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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  December 1, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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keep that in mind.
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as you head into rocky river and eventually into cleveland in the east shore way has also been uneventful commute. nice and dry. the drive times reflecting. a quick 15 minutes. no overnight work to contend with gunman at this hour following an early morning shooting outside a bank. it happens in a parking lot i was 100 tenth street just before 2:00 a.m. bit of witnesses say that they went down after being shot. he received a call for madison they took them to metrohealth medical center with a gunshot to the chest. in other news right now police are looking for a driver who hit and army national guard spent
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the recovering in hospital and intensive intensive care this morning was severe brain and injuries around 1045 friday that's when they say i maroon or dark-colored car hit him but did not stop. his friend was not injured. >> the passenger side window was busted out. anybody with information is asked to call the police department. will federal court will hear arguments using a new mix.
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raping and killing his daughter in the early 90s. in april the city in the race decided to settle the death for wrong superior the fate a half fisher extra fit the 12 -year-old was shot and killed while carrying and airsoft pistol outside the rec center two years ago. a sentencing for taking money for from the shop with a cop program. michael simmons pleaded guilty back in october prosecutors say he took place over six time. for personal use simmons could face in prison if they do not agree to probation.
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the score at 6:00 p.m. muslim. we'll take in cincinnati. the division ii rematch tonight they beat the panthers 42-0 pasture for second straight title. archie griffin will be pickens honorary captain it's kickoff from:this is 7:30 p.m. >> the redskins her private over heights yes. looking for postseason. the portage county sheriff's office and police are looking o dangerous we want to check in with jessica dill good at morning very scary moments here and reverting * that a lot of the area was actually put into lockdown. people were told to stay in their homes and schools on lockdown for ten has been the fifth they are still searching
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accused of killing one person in sending another went to the hospital we have of photo mug shot with a picture of this person they're looking for david turn out coverage in your police say that he may have left. police say that he should two people at a home on henderson road around 2:30 p.m. wednesday afternoon the man was killed in the woman was also shot and taken to the hospital she is undergoing surgery spoke to the front of him who hurting. they're not used to hearing that kind of shooting here. is a lot of shooting when returned only stood there for a minute we was kind of scared that maybe in their midst of the shooting we waited a little while the shooting of screaming. king is they sexually. over and try to help they actually held onto the male victim until help could arrive
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the woman was going for surgery again at the hospital for put into lockdown yes or was it was lifted and law enforcement officers walking students to their cars scary moment yesterday. thank you very much we appreciate it. seven the father and traffic. why there refusing to file tragic as a police officer despite a controversial shooting in september. it's a election day 2162.0 how workers will be double checking ballots during the recount. good at morning everybody. we had some of this mixed in with great for most areas will not see any accumulation the winds are picking up coming out of the west and northwest later that's keeping temperatures in the upper 30s through
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heart of the snowball.
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tonight and into tomorrow in just a few spots of drizzle south .-period-paragraph keeping temperatures of 325th and 36 and bedford 36 right now and can't. the forecast looking next couple of days highlights quarter no arctic air forever 4445 degrees which is slightly below that for the next couple of days running a lot colder than yesterday a few of these on and off glaciers mix and if you what snow showers higher headin that's we're going. now if you streaks of light snow coming in off the lake it will be mainly east for 20s or 30s and for we see in the high 30s or 40s. the amounts will keep an eye on this trend colder late friday into saturday night forever and
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to undercut this accumulations will be hired you might be looking at a couple slushy snow falls into stay cool all the way through the beginning of next week the saturdays temperatures to not jump up the pattern shift began about week and a half notice a very active jetstream is from the corporate not colder air across most of the northern half the us will event is next to enough for the first shot of bona fide lake effect here for much more than 45 inches and that was about a week and a half of that that air is going to get really cool. looking at mica next thursday pitching mound just a couple of
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end of next week that's pretty high confidence of that occurring. fox 8 news is still your officials school closing stationis been sold for the month of november when he gets turned into the 30s we mentioned before the shot to the system. michael jackson and his siblings still have the story how ohio state shows a very close to the
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will start to get some more organized streaks of sun tomorrow that's in the temperatures will be a little quarter late a few wet snow shows nothing real pick here today it will stay brisk with winds feats for 15-20 with highs between 30 and 42. eight-day in a few minutes.
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they took control or wants to take a 16-point lead against things rain virginia they rallied in the second half. ring team in the final 20 minutes. virginia took the lead for the first time with just under two minutes. all the timeout on the second quarter jr smith went over to shake hands with his buddy on the bench but they inbounded the ball after they gave smith said he didn't even know he was in the game that's practice
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ceric it was an embarrassing moment. me and jr talked about it. we had a discussion about a. he's in prison embarrassing price that they are moving on. when they host the los angeles clippers tip off at 8:00. he is the greatest out of all caps he will be linked with the greatest recipients of the sports illustrated mohammed ali legacy and what they were chosen based on their careers an active doesn't go be honored on december 12. select for more than a year tiger woods will return to competition today. they played yesterday at the albany" woods said he recorded
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he felt good. he hasn't played cents september of 2,152nd to a series of injuries. this year a challenge has 15 golfers and will benefit his foundation. urban farming gone wrong. not this case is putting on added strain on volunteers at the cleveland apl. and star shining that will meet the girl who is plane a young cookie on the fox 8 empire. patty harkin will be back with a closer look at your running commute as we take a look at our
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