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tv   Fox 46 News at 6pm  FOX  March 2, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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hi, robin. >> reporter: hey, bill, cmpd is not releasing the names of the officers involved because they say this is a personnel matter. but a source within the department tells meet officers were here at work today as the investigation into allegations of excessive force continues. there's a whole lot we can't see from this video taken from a bystander that appears to show a cmpd officer punching a suspect. but a source inside cmpd tells me there is footage from a body camera worn by officers that could offer a better idea of what happened. that video has not been released by the department. nor has cmpd officially confirmed its existence. >> you have to determine what is reasonable based on the actions of the suspect. >> reporter: quinten williams is sherwood attorney and fbi agent who helps train police officers. he's not involved in this case. in this video, we can't see the suspect, and williams says
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us see what the suspect was doing, and also hear what was being said. >> punching could be necessary if an officer has to defend himself. but in that case, i don't know that that was the situation. >> reporter: cmpd tells us the suspect malcolm glen elliott ii was involved in a hit-and-run. they tracked elliott to apartment where police say he ran from them. investigators were trying to handcuff elliott but he was resisting and pulling his arms away. police tell us an officer struck elliott in his back to get him to comply with how it's handled is watched around the country. he says race will play a factor in the judgment of the officer's actions. >> might not play a full-fledged role with respect to the way he is judged by a court of law or administratively, but the
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heed to that. >> reporter: i spoke with today. she says her son's back was sore, he went to the hospital to be checked out. when she saw the video, she was shocked and the fact so many officers were surrounding her son she says was, quote, unnecessary. live at cmpd headquarters, robin kanady, fox 46 wjzy. bill: thank you, we want to point out we asked the elliott family for an interview but referred us to their attorney who never responded to the phone call. kayla: cmpd tells fox 46 in the 3000 block of south boulevard shots were fired. no one was hurt but two suspects are in custody. we'll update with you more information as it comes into our newsroom. a 7-year-old boy has died after he was hit by a car riding his bike. officials tell fox 46 bryson mcsweeney was not wearing a
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car. bryson was airlifted to cmc where he died. the driver of the car was not injured and no charges filed. bryson was a second grader at harrisburg elementary school. bill: a somber morning at west mecklenburg high school. the students and staff mourned the death of a classmate. 15-year-old heaven c. was killed monday at 9:00. outside the school students spray painted a rock with the words left in peace heaven, the accident happened near a local elementary school. the driver of a mitsubishi eclipse drove off the road and slammed into a tree. two other people had serious injuries and police say they're investigating exactly how it all happened. kayla: police officers walking off the job in protest after their police chief is reinstated. this is happening in one south carolina town. it's all coming to a head
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investigation. as neima abdulahi found the majority of the resignations began pouring in after the announcement was made at last night's town hall meeting. >> reporter: it's the talk of town. >> everybody that don't have nothing to do with it sit down and take a back seat be and quiet. >> reporter: people in pageland are upset after finding out police officers are resigning. it happened right after town council voted to reinstate larry brown as police chief, following a four-month investigation, the focus of which has not been released. >> i hate it has the backlash effect on the police department. >> reporter: chesterfield county sheriff dave brook says the mayor called asking for help when the officers began to resign as to how long they'll fill in. here's what brooks had to say. >> if it takes a week, a month, a year until they get everything straightened back out. >> reporter: with the majority of pageland, police officers
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quitting, the sheriff's staff is willing to help with patrolling for as long as they're needed. >> plenty of police protection, no matter how long this takes. >> reporter: sheriff brooks says five deputies are currently patrolling pageland. right now the police department has three police officers and a person on dispatch. >> what's the big deal? he back. >> reporter: people are hoping the department is back to focusing on protecting the community. >> if it's time to wipe the slate clean and start all over again, get the show on the road and get it done. >> how do we expect for so many young people to do better if they see adults acting the way they're acting. >> reporter: chief brown is expected on monday. the remaining police officers are expected to leave by then. neima abdulahi, fox 46 wjzy. kayla: an emergency meeting is being held at 7:00 at the pageland town hall. sam smith will be there and
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the sheriff says town council officers and community leaders hope to find the best way to address community concerns. bill: there's been new information released regarding a triple murder investigation in gaston county. it turns out the victims' bodies were found naked inside of a house in alexis. caroline fountain joins us with the latest information in this case. go ahead and fill us in. >> reporter: police just released the 911 tapes this afternoon, revealing more about the crime that left three people dead in this home. >> gaston county 911, may i have the address of the emergency? >> reporter: as the investigation continues, 42-year-old crystal gambino faces three counts of first-degree murder, for killing her husband and two others at her home in alexis. 911 calls revealing how
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>> my sister-in-law has told her family that she killed her husband. she caught him sleeping with another woman and cleaned up the bullet casings and took care of the bodies. >> reporter: police telling fox 46 the woman found with her husband was stephanie sanchez who officers believe is from texas. she and the other victim had been staying at the greenleaf in for nearly two weeks. 911 calls made by the accused woman's brother-in-law outline what gambino said she did with one of the victims' bodies. >> she said she put the woman's body in a wheelbarrow and wheeled her out in the backyard. >> reporter: the three victims met online but didn't appear to have known each other for long. one of the victims was from green borough. as the 911 call plays on, the family member appears to have
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what, if anything, police would actually find when they searched the house. >> now her sister's moderately crazy, and this wouldn't be the first time she completely made up stuff before. >> reporter: i'm told the family members that made the 911 call are taking care of gambino's little girl tonight. neighbors dropped by the house to take care of animal. caroline fountain, fox 46 wjzy. bill: the suspect's great aunt says the couple have been growing apart for years, even leaving the house for periods of time. sometimes days at a time. she says the suspect in this case had been receiving some counseling. police say there is no clear motive as to what happened in this crime. okay, in a story all new at 6:00, word that a local
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likely be facing charges after deputies say he posted a school threat on instagram. the union county sheriff says the 17-year-old made the threat towards porter ridge high school. his identity will be released once officially charged. other students and school officials saw the threat tuesday night and contacted the sheriff's office. deputies believe the student posted the message as a hoax but in north carolina, turns out it's a felony to make a violent threat on a school. also happening today, deputies say a 14-year-old wrote threats on a bathroom wall at sun valley middle school. this case is under investigation, and charges are still possible. kayla: still to come, the whitewater center is expanding. we're going to show you the new attractions you and your family can enjoy? bill: and bigtime changes are coming to carowinds. a steve: today is your lucky day. woman: (surprised) oh, my goodness mark: you've just won - a thousand dollars!
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. brian: good evening, and welcome back, just in the break, bill was complaining to me how much coolter was. does it make you feel better to see a nice and sunny sky. bill: i like it better than the mist the last couple of weeks. 70 this time yesterday, much nicer. brian: 70 is where we ended up yesterday. 20 degrees cooler. some spots it 25 or more at certain periods of the day. very cold out there, and we are going stay fairly chilly
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keep in mind, we're actually right on target with our seasonal averages, typically about 59, 58 today. right where we should be. but, nonetheless, i know you get used to it once you see the warmer weather. we dropped 50 right now. winds blowing, not a ton of wind, out of the north-northwest at 9 miles an hour. we're going to see the winds hovering at nine or less for the remainder of the night. we're in okay shape if you're thinking about enjoying the night. temperatures dropping into the 40s at 7:00 p.m. so if you do go out, make sure you take a jacket with you, temperatures continue to cool. here's the good news, at least in the 40s through 10:00 p.m. before we drop off in the 30s. you know when we hit the 30s by 11:00 p.m., good chance we will see freezing temperatures in the area. weather headlines, rain moving back in here tomorrow night. here's good news, it will get nice over the weekend, and then we've got spring-like
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used to in the last few days, moving back in here last week. we'll address that later on in the newscast. let's track this rain as it moves into the area, not only rain in the lower elevations but potential for snow as you move further to the north. this is thursday, we will pick up clouds during the daytime hours, most of the day we should stay pretty dry once you get to the foothills and lower. however, by 7:00 tomorrow, we'll see chances for snow building up in the mountains, probably a mixture of rain, snow, freezing rain or sleet in that area. as we get into the overnight hours. start to see rain move in there to the piedmont, to the valley areas but look at morganton, the foothills, temperatures beginning to drop, and could see frozen precipitation dropping further into the valley affecting morganton early tomorrow morning before the temperatures warm back up. frozen precipitation should stay north of mecklenburg, we
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through the morning commute tomorrow. so day planner. here's what we are looking at over the next few days. tomorrow, temperatures are going to be close to what we had today. i want to point out if you're thinking about getting out this weekend. the spring home show at the park expo center still in play. the weather is nice for that. we're going to see temperatures in the 50s. upper 50s friday, saturday and sunday, temperatures back into the 60s. now as i mentioned, we're going to see warmer temperatures as we get into next week, kayla. you happy. kayla: i think you will. i'm looking forward to it. thanks, brian. officials have released the identity of a man hit and killed by a car in rock hill last night. 53-year-old johnny swales struck by a vehicle. there's no word if the driver will face charges. chemicals in little sugar creek. officials warning of contamination found in the
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and parkwood avenue. and in the water near east 27th and north davidson streets. testing shows elevated levels of cancer-causing chemicals in the water, health officials are encouraging people not to drink fish or bathe in little sugar creek. bill: tonight governor pat mccrory is outlining a list targeting for improvement. millions of dollars to improve roads in and around charlotte. fixing pavements, adding turn lanes and installing guardrails and traffic signals. the list includes roads in mecklenburg county, gaston, union, cabarrus with moneys aimed at decreasing traffic accidents across the state. kayla: check this out thrillseekers, a sneak peek of the all new attractions coming to carowinds. the firsthand look at the carolina harbor water park. more than 50% complete. plants v. zombies is an
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video-game series that drops you into all-out battle between plants and zombies in fight for suburbia. >> you get on have the great experience, we have starbucks, enjoy your favorite beverage and family and friends all in one. plants v. zombies 3-d arena, all of the things for families to come and enjoy. kayla: now speaking of starbucks, the 3,000-square-foot starbucks is going to be located near the main entrance. bill: coming up, governor nikki haley and donald trump are going tat on twitter. south carolina governor? kayla: and trump and hillary clinton came out on top on super tuesday. what it means for the other presidential hopefuls vo: across america, people are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes with non-insulin victoza . for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza .
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including inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis). stop taking victoza and call your doctor right away if you have signs of pancreatitis such as severe pain that will not go away in your abdomen or from your abdomen to your back, with or without vomiting. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. taking victoza with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza . it's covered by most health plans. . kayla: big changes to union county, board of education
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million in new construction plans. brand-new sun valley high school as well as additions and renovations all across the entire school district. the only problem, union county commissioners have to sign off on giving the school district all of this taxpayer money to use. there's no timetable on when commissioners will make their decision, but the board of ed hopes to start some of the construction as soon as january 2017. bill: almost north carolina's turn to step up to the plate. early voting for march 15th primary kicks off tomorrow. there will be more than 360 early voting sites across the state. you have the opportunity to vote early at any early voting location until next saturday. if you miss the regular voter registration deadline. don't worry, you will be asked to show a photo i.d. but exceptions are available for those who don't have one. check with your voting site before you head to the polls. another reminder for voters, u.s. house of
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will be set on june 7th. the general assembly adopted new district lines after a judge ruled that district 1 and 12 were illegal. although the new lines are under review, ballots could not be changed in time for the march primary. kayla: the dust is settling on super tuesday. donald trump and hillary clinton have charted a clear path toward nominations. as caroline shively reports, other campaigns are trying to plot their own courses to keep their presidential ambitions alive. >> reporter: trump trounces. the donald takes home wins in seven states surging past the gop field. >> they are past but narrow. donald trump had a good night. won 7 states, impressive performance. >> reporter: while texas senator ted cruz kept his campaign alive with a decisive win in his home state. florida senator marco rubio faces the fight of his life. with one victory in minnesota.
6:22 pm
his home state to trump. >> we feel strongly what we're going to do in florida, very optimistic. if we win, all of this we're talking about today doesn't matter. >> reporter: ohio governor john kasich trying to win midwestern states, his campaign is on life support. >> i'm not engaged in name calling or mud slinging to be president of the united states. >> reporter: vermont senator bernie sanders is back on the campaign trail after picking up four states as hillary clinton cements a clear lead among democrats. >> we were up against a candidate supported by the entire political establishment, somebody almost universally known. someone who had been anointed as the inevitable nominee, well, guess what? she's not so inevitable today. >> reporter: on thursday, the republican candidates have another chance to go head-to-head in a fox news debate in detroit, hoping to gain votes before voters head
6:23 pm
in washington, caroline shively, fox news. kayla: a number of south carolinians are backing governor nikki haley after donald trump sent out a tweet tuesday saying, quote, the people of south carolina are embarrassed by nikki haley. governor haley responded with, quote, bless your heart, which is a southern backhand. it's still unclear what prompted trump to target governor haley. haley did endorse florida senator marco rubio in his bid for the presidency. bill: governor haley signed executive order for south carolina. she's ordering a statewide study to see how local governments are making impact on business. she's creating the local government competitive council, it will investigate how city and community governments benefit from the community. lawmakers in south carolina are asked to cut taxes for retired military veterans. dale barnett spoke to lawmakers today.
6:24 pm
legislation to eliminate state income taxes on pensions earned by those who served 20 years in uniform. barnett says the move would attract young retirees to the palmetto state. kayla: an arrest a year later, who the feds say is responsible for the north carolina gold bar heist. bill: new images released of 2011 homicide victim. how can you help officials possibly solve her murder. hey, brian? brian: hey there, bill, rain chances, snow chances in the mountains over the next few days. for those of you who want winter to hold on so you can ski. welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need.
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were trying to handcuff elliott but he was resisting and pulling arms away. that's when police tell us an officer struck elliott in his back to get him to comply with demands. their body cameras worn by officers show a better idea what happened. though the video is not released by the department at this time. kayla: a seven-year-old boy has died after he was hit by a car riding his bike. officials in lancaster county tell us bryson mcsweeney was not wearing a helmet when hit by a car in indian land last night. he was air lifted to cmc where he later died. driver of the car was not injured and no charges filed. bryson was a second grader at harrisburg elementary school. bill: a woman charged with killing her own husband is facing more murder charges tonight. 42-year-old crystal gambino charged in the deaths of her husband and two others, it happened at a house in alexis. officers say all three of the victims died of gunshot
6:28 pm
gambino is held without bond. kayla: detectives need your help finding this man. mark buellton cut off his electronic monitoring device. want on several gun and drug charges. he was last known to be in the area of north trion and 28th street. you are asked to call 911 if you know where he might be. bill: identify a possible homicide victim found five years ago. they're using facial reconstruction image to do it. this woman was found dead on statesville avenue in march of 2011. she's believed to be a white or hispanic woman between the ages of 20 and 30 years old. when her body was found she was wearing a white t-shirt with virginia beach, virginia, jeans and navy plaid boat shoes. the fbi made an arrest in connection with a gold bar
6:29 pm
this man you're seeing right there is official for taking a $4.8 million worth bars of gold from a truck along i-95 last march. the 46-year-old was arrested in miami today. details regarding the charges and perez's alleged role in the robbery are expected to be released later on this year. a shipment containing 275 pounds of gold bars was intercepted by three armed thieves on its way from miami to massachusetts. the robbers bound the hands of the driver and fled with the gold in a white van. kayla: that is a lot of gold. you probably noticed, temperatures a lot cooler than yesterday, but brian was saying earlier in the show that his forecast is going to make us happy for the beginning of next week. you're saying we're going to see spring-like temperatures? bill: they are spring-like temperatures. brian: are you headed to the beach? kayla: i am, given up on snowboarding, i'm ready for the beach. brian: fair enough.
6:30 pm
years. that's the last time i saw the beach. i got married, fat and happy. that's what i'm saying. let's talk about the temperatures right now. it's okay if you are in lower elevations in the 50s. but setup with freezing temperatures in boone and jefferson for snow to move in here, we have moisture moving in tomorrow night and with the cold temperatures in place as it moves in, good solid chance we see snow, maybe a couple inches of fresh snow for those of you thinking about skiing. let's look at satellite and radar right now. dry. it is sunny out there across most of the area, going stay that way. again for the remainder of tonight. cloud buildup and disturbances out further to the west here. we're starting to see snow to the north of us, there's been concerns that skiing is done for the season as we see the temperatures ramp up.
6:31 pm
eastern third of the country. midwest. we're going to see snow opportunities over the next several days here as low pressure system rolls across the area. so if you are a skier, could sink down as low as our area. if you want to go skiing, much better shape. some areas could pick up several inches of snow. let's track the system as it rolls across the area. talking primarily rain, but we pop up to the north. seeing snow. again, looking for that transition of snow here as the low pressure system passes. we'll keep an eye on the low pressure system here, as we weekend. traveling in the northeast. this system has the potential to create issues. we see that all the time with the clippers and could be seeing rain and snow issues up the coast, could affect flights up and down the eastern seaboard. want to put that on the calendar, looking for snow, you will find it. if you're looking for beach weather, wait until next week. the good news is we're going
6:32 pm
moving into the area as we get into next week. i wanted to point out the cold front could bring us a few drops late saturday night and sunday morning, shouldn't affect any of the daytime hours. tonight, we're freezing, sorry guys. freezing for almost everybody. few spots, rock hill, chester, lancaster just above freezing. grab the jackets and coats as you head to work tomorrow. keep in mind, temperatures a degree or two cooler than today. temperatures just above freezing in the mountain ranges out there. and check out seven-day forecast. it does look pretty good into the weekend here. we've got saturday landing at 58 degrees. start the day at near freezing at 33. partly sunny. i mentioned the slight chance of rain early sunday, if you're heading out for church, brunch, gone by that point. 60 degrees, mostly sunny into the afternoon. and temperatures continue to
6:33 pm
64, 69 and back to the 70s. bill: next week is exactly what i've been waiting for. thank you. 2016 is the year of expansion at the u.s. whitewater center. crews are working on 100 foot zipline tower set to open up as well as a new launch site for kayaks, and more trails for hiking and biking. employees are most excited for the deep water solo climbing facility. >> it will be the first of its kind in the world offering 25, 35, and 45 foot climbing walls and 19 foot pool at the base that climbers fall into the the end. we have a temporary wall for competitions in the past. this will be the first of its kind. bill: the whitewater center is adding 500 brand new parking spaces. still to come, back on earth after spending nearly a year in space. you'll find out what astronaut scott kelly is saying now that he's back on the ground?
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. bill: welcome back, duke energy sayay the amount of cyberattacks against the company is on the rise, coming from the governments of other countries. the ceo says the company is trying to increase security but facing a record number of threats. she says duke is focusing on quickly restoring pow fert flow to any of its 7.2 million customers is switched off by a malicious outsider. kayla: if you shop at one of the five all-day stores in the charlotte area, it turns out they're having a change of heart when it comes to how people pay for things. it will accept credit cards. in the past the no-frills store took cash or debit, it will take visa, mastercard or maestro. bill: if you have directv, this might be music to your
6:37 pm
going to offer an online only pay tv service. at&t bought direct last year and incorporating it in everything it does these days. few details announced about the service or how it will be different about the app that let's users stream certain content. it's expected to launch later on this year. kayla: after a lot of watching and waiting, there may be new information in the case of missing malaysian airlines flight mh370. possible piece of the wreckage washed up on the coast of mozambique. they believe it's a piece of the tail section of ml 370. aviation sources say there's no record of another boeing missing other than that one. it's been nearly two years since that plane disappeared on a flight from kuala lumpur to beijing. the debris is on its way to malaysia for further examination. bill: out of this world experience is over literally for scott kelly.
6:38 pm
colleagues landed safely in kazakhstan. he was circling the earth more than 5,000 times. he set a record for u.s. spaceflight. stints aboard the international space station typically last six months. >> a year is a long time, you know? you know, it felt like i had been up there my whole life, after about the first six months. bill: kelly's trip is a precursor for longer mission which is a human journey to mars. nasa is hoping kelly will help them learn about the long-term effects of zero gravity on the human body. josh does this sound like something you would give a shot or too out there. >> a little too out there. i'm brave but not that guy. penalties handed down to daytona lemme get a mcpick 2 check out the brand new mix on mcdonald's mcpick 2 menu! lemme get a mcpick 2.
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josh: welcome back, everyone, we begin with the red hot charlotte hornets, winners of nine of the last 12 games. at time warner cable arena. all 13 players who suited up for charlotte recorded at least a point. again the team completely dominated scoring 68 in the first half alone. now a quick turnaround for the team, they're back in action in philly. despite the sixers 8-52 record, head coach steve clifford is cautious because his team has not played well in the city of brotherly love as of late. >> they never stopped playing. last year up 16 in the second quarter, and they came out in the third quarter and blitzed us, you know? and i think the first year the game was back and forth and young hit a three at the buzzer to beat us. so again, it's -- we need to
6:43 pm
best chance week need to have the right approach. josh: hornets at sixers tonight at 7:00. we'll have highlights later tonight in sports. to college hoops we go, duke pulled away from wake victory. grayson allen criticized for second tripping incident in a month was able to block out all the distractions. the blue devils will wrap up regular season saturday night against north carolina. duke cannot win the regular season acc title but can improve on seating heading into next week's conference tournament. they're sitting at fifth place. davidson in action on the road at first place dcu, in final road game of the regular season. they met in late january wiwi dcu topping the wildcats by ten. leads the league at just under 25 points a game.
6:44 pm
point total in the nation. tips for that game is at 7:00 and i'll have results in sports as well. bad news for daytona 500 junior martin truex and his team. they suspended and doc truex, jr., 15 points, after nascar found an issue with the roof flaps on racing car for a second week in a row. furniture row will appeal the penalties and nascar approves the suspension pending appeal. they find crew chiefs $15,000 among the penalized. a.j. allmendinger, ryan newman and michael mcdowell. the panthers won't have to face roddy white next season. the veteran wideout was cut from the team, white recorded
6:45 pm
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. kayla: the doctor is in. the hit fox show rosewood's returning with new episodes tonight. star morris chestnut is excited to see the cast dive into new cases. the show will continue to explore the ever complex relationship between his character and the detective. it's a dynamic that has plenty of humor which chestnut says helps the show stand out. >> most shows are a comedy, strictly a drama. we have a lot of elements to where it can be fun, witty and humorous, and turn on a dime and get dramatic. and that's first and foremost i feel what separates our shows from other shows on television. kayla: can you catch the spring premiere of rosewood on fox 46. bill: the heat is certainly
6:49 pm
competition is burning this season. we talk with chef gordon ramsay what it takes to win the whole thing. >> what in the [ bleep ] is going on in here? >> reporter: the top ten contestants on this season of hell's kitchen are ready for the stakes to be raised because they're very focused on winning that big prize. >> it is crazy, the chefs are getting more ambitious, getting a little bit under everybody's skin, but i really think they are focusing on that job in hand on becoming the next chef. >> reporter: gordon says pushing the contestant helps them in the kitchen. >> we turned upside down and the challenges have been extraordinary, but it's coming together. i can see talent and we're that the stage now where there are two or three or maybe four potential winners.
6:50 pm
chefs that have a bit of an attitude. confidence is an important part of the job. >> so you need the attitude. you need the confidence. mostly you need the bravado. you are in the kitchen on a nightly basis and up against it. >> why are you screaming? >> i'm not screaming! this is how i talk! >> reporter: he took a moment to reflect on the success of the series. >> hey! >> you didn't tell me that 11, 12 years ago, i'd never believed you. season 15, it's a big one. you look at the amount of guests coming in for dinner now, the list is endless. that makes us more under pressure. >> reporter: tune in for more hell's kitchen wednesday night on fox. fox news. bill: and you can see the return of rosewood tonight at 8:00 right here on fox 46. that's followed by hell's kitchen coming on at 10:00, and you don't want to miss a recap of the day's stories and headlines on "fox 46 news" at
6:51 pm
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. bill: two young female gun shooters are giving seasoned men a run for their money. the world of competitive shooting used to be a predominantly male dominated sport but two young girls are getting in on all the action. tonight at 10:00, jenna caiazzo introduces us to two teenagers making a name for
6:54 pm
>> quite a few younger than me, nine, ten, whenever they are able to control the gun safely. >> she's a role model, i want to shoot more up to her level. bill: we'll let you know how skills on the range made them nationally recognized tonight on "fox 46 news" at 10:00. and brian, after seeing you shoot that rifle at the ciaa tournament, i think they've you, my friend! >> i think everybody in this room probably does. nonetheless, very cool for them. i love that competition firing i would love to be very good at that. guys, i tell you what, if you are going to get up tomorrow morning thinking it's the same as it has been, that will not be the case. couple of things up to the grabs a head out the door tomorrow, one, the umbrella. probably won't need that until later on in the day. if you are gone for a short period, leave it home. if you are out long, better
6:55 pm
and grab the coat, temperatures drop to the freezing level tomorrow, and again, cool nights ahead of us here as weather begins to change. but as i mentioned before, we are going to see some significant differences in our weather as we get into the tail end of next week, looking at your extended forecast, so tomorrow we have a chance for rain, again, the best chance is going to happen tomorrow night. solid chance. 70% across the area. i do not expect it to turn severe or be that heavy, could see mountain snow attached to that as well. tomorrow, 53. looks like this point rain is during the morning hours, clear out saturday, tiny bit of rain early sunday. 60 there and under mostly sunny skies and continue to -- i love monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week, you guys. almost make you root for monday? kayla: almost. bill: when does spring officially start?
6:56 pm
brian: the 20th. today is the 2nd? kayla: the meteorlogical spring started yesterday? did i just make that up. brian: yes. officially it does start on the 20th. we're in that mode and hopefully once we get, that we stay there. as i mentioned, it's still winter. bill: i'm ready for the trees to turn green again. the side effect, i get bad allergies. >>. brian: it's coming. kayla: thank you for joi [ indistinct conversations ] always set a place at the dinner table for good manners. stay seated, napkin on your lap and elbows at your sides. and remember, mealtime is for nourishment, nothing more. let the music play, he won't get away just keep the groove, and then he'll come back to you again
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claire: kids! breakfast! kids? oh. phil, would you get them? yeah. just a sec. kids! that is so -- okay. kids?! get down here! why are you guys yelling at us when we're way upstairs? just text me. all right, that's not gonna happen. and, wow, you're not wearing that outfit. what's wrong with it? honey, do you have anything to say to your daughter about her skirt? sorry. oh, yeah, that looks really cute, sweetheart. thanks. no, it's way too short. people know you're a girl. you don't need to prove it to them. luke got his head stuck in the banister again. i got it. where's the baby oil? it's in our bedside tab-- i don't know. find it. come on! i was...out of control growing up. there. you know, i said it. [ both chuckle ] i just don't want my kids to make the same bad mistakes i made.
7:00 pm
on a beach in florida half-naked, i've done my job. our job. right. i've done our job. [ hispanic accent ] vamos, manny! kick it! kick it! don't let him -- kick it! manny, go. a la derecha! a la derecha! no! no, no! he tripped him, jay! where's the penalty? gloria, they're 0-6. let's take it down a notch. [ chuckles ] we're very different. jay's from the city. he has a big business. i come from a small village -- very poor but very, very beautiful. it's the number-one village in all colombia for all the... what's the word? murders. yes -- the murders. manny, stop him! stop him! you can do it! come on, coach! you got to take that kid out! you want to take him out? how about i take you out? honey, honey. why don't you worry about your son?


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