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tv   The Early Show  CBS  October 2, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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says that i know that you do some terrible terrible things. >> we'll have the latest on letterman letterman's admission of affairs with female employees and the arrest of the would be blab mailer, a cbs producer. president obama riches in copenhagen carrying the torch for chicago as the best candidate for the 2016 summer olympicss. >> i promise you this the city of chicago and the united states of america will make the world proud. >> le bring home the gold? former kidnap victim elizabeth smart testifies that her abduct tore raped her repeated hi every day. >> i had -- i had no idea what she had gone through. so much out there. >> we'll talk with her father. >> plus, jon deposit lynn on why he's trying to pull the plug on "kate plus eight." >> i want my kids off television. that's the most important thing to me is getting my kids off television. "early" this friday morning
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october 2nd, 2009. captioning funded by cbs good friday morning. i'm maggie rodriguez. harry smith is off. chris wragge is sitting in. >> good morning. >> all of us just shockeded to hear that our own david letterman was reportedly being blackmailed by a cbs employee that said he had proof that dave was having affairs with employees. >> a shocking announcement. the big headline today should have been if a that for the first time in over 15 years his biggest ratings gap over "the tonight show," but instead he wakes to headlines like this. big shocking news. >> and that is also where we begin with this story of sex and alleged extortion. a cbs producer is due in court this morning to face charges of trying to blackmail david letterman who told the sorry on
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last night's late show. kelly wallace has the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it wasn't a comedy sketch but an extraordinary ten minute revelation last night by david letterman here at the ed sully sullivan theater. he told his audience he had allegedly been the victim of attempted blackmail. >> this who thing has been quite scary. i had to go downtown to testify before the grand jury and i had to tell them how i was disturbed by this, i was worried for myself for my family, i felt menaced menaced. >> reporter: it was monologue unlike any other for the hate night funny man. david letter many told his audience he had been blackmailed and then made a remarkable personal admission. >> i have had sex with women who work for me on this show. >> reporter: his alleged blackmailer, a 20 year plus veteran of cbs news "48 hours" producer joe halderman. he was taken into custody
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yesterday by two plain clothed police officers outside the cbs news broadcast center. halderman, 51 is accused of demanding $2 million from letter man in exchange for not going public with details of the company median's private life. >> i have a little story that i would like to tell you and the home viewers, as well. >> reporter: about three weeks ago during the first week of september, letterman said he found a package in the back of his car at his connecticut home. it was from someone who claimed to know with his sexual relationships with women on the late show staff. >> there seems to be quite a lot of terrible stuff he knows about and he's going to put it into a movie unless i give him some money. >> reporter: letterman and his attorney arranged to meet the alleged extortionist. >> it turns out, yes in fact, he wants a large sum of money or he's going to produce this screen play of all the terrible things that i do. >> reporter: a short time later,
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letterman and his attorney contacted the manhattan district attorney's office which advised him to call another meeting with the alleged extortionist. >> and the question was posed, now, are you aware that this is serious, this could be a crime? you know -- no no it's fine. >> reporter: that led to a sting operation which included letterman writing a phony $2 million check to the alleged extortionist. >> it's been a very bizarre experience. i feel like i need to protect these people i certainly need to protect my family, i need to protect myself hope to protect my job. >> reporter: what's unclear is exactly when the affairs took place. letterman married his long time girlfriend of 20 plus years in march. they have a 6-year-old son, harry. some a statement, cbs news said "cbs was made aware of and ongoing police investigation involving david letterman and an employee at "48 hours" who was subsequently arrested yesterday on charges of attempted grand
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larceny in the first degree. cbs is cooperating fully with the authorities and the employee has been suspended pending the results of the investigation. mr. letterman addressed the issue during the show's broadcast last night and we believe his comments speak for themselves themselves." halderman was held without bail last night and will be some court this morning. the district attorney's office plans a news conference later today when more details about this case are expected to be released. maggie? >> kelly wallace in manhattan. thank you. let's bring in lisa bloom. good morning. >> good morning. >> do you think dave was smart to go public with this to go on the offensive and get out in front of this problem? >> absolutely. i think he had to do that making dwi. once this matter went in front of a grand jury there's at least a dozen citizens who are getting wind of the allegations. once it's in the district attorney's hand there's always the possibility of leaks.
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so he had to get out there first. he had to tell the story. he had to acknowledge his part in it. he had to acknowledge all of the allegations that he's making. i think he had to do what he did. >> explain the grand jury thing. why would they choose a grand jury versus a regular trial for this, lisa? >> well, a grand jury is generally a secret proceeding, everyone is sworn to keep all of the matters before the grand jury confidential. that doesn't necessarily always happen especially in a high profile case. but the district attorney puts all of the allegations, all of the evidence in front of the grand jury and they can choose to come back with an indictment. generally they do they will generally return an indictment when a prosecutor asks for it. >> and if the defendant is convicted, what will he face? >> well, he's looking at anywhere from nine to up to 15 years behind bars for attempted grand larceny. larceny is just another word for stealing taking the property of another wrongfully converting to one's own use. if these allegations are approach if the sting was indeed successful where the phone any $2 million check was
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given to him and he accepted it thinking it was an exchange for his blackmail demands, and the district attorney has a pretty good case against him. >> what do you think david letterman has to worry about now? i'm sure he's hoping that this has a short shelf life and that it will just go away. >> i'm sure he does. clearly as a hanlgmajor celebrity, his reputation is important to him. so would i getting his allegations out first, he's hoping to control the sorry. i'm sure he's hoping temperatures a short story. we'll see as the allegations unfold and as the facts unfold whether or not that's true but i'm sure his reputation is very very important to him. >> lisa bloom, thank you as always. >> that you think. and we'll have more on this story throughout the morning including a conversation with one of the most famous letterman guest, drew marybarrymore oig. president obama is headed back to the united states after lobbying for the 2016 summer olympics. committee members will decide
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today who gets games. sheila macvicar is at the ioc meeting for us thrng and joins us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're hours away from voting here in copenhagen hours away from knowing which of those four cities will indeed host the games. and hours from knowing whether or not president obama's transatlantic dash has paid off for his hometown chicago. for this olympic bid it's all about celebrity star power and supporters of chicago's bid hope president obama will be the biggest star of all. courting the 101 voting members of the international olympic committee, presidents, a prime minister, and the first couple the u.s. >> some of my best memories are sitting on my dad's lap cheering on olga and nadia. >> reporter: for michelle obama a very personal story about her own father who struggled with multiple sclerosis. >> my dad was my hero. >> reporter: and from the
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president, a heartfelt pitch for his adopted hometown. >> i irmg you to choose chicago i urge you to choose america. >> reporter: how did it go he was asked? >> the only thing i was upset about was they rarnged for me to follow michelle. that's always bad. >> reporter: president obama is on the tarmac at copy hey gaen airport right now, getting ready to head back to washington. he's in discussions with general mcchrystal talking afghanistan strategy. the general has been here in europe making a series of speeches talking about what he sees as the way forward and the need for additional troopses. he and the president cheerily meeting up today. as to what's happening here in the hall, we're told that at least a quarter of the delegates went into that meeting this morning without having made up their minds. and that if chicago does take it in a very tight race analysts here say they'll be calling it the obama-effect. maggie? >> sheila macvicar in denmark, thank you. and of course we'll bring you that decision as soon as it comes in. now to elizabeth smart who was taken from her bedroom and held captive for nine months
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seven years ago. she is finally revealing the details of her who are filing experience as cbs news koernts ben tracy reports. >> reporter: elizabeth smart is now 21 bishe was just 134 when a man kidnapped her. on thursday, she told her story in court for the first time. smart said that brian david mitchell hiked her three miles up a canyon where he and his wife wanda, had set up camp. he came and performed a ceremony which was to marry me to him, smart testified. after that he proceeded to rape me. u.s. attorney, how often did he rape you? smart, on a daily basis, up to three or four times. smart says mitchell forced her to take drugs and alcohol and used religion as a rationale. smart testified he would turn to me and say the lord has commanded you to do this. you have to experience the lowest form of humanity to experience the highest. >> there were certainly a lot of things that i had never heard before and i had -- i had no
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idea what she had gone through, so much out there. >> reporter: smart's testimony comes as a judge tries to determine if brian david mitchell is competent to stand trial. he has twice been ruled incompetent by a state court. at that competency hearing thursday the u.s. attorney asked smart, was he articulate? >> yes. could he adapt to his surroundings? yes. >> if this doesn't clinch the issue of competent teps si our nation is in really, really bad shape. >> reporter: but that is now for the judge to decide. ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. in our next hour, we will be speaking live with ed smart about his daughter's testimony. let's talk a little weather right now. dave price, no way home. he begins his long trip home from the west coast, he's this santa monica. i think this may have been one of your best ideas ever. >> thank you, i'm pretty proud of it. >> how are you doing, dave? >> so now we know who it was.
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nice to see you, guys. we are in sants monica califocalifornia. we begin our seven day long journey right after we get off the air this morning. we're on the santa monica pier, the famous ferris wheel in the background and a gorgeous morning. let's tell you what's going on all across the country and we'll have more on "dave price: no way home" in a little while. we'll go to the maps. northern plains got pounded with record rain yesterday. we'll take a look at that area and as you can see, it looks like we'll see more of that more rain today, temperatures in the 40s and 50s. that will stretch through the great lakes, as well. 40s and 50s again, that's what we'll expect as we head to portions of the midwest. thunderstorms in the appalachians. turning actually towards the northeast and towards the coast as we head into the evening, that is going to include some rain. cool for the central and southern plains. the rockies will see some sunshine. worth to mention, by the way, we could be seeing some really rough weather rolling into the rockies for the weekend. we should probably take that into account when we figure out where we're headed.
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and once again the southwest not as hot as l.a. was yesterday. 91 degree that's a quick look another your weather picture. much more from santa monica in a little while. maggie, back to you in new york. >> all right, thanks. still it on come this morning, we'll have the latest from indonesia where earthquake survivors were rescued today, but thousands more victims may still be buried in the rubble. also, a bombshell claim from casey anthony's lawyers. they'll tell us why they feel
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welcome back to "the early show." >> for more of today's headline let's check in with russ mitchell. good morning. that earthquake that hid padang has left a scene of utter testify investigation station. at least 3,000 people may still be trapped in the rubble. survivors are still being found nearly 48 hours after the first shock. cbs news correspondent celia ht att is in pa tank. >> reporter: rescuers found a few survivors understand collapsed buildings.
7:18 am
that small success has re-energized relation could youers. most of the confirmed deaths have been in padang where more than 500 buildings were heavily damaged or destroyed, including two hospitals. this video was taken as the quake struck. at what used to an karaoke lounge rescue crewed pulled one body from the wreckage while residents that the severely damaged house tried to salvage their belongings. this woman is looking for her 24-year-old son who worked at this laundry before it collapsed. i was screaming because when i saw the rock i said my son will be killed this, woman says. i keep hearing in my ears that he was calling me. rescue operations have been hampered pie heavy blackouts and a lack of heavy equipment. lineups for gas are more than these hours long. there's a a sear shortage of
7:19 am
other necessitieses too. rescuers found a teenager alive in the wreckage today. she'd been trapped for over 40 hours. celia hatton padang indonesia. more bad new on the job front is expected this morning. the labor department releases accepts's unemployment figures and is expected another 175,000 jobs will be lost, pushing the jobless rate to 9.8%. this morning overseas stocks followed yesterday's drop on wall street. both japan's nikkei and hong kong kong's hang seng lost more than 2%. yesterday the dow dropped 203 points the nasdaq fell as well and the stock futures are down this morning. some surprises from the michael jackson autopsy report. the report found jackson was basically healthy in the days leading up to his death and was in fine physical shape for a 50-year-old man. his heart was strong and his internal organs were nrm al. he had puncture wounds on his arms also he had tattooed eyebrows and lips.
7:20 am
and a cashing tattoo where he was balding at the front of his head. his death is blamed on propofol and other sedatives. chesley sullenberger is back on the job. >> ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon. this is captain sullenberger speaking. >> sullenburg l. berger, who landed hess jet in the hudson refer, marked his official return to the cockpit yesterday with nights from charlotte to laguardia and back the same flight that never made it. sullenberger was reunited with co-pilot jeffrey skiles. >> jeff and i have done what i wanted to on do today and finished the trip the flight that we didn't finish in january. >> of course it was on january 15th that sullenberger landed his jet in the hudson. all 155 people on board made tout alive. it is now 7:21. back over to chris and maggie. chess sli like john wayne. everybody loves sully. coming up casey anthony's
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attorney says the evidence in her murder case just doesn't add up. we'll ask him why when we come back. . . >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" spn soared by ultra-lift pro deep written kell cream. now see even deep wrinkles reduce in just two weeks.
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still ahead, we'll have important dos and don'ts to keep in mind during flu season. >> dr. jennifer ashton is with us right after this. how do you sneeze maggie? in to the tips. >> got it. >> more tips ahead. hello, again, everybody. it's 7:25 and 55 degrees on this purple friday. we have weather and traffic. >> and we'll look outside again.
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what we're seeing here. believe it or not, it's the leading edge of warmer air over the region and taking a look at the doppler, you can see the gray skies we were looking at. we'll have a bit of a sunrise before not too long. partly sunny skies through this and the temperature around 70. now, over to sharon gibala at wjz tv traffic control. well, we have a few problems, including an accident and that's on 95 and 95 at emmerton and that's blocked two accidents there and one at security and one at the westside there. two in -- caytonsville. and be. [ indiscernible ] >> into in done doug and -- dundalk there's a look at the
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westside and that's the biggest delay. and this is brought to you by the radio city christmas spectacular starring the famous rockettes. they'll be taking the stage december 17th and tickets are on sale now. we have a school advisory. churchhill is closed due to a water main break. the staff should still report. there are new concerns this morning about the h1n1 virus. some worry that maryland's hospitals can't handle the large scale out breaks. well, maryland is bracing for a possible out break and now, the trust for america's health is warning that there could be a shortage of hospital beds if the h1n1 virus spreads rapidly. health workers say that a second student has contracted it.
7:27 am
and meanwhile, maryland is one of 21 states that have ordered the vaccine and it could be in their offices next tuesday. marries back to you. she's been missing a year and now, the body of a baltimore woman is found. hunters stumbled monothe -- among the remains of the lady. some businesses recovering from the water main break is getting breaks from the comptrollers. they have until november 20th to file the taxes with no penalty. coming up next, letterman's fallout.
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welcome back to "the early show" on a friday morning.
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the crazies out on the plaza this morning. i'm chris wragge along with has gone gi rodriguez. >> good thing they can't hear you. you just called them crazy. >> an affectionate term. >> they'll go even more crazy when drew barrymore gets here. but coming up for us first, we have important news this morning on the casey anthony murder investigation. she's accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter caylee. her lawyer is going to be here to explain why he believes why the newly revealed evidence against her is so flawed that the murder charges should be thrown out. also coming up our "health watch," a list of flu don'ts. you know what you're supposed to do, get a flu shot and so on, but dr. jennifer ashton will tell you what should you not do. so that coming up. but first back to our stop story. as we've been reporting a cbs producer is understand arrest charged in an alleged scheme for blackmail david letterman. he says he demands $2 million or
7:31 am
he would blow the whistle on intimate details of letter mann's life. he admitted having sex with women who work on his show and he said this case began three weeks ago when letterman fund a package in his car. >> there's a letter in the package and it says that i know that you do some terrible terrible things and i can prove that you do these terrible things. >> some letter mann fans were shocked, but glad he came clean last night. >> from watching his show every night, i would want the truth from him. >> honestly, it doesn't change my opinion of him because i love his show. >> so how is this news going to affect david letterman's image some michael levine is a hollywood publicist and he joins us this morning to talk about this. good morning to you. let me ask you, first, these headlines, front page news here
7:32 am
in new york and all over the country. what does this to to his reputation? >> in the long term i don't think much of anything. i think it was very important for him to get on offense because nothing in it this world is private any longer. we're just living in a very different kind of world today than 10 or 20 years ago. and so i think the best defense is an offense and the only offense is relentless. i think a lot of people also understand that extortion happens to many many, many celebrities. it's become almost a new job category. >> when you say relentless to get on the offenseiveoffensive, david made mention that he was going leave it at that was for the going to make further mention of this. the district attorney here in manhattan is going to make a statement later today. what does david now need to continue to do like you said, keep going on the offensive or just sit back and let this play out? >> sure i mean, you have to -- prophecy is dubious business. we don't know where this story will end. it's already had some pretty
7:33 am
bizarre turns and twists thus far. but, i mean you -- we're living in a culture in which a rumor unanswered in 24 answers becomes truth. and if there is any allegations that are leaked, he has to and the district attorney will also have to make sure that their side of the story gets out and gets out forcefully. >> let me ask you this because david is a comedian does he get -- i don't want to say a free parks but is he perceiveded a little bit differently than let's say a politician if they were to come out with something like this? >> well, this would be far worse if he were a preacher or a politician. so i think that there is an extraordinarily close likeable relationship between david and his audience. i think he should be fine. i think this will an punch line or one of his top ten lists a year from now. >> but what about his ability to poke fun or jab at others who -- obviously the headlines of the news, whether it's politicians
7:34 am
or other people that get in to somewhere trouble makes it into his monologue temperature does he have to scale is it back for the time being while this bles over? >> one of the unique parts of david's personality is his capacity to be self dep bring indicating. so i can see this a year out playing as a great kind of comedy advantage for him. in the short term, of course it will create a lot of controversy and controversy is the gasoline that drives the engine of ratings success. >> michael levine joining us this morning. thank you so much. we do appreciate it. >> pleasure. thank you. well, i think the general consensus with a lot of people that i've heard from and spoken with not only this morning but late last night is get out in front of the story, try to diffuse it as quickly as possible. and that seems to be what david said during the show last night, too, he wanted to get this out there before it hurt his family and the people involved and the show itself. >> let's see if it goes away quickly as i'm sure he's hoping. right thousand let's check back in with dave. he's in santa monica california for another check of the weather. nice out there isn't it dave?
7:35 am
enjoy it while you can. >> y>> yeah, you know what because there's some bad weather in certain parts of the country, maggie and chris. we're all packed up. this is really all i'm traveling with. this is my backpack that has everything there my computer to my clothing. and the technology i'm using, it is 62 degrees right here right on on the historic pier at santa monica. and by the way, if you want to follow me we'll have some instructions on how we can communicate over the next seven days and how you you may be able to help me find my way across america. in the mean time let's go to the map, check out the weather. it is sloppy no way plains recording some record rain. minneapolis and grand forks shattered 100 year old records. bad weather in the great lakes, too. it will o raw side. thunderstorms across the appalachians moving towards the northeast interior sections. central and southern plains look good rockies plenty of sunshine but look for a storm
7:36 am
system to roll on in late in the weekend. rape and snow. southwest looks nice and right here on the west coast, it's we're starting to see broken sky conditions. it will be gray for the next few hours. leading edge to warm and humid air. yeah, it's giving us light showers and it's really moving in a fairy rapid pace. if you're getting a light shower, it's an f. we'll have partly sunny skies and we'll go for a high around 70. all right. still trying to plot my way out of here. so no plans yet. we'll reveal them on twitter. you can follow me on twitter at twitter and, of course on our website,
7:37 am
as well, where we head from here we don't though. we'll see depend in just a little while. maggie and chris, back to you. >> yes, we'll send you off officially ahead this morning. so stay tuned, even. up next casey anthony's lawyers are here to tell us why they believe the evidence in her murder case doesn't add up. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. he winter wind blew. mom trusts the puffs lab can soothe his... achoo! [ knocking on door ] [ male announcer ] i've got puffs plus with lotion he said to sam's mother. with aloe and e, and a touch of shea butter. ♪ ♪ plain tissue rubs causing more irritation. puffs plus with lotion and shea butter, has a soothing sensation. a nose in need deserves puffs plus indeed. and try puffs plus with the comforting scent of vicks. last year, dad came down with a really bad flu. really bad. then we learned that a flu shot can reduce the risk of getting the flu by up to 70%. we got our flu shots at cvs pharmacy.
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this morning there is a stunning new coach. in the case of casey anthony, charged last year with the murder much her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. attorneys for kay is he anthony are questioning the handling of evidence in the indicate citing this fbi lab report that says duct tape found on a gas can inside the anthony's garage does not match the tape found wrapped around caylee's skull. also of concern, dna found on the tape does not match any member of the anthony family, but does match an fbi lab technician. >> if there's an fbi analyst's dna on a piece of tape that's a critical piece of evidence that's bad new for the prosecution. >> reporter: prompts anthony's attorneys to demand first-degree murder an abuse charges be dropped effectively taking the death penalty off the table.
7:41 am
caylee anthony's remains were found five months after her mom, casey, said her daughter was left with a baby-sitter. forensic tests on casey's car reveal the presence of chloroform and evidence of human decomposition. but the defense argues much of the kaescase is circumstantial and there is a lack of physical evidence implicating casey in her daughter's murder. . >> joining us now is jose baez and todd macaluso. thanks for taking the time. we just discovered that the hair found in casey's trunk did not come from a decomposing body and that the duct tape that was supposedly sla tore one found at the an thon notice home is not and furthermore was contaminated in the lab. do you think this is grounds enough to call for these charges to be dropped and for the death penalty to be taken off the table? >> as far as the charges are concerned, they just simply -- there is not enough to support a legal finding on either charge which is why we filed the motion to dismiss basically. >> even if you feel that way,
7:42 am
how will you explain the fact that casey did not report her daughter missing for a month, that she was out partying when caylee was supposedly missing, that she lied to investigation get a tors trying to help her find caylee? that's a tough hurdle. >> the motion to dismiss is a leel legal pleading. so in the legal pleading what we have is a specific burden that we have to show and the legal burden is that there is no -- not even a prima facia case of a first-degree murder or aggravated child abuse which are what the charges that we asked for them to be dismissed. >> so you're saying she should be charged with a lesser crime? >> we're not saying that. what we're saying is these specific charges, they should be dismissed because even if you hold all of the evidence in the light most favorable to the state, they still do not reach the level of first-degree murder case or pry made fash sha case thereoff. >> if your request is denied how will you explain all those other things casey's behavior,
7:43 am
which a lot of observers say could be what brings her down? >> we feel that casey has a very compelling reason for her actions and we plan on laying them out at trial. that's the proper place for us to lay out a defense. what we have here with these motionses is a specific legal motion that the court must have a legal finding on. as far as the trial is concerned, we feel it's in our client's best interests to lay everything out in the courtroom, not necessarily out in the court of public opinion. >> you can give us an indication of what your strategy will be? because it seems in a lot of ways as though the public has already reached a verdict in this case. >> we can't. at this time we cannot. what's important to know is that casey anthony is innocent, she will be proven innocent. the state has not allowed any evidence whatsoever to prove their case. the case should be dismissed. >> all right, todd macaluso jose baez thank you both. now here's chris. >> up next, you've heard what you should do to fight off the flu. we'll tell you what you shouldn't do when we come back.
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in this morning's "health watch," what you should not do for the flu. 26 states now report widespread flu activity up from 21 the week before. we all know what should you do to prevent getting sick washing our hands a lot and so on, but dr. jennifer ashton is here to explain the biggest don'ts. >> don't expect the seasonal flu shot to protect you against swine flu or h1n1. they are completely different. obviously the swine flu vaccine is just starting to come out now. if the virus had started in january, it would have been incorporated some to the seasonal flu shot, but they are totally different. so if you're going to get them, you need to get them both. >> it this is another big one. did not leave the house until you have been flu free for at least 24 hours. >> right. you're not doing yourself a
7:48 am
favor, you're not doing anyone around you a favor. most of the virus stops being shed after about 24 hours. it can continue a couple of days after that. but most of it is gone after that time, so again, no fever for 24 hours. >> stop monitoring right? >> that's right. and that is important because sometimes you can feel better and then the next day you can get worse again. and it can take a course that kind of goes up and down. so you want it pay attention to to things. if the symptoms come back then you want to speak to your doctor. >> ifsh thinks that they have the flu, give me the tamiflu, but you don't -- >> right, not every virus needs to be treated with tamiflu and not every case of the flu needs to be treated with antivirals. the guidelines are those things to be used in hospitalized patients, children under the age of 2, people over the age of 65 those with an underlying medical condition or pregnant women at the discretion of your doctor. >> and don't neglect planning. >> that's right. because we have to remember that you could be home for quite some time. you want to talk to your kid's
7:49 am
school your employer and make sure that things are in place. >> doctor thank you very much. i hope you were paying attention. . stay with us. we'll be right back. >> announcer: "cbs health watch" sponsored by lipitor. i couldn't believe i was actually having a heart attack. i remember being at the hospital, thinking about my wife. i should have done more to take care of myself. now i'm exercising watching my diet and i trust my heart to lipitor. (announcer) unlike some other cholesterol lowering medications, lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and certain kinds of heart surgeries in patients with several common risk factors or heart disease. lipitor is backed by over 17 years of research. lipitor is not for everyone including people with liver problems and women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems. tell your doctor if you are taking other medications
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or if you have any muscle pain or weakness. this may be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. i'll never forget what i went through. don't take your health for granted. (announcer) have a heart to heart with your doctor about your risk. and about lipitor.
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go back to the shot one more time. you can see the clouds moving there. kind of. and that's from west to east. there's a light shower here. it's just coming along. and we may not really have a bunch of rain in the state itself. the forecast calls for clearing and partly sunny conditions and a high of 70. >> and over to sharon. hi, marty, facing the accident on 95 traveling in the area of emmerton road. 95 southbound to emmer ton and that's booked. two accidents in kittensville and wintersville. and there's one at greenside and 83 southbound, that's in the red. and a wreck in nodding ham and moe lass city highway. highway-- pulaski -- moe lassie
7:56 am
highway. not bad there at 40. this is brought to you by exxon. sharon, thank you. as the public waits for the h1n1 vaccine, some are questioning the state's able to cover a large out break. >> reporter: while maryland is bracing for a large out break of the h1n1 virus, now the trust for america's health is warning there could be a shortage of hospital beds if the h1n1 virus spreads. in baltimore city, they fear that the virus is strong and a second student contracted it. and mean vial, it's -- meanwhile, we're one of the 21 states that have ordered the vaccine. well, the man who gunned
7:57 am
down his wife outside of a church will learn his fate today. he opened fire a few feet away from the baptist church in silver springs. he could spend his life behind bars. >> stay with us, elizabeth smart, for the first time, she's taking the starched, describe -- taking the stand and her father speaks out and jon
7:58 am
7:59 am
a shobing alleged extortion attempt revealed by late show oig host david letterman. >> i just want to reiterate how
8:00 am
tear guying this moment is. this whole thing has been quite scary. >> we'll bring you the latest on what he's calling a bizarre experience. former teen kidnapped victim elizabeth smart testifies that her abductor raped her every day. we'll speak with her father who heard many of the tore risk dedale tails for the first time yesterday. and jon gosselin goes to court to try to keep "kate plus eight" off of tv. >> i have you poeer to say they're not going to film anymore. >> "early" this friday morning october 2nd, 200937 captioning funded by cbs welcome back to "the early show." harry is off today and i'm sure he's so sorry he's off. look who is here? drew bury who are. >> hi how are you. >> not just actress and producer, but now director, thank you very much. >> that you think, yes.
8:01 am
thank you. i have a new film coming out today called "whip it" and we have roller derby girls here. all right. roller derby girls. i'm so excited for people to see this film. i collected everything i've learned along the way in life and put it all some to hopefully what is an entertaining you know celebration of life for people. >> it is, i saw it. >> we'll put some skates on in a little bit. actually we -- >> wait a second. you're putting maggie in skates in. >> haven't been this skate since the age of 13. >> i was so excited that you were game for it. i love roller skating and i haven't done it before we trained for this film since i was a kid when disco skating was super popular. >> wasn't that the best ever? >> yeah, you good tote go on weekend and put on your rain dough sus pen ders. now it's a whole different animal. >> i have news for you you girls in the pack may have your helmets on and your elbow pads and the knee pads but this one's been practicing all
8:02 am
morning in the hallways. so it's organization folks. >> we'll see for you that soon. thank you. but first, let's check with russ mitchell inside with the morning's headlines. >> we've got some broken parts of the wall downstairs where maggie had incidents this morning. >> do not sell her short. >> what did he say? i didn't hear. >> it's down stair the lobby, the holes in the wall. >> oh, that's true. i'm tough. they don't know what's coming. good morning, guys. late night funny man david letterman says he was the victim of a blackmail plot by a cbs news employee who allegedly threatened to reveal sexual relations letterman had with women on his staff. kelly was kell wallace has more. >> reporter: david letterman told his audience last night here at the he had sullivan theater that he had been the victim of a blackmail attempt and then made a remarkable personal admission.
8:03 am
>> my response to that is yes, i have. i have had sex with women who worked on this show. >> reporter: in a statement, cbs news said cbs was made aware of and ongoing police investigation involving david letterman and an employee at "48 hours" who was subsequently arrested yesterday on charges of attempted grand wlars any in the first degree. cbs is cooperating fully with the authorities and the employee has been suspended pending the results of the investigation. mr. letterman addressed the issue during the show's broadcast last night and we believe his comments speak for themselves. his alleged blackmailer, a 20 year plus veteran of cbs news "48 hours" producer joe halderman. letterman informed authorities after he and his attorney met with the alleged blackmailer. >> this this whole thing has been quite scarey.
8:04 am
i had to go downtown to testify before the grand jury. i was worried for myself for my family, i felt menaced and i had to tell them all of the creepy things that i have done. >> reporter: halter man is accused of demanding $2 million from letterman in exchange for not going public with details about the comedian's private life. >> kelly wallace here in northern new york city. >> we will find out later today which city will host the 2016 olympics. president obama flew to denmark to proos chicago's bid. >> reporter: well this, plaza hend me will be filling up shortly with people waiting word from the international olympic committee in copenhagen. they're heaping that president obama was 59 his persuasive best when me a pitch for this country and this had city to host the games. >> to hoet athletes and
8:05 am
visitorses from every corner of the globe is a high honor and a great responsibility. and america is ready and eager to assume that say credit trust. >> reporter: surprisingly there's some division of opinion about the games here in chicago. a lot of people are worried about the cost, possible tax increases and disruption to daily life. so if the games to in fact come to chicago, they still have some home grown skepticism to overcome. >> dean reynoldss in chicago. thank you very much. it is now 8:05. want to go santa monica where dave is at the start of his no way home tour. dave this isn't going to turn into whatever happened to segment, is it? >> yeah if i'm not back by next friday, call out the guard. russ, let's take a check of the weather and see what's happening all across the country and out here out wednesday, though. northern plain plenty of rain. minneapolis and grand ks shattering 100 year old records. bad weather continues today temperatures in the 40s and 50s
8:06 am
stretching eastward to the great makes and keep in mind thunderstorms across the appalachians that will me to interior sections of northeast and probably the coastline by night fall. central and southern plains, the rockies, plenty of sunshine but bad weather rolling in to the rockies by the end of the weekend. the southwest and west loo hi, good morning, here's the first warning weather radar, we're showing you the last bit of showers. it's light, light activity indeed. it is leading in warm and humid air. temperatures in the 50s and forecast today, calling for 70. if we get more than partial sunshine, warmer than that and tonight, we'll have showers in the forecast, 53 and the showers should be out of here by tomorrow. 75 degrees is the >> announcer: in weather report sponsored by starbucks new via instant coffee. come in this weekend and take
8:07 am
the starbucks via taste challenge. maggie we'll send it back to you. hopefully some via is in my future. i'll stop in for the taste challenge, get a free drink. >> don't go we quant it remind everybody how this will work. so you get $50. you have no other forms of payment that you can use. you're 2800 miles away and you have to figure out how to get home in a week. people can't offer you rides or mealses and a roof over your head but i encourage people to make him work for it. >> sure. there should be -- >> there should be chores. and you can also work and earn money to spend to help you get where you need go. do you have a plan yet? >> right. an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. exactly. >> so now we'll reveal the dave price no way home oig count down clock. every morning we'll check in with to you see how far you've come and how many time you have left. the clock officially starts ticking when this show ends at
8:08 am
9:00 eastern time this morning and there is the countdown clock. seven day zero hours, 51 minute and -- would he counting down to the start of this right? >> exactly. and i come -- >> 51 minutes and 39 seconds. >> i come with a request from 85% of the staff. don't get back it too early, they've asked. >> oh, no. no my goal is to be back soon because i know you all miss me in new york. >> no take your time, dave. this should be be fun. >> we know you've seent country before, but we want you to see it on foot. >> what does that say? >> that's his map. >> before we do go we know you've only got 50 bucks, it kind of has to go for the next week sork we want to give and you quick meal thanks to the lowe's hotel which is just about, i don't know about, 300 yards from where you are. they've been kind enough to provide you with this little breakfast courtesy of maggie and i and reduceuss.
8:09 am
>> you have my favorite on the road snacks, hum mus, a scoop of tuna, lox, greek salad. ron earth my producer who travels with me everywhere probably told you what i love. this is very kind and i'm going to take some of this and actually put it in my backpack. >> a gift from us is no big deal we know so we want to make you really feel like a king. so drew barrymore is here dave, and she wants to give you a gift too. >> hi. >> oh, drew. hi. >> how are you? >> i'm good. i ran in it a flight attendant on american airlines yesterday named karen who loves you. >> don't talk with food in your mouth, dave. >> tell her thank you and it was nice to fly with her. but i wanted to give you a special treat actually for your journey so to speak. >> what do you have? >> well, i wanted to present you with a pair of roller skates in honor of the film i'm doing called whip it. so it --
8:10 am
>> evening they're understand the table. >> when your feet start to hurt from walking -- >> oh, this is awesome, drew. >> that way you have eight wheels to help you on your way. >> oh, drew this is cool. let me ask you this. you can give me a free pass to see your movie over the weekend? >> i would be honored to give and you free pass. and i wish you like well on your endeavor home. >> oh, this, is -- drew i love you. you're the best. good luck with the movie. and if you're around somewhere on the southwest over the weekend, maybe a roller skating lesson will be good too. >> don't push it, buddy. >> america's favorite pan lander. >> and you can follow his progress, we have a special website, way home oig. so check that early and on whichften. >> we do wish you luck. >> happy trails.
8:11 am
>> buy, drew >> drew, thanks for the gift. >> my pleasure. have a great journey. >> we'll be right back.
8:12 am
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with cranberries, almonds and yogurty clusters it's raisin bran with so much extra. ♪ raisin bran extra!™ ♪ it's a mouthful of awesome! as we've been reporting this morning, former kidnap victim elizabeth smart testified yesterday that she was raped every day by her kidnapper during her nine months in captivity nearly seven years ago. this was the first time that her father ed smart, had heard some of the most disturbing details and he joins us this morning live from salt lake city. mr. smart, thanks for joining us. good morning. >> thank you, maggie. >> you sat there yesterday and watched your daughter bravely testify for an hour and 40 minutes. what did she reveal that you didn't know before? >> i just had no idea of the extent of the abuse and man
8:15 am
inwlags thatin in -- manipulation that she lived through. when i heard the entire story and his manipulation of her, i feel like he is absolutely manipulating our courts to death. and that if he isn't found competent, it will be an incredible travesty and our system is truly broken. one of the things that's really disturbing me right now is we've been through the state system, we're currently in the federal system. the u.s. attorney jpgeneral is potentially going to be changing our u.s. attorney here in utah and as a father, i would plead and ask him to hold off. we've tried and tried to get this thing to an end and at the moment i feel more -- there's greater prospect that this nightmare can come to an end. and as a father i would just
8:16 am
ask him to consider what our family's been through, what elizabeth's been through, and plead with him to not change the prosecutor at this point. >> she's been through so much. and yet she's so composed and so together when she relives it. does she have her moments of weakness when she just does crack? >> you know her comment to me a couple weeks ago, she said, dad, you know this is the last thing on earth that i want to talk about. and yesterday i was completely amazed at how she was able to move forward. and i just want to thank all of those people out there who have prayed for her and continue to pray for her because i believe that that has truly given her strength to be able to move forward. and i just -- as a family we knew that yesterday would be very hard.
8:17 am
i was amazed. we left and went up to our cabin and have just been kind of enjoying each other. but i feel like there's so many victims out there that this happens to and as a country, we have got to change that. and i would encourage everyone go to not one more and also rad kids. the"the early show" did a wonderful job of presenting that program a few years ago and i would encourage parts to learn about it. our children need to know that nobody such as this person has the right to do this to them. it's totally unacceptable. aunt it's okay to tell. and i think elizabeth really stood out yesterday and tried to say to other victims that you know, this is a horrible thing that's happened. it's an outrage. but justice has to be served. these people cannot get away
8:18 am
with what they have. and this may be happening within a family it may be happening by stranger but it's just something that our children have to learn that fine line that nobody has the right to hurt them. >> ed smart, thank you very much. >> thank you. up next jon gosselin says no more tv for his eight children. find out what he told mary hart about their reality show when we come back. squeeze some savings back into our budget. into our attics and walls. let's locate the original energy source called you and turn that machine up full-blast. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. come get 50% more savings on insulation with the new lower price of just $9.37 per roll.
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8:20 am
as we first reported yesterday, jon gosselin is trying to bring an end to jon and kate plus 8, but his estranged wife plans to keep the show on going on without him, so now he's going to court. he talked about it in an exclusive interview for entertainment tonight. >> i have the power to say they're not going to film anymore. i have the you power to say they're not going to film anymore. >> reporter: jon gosselin comes
8:21 am
to entertainment tonight for what he calls the most personal interview he has ever done, explain to go me why he wants his children off television. >> have you talked to kate about it at all? >> yes i've said i just don't want them filming anymore. she says it's financially rewarding. and i'm like it doesn't matter. at what price is it going to be for your kids? i mean are you going to like sacrifice their childhood for a couple bucks? >> reporter: he has hung this sign on the gates of his pennsylvania home. his lawyers have demanded that tl drchlt halt production what have is now "kate plus eight." tlc says they have stopped direct filming of the children. kate gosselin says her priority's is her children's well. jon says he is ready to go to court. >> it seems motivated by the fact that they took you off the title. >> reporter: i i don't care. i want my kids off television. that's the most important thing to me is getting my kids off television. >> guess what? you have not heard the last of that. and you can see mary hart's full
8:22 am
interview with jon gosselin tonight on entertainment tonight. check your local listings for more information. when we come back we'll go out on the plaza. our own maggie rodriguez is putting on the skates as we speak. nikki is out on the plaza along with a host of others. we're talking about full contact roller derby here on our plaza set this morning. we have a huge insurance policy out on maggie right now. she just has to sign the paperwork. you're watching "the early show" here on cbs.
8:23 am
8:24 am
hi, again, it's 8:25 and cloudy outside. >> well, remember when we were
8:25 am
talking about by the time we got to 25 hour, the rain would be out of the state. well, there's a quick moving shower that we've been watching, it's been going, going almost gone. we're calling for a partly sunny high and it will be that way. and we'll be in the upper 70s and mid-50s now. the delays are almost gone as well. that's great, we have just a few problems on 75 eastbound, that's approaching the beltway and a new city at greenman avenue and one in north rolling road and meantime, as far as other issues, debris on 85 northbound approaching rustton road and speeds back up to normal on the beltway. there's a look at the westside. this is brought to you by the radio city christmas spectacular starring the rockettes.
8:26 am
they'll take the stage december 17th. tickets are on sale now. thank you, have a great weekend. the first doses of the h1n1 vaccine could be ready as early as tuesday and some worry maryland isn't ready to handle a large out break. gigi barnett has more. >> reporter: maryland is bracing for the flu season and a potential out break of the h1n1 virus. and now, the trust for america's health, a nonprofit organization is warning there could be a shortage of hospital beads if the virus spreads rapidly. a second student contracted the h1n1 virus in maryland. and maryland is one of the 21 states that ordered the vaccines. they could be here next tuesday. mary, back to you. police officers are looking for the driver of a car that dragged an officer several blocks.
8:27 am
he abandoned the car and the officer was dragged five blocks before he broke free. firefighter unions were asking for a 2 1/2 salary increase and instead, there was a salary freeze. the officials blame the budget short fall. the longest losing streak of the entire baseball season, finally over. the o's came out on top against the rays and 3-2 was the final. the o's are back home tonight. and stay with wjz-13, maryland's news station. coming
8:28 am
8:29 am
get set, go!
8:30 am
she's going to win. how do you stop? >> in derby -- >> keep coaching her, she needs it. >> i was going to say, alex cohen, who is a tremendous npr correspondent by day, tremendous derby coach by night, and derby player. and she was my choreographer. and she also trained he will help and i and juliet lewis got there and we learned all the tricks. we learned jumping, skating backwards.ricks. we learned jumping, skating and we learned all the tricks. we learned jumping, skating backwards.ricks. we learned jumping, skating and we learned all the tricks. we learned jumping, skating backwards.and we learned all the tricks. we learned jumping, skating backwards.we learned all the tricks. we learned jumping, skating backwards. she taught knee thing called t stops where you get the back of your skate to basically form a t behind you. >> you'll teach me that in the dem hoe. i should say in roller derby, you're not drew barrymore. >> i'm smashly simpson.
8:31 am
>> i have a surprise are you centered. >> let's see it the big reveal. >> yeah! >> maggie mayhem is a wonderful woman by the name of shawna cross by day who wrote the book derby girl. and kristin whi gchlt g we gave her the name in honor of shawna. so if it wasn't for her we wouldn't be here, but she really is the inspiration for bringing light to a sport that is sweeping the nation and really becoming this empowering wonderful world for women that's athletic and capable and competitive and full of camaraderie. >> before the big demo while the camera is on, do you want to give it one more shot? >> you're looking great. >> show you a little whip is this. >> nothing gives you speed like the whitt.
8:32 am
>> here >> here she goes. >> i can't stop. >> not a whole lot going on out here, just maggie on roller skates. let's send it out to you, dave. >> all right, chris, we will take it. it. remarkable skating prowess, i must say. let's take a check of the weather and see what's happening across the country. we begin out here in southern california where the weather is beautiful. should be very comfortable. but as we put up the maps northern plains well, you'll see more soggy weather rolling in to the great lakes. and bad weather is going to really work its way eastward into interior sections of the northeast. and along the coast. again, keep in mind thunderstorms also across the appalachians. that's part of that system which will work its way east. and the rockies very nice weather, but into the weekend being big trouble into the rockies. keep in mind by the end of the weekend, it looks like you could be see something very sloppy weather. wet on sunday. about even some snow in the higher elevations.
8:33 am
pleasant in the southwest. cold and stourm mi in the pacific northwest. and th all right. so here's what we're doing. we're working our way across the country in seven days all i have is $50 and some technology which will enable us to broadcast anywhere. right now we're using a satellite truck. i don't know if you -- you probably can't see it in the distance but it's a big truck with a dish on top that sends
8:34 am
our signal to your help. now, when we go on the road, we'll use live wire. this is a very small camera and again, darrel is in the back ground there and darrel will be following in a trail car on the days when we need to broadcast. darrel will be transmitting it there. then we use skype. you've probably seen robert along the road for ages. and robert travels across the country with me when we travel or cover news stories. this is skype technology which you can use at home. then of course we are using blackberries to twitter with you and blackberry positive something called quick, which are little snip pets of video we'll put on the web instantaneously as we shoot them with the video. then mary, can you come on in? these another great producer at cbs news. mary is equipping our iphones with a twitter application so we can always see with a quick
8:35 am
reference who is twittering and be able to respond to it because there's no way i'm going to get across the country without people helping. so logon to show dave or logon to our website. i still need a way out of here today. chris had will -- hold on. chris, i'm not kidding, i'm getting a call right now. hold on temperature stand by, chris. hello. you can give me a ride from l.a.? it's my mother. i have no ride. chris, we'll send it back to you. mom, i'm in the middle of a show. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by the home depot. more saving, more doing. that's the power of the home depot. one additional rule we didn't tell dave about. there is a no relative clause. we'll let you know later on. painting your own home can be a huge pain. you make a big mess or the paint job doesn't come out the way you want it. danny lipford is here with great tips to help anyone paint like a
8:36 am
pro. why spend all that money when you can do it yourself, right? >> that's when you can really save a lot of money when you're talking about a painting job where you actually can spend just a little bit of money and save a heck of a lot in that labor. >> let's start with caulking. >> it can be very messy. i've seen homeowners really make a mess of it. first of all, the professionals will tell you to buy a very good caulk gun and then buy the right caulk. it's labeled well. then it's also important to cut the tip at a real precise 45 degree angle and make sure that you break the seal real well inside so that it flows well. good idea is to have a wet sponge and you can see a crack like we have right here and what you want to do is to apply just the right around. not too much. >> and with that curvature that you ket with therewith the tip that will make this a little more seamless. >> and then all you have to do wet your finger a little bit and then you can smooth it out and that way you're toward allow that to dry and move on to the
8:37 am
paint part. >> and the other thing we recommend for you at home don't try any of these homes in a suit. >> yeah, i was going to say, this is the right attire with the white painter's pants. we'll see how that suit looks in just a little bit. then rolling is another thing that a lot of people have challenges with. first of all get this a five gallon bucket with a little strainer instead of just the flat tray. it's hard to move around, it will spill, it won't hold a lot. then by a good roller handle roller extension handle good pad, and then you see i've taped this up. this will make it much easier to clean once it's time to finish up the project. >> and with rolling, too, don't be so forceful at the very beginning. >> that's something a lot of people don't realize because right now you have a lot of paint on it so when you start apply, you want to apply with less pressure and then as you move along apply a little more. the main thing is to keep it real nice and even and make sure that you leave this side of it a
8:38 am
little wet so that you can go the next time. give it a try there chris. you might need to put a little more paint on it. there you go. >> applying the pressure a little more later will cut down on the streaks? >> exactly. and then after everything is finished it's just a lot easier to clean up everything since we have a bucket. and then one of the other things is when you finish you can take a plastic bag like this wrap it over the actual roller pad, pull it off like that you can set that down and then you're able to take this either throw it away or if you're going to papts the next day, put it in the freezer, allow to freeze, next day put it in the microwave and you're ready to start painting again. >> and just be careful because it will drip all over you, but other than that in the too bad. and then file step? >> all the cleanup, you notice that you i put the painter's tape on. pull it off after it dries.
8:39 am
then just a little bit of touch up with a small brush like this and you've got professional results about sfwlp and and normally what would it cost for a professional to do it? >> a typical room, a professional would charge but $450. here we're only spending about $50 for materials. you save $400. >> fantastic. i'm not going to shake your hand because you have paint all over it. thanks so much. >> okay sure 37. >> you can check out his painting tips on our website, it is all there. maggie? all right, chris. maggie mayhem today along with smashly simpson and axles of evil. we'll show you some moveses. lady lead the way because i'm new at this. >> let's go slalom. >> all right, we can do this. >> get me, maggie. you can throw a little hip if you like. >> yeah hip checking. and arm checking. >> that's what roller derby is
8:40 am
all about. you have to have attitude. no dainty little -- >> oh, i got you. >> no dantsity little girls. all right, what is the whip? because the movie is called "whip it." what does that mean? >> whip it you basically transfer the speed of one person to the speed of another person so i'm giving you a little extra umpff to go with. basically you grab on to the arm of the person you're coming on, they whip you forward and that gives you more speed. >> you can demo it and then i'll try? >> it's amazing -- sure absolutely. you can really fly. >> whip it through! >> ready for it, maggie? >> i'm ready. and after we whip it here on the plaza, i'll sit down with drew for an interview, talk about the great movie when we can back on "the early show" on on cbs.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
we're back with drew barrymore who made her movie break through more than 25 years ago. how cute was she in et the extra take recent y'all oig. now she's the director producer and co-star of the roller derby movie whitt it oig which opens in theaters everywhere today about. you've been such a good sport this morning thank you. >> i was going it say right back at you. the sport of derby, the spirit of derby, is about women taking on great athletic capabilities while having great camaraderie with each other. and i love when you can be competitive and capable but still have a sister hood at the same time. and it's about getting out there and going and having fun and finding a tribe, which i put on the poster, and just having a good time with other girls. and that's what you demonstrated with us and the derby girls. so thank you. that really is the spirit of the
8:44 am
film. >> that you think. i want to ask you -- thank, drew, about directing the movie. this is your first time out as a director. what would you say was the hardest thing or the most surprising thing about directing a film? >> my partner, nancy, who i started my company with 15 years ago now flower films we've done ten films and the one thing that she said to me, you know after all that you learn as a producer and the most valuable lesson is how to balance emotional hats versus rational hats. because you have to problem solve and figure things out on the fly and do damage control but then you have to go and be an actor and be emoonal and have all that availabilityle to you, too. and you have to be accepts difference to ak tors and bring the best out in them while making sure everything on the ship is running smoothly. so i think knowing how to balance those hats is one of the most important things going into directing. and then also being as prepared as you possibly can so that you
8:45 am
leave some room to really have some fun. because that's what the film picks up. >> it really is fun, but it also has a lot of heart. it explores those complex mother/daughter relationship for one between ellen page and her mom in the movie. i want to show a clip. >> i'd love that. >> maybe you're being a little selfish with your mom. >> she's the one who has been shoving her agenda down my throat since day one. >> first of all, you're lucky to have a mom that even cares. and just because she's wrong about derby doesn't mean she's wrong about everything single thing. and if riley ever lies to me the way you high to your parents, he wouldn't even be able to run away because i'd break his legs. i'm just kid, honey, it was a joke. >> it looks like it could have come there your real life a little bit? >> it's very personal to me this story, because i've been through extraordinary things with my own mother. and i thought what a wonderful way to be an honest film maker
8:46 am
and to put my own emotions and heart and experiences into what evening so many families struggle with, which is i have an agenda of who i want to be as anned a did you tell ed a dutad adult, and the parent may have an agenda and they may differ. so how do you gain acceptance and honesty and respect for the journey that you're on together. and then what's the parent's side of it. now that i'm in my mid-30s, i and he will understand when you just want to protect your child and you want the best for them and you want them to be safe. so i'm able to see both sides of it now. so i also wanted to make a film that when your friends talk to you, that they have -- yes, let's celebrate, let's empower each other, let kick butt together but let's have really honest conversations about, you know just because you found a new family doesn't mean you throw away the old or you can make a new family out there and you can make friend, but don't leave the ones behind that got
8:47 am
you to where you are. >> that make you whode you who you are. >> exactly 37. and i think that personal can section so important and what made me who i am. >> thank you for coming it talk about the movie. i want to get your reaction to the news story of the day. did you hear about the david letterman -- >> i just heard about it on the way in so i know nothing about it. >> heed a plited yesterday that he had had affairs with wokkers on his show because he was being apparently black mailed by a cbs news employee. we were all shocked. >> i hope i didn't start anything by jumping on his desk. so you know that's the only two bits i have to add to that story is you know i've always had fun there. i feel, you know it's an unfortunate situation. i'm to one to comment on it and i wish them the best because that's an unfortunate situation. >> thank you so much.
8:48 am
and everybody go watch "whip it" opening in theaters today. oktoberfest wraps up this weekend and it's not just a drinking event. it has lots of great food, too. walter staib has brought some of the authentic german dishes served right to our plaza. let's talk about some of these foods. >> my favorite is a basically pork tenderloin, throw it on the grill and cook it showily, slow heat. the sauce you make is real simple. >> boy, are you moving here. >> onion, garlic. bacon adds flavor.
8:49 am
and we put paprika, cayenne. a little bit of flour. >> it smells so good. >> and mix it all up. >> mix it all up. and -- >> i was going to say how does it get that nice consistency. >> and it's done. all we do last moment we just take a little bit of sour cream and mix it right in. >> and that gives it the thickness? >> it gives you the thickness and flavor but takes the heat a little bit away. remember you think of spicy food and the one thing you find, we have sauerkraut dumpling, half pe potato and half bread, and over
8:50 am
here i have a ton of sausages here. >> wow. >> we eat traditionally in different ways. this is all done. look at that here. >> walter it looks fantastic, but unfortunately the beer beckon beckons. >> hi, how are you? pleasure to meet you. >> good to see you again. >> we need some brew right now. she's been roller skating all more than. >> i'm tired. >> you need a beer. >> thank you. >> here we have brooklyn oktoberfest. this is brewed in the traditional bavarian style. gives us a new round flavor, perfect with our food. >> nice. >> brewed in brooklyn? >> who knew? >> now here we have a much lighter beer. plenty of this is drunk at oktoberfest. >> drunk the operative word
8:51 am
there. >> and the bavarian present fast, beer and sausages. >> i'm more of a light beer person. >> i like the brooklyn one. >> here we have a traditional one from just south of munich. it's beer made in march and then aged for six months so it's very smooth, round and malted. >> what's the cost on these? >> these are only a couple of dollars. one of the beautiful things about beer is that some of the best in the world are very inexpensive. >> what's this last one is this? >> hadit this is made from wheat as well as barley. at 10:00 in the morning in about a bchl avaria, their second breakfast. >> roller derby girls, some beer. and now it's complete.
8:52 am
>> excellent. >> better effect perfect with your peer. >> dave cheers to you out there in constant monica. good luck on your journey. >> we'll see you soon. >> stuff that food in your pocket, you'll need it. >> cheers to dave and for more information, go to our website, dave is under way in seven minutes and 27 seconds. >> if anybody could see down -- she's doing it with a beer in her hand and everything. >> all right everybody, have a wonderful day. have a wonderful weekend and go see the movie "whip it."
8:53 am
8:54 am
58 degrees outside. i see a peek of blue sky, i think, marty.
8:55 am
>> well, we'll go and look. >> well, my goodness, there it is. >> do you confirm what i saw. >> well, we're more impressed with the dirt on the lends. we'll draw straws to see who gets to clean it. what's don doing tuesday. >> well, we have a little bit of blue sky. 'll see the clouds breaking up not before too long. taking a look at the shower activity. that's late in the forecast and this is partly sunny and a high of 70 degrees. back to you. >> marty, thank you. as the public waits for the h1n1 vaccine, people question the state's about to handle a large scale out break. we'll stay on the story. >> reporter: everyone's bracing for the flu season and an out break of the h1n1 virus, now the trust for america's health is warning there could be a
8:56 am
shortage of hospital beds if the virus spreads rapidly. in baltimore city, fear of the virus is strong. a second student contracted the virus. and maryland is one of 21 states that ordered the vaccine and they could arrive tuesday. marry, back to you. a big day for maryland's top lawmaker. governor o'malley is being honored by governorring magazine, he's one of eight to be named public official of the year. well, the man who gunned down his estranged wife outside of a church in montgomery count city will learn his fate today. he opened fire a few feet away from the church. the woman fled to maryland to start a new life and kelly could spend the rest of his
8:57 am
life behind bars. tom brady isn't the only patriot that the ravens will have to keep their eyes on. they'll have to look out for fred taylor, he's new to the patriots, but he's no stranger to the raven's defense. he was a stand up with jacksonville. and you can watch the ravens as they take on the patriots on wjz-13. that will air thursday at 1:00 here on wjz 13. >> and when the action's over, our coverage continues with bmw's post game show. we'll have the post game reaction.
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