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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 22, 2009 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> dave: cal on the move. and a tie game at 21-21. but jahvid best has not been a factor in the second half. only three carries for a total of four yards since halftime. >> bob: they were three plays and punt on each of the three first possessions. >> dave: first down at the minnesota 32.
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cal ranked eighth in the country. trying to end the four-game losing streak. they go to oregon next week. and host usc, two weeks from tonight. play-action for riley. and riley, throws it on the money. pulled in by jeremy ross. and he steps out at the 1 yard line. >> bob: that was a well-designed play, by andy ludwig, the defensive coordinator. they had a time-out. they went to the sideline. they took some time. said this is what i want. just a great throw. laid it out. threw it to the corner. big play. >> chris: you allow receivers free releases downfield. you put pressure on safeties. you have to get some type of jam to slow that timing up. >> dave: first and goal from the 1. now, they give it to best. and he's not going to get in.
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trying to go up high. and lee campbell cut him down. >> chris: good job by moen to get penetration and force the cutback. meeting the man at the highest point. >> bob: defensive line for minnesota has really stepped up. the front seven, the linebackers, the defensive line, have shut down this running game for california. >> dave: they give it to best again. this time, he's in. cal retakes the lead on best's fourth touchdown of the day. >> chris: nice call by going outside. they trust his speed. justin cheadle's pulling out there. he doesn't have anybody to block. you see 10.3 100 meters outsprints everybody to the pylon.
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the utes come calling. >> dave: if they beat utah, they have cal next week. the bears have the lead by seven. minnesota ball, just shy of the 40 yard line. weber in trouble. still got rid of it. and throws an interception to mohamed.
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>> bob: what pressure will do for you. he throws it up for grabs. >> chris: miscommunication on the front line of the gophers. there's a free hole, nobody touching you. you cannot let him come through there untouched. excuse me. young, number 9, untouched. you have to slide to the pressure. somebody had a miscommunication. this communication is like the offensive line are like miscommunications in the secondary. they lead to big plays. >> dave: now, you think cal would give it to best, with a seven-point lead. they do on first down. and the cutback, not there. best, wrapped up by simoni lawrence, for a gain of about three. >> bob: that was cal's first interception of the year. after intercepting 24 last year. that was the best they had done in 60 years.
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turnovers will drive coaches nuts. >> dave: those 24 picks, a big reason why tedford won last year. minnesota calls a time-out. and they're looking at his helmet there. tonight, on abc, saturday night football, colt mccoy, and texas, looking for payback against texas tech. abc saturday night football, presented by southwest airlines at 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific. >> chris: you use one of the time-outs, unless they change it because of the equipment issue. >> dave: they did. they did not charge the gophers with the time-out. >> chris: you have to be careful. you lose those time-outs in the fourth quarter, close ball game, that's killer.
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>> dave: jeff tedford telling him that. an official time-out. best is in the backfield again. 20th carry for best. and nowhere to go. gain of maybe one. >> chris: little play-action now. kevin cosgrove's taking a chance. he's run blitzing. that leaves you man-to-man. you can set up the play-action with best. >> bob: he wants to be an offensive coordinator over there. >> chris: i probably should be.
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>> bob: yeah. >> chris: let's see. >> dave: play clock is at six. they run the option to best. out in space. can he get to the outside? yes. and bumped out of play, close to the third down marker at the 34, by traye simmons. >> chris: looks like they're spotting it just short. >> dave: let's see. if it's fourth down, they might go for it here because it would be a long field goal. they already missed a long field goal try today. inside the 35. >> chris: no question. i think you have the best, no pun intended, runningback in the country. give him the rock. >> dave: see where he went out.
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>> chris: it's short. simmons getting his head and body across the bow. >> dave: short. not by much. do you agree with chris? do you go for it a on fourth down? >> bob: let's take a look. i think you go for it. you have one of the best running games in the country. >> dave: you would give it to best, is what you're saying? >> bob: yes. if you have a runningback in the backfield like best and you didn't give it to him -- >> chris: quarterback sneak will take your shot. especially if there's a bubble. there's a little bubble right
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there. you can take your shot at the quarterback sneak. >> dave: that's exactly what they do. and it's going to be close. it is a first down. >> chris: does the quarterback have the flexibility to get the first down? >> bob: the offensive line knows that. if there's a bubble, they can see where the double is. >> chris: like kevin riley, too. he's been snapping the ball with four or five seconds to go on the play clock. >> dave: inside five minutes now. cal leading by a touchdown. he's going to throw. pressure coming. and the pass caught. what a grab. anthony miller, with one hand. they're going to rule him down at the 8 yard line.
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ball was moving around, as miller went to the ground. they rule possession. first down and goal. >> bob: let's take a look. this was a great effort. did he hold on to it when he hit? >> dave: i don't know if he held on to it. >> bob: it never touched the ground, did it? >> dave: i think it did after he hit the ground. he was trying to complete possession. there, it comes out. >> bob: sure, it did. >> dave: you have to complete the catch. >> chris: that's a risky play call. corner blitz, called collado from the corner was late getting there. leaving the tight end wide-open in the middle. >> dave: hard to tell from that angle whether he had possession first, before the hit and the bobble. if he's bobbling it or he's got it. still moving around there. >> chris: i think the ball's moving around. that was a great effort by
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anthony miller. >> dave: we've seen in college football before and we saw in the oakland raider game on "monday night football" on espn, you've got to complete the catch. got to hang on to it all the way. overturn the ruling on the field, which is a completion. >> referee: following review. we have confirmation of a catch. the runner moved. then, it was down. first down. >> dave: so, they're ruling that -- >> bob: they're ruling that it was a catch. catch first and then it came out when he hit the ground. catch.
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>> dave: tough to tell, i think. >> bob: the ruling is, it was a catch first. then, he hit the grouped and it came out. >> dave: first down and goal for california. looking to maybe put minnesota away. here's best. and bounces off, a would-be tackler and falls forward to about the 4. you're minnesota, do you start using time-outs with four minutes to go? >> chris: i think i look at it. maybe on third down, i might use one. >> dave: cal has had 8 plays of 20 yards or more on this gain. that will leave the bears with one time-out. jahvid best, trying to strengthen his candidacy for the heisman trophy. three rushing touchdowns, coming
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into this game. has four more. eight total touchdowns on the year. when he's touched it, he's been dynamic every time. see the best running back in the country? >> bob: he's the best one that i've seen. he got most of the yardage in the first half. i think minnesota tightened up their defense. stopped the run. that's why some of these pass plays that riley has hit in the second half, have been open. >> chris: if not the best, one of the best. what he's best at is the fact he can go the distance, because of his speed. he has 9 career rushes, over 60 yard carries. his speed, we asked about 40 speed. he said he doesn't know.
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but he's at 10.3 100 meters. that tells me he sustains speed over long distances. he plays football at a 10.3 100-meter speed. >> dave: if california hangs on here, it will take an undefeated record to eugene next saturday. and then, host usc. >> bob: they're on the road quite a bit. three of the four games. minnesota, oregon, and ucla are on the road. >> dave: they've not fared well at oregon or at ucla. the bruins are coming off a road win in knoxville. second down and goal for the bears. inside of four minutes. leading by seven. one time-out left for jeff tedford and company. >> chris: cal was excellent in
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the red zone. 12 of 13 on the year. ten of those were touchdowns. they know how to finish, coming into the ball game. >> dave: riley fakes, the end around. hits best. best makes one move. and then, downed at the 2. triplett made the tackle. third and goal for the bears. >> chris: good job by royston, playing man-to-man. trying to get behind the big offensive linemen. playing disciplined football. really, a good tackle in the open field. the troops were there to help him. >> dave: royston, coming over from wisconsin. third down and goal for cal.
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>> chris: go outside. give it to 40, outside. >> dave: eighth play of the drive, after the interception. >> chris: there it is. >> dave: best, running left. he's got the corner. fifth touchdown for jahvid best. >> chris: you've got to do it. >> dave: david and lisa best, have seen their son hit pay dirt five times today in minneapolis. that ties a school record. best, now with eight rushing touchdowns on the year. nine overall. 23 carries, 133 yards and 5 touchdowns. the point-after makes it 35-21, bears.
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♪ tell me who's watching. (announcer) it's right here. it's easy. ♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me. ♪ it's the money you could be saving with geico. came back. tied the game at 21-21. cal scored the last two touchdowns to take a 14-point lead. first down and 24.
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weber in trouble again. gets out of there. completes it to kayo carpenter. and that could be the final play. we'll see how quickly minnesota gets up here to the line of scrimmage. weber's pass, intercepted. that's the second pick today for michael mohamed. four seconds left. cal will take a knee and end the game. so, the bears survive. they'll go to 3-0, with games at oregon. home against usc, the next two weeks. >> chris: cal played their first four-quarter ball game. and they responded well to the challenge, after having blowouts the first two ball games. valuable experience, taken on the road, when they come up with
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tough games with oregon, usc and ucla. >> dave: jahvid best with five touchdowns today for california. there's no question, tebow and mccoy have company, in terms of heisman trophy candidacy. best, five scores, as cal wins in minneapolis, 35-21.


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