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tv   Fox 8 News at 9AM  FOX  December 2, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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when they met. going through the things in now back together. that kind of went this way and came back. he is her lobster. thank you guys. good morning to you 9:00 friday december 2. happy friday to you thank you for being with us today. with were following a number of stories this morning including this one out of ravenna police are still searching for a man accused of killing two people in portage county including a pregnant woman. and more details to pass along. a look at what is left of gatlinburg tennessee and about in our families will have a chance to go back into that city as the roads are finally reopening. so many deaths and such devastation down there in area that never sees anything like this. with the drone video we will share with you is hard to look at. we're talking about smartphones are the actually ruining your relationships?
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were going to talk about it in this morning's download. let's check in with a.j. colby for a look at our forecast on this friday morning. how is that we can looking? good morning at least half okay i would say. they're going to be some flakes flying and perhaps even wintry mix. slushy accumulation and out east. they're storm fox and you can definitely see the mixture that's going through ashtabula northern geauga county right now. a little late streamer they're coming off the lake make these lands west and southwest. still pretty brisk today. and the when cast indicating at times a northwest flow that could bring so love that snow rain mixed year. lake effect variety further inland. the winds also quiet down a little bit which is a good thing obviously later on tonight and tomorrow. windchill still in the 20s and akron canton and at lorain with their checks in with a 27-degree
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brisk and cold may be some breaks in the overcast. nice tuesday in our cloudiest climate to logically speaking month in cleveland. lake affects that continues on into the evening and tomorrow morning as well. the eight day is coming up we'll send it back to you. all right. thank you. this morning police are still searching for a man accused of killing two people in portage county, including a pregnant woman. police say 25 year old david darnell year old lashawn sanders, and 32 year old sara marsh while they were sitting in a car on henderson road in ravenna township on wednesday. the sheriff says he knew both victims. we've learned calhoun recently got out of jail. he is armed and dangerous. if you see him call police. cleveland police are searching for the man who shot a father of five during a violent atm robbery. it happened early yesterday morning on lorain avenue. 40 year old leroy barkley says he was getting money to buy a
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that's when a man held him up at gun point demanding money. barkley tried to negotiate with the suspect, telling him it's christmas and he has children. but then he was shot in the chest. the guy put a gun to his chest and he didn't even talk to him at first and the guy said give me your money and he said do you really want to do this. it's christmas, i have kids and the guy shot him, there was no negotiating there was just shooting. my goodness. in the area to id the suspect. cleveland police are asking for your help this morning to find a missing 15 year old girl. come take a look at her picture. ellen harris was last seen on october eighth, walking home from the library with her brother. police say while he headed home, harris kept walking down east 108th street. investigators say she's about 5 foot 4, and weighs 110 pounds. if you know where she is call police. if you'd you feel your know something about what's going on
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planned for longtime akron dj jim chenot. 91.3 fm the summit tweeted the news yesterday. before joining the summit in 2002, chenot spent several years at 97.5, wone. program director tim daugherty says he was a true music lover, a good interview this a weird sense of humor and how they used an kind of go out and talk and it was a great. he was great. the summit will air a tribute, tonight at five. chenot passed away wednesday. he was 62. great things. it's a sad loss. sad news no doubt. we are seven weeks away from an inauguration day in our country will have a new man in charge. donald trump has been using his transition period to pick the people who will be by his side. but he's also been dealing with those who still don't believe he should be in this position. jessica dill is here with the details. good morning. good morning everybody. president elect donald trump has now filed an objection to a vote
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this comes just a day after green party candidate jill stein requested the recount of the nearly 4.8 million votes cast in the presidential election. trump's objection puts on hold any recount until the state board of canvassers can rule on the objection in a meeting set for this morning. michigan certified its results finding trump beat hillary clinton by nearly 11 thousand votes. trump says the recount should be stopped because stein was a fourth place finisher in the state. he also a be finished before the electoral college votes are counted and that the petition is not properly notarized. stein says it's shameful and outrageous attempt to undermine democracy. she also filed for recounts in pennsylvania and wisconsin. we have not said that we want to change this. we don't want to instill the misconception that this is going to flip the vote. what we're saying is we deserve to have confidence in our vote. now that you put me in this position, even if you don't help
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don't worry about it. it would be easier the you helped but that's all right. don't worry, i'll get it done. that was donald trump speaking in cincinnati yesterday. hey isn't let any of the recount situation stop him from his thank you tour. he is traveling around to the states who helped him clinch the presidency. ohio one of the big ones. he was here yesterday. and traffic as well. tons of traffic protesters a little bit of everything. a last-minute trip that's why they said that traffic was bad as well because secret service doesn't tell you for safety reasons when they're coming. they couldn't even tell people. right during rush hour. piedras somebody people even the day i went there they had to shut down highways and even keep people from coming up because
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for sure. loyal followers. thank you. all right and other headlines today. it's a big day. several northeast ohio communities will be flipping the switch, to turn on their christmas lights tonight. including the ge holiday lighting at nela park will be done at 5:30. the display will feature more than half a million led lights, stretching several blocks along noble road. if you haven't taken your family yet this is a great year to do it. it will stay lit through january you have a few weeks to do it. holiday celebrations will also be held in euclid's triangle park at five and outside rocky river city hall tonight at six. unfortunately it gets dark early wickets to these displays around 430. that's what i do i turn on the switch on my house. you do. inflatable's pop-up. ray going to come to your house. come on over we've got a whole thing going on. hook it up to the music? maybe. maybe next year.
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that's when you know you have your display has arrived when you tune into the radio. still to come on fox8 news on this friday. back away from the phone. they may make your day to day lives easier but it turns out smartphones may be doing more harm than good when it comes to relationships. i believe it. plus singing the hits in an unlikely place. how this friendly face is helping to melt the stress away for frequent fliers. hey aj. happy friday. happy friday to you. this is the fox8 our forecast and 30s all day. clouds rural those guys once more. will that be the case the end of the weekend? we'll let you know the eight day
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[music playing] word and our love go clocks you might wat smartphone. like the shot of the two flags. are you a phubber? if you're not familiar with the term it's when you snub your friends and instead choose to spend time scrolling through your phone. a new study finds that the majority of our relationships are in shambles.
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40 percent. plus many intact relationships are barely hanging on. 60 percent of people in a relationship say they're not very satisfied. there are some familiar culprits money problems, bad sex and having kids. but there's a new relationship buster the smartphone. phubbing is even messing up friendships. the typical american checks his or her smartphone once every six and a half minutes, or roughly 150 times each day. are you kidding me? i'm prob and that constant distraction is leading to strained relationships because they feel that the person cares more about their phone than what they have to say. it's a challenge. it's a respect thing to. you really have to check your phone when you see different restaurants it's a definite relationship killer. had that yesterday tell my son we are eating dinner and pick up his phone no phones at dinner. just put it down.
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happens when i go out to this meant my husband and my son and somebody's looks at something the next person is in i'm like why are the three of us on the phone sitting here together. put them away. it's easy. we could do this at home. you see some couples and there on the phone the whole time and you look there playing games. i hate when friends do that to. i am in information person if somebody asks a question i immediately have to look it up. that's kind of hold on. my husband and i start. then you get distracted you see something else and on the phone. or you feel like you get a call if you're not with your kids your kids or your mom or dad want to make sure everything is okay you take that call other person gets on the phone and a kind of snowballs. holly says her husband does it i tell him the phone isn't going anywhere. facebook will still be there you can finish writing in a moment
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we argue about it all the time. ryan has a solution i leave the when i'm having a conversation they get mad because they were too important to tweet something. i miss the '90s when social media was called outside. do we have social media? was myspace? i don't know. anyway. donna asked if that include kandel in similar electronic devices because the s mary says turn the phone off and then family are more impta adds all of my relationships exist solely to smart phones. i kind of debt. but then relationship and going to last if you spend all of your time on the smart phone. lots of comments on this one. we want to know what you think do you feel any of your relationships are suffering because of this i'm guessing you're probably say yes. the poll majority of people are saying absolutely.
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all right we'll talk more. thank you. speaking of relationships i saw a quote this morning between what is said and not meant and what is meant and not said most of love is lost and it is true. that is true. connect or don't say those hurtful things because that is hurtful to. you don't really mean that you say. send me that. it's true and what is meant in not said that is hard to in relationships. got to be check in with a.j. colby. now that we got that figured out. always clear when it comes to the weather. he doesn't hold back. say what you mean and mean what you say. that's true. look at that wind. that is good. there dancing right now behind you. dancing with the bush is. chilly out here. here we go. out of the east side we are seeing the cloud cover and no snow on the ground yet but that
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the precipitation is moving through lake in ashtabula county wintry mix their water temperature down to 48 now. and a small craft advisory through tonight. blustery west winds and temperatures chilly all across the ohio valley and the midwest. temperatures really don't warm too much this week and. there will be a little warming that occurs before the arctic blast. that comes in it will be modified but still good news is the w here later tomorrow. look at that. and perhaps some slushy accumulation toward geauga county. most of us will not see even a flag. there's a look at what's happening now over the great lakes out of the midwest. and high-pressure is pretty weak but it is enough to keep things fairly quiet from southern canada down to kansas city and into tennessee.
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tomorrow afternoon and high pressure builds in for sunday. even as the next weather system is appearing on the horizon. progressive pattern. snowfall is going to be heavy new england. pick up some snow around the twin cities. otherwise here are the winds aloft telling the story. the brief little warm-up for the beginning of the week we could touch 50. that look at that cold air that is seeping in right out of the polar region of canada. our forecast overcast and brisk. with highs in the upper 30s. 29 tonight. and mostly cloudy tomorrow. high temperatures only at 39. their stuff fox eight day forecast. note sunday most of the day is dry but late we'll have snow flying. thinning out on monday may not
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our temperatures are only going to be in the 20s as we get into later in the week. may need that fox8 is your official school closing station. all brad. we have been warned. that is for sure. thank you aj. thank you. if you're flying to atlanta may be welcome with a high note. how high? go for it. it's early for me. an atlanta airport worker goes above and beyond his duties providing a little entertainment in hopes of brightening travelers' moods in an otherwise stressful situation j fotha griffin has worked at the atlanta airport for three years, he is in guest relations real friendly guide. he smiled that everybody. and his warmth can be felt in his voice. j welcomes passengers to hartsfield jackson airport in song. an idea that came to him while working in immigrations and customs.
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plane oh i am so glad to be back home so i just started singing welcome back welcome back welcome back. around the holidays he starts to switch up his welcoming theme song and instead switches it out for christmas songs. people are mesmerized. that little baby. how sweet. still to come putting out the fire. up next roads are set to reopen in gatlinburg this morning after flames are extinguished. what helped put out the fire next. incredible video to show you. plus ready set binge. why your netflix vi got more convenient. 2017 is coming up fast. and the year just wouldn't be the same without the annual dick goddard pet calendar. the new calendar's have been printed and shipped and are waiting for you. to find out where you can get
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lot of clouds apparently sticking around. that's what age is telling us. curl up decorated the tree do all of that stuff. eggnog. 9:22 want to catch you up on national headlines. tacoma police are describing an officer killed while responding to a domestic violence call a model officer. 45 year old reginald jake gutierrez was shot several times, by the suspect.
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gunman, who tried using two children as human shields. hundreds of people attended a vigil for gutierrez last night, outside the tacoma police station. all right. the roads in gatlinburg, tennessee will reopen in a few minutes for the first time following deadly wildfires. new drone video shows the damage left behind this morning. look at this. 24 hours of drenching rain helped put out the devastating fires that killed burned thousands of acres including more than 700 buildings. the roads will be open today from 10 to five. it will give residents and business owners their first look at the damage since evacuations began monday night. a moment of silence will be held today to mark the one year anniversary of the san bernardino shooting. the husband and wife gunmen shot and killed 14 people and hurt 22
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they were shot and killed during a shootout with police four hours later. investigators say the attackers were inspired by isis. police will hold a 14 mile memorial bike ride today that will end near the site of the shooting followed by a memorial service. russia's space agency is trying to determine what went wrong with a cargo rocket, that exploded during a mission to the space station. the unmanned rocket lifted off from the launch pad yesterday, without any problem. but, it broke about six minutes later. debris from it later fell in southern siberia. this is the fourth failed cargo run, between the us and russia, in the past two years. the space station crew is in no danger of running out of supplies. a california rancher now has a permit, to kill a mountain lion suspected of slaughtering several of her animals. despite the permit, the woman says she does not want to kill the big cat, known as p45. instead, she's working with the department of wildlife to catch and relocate it. she blames the five year old cat for killed ten alpacas. animal activists say killing p45 would be unfair, as it was
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that's what it does bad that's why she wants to move it to another place. that's a tough decision no doubt. all right. still to come moving on up. changes to the east bank and east side of the flats we'll let you know what's moving in next. aj. moving on up. got me going. get it. that the jeffersons. friday forecast there it is. check that out. imagine cloudy and 30s. forecast with some big changes
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there i was slowly i turned. and of course in sync. it just makes it look back that way. $4 million project in a canal show the landmark in red and purple and blue and of course the new lights are led that's always fun they've had that restaurant right there. it's gorgeous on the canadian side. president obama their admits there's some dude he said it
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he prefers christmas tree lighting to the turkey pardons. >> let's see why. to make you keep your because the tree does not move in it does not gobble. it is push a button and it is electrified which is exactly what you do not want to have happened present obama joked about before lighting the christmas tree with the first family. the tree lighting of course has been a dc tradition that started with calvin coolidge back in 1923. >> not all visitors listen one couple one out before they
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he then rolled out to his back and then sniffed tissues he started around for about 15 minutes before he's shushed the critter anyway. i wanted to take that camel home. i fell in love with a little
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he was talking and have this cute little sound. and it stopped i know it you people are doing with the video. it will come back and haunt me. we could not get the music to work this morning's oats with the music all the time. she is trained him since she was the pot. these two are really good to say in school. different challenges shoes
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now he's filling out. he's sitting on the potty and he's bringing him in new --
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that the dog whisperer. thank you for that video. aj, did you know that camel's make this sound. i'm not doing it again. it will haunt me. you can see it on my instagram page because i put it up there. the snow showers will continue on a donated nice warm coat for today. twenty-eight at it lorraine.
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not so much. i would say been thick cloud
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wednesday will be at 30 degrees. twenty-ninth and perhaps maybe mid- 20s on friday. that's a real taste of winter fox 8 is your officials school closing station. let's see what's up next going to take a look at some great places. even caps on the well some real treasures it's new day
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?? santa baby. is getting close to christmas that i can't believe are this close to christmas. for the first time the mall of
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not only our kids excited that the owner of this and experiences as well. chapman reports. >> you call him santa claus saint nicholas our father christmas will know our jolly old of our signature inside the mall of america is black. who posed for pictures inside malls and shopping centers in this experience have a center for everyone. they all met at the santa convention in branson, missouri this summer. >> i was the only santa of color kids of color really get a kick
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like them. it gives them something to identify with. santa is still santa. safety your brown. i said, yes, i am that he comes in many different colors. we're just a few weeks away from christmas as we will randomly pick names and then have a little bit of a challenge. we are all for aj. aj gets 19 guests.
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anything from cavaliers championship ring. that's nice. if anybody wants to buy one of those. it's like can be a homemade cleveland thing. maybe something from a locally owned start whatever you want to do south where you are ready to pick. i am drying for kristi capel. because they told me. we're not going to be here for a gift exchange aj gets 19 gets figured &y schedule is kind of
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and madonna.
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now you are picking first got. she he's going to patty pick for
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exchange the on the air. when our do our show maybe you know samiti who owns a small business again. i would like one of those please. chilly today and cold, cold.
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go wildcats. - welcome to new day cleveland, i'm david moss and this is gonna be a show all about holiday tradition. that's right, some things that you do each and every year, some you used to do and then forgot about and want to do again scoveries for all of us. so let's get the show started, we're going to start right here at the cleveland botanical gardens, it's called glow. (soft piano music) - every year, the day after thanksgiving through the beginning of january, we celebrate the holidays here at the botanical garden with glow. and we deck the halls, we light the lights, we have poinsettias, we have christmas trees, we have gingerbread houses,


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