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tv   The Early Show  CBS  February 26, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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a massive storm pounds the northeast as driving winds and blinding snow lead to at least three defendants and leave more than a half a million people without power. we'll have the latest on the storm and the travel nightmare it's causing. new details on the tragedy at seaworld. plus the fate of the killer whale that drowned his trainer has been decided. if you tweet or text, your every move beware. we'll show you a new website that's taking your information and making it easy for criminals to rob you. and o canada. the with him's team wins gold for hockey and the gold for partying. the latest controversy from vancouver early this friday the latest controversy from vancouver early this friday morning february 26th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs
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good morning, everybody. it's always snowy in new york. i'm harry smith. >> i'm maggie rodriguez. and we are out in it, everybody. this is what our neighborhood looks like this morning. what are you waking up to? if you're in the northeast, chances are it looks pretty similar. and i got to say, though, standing out here, it does look like a postcard. >> it's gorgeous. >> spec tack could you larly beautiful. >> not much traffic yet. significant police presence. they're actually doing their regular terrorism drills. we got a guy over here -- >> cleaning a sidewalk. >> doing his best to keep the sidewalks clear. >> sir, we salute you and thank you even though you can't hear us. you this is a sad picture. ain't nobody having coffee at these little tables right here today. sgh well, no, come on over. maybe this is -- >> maybe we are.
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make a little cozy romantic little nook. >> there. >> all right. there you go. >> perfect. >> nice. maybe we'll stay here the whole program. maybe not. >> can i get some coffee? >> that would be great. seriously, this storm is expected -- already we're seeing it bring a lot of problems to the northeast, so let's go right it jim axelrod, is he this morning this stanhope, new jersey to bring us the latest on this storm that is not by any means over yet. >> reporter: good morning. this had pile of snow behind me isn't just from this latest storm, but it does give you some idea of what february has to some parts of the northeast. it's the third major snowstorm to hit the northeast this month. and the third time is definitely not the charm. >> i looked outside and went, woah, let me get out first because i'll be walking home. >> reporter: overnight the storm system picked up power. it stretches from north carolina
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to maine with pennsylvania, new york and new jersey forecast to be hit hardest. up to two feet of snow in some parts of those say thes. it's not just the snow. it's the high winds, gusting to 55 miles per hour in some areas. >> it's solid, so any cross winds catch it, it's like a sail on a sailboat. b >> reporter: winds and heavy snow are bringing down power line, as well, some 500,000 customers have lost electricity so far. and those fierce winds fanned the flames on the new hampshire coast this morning. a five alarm fire that started in an ocean front hotel spread to an entire block of businesses. it's hard to think of summer when you're stand management middle of all this, but this summer when drivers in the northeast hit pothole, they want to blame this storm. and a lot of places, the budgets for plowing and salting have been exhausted, starting with this storm, they'll start barrowing from summer road repair budgets to deal with all this snow.
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maggie? >> summer is far away. hard to believe even spring is just three weeks away. jim axelrod, thank you so much. if you are trying to travel by plane today, make sure you call ahead because much of the northeast as you can see is a mess and a lot of flights are delayed or cancels. cbs news correspondent manuel gallegus is at laguardia this morning with more. >> reporter: good morning. it's pretty quiet here. we've seen maybe a couple dozen travelers inside the terminal wandering around, hoping to get out today, but they're not going anywhere. all of the flights this morning are canceled. no lines at the ticket counter. no one at security. another heavy snow turned laguardia airport into a ghost town. more than 1400 flights were grounded across the country thursday. 250 for delta. 347 for u.s airways. 104 for american. some optimistic travelers showed up anyway only to find canceled across the board. does that z. this mess you snup. >> not too much. we get to stay another night in
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the city, maybe catch a broadway show, so that should be fun. >> reporter: southwest, now the nation's top domestic care yes, grounded most of its thursday flights out of philadelphia and expects friday delays and cancellations in airports from baltimore to buffalo. there have been a record 13,000 cancellations between february 5th and 10th, most because of the last two big northeast snowstorms. some good news, thursday the airlines announced they would waive change fees for those who want to shift their tickets to a different day to avoid the bad weather. little help for people like marcia kaufman, she was trying to get her son to orientation he university of michigan. >> our appointment was tomorrow. we'll have to reschedule our hotel, our appointment with the university. >> reporter: the ripple if ekt will strand passengers across the northeast from maifrn into canada. all in all, a good day to stay home. now, all of the airports around new york are technically open, but supposed to snow all day, of course, and so the chances, maggie that someone's flight issing for to go out on time or
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at all are pretty slim. back to you. >> slim to none. manuel gallegus, thank you. and of course throughout the program we'll keep you up-to-date on this storm and the latest forecast. now back inside to harry. maggie, you look so beautiful out there in the snow. look at that. >> thank you, harry. let's move on to politics. there were low expectations for yesterday's bipartisan health care summit. and it did not disappoint. now democrats appear ready to try and go to alone. maybe. cbs news senior white house correspondent bill plante has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. well, yeah, they met lowe those low expectations. it was a 7 1/2 hour marathon session, rehashing all the talk about health care you've heard all year. democrats and republicans did agree on one thing. that the system needs to be fixed. but that was about as far as it got. >> i'd like to make sure that this discussion is actually a discussion and not just us
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trading talking points. >> reporter: but from their first speaker, republicans never backed down from their opposition to the democrats' bill. >> we have to start by taking the current bill and putting it on the shelf and starting from a clean sheet of paper. >> reporter: senator john mccain, the president's opponent in 2008, challenged the process by which the democrats' bill was produced. >> people are angry. we promised them change in washington. and what we got was a process that you and i both said we would change in washington. >> reporter: the president shot back. >> let me just make this point, john, because we're not campaigning any more. the election is over. >> i'm reminded of that every day. >> reporter: republicans told the president the current plan would be too expensive forcing people into government programs they don't want. >> the congressional budget office report says that premiums will rise in the individual market as a result of the senate
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bill. >> no, no, no. let me -- and this is an example of where we've got to get our facts straight. >> reporter: democrats emerged from the meeting saying they still want bipartisanship. republicans said they don't see that happening. >> frankly, i was discouraged by the outcome. >> reporter: in the end, it was pretty much a draw. the president at the end seemed to suggest that he would encourage democrats to pass a health care bill without republicans using the legislative tactic known as reconciliation. and then let the voters sort it all out next november. harry? >> bill plante at the white house this morning. thank you very much. bob schieffer is chief washington correspondent and host of "face the nation." good morning, bob. >> good morning. >> so is your sense then that -- because i have to say, i watched a good portion of the seven hours yesterday, and it was interesting because there are points on which both parties agree. do you have the sense they will
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find those things they agree on and then pass it together, or will the democrats as bill suggested go it alone? >> i think the democrats will probably go to alone. i think this is part of the white house strategy now, harry. if this 7 1/2 hours showed anything, it showed us just how deep the divide is on a good part of this. so i don't think there is going to to be bipartisanship. what the president seemed to suggest, they are now going go ahead with this process called reconciliation. this is a seldom-used parliamentary device. bottom line, when do you this way, do you want have to have the 60 vote, you can pass it with a simple majority. if they do this, will will an much an key nor mus cost because republicans will just go crazy about this and i think they that will vow to tie up the senate on
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every other single issue that comes before it this year. the democrats by the same token will be saying, okay, go ahead and try to do that and see what the voters think of that and as the president said, then we'll sort it all out in november. so i don't see much coming out of this right now, harry. i think the divide is still there. >> if this is true, this is basically the president saying, taking all the chip, putting them in the middle of the table saying i'm all in on this deal, we'll pass it the way it is. i will risk my presidency, i will risk the fall elections on this one issue come hell or high water. am i reading that right in. >>? >> i think you're right. and he is basically daring the republicans to do the same thing. he's saying use whatever tactics you can to try to tie this thing up, let's see what the voters think about it. but here's the other part in all this. i'm not sure at this moment that there are enough votes in the house of representatives to pass
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what the president wants to do because there are still very big disagreements between democrats within the house and between democrats in the house and the senate. so i just see trouble ahead. >> bob schieffer, we will look for you on sunday morning on "face the nation." thank you very much for taking the time to be with us here on "the early show." erica hill is off this morning. the co-host of the saturday early show, chris wragge, is she knews desk. it's a maying how we work that out. >> she's taking a snow day. good morning to you at home. a string of suicide bombers struck in the heart of the afghan capital a this morning. the targets were guest houses used by foreigners. at least 17 were killed. mandy clark is in kabul with details. >> reporter: right in the heart of kabul, taliban bombers struck two guest houses. the intent, to kill at many foreigners as possible. as the gun battle raged on,
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stunned guests had to find their own way out. while afghan police streamed into take on the attackers. first, a car bomb exploded outside this guest house hurling shards of glass and terrified guests into the streets. according to a taliban spokesman, four more insur gents then rushed another guest house, some detonating their suicide vests, others exchanging fire with security forces. the battle lasted more than an hour and a half. the casualties including several indian doctors and at least one italian national. it's the fourth attack on the capital since october as taliban forces squeezed out of their strongholds in the south have been bringing their war to the capital. the timing of the attack is surprising. 6:30 in the morning on a friday which is a holiday here. one theory is that it was a taliban tactic to avoid civilian casualties and only target foreigners. another simpler theory, it was a
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time when guards would be less alert. chris? >> cbs' mandy clark in kabul for us this morning. thank you. in other news now, the house ethics committee has accused charles rangel of misconduct. they found he accepted corporate money for trips to the caribbean. rangel admits his staff knew what was going on, but says he didn't. >> common accepts dictates that members of congress should not be held responsible for what could be the wrongdoing or mistakes or errors of staff unless there's reason to believe that the member knew or should have known. >> rangel is also being investigated for other possible ethics violations. now on to the winter olympics where team usa is still piling up the medals. the u.s. now has 32 total, including eight gold. determine any is second with 26. norway has 19. and canada right behind with 17
7:14 am
total medals. jeff glor is in vancouver and joins us thousand. >> reporter: it was the lady's figure skating finals last night, a record setting night, also a very emotional one. in a seemingly flawless routine, south core reand he's kim yu-na left no doubt she is the best in the world. >> one of the greatest olympic performances i have ever seen. >> reporter: in the ladies' program, kim earned 228 points, shattering her own personal record by 18. japan's got the silver. meanwhile the emotional story of skating, canada's joep any rochette gave another memorable performance. just four days after her mother's sudden death and with her grieving father watching from the stands. >> i've never seen such a super human amount of courage,
7:15 am
determination. >> reporter: rochette earned a place on the podium. the bronze medal. american nagasu, just 16 years old, finished fourth. also on thursday, history was made at the end of a grueling race combining jumping with cross-country skiing. >> for the first time in nordic combined, the united states wins a gold and they'll add a silver, as well. >> reporter: bill demong got the gold. johnny spillane, the silver. his third of the olympics. and in 34e7b's freestyle aerial, jarrett speed peterson promise he would do a jump called the hurricane. three flips and five spins later, he got a silver medal. this was the gold medal winning jump by grisham of belarus. in women's hockey, the canadians beat the americans to win the gold medal yesterday 2-0. after the canadians then accepted their medals, they got a little attention because they returned to the ice and then were seen drinking beer and
7:16 am
champagne and smoking cigars. caught a few people's krcht saattention attention.the ioc says they will investigate. >> reminds me of the song, here's to the winner, those who drink molson. >> reporter: good one. >> we'll see you soon. dave price is off this morning, so alise
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and that is your latest weather. now here's maggie and harry. >> thank you so much. coming up, the fate of the killer whale who drowned a trainer in orlando has been sealed. plus, we'll take you to miami this morning and another exhibit where another killer whale will
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show us some interaction with the trainer. >>nd you might as well please rob me while your tweets and texts could end up in the wrong hands. that story in a bit. plus the good, the bad and the surprising new information about strokes. this is "the early show" on cbs. [ female announcer ] when you're depressed, where do you want to go? nowhere. who do you feel like seeing? no one. depression hurts in so many ways. sadness. loss of interest. lack of energy. anxiety. the aches and pains. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is a prescription medication that treats many symptoms of depression. tell your doctor right away if your depression worsens, you have unusual changes in behavior, or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. cymbalta is not approved for children under 18. people taking maois or thioridazine or with uncontrolled glaucoma should not take cymbalta. taking it with nsaid pain relievers, aspirin, or blood thinners may increase bleeding risk. severe liver problems, some fatal, were reported.
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ever since the whale drowned a trainer, there was a lot of talk about whether there were any warning signs prior to the attack. today we'll talk to robert rose, a trainer down in miami. he has a killer whale with him. stay tuned. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by acuvue brand contact lepss. acuvue, see what could be. sometimes move out of place es wod and blur my vision. my eye doctor said there's great news for people with astigmatism. acuvue oasys for astigmatism. they work with the way my eyes move and blink, which helps them stay in place.
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hello again, we have snow with emphasis on the blowing as you see. sharon gibala has your traffic. >> wow. >> traffic after weather. how many stories do you think that it? >> 30. look at that. we could have breaking news here, wjz tv cam blowing off of a building. doppler, here's the story of the morning. good morning. we have school advisories but different concerns with schools. for the working man and woman, you have to get out in this. it's bands of snow showers pressing through the area.
7:26 am
not a storm. we keep wind warnings in effect through 10:00 tonight. a steady win of 31 miles per hour and have had a gust on tv hill, it's 31 degrees going for a high of 38. this afternoon, mostly cloudy and very windy. now to sharon gibala at traffic control. good morning. >> good morning. busy morning commute. we have plenty of problems at the 100 off ramp. another crash in maryland 702. watch for a wreck on 146 at route 23. down wires at frederick road. and a downed pole blocking underwood road. win restrictions on the key bridge, that means no house trailers and no semis.
7:27 am
looking at wind warnings on the bay bridge. looking at 95 runny smoothly. getting busy and slow. the report brought to you by i- hop. come hungry, leave happy. the high winds have crews repairing power outages. they expect more today. bge says they're ready for power outages but high winds could stop the efforts. crews are prepared but not sure how widespread problems will be. the big concern is downed trees on power lines. when winds get above 25 miles per hour it's dangerous to get into ladder trucks. lights will be -- flights will be disrupted to east and even some going south are stranded. stay with us, up next,
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♪ it's happening as we speak. snow is covering manhattan this morning. this is our plaza hear on 59th street and 5th. only a brave few are out there. and that's good thing. we suggest you all stay home today. welcome back to "the early show." >> rosemary clooney, right? >> beautiful. >> very nice. coming up, when you tweet or text, you're probably thinking or just communicating with your friends. or you should really know better would i now. that's not true. we'll show you how that information could end up on a website called >> kerry, but first we get to the latest on wednesday's deadly killer whale attack at seaworld in florida. cbs news correspondent mark strassmann is at the park in
7:31 am
orlando this morning. good morning, mark. >> reporter: good morning. lots of questions for this one and until they're answered, the shamu experience, seaworld's popular killer whale attraction, will be closed again today and for the foreseeable future. the park is reviews its safety protocol and this is the third i'm that this whale in particular has killed someone. train are dawn brancheau lived for killer whales. she died from a combination of drowning and trauma when seized by tilikum, a 22-foot, 6-ton killer whale. >> it just looks like he either got curious or bored and wanted to grab her. >> reporter: this former seaworld contractor in-silhouette to protect his identity says tilikum was generally play full but had angry moments. >> these are incredibly potentially danger are rurs animals. >> reporter: brancheau had been
7:32 am
standing wednesday this shallow pool water when tilikum grabbed her by her long pony tail and grabbed her under. spectators were horrified. >> he was thrashing her around pretty good. it it was violent. >> reporter: the largest killer whale in captivity anywhere spent most of his time swimming alone. he has a deadly history. in 48 years of captive, kill are whales have killed four people, three of the deaths involve tilikum. but at seaworld and other park, killer whales bring the wow factor. despite his past, tilikum is worth millions. seaworld will not use tilikum. the park plans to keep him, although what's not clear whether he will use him in future shows. and animal rights activists say all had follow as familiar pattern. someone's killed, there's a safety review, and eventually a shamu show goes on. maggie? >> mark strassmann in orlando morning. thank you. joining us now from the miami seaquarium in key
7:33 am
biscayne, florida is trainer robert rose who works with a killer whale. good morning. >> good morning. how are you doing this morning? >> i'm well. and i think i see lolita there with you. i'm wondering if could you show us typical sfwer action between a drainer and a whale on a normal day and talk about some of the safety precautions you would take. >> typically first thing in the morning we would just give her a physical exam, take a look at her condition in the morning, just spend a little time with her, see how she's doing, how we're doing. and i just have a nice little casual interaction with her. >> working with the same animal every day, i assume that you get to know the animal pretty well as dawn did working with the whale tilly in orlando for 13 years. would there have been any warning signs before the incident that would have alerted dawn that something wasn't quite right with the whale that day? >> well, one of the thing has we do as trainers is we spend a lot
7:34 am
of time with these animals and one of the most importants that we do is build that relationship with these specific animals. and for example, lolita have been area acting together for over 15 years. so it's very important that bond that the trainers actually build with the animals. so it's really part of what we do. we spend countless hours, 8, 10, 12 hours a day 365 days a year enter acting and playing and training with these animals. it's something that we all love to do in this industry, it's something that we're certainly very grateful for and it'sj something that we continue to want to do and have a great time in doing it. >> we can't really appreciate it from the shot that we're seeing because we only see lolita peek out now and then, but i've been there a couple times, i you know t the size of this animal. and it is intimidating. as somebody working with a whale like had every day, what goes through your mind. dove the fear in your head every
7:35 am
day or the thought that something could happen? >> no. there's no fear. we build these relationships and we work very, very hard with enter a ent interacting with these animals. they're really part of our family. we care very deeply about these animals and we really enjoy and love what we do as trainers. >> and i know had this will be tough to answer because you get very attached to these animal, but if lolita had been involved in three incidents involving a human death as tilly had, do you think that that whale should be put down, euthanized? >> well, i don't really think that's a fair question. you're asking me really to high both size about something that's not the case. and i knew dawn and my wife worked with dawn. and our condolences go out to her friends and family. and it's very important that this is a very difficult time for awful us in this industry.
7:36 am
and we really want to let everybody know that our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family during this difficult time. >> all right. robert rose, thank you so much for bringing lolita morning and for taking the time with us. >> you bet. glad to be here. thank you. and now let's check in with alise. she's got another look at the weather. >> well, maggie, of course the big storm is in the northeast, but le
7:37 am
that's your latest weather. thousand back over to harry. >> so when is this supposed to end? new york city? >> honestly? next week. this round is actually really going to taper off on sunday morning, but we still have some lingering flurries, an additional system that could bring us though into early next week. >> sorry i asked. can go up, truly a matter of too much information. how your friendly text and tweets can be used to break into your home. is ready to see you!
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do you tweet and text friends your every move? well, you could be providing too much information to the wrong people. "early show" national correspondent hattie cause of map reports. >> reporter: it seems harmless, a tweet tells friends you're shopping or grabbing a coffee. but many of those messages are getting reposted here, a new website called here's how it works. uses a location sharing website to post where you are when you're not at home. for instance, this guy's at the fish market in san mateo. while this guy's at a casino in vegas. by the time this man arrived at the heartland brewery in manhattan, we were there to meet him. >> i didn't know it was going go anything beyond my twitter and facebook networks. i didn't know who was paying attention about thp a shock. >> reporter: the folks behind the site don't really want to you get robbed. their explanation -- >> we need to show people what the potential reach of those messages can be. >> it really made people realize in a way that they didn't before that there's a lot of personal
7:42 am
information about them and that they might in fact be vulnerable if they're telling people about their whereabouts every minute of the day. >> reporter: this man says he won't stop tweeting. >> i understand the risks associated with it but i think the benefits to meet people i think will youth weigh those risks. >> reporter: hattie kauffman, cbs news, los angeles. >> joining us from you newton, massachusetts, a robert a sillian know. how surprised were you? you take this guy, he had no idea. we're standing there looking at the general tweets and twitters of people around the country. we meet this guy at the bar even before he gets there. he had no idea. >> yeah, not surprises at all.public is in the dark in regards to social media and what risks they put themselves in. >> if there is a site out there that they say they're trying to do to raise awareness, how possible is it for something who has ill will in terms of their intentions to go and filed on the that you're out of your
7:43 am
house to go and do whatever they want in that house? >> well, to rob means larceny by threats or violence. and it is just a matter of time until some whack job takes this site up on its offer. >> very interesting because we should point out that there have been no reports or burglaries because of this website thus far. they say they're trying to raise awareness. but isn't this just illustrate difference of how careful we need to be even using social media or passwords or anything else? >> i am all about expoeding the flaws in the system. but when you're shining a big bright light on somebody's home and telling the world that they're not home, obviously ethically i don't position that's right. in general, the public needs to be aware that they are putting themselves at risk. and if you're telling the world that you're not going who be home for a couple hour, that you're with your toes buried in
7:44 am
the sand, you're certainly putting your home and your family at risk. >> i think that really is true. rob robert, thank you for your time. coming up, the good, the bad and the surprising news about strokes. our dr. jennifer ashton will explain when we come back. at the first sign of a cold... ( sneezing )
7:45 am
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all's trusted, powerful stainlifters help get your whole wash incredibly clean. and costs up to 40% less than the leading brand. for all your laundry, it's all good. in this morning's "health watch," surprising news about strokes, the third leading cause of death in this country. dr. jennifer ashton is here with details on new research. it discovered some bad news which is that stroke patients are getting younger. >> that's right, that is the bad news. we normally consider stroke to affect people in their older age group. however, we know that with things like obesity, the risk factors that put people at risk for stroke, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, it's going up. and to look at the numbers, in 1993, about 4.5% of the people
7:48 am
who had strokes were in 209 to 45-year-old age group. that number has gone up to 7.3% as early as 2005. so it's a trend we need to watch. >> so primarily it's because we generally are unhealthier beginning sooner than we used to be about. >> the other theory is that we're getting better at detecting strokes. so it's a combination of thing, but an important trend. >> the next fact is good. marital bliss may reduce your risk? >> they found that single men were at higher risk of suffering a stroke than men who were married. and if you're happily married that's more protective than being unhappily married. again the thinking is that your spouse might have ben about official impact on your lifestyle and having you take medication. and if are you having a stroke, getting early treatment. >> and good news for can ha s s drinkers. whether caffeinated or decaffeinated, people who drank coffee had a much lower risk of having a stroke. they found that 29% reduction in the risk. not clear why. it's an associative finding.
7:49 am
but you don't want to overdo it, but coffee in moderation seems to have a protective effect. >> are there any other ways that are proven to reduce your stroke risk? >> the things that are good for your heart are also good to your brain. exercise, good diet, maintaining good control of cholesterol, blood pressure. you want to be healthy for your heart and your brain. >> dr. jennifer ashton, thank you so much. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: "cbs health watch" sponsored by nick or receipt. quitting sucks. anything or receipt makes it suck less doubling your chances of success. [ woman ] most of us don't get enough fiber in our diets. to get more of the fiber you need every day, try fiberchoice. with the natural fiber found in fruits and vegetables and 33% more fiber per serving than benefiber.
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7:55 am
. good morning. it's a combination of the white stuff. that is a big heavy flag and it's blowing all over. here's sharon. good morning. we have plenty of problems. too many to mention all of them. some of include a new accident on the harrisburg expressway in the southbound lanes block the center lane with the backup there. and another new one in packsville at scotts level road, watch for a crash in the city on old pimlico and another wreck at 126. downed wires. you'll want to watch for that on underwood on bayberry lanes
7:56 am
and there's an accident on benson mill and western. and watch for wind warnings and restrictions on the bay bridge and key bridge. there's a look at your drive times and speeds. this is brought to you by lasix plus. back over to you. marty is in the first warning weather center. the best weather graphics we have are sharon's weather cams. take a look at first warning doppler. it's impressive on the radar, it's not enough to keep you away from the job. we have to get out there and deal with these blustery winds and snow showers, if you will. the watch warning and advisory graphic, it shows up and winter storm warning in effect off on to the east and everybody has this high wind warning that will be in effect through 10:00 tonight. and steady wind at 33 on tv hill. the last gusts reported at 44. forecast this day calls for a
7:57 am
high of 38. generally mostly cloudy through the afternoon. blustery winds and snow showers continue at this hour. but it's the winds that is causing the most concern. here's the latest. >> reporter: b.e.g. said they're ready for power outages but highs winds could stop the repair efforts. city and power crews are prepared but they're not sure how widespread problems will be. the big concern is falling trees on power lines and traffic signals going out. but b.e.g. says when winds get above 25 miles an hour it's dangerous for crews to get into ladder trucks and splits will be disruptsed from bwi marshal. some flights are already canceled and some flights going south are stranded. ,,,,,,
7:58 am
with the verizon fios multi-room dvr, whatever you record here you can watch in up to six different rooms. if you record hockey... can watch it in the basement. yes! in the bedroom?g yes! or ice dancing in the kitchen. yes! ♪ i'm not sure why i said yes... that's -- that was weird. [ male announcer ] the amazing multi-room dvr your whole family will love
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8:00 am
♪ we got some snow coming down in new york. just a tiny little sort of city paralyzing storm. other than that, no big deal. actually, right now, it's not so so bad. the snow is not very heavy. but like last night, maybe 9:00, 10:00, i was out with the dogs. a little slushy, a little wet. and then in the next hour, it really got nasty. and i'm sure there's about eight, nine inches as i walked across the park early, early this morning. this is not great right now. >> now, but you can make the
8:01 am
best out of it. so many kids have a snow day, so we're thinking what can we do with my daughter. the park, sledding, make snow men. or this is very cool. >> all you need is a little food coloring, right? >> yeah, take a little spray bottle. >> it's supposed to be a butterf butterfly. >> no, it's a tomato butterfly. it's so beautiful. >> what's your maname? >> shannon. >> shannon, thank you. >> it's just water, right? >> just water. can't hurt. welcome back to "the early show." >> also coming up in this hour, we'll workout. celebrity trainer tracy anderson back and she has brought fellow pregnant women to show w us howe
8:02 am
should exercise no matter what state we're in. >> do you still go to the gym? >> in my first trimester i didn't, but you go back slowly and it's good for your mind and the baby. >> all of that stuff. chris is at the news desk with a look at the news out in the real world. good morning. as we've been reporting, a slow moving and powerful winter storm is pummeling the northeast. there are widespread travel delays and power has been knocked out to hundreds of thousands. jim axle vod in stanhope, new jersey. >> reporter:ed headline of this third major snowstorm in the month of february is high winds. in hampton beach, new hampshire, just about an hour north of boston, high winds fanned flames into a five alarm fire. knocked out a whole block of businesses up in hampton beach, new hampshire. they're also taking out a lot of
8:03 am
pourer. 237,000 without power in new hampshire. 100,000 without power in massachusetts, 100,000 without power in maine, 200,000 in new york. it is so bad in new hampshire, even the state emergency operations center is running on a generator. meanwhile, back in new york city, up to a foot of snow. mayor bloomberg has given children the day off, a snow day in new york city. a rather uncommon experience. just the fourth time in the last six years the mayor's given the kids a day off because of snow. chris? >> all right, jim axelrod in stanhope, new jersey. thank you. you can hear the kids cheer fwrg here in the studio. the veterans affairs department is taking what it calls a fresh bold look at so-called gulf war illness. the r.a. will review the disability claims of thousands who say they were told their symptoms were manage naer. up to 200,000 vets have come down with the symptoms that include rash, muscle pain and sleep issues. and a sad end to the search for former child actor andrew
8:04 am
koenig. one week of aer being reported missing, his body was found in a park in vancouver. bill whitaker has the story. >> reporter: an emotional father, walter kay anythikeonig the announcement. >> my son took his own life. >> reporter: they searched vancouver's 1,000 acre stanley park hurst morning. they broke into teams. after two hour, one team called koenig with the news. >> we've been looking for some clue, and they phoned us saying that they found andrew's body. >> reporter: andrew koenig was best known for his role as richard boner in the sitcom growing pains. his father waller played chekov in the star trek series. he had a history of depression anded a given away most of his belongings before leaving for vancouver on february 4th.
8:05 am
>> he had good ranlg sale for several week and whatever he didn't sell, he put out to give away. >> reporter: in closing, walter koeni xwchlt reached out to others who may be suffering as his son had. >> if you can learn anything from this, it's that there are people out there who really care. you may not think so, and ultimately it may not be enough, but there are people who really, really care and before you take that final -- make that final decision, check it out again. >> reporter: bill whitaker, cbs news, los angeles. katie couric has a preview of tonight's cbs evening news. >> good morning. it is supposed to help disabled veterans get the training they immediate to go back to work. but a cbs news investigation found story after story of wrongful denials and bureaucratic delays. what's really happening inside the v.a. program? tonight only on the "cbs evening news." now back to "the early show."
8:06 am
time for another check of the weather. dave price is off this morning. elise finc
8:07 am
an early look at first warning doppler weather. the weather is cruddy but not bad enough to keep from you going about your business this day. this is going to be a tougher and headache inducing day. to me, probably for the next few hours it will be here as the bands of snow continue to press into the region. the watch and warning shows the big one. that will be the winds. wind advisory tilling 10:00 tonight. we have ha nshz this weather report sponsored by macy's. >> and that is your latest weather. how back over to harry. on today's "moneywatch," thousand trick yourself into saving money. here with some easy tips that might surprise you is janet
8:08 am
bodnar, editor of kiplinger's magazine. thanks for making it over in the speak. i love these tips because they're not difficult and if you incorporated them, could you really save some serious dough. >> that's true. that's the idea. >> let's start with changing bank habits. one of the things that you need to do is make a serious decision first. are you using a debit or credit card? >> what is your plastic personality. because if you use a credit card, you're the type of person who puts all your charges on it, you may get rewards at the he said, you're not paying a fee, you're not paying an interest rate, you're doing great. but if you are a debit card user, you can't really control your credit habits. so you want something that reigns you in. so in either case, you can figure out there's money to be saved, number one be and you can use your statements, your monthly statement, as an easy budgeting tool. >> but if is if you're astute enough to say i'm a credit card user who is not accumulating debt. >> exactly. you have to be a smart user. >> next thing is deposit in
8:09 am
savings. why my 21-year-old son figured this out on his own. when you have your paycheck deposited, put it right into your savings account so you have to shift the money from savings to checking when you need to save it. my son says that really hurt, mom. that's painful. >> that's right. go good. you also say pay yourself. >> everyone says to save money you have to pay yourself first, but nobody ever does. because people tend to live paycheck to paycheck no matter how big the paycheck is. the real rule is get someone else to pay you first. so you take it off the top so it's not burning a hole in your pocket. so you are -- that's what you're doing. you're having your employer put money in your 401(k) plan or in a savings. >> i got you. round up debts. like a cowboy with a lasso? >> when you're subtracting money from your savings account or your checking account when you've spent some money,
8:10 am
subtract a little more out so that when you have that money in your account, it's like a little slush fund. that's what we're recommending at, we're recommending that people do things like this and that we get -- we hear from people saying i've countdone that and adds up. >> it is phenomenal when you pay attention to the little details. all right. you say go your atm, you get one trip a week. >> and i'm guilty of this, getting $35 out every time you go to the drug store. what do you is lo what do you is look at the balance sheet, figure out how much you're taking out a week and say i'm going to take out $25 less. i'm going to make one trip and i'm going to make that money last. 25 bucks a week, 100 bucks a month, it adds up. >> and let alone all those charges that go along with that. save spare change. we do. >> and how much do you -- >> hundreds of dollars.
8:11 am
we get it in big bags, and then like once a year go to the place and -- >> right. and i know somebody who uses that money to pay for holiday gifts. it's like a little holiday fund. $900 to $1,000 is what he has every haoliday season. >> immediately record charges. >> my husband does this. when we go out and we buy things on credit cards, come in and he subtract it is it right aws it e account. sometimes he even writes the check if we're not doing online bill pay. >> and reconsider emergencies. >> go in to the store. if there's any doubt what so much, give yourself a cooling off period. if you really want it, go back and spend the money. but chances are you won't want it. >> good tips. to find out what kind of safer you are, take our quiz at up next, exercise while you're
8:12 am
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can you do it by 3:00 ? yes, i can-- how about 2:00 ? hmm... get over your cold faster. if you are pregnant like i am, you may not be sure what kind of workout you should do. tracy anderson is here to guide us through some exercises that are right for each stage of our pregnancy. good morning. welcome back. >> thank you for having me. >> so you hear so much different theories about exercising during practicing nan pregnancy. what's your position? >> you have to be your own teacher firs nothing comes above you listening to your body. we have super powers when we're pregnant. >> so go with your gut literally.
8:16 am
>> literally. no matter what any trainer tells you, if something doesn't feel right to you, you have to be able to change it because exercise is essential to a healthy birth and to keeping your mood positive and sleeping well at night. but you have to listen to yourself. for me, aim like dance a aerobics queen. dance aerobics did not feel right it me. but maria, who is with us today, who is in her eighth month, is still doing dance aerobics. >> so, first of all, know what your body needs and want, but there are specific exercises specific to each semester. what are the things you want to remember? >> in your first trimester, your stomach hasn't completely expanded yesterday, so abdominal exercises are still doable. so take advantage to still really work your abs. there are definite things that
8:17 am
you want to stay away from. you don't want to get overheated. your body temperature is naturally raised, so you don't want to get overheated. >> no matter what stage. >> no matter what sagtage. so i have her leaning back on her elbows and she'll just do an attitude lift. if you really work deep in your abdominal muscles, you don't need all of the crunching or anything. this is really very effective. >> because krincrunching may no the best thing but that's still doable. in the second trimester where i am, i'm almost in my third, when your stomach has popped out, i find my biggest problem is my back. >> your lower back, yeah. your posture starts to change, your spine starts to shift. and you really start to feel like, oh, my gosh, my butt is becoming really wide. and we want to keep those things tight. so i like to have people when they start in their second
8:18 am
trimester leaning on all fours because it's nice to let your stomach hang and relieve the pressure from your back. so you'll take your right leg out to the side. lift it up and just cross it behind you. >> i can still do that. unbelievable. >> take it all the way up to me. straighten it. p the there you go. >> and i can do this until i start to feel overheated and then stop? >> and then take it back down. so bring it up and then back down. >> oh, okay. perfect. >> and a second one would be a little inverted like this because this is coming away from you, it's not asking to you stretch through your abdominals at all. >> i like that. sfwh so the key is fieel it in
8:19 am
your glut. let's go to me ma aria who came just days before her due date. >> in the last trimester, let's face it -- >> you don't want to do anything, frankly. >> and the only thing we feel like that we can show off still is our arms. they're never an excuse to let go. so we'll go up, down and take to the ceiling. so we'll just rotate around the by accept. good job. >> and you worked out your whole pregnancy, right? >> i did. >> the dance aerobics even? >> yes. >> look great because you only place you can tell you're pregnant is the belly. so good for you. good luck. >> thank you so much, tracy. always great to have you. >> thank you. >> we'll put all these exercises on the web. it's we'll be right back. don't go away.
8:20 am
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we love in a new old spice commercial. and we want to play it again because we have got a big surprise to tell you about. but first, enjoy. >> did you know women prefer old spice for their men one about a jill i don't think times then lady cented body washes some did you know that i'm riding this horse backwards? yah! >> that's not the one we showed you. we showed you the longer version a couple days ago. they get funnier and funnier. and ready for the reveal? the surprise? we tracked him down. mr. old spice. going to be here monday. he's going to be here monday! and bring tickets that will turn to diamonds. >> can i just ask this question? shirt or no shirt? >> something tells me this is his 15 minutes, he'll take his shirt off for us. >> we have as to make sure those
8:23 am
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8:25 am
try lysol all purpose cleaner to remove tough grease and kill 99.9% of germs hello. that is 25 past 8:00. the bushes are blowing pretty strong at the moment. wind is causing issues with wind warnings in effect on the bridges and wind restrictions on the key bridge and that mean noes empty semis or house trailers. we're talking about an accident on the harrisburg expressway. you're still looking at a five minute backup. and another accident on scotts level four and the city's south president and north washington and pearl at north. downed wires in glen burnie. and down poll still blocking
8:26 am
all lanes of underwould on for site and bayberry. there's a look at your drive times and speeds on the beltway. down to 31 on the top side. marty is at the first warning doppler radar. sharon has the best weather graphic we have going right now. if you look at the drop there are you go whoa. that is bands of snow coming from that big powerful storm over new england. and we showed you the outback shot. and you see the light snow blowing around. 30-mile-an-hour wind on tv hill and the last reported gusts as four one but we saw it as high as 35 and as low as 14. wind advisory will be us till 10:00 tonight. we'll drop the winter weather advisories by noon. mostly cloudy and 38 is the
8:27 am
high this afternoon. we're at about 30 right now. the wind is a big problem for b.e.g. it's a double whammy. it may knock out your power but it may be slow getting it restored. >> reporter: b.e.g. said they're ready for power outage it's but high winds could stop the repair efforts. they're not sure how widespread problems will be. the big concern is falling trees on power lines and traffic signals going out. but b.e.g. says when the winds get above 25 miles an hour it's dangerous for crews to get into ladder trucks. flights will be disrupted from bwi marshal. many going from to and to the far east. and some flights going south are stranded. back to you. here's and mta update for you. the number 36 bus is bypassing the avenue and yale heights. all the buses are running five
8:28 am
to ten minutes late today. light rail and metro subway are running on schedudu with fios you have instant access to news, traffic and weather without changing the channel. i will be ready for whatever the day throws at me. uh, looks like torrential rain, bumper to bumper traffic and some kind of weird smell downtown. i will be working from home today. my sister's coming. i can make it. i'm sure she's lovely. [ male announcer ] instant weather and traffic without changing the channel and 3 times more very satisfied customers than comcast. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ snowball fight! the kids are loving it. it's beautiful out. and all the kids are free from school, so we'll give you some ideas about what you can do on a snow day. >> look how cute. >> welcome back. i love this picture. it's like a u. >> the kids outside will do whatever they're going to do for a certain amount of time. we have some very creative ideas for other things beyond making the snowman an having the snowball fight. >> look at the little one. >> cutest ever.
8:31 am
>> soon enough. >> it's coming. >> let's not rush things. >> also ahead in this half hour -- >> wait a minute. look at this guy. >> where's your hat, where are your gloves? anyway, also ahead, johnny depp and several other celebrities are leading a crusade to get three hen released from jail. that will be the sorry on it this weekend's "48 hours mystery" and we'll tell you about how and why hollywood is stepping in. >> and on a much lighter night, itunes just passed a huge milestone, their 10 billionth download. and to celebrate that, they had a big contest and you'll never guess who won. not some kid who sits around his computer all day. but a 71-year-old country music fan with seven stents in his heart. at first they weren't going to
8:32 am
give him the honor. but when they heard about the artificial hip, they said we got to give to him. >> and you know what he ordered. he ordered a johnny cash song. >> of course he did. >> there you go. but first let's go inside, elise is back with -- >> why would she be inside and we're stuck out here? >> there's elise. >> now had ththis makes sense. >> if you were go to go choose one -- are you a lefty? >> no, no. >> go ahead and throw it because we-of. >> all right. you know you have to work with this guy. >> i have to see chris later. maggie is pregnant. >> throw it at harry. >> oh, come on. last year i got in you tyou in , remember? >> would i forget? >> and we're still friends. >> now, that's love. yeah this, is the kind of
8:33 am
worth in our area is not like that, but we have some snow out there. these are the snow showers being flung our way from the big storm up northeast of our friends in new york. nothing like a security check while you're on the air. take a look at winds in the
8:34 am
region. it's actually a bigger issue, it being the breeze. 32 miles an hour are the gusts recorded to 44. keep that wind advisory in effect through 10:00. 38 the high this day. now i'll send it inside to maggie. >> thank you. this saturday night, "48 hours mystery" takes a look at the fight to get a retrial for three convicted murderers. erin moriarty is here to share the story. >> this is ai troubles case. once you're convicted, it is very difficult to get a new trial or get a murder conviction overturned. what may make a difference in this particular case is the help of some very high profile friends. >> reporter: the names read like an oscar party guest list. actors johnny depp, jack black, singers eddie vetter of pearl jam, natalie mains of the dixie
8:35 am
chicks. >> i support the west memphis three. >> reporter: they are all supporting the west memphis three. three men at the believe were were wrongly convicted of a horrific crime. the murders of three 8-year-old boys in arkansas. >> the little boys were found in a drainage ditch mutilated and beaten to death. >> reporter: the crime was believed to be part of a satanic ritual, so damien eckels, then 19, was sentenced to death. jason baldwin, who was 16, and jessie misskelley, 17, were given life sentences. that was in 1994. but today, the west memphis three have become a caused cleb. how you can be absolutely sure that these three men are innocent? >> if there was the tiniest sliver of doubt, i wouldn't be sitting here. >> reporter: actor johnny depp learned about the case from an hbo documentary. so did new york landscape architect lori davis. >> my life just was completely changed after that. >> reporter: and how. lori gave up her job and moved
8:36 am
to arkansas to help and in 1999, she married damien echols. >> she's like a living breathing miracle in human form. >> reporter: despite the support, the three men have been denied new trials by arkansas courts. >> do you feel a sense of the clock ticking? >> oh, yeah. >> you know that sometimes when someone from hollywood takes a stand on an issue, he can be dismissed or sometimes accused of doing it for publicity. sgr yeah. i'm a big publicity hound. if they try to make me squirm that's nothing compared to what these guys have had to deal with for the last 16 years. >> what is most shocking about this case is how little evidence there is. there is no physical evidence, none, the ties connect the map to the crime scene.
8:37 am
they didn't follow the evidence to the killer. >> so is there any evidence that links someone else? >> it has been 16 year, but they now have? dna. it's not conclusive, but it does point to a person that the police never interviewed. we talked to that person in our show. but most important is that new dna does not connect to any of the three convicted men. >> in the meantime, time is of the essence because one of them is on death row. >> absolutely. there is no actual execution date scheduled, but he could be executed if he doesn't get a new trial. >> erin, thank you so much. we will look for that story this saturday, "48 hours mystery," a cry for innocence. don't miss that tomorrow night at 10:00, 9:00 central. now back over to harry. now from mystery to music. as many of us know, itunes has changed the way people listen to music. and after just seven years, it is celebrating a milestone that would make mcdonald's jell husband, their 10 billionth download. in the lead up to the occasion,
8:38 am
apple announced $10,000 in free music to the lucky downloader. but the song wasn't lady gaga or black eyed peas. it was classic country. ♪ you asked me if i'll miss her ♪ johnny cash's 1958 hit "guess things happen that way." the winner, also a classic, 71-year-old louie sulcer of woodstock, georgia. a retired grandfather of nine. >> this is a neat little gadget. >> who was given an ipad in an know as a birthday gift last october. >> the phone rang and my wife looked at it and it said apple. >> sulcer almost hung up when he heard what the caller said. >> congratulations, this is steve jobs of apple. and i said right. you're not steve jobs. >> in fact, it was. and he wasn't the only famoe on
8:39 am
on the line. he said i want to introduce row san cash to you, johnny cash's daughter. . and she said we're so proud that the winning pick was one of my dad's songs.and she said we're t the winning pick was one of my dad's songs. >> i guess things happen that way. joining us now is senior music editor from us weekly. how interesting is it that in the age of this dramatic change over just a few years, the person who gets the 10 billionth song is 70 years old. >> and a grandfather of nine. yeah, he's not the typical itunes demo, which is the most fascinating thing about this. besides the fact that the song is called "guess things happen that way." the song is about things falling out like that. and it's very interesting because susan boyle was like a recording phenomenon because these are this older demo who actually buy a physical cd at a store. and itunes has been embraced by the younger audience as evidenced by the top five itunes
8:40 am
downloads, this which are the black eyed peas, lady gaga, not artists that 70-year-old listen to. >> had will is no record store to go to anymore, so these people say, you know, if you can't beat them, join them. so there they are and it really is kind of interesting how demographically the thing has changed so much. does it surprise you 10 billion songs in seven years? >> it's a little surprising. and it's happened very fast. but if you look at technology as a whole, it's transformed our society like that, so quickly. but it's very interesting. like you said, it's like a whole part of our culture has gone. we don't go out to record stores anymore on the weekends and go through records and discover music that way. it's all online. you youtube something to find out if you want to hear it or something. and then you download it, tough it i you have it instantly. on the other hand, this is much
8:41 am
easier than ever of course. >> if there's 10 billion in seven rear, the next 10 billion will come in a shoert time theoretically. >> this is pot where it's going to stop. we could have 3d videos that could you download and not even have to go to concerts anything more. anything can happen, but it's amazing. >> and just for the record, i want to go through the top pif downloads again because these are from the last year, right? it's black eyed peas and who else? >> lady gaga, she totally came through the internet. the black eyed peas, another one, boom boom pa, jason miraz, and cold play which was of course a massive hit. >> interesting to gind out if any of those songs are on that
8:42 am
guy's ipod. >> maybe they were the free ones that come. you never know. >> and 10 billion, $10,000 free -- i mean -- they should have done better than that. apple, they're loaded. all right. thanks. >> more will come, i'm sure. now here's maggie. when people see one of those late night infomercial, they on which ask right after they pull out their credit cards sdw the product really work. beauty editor of "allure" magazine decided to check out some of the popular beauty products as seen on tv. >> good morning. >> i'm glad you're putting these to the test. i've been curious about a couple of these. >> we wanted to see what's really worth sending your money on and what you may want to keep your money in your pocket for. >> this is the one that claims to be like a magnet that pulls out your air in. >> it's an electrical tweezer that pulls out many hairs at once. so you can imagine what that feels like.
8:43 am
>> into the gonot a good feelin. >> no, not pleasant at all. here's what it does. it has not so fun sound either. it does -- >> does it hurt? >> it does work. it will pull the hairs out. we found out it doesn't pull out little tiny one, but it pulled out the big ones. we tried it on our bikini lines and our upper lip. we survived. it hurts, but it works. for me, i'm a baby. i'm passing. but if pain is your thing, go for it. >> okay. the ped egg. i'm a fan. >> in kaes you're ncase you're it's supposed to get rid of the calluses on your feet. it's basically a cheese greatat for your feet. but everything is contained on the other side of the egg.
8:44 am
it works as well as any pedicure we've ever had. >> sometimes a little spill out. >> yeah, keep it in the bathroom. >> this is called the split ender. and the split ender was created for people who don't want to -- who want to grow their hair out but want to get arrived the split ends. this claims it it will get rid of all of them. >> so it looks like if wot work like a flat iron. >> yes. we tried it. does work. it will cut like a quarter to an eighth of an inch off the ends of your hair. however, it misses tons of split ends. so for me, not worth it. >> you don't want to get that wrong. >> right. and it makes a scary sound, too. >> so what is this one? >> in-styler. had is very cool. we were all in love with this. >> i've never seen this. >> it gets hot. basically it's like a kurlg icu
8:45 am
iron. when you're going over your hair, it almost polishes your hair. it will give you incredible shine. just bring it down and it straightens and bring as lot of shine to your hair. it really works. we were introduced to it at a morning show where a hairstylist was using it in the green room. >> so it straight bes and it shines? >> what's nice about it is you'll get less friction than you would with a flat iron, so a little bit less damage. >> and can i confess, i secretly kind of want to use this last one. >> you should try it. >> your inner sarah palin. she still uses them. she's rumored to use help. if it you have not seen it the bump it commercial, then you've been live under a rock. they're little plastic combs that bump your hair up. so if you want a nice poce poof
8:46 am
do, they really do stay in. personally, i think the more subtle one, the little one in the front, is the within that i like. the big ones to me made you look like a cone head, but i think some of your staff actually tried them. >> we have a couple of cone heads in the control room. randy looks very stylish. i like that look on randy. they look quut. maybe a bit exaggerated on the bump. >> you really have to be careful how do you it. say you wanted the snooky poof. very -- >> give me a thumbs up or down, ladies. like it or don't like it she has the peace sign. she was working it. >> but they're great. they work. they're an easy way to get big hair if you want it. and they're inexpensive. like $10. >> so if you like the look, it works. >> and you won't be damaging your hair. >> thank you so much. now here's harry.
8:47 am
there's a little look down on our broadcast area. see the big cube there? that's the apple store. snow days can be great for kids but a nightmare for parents. here with some clever ideas on how to keep your kids busy, it's time to play magazine's shannon eis. >> good morning. >> these look like fun. snow or no snow. so what did tu do heyou did her? >> this is just food coloring and water and it turns your snow into a palette. like a canvas, if you will. we have kids having some fun. >> how school that look. right on top -- look at that. right. that looks cool. do you want to switch is this you're tir
8:48 am
you're tired of the blue? you know what, don't eat the yellow this you're tired of the blue? you know what, don't eat the yellow snow. so this is good. i like this a lot. >> this is stuff you have sitting around the house. next, another household item, this will be your snowball arsenal. just take a half of an egg carton, make your snowballs and you're ready and i'm going to arm you. >> no one has ever thrown a snowball the size of an egg, i'm sorry. >> that's true. >> this are baby snowballs. there you go. >> still works. >> and this is cool. >> this is tic-tac snow. use your twigs or pine cones. simple game. keeps them busy. >> look into the camera and just say tic-tac snow. it will be all the rage. >> we have to seat some snow, so you have to work with fresh
8:49 am
fallen snow. and really the recipe for success for kids is just a lot of sugar and -- >> is that what that is? >> this is just sugar. and then just do a bunch of milk. you'll eat this. >> yes, i am. you better believe i am. >> here is some vanilla. >> so snow, sugar. >> and vanilla and milk. and then had you get it to the consistency you want. but really i think it's ready for you. >> i think you're right. this looks good. >> yes? >> you know, after a tough game of tic-tac snow, there's nothing i like better than -- what is this? >> just sugar snow. >> that's good. i like that. your kids will be so happy. >> and every snowflake is different, so a really great activity for kids is to take a black piece of construction paper of some sort and you can actually take a magnifying glass and look at --
8:50 am
>> we didn't do it this with a magnifying glass, but we did do had with kids. do kids know that now that every snowflake is different? >> they're teaching it in school, but it takes a little patience. i don't know if you're catching any. and there's a lot of great books that kids can read before they go outside. look how cute these kids are. these are happy children. >> oh, he got me? >>. >> shannon eis, thank you so much. we'll be right back. you're watching g ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:51 am
8:52 am
welcome back. this is what it's come to. harry smith and maggie getting pummeled by these children on the plaza. take your best shots. >> that's really not smart. what's on the saturday "early show"? >> we have our job summit.
8:53 am
a little bit less acrimonious than the health care superintendent it, but we'll talk to everybody about how to strefrp the dollar, the dos and made with 100% lean meat and a full serving of veggies. for $5.00 in money saving coupons go to awesome. campbell's chunky soup. when lunch rolls around.... eat right at work. 100% lean meat and a full serving of veggies. campbell's chunky sirloin burger soup.
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8:55 am
cnet. >> a couple of things. a look at the first warning. you can see the storm that is now into connecticut and a way from long island. look at that counterclockwise rotation. you can just see the affecting weather. it is from the southern canadian maritime down to milwaukee down to -- let me take a closer look here. that is a scan showing moisture. here is the doppler scan.
8:56 am
you see the intensity is not quite as punchy, if you will. indeed, we have the blowing snow and well throughout. take a look at the wins. 32 miles an hour. we add that to 44. the wind is pretty much kind of mashing down. we will keep a wind advisory in effect. slow diminishing winds through the afternoon. we will take these sunshowers out of the outlook. thirty-eight will be the high today. a very windy. come on back one second and we will throw it to don. >> through the morning we have talked how this is not bad enough to keep you from going from work. i did get an email from a viewer just north of the mason dixon line. >> you get out into the rural area and life can be a little bit nicer. keep that in mind as you go about your business. >> wherever you are, those wins
8:57 am
-- those wins. >> bge says they are ready for power outages but high winds could stop the repair efforts. city and power crews are prepared but they are not sure how widespread problems will be. the big concern is falling trees on power lines and traffic signals going out. they say when winds get above 25 miles an hour, it is dangerous for crews to get into the trucks. even some flights going south are stranded. back to you. >> thank you very much. lawmakers with the testimony out a medical marijuana issue. if passed, the measure would allow pharmacies to distribute marijuana with written positions -- britain
8:58 am
consent. maryland's news station. updates available all ,,,,,,,,,,
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