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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  January 2, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: laid to rest, 11-year-old sarah foxwell kidnapped and murdered. now tonight, we're hearing from her family for the very first time. good evening, and thanks for joining us, everyone. i'm adam may. an 11-year-old child abducted and murdered on maryland's eastern shore laid to rest today in salisbury. suzanne collins joins us. >> reporter: as the short life is remembered, police are saying they are building a case against the convicted child molester who's been charged in her abduction.
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♪ amazing grace how sweet [music] ♪ >> reporter: mourners find it hard to say good-bye to such a young, innocent child, especially when so much horror is associated with her abduction and murder over christmas. >> i never thought for one second that i'd ever have to do this, but the world is not as perfect and what we never think would happen sometimes does. >> reporter: her body was found after a vast search by volunteers. police say a twice convicted child sex molester is responsible. the 30-year-old leggs dated the child's aunt for a while. >> we'll recover every single piece of evidence that is needed to successfully put this man behind bars. >> reporter: right now, police say the child's sister said she saw leggs take sarah from her bed and they discovered the 11's toothbrush in legg's truck. at the funeral today, the family members remembered the
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child known as hailey bug and thanked everyone for the search efforts. >> i'll miss you, baby. i love you, hailey bug. >> my sarah, love and protect all of us here. pray for your family, please, my dear. words are not adequate to tell bhaw this community means to us. we will forever remember the love and concern that you showed for sarah and our family. >> it has made people look differently to the children, have a closer eye on the children and closer eye on who they bring into their home. >> reporter: leggs is on the child sex offender registry. he's been convicted twice in 12 years for sex crimes against girls. >> his attorney says he denies harming sarah foxwell. and this chilly weather at this state is under a wind
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advisory making tonight one of the coldest nights of the season. lrl i today, our cameras have several people bundling up and traffic signs swaying in the winds. we can see the winds are continuing to shake our camera up there pointing down at the inner harbor. tim williams is live at the first warning weather center with the latest on this cold snap. tim? >> definitely one of the coldest so far this winter and of course this year. we're only two days in. we're looking at current conditions. we'll show you how this all sets up. low he pressure sitting up near new england and just off the shore, and it is wrapping around it a lot of the cold air that's moving across this region. the result, temperatures down 19 degrees. el kin and around the immediate metro area, temperatures are struggling to get out of the teens. we are going down around 19 degrees. the winds are really the story. 28 mile-per-hour winds around
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bwi marshal now. double digits everywhere around the state. 15 out toward oakland, add that to the temperatures and what it feels like. that is a negative in oakland, a negative six. looking at one degree in hagerstown, five at bwi marshal, 15 in elkton. you get the idea it will be a cold night. you have a wind advisory until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. the winds don't seem to be dying down any time soon. we'll have the complete update first and tell you when we can expect change and improvement in a few moments. >> thank you. stay with "eyewitness news" and first warning weather for complete coverage. wjz is always on. president obama is speaking out in that christmas day terror attack now directly linking it to al qaeda for the first time. kathryn brown explains for [ whistle ] that the white house says intelligence agencies should have stopped that nigerian suspect from
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traveling. >> reporter: president obama has ordered a full scale review of the breakdown in security measures that allowed an isle okayed da operative to board a plane with explosives hidden in his underwear. >> let us ask the questions that need to be asked. let us make the changes that need to be made. >> reporter: those changes will undoubtedly involve the agencies that let umar farouk abdulmutallab slip through undetected. there were pieces of information that should have placed him on a high priority watch list. while a report was prepared it was never circulated among the agencies. security experts say if abdulmutallab had been flagged, the bomb would have been discovered. >> if that person had been a selectee, a whole protocol that excludes explosive detection would have been applied. >> reporter: intelligence officials are bracing for congressional hearings about the miscommunication later this
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month. republicans are already lodging complaints. >> since 9/11, we've seen a real breakdown in the fundamentals of how both parties view homeland security and national security. >> reporter: the botched attack has haunched counterterrorism to the top of president obama's already loaded agenda. he promised to work with yemen and more than double u.s. efforts to fight extremist groups there. the president returns to vacation in hawaii on monday and will meet with top security officials first thing tuesday morning. kathryn brown, wjz, "eyewitness news." general petraeus is in yemen as they help fight al qaeda. tonight, we have an update on the heartbreaking death of a baltimore city infant. janaya wallace was found dead inside this home december 23rd. the 20-month-old girl was beat ton death and now tonight charging documents show that her father jerome wallace and his live-in girlfriend are charged in the baby's murder.
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>> in past years we've seen numbers of children lost in the community, but this is the first child homicide that we've had in 2009 since the very, very bad law. >> and a bail review hearing is set for monday. also, new developments in a fatal n. new year's day hit and run accident. charges are pending against thomas judge. the 21-year-old has been identified as the person behind the wheel when the vehicle strk a pedestrian in annapolis. that victim has been identified as alfred. he was not walking in the crosswalk when he was struck. two people have been identified as passengers in the vehicle at the time of the accident. we are also learning new details about the drama that involved washington wizards guard gilbert areenis. the team captain says he's taking responsibility for what he calls his bad judgment in bringing guns into the wizards
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locker room. he wouldn't go into detail about the parts of the investigation including involving a dispute with teammate crittenden, the us attorney's office and police have been investigating the matter since it was revealed on christmas eve that areenis had gone into his locker. tonight, family of the former washington wizards owner will take further steps to ensure a situation like this never happens again. arenas says he has a meeting with law enforcement authorities this coming monday. we'll keep you posted. a million people gathered in times square and behind the scenes, two marylanders helped make that night happen. >> reporter: it's the moment millions of people around the world waited for, the illumination of the year 2010 in times square. >> it's a once in a lifetime experience. >> reporter: and a magnificent sign was powered by green energy with the help of two
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marylanders. pasadena natives pedaled their hearts out to restore energy at the duracell power lab. >> i'm at home on new year's eve, and i'll be thinking about this power cell and be helping to generate all of the excitement that's going to be here. >> i like riding on the bike because i really want to get the ball and signs to light up. i think it's cool. >> reporter: the elementary school student can't wait to brag to her friends. >> i will be telling my friends oh, my gosh, i was helping power that ball, and it's really exciting. >> reporter: for two months, hundreds of people visited the lab and rode the rover bike. all that energy was stored to help light up the sign. as the wattage slowly grew, these marylanders say it means a lot to be part of history. >> i think it's pretty exciting because i really like the glow
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of the silver ball lighting up. >> reporter: wjz "eyewitness news." >> and this is the second year that the sign was powered by people riding on those rover bicycles. the search for the ultimate couch potato he has come to an enterat the sympathyen spn zone in baltimore. jessica mobley has been awarded the top prize. the 27-year-old education coordinator from arlington, virginia watched 32 hours 59 minutes and 14 seconds of televised sports in a row. and if mobley looks familiar to you, there is a good reason. >> it's pretty exciting to be the first girl to win it twice. kind of neat. i think my tv i won last year needs a blue ray player and a wii. so i think i'll take the best buy gift card and do a little electronics shopping to check out the tv from last year. >> so she won last year.
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maybe she has a professional career as a couch potato here. the prize pack from this year is worth over $4,000. it doesn't include the trophy and new jersey. fun contest. still to come tonight, some deadly mud slides. searchers are still looking for survivors but dozens are confirmed dead in brazil. a little boy killed in church. police in georgia are searching for a person who shot a gun into the air. and born today, born tomorrow. new year's twins with different birthdays but just barely. that's coming up. taking out the tree. why the city is offering a green way to dispose of the holiday. >> i'm gigi barnett in cherry hill. that story is coming up. the winds are high, the temperatures are low. how long will the conditions come with us? i'll have the forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, tonight, hopes are fading in brazil for the search for survivors. 64 people have been confirmed dead. the new year's day mud slides are triggered by 10 inches of steady rain. the mud made searching extremely difficult. an attempted attack on a
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danish cartoonist leaves the suspect wounded and the government with al qaeda concerns. he made cartoons mocking the prophet muhammad. a somali man broke into his home armed with a ax and knife. when he wouldn't put them down, police shot the man. the suspect is believed to have direct links to al qaeda. the cartoonist has been moved for his own protection. a little boy's death shows the true danger of celebratory gunshots on new year's eve. he was sitting next to his mother in a church service when a bullet put a hole in the boy's head. his mother happend so fast she didn't even know what hit him. >> i tried to pick him up and he was losing considerationness going down like it was so hard.
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>> mrs. peters wants the person who fired that stray shot to turn himself in so she can have justice. more celebratory gunshots for a texas family. a close call when a stray bullet flew throw through the window and pierced the side of a prefrich rater. it stopped in the back of the freezer. thanks to the fridge, no one in the home was hurt. but the officer came out and removed that.4045 caliber ballet. what is is over and so is the new year. it is tame to take down that christmas tree. as gigi barnett reports, the city has a program to help people who want to dissuppose of their tree in a grean way. a green way. ♪ [music] ♪ >> reporter: the holidays are over. and the time to clear out the tree and tinsel has come. andy wilson says he needs the space. >> my wife and i are expecting in a couple weeks.
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>> reporter: this is an option. the tree mulching program is a green alternative for folks who want to recycle the tree or keep it for later. >> if you want to take the mulch home with you, bring a bag or container and we're happy to fill it up. >> reporter: the spokeswoman says curbside collections will continue but those trees won't see a mulch pile. >> they would have to be collected separately for us to treat them in a special way to mulch them like they are here. they do go to the facility downtown where most of our household trash is insen rated and turns into steam or electricity. so it is another green option. >> reporter: she says the city wants to give the trees away to the gardening groups. the more mulch the city collects the more the trees come in. the city says you have time to enjoy it because the mulching program will go on every saturday for the rest of the month. in chairy hill, i'm gee gentlemen barnett, wb "eyewitness news." the city says make sure
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that all trees are clean and tinsel and ornaments are removed before setting them out to the curbside collection or get them mulched. two twin brothers one born in 2009 and the other born in 2010. a florida couple welcomed their first son marcelo just before midnight december 31st and right after midnight, minutes later, stephan know he was born in the new year. the twins were ten weeks early but said to be doing well tonight. talk about a handful. >> oh, yeah. i'll bet you they will be bunding them up. >> oh, yeah. especially if they are up here tonight. it was brutal out there. >> even to go outside for a short time and warm up your car is rough. >> do that for me before the next commercial. >> it is definite i had cold out there. you can't short change it. let's talk about the current conditions. first we have a wind advisory in effect through early tomorrow morning. wind advisory in effect until
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4:00 a.m. i still think it will be extended because these winds are just not easing very much. so it's for the entire state. what you do not see on the map, this little sliver right here. that is a windchill. in effect for the air right around cumberland. a lot going on because of the cold arctic winds just blowing across the region. right now, we have temperatures around 19 degrees now. we could still drop a little more because the dew point is still very low around 3:00 so it still allows for a little fluctuation in the temperatures so we'll be in the teens. 49% relative humidity. barometer's now falling. we have 3 degrees in oakland now. 22 in elkton. 16 over in cumberland around the immediate metro area. we have temperatures in the teens area ride until you goat
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down toward the water's edge where the water temperature is around 38 degrees in the bay. the temperature is nuct waiting just a little bit and stabilizing in the 20s. not qhiet as low as inland. 28 mile-per-hour winds at the airport. 12 in hagerstown. 15 out in oakland and windchills in the single digits to negative numbers where you get the highest winds. that's going to be the case today and through tomorrow. we did get a few flurries around the region. the low is wrapping around centered off the new england coast. so we're seeing all this wrapping around it. height snow flurries around except far western maryland where the wind advisory and winter weather advisories are in effect. look at these temperatures. we're not escaping this. 10 in buffalo, 10 in pittsburgh. 19 here, 18 in new york and 22 in philadelphia. so we're surrounded by it. even after the winds die down, getting into monday and tuesday because the winds will be with
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us tomorrow, the cold air stays with us. as you'll see in the five-day forecast, we don't get up to the average high of 42. we stay in the 30s. with the gail warning in effect, then a small craft advisory after that through late tomorrow night. the next high tide is at fort mchenry. look for windy and cold conditions with a few patchy clouds. tomorrow 31, windy, sunshine and cold. 34 on monday, 36 and 36 on tuesday and wednesday. 38 on thursday. overnight lows in the 20s. adam? >> let me get my keys for you. sports is coming up next. ,
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hello, everybody. tomorrow, the ravens hope to get a coveted playoff berth. they face the relentless raiders who are capable of dishing out disappointment on the 10 1/2 point favorite purple birds. however, the raiders have a rager concern dealing with a
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runningback ray rice. the team mvp unquestionably. so humbled by his selections in the upcoming pro bowl but the great are goal. >> everything that we've been through, i feel like we're still in it. we've. given a chance time after time. the pro bowl is great but who wouldn't want to play? to me, one of the best honors in the world. >> be sure to tune in to see how the ravens do to look to lock down the elusive playoff spot. that's tomorrow at 4:00. college football. arkansas did beat east carolina 27-17. uconn 20, south carolina 7 in the papa bowl. elsewhere to canada, the international bowl. northern illinois against south that and jim lervette is under investigation. 208 for mike ford untouched.
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south florida beats northern illinois 23-3. mean time, the cotton bowl in texas where mississippi and oklahoma state duked it out. when a bruising return on this fumble recovery by ole miss. women's hoops locally. coppin state hosting morgan state. you are about to see good defense right here. morgan number one carin adams blocked by manly. later, watch manly, who wasn't denied. coppin drops a third straight. 61-50 the final score. carin adams in the meac opener for both squads. on the men's side, loyola
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hosting ryder. watch 'em beat the first half buzzer. greyhounds beat indiana on the road several weeks ago winning their fourth straight, barely 68-66 over ryder. one other local score to tell you about, georgia state beat elton. that's sports. raiders luckily will lose by 10 if the ravens want to get in the playoffs tomorrow. >> keep the penalties down too. >> 4:00 on jz. ,,,,
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it's hard to think about eating a frozen dessert on a night like this, but that's
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what the obamas are doing in hawaii. the president treat his daughters to a long time hawaiian tradition shaved ice. malia ordered a mice pink cone of watermelon strawberry. the president went for a mix of lime, strawberry and guava flavors. they also went to visit sea animals and spent time on the beach. not ocean city's beach today i'm guessing. it is a holiday today and you probably didn't even know it. today is palindrome day, one of the few dates that happen to read the same forwards and backwards. so 01-02-2010 is a mirror image of itself. it makes me dizzy. if you missed it, you have to wait until november 11, 2011. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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