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tv   Eyewitness Noon News  CBS  September 29, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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critical condition, the baltimore police officers condition worsens. >> days after he's shot in a box robbery. here is what people are talking about today. we've just learned that city police officer has been moved from sinai hospital to shock trauma, and live in the news room with the latest on police and the status of the suspects in this case. good afternoon, sally. >> reporter: good afternoon, everybody. police say detective aaron harris has already had at least five surgeries, as he struggles to recover from a bullet wound
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to the stomach. police say two teens, 16 year old kevin wilson and craig tillet approached officer harris outside his northwest baltimore home while he was off duty. harris was shot three times in the stomach and the leg and then managed to return fire with his service weapon. police tracked down the two teens when tillet walked into sinai hospital with a gun shot wound. >> both will remain behind bars charged as adults. the preliminary hearing is scheduled for october eighth. a warning to the public this noon, baltimore county police say a burglar is on the loose armed with several guns and two handguns. police say someone robbed a home in northern baltimore county stealing several guns as well as two dark green world war ii hand grenades and the owner does not remember at this point whether those hand grenades are disabled or live. county police are looking for anyone with information, they say the robbery happened some time between september 23rd and the 24th and they're warning the public the hand grenades can cause injury or death.
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a new homeland security grant will allow the dc metro system to install cameras throughout the system and it will use a $28 million federal grant to put cameras on buses at stations and inside trains. the primary purpose will be crowd control but the surveillance features could also be reviewed if necessary. an afghan national is ordered held without bail after pleading not guilty to a planned terrorists attack. prosecutors say the plot targeted new york cities mass transit system, and they say the 24 year old immigrant is still a significant danger to the community. drew levinson has more for wjz. >> reporter: he pleaded not guilty to allegations he was planning a terrorists attack on new york city. agents brought the 24 year old from denver to a brooklyn courtroom to face charges he conspired to use weapons of mass destruction. prosecutors want the afghan immigrant kept behind bars until his trial. they are convinced he poses a significant danger to the
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community and could plea the country. the judge orders him held without bail. he admitted traveling to an al qaeda training camp in pakistan and the fbi gathered evidence including bomb making instructions on his computer, and store surveillance video that appears to show him buying the ingredient to make explosives. >> at he is arraigned here law enforcement is closing in on possible co-conspirators. authorities identified three people suspected of traveling from new york to denver to help him with the plot. >> this case has a combination of allegations that we really haven't seen since 9/11. >> karen greenburg heads the center for law and security at new york university. she studied more than 800 terrorism cases and says the one against z az i is among the most serious. >> it is because of the weapons of mass destruction charge, because of his affiliation with al qaeda. >> if convicted he could face life in prison. in comments to the media before his arrest, he denied any wrong
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doing. >> drew levinson, wjz, eye witness news. >> officials believe his alleged accomplice used stolen credit cards to stockpile large amounts of beauty supplies that include peroxide and acetone to be used in home made bombs. an 18-year-old is sentenced to six years behind bars for starting chaos to allow 14 you're juveniles to escape from the maryland detention center. michael martin pleaded guilty to escape and second degree assault. nineteens are charged as adults but martin's sentence is the harsh its so far. the baltimore city council takes up smoking laws this hour with hearings on three pieces of legislation but the tough newproposals could really light up debate in baltimore. wjz is live at city hall and suzanne collins explains two of the proposed laws related to stopping young people from smoking. >> reporter: good afternoon, everyone. this is about flavored cigarette or cigar wrappers and
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also about selling cigars individually, things teenagers might find attractive and right at this hour the city council is debating those issues. >> believe that some young people in baltimore city aren't just starting out smoking with cigarettes but with cigars they can buy cheaply at the corner store and just one. >> the purpose behind that bill is to raise the price of access of these products that are particularly attractive to our young people both underage, underage 18 as well as young adults, who are smoking these very cheap cigars they can buy for $.75 or maybe even as low as $.50 in baltimore city. >> another council bill would prohibit flavored cigar paper like cherry but it may not be necessary because the federal government, the fda just passed such a ban. a tobacco lobbyist said teens are not legally allowed to smoke anyway so why more legislation? >> these bills affect adults. these bills, there already is law in the books saying a
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minor, a child cannot possess or use any tobacco product, any tobacco product, if the police would just stand in front of a 7/11 and arrest somebody and, you know, and enforce the law you would not need these statutes. if this statute is passed it's going to go to litigation. >> and that's because that tobacco lobbyist believes that the local jurisdictions are not allowed to ledge us late this kind of thing about tobacco and there for, if it's passed baltimore city could be paying legal fees. mary back to you on tv hill. >> what it does need right now suzanne. thank you. a third hearing to limit smoking outside hospital entryways has just been postponed. breaking news this noon a truck is having major problems at the fort mchenry toll booth. captain mike ferry has more. >> reporter: good afternoon, everyone. apparently just after 11:00 o'clock this morning an extra wide load moving through the northbound lane number four of the fort mchenry toll plaza apparently became stuck between
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two pieces of guardrail. now we don't know of any injuries or any damage to the toll plaza itself but as you can see the guard rails that surround the toll plaza lanes suffered damage here causing two lane closures. there's the one toll plaza number 4 and then lane three next to it that are affected. it is not having a significant affect on northbound i-95 traffic but you see authority police and transportation authority workers are going to be here for some time but dislodging this wide load. back to you on tv hill. we're in the midst of a beautiful fall day. you can tell by that and take a live look outside as we've had plenty of blue sky with a few fair weather clouds for most of the day and we're live with first weather warning complete coverage, marty bass in the weather center. >> well good afternoon, don. hello, everybody. it has been absolutely gorgeous this day to start. let's take a look at the photo and i want you to note we do have clouds coming our way,
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look to the upper left-hand side of the screen. what's going on, is a deep area of low pressure up over the great lakes with clouds and cool conditions and look at the overnight low of 47 degrees in downtown baltimore, but with morning sunshine we've seen temperatures get up into the mid 60s. not going too much higher though. we'll top out at 68 or 69 degrees over the next couple hours so clouds come our way, maybe even a couple of showers but i'm telling you, looks like over the long run, remember it's not a sprint, it's a long race here. looks like over the course of that track, the weather is going to get quite nice again. first warning details coming up shortly. the united way is leading the way in baltimore city viewing up a local recreation center. volunteers from the baltimore ravens and local companies picked up paint brushes and other things today in north baltimore. they are giving the med field rec center a major face lift with new books, educational tools and fresh coat of paint. at the end of the day each room
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will be judged to see which team achieves the best makeover. the ravens and governor are joining the local push to keep gym in school as they participate in a county pe class today. the governor are at cochran middle school to help launch a new program which will use a $50,000 grant to refurbish gym facilities and encourage student fitness in many maryland schools. >> it's good to get a gym break. >> yeah. still to come on wjz's eye witness news at noon. an a pauling case of child abuse, what an oklahoma teenager says happened behind closed doors. roland polansky is still in the hands of swiss courts. take another live look outside this afternoon. marty will be back with our first weather forecast.
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an oklahoma woman is under arrest this noon after her 14 year old son turns up malnourished claiming he had been kept in a closet for more than four years. police say the teen escaped from his home and went to a nearby national guard facility where they say he was hungry,
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dirty and covered in scars. the boys mother and her friend with being held on $400,000 bond and charged with child abuse. a west coast gun shot tied to the 2002 dc sniper shootings will not get its license back. billseye was warned repeatedly about its sloppy record keeping before hundreds of weapons went missing. weapons later linked to the deadly attack. well he the swiss government can have access to three american hikers who have been detain the since july. swiss officials will be allowed to meet with the hikers to verify their condition. they were arrested in late july for entering iran illegally. their families have not had contact with them and have not received any information other than the fact that they were detained. film director is still in swiss custody and his lawyers are seeking his release. he was arrested saturday.
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the u.s. has been seeking to extra date him for decades since he fled the country after pleading guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977. the swiss criminal system is considering a motion for his release but don't expect a decision for at least a week. chi's 2016 olympic delegation is off to pitch the cities bid and they got quite a send off. the chicago team left o'hare late last night to join rio de janero, madrid and tokyo. there's the blues brothers look alike. president barack obama announced he will make the final pitch for the windy city, the international olympic committee will announce the vote on friday, a very big announcement indeed. >> she's from chicago. >> oh, yeah, lots of people hoping. still ahead on eye witness news at noon as you take another live look outside, stick around your complete
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first weather warning forecast, just two and a half minutes away. >> a look
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okay, beautiful out there today. >> so nice. it's warmer than i thought it would be. >> it's because of the sun. the sun is still relatively high in the sky. i kind of look at it this way. september 21 would be like the first day of spring, so we're kind of backtiming so today is what, the 29th, so eight days
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from, so it's actually about a march sun, something like that. >> a little sun burn on sunday. >> oh, yeah. you can still get a little bit of sun burn, not a cloud in the sky, we're getting clouds, about the next half hour or 45 minutes though and that is for sure. 45 right now and 44% humidity, westerly breeze at 12 and the barometer is at 29.68. here is the genesis by the way of our weather. we've got a big deep area of low pressure that's a bit to the northeast of the great lakes and we're starting to see a northwest wind come in behind that low, which by tomorrow is also going to deliver us a little bit of shower activity. we got down to 47 degrees overnight downtown, we're up into the mid 60s right now, but again, it's this area of low pressure that's going to keep
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giving fall-like air our way. tonight down to low 50s, tomorrow barely the mid 60s and again with a couple of showers but see this big dome of high pressure. that's going to lock and load as of thursday and we'll just be looking at great conditions as we move into the weekend. mixture of clouds and sun through the afternoon, the upper 60s, there is that 51, and tomorrow 66, we'll watch for a shower but wait until you see the turnaround coming thursday, we'll look at the five day forecast coming up shortly. we are following breaking news this noon. a working fire is burning on edmonson avenue, sky chopper 13 over the scene with captain mike perry with more. >> augusta, heavy fire was showing from the front second story and now firefighters did arrive just a few moments ago and heavy damage to the second floor and it is an occupied dwelling but no word of injuries at this time. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you, captain. don't forget it's another
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ravens weekend. the undefeated purple birds at the road go to massachusetts to face the new england patriots. catch that game here sunday afternoon at 1 on wjz 13 and stay tuned after the game for our special post-game coverage. mark will have highlights and reaction and marty will be with the bulldog and mary at the espn zone for a little football talk. >> and wjz 13 is always on, the top stories now on for instant updates on all of the news, and update of the first weather forecast, log on
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in todays eye witness news health watch, more women diagnosed with breast cancer are also choosing to have their healthy breast removed in an effort to prevent the disease from striking again. researchers found between 1995 and 2005, the number of preventive mastectomies among women with a history of cancer in one breast more than doubled but still experts say there's little evidence to suggest that it improves survival. you'll want to check back in with eye witness news. let's go back to the news room for a preview. >> we're working on breaking news from new york where minutes ago a cause of death is released in the death, and he's a hero of the hudson, the captain makes a huge decision about his future. join us for these stories and all of the days breaking news at 4:00 after dr. phil. stay with us, the five
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here is what i said in the nice shot. remember we talked about clouds, well here is the shade now over downtown so overcast moving our way. mixture of clouds and sun today, tomorrow i think mostly cloudy and watch for an afternoon shower, 66 and will
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feel fall and damp like, but look at the rebound, beautiful sunny and 68 and friday 72 and saturday chance of showers and i think there's room for improvement in that outlook. don't write-off saturday yet. sunday sunny and 72 so we are going to make a quick turnaround for that 66. be sure to tune in for tonights cbs primetime line in, tonight it's the hit show the good wife right on wjz followed by eye witness news at 11. here is the story of two washington state men claim to be turning cow manure into electricity, they turn them from a dairy farm into methane gas which produces enough electricity to power 500 local homes and the process helps the farm too, left over material is turned into cow bedding but remember the old proverb, be careful how you make your bed because you'll have to lay in it. >> do we have to see that physically? >> [laughter]. >> at lunchtime? that's our report. than
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