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tv   Fox 8 News at 530AM  FOX  December 2, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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visit right now. experian?. be better at credit. him it is december 2. i am on my second cup of coffee. these are big cups of coffee. >> anyway, let's check in with scott sabol to see what is happening weatherwise. >> good morning everybody. it is 5:31 a.m. as we are looking at over the lake there's now whole lot of lake effect here we lake effect rain and lake effect snow most of this is not holding together here the temperatures are not
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where they are right now is where they will stay this afternoon hovering along 40 it's more of the wind shift that will start to shift this off of lake michigan further south we will start to see the coverage increase in income out of the west and northwest. they will be on again and off-again mixed and showers with light snow locally and some slushy accumulations and spots without went will talk more about the potential for some more organized lake effect later on tonight and early tomorrow and give you some estimates on the lake effect in general terms. traffic time with patty harkin. unfortunately, this time we do
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the folks done in cuyahoga county. there are slowdowns from that brecksville road merge. although buying is starting to be held back as the left lane's are blocked. we have a train pedestrian accident ovr none of the streets are blocked it is on the train drugs and richmond what is if you're wondering what's going on if you about that way. ohio seems to be the center of presidential elections many times. >> donald trump new that and he came back to her to think voters for their support.
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he says that he was born during the campaign that he must win ohio and his win by significant margins shirley helped send the election. i'm here today for one main reason. thank you. we won the state by almost ten points which they say is totally unheard of. his action plan to make america great again. better trade deal is keeping jobs here and more support for law enforcement and more opportunities for women and stronger doucette repairing and replacing up on the kick he pledged to build the law and crack down on illegal immigrants and he referenced at monday's attack ohio state university. >> your state has expressed a
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ohio state university. that is a great place it further demonstrates the securities threats that are created and these are just frauds that are stupid the created by our very stupid politicians and refugee programs. >> the two are cause unexpected traffic delays for cincinnati commuters. i 75 for shutdowns to bring in the president-elect. there's one photo was several blocked h complaints and secret service didn't release the travel details in advance of they couldn't announce anything to it drivers know about the road closures. they did make a major announce that james madison is his pick to be secretary of defense. i don't know how my random mass for it but it was literally seven weeks to the day.
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>> it's seven weeks from today. it's crazy. it will be here soon. twentieth, on a friday. >> thank you very much. in other news expect to learn more about two people found dead inside their home. apparently from carbon monoxide poisoning. police and paramedics responded to a home in and buck trail around 10:30 a.m. the medical examiner says the bodies of a 57 -year-old man and a 69 woman were found in an indoor poor area. investigators say they died of carbon monoxide poisoning it's a gas that you cannot see snow or taste they described the couple as the perfect neighbors. >> we put our garbage cans out at night lights are our neighbors and smiled and then this morning coming home from my son's preschool it just seemed all the authorities on our cul-de-sac streets and not sure what was going on just to hear
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>> they have not released their names he was a successful business owner in stark county. changes are coming to the east bank of the flats after several restaurant closures in businesses are lining up to fill those empty spaces. matt wright has more on what is coming and going. >> the flats east bank looking more ghost town fan hotspot this riverfront section is empty aft three restaurants i think everybody wanted that flats to boom immediately and sometimes it takes time for the development to work. developers getting to her to attract new tenants. going before city committee on thursday with plans to fill two of the vacancies with the
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thursday .-dot bury on the on-air spot plans include glass enclosed patios. any revitalization get this figure how it's going to work and what's not. i think there headed in the right direction more places are under construction a rascal flatts bar and restaurant is expected to open in the spring and jimmy buffett's marker also set to open next year. >> you're never going good to get it right i had a percent of the time of the first track it's about what people are looking for are those part of the projects first phase the gm says the restaurant has focused on a marketing to draw customers year-round hope in a variety of new businesses planned will help. >> is a lot of activity. it's up just about getting the city two is the flats are back. the project a lot happening in your. matt wright, fox 8 news. >> it is 5:37 a.m. bit it's a friday morning in the city with weather and traffic every eight
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cleveland zone fox 8 news in the morning. >> you better check with your husband before you do anything. you add it better check with your other half. he think i asked him for permission. no. that's not how that works. my kristi capel let's get do you wear the pants he is not wearing now. that is partially true. let's take the and see what's happening here this is not my idea was jens idea for the coffee quiz today.


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