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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  September 28, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tragic ending. a local high school student found dead, hours after crashing off interstate. >> i'm going to miss him plan. >> tonight, how the crash was found and the investigation into what went wrong. >> hello, i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about tonight. a dulaney high school student dies. but his body and car remained hidden for days. we are live along 695 and new at 11:00, derrick joins us now. >> on the basketball courts, they're remembering their friend, kwest logan. >> he was the most generous person i knew. >> i seen him, we gave each other a handshake. >> when i first heard that something happened to him. i thought it wouldn't be
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something violent. >> reporter: friends say he hadn't been seen since saturday night. monday morning, state police found the body inside his black car, crashed inside a wooded area outside the onramp to 685 west. he was alone. >> it appears that he left the roadway. the vehicle was almost camouflaged: it was really just about a miracle for someone to drive by and see the car. >> i feel for his mom. i know that's got to be -- yeah. >> reporter: it's heart- breaking news to friends in the neighborhood where he lived. many had known him since middle school. >> we helped them. even the younger kids. but he didn't even know them. >> he had friends. >> loved tennis shoes, had over like one hundred pair after
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shoes. always friendly. >> everyone liked it. just really sad and doesn't seem real. >> reporter: the state police investigation will look into whether alcohol or drugs may have played a role. live along 695, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> police say the victim was not wearing is seat belt. the man accused of crashing a pickup truck and crashing a woman was sentence to prison aubry miller was convicted. he slammed the car into the first floor bedroom of mary path sullivan. we spoke with her family. >> mary pat was the heart of our family. losing her, probably the most difficult thing we've had to deal with. but we feel like justice has been served.
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if he just would get his life together and come out in 20 years as a new person. >> sullivan's two children, just seen there, were in the house at the time of the accident. the naval academy waging war on the flu. tonight, dozens are in isolation. so far, academic year, there have been seven confirm cases. right now, 33 in isolation. all students will get the h1n1 vaccine in october. in tonight's flu watch report, state officials are urging all marylanders to get their flu shots this year. governor o'malley got his for the first time. we explain.
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>> reporter: monday morning. hundreds of state employees line up to prevent the state flu. for many, a first. >> i have a confession to make to you. i have never received a seasonal flu shot before. >> reporter: that changed minutes later. stressing the importance of the shot this year, compared to the past, the governor urges everyone to follow chute. dealing with the h1n1 strain, expected to surface more as the season goes on. >> getting your seasonal flu shot is not going to protect you with the swine flu, but it will help protect our public health infrastructure, the hospitals, the doctors' waiting rooms and the like. >> reporter: by the end of the week, the federal government is expected to announce how many vaccines each state will receive, but it's unclear what form and when it will get here. >> we'll be getting the share based on the population. and it comes in different
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formulations. so some of it will come in flu mist form, some of it will come in multidose vials or shots and some in preloaded vir rings. >> reporter: the state's first pediatric victim passed away on friday. >> this is nothing to sleep on. i never thought it would touch home. >> reporter: a seasonal flu shot now would make all the different with h1n1. >> if not for yourself, get its for everyone else who depends on the same hospitals and same doctor's offices. >> reporter: when the run one vaccine is available in the next few weeks, children, pregnant women, first responders and those with pre- existing heads cool conditions will be first.
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weijia, wjz eyewitness news. funeral service will be held this weekend for the mount airy victims found in a murder/suicide. the financial pressures likely drove charles dalton to shoot his wife, son and daughter. a private service will be held this saturday. a marine from frederick has died. lance chrobot died over the weekend in afghanistan. it was the second tour of the country. tonight, concern over iran. today, for the second day, there was testing of the most advances missiles. at the same time, it's warning the missiles can reach any threatening nations. the u.s. and the allies are determined that iran is going
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to create nuclear weapons. the tests are adding urgency for the meetings scheduled later this week in geneva. sky chopper 13 was over the river in essex. flames consumed the main cabin of the boat. no injuries reported. investigators are trying to determine the cause. annapolis is known for its businesses. kelly? >> vic, a couple of shots have closed week. one owner says it boils down to one thing -- shoppers are not buying as much as they used too. downtown annapolis, filled with visitors year-round, has not escaped the economy. >> at lot of businesses are
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struggling. there is going to be a transition downtown. >> reporter: bill green field owns six buildings. >> foot traffic is not buying as much as they were with the economy. >> reporter: he's not alone. the trading company had its last day on sunday here in main street, although there is another tenant coming in. >> perhaps concern is not the right word. we have a challenge ahead of us. and we need to work the challenge. >> reporter: the annapolis downtown downturn mimics baltimore, where restaurants and stores have shut their doors. >> some of the small businesses with marginally capitalized. with the downturn, some of the businesses aren't going to make it. >> reporter: they say they should market the capitol, the
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water and history. the best assets. >> if we can accomplish channel advise, we're going -- merchandise, we're going to have success. >> reporter: some of the store fronts, including mr. green field's, they have a company interested in signing a new lease. live from fed hill, kelly mcpherson, wjz eyewitness news. new at 11:00, a telephone scam alert. numerous senior citizens are being called, claiming that they are past due on the bills. the scammer says that they will cut off the utilities. you should call the city police if you receive a phone call. launching speed cameras.
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sheila dixon was at glenmount elementary middle school. 51 speed cameras will be installed around the city near schools and highway construction zones. if you are caught going 12 miles over the speed limit, you get are $40 ticket. new terror tactics. beaten to death. a chicago honor roll student is killed. who's in custody tonight. an update on the broken water main in dun dank. i'm bob turk. the complete weather forecast coming up next.
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it is 54 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. the complete forecast coming up. a dangerous new terror tactic is uncovered. it's being called the trojan bomber. there may be few security measures to stop it. an example of the new technique came to light when the al-qaeda operative tried to assassinate a prince. hidden inside was an explosive and a detonator. a cell phone beep triggered the blast. the prince was only slightly injured. the operative got through several layers of security undetected. a poll on the popular website facebook catches the attention of the secret
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service. the poll asked the people thought president obama should be assassinated. it was placed by a third party. once officials were alerted, they removed it. facebook is cooperating with the government investigation. a brutal beating in chicago leads to four teenagers charged with murder. derrion albert was walking to a bus stop when he got caught between two groups. he was hit in the head by several people. they are looking, if at least three others. in prison, roman polanski vows to fight efforts to extradite him to the united states. he was arrested in switzerland over the weekend. he has been a wanted fugitive for over 30 years. the 76-year-old was living the france, where he is a revered figure. some family members of mac
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kenzie phillips are disputing her account. today, she answered the charges about lying in her new book. >> the people who are saying that i'm lying have actually known about it for such a long time that to see them try and discredit me in a public way, to either protect the brand of the mamas and the papas or the protect the memory of a man, who is no longer -- who is dead. >> she went on to say that she loved her father but that he was flawed. a broken water main in dandling dundalk tonight. adam may is there. >> reporter: we're getting a look at the water pipe.
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>> probably three or four sections will be taken out shortly and then we'll have inspectors go through. >> reporter: they have to walk through the other side? >> basically, down that end and up that end. >> reporter: that's almost three miles of pipe installed in the 1970s, now identified as having a defect. >> he said there was nothing he could do. >> reporter: but victims are still cleaning up. many are financially devastated. >> winter time is coming, i'm out hurt from work and i ain't got in money coming in steady. and i don't know. >> reporter: also unknown, the reopening date for a busy industrial road. a lot of people are waiting for browning highway to reopen. when's your work going to be done? >> it depends. we have to go in the pipe and look. if we find some anomaly up the
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way a little bit or down the way, that's going to be delayed indefinitely. >> reporter: if inspectors don't find any additional problems, it will take a couple of months to fix the pipe and road. in dundalk, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. one of the most celebrated pilots of our time is getting back into the cockpit. captain she is lee sullenberger will rejoin. he saved the lives of the passengers and crew. details of the return to flight are being worked on. wouldn't you love to see him in the cockpit? >> here we are, the end of
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september, and it's feeling very much like fall. this week, going to feel very much like fall. temperatures now, it's down and chilly. 54 this time of night, a normal low is around 53. winds southwest, 5. the barometer has been rising. only 49 in oakland, 63 in cumberland. pretty chilly night. 47 the dew point. many places tomorrow morning, could drop to the low 40s. haggerstown, as the day comes out. going to see the winds picking up 10 to 20 most to have day. a bit of a breeze tomorrow. the front this afternoon, defined. there you see it coming from
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buffalo, down through new york state into maryland and the carolinas late this afternoon. some hail reported to the north. some of the lake effect rain showers, it will be snow showers. but this weekend, some cold air across great lakes and some scattered shower activity. for us, that should stay to the north. a nice breeze, however, bringing in nice cool windy conditions. the next two days, breezy. by thursday, just plain old cool with not a lot of wind. by the ebb of the week, the same core high moves off coast. we get the southwest flow warmup. and maybe some rain saturday afternoon. but not a washout. west winds in the bay, gusts as high as 30 tomorrow. the small gust advisory on the bay tomorrow. the bay temp down to 71 degrees. tonight, clear to partly cloudy
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, a few clouds. 50 to 52. the cooler neighborhoods, tomorrow, sunny to partly sunny, not as warm as today. only 68 tomorrow. below the normal. the next five day, chilly. 66 on wednesday, nighttime lows in the 40s. maybe 40 in some neighborhoods. 68 on friday. chance of showers late saturday. back up to 72, clearing and turning cool again on sunday and monday. denise? >> thank you, bob. don scott and marty bass for the updated first warning weather forecast. and coming up. how do the ravens make the touchdowns look to easy? mark has the answer, coming up next in sports.
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we've been talking with
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mark about coach harbaugh and how he's liked by everybody. >> it's a tough love thing. you can't help but like the guy. the results are there. he'll make them work hard and they'll have to like it. that's been the case so far. the injury update. without naming names, coach john harbaugh says some players suffered possible concussions with the ravens win over the browns. the ravens practice wednesday to get ready for new england. they are off to a 3-0 start. much of the credit goes tot big guys up front. three times with cleveland, running backs rushed to the end zone without being touched. >> they are constantly -- before meeting or after meetings, during breaks in practice, work on assignments and techniques. i think it's a credit and
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product of work. they're also talented and play hard. but they are clean plays. >> now, if you follow what vegas says -- the promo here. the ravens are a two point underdog to the patriots. john harbaugh spoke with reverence about the upcoming opponent. see it on sunday here on wjz. the station is at 1:00. reaction and analysis in the postgame show will follow. to the new football palace in dallas. the cowboys and carolina monday night game. panthers up by seven at the half. but the cowboys with a comeback. romo, nice play. a nifty play. it stood for six and the lead. dallas on top right now. carolina, yet to get a first down in the second half.
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21-7. cowboys in the 4th quarter. one week left in the baseball season for the orioles and manager dave trembley admits he is worried about the future, but trying not no show his concern. there is a club option on the contract for next year. the decision at the end of next season. opening the series with tampa bay tonight. showing life in the 4th inning. brian roberts to deep right field. it will just clear the fence. two run homer. orioles with 4-2 lead. they would add to it. they built a three run lead. bottom of the 7th. that lead disappears, matt allobar, albers gives up a home run to ibar. that's the 11 game losing
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streak. they need to win three of the next seven games to avoid a 100 loss season. the numbers do not add up for the orioles favor. >> no, they don't. >> even when they have the lead. it disappears. >> thank you mark. america's biggest movie star in india tonight. >> the best
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america's pretty woman is
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taking india by storm. julia reports new film. "eat, love, prey" in india. roberts will be in india for a couple of weeks, filming the adaptation of the novel. >> all right, we'll be right back.
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letterman is next with felicity huffman. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman.


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