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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  January 2, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a tearful goodbye. nearly a thousand people remember a little girl, kidnapped and killed. a registered sex offender is charged in connection with the crime. good evening. and thanks for joining us, everyone. i'm adam may. an eastern shore committee paid its final respects to sarah foxwell. the little girl who lost her life at the hands of a child molester. >> reporter: well, adam, sarah foxwell's grandmother said at her funeral today that the child just loved to laugh. now that the 11-year-old has been laid to rest, the investigation turns to the man that police say is responsible. >> reporter: nearly 1,000 people come to emmanuel wes wesleyan church to pay tribute
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to 11-year-old sarah foxwell, a child whose body was found christmas day near the maryland- delaware border. police say thomas leggs, jr., is responsible. >> for everybody in the area, it was tear jerking. i have two daughters and four grandsons. and i couldn't imagine going through what they're going through. >> reporter: police say sarah's sister say she saw the 30-year- old leggs take the child from her bed. a vast search ensued until the bad was -- body was found on christmas day. >> this was nost the way we wanted to find our young lady on christmas. but at the very least, we've given closure to the family. and for that, we're all very gratefulful. >> reporter: police say leggs who has been charged with kidnapping and burglary will soon face murder charges. >> we're going to recover every single piece of evidence that is needed to successfully put
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this man behind bars. we know he's the one who did it, and he's going to pay the price. >> reporter: and that's the sheriff for wicomico county. he was at today's funeral, along with the state's attorney from that county on the eastern shore. the family of sarah foxwell thanked everyone who spent countless hours, searching for her body. >> and leggs' attorney says his client denies ever harming sarah foxwell. we'll have more at 11 clock. we also have an update tonight to the death of a baby girl. 21-month-old janigha was found. investigators now say she was beaten to death. and today, wjz has obtained charging documents that accuse the father in the baby's murder. a hearing is being held on monday. an accident that hit and
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killed an annapolis man. he was crossing in annapolis when he was hit by a vehicle that just kept on going. according to officers, bird was wearing dark clothing and was not crossing at the crosswalk. they say the vehicle went east on bay ridge road. >> it may be a 2000 model chevy truck. either suv style suburban, tahoe, or eye silverado pickup truck. >> investigators say that vehicle will probably have significant damage to its front grill area, including a passenger side headlight. police are asking anyone with information to call them at 422- 422-8573. shut down all four lanes near northbound 95 near fallston. traffic cameras showed a significant backup. the last four northbound lanes were timely reopened -- finally
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reopened about 12:30 this afternoon. and if you have been outside today, you know it feels really, really cold out there. january gusty winds are cutting to the core for those who are out in northwest baltimore today. the traffic signals swaying in that wind. let's take a live look outside where the sun has gone down and so are the temperatures. meteorologist tim williams is live with the chilly updated numbers from the first warning weather center. very brutal day out there. >> brutal is, indeed, the word to use. let's take you to temperatures. radar not showing much. winds have gotten your attention and still continue to do so as we move into this evening. we're looking at 23 degrees right now. at bwi marshall. 26 in elkton. and 7 in oakland. we have 20 in westminster. 20 in bel air. 26 on kent island. and 26 in annapolis. never got above 29 degrees area wide today. and look at these winds.
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32 down near pax river. you add those winds to the temperatures. you factor it all in. and this is what it feels like out there. this is 11 in cumberland. feels like 7 degrees out in many parts of central maryland. and as a result, there are wind advisories in effect for all of the areas shaded in the tan there, until 4:00 tomorrow morning. do not be surprised to see them extended. and we have a winter storm warning in effect, so dark blue out in far western maryland. we'll keep you posted on how this is going to play out in your week ahead. well, president obama is speaking out in the christmas day terror attack, now directly linking it to al qaeda for the first time this weekend. kathryn brown reports that the nigerian suspect should have been flagged by u.s. officials. >> reporter: president obama has ordered a full-scale review of the breakdown and security measures that allowed an al qaeda operative to board a plane for the u.s., with explosives hidden in his
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underwear. >> let us ask the des that need to be asked. let us make the changes that need to be made. >> reporter: those undoubtedly are the ones that let umar farouq abdulmutallab slip through undetected. the national counterterrorism center, and state department all had pieces of information that should have placed abdulmutallab on a high- priority watch list. while a report was prepared, it was never circulated among the agencies. security experts say if abdulmutallab had been flagged, the bomb would have been discovered. >> if that person had been a selectee, then a whole protocol that includes explosive detection that does detect petn would have been applied. >> reporter: they are bracing for congressional miscommunication later this month. republicans are already lodging complaints. >> since 9/11, we've seen really a breakdown in the fundamentals on how both parties view homeland security
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and international security. >> reporter: this has launched this to the top of president obama's already loaded agenda. he has promised more than double the efforts. the president returns from vacation in hawaii on monday and will meet with top security officials first thing tuesday morning. kathryn brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> and general david petraeus is reportedly in yemen tonight, as the u.s. steps up aid to help yemen fight those al qaeda extremists. meanwhile, in iraq, delays in the country's election will not keep american troops from pulling out by the end of august. the general expects to keep about 100,000 troops in iraq during the march 11th elections, then assess whether that country is on stable footing before moving u.s. forces out. a million people gathered in times square this yew near -- new year's eve. and when it lit up, we could say it wouldn't have happened without two maryland women. andrea fujii explains.
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>> reporter: it's the moment millions of people around the world waited for. the illumination of the year 2010 in times square. >> it's a once in a lifetime experience. . >> reporter: and a magnificent sign was powered by green energy, with the help of two marylanders. pasadena resident dawn winterbottoms and megan penn. >> i'm at home in pasadena, maryland, on new year's eve, i'll be thinking about this power cell and me helping to generate all of the excitement that's going to be here. >> i liked riding on the bike. because i really want to get the ball and the sign to light up. and i think it's really cool. >> the pasadena elementary school student says she can't wait to brag to her friends. >> i'm going to be telling my friends, oh, my gosh, i was helping power that ball. and it's really exciting. >> reporter: for two months,
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hundreds of people visited the lab and rode the recovery bikes. all of that energy was stored to help light up the sign. >> reporter: and as the wattage slowly grew, these marylanders say it means a lot to be part of history. >> i think it's pretty exciting because i really like seeing the golds and the silver balls. lighting up. >> reporter: andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> pretty cool. i had no idea. well, this is the second year that sign was powered by people riding those rover bicycles. and still to come tonight. some firefighters spark l fight- - fight an intense flame. and i said, do you want to have the same birthday? or have a different birthday? >> they're identical twins. but they were born in two different years. we'll explain this new year's eve story. taking out the tree.
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why the city is offering a greenway to dispose of the holiday. i'm gigi barnett in cherry hill. that story is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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frantic search efforts are under way in brazil, following mudslides. the new year's day mudslides
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are triggered by 10 inches of rain. rescuers are currently rushing across red earth. looking for victims or survivors. a woman attempts to refill a gas generator inside her home and then accidentally drops a candle inside that container. firefighters responded. they tried to extinguish the flames from the roof. it then collapsed. two firefighter the were transported to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. all of the occupants in the home were able to escape without injury. celebratory gunfire to mark the new year caused quite a panic across the country, especially for one in houston. says a bullet flew through, pierced the side of a refrigerator. the family went on for hours as they were waiting for police to respond. you have a hole in your refrigerator. and you have two small children in the house. and they have to go hide in the
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closet to keep from getting shot. it needs to stop. >> the following day an officer did come out and remove that 45- caliber bullet from the fridge. there's always the recognition of first babies born in the new year as it rolls in. but one tampa mom and her twin boys can celebrate the first and the last year -- birthday of the year. the couple welcomed in marcelo on just before -- midnight on the 31st. and then the other right after new year. the boys are said to be okay. time to take down that christmas tree. baltimore city has a new program to help people dispose of their trees in a green way. ♪ [ music ] >> the holidays are over. and the time to clear out the tree and tinsel has come. andy wilson says he needs the space. >> my wife and i are expecting
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in a couple of weeks. >> this is an option. the city's option. it's a green alternative for people who want to recycle the trees or keep it for later. >> i said, if you want to bring it back with you, we'll be happy to fill it up. >> reporter: celeste says curb side collections will continue. but those trees won't see a mulch pile. >> they would have to be collected separately for us to treat them in a special way, mulch them in a special way like here. they do go downtown, where most ofous household trash is incinerated and turned into steam or electricity. in a sense, it is another green option. >> reporter: the city wants to give the trees away to communities and garden groups. >> if your tree is still up, the city says you have some time to enjoy it. that's because this mulching program will go on every saturday for the rest of the month. in cherry chill, i'm gigi
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barnett, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, gigi, thank you. the city says, make sure all of your trees are clean, all the tinsel removed. i took mine down today. it felt good to get all of those pine needles vacuumed off the floor. >> and if you sat it outside, it probably blew away. this is really a windy night. and you have to hold on to anything that might fly loose. small dogs, trees. hats and babies. hold on. you're looking at current temperatures right around 23 degrees. 43% relative humidity. with a west/northwesterly wind at 29 miles per hour. and your windy first warning forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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no severe weather, but we
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definitely have some windy weather in here. but watches and warnings to talk about. >> first of all, let's take a look at housekeeping. got up to tweap degrees today -- 29 degrees. nowhere near the average of 42. it is largely because of a very strong upper level feature. just off the new england coast. it is a low-pressure system that is spinning. and kind of backing into the west and northwest. as it moves in, and out, it really has kicked the winds up, slowed the winds down. kicked them up. and that's what we're dealing with. lake-effect snows in place in far western maryland as a result of that feature. and until a very strong high pressure system up near greenland moves out of the way so this can move on out, we'll have these winds, at least through tomorrow. right now, current temperatures. 23 degrees. 26 in elkton. and 27 in ocean city. around the metro area, we have 23, of course as we mentioned at the airport. 20 in westminster. and 26 down on kent island.
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the winds have really been the story today. sustained winds in the double digits around most of the area. 23-mile-per-hour winds. and 32 in pax river. the gusts substantially higher. we're looking at 36-mile-per- hour gusts at the airport. these are strong enough gusts to probably cause travel delays. if you're going to be moving around, traveling out of thurgood marshall this weekend, you'll definitely want to call ahead. these wind advisories are in effect through tomorrow morning. would not be surprised to see them extended. this low is not moving in too quickly. the winter storm warning in effect. because of the potential for ix6 to 12 inches of snow, lake- effect. because of all of the air and cold air and snow that this low is generating. we haven't seen much bay way of -- by way of any snow showers around the region. so we're really not talking about that, as far as factor in our weather. but the cold temperatures are going to be with us. and you see the problem that that low is generating up in new england. they started seeing that in new year's eve. and they're still getting the
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types of snow showers. cold air, never really get up to our average highs of about 42. we stay in the 30s all week. even after the winds die down, the cold temperatures stay with us. we have a gale warning in effect through tomorrow afternoon. and after that, a small craft advisory through late sunday. going down to 19 degrees tonight. windy and cold, with patchy clouds around. but pretty clear skies. and that did it all by itself. 31 degrees. we will see a good bit of sunshine tomorrow. 38 on thursday, with overnight lows going to the teens to the low 20s. >> thanks a lot. sports is coming up next,,,,,,,,
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hello, everybody. tomorrow marks d-day for the raiders in oakland, as they try to deny the ravens a play-off berth. win and the purple birds are in. however, the raiders are primed for a 10 1/2-point favorite. conversely. describes running back ray lewis. diminutive piece of leather. so honored to be selected to the pro bowl. >> everything that we have been through, i just feel like we were still in it. you know, we have been given a chance. time after time. the pro bowl is great. but who wouldn't want to play in the other bowl. that's the honor. for me, one of the best honors in the world. >> be sure to tune in and watch that pro bowler in action, sunday afternoon, when the ravens look to look down a coveted spot.
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college football today, the international bowl, up in canada, northern illinois, again south florida. and their coach under investigation for striking a player. what a career high today. 208 rushing yards. untouched there. to the land of milk and honey in the pros. south florida beats northern illinois, 27-3. cotton bowl. dallas, texas. mississippi, and oklahoma state. it was tied up until old miss went to a two-touchdown spur, overwhelming the cowboys. that is a brutal return. mississippi over oklahoma state, 21-7. local college hoops. loyola, hosting rider in northeast baltimore city. behind 21 points from bret harvey. watch him beat the first half buzzer. right there. the greyhounds win their fourth straight game. loyola over rider. and a close one, 68-66.
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not far away, neighboring johns hopkins, it was the neighboring annual blue jay annual. got a lot of inside points like that single role move there from eric rolander. on the other end, though, watch hopkins' sean wild on the shot. that's good. thanks to the kind bounce. no final report. yeah, there it is. we finally got it. 77-69. hopkins over mary washington. that game went to overtime. hey, we have got a lot more to talk about at 11:00. the eve of the big game. >> also at 11:00, on wjz. more emotional reaction for the family of sarah foxwell, that young foxbury girl who was abducted and killed and laid to rest. and 2005 characters of the prophet muhammad outraged many muslims. be sure to watch 48 hours mystery, immediately followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. it's a bit of an unusual story
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here. a colorado man has found a way to set his kennel business apart from the rest. and in colorado springs, your man will pick up your furry friends in that vehicle right there. yes, it is a hearst that he has turned into a pet limo. of course, he gets a lot of attention as he drives around town, which has given him a spark in business. ,,,,,,,,,,
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