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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  September 29, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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this is wjz, wjzdt, and, baltimore. >> good morning maryland. now don scott. marchty bass, breaking news with mary and wjz traffic control. it's wjz, maryland's news station. >> it is the top of the hour and is a cool, but comfortable start to the last tuesday of september. second to the last day of the
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month. we have a few traffic problems. sharon will detail those. and marty is over in the first warning weather center. >> let's take a look at the day part. it is on the cooler part. 49 degrees in downtown right now. 51 degrees over the next couple of hours, on its way to a 69 at lunch. on its way to a high of 71, 72. maybe this day will be around 70. we'll see how it goes. 64 degrees this evening. it's going to be a pleasant, fall looking and feeling day. a bit below normal. don. >> here is sharon and wjz traffic control. >> hi don, good morning. we have a big problem to talk about. at the southwest side of the beltway, we have an accident on 95 in the southbound lanes just past the southwest side of the beltway. you are looking at a backup already, because it is blocking two lanes. the speed there with our closest speed sensor at 13 miles an hour. meantime, we have that accident involving a pedestrian in
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middle river. kingston road. fire activity to report. we also have debris now on 50 westbound on the bay bridge blocking the right westbound lane. there's a live look at 83 at the beltway. everything looking good there. no issues on the west side of the beltway at liberty road. there's a look at 95. that's the closest camera we have to that accident. no delays there just yet. we'll keep you updated. wjz13 is always on. for traffic information, log on to don, back over to you. here's what everybody is anticipating. the man accused of plotting the terrorist attack in new york is due in court there today. he is expected to be under very tight security. >> terror suspect, najibullah zazi will face charges under conspiracy to use weapons of mass destruction. he is expected to plead not
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guilty during his arraignment at the brooklyn federal courthouse. >> this case has a combination of allegations that we haven't seen since 9/11. >> prosecutors claim zazi was plotting to detonate bombs of new york city's transit system on the anniversary of the september 11 attacks. no explosives have been found, but evidence includes possible bomb making materials and instructions. zazi reportedly admitted to attending al-qaeda training camps in pakistan. but federal officials don't think zazi acted alone. investigators have reportedly identified three possible accomplices, all from new york city. >> agents believe the suspects helped zazi stockpile certain chemicals from beauty supply stores in the denver area. zazi is seen here loading up on hydrogen peroxide and acetone. key ingredients, authorities say, used to make homemade bombs. >> this case looks more serious than so many that we've
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seen come before us. it's because of the weapons of mass destruction charge. >> reporter: while zazi will face his charges today, more could soon be filed if and when investigators close in on his possible accomplices. in washington, johnson, wjz eyewitness news. >> a dangerous new terrorist tick take is being uncovered. al-qaeda is using people as walking explosives. hidden inside their body cavities, explosives and a detonator. experts tell cbs news a beep or a phone call triggers the blast. but before that, they are believed to go through several layers of security undetected. a marine from frederick county has died in the line of duty. the family of jordan says he died over the weekend in afghanistan. he was on his second tour of duty in that country. officials at this point are not
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saying or releasing the details of his death. a baltimore county woman's search for her son comes to an end as someone spots the wreckage of his car. wjz and mary is live with the latest on this story. good morning once again, mary. >> good morning, everybody. we were on the noon news, chopper 13 showed this accident to our viewers and the traffic tieups. little did we know then that it was a tragic ending for a high school student. on the basketball court, they are remembering their friend, 17-year-old quest logan. >> when i first heard something happened to him, i thought like, it can't be nothing violent rings , because he isn't the type of kid that would do anything bad to anybody. >> he left a party saturday night. state police found his body inside a car, crashed inside a wooded area off 295 west. no other cars were involved in the accident. >> it appears that he just
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left the roadway and traveled deep into that brush, so the vehicle was almost camouflaged to anybody passing by. it was really just about a miracle for somebody to drive by this morning and see that there may have been a car back there. >> it's heartbreaking news to friends in the neighborhood where he lived until recently. many knew quest since middle school. >> he always dressed very different, but it was cool. everyone liked it. i don't know, it's really sad and doesn't seem real. >> reporter: and state police say as part of an investigation into a crash of this type, they must look at whether drugs or alcohol were involved. we'll continue to update you. don, back to you. >> police say the teen was not wearing a seat belt at the time of his death. he was convicted of crashing a stolen pickup truck into a baltimore county home, killing the woman inside. now aubrey miller is sentenced to 20 years behind bars. he stole a pickup truck while high on drugs and then blacked out behind the wheel. the truck would slam into the first floor bedroom, killing
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her while she slept. the frederick county family slain in a murder suicide last week will be layed to rest this weekend. loved ones will hold a private service on saturday, followed by a burial at pine grove cemetery. police say financial pressures likely drove charles dalton to shoot his wife, jennifer, his son and daughter. their bodies were discovered by a friend on friday. crews are making progress as they repair that broken water main that flooded a section on september 18. as adam may reports, the pipe is ready to be hauled out of the ground and workers will get their best view yet of the problems behind it. >> for the first time since that massive water main break that flooded more than 100 homes, were getting a close up look at the damaged pipe. you can see the hole is big enough to crawl through as crews get ready to take it out of the ground. >> three or four sections will
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be taken out. > inspectors will see if there is damage? >> that is three miles of pipe installed in the 1970s now identified as having a design defect, in danger of breaking again. >> after the adjustor left, he said there was nothing he could do. >> flood victims are still cleaning up. dozens are not getting a penny from their insurance companies, leaving them financially devastated. >> i don't have any money coming in steady and i don't know. >> reporter: also unknown, the reopening date for a busy industrial road. >> a lot of people are waiting for browning highway to reopen. when is your work going to be done? >> once again, it depends. we have to go in the pipe. we have to look to see if there is anything else. if we find something up the way or down the way a little bit, then that's going to be delayed until we replace a larger section of pipe.
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>> reporter: if inspectors don't find any additional problems, it will take a couple of months. and the cost to taxpayers so far, hundreds and thousands of dollars. adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> and since that water main break, baltimore county stepped up its efforts to prepare for a future disaster and that means providing shelter for people and their pets. >> we saw some of the lessons learned from hurricane katrina. it was known that many people wouldn't leave their houses because they were worried about their pets. we had to take care of pets and humans. >> eastern tech high school yesterday, the school has been set up as a pet friendly shelter. turning to sports, there's less than a week left in the orioles season and the birded good early on. dave trembley even looks amused. but the familiar story happens after that. the defense buckles and the rays come from behind for a 7-6
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win. that's 11 straight losses for the orioles. >> okay, we have a few more games here. >> uh-huh. season ends on sunday. not a game too soon. the only question now is, what is the final record going to be? and we'll have the scores for you as we do every night. i want to do some weather. i want to talk about something we are getting ready to do on sunday. it involves the ravens and one of the coolest raven associated stories coming up. we have a big area of low pressure sitting right up to the north. let's take a look at this big area of low pressure sitting up to the north. now it is giving us a breeze today. and there's a bit of a fall air mass sitting over the mid atlantic. our normal is in the mid 70s. barely going to get to 70 degrees. let's take a look at the day
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part. 68 degrees, partly sunny skies, and breezy. by tonight, patchy clouds, once again this action rotating around that low, 51. and tomorrow, a mix of clouds and sun, but maybe an instability shower in the afternoon. a 66-degree high, dropping down to 66 because of the umbrella effect of clouds. i got the website of daniel -- i kind of mentioned this and people are talking on this. there is daniel's website. daniel is down in elkridge. it's a legendary spot. a restaurant and a tavern, if you will. >> right on route 1. >> literally. right across maryland every year. it is associated with daniels. we do live shots from daniels. come on back here. i was down at the legendary daniels waiting for somebody to come in to bwi and having a
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beer, knocking around an idea. they have huge ravens fans. so what if we did something involving a ravens game and we did it for the ride across maryland at an away game? i'm going to talk to dick today, but sunday, we are going to do a tailgate at daniels and we will watch the game. there's going to be competitions and all the money raised will go to dick's ride across maryland. >> that is awesome. >> so you know, details to follow this week and we will get people talking on this. dick will interview on our behalf and make sure it happens. so ron -- >> it's done, we are doing it. >> we'll talk more in the newsroom later on today. i want to throw that up. sunday, we are going to be rocking elkridge as the ravens get ready to play the patriots. >> all right. hey, we are at the inner harbor this morning. this is such a great event
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coming up. got the reid smith ravens guitar. it's up for auction, a bunch of guitars are going to be up for auction. it's all for a great cause. we'll tell you all about it when the wjz morning edition rolls on.
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16 past 6:00. > the temperature is skyrocketing. moving up from 49 to 51. it's a cool morning. 76% humidity. winds from the southwest. the barometer is at 29. 64 and it is starting to rise a bit, but as low pressure passes by to the north, it's going to fluxuate a bit. it's low right now. and again, there's a deep area of low pressure. i showed going into the break. it is steaming in some fall- like air and some breezy conditions. 59 degrees, 49 oakland. 59 hagerstown, 55dc.
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54 easten, 56pax river. 53 westminster. 50 columbia. 61 rock hall, 55 degrees in annapolis. it's going to be in the upper 50s around the island. and again, by tomorrow, we'll see some friday afternoon shower activity come around the center of that low, as it presses on off to the east. today, it's giving us a bit of a breeze. so we will be 68 to 70 today. mid 60s tomorrow. high pressure settles into the area on thursday. we get into a southwest flow and into the 70s. 68 and partly sunny. 51 tonight, patchy clouds. tomorrow, with that umbrella effect of clouds, with some sun. we'll drive it down to 66. here's the chance of an afternoon shower. we cleared out thursday. friday, saturday, and sunday, back into the low 70s with a good amount of sunshine. do understand, every one of these temperatures is more on
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the fall-like feel of below normal as much as 7 degrees on thursday, three or four degrees friday, saturday, and sunday. don, take it away. >> here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> we have a big one causing delays on 95 southbound just past the beltway on the southwest side. you are looking at a backup from 195. two left lanes block at the accident scene. only 10 miles an hour. another accident in middle river at eastern boulevard. that one involving a pedestrian. debris on 50 westbound, blocking the right lane on the bay bridge. there's a look at your drive times and your speeds on 95 as well as the top and the west side of the beltway. there's a look at 295. slight delays on 295 from the beltway. you can see the west side of the beltway is slow as well. this is brought to you by toyota. choose from 16 different fuel efficient models. toyota moving forward. don and marty, back to you. >> really cool ravens
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associated story. that's a beautiful guitar. >> bruce springsteen right here. wait until you hear about this. great to be here again this year. this is the 10th anniversary, where paul smith guitars and john's hopkins hospital have partnered for a big fundraiser. michael is here with the kimmel cancer center. thanks for being here again. > thanks for having us. >> the event is when and where? >> sunday evening at rams head live, one night, one show, one cause. really an unbelievable lineup. after the ravens game. >> after the ravens beat new england. >> it's a phenomenal lineup. back door slam, michael jackson's guitarist, miles kennedy, front man of alterbridge and the johnny highland band and paul smith, who is hosting his event. >> you have ten guitars that are going to be auctioned off. >> yes.
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this is the legendary east street band, timing couldn't have been better for this one, unique top in black cherry. a phenomenal ray of guitars. paul and those employees really push it out for us and we have been able to pull together guitars from carlos santana, michael phelps. cal ripken, you saw our ravens guitar. >> we will show that again. you have a nascar guitar also. >> sure. late entry into our auction catalog was a nascar guitar from the rock and roll 400, jimmie johnson, dale earnhardt, jr. really fabulous guitar. >> thank you very much. your name, sure? >> paul. >> paul reid smith joining us. paul, how are you doing? >> i'm good. >> great to see you. >> thank you. >> you have done so much. how did you get involved in this? you raised $1.5 million in nine years for the kimmel cancer
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center. i didn't think it was a good idea. guitars and golf, that's not going to work. i was so wrong. it has been the most lovely thing to be involved in. i was kicking and screaming and you couldn't get it out of me now if you paid me a million dollars. i love it. >> i know you do. we want to show the baltimore ravens guitar. we showed it before, paul. >> did you see this thing? it's off the hook. >> how long did it take you to do it? >> i didn't do it. paul miles did it, one of our craftsman did it. he did an outrageous job. just looking at it going, the team is going to love it. did they love it when they saw it? >> they all loved it. >> the big event sunday night. >> that's going to be at the recker, right? >> rams this year, right. that's exciting. >> well, you got to imagine, davey knowles is coming. he is great. >> great to see you.
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>> thank you, and michael, thank you. give us that facebook address. >> follow us on facebook. one night, one cause. >> thanks for coming out. we really appreciate it. >> what time are we kicking this all off? >> what time are we kicking it off, michael? >> 6:30. bring the kids, all ages. >> rahms head live downtown right here. >> we are doing football talk. i'll be with bulldogs and mary will do football talk. we will get off the air right at, i guess right at about 7:00 maybe? we are coming straight over. >> all right. >> we are dragging the whole crowd over there. >> thank you, paul so much. michael, thank you. you do great work. have a great day, guys. >> game is over at 4:45, 5:00 to 6:00, sorry about that.
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>> always a sliding scale in there somewhere. >> then we do our news and we have the cbs news. so we'll be there a half hour before the show starts. we are going to have a great time. come join us. >> coming up, the radio city christmas spectacular starring the famous rockettes. it's happening on december 17. log on to and click on our contest icon with a ch
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going green to save some green. money to protect the environment at the same time. here once again is mary with some ideas on how you can be an energy saver. >> some good news for baltimore city's energy. families will get help winderrizing their homes. the program being run by baltimore city's housing department will help more than 700 families this year alone. weatherizing helps you save money. baltimore city residents can call baltimore city's nonemergency number, 311, to see if they are eligible for the weatherization program. i'm mary at wjz13, trying to help you be an energy saver. >> for more information on how you can become one, go to
6:27 am and click on our special section on our home page. now yet to come on our morning edition. >> good morning. i'm kelly, you probably walked down the streets of annapolis looking at some of the shops. well how was the economy impacted the retail downtown? we'll explain coming up. a missing high school student victim of a deadly car crash. i'm mary, a live report with details just ahead. >> and sharon is here with wjz traffic control. we'll tell you how that is affecting traffic straight ahead. right now, let's send it over to marty. >> well, how can you win a chance to tailgate with emmett smith? one of the great legends in all of football. stay tuned. we will be hanging this morning. sun is getting ready to come up over the big town. last tuesday in september. a beautiful start it is.
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the morning edition continues right after this.
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this is wjz, wjzdt, and, baltimore. >> good morning, maryland. now don scott. marty bass, breaking news with mary buballa. your first morning weather and
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wjz traffic control with sharon. it's wjz, maryland's news station. it's the bottom of the hour as we get set for a second straight beautiful sunrise. they are having some problems on the pavement all morning long. sharon will have the latest on those right after marty's first warning weather. >> that is pure water clear this morning. let's go ahead and take a look at the day part. that temperature right now, downtown just barely up to about 51 degrees. 67 at lunch. on its way to a high temperature in the upper 60s to around 70 or backing off a little bit. maybe getting into the low 70s. 62 this evening. the fact of the matter is, it will be a beautiful fall day. on the fall like, cool side of the equation with temperatures average 5 to 7 below normal. >> here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> well not quite clear at this hour. we have plenty of problems, including a new accident on 83
6:32 am
southbound. speed sensors at full speed and well above. quite a delay because of this accident. it's past the beltway, blocking the left lane. 8 minute backup there to 195. watch for a crash now in middle river blocking eastern boulevard. that is kingston road. a pedestrian struck there. debris is still an issue on the bay bridge. that's on 50 westbound, blocking the right lane. as well as 95, 95 and the west side, the two slowest spots. there's a live look at 295 jammed as well from the beltway. there's a look at the west side of the beltway at liberty road and a look at the beltway at 144. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. choose from 16 different fuel efficient models. toyota moving forward. don, back over to you. >> a baltimore county teenager leaves a party on saturday night and is found dead inside the wreckage of his car days
6:33 am
later, just late yesterday morning. wjz and mary is live with the late e on this investigation. good morning once again, mary. >> good morning, everybody. the delaney high school student's mom reported him missing on sunday night. the car was found on monday morning, it slammed into a tree. on the basketball court, they are remembering their friend, 17-year-old quest logan. >> when i first heard something happened to him, i thought it can't be nothing violent, because he is not the type of kid that would do something wrong to somebody. >> friends say the high school senior hadn't been seen since he left the party saturday night. monday morning, state police found his body inside a car crashed into a wooded area off the 85 south on ramp to 295 west. no other cars were involved in the accident. >> it appears that he just left the roadway and traveled deep into that brush, so the vehicle was almost camouflaged to anybody passing by. it was really a miracle for
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somebody to drive by this morning and see that there may have been a car back there. >> it's heartbreaking news to friends in the neighborhood where he lived until recently. many knew quest since middle school. >> he had a lot of friends. very popular. he always dressed very different, but it was cool. everyone liked it. i don't know, it is really sad and doesn't seem real. state police say as part of an investigation into a crash like this, they do have to look at whether alcohol or drugs were involved. we'll continue to follow it. don, back to you. >> logan was not wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident. baltimore county investigators are trying to figure out what erupted this boat in flames yesterday. the flames quickly consumed the cabin of the boat as you see. no injuries are reported. it's the capital of our state, but many shops aren't making the capital to stay in business. many businesses are saying good-
6:35 am
bye to main street annapolis. >> several annapolis shops have closed just in the last week. one owner tells me off camera that it all boils down to the fact that shoppers are just not spending what they used to. >> downtown annapolis filled with visitors year round, thanks to state government and the naval academy, not escaped the sluggish academy. >> a lot of businesses are struggling and there is going to be a transition downtown. >> bill owns six downtown commercial buildings, one tenant has gone dark on busy main street. >> food traffic is not buying as much as they were because of the economy right now. >> he is not alone. the chesapeake trading company had its day on sunday here on main street in annapolis, although there is another tenant coming in. that brings a grand total of vacancies to 14. >> perhaps concern is not the right word. we have a challenge ahead of us and we need to work the challenge. >> the annapolis downtown
6:36 am
downturn mimics other cities like baltimore. where restaurants and stores have shut their doors in the last year since the economy went sour. >> some of those small businesses are marginally capt.ized. when you see a downturn like we have been experiencing, some of those businesses aren't going to survive. >> the city needs to focus on marketing the areas best assets. the capitol, the water, and the history. >> if we can merchandise the downtown area, around those three key, viable and attractive components, then we will have success as we start growing our way out of this economy. >> some of the vacant store fronts we showed you, like the one owned by mr. greenfield, those spots already have a company interested in signing a new lease. reporting from fedhill, kelly, wjz eyewitness news. >> also, a warning from baltimore city officials about a telephone scam. the department of public works says numerous senior citizens
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are being called by fake utility workers, claiming they are past due on their water bills. the camera goes to threaten to turn off the water service. it never contacted the customer by phone, only by mail. and in the good news category, this winter's heating bills are expected to stay where they were last year and may be lower. analysts aren't expecting a spike this season. it's believed people who heat their homes with electricity will pay slightly less than last winter as well and those who use natural gas and propane can expect a significant loss in their heating bills. the ravens are seeing their work on the offensive line pay off. the team is having a great success on offense. the coach says much of the credit goes to the big guys up front clearing the way. three times against cleveland on sunday, runningbacks rushed into the end zone without ever being touched by a brown. >> they are constantly before
6:38 am
meetings or after meetings, during breaks in practice, they are working on assignments and techniques. so i think it's a credit and product of work. they are also very talented guys and they play really hard. those plays are clean plays. it's not very often in this league you see that. >> they are working for next weekend. they will travel to massachusetts for a game with the new england patriots. you can see that game at 1:00 this sunday afternoon right here on wjz13. afterwards, stay tuned for our special post game coverage. then catch marty and the bulldogs and mary at the espn zone for a little football talk. >> here is marty and mary tailgating. it was her birthday last weekend. mary, the husband, and the kids were down. it will be great having mary join the bulldog and i. mary is a football fan. she does well with the football challenge. i want to point out one other
6:39 am
thing. this is the -- 11:00 on sunday, we are going to have a fundraiser for the ride across maryland. we will be doing an outdoor grill party, all goes to benefit the ride across maryland. we will be watching the game together on wjz13. if you are over 21, come on out. go down, we will be doing the football talk in the espn zone this week. so we will be at the espn zone and you are more than welcome to come down here and join us for football talk. we'll find out how good our corners are this weekend, won't we? by the way, tom brady, meet our defensive linebackers and front line. >> wow. >> i wouldn't have wanted to see the ravens.
6:40 am
>> no, you wouldn't. >> of course, then again, would we want to see emmett? one of greatest. he is talking about tailgating. i have no idea we were all going to find out together emmett smith joins us on coffee. sharon has wjz traffic control. that's a calm look at the street side. but you know it's not going to be quite that a easy as we move into this tuesday. we'll be back right after this.
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now weather, complete forecast, and the first warning of severe weather. >> today and tomorrow, our forecast is going to be low pressure north of the great lakes. some breezy, cool conditions. by tomorrow, maybe enough instability and a few showers to affect our afternoon forecast. there's a fall feel to the area this day. right now, it is 51. we started the show at 49. 76% humidity. a southwest wind at 9. barometer, 2964. 59 hagerstown, 52 easten. 55 ocean city. 59 in cumberland. westminster, 51.
6:44 am
49 columbia. 61 in rock hall. 55 degrees in annapolis. there's that low and here's this, you know, flow giving us a day where temperatures can average 5 to 7 degrees below normal. again, maybe instability shower tomorrow. but as we move into the weekend, high pressure ridges east, that's going to take temperatures back into the low 70s. today, we'll call it 68 degrees. partly sunny, breezy, and you have to stay on the cool side. tonight, down to 51. patchy clouds. tomorrow, only about 66 degrees and a chance of an afternoon shower. clear skies out thursday, 68. low 70s friday, saturday, sunday is just looking great. don, take it away. >> here is sharon at wjz traffic control. >> we have confirmed that accident on 83 southbound. it is causing a slight delay now. you can see the speed sensor at 34 miles an hour. meantime, that wreck on 95 southbound, still there blocking the left lane with a backup to 195. the speed sensor is at 10 miles an hour.
6:45 am
a new one in towson. a new one also on 50 eastbound at the toll plaza, blocking toll lane 8. a crash involving a pedestrian. eastern bull regard is shut down there. 795, southbound slow now. there's a look at your drive times and your speeds on the top and the west sides as well as 95. there's a live look at 295, jammed there from the beltway. there's a welcome at that delay on the west side at liberty road. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. choose from 16 different fuel efficient models. click on buy a back over to you guys. >> emmett smith, the all time leading rusher. wow. a heck of a website going here. there it is. >> emmett smith. if i didn't do this interview, you did, take it away. >> we talked to emmett and his wife, pat, about his dancing number one. ravens defense, of course, it was bound to come up.
6:46 am
there are a lot of references to the other white meat, because the satellite tour was provided by the national board. >> and please welcome emmett and pat smith to the eyewitness news morning edition. you guys look fantastic. >> oh, thank you. >> and we are going to take care of the challenge in just a moment. emmett, i couldn't pass up this chance to tell you. i was your biggest fan when you were on dancing with the stars. >> i want to thank you very much. it's nice to know i had a guy supporting another guy from a dancing perspective. you know, i had a soup super time doing the show. >> my big question is for pat. my wife loves to dance and we do it all the time. my two left feet don't like to practice. pat, did you know that emmett had that in him? >> oh, no. i was so scared when he told me he wanted to do dancing with the stars. >> she was scared i was going
6:47 am
to embarrass her. >> but after i saw him dance the first time, i said he's going to be fine. >> not everybody loves to dance, but everybody loves to eat and every football fan loves to tailgate. what do you have going on with this great pork recipe challenge? >> well, as you know, you may not know this, but 42% of the people who are tailgating, prefer pork over any other meat. so what we are doing right now, we are showing people and giving people an opportunity to enter into the contest. you can go to the and join in at the great pork recipe playoff and submit your recipe as a recipe that can be voted on and if you are voted as the one recipe to win, you can join me at the big game in miami and we can have our own tailgating party. our own cookoff, our own challenge with my ribs, your ribs, your pork shoulders, my pork shoulders.
6:48 am
your pork loins, my pork loins. we can have a ball. >> the food there you have looks fantastic. >> we have some corn here. we have some coleslaw. we have some chips. >> we have emmett's favorite, famous ribs also on the grill. which are amazing. emmett has an awesome recipe, where he uses cayenne pepper, garlic salt, liquid smoke, pepper, he marinates them overnight in a zip lock bag or a big container. it is absolutely amazing. he is kind of modest about it, but i got to brag on him a little bit. >> it's generally marinated in a big container. we normally fixing about 7 to 8, maybe 10 slabs of ribs at a time. so therefore, i have to prepare my meat the night before. i have to make sure my heat is perfect. i have to get my temperature up to 200, 250.
6:49 am
when i put the meat on there, the smoke is coming. you can smell the smoke throughout the neighborhood. i have birds flying around, hanging out on the walls watching me cook, because it is smelling so good in the neighborhood. >> not only does this man dance and play football, but he is a good griller, too. >> you got it made, pat. >> i got it made. >> look, as long as we are talking football, what do you think of the ravens this year? because we are all big fans on this end. >> i think the ravens are going to do fine. i think joe did a great job last year and he should be turning the corner now. i expect a lot more from him. but i think the baltimore fans are expecting joe to continue to turn the corner and get that ravens team headed in the right direction. they have a great leader over there, ray lewis and ed reed back in the secondary. so your team in baltimore should be competing against the titans and many other teams in the afc side and having a chance to really truly make the playoffs this year. >> and also, i wish you luck
6:50 am
in 2010 hall of fame voting. >> well, i appreciate it. i tell you, i'm nominated in january. hopefully i'm voted in or nominated this year and hopefully i'm voted in. if i'm voted in, trust me, believe me, the tailgate party, you ain't seen a party like a tailgate party we are going to have. it's going to be a nice time. >> lots of ribs. thank you very much. >> lots of ribs. >> i'm going to write down your recipe from the for your tailgate ribs and maybe enter the contest. >> you won't get the whole entire recipe. you are going to get some of it. >> oh, come on. >> the secret side, huh? >> i have to keep some of it for myself. >> all right. >> no one is taking my recipe and competing against me with my own recipe. >> when i win the contest, i'll come down and eat your
6:51 am
ribs. >> thank you. >> having fun in texas. and any fun out in the commute? we'll find you out and updaytime your first morning weather for you. the morning edition continues in a moment.
6:52 am
6:53 am
the world could use a little more space by moving 35,000 truckloads of freight each day csx trains give you more room on the highways because the world could use a little more space csx. how tomorrow moves. here come your updates from sharon and marty over in
6:54 am
weather. >> we'll give you a quick 7:00 update. unfortunately, the update didn't change the temperature too much. we are going for a high in the upper 60s. 68. i'm hoping for a 70, 71. if we can get more sunshine, but right now, this crystal clear start, i don't think it will be the rule. we are in the low 50s now and over to sharon. >> an extremely busy morning commute. lots of accidents. one new one on the west side of the beltway. that is on the inner loop at frederick road. we have an accident that is causing this backup on 295. the accident is on 95 southbound past the beltway. you can see we have another problem on 895, 895 southbound at o'donnell street. five vehicle wreck. that is blocking all lanes and we also have an accident on 85, 85 southbound, blocking the left lane. a 17 minute backup.
6:55 am
in the meantime, we have that beltway backup on 95. one in towson, another one on 50 eastbound at the bay bridge toll plaza, blocking the toll lane. one more in middle river at eastern boulevard. that one is blocking eastern boulevard. and there is a look at the delays on 795, 11 minutes and you can see we have beltway delays as well. this traffic report is brought to you and you'll get a free half liter of water from exxon. a community is mourning after a local high school student crashes his car over the weekend. he was found off an on ramp. he was last seen leaving a party on saturday night. the accident is still under investigation. bail denied on two teens for killing a police officer last week will stay behind bars. crying and kavon wilson face several charges. the detective remains in
6:56 am
critical condition at the hospital. the u.s. could end up accusing one of its closest allies with a war crime. they are meeting to discuss allegations in israel. this is the first year the u.s. is a member of that council. the white house is planning to push for new sanctions against iran, unless it plans to ban its nuclear programs. making it harder for the country to do business internationally. and the afghan immigrant accused for plotting a major terrorist attack in new york city has to report there this morning. najibullah na cy zazi. coming up, the president
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
president obama gets set to go to denmark. the first ever presidential pitch to bring the olympics to chicago. >> he d


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