded because we asked for a new server because our servers service said she doesn't like serving blacks please say the group was nondisruptive once they arrived on the scene. what are officers arrived on scene customers who are allegedly causing a disturbance we're cooperative with officers left on their own accord as a result no charges we're filed please say the investigation is being handled by the restaurant fox 8 they take allegations of any kind seriously discrimination of any sorts will not be tolerated in their restaurant they go on to say olive garden executive vice president of operations has reached out to mr. smith the person i apologize and invite him back to restaurant to make
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five have in place on leave pending the outcome of our investigation. jennifer jordan fox 8 news. after repeated attempts requesting on camera interview with his meds did not return our calls or e-mails far, he is the founder of a local organization. some random acts of kindness everywhere they county woman is dead after she was hit and killed in a mall parking not it happen yesterday at southern park mall and boardman the victim's name has not been released police say she was a woman and her mid 60s. of police department and the ohio state highway patrol are investigating the driver of the truck hit her has not been charged. a bill could give high school shooter tj lane the chance to get out of prison early the amendment would make him eligible for parole when he turns 40 years old.
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shooting and killing three classmates in 2012. the bill is up for vote in the senate for the new report shows ohio leads the nation and opiate overdoses including state-by-state stats that kaiser family foundation the buckeye state had more overdoses than states with much larger populations and 2014 ohio met had 2100 deaths that's more than new york and california. an elderly woman one of the latest victims and a string of carjacking the crime spree stretching the quite as some earthly uncovered cases of carjacking carjackings carried out at gunpoint. i team reporter has more on this tonight. next thing i know there was a guy with a effort on and a gun
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exclusive video shows how much happen again yet another carjacking at gunpoint cleveland's westside in that not long after two other carjackings wanted somerset and belfour. i'm stop at the stop sign and i saw the jolt. got out of my car in his man started walking toward me the ones us told the car. stay with minor accidents one victim i 79 your woman she saw a it from behind got out a check for damage next thing you know that guy take off and her vehicle. i never had anything like that happen to me ever. i'm almost 80 years old. i feel like it's not going to end i feel like it's only going to get worse back in cleveland a young man and woman carjacked on
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guys inside a gunman jumps out then pulled his gun takes the other car in spades often the stolen car this case one of at least two carjackings in the city tuesday evening at gunpoint. out the window. the cleveland and beachwood come just days after please sent out an alert that artie seen a spike and carjackings not clear how many of the investigators are taken a hard look at that park referred us to beachwood police the eye team attain this park memo outlining increase security. my purse in everything my phone. you can't fight them you have to get out your life is worth so much more at gallic fox 8 eye team. the holiday season will be a whole lot warmer for 100
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school district. arkansas it is a make sure you the best leaders the best students don't have to worry about being warm. third year in a war the dawson foundation founded by way and his mother drug william dawson passed out for elementary schools and the city. the purchased with money raised from our recent polling fundraiser from generous donations from local residents wanting to make a difference it could, and a good time the weather is expected to turn much colder next week additional codes will be passed out. colder weather. that's the segway to you because december is coming as well as snow. tomorrow morning when we wake up and that will be december
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the first day of december are never click drop off of the end of the a day. more on that in just a bit timeline starts at sunset and then the front filled. you can see the rain hitting the camera here a big soggy you see the rainfall amounts voluntarily this was part of the frontal boundary to that came through the first one. the second one filled and quite nicely. year and the deep south that appears to be settled down here. this is the front that actually fill in.
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is seeing right now and you look to the northwest temperatures are in the 30s. look at the rainfall amounts we're seeing a quarter inch in some cases with brain that came through just this afternoon and evening that's already moving away not much left to changeable skies tonight a local flurry our spirits as possible by morning watch the temperatures from 6:0s motion very quickly going into the 30s once a goes and is going to fold their lots of clouds any sun will be sporadic the temperatures just kind of said they do nothing maybe a degree are two here in their. here's a look at the jet stream is settling. we do have a couple of areas of low pressure and very minor day will be zipping along the next few days more importantly cooler
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that jet will go to the south. now we go into the eight-day the next few days 41 and 41 that's a little cooler than normal. and variable skies. we get to sunday a slightly better chance of rain. temperatures we cover almost to near 50 early next week look at the big drop off on thursday rain changes to snow that's ju the beginning what is going to be we think a significant period of chilly weather as we begin to head towards the holidays. still to come at ten a star is born hollywood comes coming for a young lady and northeast ohio inside her big debut on tonight's episode of empire a priest making churches choice by man was told he would not be
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she's only nine years old and cleveland girl scored the gang of a lifetime this adorable fourth-grader highs a recurring role on the hit tv show empire
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fox a melissa reid introduces us to her we are so excited to for her. her name is london entering ten and she is a star she signed a local time group and her agent center photo to a casting agency in chicago for something completely different. turns out the producers of empire thought she looked a lot like a little cookie. on wednesdays a star was born. that's right there girl playing a young cookie and this flashback episode is none other than this adorable fourth-grader pat roberts and catholic school right here in euclid. unbelievable.
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the news got even better at london was cast at a young cookie and shooting was to start immediately in chicago. if felt like i was going to have a heart attack. i was so happy it was my first time being on our real show. london spent over 14 hours onset. i felt like i was really on a movie seem like i was a main character felt like i was a star this episode features could is back story was catholic school uniform can't hide the cookie spark. i was doing hair and makeup and paste davis is an there with this. what is truly undeniable is this little starshine. always entertain herself always
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who pack so much talent and her pint-size frame. when i made announcements at school they we're like you're going to be on empire. and then everyone in the awful school was like can i have your autograph. if you didn't recognize her before you will now. london scored are reoccurring role she said to appear and more episodes this season plus episodes to come and season four. it felt like everything. by god gave me this opportunity and i loved it. so what does london want to do when she grows up she must of course be an actress. she also wants to be a baby doctor. a star is born she has a very bright future. great perspective to.
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she is grounded. absolutely adorable. still to come. a tattoo crackdown. plessy is a real-life leprechaun the search is on for man who got away with a very big pot of
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indiana man banned from sin and his own grandmother peter hope the situation can spark some change connor says the pastor at the catholic church his family is headed for years recently stopped him from singing because of his gay lifestyle pastor said the church's stance on same-sex relationships is the reason he was banned in the latter the pastor also says his inclusion could spark controversy the incident should not have an her soon .-period with the i'm really tough because we are supposed to be greeting and also celebrating my grandmother's life. this is on top of it a could be an opportunity to open a dialogue for the church. to really play itself as a place of truly being inviting. the option is playing as sam grandmother's grave site the diocese has reached out to the family and apologize.
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asked to leave a dallas restaurant oliver peck owns l street tattoo in the city and the star of the reality tv still peck says he was turned away for restaurant because of a tattoo he had on his neck. lawyer for the restaurant says they do not ban all people with anxious those with tattoos on their face or neck the restaurant is required to enforce its dress code by law and tattoos are not covered under antidiscrimination laws. the department of justin take that seriously. the restaurant says there looking into the incident and reviewing company policies as well. please and new york city a looking for a quick thinking the forgot about the pot of gold identified thieves swiped the 5-gallon metal bucket off the back of armored truck and manhattan filled with 86 pounds
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$1.6 million happen when a guard briefly went to the truck's cab to retrieve his cell phone please say the suspect likely didn't know the bucket contained we take fights off the streets taken hour to complete would normally spend like a ten minute walk please believe the suspect may be hiding out in florida the man who created the big mac for mcdonald's has died michael jim and doug on he invented the iconic two-tiered berger that is uniontown in pennsylvania franchise the first introduced this ingredients damage in 1967 after spending two years to come and the big mac was available nationwide the following year today mcdonald's sells 900 million big macs a year worldwide. he was 98 years old. still to come new money new problems a brand-new bill is under fire overseas why some
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what it's made. the cavs respond to jr smith defensive lapse big news involving the indians and major
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apparently not suitable for vegetarians and vegans and vegetarians are calling for the new back no threat of been in circulation for two months to be replaced because they're made with a substance try firm animal fat contains entrance of the
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means from animal fat tell it is sometime use insults and candles online petition against a notice in getting attention a lot of it. we start with breaking news tonight there will be baseball next year the baseball players union and mlb owners have a verbal agreement on a five-year collective-bargaining agreement the two sides reached a deal this evening three and a hours before the current agreement was set to expire as part of the view the luxury tax rises from 189 million to 195 and they next year and a 210 million in 2021 there are also be a new draft pick drop for teens exceeding the threshold pressure by $40 million or more. that shows one loss and 82 regular-season games last night was a clunker all around he
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quarter following a timeout jr smith went over to shake hands with his buddy jason terry on the books bench while my luck it was taking care of business on the court. after the game that he didn't know he was even in the game here's they kaz response today. there was an embarrassing play. we talk about and moving on. the buckeyes led by 12 at the break and right now they're up
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coaching career ohio state quarterback has won big ten quarterback of the year their ranks third in the conference in total offense 273 yards a game in time for 303 touchdowns. speaking of ohio state there be musing that guy wanted top assistant coaches after this season multiple reports indicate organ is interested in great after coach on tuesday night organ one of the best jobs in the country because of all the nike money behind it. he's the greatest of all time now he'll be linked with the greatest of all time for ever jim brown will join mba hall of famer's cream until jabbar and bill russell as recipients of the sport's illustrated mohammed ali legacy awards the three we're chosen based on the careers and social activism they will be honored on december 12
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appreciate your time here at 10:00 o'clock morning shoot come join in at 4:00 a.m.
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