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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  February 26, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EST

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it's friday. it is back to winter weather at the beginning of this week's end. we have a little snow and more wind out there. you can see the camera was shaking on the overhead shot and the trees shaking on the avenue there. marty has weather. good morning.
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here is first-warning doppler radar. it's been about the past few hours we saw some showers banding in the region. it's in the area of connecticut and long island. showing you the state, what i want you to watch, not necessarily the returns but the motions dog legging down to the lower right hand side of the screen. you can see the motion around the low. again, what we're seeing, snow- wise is more intense to the east where the storm warning is in effect. wind warning in effect until about 10:00 tonight. the winds kicked up to 28. so we have kicked winds up to 28. the win pulsing at us. the last wind was 14 miles per
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hour. next win gust many the mid-30s. once again, we'll lose any of the light snow and it's blowing around. it's more visual than realing you have to get out in this. if you're working, man or woman, you have to deal with it. going to a high of 38. 36 degrees this evening. and windy through day. >> thank you. if you're leaving soon, here's sharon gibala in traffic control. plenty of people out and about and plenty of problems to get in the way. a few accidents, route 24, another one a vehicle down an embankment. new accident in nottingham. we have have it on 152. a downed tree. a downed pole in howard county. at forsyth road and bayberry
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way. if you're traveling on the key bridge, wind restrictions in place, that means no house trailers or semis. there's a live look at the memorial, watch for wind warnings. there's 83 at warren road. you will want to be careful of slick spots this morning. wjz is always on. for traffic information, log on the >> thank you. the win can take your power. power outages continue and property damage possible as well. live in the blowing snow in hamden. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you can see that the winds are really whipping every once in a while out here and bge is prepared for possible power outages and they say with big
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wind gusts, they could hinder their repair efforts. by all accounts, there will be problems today, how widespread will they be? >> an extra vehicle out because of the wind, they know there's going to be problems. >> especially for traffic lights. causing conflicts, fixing the problem. >> this is just the start as winds pick up intensity throughout the day, bge is preparing for prospect of falling trees. >> you have trees that were in various positions that may not need a lot of wind to bring them down. >> considering how cold it is, i'm sure a lot of people will be cold. >> reporter: there could be instances when we can't use the bucket trucks, when winds are 25 miles per hour or higher it gets dangerous. >> reporter: if you're
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expecting to fly today, you may want to think again. while it's windy here, it's snowy there and airlines have canceled hundreds of flights. >> i hate snow. didn't want to see it ever again. >> reporter: we just checked with bge marshall and most of the flights arriving into the airport have been canceled this morning. some of the departing flights are canceled even those going south because the planes are stranded in the southeast. now further up 95, a big winter storm packing a punch. from wayne, new jersey. >> reporter: in the northeast, another day, another snowstorm. this one threatening to dump a foot or more. the big snow globe flakes are a welcome to some. >> i love the snow, it's beautiful. >> reporter: for others hit by
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one snowstorm after another this winter. >> i'm tired of it. i am so tire of the snow. >> i think we're all sick of it. >> they're trying to get out from 2 feet of snow. it's the third major blizzard in three weeks and this time the snow is wet and heavy. >> a lot of rain and slush. >> reporter: the combination making roads slick. this bus crashed into a power pole. the snow brought down power lines. tens of thousands without electricity. there's one thing the snow is good for, snowballs, that's good news for the kids, many schools were closed today. >> i enjoy it, my kids love it. >> the storm is causing delays and cancellations across the region. many are not letting the snow stop them. they decided to ride out the
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storm. >> it's still snowing, back here, check the bottom of your screen for delays and closings and you can find them throughout the morning at a popular downtown nightclub, the police filed an emergency petition to suspend liquor license after a near- riot broke out after hundreds were lock out of a concert. >> it's just a miracle no one was seriously injured or killed in what followed that event. it was all preventable by just good conduct on the part of the people who promoted the event, the people who organize the event and people who hosted the event. >> the promoter sold too many
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tickets. the media partner reporting that the club's liquor license cannot be suspended until a hearing is held. a north american showdown at the olympics as the u.s. takes on canada for the gold medal in women's hockey. >> team canada jumped ahead and that would be enough to beat a stunned u.s. team and secure the eighth gold medal in the games. the u.s. on fire elsewhere for the first time ever, a u.s. skier won gold in the combine.
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let's talk weather here. the best way to sum up the day's start is to quote bob dillon. the answer my friend is blowing in the wind. had to do it. it is foul this morning. a couple of observations, let's talk about the weather and then i will give you an observation on a serious note that i think is in our favor. first off, here's first warning doppler. frank song in there somewhere. we have bands of snow moving through the area. snow is not the issue. wind itself is not the issue, the combination of both is making for a lousy commute. you'll have to get out in this
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today. school buss is a different story. the bigger problem is off to the east, that's where the winter storm warning is. going back to first-warning doppler. the heavier bands around new york are off to the east. even though there it looks like it's consistent. it's not. back to watches and warnings, we drop winter weather advisories, they will be in effect through noon and then dropped. the wind advisory until about 10:00. looking at the snow total to about an inch. let's talk about winds, we started the snow, they were at 25, dropped to 14, now back to 28. the wind pulsing through the day. the gust said 20, now it's up to 44.
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the wind is going to be coming and going, coming and going, pulsing as we move through the day. 38 degrees is the high. that's the story of the morning. not a lot of snow but the wind is blowing it around. you have to get out and deal with it. if you use the excuse, if you have adequate transportation that the weather was too rough, it's not going to fly. that's the problem. looking at the forecast, 38 is the high. we're going to see, looking at the forecast, 38 is the high temperature this day. we see some snow showers through noon, and very windy conditions last once again all the way through the day. here's a quick observation, what we're talking about is the possibility of freezing and win
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damage. >> it did happen overnight. >> i think the two big storms we had self-prune a lot of trees. a lot of old or broken limbs and branches came down. a lot of trees that were not in good health came down. i'm not sure we are seeing sump a huge nature-born effect on it. i didn't see a lot of problems coming in. what you saw is stuff falling. >> some broken now coming out of the trees. >> dealing with a foul morning. it is what it is. >> and ron has mud. a whole arena full of mud. >> the monster jam is here. >> reporter: snow and wind on the outside, dirt and mud on the inside, it's the monster jam this weekend.
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marty in the weather center. >> the winds clear around at 28 miles per hour and again, can't stress it enough, it's going to pulse at us through the day. it might be back, gusts for the past 15 minutes to 44 miles per hour. the winds are going to be an issue through the day. 30 degrees today. the temperatures rising as is the barometer. going to be an interesting day to watch numbers, we started the snow at 27, 28, now to 30. low pressure up north going to get out of here. that's why we drop winter weather advisories by noon and keep them in effect through 10:00. 60% is the humidity. 28 cumberland.
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very good. there's the stat red. you can see the general movement of the moisture banding into the area. that's a most impressive storm. we're on the very southern end of it and the forecast is holding true to what we had been discussing the past couple days, high pressure builds in. it stays sunny through the weekend. the forecast this day is calling for a high of around 38 degrees and again we're going to keep showers until about noon and back them off through the afternoon, mostly cloudy, breezy, periods of sun, warm with a 45-degree high. 44 on sunday. thank you. how about the rush now? here's sharon gibala in traffic control. it's proving not to be a great commute this morning.
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a new one on 95. a vehicle fire on 95 southbound past 32. route 23, an accident at route 24. a wreck in nottingham. a downed tree. and then a downed pole in howard county. a vehicle fire at handover road. no house trailers or semis. there's a live look at the memorial bridge. it's the west side running smoother at liberty road. there's been a lot of people wondering about the toyota recalls, get the facts on
6:20 am let's go to the ronster. >> reporter: the advanced auto parts monster jam. we have a big weekend. >> we're going to jump big hills, we have motorcycles, four big shows, can't miss it. >> 1500-horsepower, zero to 60 in three seconds. this is sampson. >> that is correct. >> weighs 10,000 pounds. the tires weigh about 800 pounds a piece. each revolution is 20 feet. the motor is custom-made that runs about 65,000 dollars to build. it's an amazing piece of equipment. >> four shows tonight it's the monster jam.
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>> what do these tires cost? >> you can buy a used one at $1500 and a new one for $3,000. >> reporter: where do you buy them? >> good year makes them. >> reporter: they probably do well in the snow. >> you think? >> reporter: tickets available at there's a pit party on saturday 11-1:00. i'm ready to go. start it up. we'll send it back. dan is in the house. sampson is ready to roll. whoa. have a great weekend. see ya.
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>> they pack the house. almost a guaranteed packout every time they come down. >> down. four new tires, 12,000 dollars. a lot of money. 12,000 dollars for four new tires. >> he said 3,000 a piece. >> 1200. >> i misheard. take it into a break. we continue after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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elizabeth: g'night jim bob. jim bob: g'night everybody, grandpa: g'night everybody. jim bob: g'night daddy. vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more. we have some breaking news, an entire block of businesses in new hampshire, have been destroyed by the fire. it was the winds that spread the blaze from one building to another. we're waiting for video from the scene. all right. good morning. if you're just getting up, let's reset the weather here. here's first-warning doppler. we have windy conditions, snowy conditions but we don't have weather foul enough to stop you
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this day. just some lousy commuting, it's going to be a lousy commute. the conditions are not great. looking at the state satellite photo. just showed you the radar, what you want to watch is general movement going from upper left to lower right and we have bands of snow coming around the deep low over southern new england. the problem is to the east. looking at the snowfall total graphic. you can see the 2-5. that's where we have the winter storm warning in effect for the day. going back to the graphic, going to be a nice thing. high wind warning in effect through 10:00 tonight. going to lose the advisories and probably before noon. the 28 miles per hour breeze, 44-mile-per-hour gust over the past 15 minutes and a high this afternoon with snow getting out
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but cloudy conditions. yet to come on the morning edition. >> not much snow out here but with the high winds, expect power outages and canceled flights. that story is ahead. in washington, president obama says he will move ahead with health care reform with or without health care reform. >> on the roads, not looking at delays but plenty of other problems that could get in your way. now to marty. >> a cbs reality show that puts bosses undercover. it's a run away hit. it's interesting. the president of hooters and the president of waste management. what they're saying about when they went down the food chain and hung out with their employees on the front line. join us as the morning edition continues after this.
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good morning, maryland, now, don scott, marty bass, your first-warning weather and
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traffic control with sharon gibala. it's wjz, maryland's news station. it's friday. it's the bottom of the hour and it is really snowing in new york city and new york state this morning. they got the blizzard this time. here not bad. snow blowing in your face. sharon gibala has the morning traffic after weather. >> it's the story of the morning, the weather is not foul enough if you're a working man or woman away from your job today. >> let me reset myself, if you're a working man or woman, the weather this day is not enough to keep you off of the job. that's the problem, you have to get out in it. looking at first warning
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doppler. it's just a band of snow flung our way over connecticut. i want to look at the day part and note that the barometer is rising, temperatures up to 30 degrees, we're going to pull snow and winter weather advisory out by noon. keep it cloudy and the wind advisories in effect through the counties shaded in white until 10:00 tonight. a high today around 38 degrees. notice the winds, 28 on tv hill with a gust over the past half hour of 44 miles per hour. coming back here, just one second in the first-warning weather center. we started at 6:00, we had winds of 14 with gusts of 20. going to come at us over the course of the day and taking the dry puffy snow and blowing
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it around. it's more visual than real. the reality is a sloppy commute. don. >> thank you. if you're about to join the rat race, here's sharon gibala in traffic control. the good thing there isn't any congestion. plenty of other problems including a vehicle fire past 32, we have a wreck on route 23, another one on route 24. watch for another near by, a vehicle down an embankment. in nottingham there's an accident. another one on 152 at fox meadow court. a downed pole on underwood road. that means no house trailers or semis this morning. winds in effect on the bay bridge and also on the memorial
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bridge. no problem there despite the report of a near by vehicle fire. the west side getting busier. no official delay. the report brought to you by toyota. there's been a lot of people wondering about the toyota recalls, to get the facts, visit thank you. the top of the news, we have blowing snow and it's more the blowing than the snowing causing the problems. power outages overnight and the airports are affected. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. this morning we have seen quite a few salt trucks about on city streets making the roads clear. not much snow accumulations but the winds are making it seem so and it's the strong winds that have the crews concerned about power outages but they say they're ready. >> by all accounts, there will be problems today.
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the question is how widespread will they be? >> they know it's going to be problems. >> especially for traffic lights. >> cut through wires sometimes. getting outages or cause conflicts. >> bge preparing for the prospect of falling trees. >> you have trees in positions that may not need a lot of win to bring them down. >> i'm sure a lot of people are going to be cold when the heat doesn't work. >> reporter: there could be times when we can't use our bucket trucks, when the winds get to 25 miles per hour our higher it's dangerous. >> reporter: it's a different story at area airports if you're expecting to fly today to the northeast, you may want to think again. it's windy here, it's snowy there and airlines have canceled hundreds of flight. >> i hate snow. it didn't want to see it again.
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>> bge has opened its storm operation center this morning and opened about half hour ago, if you have any problems, you can call them. that number on the web site. since 8:00 last night, bge says they have restore power to 4,000 homes. we'll update you on the web site and you can find updated forecasts and your own live look at radar on a manhunt underway as a man convict of attempted murder is set free by mistake. he walked out yesterday, it was his cell mate who was to be free, when they went to get him, taylor pretended to be the other man. going to do everything and spare no effort to bring this man back into custody where he
6:37 am
belongs. >> serving a life sentence after he attempted to kill his former girlfriend and her teenage daughters. at the end of the day after 7 hours of talking, lawmakers have not agreed on a new plan. here's the latest with wjz. president obama is pledging to move ahead with health care reform with or without support. >> we cannot have another year long debate. >> he wrapped it up for one last plea for both sides to come together. >> i was discouraged by the outcome. >> he refuses to scrap the measure despite demands to start from scratch. >> what we've been saying is let's scrap the bill. >> several republicans said
6:38 am
it's too much too soon. >> when i do props like this, you repeat 2400 pages. it's going to be easy for people to lose themselves for a festival in new york state. volunteers working on a giant ice maze in buffalo. the maze consists of 6000 pounds of ice which is city hopes to creation will be recognize as the largest maze ever made. i wonder how it's effecting new york at the moment. >> i have to say, i don't care. >> i like the fact they're having it instead of us. >> we want to reset this.
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here's the status of the morning, we're not getting enough winter weather to stop us. if you're a working man and woman, you have to get out it in today, you have the viable transportation and because of the weather, i couldn't make it, it's not going to fly today. we are on the edge. looking at first warning doppler, what we're seeing here is some snow showers banding into the area. looking at the winds, the winds come and it's going to go. steady at 28. gusts up to 44. that's going to fluctuate through the day. any -- every county on the graphic that has a color on it is under a wind advisory until 10:00 tonight. we're dealing with a gigantic
6:40 am
pain in the neck this morning. we have to get out in it. it's going up to 38. temperatures moved to 30 degrees from 28. going from a high of 28. mostly cloudy, but we continue it very windy. it's one of those things, we are stuck many the middle. >> be careful on untreated surfaces. >> it's a powdery snow. it's a very, very slick snow. it's one that you can get out in and in many cases have to. >> be careful. >> correct. you know something? kind of interesting looking at shots of the north. coming up on coffee with, this is becoming a hit show. it's interesting, it's called undercover boss, you meet two guys who have been on the show and talk about their
6:41 am
experiences. the guy who runs waste management. the largest west management company maybe in the universe and the guy that runs hooters. we'll meet those two bosses coming up on coffee with. sharon gibala has traffic control. some of the best weather graphics are the traffic cameras. the people getting around. it's not windy, and it's light snow blowing. we'll have your first-warning out look and we invite you to stay with us. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now, first warning weather, the complete forecast and the first warning of severe weather. the coolest number on the display is the barometer. a low pressure from the storm over 3 1/2-hour drive away. that's a deep area of low pressure over connecticut and northeastern long island but barometer rising. now to 29.31. there's the westerly component at 28 with gusts at 40. 32 ocean city. 30 easton. 33 d.c. oak land 28 and 18 oak
6:45 am
land. they're getting a good chunk of snow from the northeast. westminister and bel-air 26, 27. 33 degrees in the district. man, that is an impressive sight. the storm itself, it loop back north, northwest, now it's moving southwest and going to move east and finally out of here. it's done a loop and hit some areas twice. we're on the southern edge as high pressure builds in. we'll keep wind warnings in effect. i think we don't worry about snowfall through the afternoon. forecast for the day, 38, mostly cloudy through the afternoon and into the evening. and windy conditions. breezy overnight. keeping it in the mid 40s on
6:46 am
sunday, monday and tuesday. otherwise, you know, giving what is going on, fairly good conditions through the weekend and into next week. thank you. where are the travel troubles? >> there are a bunch of them. we have a vehicle fire and one on black rock road. we have that wreck on route 24. and another one on route 24. 152 at fox meadow court. a downed tree. a downed pole in how howard county. win restrictions on the bay bridge. there's a live look at the west side of the beltway starting to see some brake lights at
6:47 am
liberty road. same goes for 95 at whitemarsh, you could have to tap brakes between whitemarsh boulevard and the beltway. there's been a lot of people wondering about the toyota recalls, visit foul morning to say the least. this morning's coffee with is a good one. it's with larry o'donnell and brooks from hooters. undercover boss. firstive off, does hooters have a contract? >> i think we serve some of
6:48 am
the restaurants, we ha a little bit of time and talked to one of the gentleman, we're in the process of seeing if we can make it more of a national program. you network when you can. the promise of the show is really interesting, i think a lot of viewers had a wait and see attitude. a lot of folks saw and like what they saw and stuck with it. it's a cool concept. >> it is. anybody that has had a job or a boss, i think can relate to this. who wouldn't want to see their boss come out and try to do their job. i'm having a hard time people don't recognize you. the picture has to be up in a hallway, on the annual report, didn't some people know? >> you know the front line
6:49 am
folks that i worked with, clearly none of them figured it out. i grew my beard, had safety glasses and a hat on. they did not figure it out. as soon as any managers would spot me, i had someone else on location with me to take them off to their office and lock them in their room. in fact that's what happened to kevin, he was the manager at the recycling facility who looked like he was sitting in the office. we locked him in. >> now that you found out some interesting things. would you try this again on your own or have some of the mid-level managers and be unknown? is it a concept you could carry
6:50 am
through to corps rate corporate training. >> we're looking into that. teams have to spend so much back in the stores so they don't forget where they came from because most of the executives, we have 13 executives and 18 years of hooters experience, they have come from the ranks and been around a long time. we're going to implement them back to get their feet wet again, as far as the undercover, we hadn't thought of that. i don't think i could do it again. but it's something i think all companies should look at. i gain and larry, we gained a better perspective on how management was working and how it should work. there was a lot of good we
6:51 am
learned. >> the restaurant, reminds me of the mystery diner person who orders a meal. >> right, we still have that program. we have shoppers that look for different experiences. it was sort of like that but from a higher level i guess. >> you found out something interesting, you deal in waste, what we don't want. it's not glamorous, but you found out there were people who totally believe in the corporation and the goals. had to be a little uplifting for you. >> it was. everywhere i went, you could see i wasn't good at the jobs but every one of the employees wanted me to succeed and dedicate to the company and that was very refreshing and made me feel good and i am glad to see we're able to show all
6:52 am
of our customers how much our employees care about the company and about services our customers. >> very good. we have 30 seconds left. dealing with working with hooters, does hooters get the discount because it happened on our company time? >> a lot of ways we could work it out i'm sure. >> thank you for being with us. undercover boss, it was a hit, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> bye-bye. undercover boss. >> we posted a picture of the ceo around the building, we'll know if he comes here. >> i'm going to tell you this, everyone would know, if the new president of the tv station, i'm not too sure i would know who he was. >> i'm going to post his picture too. we're coming back, first
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warning weather and more. ,,,,,,
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once again, it's not bad enough to keep you if you're a working man or woman to keep you away from the job. we're going to have to deal with cruddy conditions. the light snowfall banding into the area. looking at the winds, now cruising around. had a recent gust of 44 and winds with 14 with gusts of 20. wind advisories through 10:00. 38, mostly cloudy, windy this afternoon. now to sharon gibala in traffic
6:56 am
control. no delays but too many other problems to mention all of them including an accident at block rock road. we're at 24 at 146, another one at route 24. watch for a vehicle down route 24. and another one at 152 and fox meadow court. there's the west side at liberty road. the report brought to you by bill's. bill's has it all. back to you. >> thank you. and we're coming up on more winter weather hitting here and further north. the north is bearing the brunt as you see in the moment. we'll be back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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