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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  October 11, 2009 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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[the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of the national captioning institute, inc., which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any transcription or for any errors completeness of any transcription or for any errors in transcription.] [captioning made possible by cbs sports division] [captioning made possible by jim: they've gone now two drives with at least 90 yards. with those expecting to see "60 minutes," you're watching the nfl on cbs. patriots and broncos all tied. jim nantz and phil simms. "60 minutes" coming up after the game except those on the west coast. you'll see it at normal time. edelman. to the 22. tom brady. fourth quarter challenge for brady, master of these winning
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drives. 29 times. phil: couple things, crowd noise. my gosh, has it been loud today. and the patriots, especially the last drive, when matt light got hurt, very careful play calling. they tried to help the left tackle. too backs in the backfield. that usually means protection first. jim: set up screen right side morris. helps bring them down at the 25. gain of five. phil: champ bailey, we talk about him all the time. what a coverage corner he is, but he's an all-around corner. comes up and makes tackles too.
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jim: second and 6. morris runs into his own teammate. and then is stopped at the 27. we'd like to welcome those who saw seattle steam roll jacksonville today. matt hasselbeck's four touchdown passes. two to burrellson. two to houshmandzadeh. the seahawks smashed a 41-0. jim nantz, phil simms and it's been a good one here at denver. all tied. denver was down at halftime. orton tying touchdown drive and a time-out called by the broncos. defense wants to make sure it's set with a big third down on the way for new england.
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jim: coming after brady. bailey taking it. talk about a game changer. well, that was a divisional playoff game won by the broncos, and bailey will never forget benjamin watson running and knocking that ball out right at the goal line. and super bowl xliv on cbs 118 days away. phil: boy, that seems like a long time. jim: it will be here soon. watson away at the sideline. he suffered a head injury in this half and we were told he probably will not turn. they already lost a left tackle. matt wilhite out with a knee injury. the pupil going against the mentor, bill belichick. orton just hit brandon marshall for the second time.
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almost picked from dalksins. the ball coming back to denver. phil: well, if the throw is on wes welker, it's a touchdown. to your left. it's a touchdown. dawkins came up inside. look at wes welker. the technique by goodman to the outside. he thinks there's somebody deep. nobody there. jim: four minutes to go. broncos are going to get it back. the rookie snapping it back anyway. to hanson. and two broncos in the area. a little confusion. and that was alphonso smith snatching it away from eddie royal. we have an update on arizona and houston. back to you, james brown. james: here's a ged touchdown by arizona.
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matt schaub dropping back. -- here's a go-ahead touchdown by arizona. matt schaub dropping back. 48 yards to the end zone. 28-21. now houston is at the 6 of arizona. we have a tight one there. back to jim and phil. jim: we heard davis ran that kickback to set up the texans inside the two minutes to possibly go in and tie it again. here come the broncos. 3:49 to go and a tied game. moreno, the rookie, into the runs -- into the arms. the broncos have two time-outs. there's the lineup tonight on cbs. it's all new beginning with "60 minutes," "the amazing race" will follow and then "three rivers" and "cold case" right
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jim: for those, again, just joining us. wes welker first touchdown. there's marshall at the end of a 90-yard drive. five seconds to go to watson. and just a short while back, orton to marshall again to tie it at 17-17. orton has a career high 30 completions. he's over 300 yards but he faces now third and 4. phil: the patriots the first two plays definitely changed the defense. time to be aggressive against the receivers at the line of scrimmage. extra time if kyle orton gets it could get a wide open receiver. jim: and they pick up the first. orton going down the middle and it's knocked away. incomplete. shawn springs denied it. going for gaffney. phil: i tell you what, that's a tariff play for shawn springs because -- that's a terrific play for shawn springs. he plays it inside.
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really well done. and everybody is saying, hey, had his arm on him. in the nfl you can put your arm on the receiver as long as you don't turn him. jim: brett kern and edelman awaits. this is not a very high kick. a chance to run it. is he wrapped up quickly by mcbath, rookie from texas tech, when they took him in the second yard. 44-yard punt, seven-yard return. we've had missed field goals on each side. prater at the beginning of the year was no good from 48. and gostkowski almost grazed it. the upright missed from 40.
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phil: two-minute warning coming. patriots two touts. so all you're looking for is a field goal try. plenty of time. jim: morris. oh, he shakes off a tackle. was going to go for it. no gain but he got away from goodman. picks up 18, in fact. phil: we've seen from both sides today when the defense is in position to make the tackles and stop the runs for no gain. goodman had him. (announcer) when you need it fast.
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get it fast. sarah! you're home! (announcer) on the nation's fastest 3g network. at&t. now get 50% off these samsung touchscreen phones after mail-in rebate. only from at&t. jim: we're back with two minutes to go.
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brady with his specialty, his forearm against a denver defense. has been quite the talk of the league for the first month. has given up 24 points in the first four weeks. first down. it's morris. rolls out. ball is out. and a wild scramble for it. and new england maintains possession. that's kaczur with the recovery. phil: comes back. comes back to where it was fumbled. nick kaczur, wow, being alert. we've seen in this game, jim, you have to play, hold on. jim: second down.
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brady. down and this time the broncos appear to have it. they do. broncos got it at the new england 45. vonnie holliday was the one who knocked it out and elvis dumervil recovers. vull more had come out of the pile and said give it back. that ball belongs to us. -- vull more had come out of the pile and said, give it back. that ball belongs to us. that was vonnie holliday. first denver sack of the day and, boy, is it a big one? phil: you know what happened, jim, tom brady stepped up in the pocket and stepped up so far it allowed vonnie holliday to come underneath and get the sack and fumble, and josh mcdaniels not afraid to show his emotion on the sideline, is
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he? jim: boy, he has been ramped up in this half and rightfully so. comes back. now will have a chance to win it. oh, hold on a minute. ball's out again and it was the rookie moreno that got him down at the 41. we saw him hold on so cautiously with the two hands earlier this quarter. phil: that's a fumble. you know why it's a fumble, even though he hits the ground, was he -- did he fall or the ground can cause a fumble. if you're not hit, the ground can cause a fumble and you could review that. jim: they're inside two minutes and no review coming from upstairs. phil: i couldn't see if new england recovered it. jim: orton. to moreno. he is decked by wilfork for a loss of three.
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just like that the new england defense stepping up. setting up third down and long. denver letting the clock run here. they have two time-outs. we understand that fumble had not been ruled a fumble, in fact, was recovered by clady, the left tackle of the broncos anyway. so 22 seconds. and a time-out called by the new england side. arizona-houston, down to the wire. let's -- and a little time for discussion over here. houston-arizona with arizona winning it 28-21. the gold mine at the end by the cardinals. the texans had three plays at the 1 and the cardinals kept
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them out. phil: well, bill belichick knows his time-outs are basically worthless now so he uses them. as far as his offense is concerned, using them to go over the strategy one more time with his defense, what to look for and what to do in this situation. do you blitz kyle orton or do you play it safe and hope that you can make the tackle and still keep them out of field goal range? looks like a short pass will be available. jim: here comes the blitz. orton in trouble. just holds on to the football at midfield. banta-cain. and wilhite, who was hurt earlier. phil: i thought, jim, new england needed to call time-out. great time-out by bill belichick. the blitz, nobody's open immediately. you don't let -- you don't let
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denver get one more throw. jim: let's get an update out of new york. james: three plays from the 1. this is fourth and 1, fourth and goal from the 1. chris brown right into the pile. no go. arizona holds up and arizona escapes 28-21 over houston. back to jim and phil. jim: it was a booth review there to see if it crossed the plane. the call on the field held and the cardinals win it. now, that time-out you're saying was so crucial by bill belichick. phil: yes. you can't let the clock keep moving and then josh mcdaniels would call a time-out with four seconds and get one more throw into the end zone. so bill belichick very aware of that. calls the time-out. makes denver keep on playing. jim: 15 seconds to go in regulation. and that's down at the 5.
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but nothing fancy coming up from new england. we are going to have an overtime game here. phil: how about that finish, though? just the way it's going. the football hitting the ground . jim: for those just joining us, the arizona-houston audience coming in, this was a first half that new england controlled leading 17-7. a couple brady touchdown passes. they've been shut out in the second half. phil: the denver defense showed the versatility and speed, and that's really what caused the -- that's what's caused problems for all five football teams so far this year. jim: we had one overtime game
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earlier today and that was dallas winning in kansas city. the touchdown pass from romo to miles austin. a huge day. over 200 yards and a couple of touchdowns. "60 minutes," "amazing race," "three rivers" and "cold case" coming up tonight on america's number one network. coming out for the coin toss. one 15-minute period, two time-outs per team. no coach's challenges, booth reviews only. first team to score will win it. denver will try to improve its record to 5-0 while new england with a win would go to 4-1. of course, no one saw this kind of success coming in josh mcdaniels' rookie season as head coach. phil: well, his organizational skills -- referee: overtime period of up to 15 minutes.
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the first team that scores wins. if the game ends in a tie it remains in a tie. each team gets two time-outs. there's fourth quarter timing rules. all of the reviews will be handled up in the replay booth. each team gets two time-outs. that's heads. that's tails. new england gets to call the toss. >> tails. referee: he calls tails. it is heads. good luck. jim: so the broncos will have the football. speak. speak. arf! that's it? ( ding ) ( engine racing ) ( crashing, spraying, honking )
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earlier today threw his only interception of the season. it was on a hail mary throw to close out the first half and was picked by of all people randy moss. only miscue of the season. and gostkowski when he's been kicking in this direction today he's done so twice and had not been returned. once back to -- in the end zone. this one also all the way and beyond. phil: orton, you know, for a guy that was so overshadowed by the fact that -- jim: never had a chance to say hello to him. he has a remarkable record at home in his career as a starter. 17-2 what he's done here at
7:25 pm
denver and back at home as a starter. start out the overtime out of the gun. step up and fling it to marshall. and that ball batted around. and shawn springs is certain that new england had it. the officials is marking to for denver at 31. a catch for denver it is. goes for 11 yards. phil: brandon marshall coming down the field, hooking up inside. and he knows it's a catch because mcgowan doesn't really get up and argue the point. jim: now, orton over to scheffler and two good pass plays to start the overtime. this is good for seven. phil: little different scenario right here. the new england patriots had success at the end of the game because they knew there had
7:26 pm
second chances. they came up and they started blitzing and started playing very tight. here in overtime since the broncos are backed up, they backed off and kyle orton hits the first two passes. jim: second down and 3. orton back over to eddie royal for another first down. three plays, three completions and a couple of firsts. phil: well, there's a blitz, cover the throw, outside and low. very accurately and very safe. there's a blitzer coming free. good thing they had a quick throw on him. jim: prater, we were told he's got a long range leg. 6-7 in his career from 50 and beyond. although he did miss earlier from 48.
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jim: moreno. takes it to the new england side of the field at the 48. phil: just a good quick step count by kyle orton. they really kept this new england offense off balance with your wild horses play. and when's the last time you saw the patriots have to call so many time-outs because they couldn't get lined up properly? jim: moreno, who told us, he doesn't watch a lot of football, not a football watcher. i thought he would be sitting home watching this if he wasn't playing. stacked up on second down and short. no gain. phil: patriots, we said it earlier, bring in vince wilfork
7:29 pm
in these situations. jim: they are about a half yard shy. so a big third and 1. phil: i say they throw it here. and if they don't make it i think they'll go for it on fourth down. jim: they are going to throw for it, phil. and royal has it. at the new england 40. what tipped you off about a throw right there? phil: how many times have you seen it run on third down and lose yardage? they put all the receivers to one side. what a job by eddie royal. fake to the outside and then swats, the defender comes inside. brings in chance. jim: royal had eight catches on the year. he's got 10 today. to moreno. in the field goal range at the 29. daniel graham helped seal that
7:30 pm
side and gains 11. phil: again, so quick to the outside. how about daniel graham on his block. he put the defense in a position where brandon meriweather was the only one to stop the run. good job by moreno. jim: jordan is the running back here, lamont jordan. phil: they're in field goal range. we see here in denver, it's like playing in the zone. it's 10 extra yards for kickers. boy, after that last block, daniel graham, an ex-patriot, he went to the patriots sideline and show them what he thinks. jim: second down and 8. orton with a big one.
7:31 pm
going to draw a flag? no. eddie royal's legs were tangled for a moment with shawn springs. phil: you said the proper word, legs tangled means no foul. referee: receiver's feet tangled with the defender. that is no defense pass interference. third down. jim: third down coming up. phil: oh, that was a good call. jim: may want to kick it here on third down. time-out called by denver. this will be a 45-yard field goal here if they elect to go ahead. phil: eddie royal would stay outside, jim, it's going to be a touchdown. jim: be about a 45-yard field goal here if they elect to go for it or fail to get any yardage on third down. of course, they have that opening win, that miracle finish, the deflection of the
7:32 pm
stokley touchdown with seconds to go. last week, brandon marshall zig-zagging through the cowboys and a breakup at the end by champ bailey. to keep the offensive unit out there. yes, the last time they started undefeated, mike shanahan -- under mike shanahan they went on to win the super bowl at 5-0, that is. phil: the pass protection has been so good today, i think you go back and you give your receivers one more chance to make the play and make the field goal attempt. much easier. every at the line of scrimmage. jim: and no flag here. intended for marshall. it will fall on matt prater, a 45-yard try. now, let's see. there is a flag at the back end of this.
7:33 pm
phil: offsides, defense. referee: five-yard penalty. replay third down. jim: on the denver bench. they already had prater and the whole field goal unit team out there. so that moves it five yards closer and they'll get to replay third down. phil: so the patriots -- jim: banta-cain is up there offsides. phil: absolutely. everybody at the line of scrimmage for this new england defense. the same play throwing long. jim: throwing to marshall one more time. and now it will come down to the kick.
7:34 pm
and that is defending your man right there. so a former patriot part of all those super bowl wins, lonie paxton came over with mcdaniels. he'll snap it to bret kern and matt prater will try to be the hero from 40. call it 41. and belichick has called and belichick has called time-out. tom brady in his overtime career regulation -- regular season and postseason 7-0. never lost in overtime, but he could lose today and never touch the football. now prater, who was originally
7:35 pm
signed by detroit as a free agent out of central florida has a chance to win from 42 yards. commemorating the first afl game with the throwback uniforms. won by denver by three back then in 1960. trying to win it right here by three. prater, the kick it all the way and the broncos are 5-0. captioned by the national captioning institute captioned by the national captioning institute jim: here's the handshake between belichick, the guru, and his young pupil. they couldn't find each other. there is great respect between these two. no issues at all.
7:36 pm
mcdaniels said there would be a handshake one with great respect. bill belichick still searches for mcdaniels. 13 unanswered points after halftime. boy, there's some energy in this stadium and in this city now. not afraid to show his emotions. phil: i felt emotion never gave in. even was down. jim: you saw number 90 of the
7:37 pm
broncos lift him in the air in a hug. that's kenny peterson who played for his father, tom mcdaniels, at his high school. so peterson plays for the father and plays for the son. and denver is now 5-0. phil: if you saw them on friday, it's something special to go against the patriots. jim: there's the prater boot. never a doubt. 5-0 with four come-from-behind victories. if you told me at the beginning of a couple weeks ago before we saw them in person, if you felt what people were saying around the league they were the real deal.
7:38 pm
20-17, denver wins in overtime. coming up next "60 minutes," "amazing race." for phil simms, this is jim nantz saying goodbye from for phil simms, this is jim nantz saying goodbye from denver. money they could be saving by switching to geico.. gecko: yeah, 'course. boss: boy, did we miss you last week. that temp wasn't working out at all. exec: took me all morning but i got those quarterly figures for ... you. (hissing noise, gulping) gecko: aw, he ate all my mints. anncr: geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford-- built for the road ahead. gulf companies pushed into afghanistan, fighting under the new rules designed to win the war. >> killing a thousand taliban is great, but if i kill two
7:43 pm
civilians in the process is a loss. >> that can cost the marines dearly. >> it sucks. i don't know another way to say it. i don't know if anybody really understands thes that the guys already starting to feel because of that. >> you can't separate violence from football. it's part of the game. but according to the census for disease control, concussions are an american epidemic with about three million cases a year. and sobering new research shows that the trauma which often happens in a player's youth may lead to permanent brain damage in the early onset of dimension. >> a large segment of society thinks concussions are not hurtful and everybody recovers from them and life is happy merry after. >> not true. >> not true at all. >> three, two, one. there it goes.
7:44 pm
>> a small group of extreme sports men wearing specially made suits come as close to flying as you can get out side the confines of an airplane at least for a minute or two. you can hear them already. >> that was about 140, 150 mile an hour fly by. i'm steve kroft, i'm lesley stahl, i'm bob simon, i'm morley safer. i'm scott pelley. those stories and andy rooney but only one can do it while driving on electricity. the gmc sierra hybrid. the most fuel-efficient full-size pickup on the road. may the best truck win.
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or muscle pain with fever or tired feeling. lyrica may cause suicidal thoughts or actions in a very small number of people. some of the most common side effects of lyrica are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. do not drink alcohol while taking lyrica. you should not drive or operate machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. could your pain be caused by fibromyalgia? ask your doctor about lyrica today. yours. announcing the 60-day satisfaction guarantee when you buy a new gmc. if you don't absolutely love it, return it. simple as that.
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>> pelley: if the united states can win in afghanistan, it will be thanks to the privates and corporals who are now being asked to turn around an eight- year war with a brand-new strategy. we saw how tough it is when we spent three weeks with the second battalion of the 8th marine regiment, part of the 21,000 reinforcements ordered over the last several months by president obama. the new plan sounds simple: separate the enemy from the people, then convince the afghans to support their government. but it requires more forces, more time and more risk. while the president is wrestling with whether to send up to 40,000 more troops, we joined with the battalion's company "g"-- "golf company"-- which was taking the highest casualties in the taliban homeland. in september, the men of golf
7:48 pm
company assembled for roll call in their combat outpost. >> sergeant robert pullen: lance corporal jonathan f. stroud. lance corporal gregory a. posey. >> pelley: first sergeant robert pullen shouted for marines who could not answer. this was the roll of the dead. >> pullen: lance corporal dennis j. burrow. lance corporal javier olvera. >> pelley: the company's 200 marines paused for a battlefield memorial for the seven they call brothers killed in action. this was golf company in july, pushing into part of afghanistan never occupied by u.s. troops. they were ambushed repeatedly by the taliban, the enemy that carries the name of the fundamentalist islamic government overthrown by the
7:49 pm
u.s. invasion after 9/11. but the enemy isn't one force; "taliban" is a catch-all for a collection of tribes and warlords. some are religious extremists, some are drug traffickers, and in golf's area, many are locals fighting for money. golf company set up in koshtay, a village in helmand province near pakistan. it's a strange twist of history that golf company's area used to be called "little america." in the 1950s, a massive u.s. foreign aid project dug the canals that now feed half the world's heroin poppies and shoulder-high marijuana, both prime sources of taliban cash. >> lieutenant dan o'hara: ask them if they heard the rocket shot from out here earlier. >> pelley: golf company covers just a few square miles. the job is to push the taliban out and stay in place. second lieutenant dan o'hara from chicago is a platoon leader. >> o'hara: do they know we've been shot at from this compound before? >> pelley: it's his first combat tour.
7:50 pm
two of his marines have been killed. i wonder how you know the enemy from the citizens. >> o'hara: for the most part, you don't until they start shooting at you. and even then, their tactic is hit and run. they will shoot, and before you get the chance to close on them, they will run away and kind of just run back into the population. lieutenant colonel christian cabaniss leads the battalion. >> colonel christian cabaniss: these people have suffered for too long. we can't add to it. >> pelley: he sent golf company into battle with orders to use restraint. this is a big change since the spring. all u.s. forces in afghanistan are now being told to protect civilians, even if the enemy gets away. over the last eight years, afghans have been outraged by civilian deaths, and it's a big reason the u.s. is not winning. >> cabaniss: killing a thousand taliban is great, but if i kill two civilians in the process, it's a loss.
7:51 pm
>> pelley: how many of the enemy have you killed so far? >> cabaniss: i have no idea, and it's really irrelevant. >> pelley: body count's not something that you track? >> cabaniss: it doesn't tell me that i'm being successful. it doesn't tell me that at all. the number of tips that i receive from the local population about i.e.d.s in the area, taliban in the area-- that is a measure of effectiveness. >> pelley: you talk about restraint. what do you mean by that? >> cabaniss: as i told the marines before we deployed, it's about a three-second decision, especially with his personal weapon. the first second is "can i?" next two are "should i? what is going to be the effect of my action? is it going to move the afghan closer to the government or further away?" >> pelley: after two months, golf company reported zero civilians killed-- a success-- but at the cost of its seven marines. what's the biggest threat to your marines? >> o'hara: the biggest threat would be the improvised explosive devices, for sure. >> pelley: i.e.d.s. the search for explosives and i.e.d.s dominates the patrols. they hunt for the buried plywood that breaks under a boot and
7:52 pm
closes the circuit on a 40-pound bomb made of fertilizer. the enemy pays villagers to plant them at $10 each. >> i got a hit right at the end of the thing. hey, there's a hit at the end of the thing. stay away from that crater. >> pelley: i.e.d.s often push the marines off the roads and into the fields flooded with sewage. with 60 pounds of armor and weapons, it's exhausting, and it is possible to be so bone-tired that the temptation to step on the next solid ground trumps even the fear of death. >> o'hara: we should be good pushing up through here until we get near that i.e.d. site. >> pelley: on august 31, dan o'hara and lance corporal jonathan quiceno from orlando planned a mission to clear an i.e.d. it would be a day that o'hara would not return with all his marines. on the patrol, they destroyed the i.e.d., but coming back,
7:53 pm
lance corporal david hall from lorain, ohio, triggered another. a med-evac helicopter carried his body away and the taliban opened fire. the next day, o'hara gathered hall's squad. when a marine is killed, there is worry and doubt, which a platoon leader should end quickly. >> o'hara: his death isn't the fault of anyone who is sitting here. if it belongs to anybody, it would belong to me, because i was the one who was out there in charge, making the decisions. so just understand-- we're doing the right things, we're doing good work, we're making a difference here. we're fighting for the people of afghanistan, we're here ultimately fighting for our
7:54 pm
country, which is what we all signed up to do. >> pelley: after hall's death, lance corporal quiceno told us& what many marines are saying about restraint. they understand the strategy, follow their orders, and yet... >> lance corporal jonathan quiceno: it sucks. i don't know another word to say it. it sucks, because all you want to do is get them, you know, for revenge if... you know, to say the least, you know. >> pelley: because of the marines who've been lost. >> quiceno: sure. i mean, definitely. you know, i mean, how many times have we been shot at? how many times do we know a direction, a distance, a compound, a vicinity, where these guys are coming at, and then, you know... you know, conventional war-- that's it, you know. that whole compound would go, you know. but we can't drop ordinance on them because of, you know, civilian casualties. >> pelley: but you said it was frustrating. what do you mean? >> quiceno: it's frustrating. i don't know if anybody really understands the... the amount of stress that... that the guys are already starting to feel because of that, you know? simply just having that... their... their hands tied behind your back, if you will. >> right now, the president is considering a request to expand the counter insurgency strategy. it's become controversial in washington and a decision is likely in a few weeks. in late august, before the
7:55 pm
controversies, we asked america's top commander in southern afghan tan, brigadier general john nicholson how the current strategy is supposed to work. >> at the front end, you're involved in heavy security operations. in this case while we build up the afghan security forces, until theyal of capability where they can take over, the majority of the fighting, we are going to be in a frontline combat role. but over time we become more focused on aspects of this such as the economic development, education and helping the government provide basic services to the people. >> how long does it take to fight a counter insurgency like this this. >> well, if you look back in history, a successful counter insurgency usually last 14 years. >> general, you are talking about building a country. it would take generations to do that. >> the first thing i can say is it's doable. the second thing i come back to is it's important. >> why is it important? this --
7:56 pm
>> this place as a sanctuary against al-qaeda. secondly the people here want this, they want a better way of life. yes it's difficult and yes it's challenging. >> pelley: it's challenging because 70% of afghans are illiterate and 80% have no electricity. one marine said it's like fighting in the bible. in golf company's area, skepticism is worn into the faces that confront the company commander, captain matt martin. the u.s. sees the new strategy as a fresh start; afghans see it as the start of the ninth year that the taliban haven't been defeated. >> captain matt martin: if the men in your village are working with the taliban, all i can tell you is to tell them is to stop now. >> pelley: every wednesday, captain martin holds a village council, called a shura. this is what his marines died for, the chance to win the people. >> martin: the government is interested in putting a clinic here in koshtay. >> pelley: martin offers government aid projects, but
7:57 pm
it's a tough sell. they want to talk about security. this man said, "don't say we are giving refuge to the taliban. when you leave, they'll attack us. i'm not powerful enough to resist the taliban. you're not accepting my point of view. we become victims between you and the taliban." this man worried the u.s. force is too small. "you can't hide the sun with two fingers," he said. "the taliban are everywhere." >> salaam aleikum. >> pelley: the next week, golf company was inviting a man named younis to the meeting. he pulled out a letter that the taliban nailed to the mosque, threatening anyone who met with the americans. but the letter didn't keep him from the meeting, and golf company counted that as a win. younis said, "when we're assured of our security, we'll cooperate with the afghan army." on one of our last days with golf, we saw how cooperation can save the lives of marines. using new and secret technology,
7:58 pm
the marines destroyed an i.e.d. from long range while it was still being planted in the road. we went with captain zach lehman on a patrol to investigate the site. but at the same time, a quarter mile away, a different patrol led by lance corporal quiceno was stopped by a terrified villager. >> tell him to calm down. tell him to calm down. >> pelley: the man said the taliban was setting an ambush for captain lehman's patrol headed to the i.e.d. strike. we won't show his face; he risked his life to tip the marines. >> quiceno: he believes the taliban are in the corn, set up in ambush positions. >> pelley: quiceno reported to base that lehman's patrol was to be ambushed. what do you see here? >> captain zach lehman: we had three individuals emplacing an i.e.d. that's a 40-pound jug of homemade explosive. >> pelley: at that moment, word of the planned ambush reached lehman. >> lehman: okay, lets go. >> pelley: lehman's marines slipped into the cover of the corn for the patrol home, a small u.s. victory on a long route out of afghanistan.
7:59 pm
general john nicholson is now at the pentagon, planning the future of the war. this is a start? >> nicholson: yes. i mean, it's a down payment, and it's a down payment we have not made to date, and that is to put in the level of security forces necessary to begin to execute the strategy that we have laid out for ourselves. >> pullen: lance corporal patrick w. schimmel. >> pelley: for golf company, the down payment has been made. it will be a long time before the marines know what was purchased with the lives they remembered in the battlefield memorial. >> pullen: lance corporal leopold f. damas. lance corporal david r. hall.


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