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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  September 29, 2009 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> the immigrant made has first court appearance today. drew levinson reports for wjz, from outside brooklyn federal courthouse. >> reporter: najibullah zazi pleaded not guilty to allegations he was planning a terrorist attack, possibly on new york city's transit system. the 24-year-old showed no emotions as several u.s. marshalls led him in -- marshals lead him in and out of the courtroom. . >> the government will have to produce someone else. they don't necessarily have to indict him. but they better come up with someone else, or the conspiracy charge fails. >> reporter: cops are trying to 0 in on any coconspirators. three people are accused of stockpiling to help zazi make
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bombs. surveillance video also shows zazi buying those things. the judge ordered zazi held without bail. prosecutors are convinced he poses a significant threat to the community. >> reporter: that decision has eased the minds of some new yorkers. >> i absolutely think this is correct. because i do believe that this was a serious threat. and could have been connected. >> reporter: two other men involved in the investigation have been charged with lying. but they are free on bond. zazi's next court appearance is slated for december. if convicted, he could face life in prison. in new york, drew levinson, wjz eyewitness news. >> after zazi's arrest, security was stepped up at train stations around the country. an incident in baltimore county sends firefighters rushing to sparrows point this afternoon. vic is live with more. >> reporter: the call came in just after 2:00 this afternoon, as a building fire at the elk
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furnace on bethlehem steel boulevard. sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene when flames and debris shot out of the smoke stack into the air. the fire department says it was not an explosion. but a buildup of pressure in the stack. burning debris landed on nearby dumpsters and grassy areas, starting small brush fires. no one was hurt. and steel workers returned to the furnace to finish their shifts. crews will continue to check for spot fires that may have been caused by the burning debris. a baltimore police officer shot in the line of duty takes a turn for the worst. detective harris was moved today from sinai hospital to shock trauma. he's now in critical condition. the detective was shot three times during an attempted robbery outside of his home last week. the 39-year-old officer was able to return fire at his attackers. two 16-year-old boys, craig tillets and cavon wilson are charged as adults. and were denied bail monday. baltimore police are searching for stolen items
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today. this is a picture of a grenade similar to two stolen sometime on september 23rd or the 24th. several guns were stolen along with the japanese-style world war ii hand greppades. -- grenades. the weapons may be live. the u.s. naval academy in annapolis is taking a proactive approach in dealing with the h1n1 virus. kelly mcpherson is live in the newsroom with more on tonight's flu watch. >> reporter: the naval academy is questioning every midshipman, every day, about flu-like symptoms. and those not feeling well are examined and immediately quarantined. and an athletic facility has been converted into an isolation ward. as of this afternoon, 30 were there. the most in the isolation ward were 75 last friday. about 170 have been isolated. but only seven were confirmed with h1n1.
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stay with complete flu watch coverage. the baltimore city council took up smoking laws today. the tough new proposals are likely going to spark some debate. suzanne collins reports. >> we're talking about flavored rolling papers for cigars or cigarettes. also selling cigars one at a time, things that teenagers may be issued in. those are issues related to these two tobacco bills. >> reporter: it's believed some young people aren't just starting out smoking with cigarettes, but with cigars that they can buy cheaply at the corner store and buy just one. >> the purpose behind the bill is to raise the price of these products that are particularly attractive to our younger people, both under 18, as well as young adults who are smoking these very cheap cigars they can buy for 75 cents or maybe
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as low as 50 cents in baltimore city. >> another would prohibit flavored cigarette wrappers. the fda just passed such a ban. they say teens are not legally able to smoke anyway. why pass more legislation. >> these bills, there already is laws in the books saying a minor or child cannot possess or use any tobacco product. any tobacco product. if the police would just stand in front of a 7-eleven and arrest someone and enforce the law, you would not need these statutes. if this statute is passed, it's going to go to litigation. >> he said it's their position that smaller legislations cannot legislate tobacco laws. only the state can do that. if it passes, the city could face legal bills. back to you on tv hill. a third has been just
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postponed. the sun is managing to peek through clouds today. right now, seasonably cool and breezy. bob turk is first with the updated numbers. hi, bob. [ inaudible ] >> we're going to go to traffic first. hey, sharon. >> hi, sally. fortunately, we don't have too much to talk about. at least bad news on the road. just one accident that seems to be on -- an issue. 295, approaching savage road. an accident there with possible lane closures. another nearby on harford road at lind wood avenue. watch for a few in the city, east pratt. druid park, late drive. and west mulberry at west polaski street. there's a look at your driveway times. all in the 40s. not so bad. there's a live look at the west side. slow. there from liberty on the inner loop. you can see another look at the inner loop at baltimore
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national pike. on the top side, you'll tap your brakes between green spring and falls. then again between york and providence. this is the world famous rockets returning to baltimore. back by popular demand. the rockets will be taking the stage at the first mariner arena. let's turn our attention to bob turk with a look at our beautiful weather outside. hi, bob. >> pretty nice afternoon. a little below normal for the end of september. but looks like by the first day of october, we'll be just about where we should be. the temperatures right now, with a lot of sun and some clouds. no precipitation. a couple of sprinkles up in the mountains. that's about it. we're at 66. west winds, however, at 16. barometer holding steady. looks like tomorrow, a day much like today. maybe a few more clouds. maybe a sprinkle to make it over the mountains tomorrow afternoon. looks like we start october just about or slightly below normal for this time of year. that means nighttime lows back in the 40s next several nights.
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>> hello. >> thank you, bob. stir still ahead on eyewitness news at 4:00. unexpected twist, straight out of one of his academy award nominated movies. the arrest of roman polanski. and a first grader from maryland delivers a message to congress. jolted out of their seats. see the dramatic video of a school bus crash. >> bob is updating your first warning forecast.
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we have breaking news from the soightd pacific, where an underwater earthquake has triggered a tsunami. bob turk is live in the first warning weather center with more. take a look at this graphic a little while ago. they reported an earthquake, under water there, of about 7.9, just north of somowa. that's about 2,000 miles or so,
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southwest of hawaii. the hawaiian irelands -- islands have issued a tsunami watch. we're not sure whether this actually created the tsunami. although they have a tsunami warning as you can see, for all of the islands there. that's basically about southwest of hawaii. right now, they do not report a tsunami. but they're keeping track of this carefully. they have a good tsunami warning through hawaii. we'll continue to update this developing story tonight at 5:00 and 6:00ment. a rally breaks out at the new york state state capitol, that a protest a mandatory vaccination law. >> stop the shots!
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stop the shots. >> reporter: a new regulation requires them to get a swine flu shot by the end of november or lose their jobs. healthcare worker says they want more testing test testing on the vaccine before they take it. the death of highly acclaimed disk jockey dj a.m. has been ruled an an accidental overdose. he apparently died of a cocktail of illegal drugs drugs and -- legal drugs and cocaine. filmmaker roman polanski has been arrested. polanski is refusing to return to the united states to face criminal sex charges, dating back three decades. >> reporter: hollywood director roman polanski won't be leaving his swiss prison cell any time.
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he jumped bail after pleading guilty to having sex with a girl in los angeles 13 years ago. the swiss court says a ruling is weeks away. polanski's wife, a french actress, has met with him in jail. and attorneys are trying to reassure other family and friends. >> i told them that he is doing quite well. but of course, his circumstances are very, very hard for him. >> reporter: lawyers will try to prove polanski's arrest, at the request of u.s. authorities is illegal. supporters say he's been hiding in plain sight. >> it's a perfect opportunity for him to be picked up. it seems extraordinary that he would be picked up now and in that way. >> reporter: polanski was supposed to star at the film festival. but it was the publicity over his appearance that got him caught. u.s. marshals reportedly waited until he was on the flight with switzerland before tipping off police. >> reporter: they say
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polanski's status as a wanted man never even crossed their minds when they invited him. >> i really adore him as a filmmaker and what he has done in the industry. >> reporter: polanski pled in a plea bargain but took off when it became clear a judge would impose a harsher sentence. his long legal journey has only just begin. in zurich switzerland, charlie d'agata, wjz eyewitness news. >> roman polanski maintains homes there and in france where he has citizenship. can wall street build on monday's big gains? sorry. a drop in consumer confidence dragged the markets down today. the dow ends up down 47 points. s&p is down 2 and a third. and nasdaq down 7. let's go to alexis christoforous with tonight's cbs money watch update. american consumers are in a crisis of confidence about the
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future of the economy. worries about job security flared up this month, and that watched a closurely watched measure of consumer confidence to drop. that could signal trouble for the holiday shopping season, if consumers are more concerned with saving money than spending it. 71% of americans purchased only what they absolutely needed over the last year. 61% say they went out to dinner less often. and more than half report spending less on vacations. the drop in consumer confidence comes just as shoppers are bringing new life to the sagging housing industry. home prices are higher between june and july. according to the standard and poors index, just two out of 20 cities showed prices going down. las vegas and seattle. and in another struggling industry, because of hundreds of bank failures, the agency that insures deposits is going broke. so the agency is now requiring
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that banks prepay three years of insurance premiums. the move will raise about $45 billion for the fdic by the end of the year. you can find out more business headlines by checking out cbs money in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. going green to save some green. did you know you can save money and protect the environment at the same time? suzanne collins is live at to answer one of your questions about highway to be a money saver. >> many. you have e-mailed questions to our bge money saver center. we took the question to our bge energy saver experts. and the answer is, lighting typically accounts for 20% of your home's electric bill. you can reduce your energy by replacing old, incandescent bulbs, with compact florescent light bulbs or cfl.
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you can go around your house and count how many bulbs you have. bge is offering discounts on cfls. to find a participating store, visit bge smart back to you. for more information on how you can become an energy saver, go to and click on our special section on the home page. coming up at 4: 00. foot fashion. the poor choices you make in shoes, that you make today could haunt your feet for life. it's also the new study in healthwatch. i'm ron matz in glen burnie, anne arundel county. the ravens helping young people stay physically fit. the story coming up here on wjz. the sun is making an appearance this afternoon. get your updated first warning forecast. and wjz is always on. for the top stories on, for instant updates, first warning weather all the time, click
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beautiful. >> what a day. mag nifolk. >> for a lot of folks, this is like the perfect temp.
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cool in the morning. but the sun is still pretty warm out there this time of year. but only got up to so far the upper 60s. take a look at temperatures right now. at last report, 66. and west winds around 10 miles an hour. they've come down a little bit. barometer up a little bit. humidity is pretty low. the dew points also only at 45. this means it's pretty dry air. right now, the cool spot, and i mean cool, oakland, with some clouds. and a breeze. 46 degrees right now. on the other side of the mountain, cumberland, at 63. winds 66. ocean city at a pleasant 75, with a lot of sunshine. most of the sun today was southeast of our region from the city on north and west. we were looking at some clouds, particularly during the afternoon, as things kind of build up in the afternoon. still got that west wind. 10, 15, 20 miles an hour in some locations. and that wind will slowly die down tonight. all because of a big area of low pressure. this is very typical of like a winter type of situation, where
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they get lake-effect snow. they get lake-effect rain showers as you can see. portions of new york state, buffalo. into the cat skills and do -- into the adirondack mountains. it's possible tomorrow afternoon, we might see a couple of sprinkles making it across the mountains into the baltimore region. not a great chance. but it's possible. it's going to be on the cool side, as the winds continue to the west and northwest, until late in the week. by friday, this same high pressure that is giving us the nice weather and chilly nights will move offshore. our winds becoming a little more southwesterly allowing some milder air to move in. friday and saturday. but by saturday, with that front moving in, yes, we have a chance of showers picking up here on saturday. we have prepared that. light winds. scattered clouds. low of 51 degrees tomorrow. partly sunny skies. yes, there could be shower in the afternoon. as we see in the morning,
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sunshine and clouds. tomorrow, saturday, a little cooler than today. around 66 degrees. and about the same, maybe one or two degrees warmer as we go into october this week. with temperatures slightly, just slightly below average. nighttime lows once again, most places in the 40s. >> i love this. >> basketball for sure. >> okay, thanks, bob. be sure to tune in to the prime time lineup at 10:00. it's the hit show "the good wife." and followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. >> big stars in the show. >> including baltimore's josh charles. >> that's right. harry smith has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the cbs evening news. disturbing photos revealed alleged misconduct at the u.s. embassy in afghanistan. now, there are questions about a top official who may have uncovered the scandal earlier. but was he silenced by a conflict of interest? tonight on the cbs evening news. thanks, harry. date with destiny. what virginia's governor is say
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being any role he may have in stopping the execution of convicted serial sniper john mohammed. iran offers an alive branch in the case of three american snipers under arrest for illegal entry. a despicable case of child abuse a young boy apparently endured for years.
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it is 4:28. and 66 degrees. mostly sunny. hello, everyone. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm vic carter. >> i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about tonight. a oklahoma mother is behind bars, charged with a shocking case of child abuse. police say the woman tortured her now 14-year-old son for years and kept him locked in a closet. >> reporter: the unidentified boy escaped from this northeast oklahoma city apartment last friday. with the help of his siblings,
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he made his way to this national guard post, dirty, malnourished, only wearing a pair of oversized shorts. he walked up to a security guard and asked to see police. >> he had scars up from where he was stabbed. scars from being beaten, scars from being choked. he had scars over the majority of his body. >> reporter: police have arrested his 37-year-old mother, larhonda mccall and a friend, 38-year-old steve hamilton. according to this police report, the boy had scars from being tied up. others from being beaten with an extension cord. and still, more scars on his stomach from being doused with alcohol and set on fire. during all of that time, he has never been to school and spent most of his time locked in a bedroom closet. >> there are several locations where this took place. all of them in oklahoma city. but at all of the locations, there was some type of torture involved. >> reporter: a next-door neighbor found it all hard to believe. >> from what i've seen from her, she's been a good mother. talked to her kids the way she
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should. please, thank you. come on, guys, let's go. >> reporter: the boy told police his nightmare began when mccall was released from jail until new jersey. sheen then move -- she then moved to oklahoma and he was sent to live with her. police say -- [ inaudible ] >> both the boy's mother and her friend remain jailed while police continue to conduct interviews and collect evidence. john allen muhammad is scheduled to be executed. and the governor says he won't do anything to stop it. >> reporter: governor says that he doesn't know of anything credible that would stop him. malvo was already serving life in prison for his role. this month, a date was set for
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muhammad's execution. his lawyers have yet to ask for clemency. a federal court has already rejected muhammad's arguments that prosecutors withheld crucial evidence, and that he shouldn't been allowed to actas his own attorney during the -- act as his own attorney during the trial because he is mentally ill. a maryland marine has died serving our country in afghanistan. 25-year-old lance corporal joe crobot died over the weekend on his second tour of duty. marines came to his parents' door on saturday. the defense department says he was shot during combat. as the country mourns the loss of another marine, president barack obama goes one on one with the top nato official. on the future of u.s. presence in afghanistan. the top u.s. commander has asked for thousands of troops to be deployed. bill brown has more on the president's next hurdle, taking
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a new strategy to congress. >> reporter: in the oval office, president obama talked strategy in afghanistan, with nato's new secretary general. >> we both agree that it is absolutely critical that we are successful in dismantling, disrupting. >> he says it requires a change in cactics. he wants to focus equally on winning support from afghan employees. he promised that nato will stand by the u.s. >> we will stay in afghanistan, as long as it takes to finish our job. the top u.s. commander told the president, he believes success can only be achieved by adding more u.s. forces. in his report, he says up to 40,000 u.s. troops are needed now. or the mission will likely fail. >> 65,000 u.s. troops are
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already in the war zone. the white house says the president wants to decide on a new -- strategy before he makes a decision on sends more troops. >> this is the beginning of reassessing where we are. >> some want more troops. others want to focus on the ones that are already there. but whatever the decision, the next step will be to convince congress, where they are reluctant to commit more soldiers to an already unpopular war. >> the white house is not expected to consider a troop surge. kai has the latest from iranian officials. kai? >> reporter: iran is allowing swiss diplomats access to the three hikers for the first time since they were locked up in july.
4:34 pm
they remember arrested for illegally crossing into iran. the hiker's family says it was poorly marked. the move by iran could be seen as a poor will. >> thank you, kai. the u.s. state department says it welcomes this step in the right direction. but still does not know whether the hikers may soon get to. children with food allergies. among them, 6-year-old and a boy scout. david can't wait to leave school today. he's headed to washington, d.c. the 7-year-old sat still for just a second. he's a typical kid, full of energy. he does pretty much what all of his friends can do, only he has to be extra careful when it comes to food. >> i do have food allergies.
4:35 pm
and i'll try to say them if i remember them. it's milk, eggs, peanuts -- >> that's why they are headed to d.c. ireland is expected to share his story about living with food allergies. >> it's a bill to help fund grants to pay for it. >> sarah ireland said it has been a lifestyle change. at the school where he is, she provides wipies for all of the kids. and her son sits at the nut- free table. they discovered the allergies when he had eat know sesames. >> my dad said, i was like, i don't like this! i do not remember that. >> reporter: she is hoping to make schools more safe for her child and others.
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>> they suffer from peanuts and tree allergies. well, it has been a beautiful fall tuesday. here's a live look outside as we kick off a sunny rush hour. will the sun hold out this evening? well, until the sun sets that is. >> southeast and east of us. each did a couple of sprinkles on the allegheny regions. right now, generally sunny skies in most places. except way up the mountain. 66 now. west winds continue around 13. pretty cool night. in the upper 40s. most places as last night. tomorrow, maybe a cool night. slightly, slightly below average.
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let's check in on the roads now with sharon gibala at wjz traffic control. the good news is it thaccident is not blocking any lanes. meantime, watch for a wreck. druid park, lake drive. >> that is going to be at upton road. slowing on 895 to the top side of the beltway. there's a look at your speed and your average drivetimes on the stop and the west side. slowest spot at this point is going to be the top side, between 83 and 95. there's a live look at the west side. west side, slow, wilkins. to security. there's a a look at the top side.
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then again. visit your local ford dealer today. back to you. a school is $50,000 richer tonight. ron matz reports, it's all part of the effort to keep students physically fit. >> reporter: they were cheering the ravens at corcoran middle school today. it was an old-fashioned pep rally, celebrating the keep gym in school campaign. childhood obesity. ravens players urged students to exercise as much as possible. these kids now might be the first generation predicted. it's everything. because you can't walk up the
4:39 pm
steps if you're obese. it's hard. you can't really do anything. >> it's very important to be like skinny so you can do more things. and you can work out. >> corkman is getting much needed money to fix up the tennis and basketball courts. unfortunately, schools because of lack of funding are starting to remove physical education. >> besides the governor in the gym, a lot. >> i try to make a point of going to the gym wherever possible. i think that's what allows you to function at a high level. and that's what our kids need to learn as well. >> they are urging these students to stay physically active. >> make sure you're not sitting around ouriocomputer, watching tv. let's get up, america. let's be fit. and it's going to help lead to a healthier future. >> and to these kids, the
4:40 pm
future is now. in addition to the major impliewvmentds, corcoran middle will also be able to purchase a rock-climbing wall. ranks will be playing the patriots. the undefeated birds face the new england patriots. you can catch the game here on wjz 13. this sunday at 1:00. and stay tuned after the game for our special coverage. we'll have a little football talk. bulldog in mary. >> yes, it is opposite. stit ahead. murder-suicide in the uk. the unusual situation that the prittish law is taking. a mystery, 54 years old, is solved in california. and it's sunny with the mild breeze. bob is updating your first warning weather forecast.
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remnants from the world trade center have returned, following a study in washington, d.c. flatbed trucks carried large, steel beams along the highway this morning. federal officials examined the material for three years after it suffered damage during the september 11th attacks. a bullying case involving the deaths of a mother and her disabled daughter. >> reporter: well, vic, a british inquest jury has ruled that years of bullying and harassment grove -- drove a woman to kill her daughter and herself. fiona suffered more than a decade of abuse, from young neighbors who vandalized her home, taunted her disabled daughter and beat up her son. two years ago, she set fire to her home, killing herself and her 18-year-old daughter. she made 33 calls to local police, regarding the
4:45 pm
harassment. but in one case, officers reported that pillkington was, quote, overreacting. >> the official ruling from the grand jury said that this contributed to her death. a student beaten to death on his way home from school. more than 100 family members and friends gathered outside. for a vigil in honor of 16-year- old darian albert. police believe albert was an innocent bystander who got caught up in a fight between two mobs. he said he knows his grandfather was not involved in gangs. >> let me make one thing perfectly clear. that my grandson is not involved in any type of gang activities whatsoever. he was an innocent bystander. he was walking home from school. and when we make these streets safe enough for our kids to walk home from school, these types of incidents would not
4:46 pm
happen. >> reporter: four teenagers are now charged with murder for their alleged roles in albert's death. police say they're still looking for others involved. new surveillance gives a look at what happened. four special needs students and a supervisor were jolted out of their seats after a car crossed the center lane and collided head-on with their bus. no one on board was seriously injured. but all three people in the car died. investigators have tried to figure out why the driver crossed the center lane. a plane crash mystery then began in 1955 -- 1955 may soon be solved. search crews have spotted the jet on the ocean floor. >> these people lost their lives? good service to our nation. and for the next of kin. >> reporter: it's what motivates pat mocka and a team of volunteers to search for the wreckage from the warplanes.
4:47 pm
and for the last 11 years, their focus has been on the p61 mus tain -- mustang. >> her airplane on that october day, the 26th of 1944, had a canopy locking problem. her flight was delayed on takeoff. >> reporter: she went down in the santa monica bay after takeoff from l.a.x. last april, while searching for the wreckage, divers stumbled upon this. these are photos provided by the website, of the t- 33 jet trainer. closer examination found a stamped part number on a single piece of wreckage, much like this one. >> we went to the airport. the air force referred us to j- pack in hawaii, regarding missing personnel. we were referred back from there back to the l.a. county sheriff's department, which had the t-33 on their 1955 missing list. >> reporter: on board, two airmen who were on a night
4:48 pm
training mission. they had stopped in santa monica for dinner before taking off from l.a.x. >> nothing has been removed from the wreck site. the sheriff's department will dive. they will examine the site. and then they, in an effort, perhaps, to find remains. >> reporter: one of the airmen believed to be on board has listening relatives, according to macka. and next week, 16 divers will go back out to the bay. they're hoping to find what they were originally looking for. the wreckage belonging to gertrude tompkins silva, missing for more than six decades. >> the group of volunteer divers plans to search for 10 consecutive days, in hopes of filing four other missing planes. >> the man behind the hudson. u.s. airways has announced that chesley sullenberger has returned as a management pilot. captain sully gained fame after
4:49 pm
he guided his jetliner. he will also join the airline's safety management team. no word yet on a date for his first flight back. in tonight's healthwatch report, a new study shows four shoe choices can hurt your feet for years to come. researchers say wearing high heels can lead to injury, all the way up your back. because they place extra stress on the balls of your feet. any woman could have told you that. sandals and slippers also allow shock waves to be delivered to your heel every time you take a step. the study shows that women who choose comfortable footwear are 67% less likely to complain. >> 67% less likely to get a date, too. i wouldn't say that, but some would say that. nothing wasted. >> bob turk has the updated
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take a look at that. isn't that beautiful? good day to be flying today. >> get ready for fall. it's here. and cooler nights, really the
4:53 pm
next couple of days. temperatures most places, except down by the city. by the water will be generally in the mid-40s most places. this morning, we had lots of 40s around the region. right now, we're at styx. our highs so far today. saw it coming in at 69 degrees a few hours ago. west winds at 10. they had been calming down a bit. but the barometer, steady. around the state, very chilly. cloudy skies. 61 in cumber land. ocean city, with a lot of sunshine south and east of the baltimore region. they got up to 75 this afternoon. nice and dry, with a breeze. 71 in patuxent. 69 in d.c. dew point is low at 45. that's pretty typical of kind of the low temperature we expect tonight. basically, upper 40s to low 50s. some of that west wind as you can see, anywhere from 10 to almost 15, 20 miles. and there are some spots where it's 16. elkton barely moving there at only three miles an hour. big area of low pressure,
4:54 pm
sitting on the ontario, quebec border. this thing spinning around. it's coming across the great lakes, creating showers up to our north. in a couple of weeks, it will be cold enough for this to be snow shower activity. and probably a lot of it, absolutely. in fact, there were some reports around james bay this afternoon. it's only a matter of time before we start seeing some of this activity across new york state. and northwest pa. ohio. typical lake-effect snow. for us, we've seen a few clouds roll through the area during the afternoon hours, with the sun coming out. gets an overturn in the atmosphere. and clouds building. across stream western maryland. another spoke of energy. we'll cross the region. we may see a few rain sprinkles. all in all, it remains in the cool side most of the week. by the end of the week, this high moves off. winds will be dying down. and milder air will start coming our direction from the
4:55 pm
southwest. that means by saturday, with that warm air moving in over this too-cool surface. a chance of showers here looks like on saturday. northwest winds, maybe gusting as high as 25 knots. small craft advisory. tonight, then, looking for cool to partly cloudy skies. and tomorrow, sun and clouds, maybe a shower in the afternoon. bax to the 66-degree mark. and as we start october, temperatures about where they should be, to slightly below normal. airy community trying
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helping students. now, their schools trying to help their classmates deal with the loss. maryland research doctor is dead after overdosing on drugs. now, her boyfriend, who is also a doctor with the school of medicine, booked on charges. i'm weijia jiang. i'll have more. suspected terrorist najibullah zazi will remain behind bars. why the feds feel more suspects could still be on the loose. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news.
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dealing with loss. two area students killed. >> now, crisis counselors head to the pools to -- 62 will -- to the schools to help their classmates understand. >> today, crisis counselors head to the schools of two kids, killed by their father in a murder-suicide. it's a tragedy that has rocked the mount airy community. wjz is live at liggennor high school. adam may has more on how counselors are trying to help. >> reporter: state police are still wrapping up some loose ends in this investigation. they're waiting on forensic tests. and also still trying to help. >> reporter: a somber day as students were offered grief counseling, following the murder of two classmates. 14-year-old charlie


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