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tv   Fox 8 News at 8AM  FOX  December 1, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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>> good morning, cleveland and all of northeast ohio it is the first day of december while to get used to that we can do seem to kind of seemed to be all over the place do what you
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cover is increasing we have light rain with all of the warm weather we have we see a changeover from rain this is coming down to light snow moving down pretty quick and then the coverage is relatively small on-again off-again showers in the temperatures in the middle and upper 30s so shooting for a high today of 22 and we have
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>> and taking away the left lane we will show you that in a moment also north richfield center some employees have been able to get through to their places of employment you may want to call ahead to see if your business is open. and that is on the left-hand side of your screen crocker are 90 eastbound it is eight minutes about an hour
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bank witnesses say they saw a man running down the victim was later taken to the medical center know other news. >> they are looking for a man considered armed and dangerous after he killed a man and send the woman to the hospital. >> good morning. a very scary moment yesterday a lot of the area was put into lockdown they are searching for a man who killed one and we have a photo
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killed a woman also shot taken to the hospital. she had surgery yesterday we do not have an update we did speak to a friend of the victim and heard the shooting. >> we are not used to hearing that type of shooting here we were kind of scared actually went over so fortunately they are all okay. we will check back in with her and ravenna and about a half an
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prior happening maroon are dark-colored car and looking for he took money over and six your time charity simmons could face 18 months in the person is a judge does not agree to negotiate. >> proving a settlement back in april the family agreed to settle cleveland will pay half
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years ago. >> keeping tabs on developing story all year long with a look at what is and an officer is dead with the standoff just ending overnight if there was a procession at 11:00 o'clock at night himself inside the home they were exported inside the house the last time was back in 1997
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>> cuyahoga heights will hold a sendoff rally for their football team they will take a division ii rematch tonight for second straight title to times two times heisman winner will be the honorary seven minutes after eight is your time calls for help. with reporters are revealing about the deadly plane crash. >> and who does the majority of the holiday shopping in your house? todd is taking your questions in today's plugged in. >> we could change that in the next 24 ?- 36 hours. you always
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nativity what does it have to do with that guy? kicking it with
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good morning. we have a forecast discussion here heading over to my weather blog the history of weather here in cleveland with more of the science elements with the other noticeable weather events upper 40s to near 50m and we are starting to see the transition back over to light snow it is
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portions of geauga not only cleveland but then look at gray or white here. and it is the majority of the country snow showers today highs between
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another warm front on tuesday fox eight news is your official school closing station shooting sparks days of protests and riots. scott's family says he was reading a book in his car police say he had a gun. the family is optimistic. >> audio recordings from the pilot of the plane that crashed in columbia providing a glimpse
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was in total electric failure with maximum range place in a holding pattern she defeated in the battle to lead house democrats house democrats yesterday the two congratulated
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the time is 815. may screen is having computer issues. >> it looks great now. >> as we fixed it up. a little error message on their we will get to that. and shopping in general there saying women do most of the shopping in the house disagree 30 percent say i think is one of it's more of a shared duty that we do. >> they are wrong. yes, that's what i am hearing. i think they think they do the shopping but they are not actually doing it. >> brain, you have not said a word in my house i always to the shopping, but i do not do guys
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taking your thoughts where taking your thoughts and comments asking you what is in your household i will just read the comments that come in. i do the shopping for the household goods at a 90 percent course they say i spent more especially at christmas i buy gifts for 35 people and my husband or three. kind of an imbalance yes my husband hates shopping. >> i am not a big supper either i do what i need to do him like the a mike the husband give me a list we both like to shop we fit
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schedules sometimes the grocery shop together. >> will we grocery shop we going opposite directions you get this in this amount at market this month divide and conquer walks at the current anthony says i they do on my shopping at benchmark jewelers for the woman in my life here are voicemails that came in. >> good morning, fox eight love it your show i will say unequivocally, i did at least 9n my home everyone have a great holiday season. >> my name is friday i am calling from cleveland, you all know the women do most of the
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time i go grocery shopping is it my wife is not feeling good you are turning around and going right back to. >> one of. >> one of you guys what is it like >> in the survey about 70 percent of women said they did the shopping mostly primarily. facebook twitter instagram your thoughts and comments coming back. >> 8:17 a.m. is your time. coming up, more music from northern lights plus more than a hundred animals recovered from a small back here in cleveland find out what is next for all the animals found.
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square more on that when we come
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welcome back. fox8 news in the morning the first day of december. stefani schaefer looking gorgeous. a good hair day. and that's always a good thing. absolutely. yes. a really good day. thank you for joining us my name is wayne dawson. i'm stephanie i'm stacey frey and for kristi capel let's get a check on the forecast with aj. looks cloudy out there. hope you guys are having a straight great start to your day. here's the rain and still mix off to the east side on storm fox couple of snowflakes may be flying and could be these flakes flying through the evening as well. it's what we expect. low-grade clouds as they move five. there are breaks in the
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39 in zanesville. 40s downstate. look at this number it's 20 degrees colder than yesterday at this time. 24 hours ago with these southwest winds that are coming in at 16 miles an hour in some wind gusts over 23 miles an hour. maps in motion and this trough could invigorate public tomorrow and perhaps accumulating snow on the eastside tomorrow may be a couple of inches. wet snow we'll see ho as of right now. temperatures today low 40s mostly cloudy risk any sunshine will be a bonus. down to 34 tonight. the fox eight day forecast keeping 40s right around 40 into saturday. another clipper type system sunday into monday. a break then we are at much colder a week from today. highs that may be optimistic patty harken's.
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we have been pretty lucky. not lucky for this morning's commute just cleared away this accident 90 eastbound before west 117. all veins are open but certainly has done damage to the morning commute. backups in a moment. gas leak and center ridge swing case road in race road. video we were out there you can see police are there not be able to go through however they have let some employees go to their businesses along cent r no evacuations i spoke with police lake ridge academy is open. once again center ridge is close over northridgeville between case and race road's. all right. let's look at the delays. left hand side you can see that's columbia. very slow coming in from westlake. when you get towards hilliard you can see it starts to open up. rush hour improving but still are seeing delays pockets of them from columbia and starts to ease up heading into rocky
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columbia 30 minutes between columbia west 117 and that slowly starting to pick up and pretty fast once you get past that point into town. wayne stephanie and stacey over to you. patty thanks so much. topping our news today. one man is dead, and a woman is recovering in the hospital, after a shooting in ravenna. the suspect is still on the run. check in with jessica bill life the portage county sheriff's office with more information on who authorities are looking for. good waiting on updated information from the sheriff's office. words the sheriff's on his way in here we should be getting some new information at some point this money. still searching everybody is searching for the suspect that shot two people yesterday. it all started after police came out to multiple shots fired on henderson road. when they arrived they found a victim had been killed and they were actually two individuals
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police are looking for this man. they say he should be considered armed and dangerous around 2:30 he killed a man on henderson road and shot a woman who was sent to the hospital. ravenna high school put into lockdown and residents were told to stay inside and lock their doors while they search. 's blog to a friend of the victim was that he was walking his dog when he heard a lot of shooting. we pulled up wasting it was a good friend of ours. a family member who was shot. he was alive he was not breathing holding him up. still searching for the suspect. should be considered armed and dangerous if you have any idea where he may be or recognize him think you might know where he went please contact police immediately. all right important information thank you so much appreciate it. a tip call from neighbors leads to a surprising discovery on the city's west side.
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well over one hundred animals, including a lot of birds and other creatures were found and taken to the apl. you could hear it from across the street but even veteran humane officers weren't prepared for what was living behind this small, fenced in, backyard on bailey avenue. this is a first. this is the first time we've had urban farming gone wrong. a big potbelly pig, bunches of bunnies, chickens, roosters, turkeys, ducks and pigeons. i believe we have a goat coming in. we have a dog that's emaciated and not in great shape. at least 150 removed wednesday by the cleveland animal protective league. ceo sharon harvey says, none look like they were used for fighting however. we do have some animals that we believe there are clear signs they've suffered neglect. all being treated at the apl for
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more rural rescue groups. we're really not equipped to deal with this many fowl and livestock. especially after just saving 38 cats from a different home last week. as overwhelming as this is for us to deal with we can now sleep knowing these animals are safe and we're going to get them into more appropriate homes. in cleveland suzanne stratford fox8 news. during an extraordinary job there. the case is unr neglect charges and possibly also be fined by the city for zoning violations. a ban on buses in public square is causing problems for rta riders and city council. some council members say they were kept in the dark about the decision to close part of superior avenue to buses. the mayor's staff says having buses in an area with high foot traffic is a safety issue. council members say the argument doesn't add up since public square was designed to attract large crowds. a number of riders say the ban is also increasing commute
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the holiday season just got a whole lot warmer for about 100 students in the east cleveland school district. our concern is to make sure you are the best leaders, the best students, and that you don't have to worry about being warm. for the third year in a row the annie l dawson foundation founded by myself and my brother, judge william dawson passed out new winter coats to students at four elementary schools in the city. the coats were purchased with money raised from our re generous donations. a lot of them lack some of the things that many children just take for granted so when they receive gift items like you all have given its truly a blessing that touches the heart. additional coats will be passed out to local grandparents struggling to raise their grandchildren next saturday. what a gorgeous selection of coats.
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it means more than just keeping them warm feeling safe and secure and loved. love seeing their faces. great job. 8:36 your time. coming up snapped acceptance. find out which university is now telling students they're in via snapchat. plus think you've had a long day? what about your phone? think about all those texts you sent. all that browsing you did. we'll show you the new bed where you can put your phone to sleep. hey kenny. getting me a phone bad. that's for the kids. when we come back nontraditional nativity scene with animals probably wouldn't see. who cares we're doing it right here. kicking it with kenny.
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[music playing]
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northern lights from eastlake north high school. the experts to lives of deborah. they have two upcoming shows one on monday december 12th at the high school and one on wednesday december 14th at great lakes
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at 11:00 a.m. along with the other choirs from north eastlake high school and some of the bands should be there equal. think the amazingly talented young people for coming here. sounded great and look great. don't want to miss it. very fantastic. so cute. very vocal. eating like cheerios. this is petunia. shoes and a girl. she is about a year and a half. called micro- pigs. about as big a she's going to get. almost the size of her dad. her dad was really small. the difference between micro- pig and potbelly pig. potbelly pigs get pretty big. mine is about 150 pounds. she got really big.
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years. she is the meanest pig in the world's. that's why you don't see her out at the show's. she's always been mean got her when she was a baby. their individual's. do they make good pets? people think clean pigs are very dirty shoes very clean. litter box trained and like a day. really? she goes out as her business and come to an. if it's money out there she won't stop in. odor at all. and there very intelligent pigs are like it's been a while since i read this i think maybe third or fourth most intelligent animal in the world. i mean, they're smart and was. exactly why i don't mess with pork. really? smarter than you? are you serious? she's a pig. pigs eat anything. but she's been great and we take
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the family fun day and she will just sit there kids can pet her she doesn't care she is great. pet her. she is really wiry. very wiry. kind of. isn't it different? way different than you might think. she just hangs out in the house. in the barn. ms. is jungle allows that? very strict about her house. i ha t that kind of related i think. how many pigs do you have? just mid to. piggy sue and she's like 18 a potbelly this is petunia she's like a year and a half. two is enough. 30 seconds. i have these chickens no big deal. couple of chickens. that's it. make her talk. you just pick her up and she will talk. there she is.
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you are adorable. really sweet. thank you and thanks duane for coming out. i will. thank you guys for having us. we always look forward to this. just talking about you the other day we haven't seen him in a while. did you put some powder on her? some perfume? it's the dust in her pen she rolls around in. rolling around in dust. pretty in my house come to my house. roll around in all of the dust. thank you. you're welcome. merry christmas. all of those beautiful animals at your place. i'll let them all know you said that. still ahead this morning. best sugar same taste. the breakthrough nestl? has made cuts our sugar but keeps
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i hope that's actually the case i don't know we will stay. who does the shopping in your house when it comes to groceries even holiday shopping? according to a new survey it's women. guys what is going on? your thoughts and comments in
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welcome back to fox8 news in the morning. google says nearly one million operating system have been hacked. they say malware hidden in fake apps not from the google play store is installing malicious advertising software that tracks people. google says it has blocked 150 thousand different versions so far, but it's still warning users to stay away from
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wisconsin green bay can expect a new and quick acceptance notification this year on snapchat. the admissions office says it's a way to get on the same level as students. students will of course get a mail packet as well. students have been responding to the snapchat messages with selfies showing their excitement. kind of meat combo right? a sign of the times. sheryl sandberg is donating 100 million dollars worth of facebook stock to charity. the facebook coo transferred 880 thousand shares to the sheryl sandberg and dave goldberg family fund. the fund was created after sandberg's husband passed away last year. last year, sandberg gave $31 million worth of facebook stock to charitable causes. you put yourself to bed maybe even put kids to bed nightly so why not put your phone to bed too? check out the phone bed. sold through thrive global, arianna huffington's website dedicated to wellbeing the phone bed makes it easier for you to unplug. according to the website by giving our phones their own bed, we can say goodnight to our day and get the sleep we need to wake up fully recharged.
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which is just nuts. put it in a drawer. just walk away. walk away. chocolate lovers your dream has come true. nestle says it has found a way to make healthy chocolate. using only natural ingredients, researchers have found a way to structure sugar differently. by hollowing out the crystals, the maker of kit kat said each particle dissolves more quickly on the tongue, so less sugar can be used. but your tongue still perceives an almost identical sweetness, as before. the company expects to rollout the reduced sugar chocolate, sometime next year. i thought it was already healthy. that's what they say. that is good for you. the man who created the big mac has passed away. michael jim delligatti passed away yesterday. he invented the iconic mcdonald's two tiered burger at his uniontown, pennsylvania
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as the famous jingle goes, the sandwich featured two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. his family says he ate one a week, until his health worsened. delligatti was 98 years old. if that says anything a big endorsement for the big macs. 98 years old. i will start eating them. what i'm recommending. they are so good. they are good. a treat once don't want to look at the calorie count. i had mine this week. i love those. may have another one this week. craving one. really? is the special sauce the same sauce on the fish sandwich? know. that's tartar sauce but that's really good. this is more of an orange kind of sauce. big mac. so good. good morning guys talking about chocolate. starting now. we talk about that.
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we could. shopping talking about shopping right now. focus on shopping. asking you today about holiday shopping who does it in your house? according to a survey 70 percent of women said they do primary shopping men said if we share the duties. pretty much we don't. jill says i do 99% of the grocery shopping because i'm a stay at home mom. but with gifts we like to shop together. my mom, my sister, and i started our black friday shopping tradition years ago. now my daughter joins us. we shop three times a week before christmas. three times a week? that's pretty good. the quality time we spend together is priceless. cerivera1 writes my husband and i do the groceries. he has the cart and i get the items needed. he packs up the car and we share putting the groceries away. i like that. i like that. my wife puts her purse in the little carrier where the kids would be. that are too big now. i don't want to push its her purse. i need my purse.
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you need. your the thatcher. i like that. we appreciate the comments this morning's blog didn't continue. how many students would buy the phone bed? i'm curious. none. $100. i'm just wondering gifts for my teens. a gift you regift. a phone bed. taking an informal poll thank you very much. like a morning. kids don't put our stuff to bed. they sleep with it. may be. under my pillow. coming up on fox8 news this morning. an update on kanye. plus, is katy perry ready to say i do again? find out what just set off engagement rumors. but first we'd like to thank eastlake north high school's a cappella ensemble northern lights for being here today.
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they have two upcoming shows one on monday december 12th at the high school and one on wednesday december 14th at great lakes mall. take it away.
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[music playing] despite recent breakup rumors, katy perry and orlando bloom seem to be going strong in fact, they may already be engaged. according to entertainment tonight, the pop princess went public with a massive yellow diamond ring on her left hand, monday during date night with the actor. perry, who was married to year before divorcing in 2011, has said she doesn't want to rush into marriage again. take your time. take that ringo. kanye west is out of the hospital this morning. the rapper checked out of the ucla medical center yesterday. he had been under observation since november 22nd following a physical altercation at his trainer's house. the day before west was admitted he canceled the remainder of his concert tour after a series of bizarre rants on stage. sources say he was treated for exhaustion.
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his wife, kim kardashian west. to be continued. to be continued. famous bachelor bradley cooper is going to be a dad. according to sources his model girlfriend model irina shayk is pregnant. irina walked in the victoria's secret show last night where her stomach was covered up. the two have been dating since april 2015. is she hiding a baby bump. look at her. just beautiful. not digging the beard on him. his bradley cooper. he can do whatever he wants. you don't like scott's beards too much. scares me a little. kind of intimidating. one good-looking kid. beautiful. absolutely. good genes. by the way that's herschel her shortened name her full name is.
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i just a greek. now you're just showing off. i only know because my kids repeat it all the time. couldn't even pronounce his name. thank you guys. thank you. good morning. good morning how are you doing? i'm okay. friday eve. it is. we are ready for it that's for sure december 1. that's right. it doesn't feel like this every year weatherwise this particular. i'm stefani schaefer. thanks for being with us this thursday morning. manhunt underway after a deadly shooting we are live with more on the man police are calling very armed and dangerous right now important information for you. imports and traffic information the latest on a crash causing almost an hour long backups patty will be live to find out the areas you need to avoid. would you still go shopping at a mall if you had to pay to park?


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