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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  July 8, 2009 3:05am-4:30am EDT

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>> announcer: previously on "guiding light"... >> shayne: have you heard anything from jeffrey? >> reva: no, i haven't heard anything. >> remy: springfield pd, you are under arrest. i will take those diamonds now. >> mallet: with what we got on tape, this case is closed. >> olivia: what is in there, a ferrari?
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>> buzz: an oven. >> frank: there's no card. >> buzz: no. >> frank: looks like you got a guardian angel. >> jeffrey: reva, listen, i don't have much time. >> remy: ( laughs ) >> shayne: what's going on? >> remy: what are you doing here man? >> shayne: what do you mean what i am i doing here, i am here to see my best friend get a commendations. >> remy: yeah, yeah. i told christina not to call anyone. it's not a big deal. >> shayne: well, she listened to you because i didn't hear from christina. i heard it from frank. right after i saw allen run into my uncle billy's fist at farleys. >> remy: sorry i missed that. >> shayne: you are. >> frank: sorry i'm late. i had to run to ever to farleys. >> remy: i heard, i heard. >> frank: right, right, right, right. >> christina: did i miss it? >> remy: no, no, you didn't miss it. it's not a big deal. i was just doing my job. >> frank: well, actually it a very big deal, christina. >> remy: uh-huh, uh-huh. >> cyrus: big day, huh? >> remy: yeah, yeah, you didn't have to come. >> cyrus: actually, i did. frank said i'm getting some kind of award.
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>> frank: gentlemen, today's a very special day. look at you two. springfield's dream team 2009. >> is this the residence of henry cooper camaletti? >> mallet: yeah, he's our son. who are you? >> i represent the late edmund winslow's estate. not long ago he added your son to his will. >> billy: you named your stove? >> buzz: a stove should you have a damn name. i spend more time with that than i did with lillian. i just wish i knew who donated the thing to me. you wouldn't happen to be the anonymous benefactor, would you? >> billy: no, no, can't take credit for that but i hope you are very happy together. >> buzz: bill enjoying his last moments of freedom. >> billy: yeah, i guess so.
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he's settled down. i think we are closer than ever. i can't tell you how happy it makes me to see him so down and be happy and to share in it. i can't believe i just said that to you. i'm so sorry. >> buzz: no, no. >> billy: thoughtless clod. >> buzz: come on. i don't begrudge you that. that package up there. >> billy: yeah. >> buzz: that arrived in the mail the other day. it's for coop. you know? it's like a gift from god. i mean, it's one of the last things he ever did was ordering that. and it just, it's a piece of him there on the shelf. and i can't open it, you know? i can't let it go. i'm just going to wait for him, the way i'm waiting for him. >> billy: hey, old friend, is anything i can do or say? >> buzz: yeah, you can tell me
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the next time you're going to hit alan. >> billy: ( laughs ) good. >> buzz: need some ice for that. >> billy: no, no. i am enjoying the pain, actually, and i hope alan is not enjoying the pain. >> josh: hey, guys. did he tell you what happened? >> buzz: oh, yeah, better your family than mine. >> josh: actually, our family has plenty of trouble right now. we don't need any more. >> reva: i miss you so much. have you found him, have you found edmund yet? >> jeffrey: reva, listen. >> reva: what about dinah? is she with you because shayne's worried sick. are you still in bosnia? i mean, i know you can't tell me exactly where you are in case they are listening in. >> jeffrey: reva, stop. i can't talk long. i just called to say good-bye. >> reva: but we just got on the phone. >> jeffrey: listen, to me, reva. i got on a small plane to follow edmund's trail. we're having some mechanical trouble. >> reva: wait a minute, you are what, what did you say? >> jeffrey: i'm losing altitude
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and i'm not sure. >> reva: you're not sure, of what? jeffrey! are you there? talk to me! >> jeffrey: it's just that... reva, the engine's gone. the radio, too. and i can't... >> reva: no, no! >> jeffrey: i can't get help. i just wanted to hear your voice one last time. captioning sponsored by procter & gamble productions, inc. and cbs ♪ everybody feels low everybody feels high ♪ everybody's feet are on the ground and heads in the sky ♪ only love can save the world only love can save the world ♪ only love can save the world only love can save the world ♪ only love
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>> reva: jeffrey, just stay with me. stay with me. >> jeffrey: i'm still here. i'm not sure how long this connection will last. >> reva: i can't believe this. >> jeffrey: reva, what did colin do today? does he still fall asleep holding his little toy rabbit? >> reva: what? your plane is going down and that is what you want to talk about? >> jeffrey: i just wanted to hear something about him before
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i die. >> reva: don't... do not talk like that, i mean it. you... you're not going to die, do you hear me? you're not going to die! >> jeffrey: i tried everything, reva. reva, you have to promise me something. >> reva: anything. >> jeffrey: promise me not to mourn me. >> reva: stop it. stop. >> jeffrey: please be happy so that colin always sees his mom as someone of laughter and life and don't let him forget me. >> reva: please don't talk like that. please don't like that. you can't leave us. i won't let you! >> jeffrey: i hope you see me in his face one day, reva. >> reva: i'm still here. >> jeffrey: i love you more than i ever thought possible. >> reva: jeffrey, jeffrey, you can't... you can't leave me, you just... you can't. we still have too many things that we want to do together. and what about colin, you have
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to be here. you have got to be here to see him take his first step. i love so you much. you can't do this to me. you just can't. jeffrey, please. jeffrey, jeffrey, say something. why aren't you saying anything? i still have a connection, but i can't hear you so i'm just going to keep talking okay. i'm just going to keep talking. you are my world. you know that you are my world. you're an absolute necessity to me. you're like water and you are air and i can't be without you. jeffrey? jeffrey, please, no man would be this cruel. no god would be this cruel. no plane is going to take you away from me now! it's too soon to say good-bye to you. it's just too soon, jeffrey. jeffrey? >> jeffrey: i love you so much. >> reva: no, jeffrey, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, jeffrey, please, no! no, are you there, please be there. no, jeffrey. what is going on?
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help, help, help me! help me! please. no, no, help. somebody help me. oh my god. >> josh: reva! >> reva: oh my god, josh. his plane. oh god. >> josh: reva. >> reva: you have to help... you have to help me, we have to find him. oh my god. >> ashlee: rough day at the restaurant? >> daisy: yeah, they don't let us wear sneakers. what's up? >> ashlee: not much. i just crashed lizzie's family's party. it was okay. alex is really funny when she has too much to drink. >> daisy: ( laughs ) well, i'm sorry i missed that. all right, let's see. boring... oh, wow, this looks official. either somebody is suing me or maybe i have jury duty.
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>> ashlee: ooh. what is it? >> daisy: oh my god. >> ashlee: what? >> daisy: it's a check for $30,000. >> ashlee: oh my god, who died? >> daisy: it's made out to berkeley. >> ashlee: berkeley, like the college? >> daisy: yeah. i mean i applied, i got in, but i didn't think i could afford it. >> ashlee: wait, what... daisy, you applied to college? i... i thought we were moving in together in the fall and we were going to pick out where we were going to stay together. wow, great. well, when are you leaving? >> daisy: yeah, i don't think that i am. >> ashlee: you know you'll go. i mean, i'm very proud of you. i'm just a little shocked. i mean, did you apply for any scholarships or anything?
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>> daisy: no, no, i have no idea where this came from. i have no freakin' clue. >> mallet: i don't understand this. because henry was adopted so no one knew who he was related to. >> i'm just doing what my client wanted. this box is now henry's property. >> marina: this can't be good. >> mallet: how, how did edmund know? how did edmund know that henry was his grandson? >> marina: i don't know, i don't know. okay, all i knew is that shayne knew that henry was his son. and if i had known that edmund knew that henry was his grandson, i would have told you. >> mallet: it doesn't matter. it's fine. the only thing that matters is that somehow, somehow, edmund knew that henry is his grandson. >> marina: what is jeffrey is right? what if edmund is still alive and now he comes after henry. >> mallet: no, no. it's not going to happen, it's not going to happen. jeffrey and dinah are out there right now looking for edmund, so they are our best hope.
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>> marina: we don't even know how to get in touch with them. >> mallet: well, we don't, but shayne might. >> marina: well, he says he doesn't know. >> mallet: well, he might come up with a different answer now that he knows henry's in danger. ( phone ringing ) >> marina: he's not picking up. >> mallet: let's go see him. let's go pay him a little visit. i'll grab henry. come on. >> frank: well, gentlemen, congratulations on behalf of the city of springfield, these are your certificates of honor. cyrus, there's yours. >> cyrus: thank you. >> frank: remy, congratulations, you guys did a fantastic job. you're a great team. >> remy: yeah, we made a great team, frank. we made a great team. >> frank: well, yes and no. see, you made such a great team that doris wolfe would like to make you a team. as a matter of fact, cyrus, we would like to recruit you as a criminal consultant to the springfield police department. you will be working with all of us here, but primarily with officer boudreaux. >> remy: i don't think that is a
3:24 am
good idea. >> frank: yeah, well, neither do i. >> cyrus: neither do i. >> frank: yeah, well unfortunately, our opinions don't matter here. doris wolfe loves the idea. she would like to make it happen. so it will happen. >> cyrus: what if i say no? >> frank: i brought that to her attention. she said you would be arrested. so anyway, i will get the paperwork. you do have a green card, don't you. you can work here legally? >> cyrus: oh, yeah. >> frank: great, be right back. >> christina: well, i think that this is great. great news. congratulations. >> cyrus: thank you. >> shayne: i was going to take you out for a beer and say, "congratulations, dude." but it looks like you have work to do. so... and congratulations. >> cyrus: thanks. >> billy: yeah, josh's phone. >> shayne: hey, hey, uncle billy, it's shayne, is my dad around? >> bill: no, he is out in the parking lot. we are at company right now. he should be right back. >> shayne: okay, when he gets back in, have him give me a
3:25 am
call, all right? i tried calling mom earlier and she didn't pick up. >> billy: oh, well, i think she is probably out walking the baby, you know, something like that. >> shayne: yeah, yeah, yeah. i'm sure she's fine. just... just in case, you know. >> billy: well, hey, she's got to be fine with all of us watching her. >> shayne: right. >> josh: reva, slow down, you're not making any sense. >> reva: he... he was right here. >> josh: did you get a phone call from somebody? >> reva: we have to find somebody to help him. >> josh: reva, you've got to slow down, okay? >> reva: we have to find him so we can help him. >> josh: who needs help, reva? >> reva: jeffrey, jeffrey. jeffrey. finish jet dry will fix that. with finish jet dry, dishes dry faster than with detergent alone, leaving fewer spots. see? spotless. (announcer) finish jet dry. brilliant diamond shine every time.
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3:29 am
he said good-bye. >> josh: let's just try to call the number back, all right? i'm sure this is nothing, it... straight to voice-mail. >> reva: no, no. >> josh: that doesn't mean anything, okay. >> reva: it does. >> josh: did he say what kind of a plane it was? did he say... where he was, anything like that? >> reva: a small plane, just a small plane that was going down. >> josh: okay, all right. >> josh: frank, frank, it's josh. listen i'm sitting here with reva right now. jeffrey called her. she thinks he was on a plane. >> reva: he was on a plane. >> josh: okay, he was on a plane and he said it was going down. >> reva: engine trouble. he was having engine trouble. >> josh: engine trouble. >> frank: oh my god. did he say where he was? >> josh: did he say where he was. >> reva: no, no! just that he was on this plane. there was mechanical problems and he was losing altitude. we have to find him. we have to find out where he was. >> josh: we don't know where he was. there was some kind of altitude, mechanical problem, he was losing altitude. small plane. >> frank: okay.
3:30 am
i'll alert the faa. josh, i need more information. the second you get it you got to tell me, okay, pal? exactly where are you right now. >> josh: we're near company, about a half a block down. >> josh: all right, i'm on my way. >> frank: listen, folks, that was josh. he just said reva got a phone call from jeffrey and jeffrey was on a plane. he said the plane was going down. >> christina: oh my god. is there anything we can do? >> frank: no, no, thank you. but i got to get over there. listen i was going to assign him a locker. can you do that for me? >> remy: yeah, yeah, sure, yeah. >> frank: here's his paperwork. >> christina: i guess that i should call daisy. >> remy: no, you shouldn't. she might not have heard and she shouldn't hear it from you first. >> christina: okay. >> remy: come on, cyrus. we'll be right back, okay. all right, buddy, this one or that one. your home away from home. >> cyrus: doesn't really matter. i don't have any stuff. >> remy: you will.
3:31 am
>> cyrus: oh, cool, like a gun and a badge. >> remy: no, probably a bulletproof vest. i don't know, you made it this far. you must have somebody looking out for you. >> cyrus: i still don't understand how this all happened. i never planned on coming back and working on the spd. >> remy: you did a good job, cyrus. you helped me get the diamonds back to where they belong. i'm not sure i said thank you. >> cyrus: you saved my life. i think we're even. >> remy: think about those diamonds, though, man, besides the guilt, it was good being there for people. having the means to help. it was really good. >> ashlee: i don't get it. why don't you just ask him? >> daisy: because if i just go up to my grandpa and say, "oh, hey, did you pay for my tuition," well then he's going to think that i'm actually going it to college. he is going to go all crazy. so i just need to find out who isn't the money without actually
3:32 am
divulging any of my plans. >> ashlee: so how is me asking going to help? >> daisy: well, i don't know. i guess i just don't want to do it and you want to be a roving reporter and this a chance for you to practice your investigative skills. >> ashlee: okay, okay, when you put it that way, i'm going in. hey, guys. >> hey. >> ashlee: daisy, both of your grandpas. >> daisy: yeah, hi grandpas. >> buzz: hi, girls. >> ashlee: so do you guys mind if we join you? >> billy: have some pie. >> ashlee: pie. pie sounds amazing, doesn't it daisy. do you want some pie? >> daisy: i do. i want some, i going to go get some. you should just take a seat right there. >> ashlee: okay. so billy, how are you? how is business? >> billy: not terrible. >> ashlee: good. how are you doing in the stock market? >> billy: well, i took a little hit, but not too bad. thank you. >> ashlee: okay, okay. how about you, buzz? >> buzz: don't have any money, much less in the stock market. >> ashlee: fair enough. that way you can stockpile it and buy yourself something nice like that stove. >> buzz: the stove was an anonymous gift.
3:33 am
>> ashlee: what? >> buzz: an anonymous gift. >> ashlee: wait, did you hear that? buzz's stove was given to him anonymously. >> daisy: oh, wow. >> ashlee: yeah. so how much is a stove like that, like $10,000 or 15... 20? >> buzz: i don't know. honey, marina asked me to take care of henry and with the restaurant... i was wondering if you could take care of him, please? >> daisy: can't they hire a baby-sitter? >> buzz: that would be us. >> daisy: baby henry gets more attention than all of us combined. >> buzz: he's the baby. >> marina: hey. can we come in? >> shayne: yeah, sure. come on in. >> shayne: you going to put henry on the bed there if you want. >> marina: that's okay. i'll hold him. >> shayne: all right. what's going on?
3:34 am
>> mallet: we got a visit from a lawyer today. someone saying they represent edmund winslow's estate. this stuff, it's for henry from edmund to henry. his grandson. >> shayne: what are you talking about? how would edmund know that henry's his grandson? >> marina: we don't know. we were hoping that you might know. >> shayne: no, i don't know. i haven't talked to him. i... i mean edmund doesn't even know about henry. >> mallet: well, did you say anything to edmund? >> shayne: do you think i would let my mom go to jail if i knew where edmund was? >> mallet: i'm just asking. everybody is having a hard time with the truth lately. how does edmund know? >> marina: okay, well, guess what. edmund has to be dead, okay? because if he is not dead, then that means that. >> shayne: it means that henry is in danger. >> mallet: yeah, that's why we are here. so if henry is if danger, then we all have to protect him. >> shayne: yes, okay. absolutely. >> mallet: okay, good. all right, good. so edmund is not going to hurt this baby.
3:35 am
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>> frank: i called the faa on my way over here.
3:39 am
reva, they don't even know where to start looking. is there anything you can remember, anything the all that could help us, right now? anything that jeffrey said that can give us a clue? >> reva: no. >> frank: was he calling from this country? >> reva: i don't know. i don't know. >> frank: then overseas maybe? >> reva: i don't know, frank! >> frank: i'm sorry. i know this is a very, very difficult time for you right now but reva, anything, anything that you can give us. >> reva: joshua, i... >> josh: reva, reva, you have to try to talk to him. >> frank: the time that he called? >> mallet: okay so, we agree that henry has to be with someone at all times who understands the situation until we find edmund. that has to be one of us, or member of one of our families. >> marina: does that mean that we are telling everybody? >> shayne: no, we're not telling anybody unless we have to, no one. >> mallet: i don't care. i think what important is henry he safety.
3:40 am
so if that means telling everyone, i'm fine with that. >> shayne: but it is not going to come to that. >> marina: okay, i need to get him home. he's getting fussy. it's time for a nap. >> mallet: you know what? i think i'm just going to stay here and we'll work on the shifts for who's watching henry. we'll work those out. i will catch up with you later. >> marina: okay. >> mallet: see you, big guy. >> marina: yeah. >> mallet: bye. >> marina: all right, okay. thank you. >> shayne: bye. >> mallet: okay. thanks for stepping up. >> shayne: thanks for coming to me. >> ashlee: do you really think that frank has the money to send you to college? >> daisy: yeah, i don't know. but it has to be someone i know, right? just do what you did before. ask some questions, he will never suspect anything. >> ashlee: hey, cyrus. >> cyrus: hey. >> ashlee: did you get arrested? >> cyrus: no, seems i work here now. >> ashlee: nice. >> cyrus: do you need anything? >> daisy: no, thanks.
3:41 am
we were actually just looking for frank. >> cyrus: oh. >> ashlee: yeah, see daisy got this check and we don't know where it came from. it is a really big check meant to go for like college. >> daisy: ashlee, we're keeping a secret, remember? >> ashlee: yeah, but just from your family. cyrus isn't going to tell them. >> cyrus: they won't hear it from me. so are you going to go? >> ashlee: she's going. whether i have to drag her there or not, she's going. >> daisy: okay, yeah, first i just want to find out who did this. >> ashlee: well, you know, we haven't talked to mallet or marina. >> daisy: yeah, we haven't talked to frank yet. >> marina: all right. now, i hope that when we open this box up it doesn't let some kind of plague loose. that would be so like your grandfather. here goes. you ready? okay. all right.
3:42 am
well, here we have some pictures of edmund's side of the family. we don't need those. you know why we don't need those? because real family is not always related. your real family are the people that love you, and the people who care about you, and the people who sit by your bed when you're sick. yeah. and who teach you how to play catch. and who are going to stand outside with you on your first day of preschool just in case you scared. yeah. those are the people you have in your life right now. okay? and your daddy, mallet. ( baby cooing ) yeah. i know it. you know we love you.
3:43 am
let's see what else your crazy grandfather had to say. >> mallet: okay so, henry will with be with marina and i at nights, obviously. and we'll be able to cover most days too, but there are going to be times she's at the restaurant and i'm at the station. >> shayne: i know, absolutely, i'm available whenever you need me. >> mallet: okay, great, thanks. ( cell phone ringing ) >> shayne: hello. >> josh: shayne, it's dad. >> shayne: what's up, dad? >> josh: reva got a phone call from jeffrey. >> shayne: i'm sure she did. that's great. >> josh: no, actually it's not great. he was calling from a plane and the plane was going down. that's what he said anyway. it doesn't look good. >> shayne: what? wait, wait, where was he? >> josh: well, we don't know. frank's trying to get some information out of reva right now. he's contacted the faa. they don't know anything. there isn't much to go on. >> shayne: all right, where are you? we're on our way. >> josh: wait a second, wait a
3:44 am
second, who's we? >> shayne: i'm with mallet. >> josh: okay, all right. we're just down the street from company. >> shayne: all right. jeffrey called my mom. his plane... oh my god. dinah. >> mallet: what? what? >> shayne: jeffrey called my mom. his plane went down. >> mallet: dinah was with him. light & fit has 80 calories versus 100 in the other leading brand. and a taste you'll find... [sluuurrrrpppp!] irresistible. now try new watermelon and cantaloupe flavors.
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3:48 am
more importantly, i love you. and i am going to miss you so much and i'm so happy for you. and i will call and i will come and visit whenever i can. but i know it won't be the same. and so i guess i have to say i'm a little upset. >> daisy: yeah, i can tell. but you have no reason to be. because i just got off the phone with berkeley and they gave my spot away. so i couldn't go, even if i wanted to. >> ashlee: i'm sorry. >> cyrus: well, it's happy hour in australia. what's in the box? >> buzz: it's... it arrived in the mail for coop the other day, and i can't open it. you know, i'm a grown man and i am confounded by a cork board box with my son's name on it.
3:49 am
>> cyrus: for me it was a tape from an answering machine. >> buzz: what? >> cyrus: when my mom died, i missed her like crazy and i barely had anything left over. and she had this really sweet voice that turned up at the ends, kind of like a smile. and i carried around the last answering machine message she made in my pocket. anyway, one day i was staying with this friend of mine because hi nowhere else to go, and his mom did what she thought was a favor and washed my clothes and the tape was in my pocket. and when i realized it was gone,
3:50 am
it felt like my mom was gone too, you know, forever. >> buzz: his memory just draws further and further away every day. this picture i have in my head gets dimmer. i have dreams that are no longer him. i just can't bear to lose any more. >> marina: okay. now this is to you. from your crazy grandfather edmund. you ready? dear henry, the people of springfield are liars, hypocrites.
3:51 am
i followed them. i eavesdropped. they called me evil, but i learned you were alive and they were keeping you hidden from me. your mother was an angel. and i loved her. she was the one good thing i ever did in this world. you were the second. love your grandfather, edmund. whoops, oopsy. we didn't need that anyway, did we? you didn't need to hear that. >> reva: frank, i don't know, i don't know where the plane was. you can ask me a million different ways and i won't remember because jeffrey didn't say anything to me about it. >> shayne: mom, hey, mom. okay, calm down for a second and please tell me what happened. i need to know if dinah was with jeffrey.
3:52 am
>> reva: dinah. >> shayne: yeah, dinah, mom. >> reva: oh my god, shayne. dinah, he didn't even say anything about dinah. i don't know, i don't know. shayne, i don't know. i mean he was having mechanical problems with the plane. he was losing altitude, but dinah... i just don't even know if he was... he didn't say anything about dinah. >> billy: sweetie, are you okay? >> reva: sorry. >> josh: billy, why don't you take reva inside for just a few minutes, get her a drink of water. just go inside just for a drink of water. >> billy: come on. >> reva: shayne, i'm sorry. >> shayne: it's okay, mom. >> mallet: frank, did you call
3:53 am
the faa. >> frank: yeah, i did. but she doesn't even know what country she was in or even what type of plane he was flying. >> mallet: the last word i got they were in bosnia, but that was a couple days ago so now they could be anywhere. >> billy: here you go, sweetie. >> reva: don't want water, billy. i want to talk to my husband. i want to know that jeffrey's okay. >> billy: just tell me what happened. >> reva: he called me from an airplane and he said that it was going down. >> billy: oh my god. >> reva: i can't lose him. billy, i can't. i can't lose him. it's jeffrey, okay! he knows how to fly an airplane. he's going to find a way out of this. he's going to be all right. this. he's going to be all right. so i another take? new revlon doubletwist mascara. a revolutionary 2-in-1 applicator that combines a thickening brush with separating combs for massive volume and remarkable definition. new revlon doubletwist mascara. it's worth a double take.
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3:56 am
>> ashlee: hey. >> christina: oh my gosh, daisy, are you okay? >> ashlee: she's fine, but she lost her spot at berkeley. >> christina: oh. that sucks. >> daisy: it doesn't matter. i told you, college was just a stupid fantasy. >> ashlee: no, daisy, you have a check, you have the money, college doesn't get more real than that. >> daisy: yeah, but my timing sucks because i caught a break, but they gave my spot away. >> christina: been there. >> daisy: i just belong here and i should stop trying to fight it. >> ashlee: you know, maybe james
3:57 am
did give that you check. i mean, he's loaded and that would be amazing. >> daisy: it doesn't even matter who sent it at this point. it's not going to get cashed. >> remy: hey, foley, hold up. >> cyrus: uh-oh. never good when a cop calls you
3:58 am
out. >> remy: you're a cop now, too. >> cyrus: not exactly. >> remy: i know the jewel theft case is closed, but i just got the final report. couldn't help but noticing some diamonds were missing. >> cyrus: why are you looking at me? >> remy: no reason. no reason, i mean you are still in the same place driving the same car that keeps breaking down. >> cyrus: yeah, i got to work two jobs to keep getting it fixed. >> remy: take care of yourself, man. don't want to have to bail you out again. >> cyrus: i don't want to have to bail you out either.
3:59 am
>> marina: he's a smooth talker, your grandpa edmund. let me tell you something, okay. he's a bad, bad man. he hurt a lot of people. and i think everyone in this town is just better off if he's dead. i hope you understand that some day. >> billy: okay, drink this. >> reva: no, i can't, i can't, i can't drink that until you tell me my husband's alive. >> billy: reva. >> reva: no, i need him to be alive, billy, i do. we fought too hard to get where we are. he made me fight. he made me beat my cancer so that i could come back to him.
4:00 am
now he needs to do the same. he needs to come back to me now. so tell me that that is what is going to happen, okay? because i need it hear it. >> billy: who would not want to come back to you? >> shayne: so what are we going to do? hey, dinah's plane has crashed. god knows where. what are we going to do about it? we're going to sit around here on this bench and talk about it? >> frank: shayne, we have nothing to go on right now. >> shayne: frank, i think your job is to find something to go on, isn't it? >> mallet: that's fine, thank you. >> shayne: frank. >> mallet: that was my contact at the fed. they lost jeffrey and dinah somewhere in south america. >> josh: well, do they know... >> mallet: that is all they know, because that information is a couple days old. >> josh: all we have to go on is reva's phone call at this point. >> frank: if what reva is telling us is true, jeffrey an
4:01 am
dinah are probably dead. >> reva: stop it. don't say that. don't any of you ever say that. my husband is not dead. >> josh: reva... >> reva: no, joshua, he's not. jeffrey's alive. he's not dead, he can't be. because i won't let him be. >> coming up on "guiding light"... >> lillian: you have to talk to all of your children and you have to tell them that you don't have much time left to spend with them. >> mallet: you know, if something happened to dinah, it's on you. >> shayne: why don't you go and try to protect your own family because i hope you do a better job this time. >> mallet: you don't know what you are talking about. you don't know what it means to protect someone. >> reva: i don't want anybody in this house who doesn't believe that jeffrey's alive. towels, sheets and then there was the stuff he wanted... like a new microwave. and because of walmart's unbeatable prices,
4:02 am
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