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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  October 2, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it's friday! >> it's purple friday in the big town. good morning everybody, i'm mary bubala in for don scott today. sharon will have a look at the roads in a second. let's start with marty. >> let the weekend begin, huh? i want you to understand, it's going to be a nice afternoon with a high about 70. through the uh, midday hours, i think it's going to be quite sunny. it will get cloudy this evening. showers around later on. we've got this frontal system sitting to the west. it's going to bring rain tonight. even to tomorrow morning and midday. we're speeding up rain and getting out of here tomorrow. little piece of that energy is busted off. it's trying to meander our way. let's take a closer look here. along the northern tier
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counties. howard, anne arundel county, areas south of the metro grid, don't worry about this. there you go, you have shower activity now, on a diagonal, essentially from gettysburg towards westminster. it's not impossible that you could see a shower over the next hour. this won't be the rule of the day. >> thank you. to sharon gibala. she's watching the roads from wjz traffic control. >> so far, nothing too major out there. we have a few accidents still. little bit of emergency road work. we'll start with those accidents, one in stitt. another in elkton. 213 near elkton boulevard. you could take pulaski highway to get around that. emergency roadway northbound york road at beavers run lane is affected there. blocking one lo lane. top side of the beltway getting busier. same for the beltway at 295.
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83, north of the beltway, running at full speed there. for traffic information, log onto we have a school advisory to tell you about this morning. churchill elementary school in queen ann's county is closed this morning. officials say the school has no water. staff members should still report at their regular times. it is decision dmachl just a few hours we'll know exactly where the 2016 olympics will be held. chicago is very much in the running. take a live look at copenhagen where rio de janeiro is just starting its presentation to the international olympic committee. looks pretty daunting to me. the u.s. pulled out all the stops with president obama making a personal pitch to win the bid. >> reporter: air force 1 lands in copenhagen, where president
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obama hopes to land the 2016 olympics to the world. >> sweet home chicago. >> reporter: it's a whirlwind visit on behalf of the windy city. >> i urge you to choose chicago. i urge you to choose america. >> rio de janeiro is the toughest challenger. >> reporter: the odds of chicago winning shore soared when president obama decided to make the pitch here in person. he's seen as the captain of a team that's worked years for this moment. >> chicago is the best city in the united states. it's the friendliest city in the united states. >> i wish the world all the best
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in terms of enjoying the games when they come to chicago. that's where it'll be. >> reporter: president obama won't be here to hear the results. he'll be flying back home with the winner is announced later this afternoon. in copenhagen denmark charlie d'agata. it's not the first time the leader of a country has made a personal pitch to the country. former prime minister tony blair pitched to have the games in their countries. david letterman told his audience last night about a recent extortion attempt against him. >> the creepy stuff was that i have had sex with women who work for me on this show. now, my response to that is, yes, i have. [laughter] i have had sex with women who work on this show.
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>> letterman said he went up to police who set up a sting. he handed over a fake check for $2 million. an employee has been charged with attempted grand larceny. the king of pop was in great health. that's what's reported in michael jackson's newly released autopsy results. doctors found no illegal drugs in his system. this could prove damaging for jackson's physician conrad murray. he gave the singer a powerful sedative believed to have killed him. in this morning's flu watch report, if you haven't gotten your seasonal flu vaccine, the time took is now. the biggest manufacturers of the vaccine say only half of the million doses in the u.s. have been shipped. now they say the rest may not arrive until november. this as news of when the h1n1 vaccine will be available in maryland is released.
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wjz is live. gigi barnett has all the details this morning. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. doctors are carefully preparing for this year's flu season. as they order the first batches of the h1n1 vaccine. they have concerns about the number of hospital beds. >> maryland is getting ready as the cold, cough and flu season are fast approaching. it's not just the seasonal flu doctors are worried about. this year they have added concerns about the swine flu. the trust for america's health, a non-profit organization is warning there could be a shortage of hospital beds if the h1n1 spreads rapidly. >> if the virus spreads so quickly, you know, and the hospitals are overcome, what do you do then? that's the question. >> we have partnered with the state, with local health departments and with other health care agencies to make certain we've got the beds and medications and supplies we need to deal with any kind of significant outbreak. >> reporter: in baltimore city,
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fear of the virus is strong. a second student has contracted h1n1. a 14-year-old recently died from the virus. leaving her parents and those at the school shaken. the first doses of the h1n1 vaccine will be a nasal spray and available to children 2 to adults age 24. >> physicians offices, we're talking about health departments, federally qualified health centers, hospitals, eventually it'll be available in pharmacies. uh... around the state. >> maryland is one of 21 states that have already ordered the h1n1 vaccine and they could arrive in doctor's offices as soon as next tuesday. >> stay with wjz for complete flu watch coverage and important information from the cdc.
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log onto a woman who disappeared almost a year ago is found dead in baltimore county. this morning, kelly macpherson explained explains why the woman's boyfriend is behind bars. >> reporter: the boyfriend is charged in baltimore county because this is where her body was found. for almost a year the family of mia nichols has wondered what happened to the 37-year-old mother of three. >> we just thought maybe she got into an argument and went out for the night, but when it went on a couple days, we started getting suspicious. that's not like her. >> reporter: over the weekend, hunters discovered the body near the howard county line. dental records confirmed the worst. >> she was shot? i didn't know that.
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>> reporter: her boyfriend, tyrone web was charged with murder. >> gunshot wounds, she could have been shot there or somewhere else. >> reporter: originally tyrone told police mia was last seen at this home where she lived at the time. police found her car and no signs of forced entry. her co-workers described to police how upset mia was later that day, october 28th, crying about her boyfriends threats telling her not to come home. >> he was very possessive and often violent and um, something made him kill her then. he became jealous perhaps of another man and decided to kill her. >> reporter: during the initial investigation, city police found a gun box for a 45 caliber handgun. a picture of a woman with two semi-automatic handguns attached pointing at her head and anger
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management books. mia nichols body and what turned out to be a 45 caliber bullet beneath it. during the investigation, they discovered web impregnated another woman, possibly adding to the tension in the relationship. >> web facing charges in baltimore county because that's where the remains were found. the state's attorney has filed criminal information against a baltimore city police officer. officer michael sylvester was arrested following an internal investigation integrity test. they also found drugs in his locker. sylvester is suspended without pay pending the outcome of the investigation. he's free on $25,000 bail. another award this morning for baltimore city's top cop. it's called the piecing it together award. the annual award recognized people who encourage citizens to peacefully resolve their conflicts without having to go
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to court. receiving the award, judge robert bell and school police chief marshall good win. the longest losing streak of the baseball season is finally over. the orioles came out on top against the tampa bay rays. 3-2 was the final that. win puts the breaks on a 13-game losing streak. the os are back home tonight for the first of their last three games. >> it's unbelievable here. >> they have to win 2-of-3 not to lose 100. >> i don't see this afternoon's victor parade in the format. >> whoo hoo! >> ticker tape parade. >> we'll see how it goes. blue jays in town and um, i think the weather's going to work out. >> okay. >> i want to look at the forecast. >> get us through the game. >> we do have shower activity and the outlook for tonight. partly sunny today.
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70 is the high. we'll get back to today in a second. let me talk about tonight. mostly cloudy, little rain. i think we get baseball game in. let's have good weather. 53. tomorrow, morning showers and fells point festival. we'll clear it out. 75 with breaks of sun through the afternoon. beautiful late afternoon and evening. i want to go to first warning doppler. i'll show you this during the main weather segment. little piece of energy broken off with rain over pittsburgh. it's meandering our way. not really filling in. there's a line from, maybe even uh, hamstead. that first, closest return to the word towsend. out toward gettysburg. we're going to see shower activity east of westminster, maybe to port positive over the next hour or so. the forecast for the bay will actually call, you know, let's look at it, high of about 70
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degrees. going back here real quick. i was pushing buttons left and right there. i don't want you to think when you see gray skies, maybe a shower this morning, you need an umbrella. you really shouldn't have to. i want to get to ron. this is one of the coolest, you ready for christmas? >> no! >> you best get ready. the train has rolled into town. >> i'll get on board. >> check this out. ronny, how's it going? >> everybody, the train has pulled into the station. we're live at the b&o railroad museum. bring the kids in. put them in front of the tv. we'll tell you about disney's a christmas carol train. it's a ride, behind the scenes look at the movie. it's all coming up with the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on.
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i want to look at this radar right now. we've got shower activity just kind of meandering across the area. now seeing a couple showers, busting out over howard county. i'm going have to retract that statement earlier. may not have to worry about a
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light shower there. let's back the radar out a little wider. there you go. back to the shower activity. little piece of energy has broken off. pretty good slug of moisture near pittsburgh. this isn't the rule of the day though. let's look at current conditions. 55 now on tv hill. 74 humidity with calm winds. barometer has followen to 29.98. 61 pax river. 57 d.c. 52 easton. 50 elkton. 51 hagerstown. oakland's my barometer for how cold it really is. there's an influx of warm and humid air. possibility of rain because of that. up to 55 in belair. temperature really jumped up four degrees in the past half hour. 57 kent island. 60 annapolis. 55 degrees in columbia.
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warm humid air and a cold front. what will come down the pike is showers tonight through tomorrow, mid-day because of that bang bang frontal passage. today will be an okay afternoon. the bulk of the rain sits to our west. 70 is the high. we do have showers meandering through the area this morning. tonight, steadier rain. i think we get that oriole game in. i'm hoping anyway. 75, clouds break for sun tomorrow afternoon. should be a really nice afternoon and evening. monday 71 and sun. 70 and 75 degrees. mary? >> up to sharon gibala. she's watching the roads from wjz traffic control. >> picked up one new accident since we left. 895, past washington boulevard. meantime we still have a wreck in the city. elkton boulevard. that one partially blocking the
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road. emergency road work still an issue. beaver run lane. otherwise, our speeds are good in the area. there's a look at the beltway at 295 and 895. not seeing signs of an accident reported until the southbound lanes. this traffic report brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer. click on ron mats. this is a really cool story. >> it is so cool. good morning, happy friday. purple friday in baltimore. we're live at the b&o railroad museum. disney's a christmas carol train has pulled into the station. it's here to give you a great behind the scenes look at the movie that comes out november 6th, starring jim carrey. this is fantastic. >> i've been at the b&o museum
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for 12 years and have seen a lot of stuff come through. i'm blown away about this. >> reporter: the best part of this train tour.... >> we're free. >> free for the next three days. >> reporter: it's spectacular. wefkdz -- we've been through the whole train. >> not only is the train here, the entire museum is open for free. come see our exhibits, come see our great locomotives and cars. this is the centerpiece of what we're doing this weekend. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: want to bring in nicole rabelli from disney. good to see you. just walk through the train here. yeah, when people come in, they're going to be blown away by this. >> we think so. they'll see artifacts from the
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charles dickens museum in london. they'll see models and a replica of the sound stage. they'll get to interact with hp front pcs. >> people will actually get to see how the movie was made? >> right. they'll see snow and carollers. it's all for free. >> no accumulation down here. all right, here for the next three days. >> all for free and perfect for families. >> you've been 32 cities, right? >> 32 cities. driven by amtrak all across the country. we have 40 in total. we'll actually end in new york in about a month. >> reporter: nice talking to you. >> thanks for being here. >> marty and mary, bring the kids, this is fabulous. it's disney's a christmas carol train tour at the b&o railroad museum. today, tomorrow and sunday.
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i'm telling you, it's going to blow you away. >> what's amazing is they've wrapped the outside of the train. you know how you see buses wrapped in an ad now? the entire train. >> reporter: music, it's just fabulous. have a great weekend. >> we're looking at video of the actual train itself. that's wild. we'll see you sunday. >> reporter: you got it. c'mon down. have a great weekend. >> i love the fact you can morph your face on that train. kids will love that. >> have you seen the previews for this movie? >> i've seen one and it looks fantastic. >> in 3d. awesome. >> this is one of those kids movies that an adult will want to go see. >> absolutely. and speaking of the holidays, the radio city christmas spectacular starring the world famous rockettes and presented by capital one, returning to
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baltimore. all happening at the first mariner arena. click on contest for your chance to win tickets to the event. stay with us. we'll be right back. what is it to lead? at pnc, it's doing what most benefits our customers. whether that's building more certified green buildings than anyone on earth. creating online banking tools for the next generation. or making a 10 year, $100 million investment in kids. it's how we've always done business. and will for a very long time to come. pnc. leading the way.
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. the greatest prostate challenge continues this weekend. you could get a free prostate screening on garrison boulevard.
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it's all part of wjz's continuing community commitment. still to come on the morning edition: >> reporter: good morning, concern about the h1n1 virus in maryland and whether there'll be enough hospital beds in the event of an outbreak. i'll have that story coming up. >> reporter: caught on camera. why parents are concerned about student safety after one internet cell phone video hits a website. i'm gigi barnett, a live report is coming up. >> reporter: nasdaq in -- in addition to a few accidents, we have our first morning delays coming up. show activity meandering through the area. again, now we're starting to see action south of the metro. light showers approaching south of bwi. how's this going to impact your morning? we'll have that answer coming up shortly. cbs has a new medical drama coming on tonight. a twist i've never seen. it has to do with life in a
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transplant hospital. from drinking a gallon of blood to saving a gallon of blood. the morning edition continues right after this.
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it's friday! >> it sure is friday! it's actually purple friday in the big town this morning. pretty cool and clear start to your day. i'm mary bubala in for don. we'll start with marty. >> let me show you the genesis of what a couple showers this morning, but why that's not your real forecast for the day. look at this graphic. we have a cold front coming in on a warm influx of humid air. tonight through midday tomorrow. having said , that let's look at the day part. it looks like it's going to be you know, fairly nice, late morning, midday and afternoon. we cloud up this evening. showers tonight. 66 going to be the noon time temperature on its way to a high
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temp in the mid-70s, but... here's first morning doppler weather radar. a little piece of energy is busted out with the influx of this warm and humid air. this isn't that cold front. and uh, the shower activity really just kind of chugging right along across the area. if you see a sprinkle, give it ten, fifteen minutes, good-bye, gone. it's not your real forecast for the day. we've been thinking this was more of a northern tier county thing, but down to the south, we're seeing some shower activity approaching uh, uh, bwi, severna park. marty thank you. out to sharon gibala with a look at our roads from wjz traffic control. >> things slowing down on 95 at white marsh boulevard. you can see in the middle of the screen there. middle left, we have an accident working on the road shoulder. it'll take you about three
6:32 am
minutes to get through that area with an average speed of 50 miles an hour. meantime, new accident in dundalk. that on wise avenue. another one in the city. lauren street. that one in elkton. also still there on route 213 near elkton boulevard. meantime, there's a live look at 295 and the beltway, looking good there. no oishz the -- issues on the top side of the beltway. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. back to you, mary. here's what people are talking about this morning. as students watched a friday night football game on the field, a brutal attack in stands involving a cheerleader is on video and making its rounds on the internet. >> reporter: that video hit the website after the friday night game. while students have commented about it, parents are concerned.
6:33 am
during school hours, john f. kennedy high in montgomery is quiet. a member of the cheerleading squad was being attacked by another girl, angry and determined to fight the 17-year-old girl. the cause? a boy >> reporter: what made it worse. someone posted the video on facebook, a popular internet social site and many students at her school had something to say about it. >> they were just like laugh out loud. ha ha ha. it made me feel sad. i thought all these people were my friends and they weren't. >> how do we allow ourselves to get to that point, to be so angry and we're conducting ourselves as we saw in the video. >> that's the question the school's principle had about the
6:34 am
attack. >> disciplinary action i put forth is as strong as i can make it. >> reporter: that's a ten-day expulsion. >> i'm going to hear what they have to say first, but i want to know if my child will be safe coming to this school. >> reporter: that was the number one question parents had at a meeting last night to address this issue. many students wrote back on the website page apologizing for the original comments they made about the fight. >> reporter: gigi, thank you. the school's principal says kennedy high has a leadership program that teaches students conflict resolution skills. so far no charges have been filed is in the incident. baltimore city police continue there search this morning for the man who broke foo into a west baltimore home and raped a woman. this is the computer image of the man who police say hit the woman in the head with a baseball bat, then raped her at knife point.
6:35 am
he's described in his early 20s. anybody with information should call city police. last month he murdered his estranged wife outside a church in montgomery county. now kevin kelly will learn his fate. patricia simmons fled to baltimore to start a new life. he is sentenced later today. a little tax relief on the way for some people recovering from the huge water main break in dundalk. comptroller peter franchot is giving a filing extension to businesses hid by the flooding. on september 17th, water from the busted water main flooded more than 100 dundalk area homes and businesses. baltimore city firefighters have lost their battle for a pay raise. firefighters unions were asking for a 2% salary increase, but the city has denied that request. the city instituted a salary freeze because of the $25
6:36 am
million budget shortfall. the union took the matter to an independent arbitrator who ruled against the firefighters wage increase. later today we'll learn how many americans lost their jobs last month. the labor department is expected to report unemployment hit 9.8% in september. officials say the high number is further proof the labor market hasn't turned the corner yet and that unemployment will reach 10% by the end of the year. growing concerns about the h1n1 virus in maryland this morning. more cases are showing up at area schools and the vaccine is still not available. ky jackson explains in this morning's flu watch report, some are wondering if the state hospitals can handle a large swine flu outbreak. >> the first day of october brings great weather. and grave concerns. throughout the country and maryland, the non-profit trust for america's health warns there could be a shortage of hospital
6:37 am
beds in the h1n1 virus spreads rapidly. >> if the virus uh, uh, spreads so quickly, you know, and the hospitals are overcome, what do you do then? that's the question. >> reporter: to deal with overcrowding from emergencies like the h1n1 virus, hospitals are supposed to have what's known as surge plans, where they postpone elective surgeries in order to free up beds. >> we have partnered with the state, with local health departments and other health care agencies to make certain we've got the beds and medications and supplies we need to deal with any kind of significant outbreak. >> reporter: fear of the virus is strong in baltimore city. a second student has contracted h1n1 in east baltimore. on tuesday, a 14-year-old girl, destiny parker of montebello middle school died from the virus. leaving parents and those in the school system stunned. >> reporter: maryland health officials say the first doses of h1n1 vaccine will be a nasal
6:38 am
spray and available to children over 2 years old and young adults up to age 24. also health care workers and people who living with children under 6 months old. >> we're talking about federally qualified health centers, hospitals, eventually it'll be available in pharmacies around the state. >> reporter: do you plan to get a shot? >> yes, i do. i do, soon. very soon. >> health officials say 98% of the flu cases going around right now is the h1n1 strain. >> i'm ky jackson reporting, back to you. stay with wjz for complete flu watch coverage for instant updates on the maryland cases and important information from the cdc. log onto turning to sports this morning. tom brady isn't the only patriot the ravens will have to keep an eye on when the teams meet up this weekend. they'll have to watch veteran ball carrier, fred taylor. the 12-year veteran was a standoff for a decade with
6:39 am
jacksonville. the ravens are definitely watching him, especially after he rushed for 105 yards against atlanta. >> fred taylor is a premier back in this league. interesting style. heck take the ball anywhere. he can stop on a dime and challenge the leverage of your defense in any direction. >> you can watch the ravens as they take on the new england patriots on wjz13. that game will air this sunday afternoon at 1:00. exclusively right here on wjz13. when the action's over, our coverage continues with bmw post game show. join mark and joe washington for highlights and reaction. marty along with the bulldog. airtran football talk from the espn zone. it's all here on wjz sunday. here's the promo picture we oughta hear. this is last weekend tailgate for the game.
6:40 am
couldn't get bulldog away from the feed bag. otherwise there'd have been a three-shot of us. >> he was there somewhere. >> i'm telling you-- >> you're bad. i can't wait to be with the two of you. >> he was double fisted. looks like king henry. turkey leg in one hand, turkey leg in another. pro-football challenge, need to remind you. how are you doing this year on this? >> not so well. i don't know why. usually i do pretty well on these things. i won the basketball challenge. >> yeah, you did. >> you have to have your picks in uh, by sunday at 12:45. so if you're playing the game, here's my picks. i'll just tell you, follow me and sleep in the streets. i'm barely hanging onto third place. couple big upsets last week. >> i think that i am down on the become with mark viviana. >> i was going to say....
6:41 am
>> i picked baltimore. i think this could be a one-point game. this is going to be what-- >> in our favor. >> i think it'll be what football is all about. game's at 1:00 on wjztv 13. it's going to be a great one. good one. you can join us at the espn zone. >> we'd love to have you. c'mon down. >> we'll all start showing up around 4:00 or so, when the football game, watch, i'll be there earlier. >> i'll be there at 3:00. that's the reporting time they told me. >> we'll be there at 3:00 then. i want to take a look at first warning doppler, couple light showers around the area. look at the day part. i think before, not too long, we'll see clouds break. we'll have sun by late morning, midday, afternoon. 66 at lunch. high temperature around 75 today. we'll get hit with sunshine. 71 degrees. clouding up this evening. one of the most well-known
6:42 am
vampires. mm-hmm. legions of vans. love him in that series. now he's playing a doctor in a transplant hospital. drinking a gallon of blood to saving a gallon of blood. it's a new show on cbs. we'll have a sneak peek and talk about that coming up. sharon has busy traffic right there. we'll take a break.
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warm and humid air meandering over the area. parkton, lutherville. give it ten minutes, showers will be out of here. there is rain in the forecast, area -wide later on. 74% humidity. calm winds. barometer's now from 29.99, to 29.98. warm and humid air. you bet. 61 pax river. 57 d.c. 52 easton. 51 hagerstown. downtown 55. couple mornings ago it was 36
6:46 am
elkton, now 43. 50 degrees cumberland. jumped from 55 to 51 last hour. 51 westminster. 60 annapolis, kent island. 57 degrees. cold front sits to the west. morning, midday and afternoon. this is going to be friday evening and friday night. i think the steadiest rain comes after the orioles came. sunday's going to be a beautiful day. 70 this day. partly sunny skies in the area. 53 degrees. overnight low with steadier rain possible. tomorrow again, by late midday, early afternoon. we break out sun. 75 degrees is going to be the high. the sunday, gorgeous, 73. monday sunny, 71. tuesday, wednesday, partly sunny. 70 and 75. >> we've got a couple trouble spots on the roadways. sharon is watching them for us. >> we're watching more and more trouble spots. plenty of problems in fact. one on the west side of the
6:47 am
beltway. accident on the inner loop. past 70 blocking left lane. also a crash, 95 southbound at the beltway. that with a back-up to white marsh boulevard. we're still looking at an accident at emerton road. in elkton, crash on route 13. elkton boulevard. one more in glen burnie. americana circle. there's a live look at 95. southbound lanes again, sluggish between white marsh boulevard and the beltway. no delays yet on the beltway at 295. some on the west side of the beltway. this traffic report is brought to you by toyota. back to you guys. >> last year there was a show called moon light. there it is right there. it never quite went anywhere, but the star, alex laughlin got a lot of great press.
6:48 am
the vampire thing's pretty big still this day. he got on another show. this is a really interesting hospital-type show. um... it's about a transplant hospital. it stars a former vampire. take it away. >> ladies and gentlemen, welcome alex laughlin. dr. andy yablonski. >> good morning. >> how's live today in los angeles. >> it's going to be another glorious day. every day in los angeles is glorious. >> so i hear. i'm a star of a cbs show, i'm a movie star and they're rolling my rear end out for an interview at 4:30 in the morning pacific. >> there's nothing glamorous about what i do.
6:49 am
that's the most common misconception about being an actor. it's often red eyes and starbucks going into some weird little studio somewhere to do this. >> so is local news. [laughter] >> let's talk three rivers here for a second. this is a real interesting concept on the old medical theme. a transplant hospital. it's pretty current or is it too much ahead of the curve? >> absolutely not. i think it's, i don't think it's ahead of the curve at all. it's something that's been going on for a long time. transplant medicine isn't a new thing. it's actually so advanced now, it's almost easier than auto mechanics. never seen a show that's based in organ transplant was the core of the show. it is the core of our show. the great thing about this, we have the technology of uh, for instance csi been in this
6:50 am
hospital, this new age hospital where this is set. i'm very excited to see how this show is received by america. >> you know, um... i understand about uh, the transplant technology. baltimore's home to johns hopkins and the university of maryland hospital which have pioneered a lot of the techniques and/or treatments before and after. >> and the multiple ones. the ones that lead to another that lead to another that lead to another. >> i was just curious about, when it comes to a tv series, did you ever think to yourself when your agent came to you "are we here on tv series yet?" >> as an actor, the artistic vision doesn't necessarily belong to me. i have to know that the producers have a vision for the future. it was very clear to me that there were many stories to be told in this script that i read
6:51 am
for three rivers for the pilot. and because it's, it's told from, it's different we tell it from three points of view. the donor, recipient and the medical team. i've never seen a medical show told like this before. >> wow. >> yeah. >> as an actor changing roles. does it seem ironic for you? going from being a famous vampire to being somebody who saves lives? >> i was going to say yeah, and i go from someone who drinks buckets of blood to someone who paddles around and plays in blood. [talking simultaneously] >> i didn't expect to get into all that blood. >> it's quite a difference in role. >> in all seriousness, it is a different role. that's um, as an actor, that's all i can hope for is to do
6:52 am
roles that are as different from one, from one to the next as possible. i mean, my dream career is to just to constantly play, play roles that are antithetical to one another and be as diverse and transformational as i can be. as i get older and better at what i do, hopefully that will happen more and more. >> you know, it's great, we've been battling this like two second satellite delay and the three of us have proved we're television geniuses pulling this off. >> congratulations, gentlemen, you've done well. >> good luck on the series. three rivers. as we would say in baltimore, you're a right guy. you passed the audition, you're back any time. >> thank you. >> see you later. >> that is really cool. but you know what that reminds
6:53 am
me of? law and order. necessary, they did, you know, the donor, the team-- >> sure, that's something i've never seen. >> that's cool. >> we'll give it a shot. we ask you to watch one time and you watch it again, it's up to you. >> we'll be back with first morning weather and traffic
6:54 am
6:55 am
finally we're seeing light shower activity press on east of the metro grid essentially. take a look at the forecast. give it a while the gets out of
6:56 am
here. >> still looking at an accident on the west side of the beltway on the inner loop. watch for delays on the outer and inner loop. 95 southbound, emerton road, accident. another one at the beltway. there's a look at the beltway on the west side. this traffic report is brought to you by exxon. don? >> thank you, sharon,
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
david letterman reveals he was the victim of an alleged extortion plot that began with a package in his car.


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