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tv   Fox 8 News at Noon  FOX  December 2, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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with cameras. up to him to give us a glimpse of some of the biggest trends the man behind these courtroom sketches. clouds are firmly in place, it is chilly. that's just the beginning, fox
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embrace yourself, colder weather is on the line. and looks nice. >> from indoors but it is chilly check in with a.j. colby lookin out the weather. the wind chills are in the 20s the unproductive, at least it is a different story we show lake effect rain showers you can see that's connected to my back to the western basin lake erie the closer shot from out east afric expecting to see showers a day the chelation possible tonight. colder air does work its way in
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aston villa. here is the cloud cover, another thick cloudy day nothing here right now anything overhead, this not look like much sunshine wins out of the west-southwest at 15 and gusting up to 25 mph. need a warm coat today, the wind-chill's 32 degrees cleveland and 29 degrees wooster. stick with this lake effect pattern into saturday, i looks like it will begin to quiet down sunday, then you see the on and off lake effect activity out east, doubtful that it would hamper any travel, there is a chance of an accumulation of us must see
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the beginning of the cold air pattern there is quite a bit of cold air arriving soon. turn. >> carjackings, continue, to more people were forced other cars last night into different parts of the city, roosevelt leftwich joins us. >> nobody was injured, the victims had a frightening ordeal of heaven someone point. gun at them and forcing them ou of their cars, it happened within minutes of each other th first and ridge road and brook park road. police have not released the details but the suspects did no get the victim's car because they cannot drive a stick shift please say the man was assaulte by one of the suspects before h fled away, and the second
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station in the corner of fulton and denison park 22-year-old woman just get into her cart when a man approached forced he out of the car, the stolen wallet. that he met northbound on fault with the victim's car they don' know if the two incidents are connected or with any of the other carjackings in the area. police and other areas are trying to get a handle on least a dozen incidents in the past month. >> neither victim was injured, if you have any information of any other carjackings cold day
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they say to be aware of y ur surroundings and if someone approaches with a gun demanding your car then give it to them. local comedian ricky smith is getting a apology from olive garden after allegedly racist encounter with one of the servers, to deny parma police went to the restaurant, an employee call 911, said customers were becoming rowdy with th but smith said he requested a new waitress after she told the group that she does not like to wait on black people because they do not tip well, instead o honor his request the group was asked to leave the restaurant, he told tmz that the vp of operations was very a pelagic and given a $1,000 gift card an a $1,000
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gift card to feed the less fortunate. search continues for the man accused of killing two people and portage county they say tha 25-year-old david darnell calhoun junior shot 30 the real lashawn sanders and 32-year-old sara marsh while they were in the car on henderson road in ravenna township wednesday the sheriff says who knew both victims, calhoun recently got out of jail, he is armed and dangerous if you see him call cleveland police search for the man who shot a father of five during a atm robbery yesterday morning on lorain avenue 40-year-old the way berkeley was getting money to buy a christmas tree, held up a gunpoint, the tragedy of note t negotiate, but he was shot in the chest.
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first said that getting your money an he said that i have kids in his christmas, and the guy shot him there was no negotiating, just the shooting >> the police are checking surveillance in the area to identify the suspect no one cleveland police asking for hel to find a missing 15-year-old girl, ellen harris was last seen on october 8, walking home from the library it while he went home, she came walking down east 108 street, they say she is about 5-foot four, 110 pounds if you know her whereabouts contact police. expected to learn more about two people found dead inside their home, apparently from carbon monoxide poisoning. paramedics responded to this
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the summit county medical examiner says the bodies of a 57-year-ol man in a 69-year-old woman were found in an indoor pool area, appears to be of carbon monoxid poisoning. those who live on the street describe the couple as they perfect neighbors. last night we put out our garbage cans were like everyone else and saw our neighbors in this morning, coming home from my son's preschool to see all o the authorities on our street not sure and it was shocking. >> they had not officially released the victim's name. neighbors say that he was a successful businessman in start counting. services are planned for longtime akron dj jen chenault. before joining the summit in
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monday 7.5, they said he was a true music lover, the summit will air a tribute to my at 5:0 wednesday came when he was 62. several northeast ohio towns will flip the switch to turn on their christmas lights tonight and claim the ge holiday lighting at about 5:30 p.m. the display will feature more than half a million lights it will stay lit through january 3, celebrations will be held in euclid triangle park at 5:00 p.m. and outside rocky river city hall tonight at 6:0.
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raging wildfires leave behind a lot of devastation and
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will come back, donald trump was in ohio yester you tour, he then took a step a price meeting his latest choice in front of thousands of supporters at a rally, doug luzader has more on the latest move from washington. general james mad dog mattis is a popular figure than the military, his experience would make his nomination for secretary of defense a little more difficult. for nearly an hour, in front
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it seems like donald trump was back on the campaign trail, so familiar themes, the usual attacks on the media and a cabinet pick. >> we're going to appoint mad dog mattis as the secretary of defense, but not announcement until monday, so don't tell anybody. complication with that is that he retired in 2013, and there is a law barring officers from serving as a defense secretary within seven years of retirement, but early indications are that congress will likely sign off on the exception. i think he's going to be widely accepted, just by the rank-and-file but also time lawmakers away from both parties. and almost overshadowed his big story, a stop at carrier air-conditioning in louisiana
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mexico. copies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences, it's not going to happen. >> by the carrier deal required about $7 million in state tax incentives drawing fire from liberals and from some conservatives. >> will present the united states says that we will not allow companies to leave the country without consequences, the has the power to do that bu also see other power to do? as far as the james mattis nomination, that bring us up to eight chemical level positions, now filled with prospective nominees, with eight more to go doug luzader fox news. the roads in gatlinburg tennessee, have reopened for the first time after wildfires, video shows the damage left behind,
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fires that killed 11 people in burned more than 700 buildings roads will be open today from ten until 5:00 p.m., and to give residents and business owners the first look at the damage since evacuation began monday night. with cameras barred from the courtroom cow's eye to him to give us a glimpse into some of the biggest trials taking place in cleveland, may the man behind
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glad to hear weekend. there is a distinction in terms of how nice it will be, one day rather than the next, looking a that momentarily. we have these thick gray clouds that are prevalent in these december skies. not even 30 percent of possible sunshine. the lake plays the important part in that situation, there are some bright spots in the cloud you had to go out to the
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findlay before you see any sunshine. on radar, it shows a couple of bands of precipitation, lake effect, that will continue to move from west to east africa some precipitation in geauga county. over to jefferson. this precipitation will likely liquid persisting into the evening and then increasingly mixing slushy coding of 1 inch or two in geauga county from chester would you consider the low gray
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planned well detect the direction of the snowfall, the winds are showing signs of diminishing snowpack in canada and off to the last. in the united states, ten-20-inch snow area over the dakotas, snowfall likely will expand as arctic air scott sabol says that only 20 percent of our seasonal snow occurs before new year's on average. it is under 10-inch snowfall
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today 39 degrees, will be chilly tonight, but tomorrow, mostly cloudy. lake effect precipitation is not out of the question, continue into saturda evening. and then i think we will be in okay shape for sunday, with 39 degrees sunday and rainfall tuesday. fox 8 official school
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the name, it is pop. stemming from the recent embrac of the world mama said that the word mom made them feel old, no it is popping up in areas like brooklyn. they said that has less age connotations. another hummus recall, two varieties of trader joe's distributed in eight states hav been recalled because of possible listeria contamination mediterranean hummus and the basil hummus with best use date of december 15, it could be life-threatening especially for young kids and elderly. last month saber hummus recalle millions of products for the same reason, 12 days of christmas cost more than $34,00
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items. saber hummus the flats is undergoing a lot of changes, we will tell you who is coming who
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lasher carjackings, have continued to two more people were carjacked overnight as roosevelt leftwich joins us with that latest. neither were injur it was a friday night, the first at ridge road and brook park th carjacker cannot drive a stick shift so cannot get the car, sick at what happened outside gas station at fulton and denni the wall and was getting her ca when
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then stole her wallet. there. please don't know if the two incidents are connected or to any of the other carjackings, the police are also trying to get a handle on what appears to be a dozen carjackings all over the area. nobody was seriously injured in these carjackings, if you have information, clarence tucker is the 19th fire chief in akron, and just the second african-american, akron mayor dan horrigan's were the chief and office yesterday who is a 28 year veteran of the department he was previously a district chief overseeing the
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bank of the flats after several restaurant closures, but new businesses are lineup to fill those spaces as matt wright has more on what's coming. class east bank is looking more like a ghost town, this action of the complex was empty after the september closure of crop sticks, crop rocks, the restaurant shut down last month. >> of you wanted the flats sue bauman immediately sometimes it takes time for the development to work. they work to attract new tenants. they were before a city committee thursday with plans t fill two of the vacancies, designs for a dante's inferno pizzeria no, and a thirsty dog brewery, plans include glass
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in any revitalization you have to figure out what's going to work and what's not and i think that their head in the right direction. were places are under construction, rascal flatts bar and restaurant to open in the spring and jimmy buffett's margaritaville to open next year. >> you never going to get it right one in percent on the first try it's about learning what fits in what people are looking for. lago was part of the first phase they said has focused on marketing to dra customers your round to hope the variety of new businesses will help. >> there's a lot of activity is to realize that the project wil not happen in just one year. >> matt wright fox 8 news. will show you a look from the roof-cam. got this colder air and some snowfall, especially next week
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the weather center. >> the dick goddard weather center, i think next week, thursday and friday there could be some significant lake effect snow fall. stay tuned, there is the potential. and you will hear from the fox 8 weather team about that. there is a wintry mix, lake geauga ashtabula, tonight, we will shift over to a slushy snow. some precipitation downstate that the travel low pressure is moving through. high pressure sunday that shoul set it up
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most of us want see any accumulation a chilly couple of degrees near 40 degre in the 30s the high today, about 40 degrees. >> it will be in the 20s with accumulations fairly light mostly cloudy, our local lake effec lake geauga ashtabula mostly they should be dry behind the jet stream moving south and that is for us in the end of the week. >> forecast, 20s for the highs
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with the nighttime low as a cold blast symbols into the great lakes, on thursday friday, we want to make some plans rough night for the cavaliers, receives a big honor and play the balls against chicago tonight. rough night for the cavaliers a the q. as the clippers came to town posting a 113-four victory, the watch jr smith, and then on
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anticipated the past and then a dunk from lebron james they wer up by two points the clippers were more aggressive, majority getting it done and they found the range. and then, griffith makes a statement with a nice pass underneath in the clippers wedding easily, 113 -94 count. the cavaliers will be in chicag >> yesterday, sports illustrate amounts of lebron james winning the sportsperson of the year award, the second time he had been honored >> i am more happy for, my kids, my wife my mom, for the foundation, for the kids that i represent and those that scene as a role model in inspiration,
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in division ii last night, masculine, purses cincinnati yourself in one of the horseshoe, perry in the title game for the second year and th panthers took a seven nothing first time they'd. him lasalle do not answer until late in the third with smith scores. then tied it seven, then in the fourth quarter, smith again wit a great effort makes it a 14 day seven him lasalle laid. the panthers cannot answer and so the quest ending. lasalle has 13 in a row.
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>> the science of support for the him collect the heights redskins, and the division six title game. they have 18 straight championships, we found a way t get by those teams, whatever happens friday, it will be on the field. friday morning, they go out to play as hard as they can to hav a chance to win. 's nikon apn ignatius goes for the title facing them in the division i game. indians game within of the world series title. the home-field advantage with the american league won the all-star, now it will be given
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people who drank white wine each day may slightl increased the melanoma risk looking at the data from the studies about alcoholic beverag intake they found that the tota alcohol intake was associated with a 14 percent higher risk o melanoma perjuring per day but white wine was associated with 13 percent higher risk of melanoma versus beer, red wine and liquor. >> new products to help people deal with stress is a game changer for those with autism, stimulates the nervous system nelson to calm down. the little things that make
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lopez, he has autism. everyday my letters a story in my head, with an actual stor in the plot, that gets in his way, he will begin payson, cannot focus and leave the classroom. >> and is a cost struggle with teachers to say, get back to this. after a lifetime of different therapies and medications, a small new piece. it is the sound of relief, is nervous system stimulated, his mother cause of the game change that is instant. >> for him to be called in to d his work is amazing. i felt like i stumbled on a miracle that a lot more people to know about she took a
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mobilized a. so you wear a buzzer like a watch or in your pocket and control of mr fun. >> she saw a need also in her own home. >> i am a mother of two children, and they need them. >> results came in vision, possibilities beyond jacob and her kids we can give people access to stress relief all around the world and have more peace and tt that frees them up to live their best life. we will be checking in with rich demuro in today's tech
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electric car as rich demuro takes a look at the chevy bolt ev. >> may be used to confuse it with the sibling the volt, and uses accommodation of gas and electricity, the chevy bolt is pure electric with june 30 mile on a charge. hundreds of thousandsa delivering a comparable ev before the end of the year, there's a lot of noise, tesla makes a lot of headlines, we prefer to take a more humble approach and deliver the produc to the market, >> that chevy bolt ev is an all electric car with no gas tank, you can go to 30 miles on a charge starting at $30,000 , tax
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people are going to look at this car, they can fit my everyday needs. the competitors don't come close, many max out at around 100 miles to a charge. >> the person notice it is not look like your typical ev it seems much bigger there's plent of room and into the trunk with the latest technology, includin a digital dashboard giant touchscreen and lot's of. it is fast, responsive, plus it feels good to be on the cutting edge of an eco- revolution. >> were thought that they would beat everybody else to the punch. >> that chevy bolt ev was named motor trend car of the year, a goes on sale before the end of the year in california and oregon and nationwide next year
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report. been thinking about switching to vegetarian, a new study confirms that the lifestyle is healthy and even better for the environment a new update report they say that vegetarians have lower risk of obesity and chronic disease and also found because it takes resources it is for 30 years he has been a key part of trials in cleveland history. ali ghanbari for this man in hi signature briefcase to find out
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this is the united states courthouse for cleveland. i am the chief deputy with the united states marshals service in ohio. >> a federal court order, that there are no recording devices or cameras in the courtrooms, and we enforce that as the marshals service. karen ayers jill white i am a graphic artist at fox 8. >> when i'm in the courtroom to try to draw exactly what i see in real life, and to make the image.
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it is a federal court, the corruption trial, and this was one of the attorneys, then a closer shot and then a wider shot of jimmy dimora. but he was found guilty and
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prison. when i'm in the courtroom, one of things i think about is that my pen is the camera so i capture the images for the viewer with my pen, i am fortunate, i love my job it is rewarding the people appreciate my artwork, i feel good about what i have done. thank you so much ali ghanbari, i think that joe wood is probably the nicest guy i have met, such a wonderful huma being he is a graphic artist here at fox 8 news he also draw children's books and website design. he said that he has had his briefcase since day one of courtroom sketch.
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a north carolina man makes the catch of his life, what you do
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this is 112-pound catfish, that was caught in north carolina.
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in wilmington. it looks like a whale. was not sure if he could call that out of the water, so my >> he battled for 30 minutes before he was able to reveal that in. he said that he then released i
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today on "the real." >> girl chat. >> i have instagram. >> and he cheated and stole her scarf. >> the mistress is used too used things. that was it. >> this holiday season, we're giving you something to shout about. >> the tips that will make your holiday merry. >> i like that. >> "the


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