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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  September 24, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good morning, maryland. now, don scott, marty bass, breaking news with mary bubala, your first-warning weather, and traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news
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station. and good morning, we have a beautiful view of mount vernon this morning in baltimore city. it's warm and sticky out there. i'm mary bubala in for don scott today. let's start with marty. let's look at how the day will square away, it's in the low 70s right now. going for a temperature of 82. look at this evening, the second day of fall, we're going to be two shy of 80 at dinner time. warm and sticky, partly cloudy through the day. now to sharon gibala in traffic control. >> reporter: good morning. the good thing is we haven't pick up any new problems. we have the same ones including a downed pole blocking fox hole farm. the fire activity at 83.
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police activity at liberty heights and the baltimore book festival downtown, watch for lane closures on charles and madison. a water main break at bell claire road. there's a look at 95 at whitemarsh looking good. new issues at liberty road. there's the beltway on frederick road. everything running smoothly. wjz is always on. for traffic information, log onto thank you very much. here's what people are talking about. leaders of the economy's top 20 are in pittsburgh for the top 20 summit. they're facing fired up crowds and daunting challenges. powers meeting in pittsburgh to chart a road map
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to recovery. they believe part of the solution needs to be a tough set of financial rules. >> we put an end to the greed and the excess of abuse and prevent a crisis from happening again. >> it will tackle issues including climate change. while leaders are busy, they worry about protests. >> worried they will do damage. >> reporter: she manages a dry cleaning service downtown and isn't taking chances. she had her windows boarded up. donald jefferson is shutting down his shoe shine shop and stands to lose up to 400 in business. >> doesn't sound like much, but for a shoe shine man that's a lot of money. >> reporter: pittsburgh will live up to its name with steel
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fences put up. thousands of additional police have been brought in to keep the crowd under control. >> i've never seen anything like it. it's amazing. it's part of history. >> reporter: police may have already gotten a glimpse of what to expect. a group of green peace activists staged a dangerous stunt and a dozen people were arrested and the summit hadn't even started yet. >> hundreds after officers from other cities and towns volunteers to provide the security. police officers and hazardous material units are ready. acorn is fighting back against the maker of that controversial hidden-camera video. now acorn and two employees preparing to take the film
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maker to court. mike explains the basis for the lawsuit. >> reporter: good morning, mary. the will -- law states you can't record someone's voice without their permission. she posed as a prostitute and he has a pimp. the couple enters the office seeking advice from counselors on how to run the business. >> dancing. >> it's not dancing. >> dancing is considered an art. >> sex is kind of like dancing, right? >> acorn, an organization representing low income families is fighting back. >> in maryland we have a right to say dumb things in the privacy of our offices or homes without being taped. >> reporter: now freeman is filing charges. >> maryland law requires two-
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party consent. if i want to tape a conversation with you, i have to tell you i'm doing it and you have to agree. >> there's going to be 13 girls coming into the house. >> the lawsuit seeks damages from the two film makers and the distributor. >> no one is defending the statements they made. even they acknowledge it was foolish but they have a right to privacy. >> reporter: the damage has been done for acorn. congress voted to cut off the funding and the irs are no longer doing business with the organization. two attorneys representing acorn in the lawsuit, one from baltimore, the other from new york. as neighbors continue to clean up the mess left at the water main break, officials warning them to be on the lookout for people passing
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themselves off as contractors. >> if they hire an unlicensed contractor they will not be protected and put their home at huge risk. >> crews trying to repair the pipe that dumped water into the neighborhood. many neighbors without power this morning. >> approved today, the slots parlor is closer to permission. they grant it to ocean down near ocean city. it's the first of five to be awarded. >> it's official, the board of estimates votes to make city budget cut, that means layoffs and furloughs. there's still more uncertainty ahead. >> the city workers lose a
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minimum five days pay. >> we have not looked at any other options like legal options but want you to know it's on the table. >> the furlough plan saves 13 and a half million dollars or that means five days without pay. >> they've been asked to sacrifice a great deal. they're living from paycheck to paycheck. difficult for them to lose a few hours. that means it may not pay for the medication and might not be able to pay a bill. >> remember this in the year 2000 when police and fire protested cuts and layoffs in the demonstration outside of city hall. it could see something like that again this year. >> he wants a guaranty workers
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will be furloughed. >> i can't commit to it. but it's on the table for an option. >> police and fire unions working with the city on how to save without mandatory days off. >> worse case scenario, if we can't and they will not participate, there's a plan b, layoffs are on the table. >> reporting from city hall, back to you on television hill. >> the first date for city workers will be october 9th. words of warning from the secretary of homeland security as transit officials tighten security. >> we don't want to live in the state of fear or alarm, but we want everyone vigilant about their surroundings and report any suspicious activities to
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authorities. >> this comes as they continue to investigate a plot to plant bombs inside transit systems. >> we encourage you to send questions into, the link at the top of the home page. look for the answers to your questions from bge's energy experts. turning to sports as the baseball season winds down, the o's not saving their best for last. the team trying to break a bad losing streak. the o's pitching struggled and they lose 3-7. that's 7 losses in a row. >> we go to cleavland, the cleavland browns coming to baltimore to play the ravens on sunday. let's look at the day part. going to be a fairly sticky day
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to say the least. yesterday the sun came out. >> doug walked in the house and said is it me or is it a hundred degrees out this? >> felt like it. i went to the game yesterday and running errands and had jeans on, flip-flops and shorts. the day for sure. going for an 82-degree lunchtime reading. dinner time it's going to be two shy of 80. going to be a gorgeous late afternoon and evening. ronster is outside in mount vernon, how many years they been doing the book festival here? >> reporter: believe it or not, this is the 14th year. >> you. >> reporter: that's what i said when i realized that. wow is right. the baltimore book festival
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opens tomorrow. we'll tell you what you need to know and meet one of the authors, it's all coming up when we eyewitness news morning edition rolls on.
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welcome back. >> we're half hour from the rockette coffee with, with on your suggestion and a second from julia dreyfus, the rockettes do the eliane dance. calm winds, localized fog not out of the question. the story is how warm and humid it is. 51 in oak land two mornings ago. oakland, 70 elkton. down to 77 ocean city. ocean city was 78. 72 annapolis. 73 in d.c. this temperature display comes from, we're not getting readings from bel-air,
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but it's almost 70 there and in kent island. we had a couple of light showers moving through. we're left with broken clouds this morning. the next event is the front dropping from the north. it's going to bust us into some cooler, less humid air, 85, just a mention of a shower in a couple of spots. a thunderstorm as the front dives out of the north. behind it tomorrow, beautiful 75 degrees, much lower humidity on saturday, 71, 75 to kick off for the ravens game. out to sharon gibala in traffic control. >> it took a while but we picked up our first accident of the morning. this is 285 in the northbound lanes on the way to westbound to 175, everything running smoothly. we also have that downed pole
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blocking fox hole farm drive. two fires on west 41st at 83. misactivity on liberty heights and the baltimore book festival affecting some lane closures. watch for a water main break between maryland avenue and bell claire. there's the west side of the beltway. no issues on route 50. the report brought to you by toyota and your dealer where you find a service dealer to keep your toyota running smoothly. going to mount vernon. >> good morning, the 14th annual baltimore book festival gets underway tomorrow.
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she's written two books and going to talk to her in a second. >> how are you? >> it all starts tomorrow. >> it starts tomorrow from noon to 8:00 p.m. on friday and saturday and from noon to 7:00 p.m. on sunday. you can come to the festival, visit the salon to see torre johnson and giving career advice. >> besides some famous authors that will be here, actress who played marsha on the brady bunch. >> we have walking tours, you can tour the historic sites. we have children's parks for families. >> reporter: cooking demonstrations. >> reporter: thank you very much. thank you for coming out.
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>> thank you for having me. >> you're going to be here all weekend. >> i have something going on every day at the festival. >> let's show this first, this is your first book and it's called? >> standing for socks. >> she puts on mismatched stocks and decides to use it to propel her to win the student council election. >> standing for socks. >> this is the trouble with mark hopper. it's about two very different boys named mark jeffrey hopper and live in the same town. >> you teach. >> i do. >> where? >> at the university of baltimore. >> reporter: what course? >> i teach a writing for children course. >> reporter: you've written two books are more coming? >> hopefully. >> reporter: congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> this is one of the great
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things, you get the meet local authors. >> reporter: let's go over the hours again. >> it's from noon to 8:00 p.m. also we want to mention obviously around mount vernon. the streets are open. as we get into the festival hours, you can check on and see that a lot of the streets will be closed for the 14th annual book festival, come down, thousands will be here starting tomorrow through the weekend. thank you for coming out. marty and mary. back to you on tv hill. >> here's the web site. baltimore book festival, there it will be. 1:00 saturday.
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former coffee with guest. he was interesting. everyone always says in this business, when i write the book. >> i would love to read yours some day. >> no one has written a book that comes close to this business. >> you would not believe it. >> it would have to be fiction. we'll be right back epepeqgpepepepb÷
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now, complete forecast, and the first warning of severe weather. i'm going to tell you something, john point out, there's a computer here in the first warning center that has nothing to do with us doing the weather. it's just internet access. has nothing to do with the forecast. a message last night, hard drive died, don't use until fixed. how can you use it if it died? thank you. taking a look at the forecast for the day. nobody believes me. clouds and sun, that shower about a 20% chance, it's not an
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issue. it's the warm and humid conditions this morning. 85 degrees going to feel like 90. thank you. the recent water main break identifies a problem under our feet. an investigation you will see tonight on eyewitness news. >> reporter: water breaks, the problem is so bad to fix all of it could cost $2 billion. who should pay for it? the city or the government? we investigate coming up. you can watch the investigation on maryland's crumbling infrastructure at 11:00. still to come on the morning edition. >> reporter: the democrat in the annapolis mayor race is out. why she is taking her name off
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of the ballot and what happens next. >> sharon gibala in traffic control. a live look at the accident on 295. that's straight ahead. those videotaped acorn workers strike back in court. eyewitness new, we'll have the story live. 9 coming up, the rockettes in the house. you know what is interesting, once again, i'm standing among four tall people. i feel like a bobble head here. the morning edition continues. you have to stay tuned. [house] wow! i feel like a new house
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thanks to this quick home energy check-up from bge. feels like i'm at a day spa. [ announcer] learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at [sigh] ah... the efficient life is the good life.
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good morning, maryland. now don scott, marty bass, breaking news with mary bubala, your first-warning weather and traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news station. good morning, welcome back, it's the ends of september, the start of fall and feels like summer this morning. i'm mary bubala in for don today. eyewitness news has weather and traffic together. sharon has the look at the roads. >> let's start with some
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temperatures. i think this is the story of the morning. going to feel like mid-summer. any time you have the dew point over 60 it's humid, it's almost over 70. upper 60s in oakland. 77 in ocean city and humid. 71 columbia. 72 rock hall. through the day, it will stay partly cloudy, the sun comes in and out like yesterday but hotter. 82 at lunch on the way to a high of 85. feels like 90. check that out, dinner time. >> in wjz traffic control. watching a couple of issues. >> we're still watching the accidents on 295. we thought we had a live picture, it was a disabled vehicle. the accident many the
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northbound lanes, off the ramp there. watch for downed poles blocking all lanes at fox hole farms. we have fire activity in the city in two spots, west 41st at 83. police activity on liberty heights avenue at ocala and that's some fire video from the two fires. two fires within two blocks of each other at 83. there's a live look outside, 295 at 175 the location of the only accident this morning. the volume building on the topside. but no delays yet. this has been brought to you by toyota. thank you very much. here's what people are talking about, fighting back, acorn and two employees file a multimillion dollar lawsuit against the controversial
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hidden-camera video. wjz is live outside of the courthouse where the suit was filed. mike has the latest for us. >> reporter: in maryland you cannot make an audio recording of someone unless you have their permission. the two that were fired alleged that was never the case, they did not give permission and going to court to protect their right. she pose as a prostitute, he as a pimp, the couple enters the acorn office seeking advice on how to run the criminal business. >> dancing. >> it's not dancing trust me. >> dancing is considered an art. >> sex is like dancing. >> reporter: acorn is fighting back. >> in maryland we have a right to say dumb things in the privacy of our offices or homes without being taped. >> now freeman is filing suit
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and two employees fire after the video went public. >> maryland law requires two- party consent. if i want to tape a conversation with you, you have to agree. >> there's going to be 13 13 girls coming into the house. >> no one is defending the statements that the acorn employees made, even they admit they were foolish and shouldn't have been made. but they have a right to privacy. >> they're backing away and congress voted to abolish funding and the irs have severed ties. two attorneys representing acorn in this lawsuit. one is from baltimore, the other from new york. we are learning more this morning about the police-
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involved shooting. the two officers that shot a man have been on the force for less than two years. the officers say the man approached them with what appeared to be an edged weapon and it was a spatula. neighbors say they saw the whole thing. >> she was shot several time miss . the line of duty. now a police officer is getting back on his feet. the heroics and the hardships of officer jerome shaurette. >> reporter: it was an ambush, jerome shaurette was racing to the scene of a domestic violence incident to help another officer. before he could get out of the car the shots rang out. >> and the bullets came through and the first thing that happened, my whole left arm went numb. >> reporter: he was struck four more times in the shoulder, the chest and the buttocks. he got off two shots wounding
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the suspect. the suspect faces two counts of attempted murder. he thought of his wife and son. >> i didn't feel my chances of surviving were great at that point. >> reporter: now after repeated infections, he's facing great hardship, he has two bullets that can't be removed and a lot of pain and he and his wife are struggling. people are stepping up. employees said they would donate their tips for a week and brought in a thousand dollars for the family. they are grateful for a fundraiser and meals from churches. >> boy scouts have help out with meals and helping with yard work. >> the family that lives over the pennsylvania boarder has had a series of misfortunates. she's disabled by her back and
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her son is disabled. the stress of no help to his wife is taking its toll. one more bullet removedden now the one that took his small -- >> a fun set up to help him. you can find the information on she's out again after days of back and forth, the democrat candidate for annapolis mayor pulled her hat out of the ring for good this time. former white house aid zin pierre points to concerns over her financial history for her decision. >> reporter: zin pierre responding to reports that which she is out of the case
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for good. she is out of the annapolis race. >> i don't think she should give up. you have mayors in d.c. and new york that went down. we're in a recession. who are they do judge her? >> reporter: she fessed up to reports of financial trouble with her small business, mortgage and bounce checks. >> have i ever been late on paying a bill because my funds could not stretch far enough and trying to make decisions as a business owner that the staff was paid before me, i did. this is the first time the state elected an african american in the primary, she had mistakes and talked about them. >> it would have been difficult for her to continue.
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>> reporter: now to voters have three choices on election day. >> i haven't part of a negative campaign, it doesn't change my strategy. >> will it be one of the folks in the primary? >> good question. >> i will be back stronger. >> reporter: i did put calls into the republican candidates and none returned the calls. the governor of massachusetts will announce a candidate for ted kennedy's seat today. paul kirk jr. is a likely
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candidate. in this morning's news, which is most effective for the flu, the shot or the spray? getting a shot in the arm was twice as effective as using a nasal spray. a new vaccine may cut a person's risk of contracting the aids virus. it cut rates by 30%. the findings were published after 16,000 volunteers participated in the world's largest aids vaccine trial. make sure you come out to the great prostate challenge. marty will be there on saturday at st. joseph medical center. a football stadium used to
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create this unbelievable long distance basketball shot. he went to the third deck and the basket was placed on the field. just watch. there it is. he's part of a group called dude perfect that became an internet sensation for attempting over-the-top shots. catch the game here on wjz. coverage kick off at 1:00. we have to set this up. yesterday on coffee with, if you were with us, you saw a great five minutes with julia dreyfus. we taped that on tuesday. minutes after julia dreyfus, the interview was over, four members of the rockettes walked in to tape today's coffee with.
6:41 am
during the interview, i was musing julia, i got the rockettes waiting outside and want to do something more interesting than they're here it's a great show, tickets available. something to watch. mary says. >> i wonder if they can do the elaine dance. >> it was a segment on seinfeld where she made a fool of herself doing this dance. next thing you know, it's julia dreyfus, thank you very much for being us, good luck on the new season of your tv show. literally, one minute later the rockettes walked in and on the advice of julia dreyfus, the idea of mary bubala will come to fruition on this day's coffee with. >> you have to see it. >> they've become a symbol of the holiday season. the rockettes are more than just a bunch of dancers.
6:42 am
they're as elite as a profootball team. this christmas show, it is relevant it is one of the greatest things you'll ever want to see. >> spectacular. it is. >> it was so successful last year they're doing it again. they're coming to baltimore. coming up on coffee with, the rockettes. stay tun
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96% humid. during the overnight, a couple light showers through the region, helped to make it that much more humid. now the next big event is a cold front from the northwest, that's going happen tonight. there's a brief mention of a shower in the forecast today. i don't think we see any. 85 is the high.
6:46 am
the front in the region, have to mention a chance of a thunderstorm. we have the unstable air mass, 58 is the low. tomorrow beautiful, 75 degrees, the weekend looking great. 71 saturday and sunday for the football game and kickoff. monday and tuesday, 71 degrees. >> over to sharon gibala in traffic control. we're starting to see some delays on the traffic cameras and have a new problem on 95. that's a disabled vehicle in the northbound lanes at the tunnel blocking toll lane 4. the accident on the westbound ramp to 175. we have that fire activity, two fires within two blocks of each other at 83, police activity on liberty heights. there's your drive times and delays on the beltway. the west side 795 to 95, 39
6:47 am
miles per hour is your average speed. 295, we have the accident. everything running smoothly. traffic slow on liberty road. traffic slow on 95. this traffic report brought to you by toyota and your toyota dealer. choose from 16 different fuel efficient models. thank you. one minute after the julia dreyfus interview you saw yesterday in walked four of the most talented ladies. >> and beautiful. >> ladies and gentlemen, rockettes in the house. give them an applause. tell us your names. welcome to the show. december 17th, it was a hit
6:48 am
last year. on the road taking the music show to the country. we're fortunate this year, it's right around christmastime, it's a beautiful thing. we're going to get it out of the way, it's worth, it's the truth, it's worth your time and your money because you may take the kids and may not and may need a babysitter. whatever you spend, it will be returned threefold. >> never seen anything like it, precision. >> great actresses and athletes. >> this this hot garb. >> do you think i'm going to die out here? i'm burning up. >> yes. some of the costumes are hot. you're just concentrating on remembering where you need to be, remembering to smile, how your leg needs to be.
6:49 am
>> you just looked and had game face on. >> there's so much to think about, we have to go in and realize what we're doing and what steps, it's precise, if you miss a beat, you're off. >> how often are you critiqued? >> every day. every day we get notes. that's what makes it such a precision dance style. >> the director looking at one line, she's seeing one person and if one person is off. >> let's talk about the kick and when you are dressed as toy soldiers, the blue angels, they start those routines very high in the sky and very far a part to get it together and by the time they hit the naval
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academy, they're here. do you start the routines far a part with a lot of room and tighten it up? >> it depends on the routine. yeah, by the time show time comes around we're very, very exact and ready for an audience. >> cool. >> what's the most asked question you get. >> how many kicks to do you do? >> about 300 kicks a show. >> 4 shows a day. >> i have a question, out of your routine, are you good dancers? >> i think so. >> a lot of the audience knows we interviewed julia dreyfus. we said we have the rockettes waiting outside, we have to come up with something they've never been asked and julia says let's think about it and mary
6:51 am
says, the elaine dance. this is it. julia dreyfus say we know they're talented, but can they do the elaine dance? do you want to give it a shot? julia dreyfus. >> i will give it a shot. she's not known for being a good dancer. >> exactly. >> makes it more interesting. >> i'm going to try to be the worst i can be. instead of the best. i can give it a go. like a little. >> yeah.
6:52 am
awesome. >> that was fun. >> you just went into the eyewitness hall of fame. that was unbelievable. i've been doing this show 28 years and that was one of the best moment on the show. december 17th. i'm not joking, dollar for dollar, you cannot beat this. check it out. the routine, it's absolutely one of the coolest. thank you. we're on the way to visit. we're out of here. the morning edition continues after this. awesome.
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the forecast for day, 85 is the high. mixture of clouds and sun, just a chance of a shower. it's going to be hot and humid. now to sharon in traffic control. getting busy on the area roadways. we have the disabled vehicle on 95 northbound blocking toll lanes.
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70 eastbound at 32. another one on with westbound ramp to 175. watch for a downed poll at fox farm. you're looking at west 41st. two fires within two blocks of each other. there's a drive times and the speeds on the west side. the west side is the slowest at 38 miles per hour. 95, tapping your brakes there. mary back to you. the group acorn files a multimillion dollars lawsuit against the makers of the hidden-camera video. two workers seen giving tax advice to two people posing as sex workers. it violates maryland's law
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