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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  September 11, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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eight years later, as people across the country pause to remember those who lost their lives on september 11th. a security scare causes panic and confusion in our nation's capital.
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tonight why there was never any real damage. hello everyone. i'm dennis koch. >> and i'm vic carter. and president obama called for the nation to end extremism. and even as time passes, the memories of that day are still fresh until the minds of many americans. new tonight, kelly mcpherson spoke to the baltimore man who was inside the world trade centers during the attack. >> reporter: what he tells me, what he remembers from that day and that is the look on the faces of the firefighters who were going into the towers as
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he was trying to escape. >> reporter: the sounds of remembrance. >> michael p.obrian. >> paul j.obrian. >> and my sister, kathleen -- >> reporter: we remember in new york, pennsylvania, and washington, d.c. >> the defense of our nation, we will never waiver. the pursuit of al-qaida we will never falter. >> reporter: steve kiy was
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about to start a meeting wearing this badge. >> we hit the stairwells been 20 20 second, and we were running really fast. i remember looking into those firefighters eyes and they knew it wupt wasn't going to be good. >> it doesn't matter if you were ceo, janitor, anything in between. what race you were, none of that mattered. everybody was helping everybody out in a true spirit of america, we were living that day while we were trying to handle an awful situation. that's something that fades with time, and it would be nicely if people remembered that a little bit more. >> reporter: one frustration many survivors say they have is that there's still no official memorial or a business complex standing on ground zero yet. and it's eight years later.
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denise back to you. as 9/11 ceremonies were taking place, a scare that send officials to the patomic river. it turns out it was all a drill. >> reporter: the security scare was really just business as usual. >> what we're seeing is a reaction to a training exercise that really was just that. >> reporter: that drill included radio conversations between the four coast guard boats on the river. the chatter included a mention of gunfire as part of the training. but some media outlets reported that the coast guard had opened fire on a suspicious vessel. >> no shots were fired, there was no suspect vessel, there was no criminal activity, this was a preplanned normal training exercise. >> reporter: but federal agents who heard the media went scrambling to the shorelines and just down river from where
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the drill was happening, here at reagan national airport, officials decided to put a stop to flights for nearly a half an hour. the president's motorcade crossed one of those bridges on the way to the september 11 commemoration. but he was not in the area when the confusion began. coast guard officials say they didn't coordinate ahead of their practice because training like this happen often. >> training take place approximately four times per week. >> reporter: the coast guard is reviewing their procedure and the way they interact with the media. the changes are available, they'll make them to keep situations like these from happening again. >> coast guard ordered one of
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its own helicopters to fly over the river to investigate. we've seen a lot of rain over the past 24 hours, bob turk is following it all. >> let's look at some of those rainfall totals. it's still raining in some spots. belaire just 2-1/4 inches of rain. south and west of the city, not much at all. dellas only 1/2 of an inch. right now a little bit of activity left around the wait baltimore metro. the last batch of this rain
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still running through the region. from the city down to rock hall. it will be done probably about midnight. and there's drier and warmer air headed our way. city police are investigating after a young man was shot in the head in the middle of broad daylight. the man was sitting on a bicycle near a bus stop in east baltimore around 4:00 this afternoon. when someone walked up and hot him in the had. his condition was unknown. the shooting happened just as students were being released from area schools. and there's new videos released. acorn fired two baltimore employees. then today a similar video led to the firing of two acorn employees at washington, d.c.'s
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office. now rosco bartlett is calling for an investigation. the people who shot the video could be in trouble. the state's attorney's office is now investigating whether that law was violated. can you feel it, baltimore? excitement is building as we are just now less than 24 hours from the ravens first game. >> reporter: let me tell you these fans are definitely pepped up. day, to night. ravens fans are rallying. >> baltimore is a football town. >> reporter: and just like it goes all season long, they'll
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brave anything to do it. >> we have to support the team rain or shine. >> reporter: it doesn't help when cheer leaders spend hours go to several rallies. >> it's really, really exciting. everybody has their children out here j. here. >> reporter: we all know who the favorite team is, but who's the favorite mascot? >> po. >> everything about the ravens and this weekend gets us pumped up. >> reporter: all the pep is for the players who hope the spirit continues to grow in the stadium. >> a lot of electricity in that building. it has its own aura about it. when you walk into it, you appreciate why people appreciate who you are and what you do.
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because it's so loud in there and crazy. fans are out of control and they're ready right now. >> our fans are real supportive. i think it's a home field advantage. >> reporter: an advantage that could make all the difference. >> super bowl baby. >> we're going all the way. >> reporter: and after a day like today, the cheer leaders and of course po are exhausted. they're taking tomorrow off completely. just like everybody else in baltimore, they are ready for sunday. now we're reporting live; eyewitness news. >> it's friday night, have fun while you're down there. watch the team take on the kansas city chiefs this sunday exclusively right here on wjz. there was a po in the teletubbies remember that? >> no. >> i don't think they were related. the military moves in to rescue nine women being held
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captive. why those women actually thought they were on tv. and a yale university student goes missing days before her wedding. the efforts to help find her. i have your forewarn weather, coming up next.
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it is 61 with some light rain. first, yale university is now offering a $10,000 reward for information about a missing graduate student. annie lee was last seen tuesday at her office in the school's medical office. authorities are going through the university looking for clues. a university spokesman said there continues to be no evidence of foul play. the 24-year-old was planning to be married this sunday. authorities say her fiance and family are cooperating with the investigation and they have not been contacted by lee. now more on the assault case of shawn merrian. 
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the district office dropped the charges. one dangerous section of rout 22 is the scene of another dangerous accident. the victim was a doctor who was fighting for safety improvements on that same stretch of road. >> reporter: you can see the tragic seen on rout 22 just a half mile from the doctors home. police say the driver of a van wasn't paying attention. slammed into emery. tracy herman is close friends with dr. emery. his dad was at her home waiting for her dad. >> he didn't know what happen, just that his dad had been in an accident. >> reporter: residents have
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been complaining about the stretch of road. >> the last comment i had was brown, i have to go to a meeting to talk about safety on row 22. >> and now we just hope that they could cut through the red tape and get to the bottom line. saving lives. >> reporter: county executives stressed the need for a fix during a conversation with the governor last night. he calls rout 22 a critical safety. dr.emery's friends and family vow he won't die in vain. some of the solutions under
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discussion include adding stoplights and rummble strips, also turning lanes. >> you can find out more on efforts to change rout 22, go to and click on the link for ----
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>> i didn't know he was into the liquor business.
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>> i guess if you have liquor you're pretty funny. we have some rain still, a little bit of rain left over the region. it's not moving across the area. it's really dwindling. downtown, it's just about done. but we may see a few sprinkles or drizzles during the overnight. we do expect to see sunshine eventually. 56 up in oakland, we've had about 1-2/3-inches of rain at the airport. less to the south, more to the north. some spots three to over 4- inches of rain since about three or 4:00 in the morning. we're talking 18 to 20 hours of rain. pretty decent amount of rain. at least it was during a short
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period of time. some of this is going to filter down. but you can see
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when they opened against kc last year. remember tom brady? knocked out for the year, he needed surgery. protecting joe flacco would be priority. final full scale practice, the
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opener less than two weeks away. a visit from the former owner, art modell. he bought the cleveland browns back in 1961. back to the subject of quarterbacks, matt castle, remains uncertain. he continues to work his way back from a knee injury he suffered. the availability will be subject at game time. the ravens are favored by double digits to beat the chiefs. watch here here on wjz at 1:00 on sunday. the orioles have lost two more pitchers. they will shut it down with arm injuries. both are expected to be at full strength next season. a rain delay for the yankees. chris tillman, pitching to
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derek jeter in the 1st inning. he passes lou gehrig for the most hits in yankees history. the yankees celebrate, but the orioles are winning right now. baltimore trying to stop a ten game losing streak to new york. in basketball, honors for david robinson, inducted into the basketball hall of fame. he went on to become an nba mvp and two time champions with the spurs. >> just the joy and love that you brought me, it's really just hit me. i thank you for this honor. >> the hall of fame class is headlined by michael jordan. it includes stockton, c. vivian stringer and jerry sloan.
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great class indeed. >> college football tomorrow. >> atmosphere is essential for any good restaurant. >> there's one that take ustous a whol
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a los angeles woman who was the world's oldest pan passed away. gertrude banes died at the age of 115. when she was born, just 44 states and cleveland was
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president. imagine inever enjoying france's food while suspended off the ground. the high-rise dinings pierce the thought of achieve. the chef did a test run this afternoon. they will enjoy the meal and view this weekend. all proceeds will go to charity. okay, okay. >> how can you enjoy dinner strapped into a chair
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letterman is next with actor michael douglas. i'm vic carter. and i'm denise koch. have a


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