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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 29, 2009 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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accomplices. no car caught on tape. the brutal beating ring no death of a ring chicago high school student. and locked in the no carrier ring closet. an oklahoma city teenager says he was > ring abused and held no carrier captive at home. >> this ring kid's endured a lot before he's basically ring been no tortured for four riyears. this is the cbs no car morning news for tuesday, september 29th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier good morning and no carrier thanks for joining us. i'm michelle gielan. the alleged no carrier mastermind of a ring suspected terrorist plot to no c attack ring no carrier targets here in new york city is due in court today. investigators may be closing in on three possible no carrier accomplices. whitt no carrier > ring johnson is in washington with more. whitt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. today's court appearance is no carrier expected to be brief. zazi is hooking no at a possible life sentence if ring convicted. but authorities are still no car focusing efforts on others who may have been involved in this ring alleged terror plot. terror
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suspect no carrier > ring najibullah zazi will face no carrier charges this morning ring of conspiracy to no use weapons ring of mass no carrier ring no c destruction. the 24 is expected it to plead ring not giity during his no carrier arraignment at the brooklyn federal course ri house. >> this case as a no combination of allegations that we really haven't seen no carrier since > 9/11. >> reporter: ring prosecutorses plain zazi was no carrier plotting to ring detonate bombs on this morning city's transit system on the no carrier anniversary of the september 11th ring no car attacks. no actual ring explosives have been no found, but ri evidence includes possible no carrier bomb-making materials and ringinstruction. zazi also reportedlied a meted to attending al qaeda training no carrier camps like this > ring one in no carrier ring pakistan. but federal officials no carri don't think zazi acted alone. ring investigators have no carrier reportedly ring identified three no possible accomplices, all ring from new york city. no agents believe the suspects ring helped zazi no stockpile certain chemicals from beauty supply no car stores in the denver > area. zazi is apparently seen here on ring surveillance tape loading up on no carrier ring no carrier hydrogen peroxide and ring
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no carrier ring no carrier ring acetone, key i ingredients no carrier used to make homemade bombs about ring no carrier ring about. >> this case looks more serious than so many that we've seen come before us and it's because of the weapons no carrier of mass destruction charge because of his no carrier affiliation with ri al qaeda. >> reporter: while no c zazi will face his ring charges today, more could soon be filed ring if and when no carrier no carrier investigators close in on his possible ring no carrier ring no carrier accomplices. the investigation has already spanned from no c colorado to new york to pakistan. now authorities are getting information that zazi ring no carrier ring may have also traveled to canada no carrier during that time. michelle? >> no carrier whitt > ring johnson in washington. ring thanks. a fourth teenager has been charged in the no carrier ring no carrier vicious beating death of a chicago student who was going home from school. ring no carrier ring 16-year-old derrion albert was an innocent no c bystander who got caught up in a ring violent no carrier confrontation thursday. the attack was no car captured on a cell phone camera. a shooting earlier thursday apparently triggered the no violence.
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two groups of ring no carrier students started fighting after ring no carrier school. albert, an honor student happened to be ring walking to a bus ring stop. for no no carrier apparent reason ri he was clubbed with wooden no c plannings and kicked. >> how no carrier could you beat somebody up that was > just ring walking past that ain't got nothing to do with nothing? no carrier ring that's crazy. >> police say they're looking for at least three more ring no carrier suspects. in ring oklahoma city a 14-year-old boy says he was ring abused by his mother and no carrier ring no kept locked in a closet for 4 no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier 1/2 ri years. mccall and her no friend hammil son are being ri held on no car$4,000 bond. m ccall says he was held prisoner this this house until he escaped last friday and made to a ring no carrier no carrier national guard facility. police say he was malnourished ri and showed other signs of abuse. >> not only had no c the child been kept locked up often and, begin, went days without food but he had also at least on one ring occasion been burned they tried to set him on fire. he'd no carrier
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ring no carrier no car been > stabbed. really a torture type of situation. >> six other children living at the home have been taken ring into no carrier custody, but they show no signs of ring abuse. no carrier ring no two american soldiers were killed by a ring no carrier land mine in the philippines ring no carrier no carrier > this morning. an al qaeda-linked terrorist group is ring suspected. the americans were in the southern pilly teens on their way to help ring build a school. meanwhile, the death toll from the ri devastating flooding in the northern no carrier philippines is ring climbing. at least 240 people have been ring killed so no far. some of the worst ring damage is in and around the capital no carrier no carrier manila. > nearly ring no carrier 2 million homes have been floodeded since the no carrier storms struck over the weekend and ring two new storms threaten to make matters no cworse. it later this week the u.s. and five other ring nations hold critical meetings with iran ring about its nuclear program, but the picture got even more cloulded when iran ring tested its no c long-range missiles, a move called provocative by the no c u.s. joel ring brown no carrier reports. >> reporter: iran test ring
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fired two kinds of no carrier missiles capable of carrying warheads and no reaching israel europe and u.s. military ring bases in no carrier the middle east. the launches capped off a no c weekend of war games, hundreds of ring no carri missiles were no carrier > ring no carritest-fired, commanders in iran's revolutionary guard say their goal was to put their ring country's military might on no carrier ring no c display for the world. ring but the no carrier launches have also set concerns ring skyrocketing across the globe. the tests began just days after the u.s. and top ring allies revealed they know about a secret no carrier nuclear > site ring in iran. the obama no carrier administration and other world ring powers have warned iran to give no carrier inspectors full access to ring that secret site. iran's agreed to let the u.n. in but in the no c long run, the president's top aides that's just not rienough. when the no carrier no carrier u.s., europe, russia and china sit > down with ring iranian officials thursday, the white house has a clear message it no wants to ring no carrier ring no carri hear. ring >> >> demonstrate for the no carrier ring world that it it will give up its nuclear no carrier
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weapons program and ensure that whatever it does is in the no peaceful pursuit of nuclear energy. >> reporter: if that no carrier meeting doesn't lead to an > agreement, the u.s. will push ring for new ring sanctions no carrier ring against iran. president obama has said he wants those no c sanctions to have some bite but there are no ring specifics yet. top no carrier administration officials say their ring focus is no c on the talk set for thursday. ring no carrier it's the first face to face dialogue between the u.s. and iran in > ring 30 no years. joel brown, cbs ri no carrier news the white house. just ahead on the morning news director no roman polanski ring fights extradition. plus ring a baby no carri rhinoceros develops a special bond ring with zoo keerps. first, harry smith has no carrier a preview of tonight's no carrier > ring "cbs evening news." no carrier ring disturbing photos revealed alleged no car misconduct at the u.s. embassy in afghanistan. now there are ring questions about no carri a top official who may have uncovered the scandal no carrier earlier. but was he ring silenced by a no conflict of interest? tonight on the "cbs evening news." ay to plan ring for what matters to you. no carrier no introducing blueprint.
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ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring from the no carrier ring no c and that brought you knut the polar bear ring here's another cute little critter. he's actually not no carri so little. this baby rhinoceros > weighed in at 129 ring pounds when it was born at a zoo in germany. maybe that's ring why its mother rejected it. zoo keepers are staying ri close around the clock feeding it every two no car hours. ring no carrier and so far the unnamed baby seems to be ring no carrier having a ball. france and ring poland are urging no carrier switzerland to > release ri film rowe director roman polanski on no carrier bail and ri asking no carrier secretary of state hillary clinton to block polanski's extradition it to the ring united states. polanski fled the u.s. no car 31 ring years ago on the day he was to be sentenced for having sex with ring a 13-year-old no carrier rigirl. no carrier charlie d'agata has more from no carrier > zurich. >> reporter: ring roman polanski told no carrier lawyers in switzerland he's in a ring fighting mood and will battle no carrier any attempt to ring make him face criminal no carrier charges in the u.s. swiss police arrested the ring no car 76-year-old director at zurich's
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airport at the request ring of american authorities. no carrier he's wanted for a 1977 crime for ring no carrier ring having sex with a 13-year-old. no carrier polanski, who directed ring chinatown and no carrier rosemary's ring baby came to no carrier zurich to pick up ring a lifetime no carrier ring achievement award at a film festival. organizers are outraged. >> we stand by and a wait his > ring release and his next master work. >> reporter: polanski's been on the run for more than 30 years ring sense he pleaded no carrier guilty in ring no carrier california, jumped bail and ring fled the u.s. to no car avoid a harsh jail ring sentence. he's lived in no c paris ever since. even when he won ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carri the ring oscar for the pianist in 2000 # 2, he accepted via satellite. roman poe la plan ska has been in and out of swisser land many times over the past 30 years. he no carri even owns a ring holiday home here. he's never had any no carrier trouble visiting until now. french officials say ring polanski's been thrown to the no carrier lions. his no carrier > supporters here agree. >> it's been too long no it's ring been 30 years. it's not for him no c or for hurney more the
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ring victim. >> reporter: the victim samantha geimer ring came to a cash no carrier ring settlement with polanski who wants the case closed for good. >> i've had a long file to get over it and i wouldn't want to carry hard ring feelings around with no carrier no carrier > me for my whole life. >> reporter: the ring swiss government says up polanski gives in and gives no himself up to ring u.s. authorities his life no car will be confined to a ring prison no carrier ring cell. no carrier ring no carrier charlie d'agata, cbs news, ring zurich. on the cbs no carrier "moneywatch," stocks in asia no carrier > rallied this morning and ring no carrier ross palombo is here in new york with more. >> reporter: asian ri stocks bounced back this morning. japan's nikkei closed up 91 ring no carrier ring no carrier points. wall street rallied, as well, the dow jumped 124 ring points.nasdaq climbed 40. all of this on no carrier news of two u.s. corporate take > overs. ri xerox is buying dallas based no carrier affiliated computer ring services. and drug no carrier maker ri abbott is buying a ring belgium no carrier pharmaceutical ring company. both deals are worth between $6 no c billion and $7 billion. the economic gap between the ring poorest and richest americans
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has nowidened. the census says the top ri 10% of no carrier earners now make nearly ring no c11.5 times those living below the poverty level. and the number of no carrier those ring living in poverty has no c jumped to an ring 11 no c year high. on the flip ring side, the poor economy may be good no carrier news for your health. no carrier > ring no carrier ring researchers say death rates actually declined during the great no carrier depression ring compared to more prosperous times. no carrier researchers believe that when times are good people tend to have bad health habits and smoke and drink more. the economy is changing the no car way ring americans think about no carrier retiring. instead of expensive areas > like south beach and ring no carrier ring no carrier maui u.s. ring no carrier world news say baby boomers are ri scaling back their plans. they're listing no carrier the most affordable retirement 1309s at ann arbor, no carri michigan ring asheville, no carrier north carolina, and no carrieraurora > ring colorado. and no carrier starbucks is making a bold move. now you can ring can do it yourself with a new instant ri starbucks coffee. no carrier it's called via.
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country. new york partly cloudy and ring windy, 65. no carrier miami, ring 92. no carrier chicago, 58. denver sunny and ring no carri 80. los angeles, sunny and no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring73 degrees. time for a check on the national forecast. the latest satellite ring no carrier ring picture shows that skies are gray over the great lakes region. it's nice and clear over the no car nation's heartland where it's police apartmently mild. ring later today, showers will no carri develop across the northwest. it will turn windy and sharply cooler. the rockies and no carrier plains will be sunny and warm. the south will enjoy ring a beautiful day and it will remain ring blustery and quite chilly no carrier across the northeast. turning now sports and last ring no carrier night's nfl action. seeking their first win in their new stadium, the cowboys took on the no carolina panther, but ring tony romo had it no carrier rough in the first quarter and no carrier > ring carolina scored just before the half to lead no carrier 7-0. ring dallas fans weren't pleased, but the cowboys no car turned it around and in the ring no carrier fourth, an ring interception and a cowboys score cemented ring
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a no 21-7 dallas victory. in no carrier baseball the > l.a. ring angels are the champs in the american league west. the angels ring struck early and often against the no carri visiting texas ring rangers for an no carrier ring 11-0 no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier blowout. no carrier then it was > pop the cork time in the no carrier angels clubhouse. in detroit the start of a four ring game no carrier serieses to ri decide the american league central was rained out. the tigers and no carrier twins play a ring day/night doubleheader today. and no carrier ring no carri in the national league, the pirates ring no carrier andy laroche had five hits against the dodgers no c including two homers and six rbis. ring no carrier ring the 11-1 no carrier loss again ring stopped l.a. no c from clinching the nl west. and in atlanta, the ring no carri braves won again to pull ring within two in the nl wild no carrier card ring race. the 4-0 no victory over the fading marlins was no carrier atlanta's > 15th win in ring no c 17 games. when we return another look at this morning's top ring stories. and no carrier patrol problems. extreme budget cuts no hit an
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illinois police department especially hard. ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier
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no carri blustery, gray and quite chilly around the great ring lakes. the midsection of the nation will be no carrier sunny ring and warm. the northwest will turn windy and sharply cooler. ring no carrier no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring here's another look at this morning's top ring stories. najibullah zazi no carrier no carrier > ring a suspected of planning a terrorist attack on new york city is due ring in court today. officials believe he no car had at least three accomplices. and the u.s. is ready to push for no carrier new ring sanctions against iran unless iranians come no c clean about their nuclear ring program. the u.s. and no carrier diplomats from five other nations meet with iranian no carrier no carrier officials on thursday. the > recession has ri been painful for many communities no across this country, but few have been hit ring harder than no a town at the southern tip of
4:50 am
illinois where the toy river meets no the mississippi. how bad is it some dean ring reynoldss no carrier ri has the story. no carrier >> reporter: welcome to ring karo the seat of no carrier alexander county no carrier illinois. to > ring say no carrier its seen better days is a cruel under statement. the county of 8,000 people is half a million dollars in the red. and the recession has no carrier made a ring bad situation no carrier worse. ri as sheriff david no carrier ring no carrier no carrier barket knows all too well. >> god willing we'll > protect these ring no carrier people and we'll continue with what we got. we're ring used to struggling. we're no carrier ring no carrier used to struggling. >> reporter: things got so bad this month that the bank ring no carrier repossessed five of his seven cruisers. four of them sit in the bank no carrier parking lot no now shorn of their emergency lights > ring antennas and even their seals. >> this no c is a pretty extreme ring no carrier example of economic ring no carrier ri heart ship. >> i'd say it's very extreme when it no car affects the protection of lives and property. >> reporter: it no carrier ring gets worse. in addition no to losing his
4:51 am
cruisers, the no carrier sheriff > ring no carrier has lost ring 3/4s his staff, most of them deputy ring no carrier due to budget cuts. from as many as no carri 20 full and part-timers on the staff, ri there no carrier ring are now five. no carrier and no carrier > ring barkett no carrier ring patrols in an suv the governor loaned him, working extra long hours with no carrier ri volunteers from illinois state troopers. >> all together no carrier it's about a ring 92 39 mile round trip. a no carrier ring big area for just four or five people to no carrier no carrier cover. >> reporter: but things look ring no carrier ring a little brighter today thanks to a couple of florida no carrier counties who heard about his problems. had older ring cruisers they didn't need and are no carrier shipping them to their no carrier car-needy colleague. >>. >> as a sheriff i know the demands that he faces every ring day. i just couldn't imagine no carrier facing ring no carrier those demands without cars. >> reporter: no cbarkett believes other parts of the country > should take ring no cnote. >> if the ring no ccountry's economy climate continues like it is ring no carrier currently, i would say it's ring a definite possibility that they're going to be in the same boat. >> reporter: getting the no carrier
4:52 am
cruisers is a ring step in the right direction. now all the sheriff needs is to get his ring no carrier deputies back to drive them. no carrier dean reynolds cbs news, no carrikaro illinois. the final push in chicago's bid for the 2016 olympic ri games is understand way this ringmorning. more than 200 no carrier supporters including former ring olympian no carrier jackie ring joyner-kersee and bart connor left chicago last night for the no carrier > international olympic ring committee meeting in no carrier denmark. first lady michelle obama joins them tomorrow and the no carrier president ring arrives friday to help make no carrier chicago's case. ring no carrier ri this morning on "the early show," we'll speak with the relatives of the three american hikers ring being detained in iran. i'm no carrier michelle gielan and this is the "cbs morning news." no carrier > ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier ring no carrier have some fun with that truck. ring vroom... vroom. ring okay, time's up. no carri > ring no carrier ring here ya' go ! no carrier ring that's a nice one, i made that. no carrier ring no carrier that's a piece of junk. yeah. ring
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. a day in court, faces a judge today, as the search for more possible accomplices intensifies. and nothing but net. the dudes behind these perfect shots explain how it's done. i'm intrigued. more news, first morning weather and your first traffic report of the morning in a
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couple of minutes.
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this is wjz, wjzdt and wjs tom. >> good morning maryland. now don scott, marty bass, breaking news with mary. your first morning weather and wjz traffic control with sharon. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> overhead, it is a very starry day. this is the last tuesday in september. sharon will have your traffic after marty's first traffic weather. >> let's take a look at how this day is going to square away. we are going to be on the pleasantly cool side. with a high temperature in the low 70s, normal is in the mid 70s. with a lot


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