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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 5, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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impossible for the vast majority of people. and too late for destiny parker and eight others who have died in maryland. this week, the state will only get 34,000 doses, a fraction of the 2.9 million marylanders identified as most at risk. >> the federal government has committed to vaccinate every american, as long as there is demand to do so. so we will continue to order that. >> reporter: the state hopes to get more than a million doses by the end of the month. in the meantime, seasonal flu shots will be given. >> every year, there's always that first week when people want to run out and get the vaccine and there's not quite enough. but then every year, the vaccine comes in pretty quickly. and people realize they can get it if they need it. and it's going to be the same thing for h1n1. >> reporter: now, the first shipment of that h1n1 vaccine expected to arrive in maryland possibly tomorrow. it the be in the nasal mist form. and healthcare workers will be
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the first ones to get it here in the state. back to you on television hill. >> adam may, reporting live. complete flu watch coverage continues now with drew levinson. as indiana and tennessee begin giving out the h1n1 vaccine and some question its safety. >> reporter: after weeks of planning and waiting, the h1n1 vaccine has arrived. healthcare workers in tennessee and indiana got some of those first doses. memphis, like many cities around the nation, has been hit hard, with cases of swipe flu. >> -- swine flu. soz. >> so many kids coming in sick. that the hospital set up a place where they could triage children. >> reporter: the first wave of the vaccine is in the form of the nasal spray. >> this morning, indianapolis received 5,200 doses of the h1n1 flu mist. >> reporter: the nasal spray contains a live but weakened form of the virus. it's not recommended for most high-risk groups. so many of these first doses
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are going to those on the front lines. >> the thinking there is that we, as healthcare professionals can be the vector of spread or pass along that virus if we get sick and we're taking care of other patients who are not yet exposed. >> reporter: as more cases of h1n1 are reported each week, it's been a race to the finish line, to get a vaccine developed, produced, and out to the people who really nide it. >> reporter: the government insists it's safe. and is manufactured much like the regular flu vaccine. >> reporter: the cdc has reported to us that no corners have been cut whatsoever, in the production process. so all indicated reports are that it has the same safety profile as the seasonal flu vaccine. >> reporter: the first doses of the h1n1 shots are expected later this week. in new york, drew levinson, wjz eyewitness news. >> remember, stay with wjz for complete flu watch coverage. for updates, more important information, and past stories, go to >> motion denied. perjury charge will stand
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against mayor sheila dixon. denise is live in the newsroom with the latest on the city corruption probe. denise? >> reporter: well, sally, dixon's lawyers argued to get the perjury charges against the mayor thrown out. but a judge has denied that request. dixon is accused of lying about gifts from her ex-boyfriend and developer ron lipscomb. she is also accused of stealing gift cards meant for the needy. the judge decided they did not violate dixon's legislative immunity, bishe -- by showing that she did tained meetings with ronald -- attend meetings with ronald lipscomb. confessing the murder. a columbia man tells police, he did indeed strangle his girlfriend and stuff her body inside a city manhole. mike schuh has the latest from police. >> reporter: kai, these court documents, they detail some incredible police work. and how the man now charged was
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originally suspected by police some 20 months after he killed his girlfriend and stuffed her down this hole. >> reporter: elda vasquez was strangled to death. her body dumped down a manhole. found on friday, she was last seen in january of 2008. her boyfriend, victor cruz, was suspected at the time. but with no body was never charged. that changed this weekend. >> detectives got a verbal confession out of him, admitting that he did kill ms. vasquez. and at this point now, he's in central booking, where he's facing charges of first-degree murder. >> to understand how this case was solved, you actually have to back up 21 months. a howard county detective was within feet of vasquez's body but didn't know about it. he was here in this neighborhood to interview her boyfriend, victor cruz. he lived right there. the detective came with a search warrant, searched the house, but couldn't come up with enough information to yield an arrest. and the case went cold. that is, until saturday.
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that detective, tom lawwas reading the newspaper. in it, he saw a picture around the manhole cover. he recognized the neighborhood as that of the boyfriend. he quickly grand his case file and called city police. >> it led us to mr. cruz as the primary suspect. >> reporter: her body is so decomposed, detectives showed coworkers at the columbia restaurant where she worked, jewelry found on her remains. they confirmed the jewelry was hers. cruz was a kitchen worker who lived here in govens for mo2 months. a roommate told me he was an unhappy man in life and in romance. >> there was a past history of domestic violence. at some point, she had taken out protective orders against the suspect. >> reporter: cruz's cell phone records show numerous phone calls to vasquez before jan -- before january 22nd. he never tried to call her once after that date. >> reporter: cruz is an illegal alien. ins is now involved.
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he has been charged with first- and second-degree murder, as well as counts of assault. >> mike, thank you. victor cruz remains at central booking. the business editor of the baltimore sun has died in a car crash. 48-year-old timothy wheatley collided with a ups truck. wheatley died on the scene. and his 9-year-old daughter was taken to johns hopkins children's center with injuries. the cause of the crash remains under investigation. investigators are looking into a suspicious fire at a gym in baltimore county. the fire broke out in gold's gym just before 5:00 this morning. nobody was injured. investigators confirmed the fire had several points of origin, which is why they are treating it as a suspicious fire. it's a great start to the workweek, weather wide, with -- weatherwise, with clear skies for miles. here's a live look outside. how will the rest of the week shape up? bob turk and meteorologist bernadette woods have a look at
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first warning radar. >> let's take a look at radar. nothing around here for miles. just as you mentioned. the closest rain. and you can find a few showers across the eastern carolina now. that's all moving out to sea. not not going to impact our region. a few sprinkles here up near utica, new york. there is something that may get to us late, late tomorrow night early wednesday. bernadette has a look at your tuesday. and beyond forecast. bernadette? >> that's right. just a little bump in the road coming our way. but tomorrow, still beautiful. it will be a chilly start to the day. but temperatures warming up close to 71 again in the afternoon. we'll start to see some clouds come in during the late-day hours. that's because a new storm will be coming our way. this will bring a chance of rain tomorrow night into wednesday. but then quickly get out of here in time for thursday. we'll have that complete forecast coming up in a bit. you can't win them all. the baltimore ravens meet their match. and the patriots losing for the first time this entire season. sports director extraordinaire, mark viviano is live at with more on the game and how
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fans are reacting. hi, mark. >> well, sally, it's been a while since ravens nation has had to deal with defeat. not since the afc title game back in january. this had a play-off intensity. the ravens were just a little better. >> two of the best, about to tangle. >> reporter: the ravens with the -- looked at new england with a fight, and they got one. baltimore would take the lead on their first possession. joe flacco to high-flying derrick mason. mason lands hard with a touchdown catch. he would be okay. and the ravens had a 7-3 lead. the patriots responded with two straight scores. sammy morris weaves his way through the ravens' defense. elusive and into the end zone. a touchdown run. the ravens' defense comes through with a big play in the second half. terrell suggs rushes in. bats the ball with tom brady. the fumble into the end zone. pounces on it for a ravens touchdown. to the final minute.
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down by 6. in need of another touchdown. fourth down and desperate, mark clayton can't hold on. and this slipped away. 27-21. the ravens suffered their first loss of the season. every loss is pretty tough. but the bottom line is we have all lost before. and the most important thing in the nfl is how you respond to a loss. we just have to go in and look at the films and see what we can learn. >> reporter: is it a blue monday for ravens fans? we got a feeling for how you're feeling with our fan cam. >> they still look like a play- off team to me, definitely. i think the ravens are going to go far this year, if not all the way. >> definitely doesn't dampen. we lost in the last couple of minutes. >> i'm still pumped. still ready for purple fridays and waiting for the sunday game. >> there are still lots of complains, regarding the officiating. we'll hear from the coach coming up a little later on in
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sports, sally. >> okay, mark. we'll see you then. thanks. you can see more of fan cam by going to ravens will look to bounce back at home against the cincinnati bengals. our exclusive coverage kicks off sunday at 6:00 here on wjz 13. still ahead at 5:00. state of emergency. firefighters in southern california battle a massive blaze. the efforts to put the fire out. a man faces a judge. professor at johns hopkins school of medicine gets a nobel prize. for reaction. will sunny skies continue through the week? the updated first warning forecast with bob when we come back.
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breaking news from baltimore county right now. county police are on the scene
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of a deadly accident in the 8100 block of philadelphia road in rosedale. police tell we'll, men were cutting down brage branches when one of the branches struck a 68-year-old man, killing him. we'll have more on this developing story new at 6:00. it's an esteemed honor. only the best of the best can win. a local professor from johns hopkins has been awarded that honor. derek valcourt spoke to dr. greider about her exciting win. >> reporter: the news and the announcement came early this morning. and it marks the 33rd time someone associated with johns hopkins takes home this prestigious nobel prize honor. >> my heart just really started racing at that time. >> reporter: dr. carol greider, at the center of a media blitz today, after learning that she's one of three americans to win a nobel prize in medicine this morning. >> i was ready to go out for my
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spin class. and i realized i wouldn't be going to spin class. so i e-mailed my buddies and said, sorry, i can't go to spin class because i just won the nobel prize. >> reporter: it has to do with a 1984 discovery of an enscream. it's a proud day for johns hopkins. >> someone like carol, who has been working on this problem for decades and has, at times, been part of a very small group of people who have been thinking about the importance of this line of discovery. this is a very powerful affirmation of curiosity-driven research. >> the number of women doing high-powered research is quite remarkable. and the total number of nobel prizes that have gone to women has been kind of lagging behind. >> when she's not researching, she is raising two children. >> well, she acts really smart. >> reporter: both of them excited for their mom and
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promising to keep her grounded. >> just felting kind of nervous. but we were helping hir. so, you know, she's still your mom. >> reporter: not many kids get to say their mom wins a nobel prize. which she will receive in person at an official ceremony on december 10th, along with her share of a $1.4 million cash award. not too shabby. we're live at johns hopkins, derek valcourt, eyewitness news. >> not shabby at all. you're right. president woodrow wilson was the first person associated with johns hopkins to win a nobel prize, founding the league of united nations. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on traffic with sharon gibala. >> reporter: well, still the normal amount of afternoon rush hour problems. including this one on 95. no delays here.
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watch for a crash, though, still working on the east side, blocking the right lane. a new one in pikesville. northbound reisterstown at hooks lane. another on owings mills road. at lions mill road. and another at philadelphia summit avenue. meanwhile, as far as delays go, there's a look at 95. everything running pretty smoothly there. the west side is looking busy. and there's a look at the top side. 10 minutes between charles and harford. and you'll have to tape your brakes between green spring and falls. if you're age 50 or better, susquehanna is doing what counts by offering you superior checking. open your account at any office. u.s. forces face its deadliest attack in afghanistan in more than a year. as joel brown reports for wjz, now president obama is taking another look at his military strategy.
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>> reporter: as president obama met with his top advisers to work out a new strategy in afghanistan, protestors briefly blocked the gates of the white house to make their opinion clear. they want to see an end to the war. >> i don't want to see an end to the war in 2014. end it today. >> reporter: more americans are dying there. in rural, eastern afghanistan over the weekend, eight u.s. soldiers were killed in a four- hour long firefight with taliban militants. and in the southern region monday, another american soldier died. for the white house, the attacks are a clear sign the taliban has grown much stronger. and it's up to the president to decide a new way to take them on. >> reporter: the president's war council is reportedly divided over afghanistan. vice president biden is said to lead a group that wants to narrow the mission and just focus on al qaeda. >> reporter: but the top commander in afghanistan disagrees. general stanley mccrystal is publicly asking president obama to send up to 40,000 additional
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troops or risk defeat by islamic insurgents. a new report says the it would controls up to 80% of the country, up from just over half to aa few year -- a few years ago. but it warns that a wrong decision would be no worse than this at all. >> all sides agree that not getting it right could mean afghanistan once again becomes a staging ground for attacks on the u.s. the president has invited a group of leaders from the white house to confer about the war. a driving lesson doesn't go very well for a man in prince george's county. he put it right into the car he drove into at the apartment building. at the carroll apartment complex. a man was injured by flying bricks. charges are pended against the driver and has instructor. >> oh, boy. >> tough day at the office, i
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tell you. let's take a look at temps and conditions. beautiful weather at the office. 67 now. west/northwest. come back and take a look at the rest of the week after this. ñ?ñ?ñ?
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beautiful day. >> perfect. >> beautiful. >> how about today. that beautiful shot we had looking down the bay. if you look real hard, you can probably see the carousel at ocean city, troopers. just kidding. can't see that far. you can probably see about 40 miles on a day like today. it's that clear out there. beautiful afternoon. comfortable, dry. 67 today. 47 this morning, which is just about where it's supposed to be. 71, and 48. would be the average. and the records are 97 in 1941. boy, that was the hot one. and 35 back in 1996. and that morning, plenty of frost, i'm sure. and many areas, 59 out in oakland. now. ocean city. can't quite see that far. 73 down there in patuxent,
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coming in at 70. low dew point, dry air, only 40 degrees. our winds out of the west and northwest, they've calmed down. 8 in ocean city. nine in cumberland. winds will be rather light tonight. a lot of rain across the southeast today. look at all of that rain down there. it's moving out to the east, snow? the northern rockies. from pokatella to portions of rocky mountains. for us, not really anything going on around here. part that was system out to the west. a front will be driving across our region late tomorrow night. and early on wednesday morning. and at that time, maybe a little bit of rain can pass the region. it's kind of a warm front. then a quick-moving cold front. very quick mover. maybe a tenth of an inch of rain at this point. late tomorrow night and wednesday. wednesday afternoon, it clears up. really not going to impact too many folks at all. beautiful weather will continue. east winds, briefly, 5 to 10 knots tomorrow. bay temp around 69.
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sunrise, 7:08. 6:41 tonight. clear. and last night, chilly. 47 by morn -- morning. some suburbs, 43. and downtown, maybe 52 tomorrow. back up to 70. sunshine, increasing clouds late in the afternoon. maybe a little touch of rain late tomorrow night. while most of us are sound asleep. and early wednesday. and it -- >> clears out, wednesday afternoon. beautiful once again. beautiful afternoon. great fall weather. i just love this weather. >> thanks, bob. still ahead at 5:00. attacked. a grandmother fights off a bear. it breaks into her colorado home. how she scared it away. family and friends say goodbye to a glen burnie father of three who was killed while fighting in the war in afghanistan. he was just 29 years old. i'm weijia jiang in glen burnie. that story is straight ahead on wjz. startling study. more and more children are being diagnosed with autism. why the number is growing drastically.
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it is 5:28. 67 glorious, dry degrees. welcome home, everybody if you're just getting back. a local family gathered today to say final goodbyes to a local soldier killed while fighting in afghanistan. wieja jang has emotional words from family and friends of
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sergeant bradley bowie. >> they say aside from his family, there was nothing he loved more than serving his country. with the precision that defines them, soldiers from the green beret marched one of their own into the parish. family and friends gathered. a medic, sergeant bohle was one of those killed when their hum vee was hit by a bomb in afghanistan. >> we're a very small, close- knit brotherhood, so to speak, within the armed forces. so we have a small, 12-person team. it has a big impact every time we lose one of our brothers because we're so close. >> reporter: he enlisted in the army almost immediately afternoon graduating high school. >> even in the yearbook they filled out in september of their senior year, some people write yale and harvard. but his said u.s. army.
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>> reporter: sergeant bohle lost his life after the deadliest in afghanistan in more than a year. hundreds stormed an outpost, killing eight u.s. soldiers. the obama administration is reviewing information, including staying put, pulling back and adding more troops. >> he needs to come home. just too many of them dying. just... i'm speechless. >> it's a little tough to take. he made a big sacrifice for his country and his family. and we're here to help out the community. and friends and family in any way that we can. >> reporter: the family includes wife elizabeth and three daughters, ages 9, 6, and 3. sergeant boh will be bury -- bohle will be buried at the arlington national cemetery in the morning. >> they have started a scholarship fund for students who aspire to be in the
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military. wjz has more information. log onto our website, two women are accidentally shot at a cecil county pistol range. maryland natural resources. police say a man was showing his daughters how to fire a 9- millimeter gun when the gun went off. one of his daughters, 23-year- old judith morguia was shot in the arm. another, amanda shubert was shot in the leg the both are expected to survive their injuries. the trial of mark castillo, the man accused of drowning his three children, is scheduled to begin tomorrow. castillo admitted to police that he drowned his three children inside a baltimore hotel bathtub last year. the rockville man had been involved in a custody battle with has ex-wife. defense sell expected to argue that he is not criminally responsible for the murders. the man accused of stalking and illegally videotaping erin
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andrews is back home. he has to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. >> reporter: he appeared in court on saturday, spent the weekend in jail. in connection with the charges that he took nude videos of espn sportscaster erin andrews and attempted to sell them to various websites, including tmz, based in los angeles, where he could now stand trial on stalking charges. the fbi said hotel records at the marriott in nashville, where andrews was scoferring a -- covering a vanderbilt football game, showed that barrett specifically requested and was given a room next to hers. the affidavit accuses the 47- year-old barrett of using a clamp to remove the peep hole in andrews' hotel room door and a hacksaw blade to alter it, giving him an opportunity to return later and record video of her from the hallway with has cell phone camera. he was linked to the alleged crime by his e-mail address. >> i've gotten calls from 30 of
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his friends in the last 10 hours, all willing to give their support. >> suspect is due in court in los angeles, to face stalking charges october 23rd. a colorado grandmother who was attacked by a bear and lived to tell about the tale is speaking out. andrea fujii has more. >> reporter: sally riban said she couldn't will her eyes when she came face to face with a bear in her bedroom. the colorado grandmother said she was getting ready for bed when the -- bed when the bear walked in. she said the bear backed her into a corner. she then grabbed a pillow that she used to scare the bear away. >> i grabbed this pillow off the bear and i slung it -- >> let me see what it looks like. >> i slungs it, like a frisbee. [ laughter ] and i obviously scared her because she went down on all fours and she turned and away she left. >> reporter: well, the mother bear and her cub were found in
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the family's basement. and two more bears were found just outside. kai? >> wow, andrea, thank you. when the bear showed up to the house again, they were trapped by colorado wildlife officials. well, the weather is helping firefighters who are trying to save a resort town in southern california. officials feared the blaze would consume dozens of homes. teri okita reports for wjz, firefighters are getting the upper hand on the fire. >> water tankers and helicopters hover over a wildfire that is threatening about 200 homes east of los angeles. >> and you can see ground crews as they battle spot fires. but fire fighters are -- firefighters are optimistic. milder winds, cooler temperatures and higher humidity are helping the battle against the blaze that has consumed at least 7500 acres. crewscrews have also been setting backfires to get the upper hand. >> reporter: the blaze destroyed several homes in these remote canyons. officials warn residents not to let their guard down.
5:35 pm
a sudden wind shift could bring back blame flames. >> reporter: the wildfire broke out saturday and quickly turned into an inferno. crews battled walls of fire, driven by 50-mile-an-hour winds. thousands of residents were ordered to leave, but not everyone listened. >> all the wise people left town. >> reporter: while evacuees are hoping to return soon, the governor has declared a state of emergency for san bernardino county, paving the way for additional firefighting victims victim -- opportunities and aid to victims. six have evacuated their homes due to the blaze. 10 area schools were also closed as a precaution. it's the first monday in october. the new term. the justices will decide whether to throw out a prisoner's sex abuse conviction. the man asked police for a lawyer two years before he confessed to another officer. the court will decide this and other cases with the help of
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new justice sonya sonia sotomayor. the court's first latina justice. president obama greeted doctors from all over the u.s. today at the white house to give a final pitch on his healthcare bill. the president said medical professionals support his proposals, and americans should follow his lead. the last made its way out of congressional committee last week. in tonight's wjz health watch report, the number. american children with autism may be much higher than first thought. two new government studies show one in every 100 children may have it. alexis christoforous reports for wjz, some experts are questioning the finding. >> reporter: allison and michael walmark, realized their son ethan wasn't developing like other kids when she was just 12 months old. >> he wasn't pointing or crabbing or saying mama or dada or anything like that. i saw my friends' kids were and
5:37 pm
he wasn't. >> reporter: at age 2, he was diagnosed with autism. that diagnosis is becoming more and more common. researchers found one in every 100 kids may have autism. preliminary data from the centers for disease control shows a similar rate. that's much higher than previous numbers, which suggested the disorder affected one in every 150 kids. >> reporter: it's not sure how much is due to early awareness and diagnosis. members think some are being labeled autistic when they don't necessarily have the disorder. >> we're taking other kids with social disorders. other kids with difficulties with communications. and they're being labeled as having this diagnosis when it's not really there. >> reporter: in the latest study, 40% of parents told researchers their kids were diagnosed with autism. but now no longer have the disorder. >> there's differences in how some physicians apply a diagnosis.
5:38 pm
>> but when it comes to treatment, it is black and white. early intervention is key. >> it's a struggle for him and for us. >> reporter: for ethan, the struggle has paid off. the 4-year-old is showing great progress. >> reporter: alexis christoforous, wjz eyewitness news. the latest statistic is not the final one n. the coming -- one. in the coming months, the government will release a complete study on autism rates. startling statistics about premature birth. the report says one in 10 babies are born premature. and about one million of them will die each year as a result. the highest percentage is in africa, but followed closely by north measure of america. -- north america. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. a look at projections for this year's holiday sales. barry levinson's latest documentary about the baltimore
5:39 pm
marching band. for all of these stories and a whole lot more, read the baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast, from wjz's first warning weather steam. -- team. in in era, where divorce rates are skyrocketing, one couple beats the odds. they have been together 80 years. the central indiana couple who are both 98 years old, claim they have never even been in an argument. the bradleys say each day is stillage adventure full of romance and humor. that's key. and they're still in love after all of these years. >> bless them. that's wonderful. what a nice story. don't miss the cbs evening news with katie couric. here's one of the stories they're working on. i'm david martin at the pentagon. an american platoon in afghanistan suffers 75% casualties and is nearly overrun. that story tonight on the cbs evening news. with katie couric. still ahead on eyewitness news tonight. from oregon to o'hare.
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a 14-year-old boy with autism sneaks onto a plane. how technology helped police find him. hot air balloon hit a tent before making a hard landing on the ground. bob turk in the first warning weather center. perfect fall weather. how much longer will it last? i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. first, here's today's report from wall street.
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this copacetic weather around here, absolutely gorgeous. how about your tuesday? if you like today, i think you'll like tuesday. bernadette has a look at the forecast. snm. >> tomorrow will be similar to most of today. we'll start out with temperatures in the 40s. clouds will come in during the afternoon. we'll see more during the evening as the storm approaches the area. we'll see a little more in the area. that storm gets out of here. and the rest of the five-day, here's bob. we may have a little rain. but not really that much, to tell you the truth. maybe a tenth of an inch.
5:44 pm
don't let that rain symbol scare you. on friday, 72. maybe a few more showers again here by saturday. back in the upper 60s to start the weekend. a mother in oregon is glad to have her young son back after he flies to chicago, without his parents knowing. 14-year-old dakota, who has been diagnosed with asberger's berger's syndrome. he bought a plane ticket with her credit card. >> she said, mom, sit down. the gps is circling o'hara international airport in chicago. >> police say dakota had been text messaging a girl of the same age in chicago. davis says her son is back in oregon and undergoing an evaluation at a portland hospital. going groan -- green to save some green. if you know you can save money
5:45 pm
and protect the environment at the same time. here's mary bubala with some ideas on how you can be an energy saver. our tip today focuses on the faucet. you can reduce the amount of hot water you use by using a low-flow shower head and faucettariators. -- faucet aerators. a mere 2 1/2 gallons per minute will save. for bathroom faucets, installariators -- install aerators. i'm mary bubala, wjz 13. trying to help you be an energy saver. >> for more information on how you can be an energy saver gto and click on our special section on the home page. a hot air balloon drops like a rock. take a look. as you can see, the balloon hit the building, causing the basket to toss around. on board were a pilot and a passenger who were
5:46 pm
participating in the balloon fiesta. after the collision, the pilot immediately shut off the propane. and the balloon made a hard landing. well, the passenger did suffer a dislocated hip. but the pilot was not seriously hurt. and they're both extremely lucky tonight. check in for all of the stories at 6:00. fallout from a health club shooting a little gunman opens fire. tonight, what the wounded aerobics instructor wants from his estate. why one wants a graveyard to clean up its act. vic, thank you. a lot of women wish they could take fat from an area where they don't need it, and put it right where they want it. >> so do men. >> we do. sandra hughes reports for wjz, in the new world of plastic surgery, you can actually flesh out that fantasy. >> who doesn't -- what woman
5:47 pm
doesn't want to get rid of a little bit of her rear end? [ laughter ] >> i can understand that. >> reporter: this healthy 44- year-old didn't want the fake look of implants. >> the results will be natural. they'll be full. they'll be firm. ♪ [ music ] >> we take fat from one portion of the body. the buttock, the legs, the tummy. and instead of throwing it away like we used to, we can use it in other parts of the body. >> reporter: along with fuller breasts, caroline decided she wanted what diet and exercise hadn't done for her. these denver plastic surgeons are creating athletic-looking abs, with a liposection procedure, call laser-high death. >> interesting enough. we can get them the exact results that 20 or 30-year-olds are looking for. >> we form them. >> the cost of this surgery, about $19,000. but the doctors say this type of lipo is safer than
5:48 pm
traditional methods. >> this shakes the fat away. leaving almost everything else untouched. >> caroline needed a speedy recovery. time off from work was only a week. but bikini ready in a month. >> i'm 44. and i don't want hide it. but i'd love to lock 24. i've always wanted the perfect body. and that's what i'm hoping to have. >> reporter: sandra hughes, cbs news, los angeles. the average cost for a body sculpting liposuction is about $2900. a jaw-dropping find for a couple of teens in colorado. what they first thought was just a rock, turned out to be part of a mastodon's jaw. the pie boys first checked on the internet, where they discovered it was something more. scientists say the beasts roamed the colorado area some 100,000 years ago. eyewitness sports is next. this is mark viviano. it can be dangerous when an nfl team comments on the officials. but john harbaugh had plenty to say today after a controversial
5:49 pm
loss by the ravens to the patriots. we'll hear from the coach when eyewitness news continues.
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listening to mark in the 4:00 hour, it seems like mark flacco had it right. what have we learned? >> we've learned that parents -- players, fans and coaches aren't happy about the officiating. you don't want to sound like sour grapes. but there are some official concerns. john harbaugh said he will be sending video to the league with inquiry for explanation about a number of questionable calls coming identity of that loss to new england. getting a couple of attention, couple of rushes to the passer. other would come when terrell suggs went low. that's in violation. harbaugh is careful not to openly criticize, knowing he
5:53 pm
would be fined by the league if he did. but today, he did speak in general terms on the issue. >> i guess the expectation of officiating this league is that it is fair and consistent. that's what you want. you want it to be fair. and you want it to be consistent. and to me, that's a reasonable expectation. every coach in the league would agree with that. every fan of the league would agree with that. and i know the league agrees with that. because a league chases that. mike ferreira chases that. he works hard to get that. and it goes to the credibility of the game. i mean, that's what it is all about. it goes to the credibility of the game. and that's our expectation for officiating. and you know, we hold onto that. injury news. harbaugh confirmed that linebacker brendan was out probably for the rest of the year. he suffered a torn tendon in his thy. -- his thigh. no word on jarrett.
5:54 pm
results of an mri should be made known this evening. late game last night in pittsburgh. steelers gain ground of ground. the steelers ran all over the san diego defense. menden hall plows through, starts a 7-0 lead for pittsburgh. ben roethlisberger. made it 14-0. and it made san diego defensive coordinator ron rivera upset. he chewed out his chargers in the sideline. don't know that it mattered much. the steelers jumped out to a 28- 0 lead. they eventually went. coming up next hour, the orioles season ends. and with it, the end of melvin mora's long tenure in baltimore. his contract is up. he is not expected back. melvin talks about his love for charm city and the o's. >> that's touching. >> touchy sendoff yesterday
5:55 pm
with the faamly. >> a little standing ovation as he was pinched hit for. >> thanks, mark. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. two maryland congressmen, urging people to get the h1n1 vaccine. i'm adam may. but there is one problem. there is not enough vaccine for everyone just yet. when will it be here? th
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coming up right now. maryland prepares to do battle with the flu. we are live with complete healthwatch coverage. i'm mike schuh, wjz eyewitness news. how a howard county detective solved the city case of the woman stuffed down the manhole cover. but details when eyewitness news continues. a johns hopkins prefer makes headlines for all of the right reasons. i'll tell you why coming up. a beautiful, fall evening outside. how long will it last? the answer in first warning weather.
5:59 pm
prevention plan. local leaders believe the charge -- lead the charge against swine flu. >> the important steps to stop h1n1 from spreading. >> hello, everybody. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about tonight. the number of h1n1 death negligence maryland sits at 9, with more cases reported every day. well, today, local lawmakers and health officials joined forces to make a much-needed plan. wjz is live at the state health department. adam may begins our complete flu watch coverage. >> reporter: a lot of people still have safety concerns about this vaccine. but they'll have plenty of time to possibly change their mind because the majority of shots will not be available for weeks, maybe even months. the h1n1 vaccine is on its way to maryland. but many will have to wait. others may not want it. a new survey finds only 40% of adults plan on taking it. and only 51% plan on getting it for their


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