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tv   Fox 8 News at 430AM  FOX  December 1, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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next thing i knew there was a guy with a hood on in the gun pointed at the current saying get out of the car. exclusive video shows carjacking and can point. cleveland's side one at somerset even though outside the nursing home. i stopped at a stop sign and i
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to check for damage she got pushed to the ground carjackings in cleveland and beachwood comes days after they send out an alert.
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they're causing problems for rta raise the city co kept in the dark about the decision to close the buses to slow him of the staffers it's an issue with safety with trying foot traffic. the argument does not have ?-ellipsis they were designed to it tonight did attract large crowds. they greeted the problem needs to be corrected. this places people more
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buses person. it might not going straight and having to make extra turn make an extra it makes me one or two minutes that mean something. never brighter means that their increasing from ray tensing causing them to miss connections. weather and traffic just ahead prepare for presidential recount. and a half able talley millions of ballots today. what you need to know if you use an android phone. good morning it's in the middle and upper 30s we have some rain mixed in with a couple of wet snow flurries that could be
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it's a nice month weatherwise. by the end of next week. the new come up with a composite of loop like this that the lower resolution images that's what it was a little more ball. storm fox rated but it gives you one of the children to picture of since showing you how your open the clouds temperatures in
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few flurries further south with the significant accumulation air until tomorrow went will continue to highlight
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nature and enough to accumulate mainly out to the east to we could see a couple of inches of lake affect them on most of this is primarily in the snowball with the west windsor people paint a picture and the numbers really showing about them in the wave of cold air is not really reasonable as we were ahead. a pump up early next week and comparing it to two summers of the last couple of years are trending below normal and as we look at the forecast is this the forecast coming into next week. it will be cold enough for the
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fox 8 is your officials school closing station. >> it's time to see what's happening as far as our traffic is concerned accidents this is the relatively new one. that is permanently for are going to stay down in -- the construction is with us for the early part of the summer of
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december here. ninety as you take it and they are fine over and the lucky lakewood area.
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one southwest. they have new tallies must be completed by the 13th of this month according to federal law.
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warning users to stay with uncertified apps. they've been responding to the snap check messes with selfie showing their excitement. very early on thursday weather and traffic every eight minutes just ahead landed a once-in-a-lifetime tv
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it gets colder were anticipating rain to what snow" the first some pretty decent accumulations. think about families falling into the 20s. we will see how this works out would been talking about this for a while. i don't see any reason why we need to change it at this point. it's a pain that is for sure
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a short alternate wayne and stacy over to you. thank you very much she's only nine years old but it cleveland will host court the gate of a lifetime. they have all new empire the girl playing the young cookie and the suspect is none other than this catholic
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on believable. the news got even better london was cast as a young cookie and she was so's to in chicago. they wanted to come out tomorrow if i was so happy this featured her back story crews cap in school uniform can't hide that
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what's truly undeniable is this little stars shine. always do always been a mere during characters is packed so much that i made an announcement school they said you're going to be on empire then almost everybody was like and i have your if you didn't recognize her before you will not she scored a recurring role in season four. the republic god gave me this opportunity and i love this. for surgery, fox 8 news. talk about things falling into
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her parents knew she had talent because she had an agent already. i guess they just sent her picture for a different job in their shoes and she is from right here in northeast ohio. the star was born. weather and traffic just ahead. the search is on for a man local shooting at a school that caused wish school to be unlocked on purpose high school football championship. we will have the details in
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