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tv   The Early Show  CBS  January 9, 2010 9:01am-9:59am EST

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and welcome, everyone, to "the early show" who o. this saturday morning. great to have you with us today. >> we have an enormous show today. >> you're here on a good day. >> a special show. new year, new you. good we're restarting everything, higt the reset button to help you find the you that you really want to be in 2010. we'll help you achieve that this morning. >> new skin, new hair, including laser combs, hair transplants. >> i've never heard of the laser comb before. >> you'll see it live right here. >> are you going try it out yourself? you don't really need it, you have plenty of hair. >> i just got a transplant. >> we've also got our "chef on a shoestring" this morning here to give us not only foods that are good for you, but foods of course that are good for you and that you can cook up on a budget because that is our goal. but first we'll get you caught up on on the headlines. good morning, nancy.
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good morning. severe cold continues to keep the nation in its grip. temperatures are in the single digits or below zero in some places with windchills as low as 25 below. there are reports of at least 19 weather related deaths. cbs news correspondent mark strassmann is in marietta, georgia with the latest. >> reporter: let's think about this for a second. parts of every state but that right i have been experiencing freezing temperatures. now, that is a deep freeze far and wide especially from the deep south to the great lakes. with its windchill, chicago will wake up to another frosty morning. a feels like temperature of 0 or below. and even by chicago temperatures, this is one ugly winter. 29 inches of snow so far. chicago's average for an entire winter. >> it's not the main roads are fine, but the side roads, i'm thinking of should have took the bus. >> reporter: bismarck, north
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dakota, they say enough already. yesterday's feels like temperature, minus 40. >> you don't want to be out in this kind of weather very long because you're going to freeze, yeah. >> reporter: look at the big picture. by the end of the week end, 180 million americans may shiver through record-setting cold. 60% of americans will see and feel temperatures 15 to 30 degrees below normal. from the midwest, places like iowa and michigan, where cars spun out of control, all the way to raleigh, north carolina and atlanta. icy roads and the south's in-experienced winter drivers created pileups like this one outside atlanta. >> my sister, she was just here at the bus stop and she's telling me she slid all the way to the bus stop. >> reporter: people in 38 states know the feeling. all of them places experiencing below-average temperatures. in the deep freeze of 2010. it's a freeze that will last through the weekend in many
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places including here in the south. and remember lots of people here don't really own significant winter clothes. so they'll be pulling out an old sweater or just staying indoors. nancy? >> mark strassmann, thank you very much. up next, the man accused of triggering a security breach at newark airport has been released from custody after questioning. he was arrested friday night at his home. dave browdy reports. >> reporter: he walked out of newark airport charged with a crime. last time he was here, the 28-year-old doctoral student shot down terminal c when he alledgedly spotted the i've who told him to move back leave his post. then without going through screening, ducked under a barrier and walked his girlfriend to her gate. his roommate called the arrest a surprise. >> i don't think that it's a big deal for him, so -- he would never mention that to us. >> reporter: it was very much a big deal to thousands of travelers delayed for hours when
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the terminal was shut down due to the security breach. it was also a big deal when it turned out the tsa guard had left his post unattended and the agency security cameras weren't working. now new jersey senator is focusing on the suspect. >> this has to be seen as the equivalent of a terrible crime. >> reporter: the alleged crime defiant trespass carry as maximum sentence of a $1,000 fine and six months in jail. dave browdy, cbs news, this morning. >> the suspect in the attempted bombing of flight 253 was arraigned on fry. abdulmutallab declined to enter a play. six charges include attempted murder and the attempted use of a, quote, weapon of misdestructiomis d mass destruction. time for another check of the weather with lonnie. good morning. i got the faithful out here.
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kay out here, they're at holler, i said how are you doing? and what did you say? >> freezing. >> a little cold out here. but some true frechbd, you are here without your gloves. look at this, her friend gave her the gloves. she's wrapped up in the scar of. let's talk about the cold air that is grips 60% of the country. i'll tell you, yesterday bismarck, are you ready for this, the actual thermometer was reading 34 below zero. it is still cold, really, really cold especially for the eastern half of the country. it will moderate pie tby t,,
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we have a lot of cath are not mcphee fans. she'll be back in a little bit. inside to you you. some reports say dr. conrad murray will be charged with involuntary manslaughter. hattie kauffman reports. >> reporter: more than six months after the shockinging death of michael jackson, cbs news has confirmed that conrad murray, jackson's personal fish, has hired a high profile l.a. defense attorney. this in advance of reportings that murray will soon be charged with involuntary manslaughter. >> the fact that he's the subject of an indictment is not very surprising at all. >> reporter: he was injecting jackson with a variety of drugs. in a youtube video, murray denied any wrongdoing. >> the truth will prevail.
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>> reporter: while the l.a. district attorney's office says the report of pending charges is not true, the associated press says charges will be based upon medical treatment that was an extreme departure from standard care. >> i think it really will turn on the issue of whether or thought the doctor's care of michael jackson ros to the level of being grossly negligent. >> reporter: conrad muirry has returned to work if houston, but will likely be back in los angeles facing trial. hattie kauffman, cbs news, los angeles. here to it talk about what these possible charges might mean is beth karas. good morning to you. let'smanslaughter, second-degree murder. how will this this sort it out? >> i'm assuassuming a grand chi hear the charges, the jury will decide which to votef any.
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there's a fine line between second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. both of them are unintentional killing, but the murder is where you know what you're doing creates a grave risk of death and you consciously disregard it, you don't care. that's murder. the difference with involuntary mabs slaughter, also unintentional, but you just engamg in negligent conduct that causes death and that's more likely what will happen in this case. >> we're getting real mixed signals here from different sources on what's going to happen. when does this get sorted out? >> let me tell what you has apparently occurred. the lapd has completed their investigation. once they complete an investigation, they deliver it to the d.a.'s office and they officially open a case and decide what to do. that is the step that is occurring now. the d.a. has not received the case from the lapd as of yesterday afternoon. >> how long until charges potentially come if they do come? >> it could be weeks, it could
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be importants. months. but it didn't appear it's imminent. >> finally, let's talk about this new criminal defense attorney. does that mean he's anticipating a different charge or a charge sooner? what does that tell you? >> he's anticipating a criminal case and it is very prudent to have local attorneys, someone familiar with california law, with the courts, the judges, the jurors in that county. because his lawyers right now come from where he lives in texas. so he's got texas lawyers and now he has local come up. not unusual, we see it all the time. >> beth karas, appreciate it. thanks for coming in. in session, trutv network, airs from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. monday through bring. just ahead, secrets to younger looking skip. and these are not for women only. so listen up, jeff. the latest products to fight not only fine lines and wrinkle, but
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you are with us for a very special early show this morning. we're talking all about making big changes in your look and in your life in 2010. we've asked dr. ashton to join us this morning. every day literally most of us come face to face with the aiming process. all you have to do is look in the mirror. that's doctor we love or makeup artist. how you can keep those things at bay? these are four of the things
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that you're asked about the most and right there at the top, these brown spots. jen and i have little spots right here. are they just from the sun? >> brown spots are from direct overexposure to the sun, absolutely. >> so if you have them, obviously you want to wear sunscreen now, but if you already have them, how do you get rid of them? >> very good question. treatment really involve as combination of treatments. and one of the ways we do this is with in-office procedures that are light based treatments. we can use hayeser devices or broadband light devices called intense pulse light and we do this right in our office. >> and it doesn't take very long, probably a few minutes? >> no, just a few minutes. >> and not too painful? >> not painful at all. >> and the cost? >> cost varies depending on the device, but they can range from
9:16 am
several hundred dollars. >> and you have to do multiple treatmen treatments. this are also skip lightning creams. >> and what i always tell people is treatment does not end when you leave the office. so you have to use skin lightning agents, typically that would involve something over the counter in a 2% strength as well as in a prescription form and your dr. may also recommend other types of agents. -to-help compliment your regimen. >> what about acne? adults suffer from it, too. it can be very disfiguring, scarring. what are the good treatments? >> let's talk about what causes acne. it's caused by overproduction of oils in the skin. it's also due to irregular shedding of the skin and certainly hormone natural fac r
9:17 am
factors, pls. we have some quick remedies that we can do in the office. microderm abrasion and chemical peels and even extractions or injections of cystic lesions. but what i want it talk to you about today is a brand new treatment called isologe and this is an in-office procedure based treatment. it uses something called photo pneumatic therapy and you're probably asking me what is that. >> a light? >> it employs two things. basically vacuum suction of clogged pores out of the skin and a broad based light treatment that helps to basically kill the acne and reduce the inflammation. and we've seen very good results with this. and i think we even have an example of it, of a patient who was treated before and after photo. and it's pretty dramatic. and you can see improvement after the first treatment within 24 to 48 hours. >> is this something that potentially your insurance might cover in your acne is that
9:18 am
severe? >> at this point, i'm not aware that insurance does cover it. it's possible that something like that may be veil in the future. b but i don't know. >> also you get asked a lot about wrinkles. part of it is genetic, i didn't realize. >> absolutely. it play as huge role as does lifestyle measures like smoking, like alcohol, like sun exposure. >> is there anything over the counter that can help our do you just need to start being better about your habits? >> absolutely. there's a local whole host of a. look for key ingredieningredien. one is alpha high drox city acid. and then there are the vitamin a derivatives. you can also see your doctor and get a prescription strength for a stronger, more potent form of vitamin a. >> and lastly, we can't forget we're talking about cosmetics
9:19 am
here and appearance, but skin cancer check, how often do you recommend that people should see a dermatologist to get a full body check? >> you soo see your dermatologist and have a baseline screening examination and at that point your dermatologist could tell you based on on your risk factor, your family history and amount of sun that you've had over the course of your lifetime how on which it is that you should be coming in for checks. there's not one right answer for every single person. >> but always a good reason to see your dermatologist. great to have you with us. thanks so much. and coming up in the next half hour, more permanent solutions to fight wrinkles. we'll speak with a plastic surgeon about one of the hottest new cosmetic procedures out there. jeff, have i piqued your interest? >> you have, but i'm currently dealing with something else. hair today, gone tomorrow. i'm getting a laser comb. he has some bad news for me. the latest treatments for baldness coming up. you're watching "the early show" right here on cbs.
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dr. jen ashton back with us again as we devote today's show to becoming the person you want to be in 2010. so let's take it from the top. male pattern baldness affects nearly 70% of men by age 35. 85% by age 50. and it's not just men who have to worry. over 30 million women experience thinning hair, as well. but not all hope is lost. there are some solutions that actually help regrow hair. so joining us this morning, a hair loss specialist in palm beach, florida with a lovely head of hair, i should say. >> thanks. >> thanks for being here, doctor. >> thanks for having me. >> this is something a lot of people have heard about, ro fwch
9:24 am
gaine. >> the first fda approved for hair loss. >> does it work? >> it does. 70% of guys will get a good response from the medication if your it consistently. but you have to be consistent. >> we're talking cosmetically here and about how we look when we suffer from hair loss, but what are some of the medical causes? because sometimes we really shouldn't just to chalk it off to -- >> and you should seek advice from somebody board certified in hair loss. but there's nutrition, diet, stress, medications, illnesses, there's a whole bunch of things that can affect the hair loss process. hormone changes. >> and we have the men's and women's rogaine products here. also a pill which is different? >> that's right. it's the only oral pd after tfd treatment. and it does work a little bit
9:25 am
better. and it's a lot easier than putting something on your scalp twice a >> what's the time span in which you see the results? >> most people give up the treatments before they see the results. so you have to give it months. maybe six months. >> you're talking about the lifecycle of a hair folical. >> and you were monitoring my hair earlier. is this a laser comb? show us how it helps. >> laser therapy has been around for at least a decade now. laser therapy works with photo chemical have i. it's light energy that penetrates the scalp and lasers can be used for wound healing and pain control and we use it for hair loss. >> i think we should do it on jen. >> is it doesn't hurt, right? >> it's a cold laser. but it takes again a lot of time
9:26 am
for this to work. it will take months for you to see improvements in hair thickness, caliber. >> i felt my hair regrowing in the commercial break. the impact was enormous. >> interesting device. also, let's talk about maybe something more serious. hair transplants. you do those? >> yeah, once in a while. >> complicated? >> go a lot of hair transplantation. hair restoration has gone through leaps and bounds within just a very short period of time. these are not your father's painful hair plugs anymore. one hair at a time. >> how much? >> well, we use 3,000 graphs or more in a single session to restore areas of hair loss.,,,,,
9:27 am
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join us at
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braving the cold out for us on this chilly saturday morning. welcome back to "the early show." >> they seem to be very happy out there. i'm not sure why because it's very cold. >> i can tell you why. lonnie quinn is outside with them. >> very, very good -- >> oh, not yet? lonnie is still on his way outside. >> why do you spoil a compliment? >> he's working on getting his scar of tied properly. it will be worth the wait. the latest in cosmetic surgery from breast implants to botox. we'll talk to a board certified plastic surgeon about the latest procedures and what you should know before having any work done. >> also talk about cost, too, because sometimes you think how
9:31 am
much does that cost. also ahead, our "chef on a shoestring," my favorite part of the show, food. katherine cassidy here to help us both eat healthy and save money. plus american idol finalist katherine mcphee also back with more in our second cup cafe. first, though -- >> i can't believe we only have a half an hour so much. >> it flies when you're having fun. but so much packed in to this next 30 minutes, you won't believe it. first, though, another check of the morning's headlines. good morning. president obama is proposing $2 billion in tax credits to companies that manufacture green technologies. he says the plan will help create tens of thousands of clean technology jobs. the initiative comes after the labor department's report that america's unemployment rate right m remained at 10% in december. vice president joe biden is mourning the death of his mother.
9:32 am
katherine jean biden died friday in delaware sur proumded by family and friends after falling seriously ill. she was 92. biden appraised his mother as a defender and teacher of american values. it's only been open for a week, but the new tallest building in the world is already the site of a new world record. two base jumpers leaped off the burj dubai yesterday setting a new record for the highest ever base jump from a manmade structure, just over 2,000 feet. the building, which opened on monday, is more than 2625 feet tall. and those are the headlines that the hour. now let's go to lonnie with the weather. how is it outside? we're dealing with some good cold out here. you guys are doing all right, though, i'll tell you. i applaud you for being here because kind of tough to be outside on the eastern half of the country. let's go to the big map and show you what's going on out there. all this cold canadian air where there's a big trough in the jet
9:33 am
stream, it is filling in and it filters as far south as portions of florida. northern florida is under a hard freeze warning. that very sell democraccept dom. now a closer look at the weather for your weekend. sgli told them the louder they shout, the warmer they will stay. it is time for a shout out to the windy city, chicago. they are dealing with? pretty serious windchills there, also, however, getting ready for the second annual snow days. chicago festival, which is happening it later this month. believe it or not, even with all the snow that has fallen in chicago and around the area this week, they are actually making more snow just to make sure that
9:34 am
they have enough snow. we want to thank all of our you viewers in chicago who watch the saturday early show on cbs. that's it out here where it's kind of chilly. let go back inside to erica. and it's a good morning in chicago to just huddle up in your living room. nice ear must have, by the way. up next, which is safer for you, saline or silicone? botox or the laser? our new year, new you broadcast continues with the absolute latest in comes met tech procedures, including, yes, these breast implants. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. i'm michelle la moia. i'm 43 years old, i'm a firefighter. osteo bi-flex has helped me not have crunchy knees, not have a stiff back, and i really need to be moving. i would definitely recommend osteo bi-flex. i'm living proof of what it can do. osteo bi-flex is the only glucosamine chondroitin supplement... with the exclusive ingredient 5-loxin... shown to improve joint comfort within 7 days.
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we have a special new guest. dr. jen ashton. of course she's not new. we're dedicating this morning's broadcast to improving your life inside and out. >> and the american society of plastic surgeons says more than 12 million procedures were performed in the u.s. last year. that is up 60% in the past eight years. >> recession? what recession. a little nip and tuck, is it right for you? we'll answer those questions for you. joining us with the latest procedures, a board certified plastic surgeon in michigan. good to have you with us in the studio this morning. >> thanks for having me.
9:38 am
>> turns out i was not completely surprised, mildly surprised to learn that breast enhancements was i believe the most popular plastic surgery procedure last year, more than 300,000 women. >> exactly. >> and there's so much talk about is it safe or not. there are different types that you have with you here. this is the saline one. >> the good thing is nobody worries about safety, but if you feel it, it sdpts feel natural. so now we're actually using a lot of -- >> like they're a little older. >> exactly. we are using the silicone. see what you position. it definitely feels more natural. >> how does that feel, jeff? >> lovely. >> but people are still a little bit of a trade. >> studies show they don't leak, but people are still afraid. the newest thing are the gummy bear imflapts. they're not approved yet. this is not as firm, but it looks like that, but it literally feels like a gummy bear.
9:39 am
>> some of these i was told that you have to replace every ten years? >> the implants do have a ten year warranty like a car. so should you expect they should last at least then years. >> and just in terms of cost, anywhere from $6,000 to 9 thousand dollars depending $,00 depending on this one? >> exactly. >> what about liposuction? i call it the vacuum procedure. >> traditionally this is what we use for liposuction and i use this on almost all my patient, but the hottest thing is laser lipo. and this is a smart lipo, the gold standard of laser lipo. and the idea behind it, it has a laser fiber right at the end and it melts the fat before take you it out. >> so instead of just you melt .
9:40 am
>> you have less bleeding, less down team. >> what will that cost us? >> it depends on how much you need done. so anywhere from $3,000 at the minimum up to $10,000 or more if you're having a lot removed. >> let's talk injectables. we have a model over here. so we can talk about ourery brave model indeed. we're talking about botox now? >> botox is the most popular cosmetic procedure. last year over 5 million people underwent botox injections. >> relatively easy? >> but the problem is it's expensive. so there's a new one called dysport and some people think it works faster. >> and as you're doing the injection here, because it is such a quick procedure as you'll see this morning, what is the effect on both botox or this new procedure, how long does it
9:41 am
last? >> it can remove the wrinkles of the upper face. it smooths it about three to four months. the closest thing to the foupts contin mounta fountain of youth. >> this is the new he est team treatment to tighten up skin. heat treatments does not burn the surface at the top. >> are you feeling this at all? >> no. >> not even any heat some sxwli fe ? had. >> i feel the heat. >> how much? >> about this is about $750 a treatment. we usually recommend three to four treatments. >> and so important to go someone who is board certified. >> and have realistic expect tar
9:42 am
targss. >> exactly. just ahead, if you like to eat healthy and like brown any, you can do both. our "chef on a shoestring" has the recipe this morning. morning kim. morning bob. (phone ring) good morning, scott tissue. can everyone hear me? uh, just barely. great, let's get started. surprise! you guys! (announcer) now scott extra soft tissue has a new design, and it's our softest ever. and one mega roll has more sheets than four of the competitions regular rolls. wow! this is really soft! new guy. (announcer) new scott extra soft tissue... softness done right! with thermacare® heatwraps. that's 8 hours while you wear it, plus an additional 8 hours of relief after you take it off!
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it is a brand new year and if you resolve to eat better and save money in 2010, have we got a segment for you. cath rip cassidy is editor-in-chief of taste at home magazine, the country's number one cooking magazine. this morning she's with us to prove a three course meal can be nutritious and delicious and you can do it all for under $40,
9:46 am
which is our new chef on a shoestring obudget. it this looks beautiful. >> well, it is. it's a perfect winter salad, salmon, and lemon broccoli and brownies. >> you'll have to have your salad first before the brownies. it's nice because you've got a lot of color. you're bringing a little bit of color in here which sometimes can be hard to find. >> the nice thing about these rin ingredients that are available generally all the time. and with the vinaigrette, these in-greed yend ingredients are i pantry usually. >> i hear grape seed oil is good for dressings, as well. >> absolutely. this is mine he wiis maple seay
9:47 am
some sweetness. sha lots. a little bit of reduced fat mayo. it gives it creaminess. and some sugar. which you don't have to put in. >> i have to say, i make most of my objewn salad dressing. and i like mus tafrd, mustard. >> a lot of flavor without a lot of calories. >> so you've got some beautiful mixed greens. >> and then some tart apple, red onion. these are dried cherries.
9:48 am
pecans. you can pour that on. and then we'll toss it up. that is a perfect winter salad. >> and while you toss that, i'm going to sample over here. >> we'll move down to our salmon. >> that dressing has such a great flavor to it. really nice. >> and salmon is full of omega 3 fatty acids which are great for our heart. salmon is also pretty readily available. we've got some marinating here, but i'll make the marinade here. very easy. soy sauce, mustard, ginger.
9:49 am
we'll mix it up and then -- >> this is probably the easiest way. >> put it right in the bag and seal it up. >> how long do we do this, overnight? >> just 30 minutes. if do you it too long, the flavor gets too intense. >> in the refrigerator or on the counter? >> always in the refrigerator. and now we have our mar natured salmon. >> and you're going to broil this, is that better for you than putting it on a grill pan on top of the stove? >> broiling allows you to cook without using extra fat, so it's a healthy way to prepare any kind of meat or fish. cook to for about 20 minutes. >> that's a nice quick dinner. >> and through the wonder of television --
9:50 am
>> it a mazes me every saturday. >> and we have our already broiled salmon. >> and it smells great here. >> and we will take -- >> and serving it up with a little bit of broccoli. >> a little bit of oil and garlic, lemon. so nice flavor. broccoli of course is one of those vegetable has we love, a lot of fiber. >> the brighter your vegetable, the better they are. did you steam the broccoli or -- >> just saute a little bit. and then we have our mint yered brownies. we substituted a little bit of apple sauce for some of the fat. >> here comes the kids. >> let's see how we did with the budget. do we have the final total there? >> look at that. >> that puts you in a good position. i know it's the new year, but look, out of two people, you're number one. it doesn't get much better than
9:51 am
that. >> eating healthy did not have to cost a lot. >> this is fantastic. i may or may not share it during the break. you'll never know. for more of the recipe, head to our website, cbs ne just ahead, no more from katherine mcphee. breathe right, the small strip that gives you... big nighttime breathing relief... introduces-- drum roll please-- new breathe right extra. the only strip with an extra spring-like band, it's 50% stronger for congested noses that need extra help in opening nasal passages...
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all next week, "where america stands" continues on the "cbs evening news" and "the early show." it also continues tonight with mr. jeff glor. >> interesting story coming up tonight. we hear about all these food recall, yet still every year 5,000 americans die from the food they eat. it is a staggering number. we'll take a look at food safety and how the food system is being protected these days. >> which i'm looking forward it
9:55 am
because freaks me out every time one of those stories comes along. >> also next saturday, if your skiing trip is beyond the budget, how about breaking uhe the snowshoes. we will show you how to have an affordable cold weather fun day for the whole family. first thanks to everybody for being here. >> i'll get you a new set of ear muffs about. >> we're not done yet. katherine mcphee is back with keep driving. ♪
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