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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 24, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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received a frantic phone call from the teenager's aunt, saying the girl is on life support at the university of maryland medical center. her aunt tells wjz, the 13-year- old collapsed at school monday. she was taken to the hospital, where she went into cardiac arrest. this comes just a week before a vaccine being developed at the university of maryland medical center will be made available to the public. they say up to 50% of the americans could contract the virus, killing up to 30,000 and 90,000 people. maryland scientists are now testing the potency of the diluted vaccine that would stress the current supply. >> my trial is to see if we can add a special ingredient to a vaccine, called an adgedent, to potentially use much lower doses of the vaccine. >> reporter: president obama says the country must be prepared. >> i'm optimistic that we'll be
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able to manage this more effectively. but we still have more work to do. >> reporter: as for montebello student, the letter urges parents to send their children to school, unless they become sick with flu-like symptoms. >> reporter: and a letter also asks that parents have their students inoculated or rather get the vaccine as soon as it does become available here in baltimore city. we're live at montebello elementary middle school, jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you very much. wjz 13 is always on. check in for complete flu watch coverage. and updates on important information from the cdc, log onto we want to update the breaking news last hour. a hit-and-run accident. sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene just after 5:00 in whitemarsh. an elderly person was struck by a vehicle. police caught up with that car and arrested the driver a short time later. an off-duty, baltimore county police officer was injured in a violent crash.
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gigi barnett is following that story from the newsroom. gigi? >> reporter: well, denise, there's no exact word on the officer's condition right now. but reports indicate that it is serious. sky eye chopper 13 is over the crash just before 2:00 this afternoon, on falls road, near blackrock road in baltimore county. the accident left the officer's vehicle upside down and along an embankment. the rescue crews had to cut him from the wreckage. and the officer was flown to shock trauma. >> an investigation into the cause of the accident continues this evening. a federal criminal complaint has been filed against baltimore police detective. he is accused of stealing property from crime scenes. and also giving some stolen items. lunsford saturday task force. working on a deal. baltimore city and the police officers union begin contract talks. this comes as thousands of other workers begin taking furloughs to make up a major budget deficit.
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derek valcourt is live with the investigation. and what both sides are hoping for. >> reporter: both sides are going to have to go through a complex negotiation. they, at the same time. to talk about their union contracts. and those city budget cuts. both sides, at least agree that layoffs would make the city a lot less safe. >> reporter: police and firefighters say their contracts protect them from the mandatory city employee furloughs. so mayor dixon wants both groups to cut their share. $2.9 million for the fire department. or face layoffs. >> they're very open to finding out how to meet those numbers if we could come together and discuss it. . >> i thought it made sense. we get to the table and begin regulating the other contracts. they can be brought as a package to our membership to vote up or vote down. >> and that's what happened today. the city needs to talk about $5.1 million in sacrifices
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officers can make now. and the police union wants to negotiate future raises, benefits and pensions. >> and they're hoping to sort of have all of these talks at once? >> correct. >> is that a good idea? >> no, it's not a good idea. we were hoping to have this piece of it resolved before the negotiations took place. because can't project next year if we're able to give any employees a raise. >> reporter: and the city's budget problems likely won't be going away, with the governor needing to cut another $300 million from the state's fiscal budget this year. firefighters worried this won't be the last sacrifice they're asked to make. >> we're not going to do this every three months. if the city wants to sit down and come up with a one-time solution. and a one-time effort to try to solve some of these problems, we'll do that. but we're not going to do it every three months. >> reporter: now, the police union says their talks today with the city were productive. but this is far from over. they're going to have continued talks over the course of the next few weeks.
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we're live at city hall, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you, derek. the firefighters union says they have been asked to sacrifice vacation time. but so far, have not agreed to anything. be prepared for disaster at any time. that is the message from baltimore county emergency management officials tonight. they hold a disaster drill, less than a week after a massive water main break in baltimore county. flooded entire neighborhoods. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene, while repairs continue tonight. and wjz is also live there, with weijia jiang. with more on today's exercise. weijia? >> reporter: when eyewitness news cameras capture mayor sheila dixon as she made the stop toward the 6-foot-wide water main break in dundalk. >> i wanted to make sure we rectified. and it really goes back to, we have an aging infrastructure. >> the mayor's first look at the scene since the pipes snapped back on friday. flooding 70 square blocks.
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>> it really reemphasizes the point that we need federal support. because this is going to cost millions $of dollars -- millions of dollars for this to happen. >> reporter: a major portion of the costs, repairs. public works crews secure this, before excavating the pipes next week. >> especially since we got the muddy soils around there. >> meanwhile, those who impacted this. it's something they wouldn't be struggling with. >> red cross has been helping us out with, like food and stuff. and home depot gave us cleanup kits. >> to make sure if relief is speedy after another disaster strike, baltimore county sped up another drill. and residents could drive through a lane like this one. >> it's one-stop shopping. >> reporter: as the community braces itself for the future, other discussions unfold about the past week, about why the break ever happened. >> the city is partially to blame. i mean, after all, from what
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the reports that we're hearing is that they knew there was faulty pipes. >> reporter: the city law department is reviewing claims. but for now, the mayor wants to be proactive, aggressively seeking funding for improvements. >> this incident that happened just emphasizes that we have a very old infrastructure system. we don't want to point fingers. we don't want it. we're going to make sure we do everything in our power to work with the residents here in baltimore county. >> and for baltimore county residents, there is a disaster recovery center opening up this saturday, at the water's edge community center. now, we are live at the scene in dundalk, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> thank you very much, weijia. now, this devastating water main break magnifies the problem, looming under our feet. tonight, wjz investigates maryland's looming infrastructure. president obama makes history again. for the first time, he pro presides over a united nations
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security council meeting. the council unanimously approved a resolution to have all nations work toward a nuclear-free. and president obama is keeping close tabs on an ongoing terror organization. the main suspect is charged with plotting to set off bombs on u.s. soil. the case has gotten much more serious. >> reporter: terrorism suspect najibullah zazi is now charged with plotting a bombing attack. the fbi initially arrested the denver airport shuttle driver and two others for allegedly lying to investigators. >> he went from passing a relatively minor charge to a charge that involves life in prison. >> reporter: it spells out how the afghan immigrant got instructions and ingredients to make a bomb.
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including large quantities of hydrogen peroxide and acetone products. it also says zazi rented a hotel room, where the fbi found explosive residue. >> cbs news has learned, zazi was on law enforcement's radar for two years. the fbi swooped in after his trip here to new york. just before september 11th. investigators feared zazi may have been planning to detonate bombs on crowded city trains. authorities planned to bring him back to new york to face the new charge. zazi was in a denver courtroom today. and he'll be back there friday. his father charged with lying to investigators, appeared with his son. >> reporter: when mohammed zazi left the courtroom, you would have thought there would have been some sort of exchange between them. there was none. >> reporter: the judge freed zazi's father until has next hearing. and in brooklyn, the third man, charged with lying, was released on bond. the indictment against zazi says he was working with
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others, others the fbi is still trying to track down. drew levinson, cbs news, new york. >> zazi allegedly received training from al qaeda in pakistan. the governor of massachusetts has temporarily filled the senate seat vacated when senator ted kennedy died last month. and that man is former democratic party chairman paul kirk. kirk will serve in the post until voters pick a replacement in a january 19th special election. he is a close kennedy family friend. kennedy died on august 25th from the brain tumor. it's been a mostly quiet week weatherwise. let's take a live look outside right now. will we get more showers tonight? feels like it. meteorologist tim williams and bob turk are updating the forecast. >> well, we have some clouds around. and showing up around northwest pennsylvania, some sprinkles. take a look at radar. as we go further west, there's a lot of stuff across the ohio valley. as you can see, most of this is
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not going to make it here until saturday afternoon. looks like kind of a wet -- let's call it a middle of the weekend period. tim has a look at what we expect to happen this weekend. >> as you mentioned, timing is everything. that is a very slow-moving system. and we do expect it to get here sometime saturday. but when? that's still the question. if it gets here early enough, it will leave early enough and will not affect the ravens game. but we do expect by about 2:00 p.m., the bulk of it will be lingering on our doorstep. it it -- if it starts to linger, it won't be out of here until sunday evening. it's a roughly 18- to 24-hour period of time. in the meantime, tomorrow looks to be a pretty nice day. and bob has your complete updated first warning forecast, outlining this weekend and week's end coming up. >> still to come tonight. problems in pittsburgh. protest and violence at the g20 summit. and it hasn't even started. protecting yourself against
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prostate cancer. i'm kellye lynn at saint joseph's medical center. with valuable information every man should know about coming up. i'm suzanne collins in anne arundel county. over 20 dogs were found neglected in a home here about three weeks ago. now, seven of them are ready for adoption. i'll have that story coming up next. a mild thursday evening. stick around for the updat -- updated first warning forecast. that's coming up.
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suzanne collins reports, they have regained their health and they're in search of an owner to love. >> reporter: three weeks ago, life looked quite pathetic for 22 malnourished and flea-ridden dogs. they were found in an orchard beach house, filled with feces. the owner and her son face animal cruelty charges. but there will be no more empty
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water or food bowls for all but the two who had to be put down. the survivors are enjoying the outdoors for what is believed to be the first time. and they're getting attention they may never have known. >> when these abused dogs first came to the shelter about tee 3 weeks -- three weeks ago, they were very skittish and hid in the back of the kennel. but now they're entirely changed. >> now they're happy to see us. their tails are wagging and they can't wait for us to come in and say hi to them. >> seven of the dogs have recovered fully and are ready for adoption. three are at the annapolis aspca. dog lovers have e-mailed to get updates. >> how are the dogs doing? have any been adopted yet? have they survive instead what's the condition? so i know there's a lot of good people out there. i just hope those those good people come forward and give these cute little things permanent homes.
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>> reporter: the horrible discovery has him thinking about a program on kindness to animals for children. >> i think it's important that we educate our children about the abuse of animals and what that means. we want to identify these problems early with our children. these psychological problems. >> reporter: staff at the shelters say dogs would be wonderful with children. family is a little shy with men. blacky is high energy. and mabel is able to offer great love. suzanne collins, wjz eyewitness news. >> now, more of the rescue dogs are expected to be available for adoption in the near future. an anne arundel county man is facing serious charges tonight, accused of possessing and distributing child pornography. he is charged with six counts of distributing and six counts of possessing child pornography. if convicted, ferguson could be sentenced up to 73 years in prison. in tonight's wjz healthwatch, a question for men 35 years old and older.
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have you had your prostate checked this year? healthwatch reporter kellye lynn says many doctors are now pushing for earlier screening. >> reporter: general opinion has been that men at high risk of developing prostate cancer get a psa test and digital rectal exam annually, starting at the age of 40. some doctors are now saying that men should begin testing at the age of 35. >> i do watch the fat content. i don't eat a lot of the burgers and stuff anymore. >> reporter: ron solid cleaned up his diet after finding out he had prostate cancer, a disease that striects were -- strikes more than 192,000 and kills more than 27,000 men every year. >> we are now able to diagnosis more -- diagnose more men with prostate cancer at earlier and earlier stages. and we believe because of that, we're making great strides in curing men of prostate cancer. >> reporter: dr. daniel diet
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rick explains the key to early detection is early screening. >> prostate cancer is in this portion of the prostate, next to the rectum. >> reporter: he recommends an annual digital rectal exam and psa test. >> reporter: the main risk factors, being over the age of 50, being african american, and having a relative with prostate cancer. >> reporter: deitrich says men who don't have those risk factors should consider starting annual testing at the age of 40. >> reporter: a normal prostate feels like this part of the thumb. a cancer with a nodule, feels like a hard spot underneath the surface. >> reporter: annual exams are considered the best means of detection, since prostate cancer often strikes without symptoms. ron had no idea he had the cancer. his only sign was an elevated tsa blood test result. now, after treatment, he appears to be cancer-free. >> doctors are saying it looks good. they think we caught it early enough and got it.
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>> reporter: one obvious question is what can they do to prevent prostate cancer? dr. deitrich recommends keeping a low-fat diet. >> and the great prostate challenge is this weekend. as part of wjz's continuing community commitment, make sure you come out to the great prostate challenge. this saturday. for more information, log onto our website. we have more breaking news to tell you about right now. a car fire, causing major problems on interstate 95 in baltimore county. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene. and captain mike perry has more. mike? >> reporter: we have a very decorative mercedes benz that apparently caught fire, northbound i-95, near white mash boulevard. it does have significant traffic issues. because just a few moments ago, there were two pieces of fire apparatus completely closing northbound i-95, right here at whitemarsh. as you can see, the traffic is clearly backed up almost to the downtown. and it is at a standstill. it looks like fire officials would be opening the road here
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momentarily as this fire is just about out. there are no reported injuries. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you, captain mike perry, in sky eye chopper 13. and time to check in with bob. high clouds around the region. it's going to start turning a little cooler over the next 24 hours. take a look at temps now. 79. warm afternoon. north winds at 3. come back and take a look at friday and the weekend after this.
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a warm afternoon, got up to 84 degrees. really almost like the middle or end of august. take a look at temps right now. high clouds moving in. 81. 82 in ocean city. the dew points also dropped to 63. yesterday, at this same hour, the dew point was around 70. very moist. very tropical. so it has dried out a little. looks like most of the region will stay dry. but could be a little rain across southern virginia. maybe extreme southern maryland late tonight. as it passes by to our nowght. most areas, however, look like friday for the most part, will be dry. it's saturday afternoon, into sunday morning that has my concern for some pretty decent rain. all because of low pressure sitting over to the midwest. it's finally going to be heading out to the east. stuck out there for days.
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spinning around and around. it's brought up this moisture from the gulf of mexico. a warm front. most of the stuff in ohio is going topaz to the south. but -- to pass to the south. but we'll wait for the bulk of the rain to pass through our region. and saturday afternoon, maybe 2:00, 3:00, it starts. through sunday at noon. it's possible that we'll still see some rain activity on sunday for the beginning of the ravens game. hopefully it will be out of here by noontime. looks like it could be pretty wet. saturday afternoon, saturday night. not a great-looking saturday afternoon. and saturday night. hopefully we'll see improvement here. on the bay tomorrow, north winds, 10 to 15 knots. and a small craft advisory tomorrow morning. sunrise, 6:57. sets at 6:59. the bay temp, around 74. tonight, let's call it partly to mostly cloudy.
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last night, we were 69. a warm night. tomorrow, partly sunny. less humid. high in the mid-70s. and the clouds built tomorrow night. look for rain to break out sometime saturday afternoon, continuing into sunday afternoon. 24 hours. maybe an inch or more of rain in some locations. >> okay. >> thank you, bob. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. a.i.d.s. breakthrough for the first time ever. a possible possible vaccine to prevent the illness. take a close look. a warning about safety on the rail lines. what it has to do with this summer's deadly crash in washington. with four wheels and a television camera, it's a way to get engaged in the nation's hottest topic. i'm gigi barnett, coming up in tonight's school watch report. we'll explai
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it is 6:30. 39 degrees with some clouds in the region. good evening, were. -- everyone. security is tight in pittsburgh, where the g20 summit will begin this evening. president obama will host leaders from the world's wealthiest nations. but as teri okita reports from wjz from pittsburgh, protests may overshadow what happens at the summit.
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>> reporter: police used pepper spray to turn back protestors as the situation started to escalate. >> i hereby declare this to be an unlawful assembly. >> reporter: a noisy crowd gathered in pittsburgh; their numbers grew, just as president obama landed to join foreign dignitaries. leaders from the world's 20 most powerful and developing economies are here to discuss the aftermath. global financial meltdown, as host, president obama wants to keep the meetings focused on saving the economy, rather than the angry demonstrations outside. >> i'm skeptical to a degree. but i'm also hopeful. >> reporter: these high-level summits are a magnet. which means pittsburgh has to magnify a giant security force, including the national guard, state troopers and city police. >> reporter: streets are blocked and police have been ready for trouble for days. >> we have a beautiful city. but it's all boarded up. >> reporter: the real work will go on here, at the city's
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convention center. president obama wants tougher rules for financial institutions. but the europeans are putting bankrupt bonuses at the top of their list. and want the white house to agree to a salary cap. >> hopefully they can accomplish them things. but i'm not really optimistic about a whole lot. >> reporter: the official hope is tonight at pittsburgh's botanical gardens. the obamas will greet their guests and then sit down for a working dinner. in pittsburgh, teri okita, wjz eyewitness news. >> there is no estimate at how many people are expected to be in pittsburgh for the summit. a potential breakthrough in the worldwide battle against a.i.d.s. for the first time ever, an experimental vaccine has prevented infection from the a.i.d.s. virus. the vaccine cut the risk of becoming infected by more than 31%. the results come from the world's largest a.i.d.s. vaccine trial on more than 16,000 people in thailand. even though the benefit is modest, it is the first evidence that a vaccine is
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possible. the breakthrough came by combining two previously unsuccessful a.i.d.s. vaccines. >> fire investigators determine the re that damaged a day care in harford county. sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene. staff and children were safely evacuated after the fire erupted on the morning of september 3rd. fire department's marshall's office has determined that a ceiling fan and light fixture has caused the fire which caused $175,000 in damage. federal officials are warning transit systems to recheck the safety of their rail lines. as mike schuh reports, this warning comes while the investigation continues into the recent fatal metro crash in d.c. >> reporter: this crash in june claimed nine and injured 80. so far, the ntsb hasn't pinpointed the cause. but the main sensor is getting a loot of attention. because they're not yet sure. >> reporter: the board has asked transit systems around the country to let them know
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what steps they have taken or will take to insure commuters are safe. >> the mta hasn't made any changes. however, we have implemented various causes of the system. >> this may not look like d.c. but it is entirely different. >> the mta system was made from a different manufacturer. >> reporter: though different manufacturers, there are similarities between the train controls of d.c. and baltimore's metro system. now, mta is checking to see if any of those similarities could cause troubles. >> the mta's signal-safe system is a fail-safe system. what that means is if any component in the system fails, it stops the movement of trains. >> reporter: woe no one can -- no one can guarantee complete safety. but officials here are confident enough to say. >> yes, the system is safe. >> the system for the d.c. metro is in the process of
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being upgraded, with completion expected by the end of 2010. it's only under construction. but eventually, driving on the intercounty connector could cost you. rush hour tolls could be as high as 35. that works out to $2.35 for an average trip. the maryland transportation authority which will operate the icc will vote on the final plan in december. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. city leaders plan to unveil the first of 51 speed cameras. why a columbia resident is fighting mad that the tv on her rowing machine is permanently set on fox news. and the annapolis entrepreneurs who have designed a line of nascar for women. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. well, start practicing saying loyola university. and not loyola college. that's because the north baltimore school is changing
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its name officially on friday. that's tomorrow. market research found perspective students found attending a university more prestigious. loyola says the designation is a better fit for the school. with 3500 undergrads and 2600 graduate students. the school has spent about $250,000 to reflect the name change on campus and beyond. most students learn about history. american government and debates from the books in the classroom. there is a bus in town to help teachers. >> reporter: a step inside this bus begins with a tour that leads to a lesson in american government. civics and debate. it's called the c span civics bus. and this weekend, it's parked in baltimore, on tour around the nation. >> it's a way for us to talk to people. >> reporter: jennifer curran works on the bus, which is named after the public network that owns it. she says the c-span bus stops
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often at middle and high schools as a way to attract younger crowds. >> a lot of kids come in. and we ask them, do you facebook? and they all raise their hands. and then we tell them, you can find c-span on facebook. and you see the light bulb go off on their head, like, yeah, i can see what is going on. >> reporter: they can do some homework for the network in the form of student documentary. >> students can submit a 5- to 8-minute documentary around a topic. this year's topic is one of the country's greatest strengths, and also one of the country's biggest challenges. >> reporter: bethany is considering the contest and already has a topic. >> lack of education. >> different schools, they need money to do things. but we don't have any. >> reporter: the last stop was new haven, connecticut. after this weekend in baltimore, it will make a trip to washington, d.c., to find more students. >> we're trying to connect the dots. and i think a lot of people are
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aware of what's happening. and are engaged. but just need an outlet. >> reporter: and students need an outlet as well. the deadline is january 20th. and the grand prize winner will take home $7500. more than 1,000 students entered the c span student cam contest last year. still to come. teen saves toddler. a dramatic rescue that has one young man being hailed a hero tonight. several new jersey officers shot. what sparked the gunfire? i'm bob turk in the first warning weather center. looking at your weekend. i'll have the exclusive five- day forecast. and wjz 13 is always on. here are the top stories on at this hour. for updates on all the day's news, and the updated forecast any time, log onto
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a gunman opened fire in new jersey. one officer was shot in the face and is listed in critical but stable condition. a second officer was struck in the foot. two others suffered minor injuries when they were shot in their bullet-proof vest. the 39-year-old suspect is in critical condition after sustaining numerous gunshot
6:41 pm
wounds as police returned fire. last year's horrific and deadly explosion at a georgia sugar refinery could have been avoided. that is according to a report from the chemical safety board. they say the imperial sugar company in havana ignored warnings for years. police say a day care doubled as a location for a dog- fighting ring. nine dogs were rescued, with many showing signs of bites and injuries. they were all taken to local shelters. the three suspects have been charged with felony dog fighting. actor john travolta testifies in court. as kelly cobiella reports, travolta described his efforts to save the life of the 16-year- old.
6:42 pm
>> reporter: with wife kelly preston looking on, john travolta described his frantic attempts to revive his son jett. after the 16-year-old collapsed in the family's home, travolta testified that he performed mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, while a nanny pumped his chest. travolta said his son suffered seizures every five to 10 days. the actor then made a surprise admission, acknowledging publicly for the first time that his son had autism. >> it was a jaw-dropping revelation. >> reporter: scientology watchers believe he may have kept the condition a secret because of the way scientologists view illness. >> they believe the only reason a person with get ill is if they are in some way connected to a suppressive person. and that is mainly someone who is opposed to scantology. >> reporter: in -- scientology.
6:43 pm
>> reporter: a member explains why many keep their sicknesses secret. >> it's really a big deal. so how the travoltas dealt with this chronic illness in the family. i'm not sure how they would have been able to explain it. >> but does it signal a move away from the church? mike fleeman doesn't think so. >> i think it came from a place of privacy. i think he was protecting jett, protecting himself, protecting his family. he just couldn't cross that barrier. >> reporter: travolta finished his first day in court, without testifying about the details of the alleged $25 million extortion attempt. >> the defendants are a former bahamas senator and ambulance driver. they have pleaded innocent to the extortion charges. a young girl in utah is alive, thanks to the heroic efforts of a 19-year-old former boy scout. ed to cano saw an suv roll into a ditch and jumped in to help. he pulled the 3-year-old girl
6:44 pm
out of the overturned vehicle, which was sinking in water and mud. the teenager saw that she wasn't breathing and applied cpr, until she was able to breathe on her own. >> once a boy scout, always a boy scout. >> that's a good thing. katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. growing dispute threatens to ignite a trade war between the u.s. and china. could the casualties include american jobs? that's tonal, only -- tonight, only on the cbs evening news. thank you, katie. and here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back.
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another warm september evening across the region. a live look outside. will we get any showers or storms this evening? wjz is live with the first warning weather coverage. first, meteorologist tim williams is live, under the star and the sky outback. with a more detailed look at what we can expect tomorrow. tim? >> tomorrow is not a bad day at all. we have some clouds out there. those clouds will break tomorrow for the sun. we'll start off in the morning with stomachs around 60 degrees. we'll eventually get into the mid-70s. humidity will be a little lower than it has been the last few days. and tomorrow is really the dry
6:48 pm
day before what could be a pretty wet 24-hour period. for the next five days, we send it in to bob. >> looks like maybe rain late tonight. south of our region and northwest of us. and tomorrow, partly cloudy day. mid-70s. cooler at night. lots of clouds. rain expected in the afternoon. into sunday afternoon. hopefully it will be over by game time here. sketch. 75. partly cloudy on monday. 77. and chilly again. tuesday. high only 79 for the middle of next week. cool air coming our week. >> thank you, bob. still to come tonight. there are questions about the ravens' defense, with cleveland coming to town. >> mark gets the answers from the coaching staff. that's coming up next in sports.
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well, i guess it could get emotional, with the browns coming to town this weekend. >> yeah, if the ravens lose, that would be terribly emotional. >> yes. >> hoping that doesn't have to be the case. -- well, the arrival of the browns marks a homecoming for former raven jamal lewis. but the running back may not play. he is nursing a hamstring injury. the ranks are heavy favorites to beat a browns team that scored just one touchdown in its offense.
6:52 pm
greg matus. they gave a lot of ground. san diego reached the red zone. it's that positive aspect that madison wants to talk about. >> for us to do that four times in one ball game, you can see that ended up being the change in the game. and it shows the character of these guys. shows the toughness. and shows guys' ability to make plays. like i said, on the other end of that, we have to stop being down there so much. >> starting quarterback, fabian washington returned to practice today, after he had missed with the flu yesterday. jared gaither is ill. linebacker jared johnson held out with a shoulder injury. you can see it here. our coverage kicks off sunday at 1:00. college football season kicks off. morgan played host to the tigers. bears coming off a win over winston salem, after they lost
6:53 pm
with a win over akron. >> i think we're a good unit. like we're coming together. first two games really brought us together. offense worked on game. defense worked on game. and i think this game was going to bring it it altogether. like morgan, towson hasn't won in one record. this will be the 22nd meeting between two schools. kickoff at morgan state at 4:00 on is the. -- on saturday. it's a day off for the orioles. they need it. the birds continue with a road trip. that series continues tomorrow night. the golf tour swings through atlanta. good start for sean o'hare. birdie on 14, rolls to go 5 under. he finishes four under par, 66. good for a one-stroke lead behind him. and you got it. tiger woods. pulled into second place. tiger with a birdie on par 4. also, one shot off the lead is harrington. to the lip of the cup.
6:54 pm
to the lip. and no further. he would have to tap that in. harrington, one shot off the lead. hockey hall-of-famer wayne gretzky has stepped down as coach for the phoenix coyotes. it's a team in turmoil, with the owner of the coyotes immersed in battle in bankruptcy court. gretzky resigned. his team missed the play-offs each year he was there. final stop, the turf at laurel park. afternoon racing. fifth race. watch the charge on the outside. running on the grass. his name? grazing. and he eats up this field with a rush to the wire. grazing takes the fifth race at laurel, golden dove and icing 104 place. reminder, the jim mckay marylander millionaire day this saturday. >> hope they have a good turnout. thank you, mark.
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don't miss the cbs primetime lineup tonight at 10:00.
6:58 pm
it's the premiere of the hit drama the mentalist. restaurant in southern california is serving up more than food. it's serving up jewelry, diamonds and emeralds. 75 rings are being given away to celebrate the diamond anniversary. starting today, one ring will be given away every day to one random diner for the next 75 days. >> los angeles, unfortunately. that the -- that's it for us tonight. >> thanks for watching eyewitness news on wjz. >> couric: tonight, targeting america. the government accuses najibullah zazi of plotting a terror attack, possibly on new york, and says this man was out to bomb a federal courthouse in illinois. i'm katie couric. also tonight, a first for an american president. president obama chairs the u.n. security council as it adopts a
6:59 pm
resolution to curb the spread of nuclear weapons. and a major development in the war on aids. for the first time, an experimental vaccine prevents infection. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> couric: good evening, everyone. for more than a year, the government has suspected najibullah zazi was up to something, and today, for the first time, it spelled out what it was. a federal indictment accuses him of conspiring to build and explode bombs with the same kind of explosives used in the deadly train bombings in london. zazi, who was arrested last weekend in denver, is expected to be moved now to new york. our justice correspondent bob orr has been working his sources. and, bob, new york was the suspected target, and it sounds like an attack may have been imminent. >> reporter: in fact, katie, newly revealed


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