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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  February 24, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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hi, everybody. i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. here's what people are definitely talking about. >> preparing for more snow. a live look outside right now, most of maryland is hours away from a winter weather advisory. the big question right now, how much do we expect? wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. bob turk and meteorologist bernadette woods are following the latest system. bob? >> reporter: let's take a look at radar. we've had a lot of sun in the baltimore region. they are getting precipitation. most of it is a mix of rain and wet snow. temperatures still pretty slow. but it's headed pretty much to our southeast. right now, this batch of storms is headed to the eastern shore. looks like it will continue at least throughout the evening hours.
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won't say anything in the baltimore, washington area until late, late tonight. take a look at this map. beginning late tonight, for most of the region, most of the day tomorrow, winter weather advisories. sore if -- or if you're in eastern shore, they're expecting more winter storm warnings will go into effect. we do have the watches and advisories in effect. how much are we going to get from this particular system? bernadette joins me now. bern? >> reporter: this is a very messy storm we'll be dealing with. it will come in in a few different phases. the biggest story will be with the wind. i want to show you around the region. this is going to kick in very intense winds. we are right in that zone. possibly gusting up to 60. we think closer to 50 is more realistic. but regardless, you get the point. it is going to turn very windy, starting thursday, continuing thursday night. and actually into the day on friday. that's the thing with this really big storm. as far as snow goes, this is what we're expecting as far as
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accumulation goes. most of the areas, 2 to 4 inches. extreme northern areas, we're going to get moister than that. philly, expecting a foot of snow. and that increases the farther east you go. this will make rain at the beginning. yes, there will be some snow out of this. the biggest deal will be the winds. first warning weather coverage continues now. wjz is live in north baltimore. weijia jiang has the latest on what is being done to prepare for another coating of snow. weijia? >> reporter: right now, there are still several mounds like the one behind me, all over the place. when you add fresh snow to that, you can imagine the mess. but authorities say they are ready to tackle it. >> reporter: ready or not, yet another round of winter weather is ready to strike the baltimore area. >> i got this in front of my house right now. >> what we have here hasn't
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melted yet. so it's going to cause probably ice. >> reporter: the blizzard of 2010 goes down in the history as the storm that rocked maryland more than any other storm. and snow lined the streets, making it impossible for anyone to forget any time soon. there is no question that city and state leaders are aggressively preparing. >> we have a fleet that takes a licking but keeps on ticking. and we're ready. >> we've had enough time to get rest now. we're going to butt them -- put them back in the saddle, if it's required and do what we have to, to keep the city streets safe. >> reporter: just tuesday, the state waived up to five school days, after most school districts exceeded the number of built-in snow days. >> it's an historic storm. and i'm glad they're making a special exception. >> a week they could be learning something they need. >> i, as a taxpayer. they need their week. i'm paying for it.
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>> reporter: they add a little hope to their planning. >> i would invite all citizens of baltimore to join me in prayer for no more snow. >> reporter: and as road crews are dealing with the streets and making them safe, administrators are trying to figure out how to pay for it all. the state of maryland is already about $85 million over this year's snow budget. we're live in baltimore city, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> weijia, thank you. remember, wjz 13 is always on. for instant updates on the forecast, live doppler radar. approximate instant closings and delays, log onto facing a panel of lawmakers seeking answers. toyota's president apologizes and admits his company made expansion a bigger priority than safety. the apology that might not be enough for those who lost loved ones in accidents involving toyotas. >> reporter: toyota's president arrived on capitol hill, ready to apologize to lawmakers.
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>> i am deeply sorry for any accident that toyota drivers have experienced. >> reporter: but just an apology isn't likely to win over angry lawmakers. >> if the camry and the prius were airplanes, they would be grounded. >> reporter: toyota's president is expected to admit, the company made some serious mistakes. in the testimony he plans to deliver, toyoda says, quote, we pursued growth over the speed at which we were able to develop our people and our organization, and we should sincerely be mindful of that. >> reporter: this is the second day of hearing on toyota's safety trouble. the company has recalled over 8 million vehicles. the big concern centers around some toyotas that can be accelerated and can't be stopped. >> reporter: they grill ray lahood about whether the drivers are really in danger. >> i don't think you ever really answered the question. because you asked me whether or
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not i consider toyota to be safe. you are our safety guide. >> for those toyotas on our website,, those for recall other those are -- recall, those are not safe. >> reporter: some members of congress think the relationship between the two is too cozy and that federal regulators ignored safety violations they should have pursued. >> toyota's president said the company's misdemeanor will now drive cars under investigation to experience potential problems firsthand. an anne arundel county high schoolteacher pleads guilty to having a sexual relationship with one of her students. kristen breeds was the special education teacher and indoor track coach at northeast high school in pasadena. prosecutors say the 29-year-old admitted to a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student. today, breeds was sentenced to three years of supervised
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probation. new at 5:00, wjz talks with a teenage victim's mother about the day's development. for the mother of a child starved to death by fellow cult members takes the stand. denise is in the newsroom with her story. >> reporter: 1-year-old javon thompson was starved to death three years ago, because he did not say "amen." today, the toddler's mother says she still believes the child will be resurrected. authorities say antoinette led a leligious cult -- religious cult that the mother was part of. she said that antoinette told her that her son had a spirit of rebellion and that denying him food would save him. >> reporter: ramramkissoon pled guilty in child abuse resulted in death. but insisted the plea be withdrawn if her son's resurrection occurs.
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gay marriages performed in other states could be recognized here in maryland. doug gansler released his opinion. maryland has extended protections to same sex couples but stopped short of recognizing legal marriages. egancele's opinion is not binding but may be used to sway the court. let's check in on the roads with sharon gibala. >> reporter: the worst part is on the top side of the beltway. on the inner loop of the perring pac way. a vehicle into the snow bank there on the right. you're looking at a 33-minute backup now to green spring avenue. there's a look at your speed sensors, down to 10 miles per hour in some spots. mortimer, at gnome. and loch raven. meantime, 95 northbound just a little slow from 195 to the beltway.
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speed sensors down to 21 miles per hour there. 22 miles an hour, the slowest spot between 83 and 95 on the top side inner loop again. that's because of that accident at perring parkway. there's a look at 95. no delays there yet. 15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on your car insurance. visit us at 1-800-947-auto. still ahead at 4:00. children targeted, just miles from the scene of the columbine shooting. middle schoolers gunned down outside of class. the teacher that came to their rescue. new clues in the search for a toddler's family. abandoned at a gas station. police tell us this video will help find her parents. and breaking news. tragedy at sea world. a killer whale attacks a trainer in front of a crowd of spectators. here we go again. snow in the forecast. and high winds. the updated first warning forecast coming up.
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we have breaking news out of orlando, where we're learning that an employee. sea world had just been killed. suddenly, a whale came up from the water, grabbed the trainer around the waist and thrashed her all around, according to authorities. paramedics were called to the scene but were not able to revive the woman. the guests were evacuated from the exhibit. the park was closed. we'll have much more on this breaking story as information becomes available. investigators in delaware have identified a young girl who was abandoned at a gas station. this is newly released video of the girl who is at the foster home who she is now staying with. police say the girl was found in a bathroom in a newark gas station last sunday. the girl was unable to tell police her name or how she ended up in the station.
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police say the owners of a new jersey jewelry store staged a heist to collect insurance money. they are looking for armed bandits looking to rob the stores. the store owners were more than a million dollars in debt. investigators got suspicious when they discovered the owners got a new insurance policy just before the robbery on new year's eve. robert kerrigan is facing assault charges and potentially murder charges in the death of his father. 78-year-old dan kerrigan died after a fight. the kerrigan family released a statement saying they're delighted to have mark home. the desperate search for andrew koenig continues. the actor was last seen in vancouver. his costars and famous father are asking for help. >> reporter: according to online reports, the 41-year-old
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had been despondent, turning down recent job offers. he moved out of his home in venice, california, february 4th. >> he had a garage sale for several weeks. and whatever he didn't sell, he put out to give away. and the public took whatever was left. because he put up a sign that said "free." >> he has very close friends up there. in vancouver. that is the place he really felt most comfortable. >> at times when he was happy- go-lucky and other times when i felt like i should reach out to him more. >> reporter: others are holding out hope he's still in the area. >> i'm hoping that he's seeing us or seeing someone and taking all of that to heart and recognizing how beloved he has been and how badly we all want to hear from him. >> reporter: patty kaufman, cbs news, los angeles. >> conan was last seen on valentine's day in a vancouver bakery. a decent day on wall street today.
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the value of the dollar fell, which actually caused the markets to rise. the dow was up 92 points. s&p up 11. nasdaq up 22 points. let's go to new york right now, where alexis christoforous has tonight's cbs money watch update. stocks rallied after federal reserve chairman ben bernanke told congress, record- low interest rates are still needed to help the economy. in his twice-a-year report to congress, bernanke said the economic recovery is still in the early stages and that moderate growth will only lead to a slow decline in the unemployment rate. the ceo publicly apologized to the lapses that led to the recall of more than 8 million toyotas. akio toyoda admitted that the auto group grew too fast to stay on top of safety recalls. he says he is committed to
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regaining the trust of every consumer. a report surprised economists who were expecting a rise in sales. while winter storms upon partly to blame, new home sales have fallen now for three straight months, despite low mortgage rates for some tax buyers. one in four homeowners owed more than their home was worth late last year. rising unemployment contributed to the rise of homeowners who are under water on their loans. for more money news, you can head to cbs money in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. coming up on wjz's eyewitness news at 4:00. from sportscaster to rape suspect, the allegations that have a former reporter claiming he was framed. changing the way you fly. the new technology you'll encounter. waiting for snow and powerful winds. meteorologist bernadette woods has a first warning weather forecast coming up. wjz 13 is always on. for the top stories on,
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bernadette is going to tell us what we can expect. >> we will get snow mixing out of this mixing rain at times. this will be so strong. the winds will become the biggest factor with it. we'll get to that in a moment. but already showing signs making its way on radar. this is all coming down in the form of rain. let's switch it over and show you. clouds thickening up. clouds starting to get under way from the south. and that will continue pushing northward. you also see blues out to the west indicating snows. but that is just beginning also this. is in the form of rain because temperatures are well above freezing across the state. oakland is at 32 degrees. it's at that mark. everyone else in the 40s now. that is going to change as the storm gets under way. and that is the reason we see all of these advisories, watches and warnings in effect.
4:22 pm
the eastern shore winter storm warning goes into effect later today. you see, this is a winter weather advisory. and it actually extends into these areas. that starts at 10:00 tonight and into tomorrow. but then it will be replaced by a winter storm watch. there's another part. storm that we're going to deal with. in addition to all of that, winter storm warnings also in effect for western parts of the state. there's a lot going on with this storm. and it comes in three different pieces. the first is off to the north. that's the rain that we got earlier this week. it is stalled out to our north. now, notice this is a piece that is making its way up from the south. but also notice this piece right here, when we put it in motion. this one contains a lot of the cold air. now, all of the energy from all three of these storms are going to merge together. that's why this is such a big storm. the thing is, though, it happens to our north. so we're just on the fringe of it. notice how they all come together, into one big storm, just off to the north. right around new york city. what happens for us during this
4:23 pm
time is we're going to see the winds increase significantly during this time. thursday, right into friday. and we are going to get some snow during this time. as far as the winds go, since we think that's the bigger factor with this storm, in this dark, purple area, they're calling for wind gusts, possibly up to 60 miles per hour. that would be the upper rain with this. possible, could see wind gusts in the 50-mile-per-hour zone. now, sphartz snowfall, this is starting tonight. we will get some snow out of this. but this is over two days that we're going to see this. and occasionally mixing with rain. for forecast, this is how this all comes together. we see gale warnings going into effect. tonight, under way, a rain-snow mix. changing to all-snow. winds really pick up during the day tomorrow. some snow may mix during the middle part of the day, then changing back over to snow. so those accumulations. a lot of people are concerned with the snow.
4:24 pm
yes, we expect accumulations. that's over the cower of -- course of a few days. if you're watching us from the north. the winds will be a big storm. >> all right, bern, thank you. an amazing rescue in australia is caught on tape. alley donaldson reports for wjz, rescue crews found the man stranded hundreds of feet in the air. >> reporter: it's not the best place to wake up, stuck on the sheer face. 100 meters above churning seas. rescue crews got the call just after 8:00 a.m. >> apparently he's gone down and looked at the sunrise and proceeded to move down to the cliff. >> a certain tide of impressive view. the new service chopper. the medical officer was waking
4:25 pm
up his stranded patient. that took a bit of work. he then helped him crawl very carefully along the ledge before taking the big step. plucking the young man to safety. >> reporter: and within minutes, he was reaching for the relative stability of the rescue helicopter. back on flat ground, the young man tried to explain exactly how he got here, after finishing his last drink around 2:00 a.m. he told rescuers his name was gary and he had taken the wrong path home. >> found he couldn't get up. couldn't get down. >> reporter: a few scratches that is still in need of a hospital checkup. . >> thank you very much. >> the australian media is reporting that the man who was rescued was a tourist there the ukraine -- from the ukraine who had been drinking and passed out. it's the hit crime drama, csi new york, followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. coming up on eyewitness
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news at 4:00. lay off outrage. one school district planning to fire every teacher, claiming it will make classes better. accused of assaulting young patients. now, a delaware community comes to terms with the shocking allegations that concern a local peiatrician. pediatrician. new facts about how smoking could impact your iq. ,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 4:29, 42 degrees and cloudy. hello. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about. >> a colorado student today tries to shoot. the school is not far from columbine high school, where
4:30 pm
there was a shooting 12 years ago. >> reporter: heroic school members ran at the gunman during a shooting rampage at a colorado middle school. >> those kids are my kids. and it's important. and my teachers. were like family. >> reporter: two students, reagan webber and matt thu were already wounded. an alleged gunman seemed ready to takeaim at more, when teacher david benke seemed ready to spring into action. >> i noticed he was wearing a rifle. and noticed i had time to get him before he could chamber another round. >> reporter: benke tackled the gunman. he is being called a hero. but he says he has one regret. >> it bothers me that i was late. it bothers me that he got the second shot off. >> reporter: the teachers held
4:31 pm
the struggling gunman down, medical sheriffs arrived. there is no word on what motivated him to fire. >> he was cooperative. he did answer questions. but the extent of how he answered the questions or what we learned, we'll not be able to release today. >> reporter: matt thu remains hospitalized in serious condition. bail has been set for $1 million. thomas roberts, cbs news. the staff says they acted quickly because of the emergency drills they conduct since the columbine tragedy, which again, happened less than three miles away. here in maryland, a salisbury woman is accused of running over her husband, with his cash, leading to his death. >> reporter: according to police, the couple began arguing in their home early saturday morning. court documents show erin parkers got in the car after packing her bags. the vehicle got stuck. and parkhursthurst spun the wheels.
4:32 pm
when she got out of her car, she later saw her husband underneath. >> she is charged with involuntary manslaughter. homicide by motor vehicle while intoxquateicated and other-- knoxicated and other offenses. -- intoxicated and other offenses employs. charges have shocked a small town, where dr. earl bradley worked. >> reporter: december 16th, 2009, is the day delaware state police searched the louis office of bradley and arrest the pediatrician. it's also the beginning of many sleepless nights for worried parents. >> our mothers are talking about this. it's on everybody's mind. and it just hits you right there. >> reporter: monday's 160-page indictment lists 103 victims. and there could be more. the department of justice says it sent out nearly 3,000 copies of this letter to parents and
4:33 pm
family members. yet some have yet to come forward. >> because i wasn't sure if anything had happened or hadn't happened. and now this thing about pictures on the computer and everything else, i don't know if my daughter is on there or not. >> reporter: delaware psychologist, joseph zingaro said parents have their hesitation. >> many feel guilty that they didn't protect their children initially. and for some of them, they believe the way they can protect their now is to not allow them to be identified as a victim of the pediatrician. >> reporter: zingaro says the pediatrician case is one of a kind and parents need to understand that. >> parents need to understand that this is a very horrible incident that was done by someone so clever that no one could have predicted this. >> now, delaware attorney general bo biden said the alleged abuse was recorded on videotape back in 1998.
4:34 pm
a mostly cloudy afternoon out there. winter weather edges closer to maryland. snow and high winds near our immediate future. bob turk is tracking it all. >> reporter: north -- >> north of maryland today. temperatures got up in the mid- 40s. believe it or not. really, we haven't gotten below freezing in the last couple of days. there are showers of rain. but later tonight, you folks, particularly in the middle and upper eastern shore, probably going to start seeing a mix. and we probably won't see any precipitation into baltimore, until late, late tonight. and it will start out as a rain- snow mix. and overnight, change to snow. because of this snow,a least in our future, we do have watches and advisories, going into effect late tonight, through much the day tomorrow. particularly north of us. that's where the heaviest of the snow will be happening, from cecil county to southern pennsylvania. central portions of new jersey. they expect to see some of the
4:35 pm
heaviest amounts of snow. when we come back, we'll show you a map of what we expect to see in the baltimore and maryland area. and remember, wjz 13 is always on. for updates on the forecast, live doppler radar, and information on closings and delays, if any, log onto the motivational speaker charged in a deadly sweat lodge ceremony appeared in court today. james arthur ray told a judge he is broke and can't pay the $5 million bond. prosecutors argued that ray is worth more than he's letting on. three people died when ray held a sweat lodge ceremony in arizona last october. during the ceremony, nearly 60 people were packed into a tent in scorching heat for two hours. a former sportscaster in new york finds himself on the wrong side of the law, charged with raping a young girl. lou young has the story from manhattan. >> reporter: he's used to being in front of tv cameras, but not like this. former channel 7 sportscaster, marvel scott, who was also a medical doctor, was free on $10,000 bail this afternoon, as
4:36 pm
he listened to his lawyer articulate his dwfs on a -- defense on a shocking rape charge. this case boils down to an attempt to shake down dr. scott by a pimp and his two prostitutes. and now, dr. scott is forced to defend himself in court. >> reporter: the alleged rape happened here in midtown, june 2008. three teenage runaways approached scotts for help. the d.a.'s office says they were asking for sex. the witness against the former sportscaster include a girl who just turned 14 and an adult described by the defense as her pimp. the former runaway, now 15 years old and living in albany, claims she was victimized twice while here in new york city. first by the unidentified pimp, who pressed her into prostitution, then by marvel scott, who decided to purchase her services. scott, though, tells a different story. he believes he was targeted for a shakedown from the get-go. >> why were they in the park?
4:37 pm
>> they wanted to use the bathroom. but that was a ruse. once he sniffed out what was happening, he ended the incident. >> you are saying this was their plan all along? >> seems that way. >> reporter: the broadcaster is saying nothing for the time being. >> there will be a time saying to say something. but now is not the time. >> this has to be rough. you know a lot of these people taking your picture. teachers at a troubled rhode island school are rallying to save their job after the school district voted to fire every teacher there. >> reporter: central falls high school is the only school in the impoverished town. only about half of its students graduate. and only 7% of 11th graders were proficient in math back in 2009. the school district decided to fire every teacher. teachers and their supporters rallied to save their jobs.
4:38 pm
>> we have teachers at the high school that have blown up in this community. that's what education is about. and what they're planning on doing tonight will set that back. >> to stay eligible for some extra federal aid, the districts had to draw up a plan to improve with the existing teachers or fire the faculty and start over. the two sides tried to work out a plan with a longer school day and extra training. it fell apart when the school district couldn't agree how much the teachers would be paid. >> earlier today, education secretary arnie duncan applauded the school board's decision. first three will be set up at boston logan, then chicago o'hare. homeland security says the rest of the machines should be up and running by the end of june. the senate has passed a bill to given new incentive to businesses that hire workers. this measure would exempt
4:39 pm
employers from paying the social security payroll tax for their new workers. it also includes an additional $1,000 credit if workers stay on the job for a full year. the bill now goes to the house for a vote. let's check in on the roads now with sharon gibala for a full vote. >> reporter: busy ride on the beltway. first one and the latest one is going to be on the west side. that one at i-70, blocking the right lane. with a 10-minute backup there. big backup. even though the accidents are in the clearing stages. it's a 50-minute backup, all the way to park heights avenue. a bunch of city wrecks, west northern to west belvedere. montemmier at gnome. and pennington at ordinance. 95 northbound, still a little slow, approaching the southwest side of the beltway, down to 52 miles an hour. there's a look at your drive times and your speeds on the beltway. that's the slowest spot. there's a look at 95.
4:40 pm
you could tap your brakes betweenitia 95-- between 895 and the merge. that is that 50-minute delay. this traffic report is brought to you by geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on your car insurance. visit us. at 1-800-947-auto. in tonight's wjz healthwatch, smokers may not be as smart as nonsmokers. a new study finds young men who smoke say pack of cigarettes a day, had lower iq than people who did not smoke. and the more they smoked, the lower their iq. researchers think that it makes people less intelligent, but rather it's people with lower iqs who tend to smoke. u.s. preventive services task force recommended that most women start having mammograms every two years at age 50, instead of annual screenings at age 40. since then, more than 25% of
4:41 pm
providers surveyed have reported a drop in the number of women seeking mammograms. and a new hope for stroke victims, helping them regain use of paralyzed limb. doctors are finding ways to rewire brain signals by making what amounts to an extension cord of nerves, taken from another part of the body. >> reporter: 5 years ago, a stroke left benny filipiney with a limp and paralyzed his right arm. >> nothing. >> reporter: the stroke short- circuited the brain signals that tell his arm to move. but his left arm worked fine. and that gave dr. andrew elkwood, an idea. two years ago, he performed a first-of-its kind surgery on philippiney. he took it from his left arm across the chest to vinny's right side. allowing the brain signals to
4:42 pm
get through. this was philippiney before surgery. >> strain your elbow. nothing? >> reporter: this is him now. today he can hold up his arm and move it from side to side. >> it still blows me away. the body is remarkably adaptive. >> tell me if you're feeling anything there. >> he plans more surgery so that vinny can grasp objects. >> reporter: the doctor is going to perform this on more patients to perfect the procedure. he hopes to make it a standard part of stroke treatment. >> philippiney says it makes everyday tasks like getting on a shirt easier. >> it's common. but takes a long, long time. >> better control also makes it easier to walk. >> to see this glimmer of hope in him, it's a big help. >> reporter: philippiney's wife can see the difference. and says her news husband's mobility has made him a happier man. randall pinkston, wjz eyewitness news. until now, some stroke
4:43 pm
victims were forced to rely on implants, similar to cardiac pacemakers to stimulate movement. still ahead. tainted meatballs. one pet owner's dog, targeted. authorities wanted to determine who would want them dead. >> out, out. >> an american held hostage. the daring rescue that led to his release. and more snow and potentially damaging winds. maryland prepares for another storm. bob turk has a look at the forecast when we come back. ♪
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we want to update you on the breaking news we brought you last half hour. we want to update you on a deadly killer whale attack in orlando. officials say the deadly attack on a trainer was accidental. she apparently sliped and fell
4:47 pm
in a tank you'll have more on this later. a woman has her car stolen and destroyed. two kids, ages 16 and 19 went on the run. at one point, they tried to crash through the gate at luke air force base. one of the teen suspects was killed. a high-speed chase in arizona has a different ending. two men are behind bars in phoenix, after leading officers on a chase late monday night. officers pursued the suspects for several miles before they were able to block in the two suspects and bring the chase to an end. no one was injured in that incident. we have more breaking news to bring you right now. sky eye chopper 13 is live over the scene of a shooting in northern baltimore. captain mike perry has more. >> reporter: yes, denise. good morning. we are at alameda, south of belvedere avenue, where city police are now on the scene of a shooting. we know an adult male was shot in the vicinity of this exxon
4:48 pm
gas station, near the belvedere square shopping center. apparently the victim, an adult male, we're told, was running from suspects near the bus stop. five shots in all were apparently discharged, the victim was struck in the hand. he was taken to johns hopkins hospital, in good condition at this time. baltimore police continue their investigation in search for suspects who remain at large. >> thank you, captain mike perry, in sky eye chopper 13. we'll keep you updated. a police raid in columbia, south america, leads to an american hostage being freed. >> bocao. >> 12 criminals, including four women, were arrested at day break, in an apartment where they had been holding the man captive. the kidnappers had planned to demand the ransom in exchange for the hostage they had followed for several days. the kidnapping victim's
4:49 pm
identity has not been released. snowy winter weather headed our way. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, bob, we were finally being able to see patches of dirt and green. >> and warm, too. >> we do have some rain in the picture right now. take a look at radar. to our south and southeast, there's light rain. temperatures are well above freezing as you can see. it's moving off to the east/northeast. most of this will miss baltimore late, late tonight. by the time it gets to baltimore and northern maryland area, it will mix. and overnight, we expect it to change. take a look at temperatures now. quite mild. 42, 45. 43 down there. so here on the eastern shore, temps in the low 40s. we're just talking rain. but the dew point is 28. that means once the precip starts, the temperatures will begin to drop. winds very light out of the west. we've had a good deal of sunshine across northern maryland today. most of the clouds, you can see with the precipes have been holding down to the south.
4:53 pm
a very complex weather pattern over the next couple of days. very complex. it's like a puzzle. all. pieces haven't come together yet. rain along the south. that's moving off to the east. area of low pressure over the great lakes. not that strong. but these are going to combine off the atlantic coast into one area of low pressure that is really going to wrap new england. we're going to get a lot of strong winds out of it. not heavy, heavy snow. we'll see some snow with it. right now, rain coming into the region. there is colder air to the west. that will also be filtering in to the area. now, low pressure off the coast. another over the great lakes. both of them combine into one low pressure very strong. on the west side of it, where we're going to be, the winds come back out of the northwest. colder air moves in. and that's why, during the day, particularly tomorrow night into friday. snow at times. snow showers. maybe heavy winds from time to time. but a lot of wind, a lot of wind with this, we could see wind gusts over 50 milesas hour. and that -- miles an hour.
4:54 pm
and that could cause a be lot of problems. we're going to see trees and branches blowing around. that could be a major issue with us, late tomorrow night into friday. there are the winds. maybe gusts as high as 50 to 60. particularly in the mountain areas. the entire east will be experiencing these very strong winds with that storm. how much snow do we expect out of it, you're asking? all things together, looks like 2 to 4. north and east, this is where the heaviest snow is going to be. cecil county north. 8 in some places. jersey, philadelphia area north. maybe up to 10 to 12 inches. that's where the heaviest snow is going to be. take a look at this forecast. and this all starts late, late tonight. winds picking up. a gale warning on the bay. we could see gusts on the bay, over 40iots. -- 40 knots. tonight, clouding up later. a little rain-snow mix.
4:55 pm
changing to snow overnight. 31. tomorrow, becoming very windy by late in the day. snow at times may also mix at times. temperatures will be at 30. not super cold. but with the wind pick up tomorrow, it will be a nasty night. as i said, several inches possible across the region by friday morning. >> okay. thank you, bob. well, it's often said if you steal, you will get caught. and that's especially true if you fail to complete your getaway. a would-be robber in brazil got stuck in a chimney of a restaurant in sao paulo, only to be discovered by the restaurant's owner. crews were able to free the man who was taken to a local hospital. it's not clear what charges they will face. >> he was in there. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. the meltdown from the double blizzards is far from over. but now, more snow is on the way. the latest on how crews are already preparing next on wjz eyewitness news. i'm at the doctor getting my shoulder looked at.
4:56 pm
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coming up. another round of snow, snow and high winds. >> a mother whose baby prosecutors say died at the hands of cult members testifies as the star witness in a high- profile court case. why she believes her baby is coming back from the dead. i'm mike hellgren, with the dramatic day in court. >> should same-sex couples be granted equal rights when it comes to marriage in the state of maryland? the attorney general weighs in. i'm jessica kartalija, with the story in a live report. and breaking news out of
4:59 pm
sea world in orlando. a trainer, killed in a in a killer whale attack. we'll have that story. hi, everybody. i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about tonight. snow and high winds are looking like. mostly calm now. but when the winter weather arrive? how will it affect us all? wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. bob turk is tracking the storm. >> reporter: we've got a little


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