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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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my son's preschool to see all o the authorities on this cul-de-sac street not sure what was going on and then just to hear his shocking. the latest is that the57ear-oldan city -year-old woman found inside pool area. appears to be caused by carbon monoxide, the official their two deaths will be released tomorrow. following breaking news, cleveland police working with fairview park police to find a prison inmate who escaped near fairview hospital. >> suspect, 30-year-old was last seen running through the woods
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reservation is 5-foot 11, 215 pounds and a bald head wearing a prison jumpsuit if yo see contact the police immediately. i-team found more people carjacked in suburbs. psa a carjacking spree all over the city, as ed gallek is here with what he found. >> at a carjacking yesterday learned of others in recent day uncovering more carjackings in more towns in addition to what village, learned last week a man carjacked at gunpoint in his driveway, yesterday come in las weekend, women carjacked in cleveland heights also the university heights, after someone stage accidents, when they got out to check for damag the carjackers drove off in their car, there has been a growing number of carjacking to
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90th, suv taken from a couple and two more in beachwood after staged accidents. one vechten, 79 years old was thrown to the ground. >> it is troubling to say the least, what has happened to our world? she and other victims, were pushed to the ground after they got out of their cars in the stole their cars, and more coming up at 6:00 p.m., found out about this aspects ma be driving in a stolen mercedes with that woman that you just saw. what should they do with this happens to them? >> if they have a gun just give it up but if someone bumped you car, they say if you have to drive to a playstation or at
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out. a father of fire fighting for his life after a robbery at an atm. >> family spoke to peggy gallek. you want to give his family a merry christmas, that he was robbed and shot by a robber. >> 40-year-old lee ware barclay had gone to a lorain avenue atm on the website early to get money for a registry. moments after a man demanded money at gunpoint, the father o five try to negotiate said that he has children and that it is christmas but the suspect then shot him in the chest, berkeley was able run away with the suspect shot him a second time in the back. the guy put the gun to his chest and do not talk to first and said give me your money aunts he said do you really want to do this, it is christmas and
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>> there was no negotiating there was just the shooting. family is thankful that the place are able to assist him quickly, they're continuing to investigate if you have information call the police or the cuyahoga county crimestoppers. this time of year, at an atm, the place of eyes you to be a always better, if you can have somebody with you at the atm, just to watch out for you. a man who recently got out of jail is wanted for murdering tw people in portage county including a pregnant woman, the police warning that he is armed and dangerous. this are searching for 25-year-old david darnell calhoun junior, the blade he shot the victims, their israel
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32-year-old sara marsh wednesday afternoon while they were in a car on henderson road and ravenna township, sanders died at the same aunt marsha at the hospita today the sheriff announced tha she was between six and ten weeks pregnant. it is absolutely tragic, you had to young people who are dea and one of them pregnant, it is just tried it i don't know what else to say. he says at this was not attack, the suspect knew both victims, if you have information, on david calhoun you should contact the portage county sheriff's office. three people recovering after a suspect fire inside of an active barbershop this morning at 11:00 a.m., on west exchange street victims were taken to a nearby hospital their commissions are unknown the police are searching for the suspect.
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stealing from a program for kid will not serve jail time, between 2011 and 2016 michael sam install more than $27,000 i richfield police department sho with a cop charity they say he spent the money on things like sports tickets and electronics rather than send him to jail, judge alison mccarty ordered hi to serve 500 hours of getting t service and pay back $50,000. the crime cost him his job as a police officer, the money he pays back will go back into programs for underprivileged children. akron's new fire chiefgtook the oath of office today, clash tucker is the 19 fire chief in the second
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he is a 28 year veteran with the department she that a district chief overseein the fire prevention bureau. the changes come to the east bank of the flats after several restauranting restaurant closures. >> looking to a brewery mug vivienne and that wright has a look at who is coming and going. this was popular during the summer but today it is extremel quiet weather. this action of the flats opened up one year ago and already turnover at several restaurants and several are moving in to fill the vacancies. flask looking more like a ghost town , this section of the complex anti- after the september closing of
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developers working to attract new tenants. before a city committee thursday with plans to fill two of the vacancies, designs for a pizzeria the former crop sticks and thirsty dog brewery, plans including glass-enclosed patios. in the revitalization had to figure out what is going to wor and i think they're headed in the right direction treatment o places are under construction, the rascal flatts bar and restaurant to open in the sprin and jimmy buffett's margaritaville to open next year. >> you like it right all the time it is about finding the right fit and to learn from wha really fits in with people
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they say that they have focused on marketing to draw customers year-round and hope i the friday of new businesses will help. >> there's a lot of activity just a matter of getting the city to realize that it will no happen just one year. >> the plans for the new tenant in the former prof complex stil need city approval and leases have not yet been signed for those. another honor for lebron james sports illustrated honoring him with its sportsperson of the year award, john telich joins us. >> he joined golfing great tige woods is the only two athletes to live the sportsperson of the year award twice , he will be
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what sports illustrated editor-in-chief chris stone said- other athletes like muhammad al and michael jordan have won the award >> i am happy my family, for the
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does it see as a role model, i'm happy for them and for me. it is an honor. >> part of the equation he has done this foundation to do countless positive things for the area youth. the president-elect is taking a break from hiring his
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tonight in major announcement, the willoughby ohio find out why a prominent
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taking the lab luck out sy, a difference a day makes. it is called a day, yesterday it was warm and winter is here
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it is called. >> that is normal, back to you. >> the number of people who tel me that this is really called. >> had such a warm fall warm start to the winter. and today is the beginning of winter, december 1.
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i will give you a cookie of the color of the sky. >> , battleship gray. >> plots of cloud cover, the aerie low pressure it is getting here resulting in more of the cooler air that takes a circuit's route. first over the dakotas there is nothing too impressive to write home about, a bit more impressive, of the i-90 corrido towards buffalo, but more on that in the second they may see several inches that for us near normal, the normal high temperature in the 40s and you
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wind chill. it is gusty. result is the wind chill feels just under 32 degrees most cases, 20 degrees mansfield, it feels cold and feels more like a summer. can see the big drop, almost 20 degrees from buffalo to charleston and we are pretty much in that. tonight 34 degrees, cloudy with local snowfall but most of that will be the northeast just clipping ashtabula county, most of it will be towards, erie
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could be a random flurry tomorrow. branzino snow showers. to the northeast, about 1 inch in some places about two and a half inches or more around but nothing in buffalo. hold onto those temperatures, near 40, and then each day, some scattered rainfall. a better chance of a system on sunday, perhaps some light snowfall, and that it will recover them enjoy that recovery, 50 degrees on tuesday, will be a memory by the time we get to thursday and friday. >> with highs in the mid 20s
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significant lake effect snow fall likely heading into thursday friday and saturday next week. is coming up fast and it would not be the same without the annual dick goddard pet calendar. >> the new calendar have been printed and are waiting, to fight it where you can get your dick goddard calendar go to fox
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you want instant success on instagram, one thing you need t do and also the beautiful wallin
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lou maglio as a look at what is trending. gabe spiegel is having a tram on his hair. it takes today and tomorrow off. just wait till you see him on monday. instagram just released its list of the most follow people on instagram, selena gomez, got the top spot from taylor swift the only person with more than 100 million followers she has
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the rest the top five could be the billboard top five, ariana grande a, beyonce, the only non- senior, kim kardashia west. selena gomez leads the way with 103 million. she also had eight of the ten most popular celebrity photos and seven of the top ten videos of 2016. soccer star cristiano rinaldo, he had 82 million followers.
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he just basically quit instagram so his numbers do not qualify. was the most followed upon us? we have had 2,000 followers, elizabeth noreika with the thousand 95, i had just over 2,000. allowed to get some tips from the elizabeth noreika, she's been here about ten minutes, how do you get those large numbers to a forced him to do these goofy videos.
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and then moving on, plenty of pics on instagram a study shows that latte might do more harm than good. >> not only to your pocketbook. i'm not a fan of $5 latte, the latest report from world health organization are classified hot beverage is coffee and tea as a possible cancer risk t drinking hot beverages over 100 free 9 degrees fahrenheit is linked to higher risk of cancer of the esophagus. concerned about all the coffee i drink in the morning. used to say the eggs and butter were horrible and now, they're back a cold glass of wine may not be in a better, research shows that a small glass of white wine per day
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so on that note the segment, they quickly say this that everything in moderation. >> zeppe's studies with a grain of salt. >> and they change over time, back in the 50s they said. just make up your own mind and, would you help us both with instagram? >> still ahead, the first step to making america great again, donald trump saving jobs for yo and took the oath of office. dolly parton made a huge promise to help people who have lost everything. >> is no surprise that with cloud cover and breezy conditions, the temperature wil
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donald trump spent the past two weeks since his victory out of the public eye but today he too a break from his cabinet to hit the road. >> in indiana to announce deal to save jobs and denied will be in ohio. karin caifa with more. >> donald trump took off en route 2 his first major public appearance since election night reception of things given break in florida is been mostly insid of trump tower in new york they said together a administration that will take over in just seven weeks. >> may visit the white house an capitol hill and on tuesday night, cameras caught his dinne
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cincinnati rally, marking his first appearance before a large crowd. the event, in a state that no republican has one white house without describes it as a thank you to work. the is to be talking about what is ahead and the positive change that we would read to th country treatment first in indiana, follow through on a campaign promise to convince carrier to drop plans to move t mexico and retain 1,000 jobs, mike pence, over the company ta incentives, to stay mistakenly karin caifa, fox 8 news. >> ohio governor john kasich
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the city is spending the day in columbus where the legislature is in session not the first tim he has skipped a donald trump event declined to event the rnc held in cleveland did not endorse or vote for the president-elect. wisconsin election officials recounting millions of votes. >> requested by jill stein green party candidate that draws a lo of attention, but inquiries from norway, china an everything in between. >> people want to live stream what's going on. >> observers representing trump and hillary clinton, jill stein marking the recount, he asked her out by less than 100%, the green party claim voting machines may have been hacked, but no proof so they paid three
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>> partial recount underway in north carolina, and the governor's race, the incumbent loss to the attorney general by 10,000 votes. that refusing to concede claiming that there were irregularities with the vocab s the board of elections ordered recount of votes counted in durham county, police are searching the smoky mountains for survivors of that massive wildfire that il seven. 200 firefighters are battling the blaze. safer people are being treated for injuries the flames that damaged more than 400 homes and businesses around gatlinburg an pigeon forge, dolly parton dollywood theme park is located. today she promised to help the victims. >> want wide helping hand to those who have lost everything
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make sure that we provide $1,00 per month to all of the familie that lost their homes in the fires until they get back on their feet. has been a trying time for by people, this will help. >> more than 40,000 people evacuated monday night, tonight they're waiting to see what is left of their homes and
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is the secondary season for severe weather starts the deep south in january called this is early, you can have a tornado i virtually any state in the unio in any month. it is more rare than in the other times but you can. >> reese also lightning here yesterday, a few lightning strikes, but today everything i gone to some low clouds from time to time a periodic sprea we had quite a squall line. this low cloud deck goes into the dakotas and only nominally active with some snow showers but it is typical lake effect
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but in this into perspective you can say the moisture picked up by the northwest and. here it is on the local doppler radar rain showers near lake area. >> a big temperature drop, 52 earlier today and now essential in the 30s that 43 was at midnight last night and right now there tomorrow 41 that led up a little bit there is that weak system o sunday, want to assure you this. blue monday, a piece of arctic air will enter into the united
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up at the end of the 8 -day , s this is normal. we will be abnormally colder than normal at the end of next week. with like effect that will be significant in places. that time on the t see otto, he is not tailgating >> is a self driving semi truck just a nationwide dec be a familiar sight there's remote roosevelt leftwich more. otto is a normal saline that
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without any human behind the wheel. >> because of all the sensors, it can perceive distance and speed better than a human, always maintains a safe buffer between it and the traffic. >> it has logged thousands of miles of the nation's highways, calling various modes. therein casa contact with the california team record every decision made on driving. the more testing the better. software can learn about different conditions. the turnpike is a great testing ground. >> looking to testing different traffic scenarios and eventuall in other conditions. rain and snow fog and things
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, not replace truck drivers, i had to be something to help them, this would make decisions by second faster than the average human driver treatment takes about 4.5 seconds for a lotus semi on drivers to stop a 55 mph. 11 million tracks use the turnpike they say that this could help to make the roads safer were coupled with a driving with a city engineer or with a commercial truck driver and the self driving mode think that with more testing, reports that we get, show us things tha we would be ready for regular operations. roosevelt leftwich fox 8 news.
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the edge not lost and not make it back from a trip to the
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he meant to the london back to the south hall was too much for
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>> a clark griswold pete poslethwaite blago newslight says natalie herbick joins us on the update. a hostage crisis during an attempted bank robbery in florida after two hours, hostages were able to escape, the police arrested the government. began about 11:00 a.m. and eigh jacksonville credit union the suspect walked in, pulled a gun and began pointing it at their heads for two hours they waited until two people ran for the door extracted the suspect's of the swat team could arrest the man.
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in stream it live on facebook when his car slammed into the back of a truck. that's all that's left of it after the collision, the man survived the crash but is in serious condition. >> the plan to use the video as evidence against him. >> buzz aldrin survived a trip to learn but today he had to be evacuated from the south pole they say the 86-year-old health took a organized a flight to new zealand. cannot offer any details in his condition but say that is stable. minnesota man calls the plug on his popular christmas light display. he has been decorating his hous with half a million lights, the neighbors, where fed up they said they don't like the traffi noise and the gawkers are too
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so he says he's planning to move to a new area were his lights will not bother anyone. there are over time instances in chess, two of the worlds bes chess players were tied in the world mansion new york today they went into a tiebreaker with carlton retaining his title taken home $680,000 for the
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the landlord facing charges. >> he was caught camera having sex and their bed, i would've the camera and had to restart program because i do not believ what i saw said that i think that we need to move immediately. when he opened the empty saw his landlord and a woman on his bed. he called his wife and then the place now his landlord is charged with felony trespass an obscenity. >> obviously grantors don't hav the ability to go into a tenant's apartment and do whatever they want to do. just to have someone come in
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but to be sleeping with someone on your bed will you not there is scary. please do reaching out to the landlord, they're going to stay with relatives until they find new home. united kingdom paper money with classic cash made from animal fat, it is stronger and harder to counterfeit the bank of england reveals it is made from animal fat that is used in soap and candles, now people practice religions that do not allow types of meat call it to be
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we had seen defendants in this respect the judgment not often that you see a bird in court, this is his mug shot in his pet parrot, they say that he violated parole knew he was going to go to jail and worried about his bird so he brought into the courthouse told him to stay in a tree as heen but the board followed him inside this is his pet he had it since hatching it. it was four years old, i could tell how he was concerned that this bird was special to him. he has behind barred, the bird will be cared for until he
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carjacking crime spree that it is spreading from the inner city to the suburbs. two truck drivers get into a fist fight on the side of the busy roadway. watch as a military mom comes face-to-face with her son for the first time in almost a year. the 79-year-old victim of a carjacking reacts to the i-team found out about the possible suspects who carjacked her car with more carjackings we learn
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found out. >> the i-team uncovered more carjackings, listen to what dispatchers told police about possible suspects. dispatcher tells police to be on the lookout for a mercedes carjacking beachwood the suspects may be that guys come to play that recorded for the victim said a 9-year-old. >> use caution approaching the individuals or vehicles. >> on tuesday, one of two drivers carjacking beachwood, the victims got out after the
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out to seller carjackings in clifton heights in university heights and orange village in land carjacked at gunpoint in the driveway he may have been followed home from the gas station. it is traveling what is happening to our world? >> there was a man and >> showed you a ratio carjackings in cleveland, daytime and nighttime. >> summa vehicles taken the recent carjackings have been found, either just left somewhere, or spotted by the police but the bad guys inside the police have arrested a handful of people in the cases, the bombing suspect. feature police say that may


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