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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  February 16, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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captured. the taliban's top military commander is nabbed with the help of the cia in pakistan. senate shocker. popular indiana democrat evan bayh said he's had enough and won't seek re-election. >> i've had a growing conviction that congress is not operating takes should. there is much too much partisan ship and not enough progress. and fat tuesday. mardi gras kicks off in new orleans. ♪ this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, february this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, february 16th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs
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good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm michelle gielan. we begin this morning with what's described by one u.s. official as a significant development in the battle against the taliban. the taliban's top military commander is being interrogated by pakistani and u.s. officials this morning. his capture has been confirmed by cbs news. mullah abdul ghani baradar's responsibilities include southern afghanistan where taliban forces are have stepped up operations against a massive nato offensive. tara nermgner has the latest details. >> reporter: good morning. well, baradar has reportedly been in custody for several days now and according to pakistani intelligence, he is talking to interrogators. pakistani and u.s. intelligence forces captured mullah abdul began any bar today days ago company during a top secret raid. he's considered the taliban's second in command. the taliban is denying the news, but u.s. officials are calling
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it the most significant capture since the launch of the afghanistan war nearly nine years ago. >> capturing the lead taliban officer, so to speak, within military operations could put a great hindrance on their operation. authority authorities are ib tear debating baradar opening they'll lead him to omar, the al ban's founder and close associate of osama bin laden. the u.s. also hopes baradar's capture will at least temporarily dampen the insurgency in afghanistan where u.s. marines are leading one of nato's biggest offensives ever. 15,000 troops are rebattling to rita the stronghold of marjah, the mission suffered another setback monday when an air strike accidentally killed a group of civilians for the second straight day. as long as the unrest continues, nato forces will have a hard time restoring an afghan government free oftal began control. >> you'll know we succeed when we provide the feel with the
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kind of security that they have where they can live their life. >> reporter: it could be months before that mission is accomplished, but not far from marjah, there are signs of hope. an afghan soldier tore down a taliban phlegmon, replacing it with one of his country. as far as baradar, he is the most senior afghan taliban leader arrested since the beginning of the car in 2001. michelle, back to you. >> tara mergener in washington. thank you. it's still more than nine months to go to the midterm elections, but the democratic party lost another member of congress. the latest one to call it quits, indiana's popular senator evan bayh. in announcing he won't seek another term, bayh said that the senate has become too part is an and that key con 2rib butte to society in other ways. nancy cordes reports. >> reporter: senator evan bayh had a $13 million war chest and a 20 minute lead over his republican opponent, sois retirement decision caught
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democratic leaders completely off guard. >> i huff 4e7ing our citizens make the most of their lives. but do i not love congress. >> reporter: with his photogenic looks and gene yal demeanor, the 534-year-old two term senator from indiana was periodically touted as presidential material. but he was passed over for the vp slot by three consecutive democratic candidates. >> i don't think running for president or vice president is if my future at this point. >> reporter: his departure causes huge headaches for democrats. bayh is the party's second senator from a right leaning senator. the first was door begin to announce he's leaving at the end of this term. holding on to those seats plus four more where incumbents face uphill battles won't be easy. >> it appeared thes would gain is senate seats and now we're talking about the republicans maybe gaining eight. >> reporter: that's because democrats are also struggling to
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hold to to the seats say by theed have i president obama and vice president joe biden and because they just lost the massachusetts seat held by the lalt ted kennedy to a republican, scott brown. throw in the possibility of a wild card like independent joe lieberman switching allegiances to caucus with republicans and the gop suddenly has a narrow but distinct path to taking back the not. what's more likely, though, is that democrats will see their 16 seat majority in the senate shrink and significantly, though nine months is an eternity in politics and anything can happen between now and november. nancy cordes, cbs news, capitol hill. and it's not just democrats feeling the heat. former republican presidential candidate john mccain is facing a high profile challenge for his long held senate seat. former congressman and radio talk show host j.d. hey worth kicked off his campaign yesterday taking a swipe at mccain's conservative credentials. hey worth is a loud critic of mccain's stance on illegal immigration. >> what john mccain tried to do
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with his illegal alien bailout is precisely what barack obama did with health care. both failed because neither listened to the people. >> meantime mccain is rae minding voters of his dealings with jack abe bra off. rescue efforts resume at mount st. helens volcano where a man has fall nn to the crater. helicopters and search crews looked for the climber yesterday, but the certainly was called off because of high winds. the man was about 5 feet from the crater's edge when it gave way. at one point rescue crewed spotted the man but were unable to reach him. his condition is unsan antonio. in southern italy monday, this massive mud slide split the side of a hill. it had been raining heavily in that region. local residents were evacuated. there were more than 100 smaller mudslides. no deaths were reported. on the cbs "moneywatch," stocks in asia finished modestly higher this morning and emily
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smith is here in new york with that and more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a pretty quiet day for asian markets with many closed for the could i sneeze new year. the nikkei was open and cleed a fraction higher. wall street gets back to business after the holiday weekend. friday the dropped 45 points, the nasdaq added 6. today investors will be getting the latest numbers on home prices. toyota's pr blitz continues this week. the company president will answer more questions on the auto make ir's massive recall at a news conference tomorrow. so far toyota says it has repaired about a half million vehicles recalled over a potential sticky gas peld. microsoft is giving its small phone software a reboot. the company unveiled its new in-windows phone 7 series operating system yesterday in spain. the new interface is designed to be much more finger friendly. phones using the new system won't be ready up christmas. and four credit card companies are trying to get ahead of new regulations set to go into effect next week. american express, bank of america, chase and citi are
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issuing what they're calling consumer friendly cards with modest interest rates and no hidden fees. you can find out more about them by logging on to the home page. michelle? >> no hidden fees. we like that. emily smith mere in new york, thanks. and just ahead would he we'll take you to the french quarter for mardi gras. plus capturing history. new amateur footage of president kennedy on the day he was assassinated. you're watching the "cbs morning news." >> announcer: "moneywatch" sponsored by just for men for mustache and beard. keep your edge. depression is a serious medicacondition
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and behaviors in children, teens and young adults. pristiq is not approved for children under 18. do not take pristiq with maois. taking pristiq with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. tell your doctor about all your medications, including those for migraine, to avoid a potentially life-threatening condition. pristiq may cause or worsen high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or glaucoma. telling your doctor if you have heart disease... or before you reduce or stop taking pristiq. side effects may include nausea, dizziness and sweating. (woman) for me, pristiq is a key in helping to treat my depression. (announcer) ask your doctor about pristiq. never before seen color film footage has been released showing president john f. kennedy on the day he died. the short 8 millimeter film clip was taken as kennedy and his wife arrived in dallas, texas on november 22nd, 1963.
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it was filmed by a 15-year-old student who has now donated it to the dallas jfk museum. parts of the midwest and east coast are getting another round of snow today. in ohio monday, the snow on interstate 71 north of columbus caused some chain reaction accidents. in the slippery conditions, some had big trucks crashed in to each other and part of the road was closed. and forecasters say the cold snowy and windy weather will continue today through ohio and up into the northeast. it's fat tuesday. and the mardi gras party is in full swing in the city of new orleans. karen brown is in new orleans with more. karen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, michelle. chilly temperatures here can't even put a damper on the spirits. as you can see, folks are still reveling into the wee morning hours. two thing to celebrate this year, even the locals say this mardi gras is like no other. with new orleans still reveling in its super bowl win -- >> who dat saying they're going to beat the saints.
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>> reporter: mardi gras has become one big extended party. even the chilly temperatures haven't stopped revelers, saints fans and even some sinners from filling the streets for more than a week now. >> it's crazy. >> reporter: ruling the celebrations, the big easy eye favorite adopted son. sgle love you, drew brees. >> reporter: drew brees, super bowl mvp and king of the hugely popular baucus parade. part of the fun is trying to catch the beads which isn't easy, but the most sought after item this year are these purple drew brees footballs. can i just hold it? they don't want to part with them. the saints quarterback and the baucus crew tossed out 1 thousand mini footballs and on fat tuesday they're still the most coveted souvenir. what does it mean to you to have one of these shall. >> it feel so is great. i feel like i'm in love. >> reporter: and on bourbon street, the businesses are
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feeling the love. what has the last week and a half been like for you guys? >> it's been the busiest it's ever been. >> reporter: the french quarter is packed with tourists like these sisters from san antonio. >> it's been wonderful. >> it's been great. >> reporter: this year, along with the beads, optimism can be found everywhere. and you're taking live look down bourbon street here and truly a successful mardi gras is really just icing on the cake for this city that has also just in fact laeblgted a very popular mayor and being here you truly get the sense that folks feel like the tide has finally turned. reporting live in nors, michelle back to you. karen brown in new orleans. karen, thanks so much. and arrest warrant has been issued in france for american cyclist floyd landis. landis won the 2006 tour de france bicycle race, but he was stripped of the title after he failed a dope test. french authorities say plan case is suspectededed of hacking in to a computer at a lab to try to
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prove that they were wrong when they tested his samples. landis denies the hacking allegations. straight ahead, your tuesday morning weather. and in sports, another high ranking college basketball team gets knocked off. ♪ - the usual? - yes, please. anything else? ♪ when you're trying to be good, tempting treats can be wicked. no thanks, i'm good. new special k fruit crisps. with two crispy bars for 100 fruity calories... it's the delicious, new way to stay on track. now, being good's a cinch... with new special k fruit crisps. osteo bi-flex has helped me... not have crunchy knees, not have a stiff back. osteo bi-flex with the exclusive ingredient 5-loxin... shown to improve joint comfort within 7 days. osteo bi-flex gets me through the day.
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chicago, scattered flurry, 28. denver, sunny and 44. los angeles, warm and 77. time now for a check on the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows that there's another eastern storm which is just hugging the northeast coastline. the storm clouds continue to swirl over the ohio valley and it's a crisp morning across much of the deep south. later today, another few inches of snow will fall across the ohio valley and appalachians. the heaviest snow of the day will fall around the boston area and it will be sunny but chilly across much of the deep south. in sports, the number one college basketball team in the country survived a close call. top ranked kansas trailed much of the game, but finally went ahead and then held on for a 59-54 win over 24th ranked texas a&m. third ranked villanova was not as lucky. unranked connecticut got a career-high 29 points from walker and the huskies made 67% of their shots to upset
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villanova 84-75. at the vancouver olympics, seth wescott of the united states took a lead near the end of the men's snowboardcross and he just edged out canada's mike robertson at the finish line. wescott also won gold four years ago at the games in itly. switzerland won the gold medal in downhill meeting and bode miller took the bronze. so the u.s. still has the lead in the total medal count with eight. germany is in second place with five. and france and canada are tied with four medals each. when we return, we'll take another look at this morning's top stories. and poodle primping. behind the scenes at the westminster dog show. [ female announcer ] does your hair color feel as healthy as it looks? it will with natural instincts. it's clinically proven. 80% of women agreed that natural instincts made their hair feel softer. want feel good color?
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on the "cbs morning news," here's a look at today's
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weather. heavy snow will fall along the new england coast line. areas around boston will see 6 to 8 inches and it will remain windy and snowy across the ohio valley and appalachians. here's another look at this morning's top stories. the taliban's top military commander has been captured in pakistan. he was picked up days ago know karachi during a joint raid including u.s. forces. and indiana senator evan bayh says he will not run for re-election. bayh says he's tired of the partisan divide in congress. we'll learn tonight who will be the top dog at the press img yus westminster dog show. it's the pinnacle of pooch dom and the competition is as fierce as the pit bull and as fast as a whip et. janet choi reports. >> reporter: in the dog world, it's the closest thing to the olympics. >> we always come to westminster to win and we come with that attitude. >> reporter: 2500 canines, 173
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breeds. >> he's one of the top males in the country. >> reporter: the best of the best have come to madison square garden. they're here to compete in the 134th annual westminster ken nell club dog show. all the dogs here are vying for the top prize, best in show. the judging takes place before thousands of dog lovers. but for a few minutes in the spotlight out here, some dogs can take up to a full day to prepare back here. hair driers, hairspray, flat irons and even corn starch. for veteran show dogs like this maltese, it takes all this and more to get ready. >> we keep the hair wrapped up in between shows to protect it from the elements and now we're just smoothing it out before he goes in the ring. >> reporter: for some dogs, it's the first time in the big ring. for others like reed, there's only one chance left. >> this is going to be his last time out. he's being retired as of this year. >> reporter: oh, no. >> yes. >> reporter: why is that, how old is he? >> six. >> reporter: that he retirement
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age? >> retirement age. we're taking out his son next. >> reporter: but the really rough competition comes tuesday. reed will have to win best of breed, then best of group before moving on to the finals when the dog who is best in show takes the crown. janet choi, cbs news, new york. >> love them. and a teenager in new zealand went to extremes to save his puppy dog. buck the puppy was in a car accident two weeks ago and that broke his leg when his owner took him to a clinic, the vet said he would be forced to euthanize buck because the family could not afford the surgery to save it and the dog was in tremendous pain. >> a lot of discussion with my father and i, we both decided he's our friend and he's our family, he mean as lot to us and we can't just give up on him that easily. >> reporter: so stewart went to the vet and kidnapped his dog back home days before it was scheduled to be euthanized. after his story got out, money poured in to save buck. the good new, the dog underwent
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surgery last week and is recovering nicely. this morning on "the early show," we'll speak with indiana senator evan bayh. i'm michelle gielan and this is the c"cbs morning news." so you ate lots of decadent rich food during the holidays. and i got irregular and sluggish. then you took the activia challenge. activia really works. i can feel the difference! take the activia challenge now. it works, or your money back! ♪ activia day after day, allergy season drags on. oh, how many days are you going to suffer? nasonex is the only prescription that's proven to help prevent most seasonal nasal allergy symptoms, including congestion, so you can have more symptom-free days. [ female announcer ] side effects were generally mild and included headache, viral infection, sore throat,
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