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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  September 2, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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hello, it's a delightful and cooler start. we're seeing the bright blue sky from the top of the tower. christy will tell you after the weather. well, good morning, it's a chill hi -- chilly start to the
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day. much like yesterday if you're subject to chilly temperatures. the temperatures will be in the 50s and the daytime high gets up to around 78 degrees. and this is what the forecast looks like on this day. we're looking at mid-50s with a good, clear sky and good sky with starlight out there early on. the 78-degree daytime high will drop to 58 and we'll have the first warning weather forecast in a minute. >> we have word that one of the water main breaks in putty hill avenue is cleared and as for the beltway, we have a slight slowdown as you approach harford road. harrisburg is moving well in both directions as you can see there. and nothing to report on 95 in either direction and everything's moving smoothly at the tunnels and in baltimore city, we have the water main break there causing westbound saratoga to be closed.
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and now, here's a live look at 95 north at 152 and as you can see, no problems and delays there. and here are three words to live by, reading, writing and readiness. classes are now in session across this country and that has everyone concerned about the swine flu. mary bubala has more. >> reporter: good morning, the governor is holding a meeting on the swine flu later today in annapolis. nearly 1 million americans contracted swine flu. about 500 died from it. with schools and colleges reopening, it's under the motorcycle row scope -- micro scope. >> you'll find it everywhere, on doorknobs, telephones >> reporter: tuesday, president obama said, get your flu shots.
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>> this program will be voluntary. but, it will be strongly recommended. >> reporter: the maryland officials are preparing for the h1n1 virus. >> so, we'll be taking advantage of federal dollars allocated to the end and we'll be strengthening the connections that allow us to get the vaccines into the arms of the citizens >> reporter: the earliest it will be ready is early october. >> as far as i know, my doctor don't have the vaccine until october for my son. since i'm diabetic, i have to have it, too. >> reporter: governor o'malley is holding a briefing on whether or not if the state's ready for the swine flu and the i think which is that need to be made -- and the changes that need to be made. we'll have the latest tonight. thank you. and the nation could learn more about reforming health care in the nation. the potential wants to explain
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the changes he'll make now. and a speech will come now up until september 15th. >> and he's not the only one making the health care reform case. >> and there are a lot of people because they don't have insurance and they're not insured, they're suffering now. and that's real. there will be amendments to all of the legislation. and it's hard to say what we'll end up with. >> reporter: he's also pushing for this issue and that's generated widespread debate across the nation with those forand against it, loudly voicing their opinions and there was one last night where the house majority leader confirmed his support of a public option. and the ntsb is meeting to
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improve the safety on the medevacs. this is going to impact the maryland system. >> reporter: the ntsb is making 21 recommendations to improve the safety of medical helicopters. 2008 was a record year for crashes in the u.s.. two done died and four in maryland when a trooper 2 went down near andrew's air force base. >> what's wrong with them -- [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: now, the ntsb recommends safety improvements to all of the helicopters across the country. the ntsb says they need night vision technology and flight data and single pilot choppers and terrain warning systems. >> we've seep accidents that could have been prevented had they implemented the technology. >> reporter: it's unclear if it
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would have prevented this crash which the ntsb is investigating. >> we believe we're on top of what they're saying >> reporter: they have auto pilot and they're adding night vision and the police are going to buy three new helicopters and the budget is tight and the recommendations could slow it down. >> and the older aircraft could be leaving. >> certainly, we think that the maryland state police operations are receptive to the recommendations we issued and we'll look forward to working with them. >> reporter: and a final report from the ntsb coming up this october. and in washington, adam may and three other safety recommendations made to the faa in 2006. still haven't been implemented. and investors, well, on wall street, they'll be looking
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to rebound after the stocks took a tumble yesterday. worries are set to push the market into the big loss and speculation that the banks could be on a failure is blamed for the sell off. and for the first time in days, there's news coming from firefighters battling wildfires in california. the crews say they're making progress and some evacuations can be lifted >> reporter: california firefighters have 1/4 of the wildfires in los angeles under control. >> this is the first increase in containment and that's due to the hotter weather. >> reporter: the hotter humidity should be giving them a break today.
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>> it was just amazing to watch! they were fabulous. >> reporter: this resident witnessed firefighters moving into her neighborhood when the flames were feet away. >> they knew what they were doing, nothing to worry about. >> reporter: the fire officials are cautiously optimistic and some are allowed back in their home and stills others are under a mandatory evacuation. >> reporter: if the temperatures go back up, it should be angry again. -- >> reporter: so far, the fire torched 127,000 acres and destroyed 60 homes. >> it's a little anxious to watch it going on. but, i see a lot of firefighters and fire trucks back there and i'm confident they'll take care of the property. >> reporter: containment will take a few more weeks and california lawmakers are worried about the cash they're burning through, this round of
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wildfires cost the state $106 million. that's most of the budget, just two months into the fiscal year. >> firefighters say they hope to have the flames surrounded by the middle of the month. that would be a good thing. a rough morning for people in indonesia. the officials say that the powerful quake shook buildings and prompted a tsunami alert. and chaos outside the stock exchange in athens, greece. it caused damage to the building and a woman is injured and a second last damaged a building in northern greece. no group claimed responsibility. there was no shortage of runs at camden yards last night. there were strong hits on the
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night from luke scott and that helped the orioles jump ahead and the bronx bombers responded and the orioles lose the lead and the yankees win 9-6. they'll meet again later today. >> and i've said it before, it must have been a glorious two nights to watch the baseball and the weather. >> and yeah. you know? it looks like the baseball and feels like football as far as the temperatures and if you're going to the football games, they're comfortable, too. >> sure. >> they're nice. >> compared to the games in december. well, we're looking at another day of 78-degree temperatures and it will be nice with lows around 60 degrees. that's an average. >> and we have a man standing by outside the brand. -- the grand. >> reporter: well, this is the
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most beautiful building in baltimore insidewise. it was the masonic temple and they had a marble showroom rented out to a marble dealer and what they turned it into is amazing and it's received an award and we'll be more than happy to tell you about when eyewitness news continues.
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it's 6:15 and tim williams is in the first warning weather center. >> all shades of blue, the horizon, nice and orange and the sun's coming up officially in about 20 minutes or so. we'll have the sunrise and this is what we're dealing with, a lot of stars and blue. and temperatures reflecting a crisp morning. 55 degrees at bwi and humidity at 89% and winds shifting to the north and east and calmed down and then, the wind speed, that's now registering at 0. and 30.27, that's the barometer and across the state, the temperatures 45 in oakland and 26 in cumberland and we'll have
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73 in ocean city and as we look at the mediate metro area, temperatures around 50 degrees areawise and 54 in bel air and 60 on kent island. it's warmer along the shore and near the waters. as the temperatures are around 80 degrees still. we're feeling the affects of it. it's one of the times that the water's affecting in a warmer way. the winds are calm and 10 miles per hour in ocean city and pax river. we're dealing with the clear skies and high pressure in control. we have a few clouds down to the south. we have a stalled front offshore and that will drift back and it will bring the showers back to the southern shore and nice conditions with the high pressure and that's going to keep us dry and that will be the reason that the showers have trouble. it's making it back this far. it will keep eating away at the moisture and it will take a lot
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of rain before the areas see the shower activity. with that said, we'll look at the tropics. this is erica, it's still a tropical storm with sustained winds in the 50s. we'll tell you the updates from the national hurricane center and erica was to the west at 7 miles per hour. not expected to gain strength in the mediate future. we'll keep you posted on that. it's 6:36 for sunrise. next high tide at 9:56 and low tide is what's happening currently. bay temperature, dipping under 80 degrees. 78 degrees and the daytime high around 66 degrees and moon lit sky and 81 degrees tomorrow and partly sunny and pleasant and 80 friday, 83 saturday and 80 sunday and labor day weekend around 80 degrees. and overnight lows around 60
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mr. and here's christy with the traffic control. well, thank you, don, if you're heading out, you're in for an easy ride. we have a new accident reported in owens mills. and as for the 95 corridor, still moving well and nothing to report at the tunnels. and the look on the beltway, a slight slowdown on the northside approaching harford road and harrisburg, no problems there and smooth in both directions and we have a water main break to report in baltimore city. now, here's a live look at 95 north of white marsh boulevard. we're picking up a little bit out there. this is brought to you by toyota and you'll find a service department to help keep your toyota running smoothly. back to you. stopping traffic right now
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on the sidewalks of north charles street, that's mike schuh. >> reporter: well, yeah, someone wasn't that friendly because we're take up the sidewalk in a time when no one's on the sidewalk, can you imagine that. >> well, you're a big man. mr. >> reporter: well, i was friendly, who cares. public relations people, they have no shame. and at six or seven years ago, the group representing the janitorial supplies wanted to know how they could get their name out there and the shameless idea that worked, well, look at us, that was to award the best bathrooms in all of america and this past year, the tremont grand was include and if you've ever been in the bathroom -- well, half of the
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population hasn't, it's the ladies room. and let's take a look. >> reporter: just scour the website and nowhere, nowhere will you find a scrap about the most talked about -- room. make a personal visit here and they'll show it to you. first, a little housekeeping is in order. >> let me make sure the coast is clear. >> reporter: it used to be a marble showroom, a bit of porcelain. >> when you come in, it's nice and relaxing and a little get away from the office, to be honest. >> reporter: it was entered in a nationwide competition, only a grand prize winner has ever been announced until now. >> it's so remarkable, we felt you were the first runner up
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status in the america's best restroom. >> reporter: the number one is in bran son, missouri and this finished ahead of the drake hotel in chicago. baltimore got up and went online and voted. >> if you go in anyone's home, the first thing you want to know is how well they keep their restroom clean. you wander what the rest of the house is like. >> i'm happy to report, i haven't been in many lady's restrooms, but that's one of the nicest they've been into. that used to be a marble showroom and you have to give credit to the owner of the place who restored it and when they were looking at the lay outhere, they looked at that and they said, that's going to make a great bathroom and indeed, they find when they have weddings and banquets, the ladies congregate in the room
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because it's so nice and yes, it's a bathroom. >> now, men out there, if you want to go in the bathroom, call them and they'll clear the room and they'll give you a tour of the tremont grand on 225 north charles street, downtown, north baltimore, maryland. >> i've been in that room >> get out! i took a tour of the building one night and they took us all through. the ballrooms are just as pretty upstairs. >> if you see it first, you think, that's the most beautiful room and then the next and the next. >> and the men's room across the forier -- well, it's nice, but not like that. no overstuffed furniture. in >> yeah, tim, i thought, well, the men's room is all right, but not the lady's room.
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>> well, i hear you, we play second fiddle. >> well, that's our job. >> supporting rolls. you do that well, tim. >> thank you, thank you mike. they're playing music, time to boogy. >> i was hoping he would boogy. >> we'll take a break and be right back. boogy at home. cc
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well, we have a nice day's start. it's looking nice as we go into, well, the count down to the labor day weekend. we'll talk about the five-day forecast. we're looking at the temperatures getting around 78 degrees today, 81 tomorrow, 80 friday, and 83 saturday and 80 and 80 sunday and monday and overnight lows around 60 degrees. yet to come on the morning edition -- >> baltimore police are looking for the man that robbed two women at this atm and sexually assaulted one of them. the details are up next on eyewitness news. flu fight, is the state ready with the best defense? a live report, just ahead. a surprise visit from a- rod.
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i'm kelly mcpherson and we'll tell you how some students got the assembly of the school year and what a-rod had to say to them. >> and i'm in the traffic control. we have some volume building on 95 southbound and we'll give you the details, next. and looking at a nice stretch of days and we'll keep you posted on the tropics. erica is stewing around. and thank you and billy ray cyrus is feeding the homeless and hungry and he's not holding the mayo, either. that's coming up with coffee with.
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hello, again, it's 6:30 and we're 6 minutes away from the sun coming up. it's coming up on another gorgeous, if cool day. and traffic hasn't been that bad christy will tell you more after tim williams has the first warning weather. well, not a lot of weather
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to talk about. that's not a bad thing, heading into the holiday weekend. we're looking at cooler nights and a comfortable day. this is the forecast. starting out with temperatures around the 50s area wide and we're getting up to 78 degrees and overnight lows around 60 degrees and cooler in the north and west suburbs. we'll have the first warning weather in a few minutes. and christy is in for sharon gibala. >> >> thank you, we're starting to see some delays out there. traveling on the 95 corridor, northbound is moving well and southbound, we're starting to see slowing. that's from white marsh to the beltway and the system, itself, if you're on the westside, that's stop and go from liberty to security and in owens mills, we have an accident to watch out for and baltimore city, the only problem is the water main
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break and that's showing westbound saratoga closed to martin luther king boulevard and that's where the beginning of the delay is. this is brought to you by toyota. don? and thank you, we'll begin with the flu watch report with the words prepare now, that's the warning from the president and in addition to the regular stuff, everyone's concerned about the h1n1 swine flu virus. eyewitness news and mary bubala are live outside. >> reporter: good morning, don and everyone. today, governor o'malley will hold a major briefing on swine flu and he'll bring the officials together from health and education and emergency management. he wants to know by the end of the day if maryland is ready
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for h1n1. 1million americans contracted the swine flu and 500 died from it. >> you'll find it everywhere. you'll find it on doorknobs and you'll find it on telephones >> reporter: tuesday, at the white house, president obama said, get your flu shots. >> this program is voluntary, but it will be strongly recommended. >> reporter: they're also preparing for the virus. >> we'll take advantage of the federal dollars and we'll strengthen the connections that allows to get the vaccines into the arms of the citizens >> reporter: the earliest it will be ready is early october. my doctor don't have the vaccine until october for my son and since i'm diabetic, i have to have it, too. >> reporter: again, governor o'malley holding the briefing
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in annapolis at 11:00 today. we'll bring you the latest on it later on tonight. >> the washington county health department will have to do more with less after losing a third of their state funding. they'll be left with a few resources to deal with the out break there. firefighters battle a two alarm fire in howard county last night. the flames broke out at 10:00 in the weather worn way and no one was inside the home. and the crews had to rescue pets. the search continues for who opened fire in west baltimore. two were sitting on the steps of a row home and someone opened fire on him and hit both of them. the two were specifically targeted, it's believed. the baltimore county police are looking for those who were responsible for robberies.
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the photo was caught on tape and detectives are relying on the public to pinpoint who the man on the video is. >> reporter: the police saw the suspect dangerous and they're concerned he'll strike again. in the video here, the police say a robbery suspect approaches a female victim and demands cash at the atm machine. >> he has a violent as tide towards what he's doing. >> reporter: he's also responsible for these separate incidents in parkville. he struck on july 31st and then on august 29th. >> and knowing that now, i wouldn't come here at night. >> reporter: the second incident, he made the victim drive here to pine grove
6:36 am
elementary school and he coerced her into a sexual act. >> we're afraid he could kill someone. >> the neighbors is close and i've never thought about that kind of thing here. that's scary. i'll watch out for it. >> reporter: the detectives describe him as in his teens or 20s and 5'5" and medium build and he's armed and very dangerous. >> if something doesn't feel right, don't go, drive around and go to another atm. glib i'm looking over my shoulder. you have to be conscious and people are hard up for money. >> reporter: the police urge the subject to look at the videos carefully. reporting in pangville, weijia jiang. and they're offering a cash reward for up to $2000 for a tip heeding -- leading to an arrest in the case.
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today, the baltimore councilwoman holden will be in court today. and a hearing is set for today for the man charged with gunning down a security officer in washington, d.c. the 89-year- old from annapolis was wounded when the other officers returned the fire that day. and, students at the local high school hear a simple and powerful message, don't make the mistakes i have from a rod. as kelly mcpherson reports, it's a message that the athletes won't for get. >> reporter: yankees player and multimillion dollar a-rod made waves admitting to using banned substances this year. >> i'm sorry for taking the
6:38 am
banned substance and regretful. >> reporter: he used them playing for the rangers and athletes here in baltimore county got a surprise to hear the megastar's advise face to face. even the football captain had no idea. >> he said, do you know any famous people taking steroids, i was like, well, the biggest person i know is a-rod and i was like, he'll be here. >> reporter: the media was forbidden. >> he was clear that it was wrong and he's really, kind of, well, he's seen the light, so to speak and he wants to make things better, clean up his image. >> reporter: he said i'm here because i made a mistake and one of my missions is to take a negative into a positive. >> and for him to come forward,
6:39 am
that was a long way. >> reporter: he joins nick markakis in signing this powered by me pledge. >> if i see someone trying it, i'm gonna know they're doing it and i'm gonna tell them, remember what a-rod said. >> it took several to make this visit happen and a-rod is look for the opportunities to spread his message. reporting from federal hill, kelly mcpherson, wjz eyewitness news. and nearly 400 attend the assembly. >> the the ravens are flying south and tomorrow night, they'll be playing against the falcons in atlanta. that will determine the final roster spots and for many of the players, everyone's eager to get the regular season to start. that's when the chiefs come to town 1:00 sunday afternoon.
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>> looking forward to it myself. >> oh, yeah. >> and if temperatures and weather is anything like it is now. i don't think that anyone will complain. i mean, how much can you complain. >> well, those games are great. >> still enjoyable. and still looking to turn the corner. >> i got my finger's crossed. well, we have nice temperatures today. it will be like possible -- football weather today. sunny and pleasant. 78 degrees and too cool for baseball and i'll take it no matter what. we'll have the forecast coming up. and also, mayonnaise and billy ray cyrus are teaming up to feed the homeless and hungry and you can help. they're building a sandwich. we'll explain more and tim will
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look at the weather.
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well, this is a crisp. day. it's like an autumn day and that's where're heading into the last two weeks of summer. >> 52 is the dew point and relative humidity and calm readings, as far as the winds, they're coming from the north east and 30.27 is the barometer reading. 73 on the shore and still, feeling the affects of some tropical moisture offshore and a wind coming in across the land. we're feeling still, moderate on the coastline. 63 in annapolis and 50 in westminster. and the winds are calm and we're seeing the lights across the area and they're coming
6:45 am
from the north and north east. that's showing the happen that's in control and it's bringing us the flow from the north east. look at the rest of the country towards the midwest. dry conditions and sunshine and clear skies. nice overall and temperatures below the averages. that's bringing in a cool canadian feel with it. it will be that way for the next few days. we're looking at erica, about 365 miles east of the leeward islands here. and porto rico and dominican republican and haiti and this is going to take a turn to the north and northwest and moving to the west at 5 miles per hour. winds have sustained at 52 and gusts to 63 and not expected to strengthen beyond the tropical storm status and this is going to move into some dry air and wind sheer and the winds will
6:46 am
be really, well, forking it a-- tearing it apart. and we'll keep you posted. still a week away from impact of u.s. interest. >> the sunset at 7:36 and high tide at 9:36 and no advisories on the bay. and we'll get up today to 78 and cooler in the north and west and sunny and pleasant and moonlit sky and the normal low, 61 below that. and well below that in garrett and allegany and 81 degrees today. 80 friday, and 83 saturday and 80 sunday and monday. don? >> here's christy with the traffic control. well, thank you, don, it's feeling like the rush hour now. >> we have delays to update you on now. we're sluggish from the beltway
6:47 am
and that's due to the tunnel activity and on the westside, we have congestion from liberty to security and that's about a 10 minute delay there and the inner lupe, there's an accident with the right hand lane block and that's beginning at the harbor tunnel freeway. give yourself extra time and an accident at lionsville and painters and in baltimore city, we have a water main break. here's 95 north of white marsh boulevard. we're getting into heavy connection there and this is brought to you by toyota. toyota is moving forward. don, back to you. and recently, we, our coworkers and the oriole's wives got together to feed the hungry and homeless and now, hellmans is doing the same
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>> ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the eyewitness news morning edition, billy ray cyrus. >> what's interesting about this concept that they've come up with, that's using a social network to move a sharety forward. i don't know if i've encountered it before, it's a cool deal. ingly eve -- you know, i've not seen it done like this, talking about building a sandwich and sending it to a friend. but my 9-year-old daughter was all over it. she said, it's like this, dad. you build, and build, and i said, hey, this could really work. >> well, i'll build a sandwich here.
6:49 am
what you do, you two -- you do, you go to facebook. access it through your facebook account. i'm going to build it cool build it so everyone can see it. >> we'll do it on rye and i'm in a tuna salad mode and we'll throw a mateer on here and mayo and we'll put on hellman's light. and we'll put the spread on there and we have to have chips and whatnot. >> i'm not putting chips on the sandwich. >> any way, then, what i do is, i send this to seven of my friends and they'll make a sandwich and send it to their friends and every time i send it out, what does hellman's do.
6:50 am
>> they send seven real lunches to feeding america. and that's for the charity. >> so, theoretically, i could help them feed 49 kid's lunch. >> and yes, it doesn't cost you a penny. no, just take the time to do it and hellman's matches that. >> i have to lose the chips. i have no problem with a slaw burger, but chips? well, i know, this is the feeding america program, but we do work with the maryland food bank here. and bill, uing said if you give someone a can of beans, they have beans for a meal and if you give them peanut butter, they have a meal far -- for a week and this makes sense to me. it sure does, doesn't it? well, it does. >> i have to change this, i'm not putting the chips on it.
6:51 am
>> billy, do you put chips on a sandwich. >> do i put them on a sandwich? >> yeah. >> no, but take a bite and put the chips in my mouth. but that's what you did. >> put that caviar on there and look at how funky that looks. >> well, that would be good with tuna. >> i seen it, i saw it on a sandwich. >> oh, there it is. >> oh, check this out. >> that's not something i would do. >> oh, that horrible. >> oh, look at that. >> what else is going on with you, billy ray. >> well, i finished a movie with jackie chan and george lopez, i'm jackie chan's side kick and i got to see him doing a lot of cool stuff and george
6:52 am
lopez kept me laughing and i start a new hallmark film written by kenny rogers. and i have a hot single that's spreading like mayonnaise called "good day" >> and wpoc is all over this. >> and great die in. -- great tie in. hit facebook/hellmans and we'll do good. >> and that's good, you done good and i appreciate you taking the time to have me on the show and this is a worthwhile project. we appreciate it. >> all right, brother, we'll see you later. >> also, go to ebay auction and put in billy ray's name and you get another way to make money for the harvest. >> what if we put chili on that, too. >> i wouldn't eat that even at a tailgate.
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we'll take a break and be back.
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here are the updates from christy. this is a nice stretch into the labor day weekend. this is a slim chance of showers and at some point through sunday. temperatures staying around 80 degrees. and 83 and then, 80 and 80 on sunday and monday with overnight lows around 60 degrees. now, for take a look at the roadways. >> hey, tim, thank you. and now, we have plenty of activity on the roadways
6:56 am
traveling on the northside of the inner lupe, we have a disabled vehicle to watch out for at pairing parkway and on the westside, it's delayed there and 10 minutes from 795 and we have two delays on the southbound direction and heavy from white marsh up to the beltway and we have a slope to the mash -- harbor tunnel freeway and there's an accident at holiness terry road and we have an accident at lions mill and painters mill. let's look now at 95 north of white marsh and you can see, heavy and this is brought to you by exxon. this is only at only the run. don? and the new school year is in full swing and everyone's bracing for a resurgence of the swine flu and the president is
6:57 am
urging everyone to protect themselves. and
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