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tv   Fox 46 News  FOX  March 1, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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>> she can go to a public park.
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she can go directors go. more than a thousand students out of school not because they are sick comments because advocates are. you will find out why some union county parents are furious about what's going on. kayla: an amazing update on the story of brody the adorable puppy found shot several times and rock hill. we will show you who decided to give them a forever home and how he's helping fill a void in their family. bill: tonight to get to see a side of panther fan braylon beam rarely seen before. the coach continued his fight against brain cancer padillo see what it's like to walk in issues. good evening and thank you for joining us for "fox 46 news." i'm bill melugin. kayla: i'm kayla ayres. kayla ayres. first on box 14 students are kept out of the inning county public schools for 21 days that it's not because they are in trouble and it's not because they are sick pay. bill: is because their families say they don't want them getting
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david sentendrey is joining us. what exactly is their motive here? three union county students are being treated for chickenpox and to prevent that spread their health department says that the school all students need the vaccine or they can come to school. 5-year-old katie is home playing instead of going to school. it's what she will be doing for 21 days. it's not because katie is sick, it's because other kids are. >> with that talking about chickenpox. we are not talking about ebola, we are not talking about the bubonic plague. >> katie's mother chelsea center family opted out of taking vaccines for religious reasons. fairfax which combats chickenpox and came out in 1995 is one of them.
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came down with chickenpox in february and said their daughter must stay away from school for 21 days but they say it so she doesn't get sick and in return make more kids sick. >> my husband and i can be charged with a misdemeanor she steps foot on school grounds prior to 317. we met with the nonprofit people advocating vaccine education. founder lisa giuliani tells me the chickenpox vaccine isn't 100% effective anddhe has never seen a child held from school for not having the vaccine. sad this is the first incident like this that i have seen in the 20 some years i've been educating parents and working with parents. but the health department said it's important to keep all kids in school vaccinated and even the chickenpox is usually easy to recover from it can be serious. >> 90% of people might walk away and be fine but the other 10%
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need to be there hospitalized or they suffer serious long-term complications. >> meanwhile katie is catching up on schoolwork at home ` >> meanwhile katie is catching up on schoolwork at home and her mom said she just wishes it didn't come to this. >> she can go to public park, she can go to library and she can go to her after school. >> along with poplin elementary elementary -- also as a student with chickenpox. these are the schools along with the health department has sent out letters to parents of students without vaccinations. bill: the health department said if the students get the vaccination they can return to school before the 21 day period is out. kayla: new at 101 man died after his truck left the road and hit a tree. this happened around 4:15 this afternoon of the 3400 block of archer avenue. cmpd said the driver of the truck james herbert nash was taken to cmc where he was pronounced dead. police say it appeared --
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leading up to the crash. bill: no 10:00 cmpd is looking for this man after they say he allegedly cut off his electronic monitoring device. he is wanted for possession of a firearm by a felon in possession of and several other charges. he was last seen in the area of north crayon and 20th street. if you have seen him or know where he sat call 911. kayla: an elderly couple in cleveland county died early this morning after an explosion at their house. happened in fall then after driver -- fallston. the driver 24-year-old thomas pruitt slammed into the couple's home hitting the propane tank in sparking the explosion that killed this newton's. naomi was 76 and johnie would have been 75 is thursday. neighbors and family members
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>> weird allowed boom. >> we went to see where it was that and -- kayla: authorities say pruitt is non-life-threatening injuries. the crashes to wander investigation the cleveland county das office is looking into possible charges are the driver. bill: three confirmed cases of the monster in mecklenburg county and one of those cases is right on the campus of unc charlotte. the health department accounts for other possible cases that are potentially -- symptoms include coughing sneezing in the telltale sign of swollen salivary glands. they say the disease is spread through saliva person-to-person contact and touching an infected surface. >> techniques for avoiding the spread of colds and flu such as sneezing and coughing and using
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bill: the best defense against mumps is washing against italy and if you have to cough up or doing it into your hands instead try coughing into elbow. kayla: of drivers facing charges in a deadly hit-and-run incident. cmpd says luis rivera was driving the honda fan on central avenue. this happened before 2:30 this morning the 4900 block of central or police were able to connect rivera to the crime after they say he called 911 to say someone had moved his band from his parking space. perez rivera is charged with dwi hit-and-run and death by vehicle. the victim has not yet been identified. an american airlines flight headed to tampa from charlotte has returned surely after takeoff because of an apparent elect. odor in the cabin. that's according to airport officials. emergency crews met the plane after it landed. 125 passengers were onboard and no one had to be taken to hospital.
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leave on another plane later in the day. the first plane has been taken out of service to be evaluating. bill: ontap box 46 follow-up investigators are are trying to figure out exactly what the motive was in shooting that left cars in the hotel lobby riddled with bullets. three men are accused of fire between 40 and 50 shots in uptown. howard wright, dereke bolton and kevin thompson were arrested. we are told all three men were at the ciaa tournament and all charged with shooting into an occupied dwelling. kayla: police identified the man who died after being shot at a party and gaston county. they say 37-year-old shomari kimani lewis died at a hospital sunday morning. lewis is the father of a 5-month-old. the shooting happened at his home just outside of montefoley during a party. investigators want anyone who was at the party to contact police were crimestoppers.
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finding a man who is wanted on attempted murder charges. 23-year-old marquis beas harpers accused of shooting a 21 -year-old man in lancaster. the victim is expected to recover anybody with information on harper's whereabouts is asked immediately contact the sheriff's office were crimestoppers. no 10:00 authorities investigating officer involved shooting death of a 24-year-old north carolina man. according to police officers in raleigh were trying to arrest a man on felony drug charges when he was shot and killed. witnesses say the suspect walked out of a corner store and was shot as he tried to jump over a fence. witnesses said they heard five to seven gunshots go off. police haven't identified the wasn't armed. police chiefs sandra ground reports that firearm was found at that man's body. committee members gathered at the scene to get a look for
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talked about the need for body cameras think this death is a prime example of why the technology is needed. >> we have been asking for body cameras and a citizen overview committee. brawley is not the type of city and we have to help prevent some of this. this is a perfect example of needing transparency in our police force. bill: officials held at 7:00. supported several people captured the incident on a cell phone. the investigation is still ongoing. kayla: writers beware and new sales tax would take effect across north carolina tomorrow. what the cost of services ranging from appliance installation. if you have a repair done to your vehicle that includes $200 in labor fees it will now cost you an additional $15 in tax. the legislature approved the
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the sales tax comes to offset north carolina. bill: tomorrow may not be the first day on the job she was expecting. work tonight for some students plan to welcome the unc system president's first aid by literally walking out of class on the unc campus. barber spellings is set to become the public university leaders tomorrow. but demonstrations in the person. it turns out a majority of north carolina residents believe president obama should nominate a replacement for antonin scalia according to hyperuniversities pool. participants are the u.s. senate should consider president obama's nominee. u.s. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has for the next president should nominate a replacement for scalia. the poll shows residents appear to follow closely the story of justice scalia's death. 54% say they heard about what
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been wallowing the political aftermath. >> he inspired the carolina panthers all season long and even cheered them on at the big game but braylon beam is in another battle off the field. coming up an intimate look at braylon's fight against cancer. >> tomorrow's a big-time day in the presence of candidates but some are wondering if super tuesday will make later primaries including north carolina pretty much irrelevant. we will explain. still to come. >> after today boy will there be changes in the forecast. changes for rain tomorrow night.
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after the break. kayla: the panthers biggest fan made it to the super bowl as a team that there's a part of 6-year-old's life that few have intimate look at how he fights cancer. tonight robin kanady has a special report. >> relents dad said his son does want people to see him sick but his dad realizes the chemo treatment and the ugly stuff connected with cancer sums up what is truly like being braylon beam.
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party. but this one is a little different. the patient is the one and only braylon beam. he is no newbie to the dance floor. here he is breaking it down with the panthers. he then got to see part of the team at the super bowl. >> that was a lifetime experience. >> 60 has become a celebrity. >> people do double takes. they- >> people do double takes. they will walk by and then they will ask us. in fact braylon is known all over the world.
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where did i get an e-mail from? germany. an infectious personality will make you smile but the reason he has gotten all this attention might make you cry. >> people forget that he has cancer. he does not like people seeing him sick. >> braylon has a tumor. his parents knew that something was wrong a year ago when their son is having trouble with his vision. >> we didn't know what to think. >> doctors say it's too risky to operate on the tumor. braylon gets chemo once a week to keep the tumor from growing. >> to be plugged into machine for several hours it's not fun. >> to braylon. >> i play video games.
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bright side. also. it's really tough to think about what lies ahead and ongoing battle against the tumor. >> we try to take it one step at a time and hope that we can continue to limit it but sometimes these can be -- if they don't respond any more. it's a reality braylon's dad thinks about that refuses to dwell on instead looking at the disease is reminder of what really matters in life. >> i don't let small things bother me anymore any more. it's a shame that it took a tragic event like my son being diagnosed with cancer to make me realize things aren't as important as what i thought they were. >> braylon has this message predicates fighting cancer.
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>> and just one more thing. >> it's an awesome world. >> that's the essence of braylon beam. in charlotte robin kanady fox 46 wjzy. it's an awesome world and just dance. braylon gets his treatments at the children's hospital in charlotte. it's a st. jude's affiliate clinic. he has a half dozen rounds of chemo left. we will continue to keep you updated on how braylon is doing with the latest information. head over to our web site bill: would any kid. i really like braylon. we had an outstanding day across the piedmont payday want to
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you know 58 degrees. we hit 73 and another three degrees warmer we would have hit 76. pretty nice outside. as a matter of fact average temperature is 58. 59 degrees degrees. we are seeing warm temperatures across the area. 40 degrees really like this whether but we do have some changes starting tomorrow as we look at our severe weather outlook across the country. you can see the eastern half is where we will see issues here. again the worst looks like it will be to the east. we are looking at charlotte and the piedmont. you should see no severe weather. it's not out of the question across the western edge of north carolina we could see severe weather hit the area but we could see at most a couple of thunderstorms and that should happen late tonight, tuesday
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let's try this here for you. this is what happened over the last couple of hours. we saw cold front, we cold front we are tracking this big system in the middle portion of the country. it will turn into a cold and warm front as it gets closer to the area. that could be the system that helps generator weather as we get into tomorrow afternoon. a small chance of rain as a matter fact that it's a look at our futurecast clouds building up during the morning hours. 2:00 in the afternoon a little bit of rain out there, 20% chance for afternoon showers. later in the night we will -- this is tuesday night at 10:30. up to 70% chance is the cold front gets right on top of us as we push to 12:30. we see or hear thunder that will be the indication for most of us. probably 12 to 1:00 in the
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will pass her area. we'll see things clear up by wednesday morning in the lower elevations. we will see snow opportunities during the morning on wednesday probably until 11:00 a.m. in the morning. let's plan for tomorrow. wake up in the mid-40s jumping up to the 60s during the afternoon, rain chances during the afternoon hours. 20% at noon, 20% at 5:00 p.m. 30% once we had 8:00 p.m.. we will talk about the wind speeds coming up in another 10 minutes from now. bill still to come a special birthday for leap year babies.
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d.c. to the latest charlotte spill welcome back. opening day a few weeks away and that means the park is busy making sure everything is good to go. that includes cleaning and
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are nice and pain. nick kosir tells us how they get the job done in tonight's coasters corner. >> i'm sure everybody wants to know you have a fear of heights? >> everybody starts out with some fear. it gradually faded away. you go a little higher and little higher and eventually it's all the same. >> weather plays a big role. >> you can't do anything when it's freezing. the dewpoint and the moisture in the air. >> you can't be too hot in a campy too cold. i did come here today just to kind of punch might -- pitch myself to you and the level of painting skill that i have so i
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obviously my family watching the sunrise on the beach. that's a bench. that's my wife. that's my son and clearly my son looks just like me. the same eyes. >> my skills are pretty incredible. it will make me look like a more talented and authentic painter. >> it's night -- time to make some happy little brushstrokes folks. they wouldn't let me paint anything but they said i could clean the base of this rollercoaster. i'm just going to do it because it makes me feel good. i feel like we are making friends right now.
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do you have for their -- when you're done painting to ride the rides? >> it will be a month later when the park opens but i come back to care when 10 different times. my family and i've spent a lot of time at this park. >> you are saying carowinds is the best. >> carolyn's is the best water park. bill nick has way too much on this job. carowinds will open up march 25. >> this has really helped us in educating the local people. kayla: a local puppy gets a new lease on life after being found
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how his story is inspirin bill: recapping our top stories 14 students kept out of union county public schools for 21 days. not because they are in trouble and not because they're sick. because their families say they don't want them getting the chickenpox vaccine to the school systems that keeping the uninfected students out of class helps prevent the chickenpox are spreading. the students are from poplin elementary and tammy rachel mentor to the health department said if the students get the vaccination they can return to school before the 20 1a period is a..
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another makeup in cleveland county died this morning after an explosion at their house. this happened in fallston after driver lost control of what some call it dangerous intersection did drivers 2020 -- 24-year-old thomas pruitt slammed into the couple's home hitting their propane tank. the family says 76-year-old naomi and jb newton who would have celebrated his 76 per day this weekend died. support is non-life-threatening injuries. the investigation is ongoing in the cleveland county das office is looking into possible charges against the driver. bill three confirmed cases of the mumps and mecklenburg one on the campus of unc charlotte. the charlotte. to the health of armor notes for possible cases they are potentially linking to the college campuses will be symptoms include coughing sneezing in the telltale sign of swollen salivary glance.
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through saliva person-to-person contact and touching an infected surface. kayla: some good coming out of a bad situation rock hill sprit a puppy found shot multiple times with a bb gun and only as a new home but the story is catching attention worldwide. it's also putting the "spotlight" on adoption york county. emily caught up with the dogs adoption center today. >> as soon as the story hit the web hundreds of applications were submitted by people wanting to adopt him. he's resting comfortably in a new home at the rescue group said the attention surrounding his case has been overwhelming. a little love and support is all the sweet puppy would need to get back on its feet and into the arms of his new family. his story has struck a chord. >> i was really shocked by it.
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world. >> this lab mix the story went viral after he was found stabbed and shot 18 times with a bb gun and rock hill. two teens were arrested and face charges of animal cruelty. they rarely see cases like brodie's involving direct violence. they say the story is. >> we see lot puppies living outdoors, born outdoors. we see some that die outdoors. >> animal neglect is unfortunately an issue the organization deals with daily but they say brodie story is casting a new light on the importance of adoption and york county prepare dozens of animals in need and not nearly enough people to care for them. project safe that hopes brodie story will help change that. >> the attention raised on the e-mails i have gotten has put
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people are much more aware of how important it is. >> in addition there are more aware of the local resources they have available to them in order to ensure their animals live a comfortable life. >> this is really helped us in educating the local people. >> a 10-year-old girl named caylee is the proud owner of roadie. we are told she had just lost her 15-year-old left to old age. kayla: it's good to see brodie going to become. for more information on pet adoption york county logons or web site >> all right folks let's talk about your headlines over the next few days. they will warm up, stay warm as we head into tomorrow but we will get a cold front that moved through tomorrow night bring his chances for rain. we will see an opportunity
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let's talk about those times. tomorrow a little chance of rain tomorrow. a better chance during the nighttime hours. wednesday thursday and friday we will see it dirty, 30, 20, 30% chance of rain. looking for several days now looking for a ton of rain during the daytime hours but in pretty good shape for the week. 59 degrees winds out of the north northwest at 6 miles an hour. i want to point out is the cold front comes through on the backend as we head into tuesday night and wednesday we will have significant winds. think about that as you get ready and put an extra dose of hairspray on and keep in mind it will be cooler as a result. 10 to 18-mile and i were wind
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we have a couple of weather systems pushing through the area. this is the first we talked about. tomorrow night into wednesday morning. there you can see chances for some heavy rain at times but a small chance we could see thunderstorms and mountain snow is possible during the day on wednesday. we will bear out wednesday so most of the day is good but it has the one attached but a look at our futurecast beyond that thursday and friday a cold front across the area. we will see cold overnight but we will see opportunities and. the air will be drier as the time approaches. low temperatures in the 30s to 40s. nobody is freezing. boone close closed at 33 degrees and tomorrow warmer up there in spite of the cold friend. 66. temperatures. wadesboro will hit 70, comfortable on temperaturewise
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heading into thursday morning the temperature drops to 30. will while rebounded to the 50s through the next several afternoons. the weekend is looking good, sunny saturday, sunny sunday and monday. 60s. bill: the weekend is looking nice. breaking news coming into our newsroom. charlotte city manager ron carly will be staying on his position in the budget process. jennifer roberts made the announcement. he previously stated he would not be renewing his contract when his current contract ended. the city council intends to take official action. with all the hype over super tuesday some north carolina voters are left wondering. >> you got to get out, you have to vote on tuesday. bill: will the presidential nomination be wrapped up by the time our march 15 primary rolls
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the super tuesday primary goes as expects with landslide wins for chomping clip and it could have an impact on voter turnout in the tar heel state. >> i think the likelihood is most carolinians will look at super tuesday and say trump wins everything. this is what it's going to be. he said of donald trump and hillary clinton dominates super tuesday states less voters will be likely to cast a ballot. the north carolina legislature tried to have more of the saint who would be the nominee when they moved move the primary date up two months from may to march. our experts say that didn't pan out this time around. a registered sex offenders facing charges after police say he went to an elementary school. 32-year-old -- lewis was charged with failure to register. lewis went to sure with elementary to pick up his girlfriend's child last wednesday. followed to a story we brought
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police have been in contact with the man who allegedly shot somebody after road rage incident. officials say 27-year-old robert angers shot 29-year-old ryan barrett after the two got into a car crash yesterday as that of a on north ridge dr. produced pair was taken to the hospital and is recovering from his injuries. no charges have been filed but police say they are not actively searching for roberts at this time. charlotte regional transportation planning organization held a meeting tonight to discuss developing a new bicycle suitability map. it's for cyclists in the myron dell mecklenburg uniondale area. the map would identify routes based on skill level. they are looking for input when it comes to difficult intersections in dangerous areas. tonight he was held at monroe city hall. there'll be another meeting tuesday night at the charlotte-mecklenburg government center in the third on wednesday at the states build recreation center. the mushing kicked off on a rental car building at the
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make room for the airport's concourse a station to the budget rental car building was the first one to go. the plans are part of a $2.5 billion expansion that will add 18 new gates. the aviation director spoke about the importance of expanding the concourse. >> right now we have 13 gates and we are going to add another nine. if you have to break a couple of eggs to make a now much today we are going to break a couple of eggs. bill: the project is estimated to take 10 years to finish partially paid for with state and federal grants. kayla: millions of dollars for it on the way for those affected by catastrophic flooding in south carolina. the government is sending $157 million to help the places hit hardest in the palmetto state. award means south carolina's receiving most of the money that congress set aside in the federal budget for flooding
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bill: the dust off those resumes there's a job for an area. it will take place at 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at new life baptist church on biscayne dr. and conquer. more than 16 players say they will be there. the companies include no bond health city of concorde gordon's food wells fargo and lansbury schools. kayla: imagine only having your official bird they roll around every four years but that's the case for babies born today on february 29 and this little guy is one of charlotte's leap year babies. aomori's mom said there are positives to being a leap year baby like getting to pick which day you celebrate and dig birthdays like 16 and 40 will be celebrated on his birthday. his mom is not looking forward to explaining the whole leap year thing to her son when he gets a little older.
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we don't know when it's going to be. his mom was five days past her due date so she never expected a mare would be a leap year baby. bill: good news if you like -- stamp prices are going down by 2 cents. it's the first one in nearly a century. stamps cost 49 cents that will cost 47 cents, april 10. the reduction is part of a prearranged deal of congress that the post office raise money by hiking stamp prices in 2014. nowrasteh rollback the increase and will lose $2 billion as russell. time to send over to anthony flores for his check on our sports.
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its final home game of the unc honoring their senior citizens in chapel hill tonight moving closer to their first regular-season title in four years. senior night at chapel hill provides -- the tar heels knocked down six in the first half as they led by four points. that we would reach double digits in the second half but the orange would rally. a one-point game moments later off the bench bryce johnson is there to grab the loose ball and gets the bucket.
1:45 am
north carolina hangs on to beat syracuse your final 75-70. unc remains in first place and will wrap up the regular season saturday at noon. >> coming from a small town in south carolina. i would have never thought that i'd be here. more people are here tonight then there are my whole town. it's a blessing to be here. >> to the nfl unless the panthers make a last-minute bill they might be hitting josh -- with the franchise tag to the panthers have until tuesday afternoon to decide if they want to use that tag on norman. that will keep your contract for one more year. the 28 rob norman had a breakout season in 2015 with four and
1:46 am
>> he didn't play an awful lot earlier in his career and now he starting to play a lot. i'm not concerned that he will be a worn down body. i'm excited about the fact that davis talked about what they will try to do and the direction with the whole situation. we will see how it unfolds but i'm optimistic. nothing is changed. we will try to get a deal done and there are options. >> they will have until tuesday at 4:00 p.m. to get the bill done and if not they like to use the franchise tag by then. "fox 46 news" in a nascar show. each weekend we will preview the upcoming race with the interviews and have features like this one but call under the
1:47 am
snacktime jordan allen and i'm the mic caddick --. anything inside is my responsibility. i have a checklist so i try not to forget anything. if i forget something things have gone really bad. on chases car there are 12 people, five meg can ask for engineers. most of the time it's helping out your fellow mechanic to make sure every thing is ready to go. >> we get here around 7:00 in our day ends, we don't have a set time to go home. everything is done here. when we leave the shop the red red -- cars are ready to hit the racetrack. we are in the crosswind chases on the racetrack.
1:48 am
the car and there to help them out. chase is quite the professional at 20 or so. his mother and father raised him very well. he knows what he's doing. >> i got to work with one of the just gordon. spent an honor and a privilege not taken everything i've learned there are and applied it to chase to try to take chess -- chase to that next level. around the track comes your way at 2:30 p.m.. next up for nascar is the cobalt
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the race goes at 3:35 p.m. a fox's adam housley has the stories and more in the hollywood nation. >> still in first place razzies and the oscars honor the best of the hollywood nation. i'm here at the academy awards that the stars are shining bright in hollywood sunday night at the 88th annual academy awards ceremony prefectures story drama spotlights took the best picture prize while leonardo dicaprio scored his first best actor oscar for "the
1:52 am
mark rylance beating sylvester stallone for best supporting actor. amid the widespread diversity controversy abc took a beating with its life oscar broadcast for the show's ratings dropped 6% below last year's to reach a new eight-year low. on the flipside the golden raspberry foundation honored the worst in film saturday releasing their annual list of razi award winners. fantastic foreign "50 shades of grey" type or worse picture well did drama stars scored worst acting is bad shoe. bad news for selma hayek. the actress's dog was found dead from a bb gun shot under washington state ranch last week. according to tmz a neighbor confessed to the killings following a police investigation. and the superhero continues its box office domination over the weekend.
1:53 am
week with her $32 million. "kung fu panda 3" held strong in third with $9 million. in hollywood adam housley "fox news." bill: it's leap day and what better way to celebrate than a few skydivers taking a giant leap of faith. a team of professional skydivers and parachute flares touching down in kansas city missouri monday. a leap year exists because it takes six calendar years longer to orbit the sun. every four years are selected in february. we will be right back with a
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weather forecast. "good day charlotte" wakes up with you every morning. kayla: here's a preview of what he can expect to see tomorrow. >> on the next "good day charlotte" winter blues get lob loblaw. snap out of it. lisa liebermann wangled in the studio. check out cute little bosley. we have five who needed forever home for the spca. we will let you know how you can adapt. tomorrow morning at "good day charlotte" 4:30 to 9:00. kayla: big news for charlotte native and r&b artist anthony hamilton.
1:57 am
this spring with north carolina native fantasia marino. he set to appear on the real tomorrow where he will perform his new single amen could be caught up with him over skype from l.a.. >> we had a great time. me and my band were excited about it. it's the first time being on the show so i was excited. the ladies were lovely and we jammed. >> you can catch his performance tomorrow morning on their real after "good day charlotte" on wjzy. >> i will save that for after the show. we have got a fairly decent day tomorrow. if you're planning ahead bring a jacket. you are needed for the whole day but bring the umbrella as well.
1:58 am
afternoon showers but it shouldn't hit until later on that night. up in the 60s tomorrow temperatures will cool after this next cold front gets through and back to the 50s on wednesday. we will stay there through saturday but we will see often on rain chances tuesday through friday. kayla: maybe not a good time to get your car washed. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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>> announcer: the following is a paid program for home standby generators brought to you by generac power systems. [ wind howls ] >> when the power goes out, even if it's just for a few hours, life is disrupted. but when it goes out for days or even weeks, life can be unbearable. no heat, no air-conditioning, no refrigeration -- phones and internet stop working.
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all of the necessities of modern life... gone. >> the power was out in this area for approximately 2 1/2 weeks. >> we were out of power for about four or five days. >> the basement flooded because the sump pumps went off. >> it was very hard to get food. it was hard to get gasoline. >> life changes drastically. >> without power, you're just kind of cut off from the world. >> without electric, you're at the mercy of mother nature. >> i do not want to be the victim of a powerless house. >> we're all aware of catastrophic storms that knock out power to millions, record snowfall that brings down trees and power lines, maybe even something as innocent as a squirrel knocking out a power substation. but no matter where we live, the nation's antiquated electrical grid affects us all. it's an aged and overloaded system that's due for a $2 trillion rescue. a rescue that nobody has plans to make.


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