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tv   Fox 8 News at 400AM  FOX  December 1, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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though his family and police are asking for the public to help him. they were working scott sonntag nociceptors in the army national guard pieces accident love to visit, the severe injuries to his place he urges urges the
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it's best for the person if they turn each other forward truth, fox 8 is they are notified body shops where to look out for cars that come up with passenger-side damage or broken passenger window also trying to find out if there any surveillance cameras that need
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weather and traffic is just ahead. hundreds of animals rescued from the backyard include.
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the temperatures have dropped. they are spotty showers late in intensity. a far cry from yesterday
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they will start to become more organized be an inch or two on the chris is surfaces. it sticks around through saturday morning.
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the service of the above normal three years it's going to occur over better weeks time. we start to see the temperatures falling that's when they are really going to get colder and the warmth overhead this is the officials school closing station. the remedy overnight work going
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picture you don't give it get a ticket on the way out the door. this is 90 at 77 this is oasis take a point is tha this award-winning ramp. trying to get off at carnegie. i deftly have gone up. if you aren't they think they go
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but go the other in service of daily it does appear that it isn't work is forfeiting. we can now sleep really been in animals are safe and we're to get into the appropriate they are there to make sure that you for students and they should have to worry about paying work. soon they put it out dawson foundation present new winter coats to students of four elementary schools in the city's
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recent bowling fundraiser. malika to receive gift items like you all have given it's truly a blessing and additional coast of the handout 12 olympics
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good at morning. temperatures have begun to flow to the upper 30s areas of wavering temperatures are way
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this number baby in inch or two
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the two peter is posted. taking a detour no overnight work going on the fully hats and scarves are needed. construction is going on 23:00 a.m. sports time on this wednesday morning. he could soon get into the ap top 25 the broncos could not stop big ten plan on being.
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210 million in 2021.
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it was a conquer all of them from one angle. they went over to shake cans on the bucs bench from milwaukee was privy taking care of business on the court he told reporters after the game he did not know he was even indicate here's the cavaliers response. and jr talk about it were going to move forward but a discussion about it is an embarrassing play to talk about it just under
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this is the fourth them that they have won the award since 20 of 11. >> speaking of ohio state could that be leaving town after this season. after they fired their head coach on tuesday met with the best jobs in the country because of all of the nike money that is behind them. he's the greatest of all time as you are now being linked the greatest ful will join bill russell and teresa. of mohammed ali they will be honored december 12 the brooklyn. after 466 days away from golf tiger woods is set to take it off at his own tournament in the bahamas later today he played in his first tournament in 15
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his biggest concern is is putting heat is ready to rock 'n roll. when i get out there and i can plate plays i'm going to be normal. i'm going to put put the ball right spot to make plays and post a low-scoring thesis title. and we're out of sports time. have a great thursday. >> it's nice to have taken aback. the time including weather and traffic. >> i felt like i was the main character this tarp it's a up to come up big breakthrough little
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