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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  February 28, 2010 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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earthquake aftermath. the death toll in chile rises over 700. good evening everyone, i'm adam may. luters are now counter acting some recovery efforts. >> reporter: in the largest chilean city there's been widespread looting, right in front of tv crews. >> reporter: this woman cries that she is taking milk for her children. people in concepcion say they have no food. now chile's government has been called in to provide relief help . the number of missing
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continues to rise. shortly after announcing they would not need help, the chilean president says, they will accept help. the first things they will need are field hospitals and more search and rescue teams. they hope to relieve the hardest hit spots. a curfew is now in place in hope of restoring order to those areas shattered in the quake. but with 1.5 million homes damaged, many chilean's will spend another night sleeping out on the street. at the united nations, karen brown, wjz news. >> today chile's president has
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announced supermarket basics will be given away for free along with water. and we have more on that airplane that came down and nearly missed two homes. the pilot was the only person on board the plane when it struck some trees and then crashed just a few feet away from two homes. jury deliberations are set to resume tomorrow. in prince george's county, wjz stays on that story tonight. derek valcourt has more. >> reporter: now the man says he was not racing but he was in the car. and the judge says that makes
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his just as responsible. >> those people were hit like bowling pins. >> reporter: proctor's son gregory survived the accident after weeks in the hospital. he even testified as a witness about what he remembered happened on the night that eight other people he was standing with was killed by bullocks car which police say was going 100 miles per hour. >> i'm having nightmares. >> reporter: he's upset that taylor still has not apologized for his role in the accident. >> i know i would have if i was in that situation, but other people are different. >> everybody makes mistakes in their lives, just tell the truth and move on with it. i don't think we would have been here today if the truth had been told from the beginning. >> reporter: tavon's attorney says his client just seemed to
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happen on the scene. >> he was target because of his immaturity and lack of experience in dealing with law enforcement. >> reporter: but police say evidence including security camera video from the near barreta school proves he was driving that evening. the jury will resume their deliberations tomorrow morning. we're live, derek valcourt, wcz news. >> the other defendant in that case, darren brahn is scheduled to plea tomorrow. police are looking for a 14- year-old who disappeared on her way home on friday. johnson was last seen in her mother's home on north bethel street.
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she's described as a black female, 4'11", about 125-pound. we've seen a mix of clouds, sun even a mix of precipitation. today taking a live look outside right now it's partly cloudy start to the night. so what's next? bob turk is filling in for bernadette woods. >> a few places had a quick showers then disappeared. right now we had one little snow shower, it is now off to the south. looks like most part, most areas will see partly cloudy skies tonight. some areas will see light flurries. tomorrow a beautiful day, believe it or not, close to 53. >> that will be a great change, bob. thanks. we have an update on a young girl who touched a lot of
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people's lives. now today her parents are holding a fundraiser for other children. jesse hall's parents say she is recovering quite well. >> jesse is doing quite well tonight. she hasn't had a surgery since september, she's doing the things kids do. >> for more information on how you can help, an for more information on the procedure, you can log on to our website wj wjz's don scott mced the
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event. -- a shopping trip turns dangerous, gunshots ring out at a tennessee shopping mall and suddenly a security officer becomes a victim. peta is getting involved, sea world's killer show is back up and running. but the animal right's organization says is wrong with that picture. fine wine delivered right to your door, for now it's illegal in maryland, but a group wants to change that. why they are seeing some opposition, it's coming right up. ,,,,,,
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a day at work for a tennessee mall security guard turned deadly after a vie will not brawl. police in memphis are still searching tonight for a suspect accused of killing a security guard on saturday. witnesses saw several shots fired and then case erupted. >> i know i ducked down and the guy that i was buying a perfume from ducked down. people were running everywhere and screaming. it was pretty scary. >> reporter: the judge was shot in the head and rushed to the hospital. the suspect fled the scene and has not been caught at this point. the animal rights group peta is asking sea world to
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stop keeping animals in captivity and one animal spoke up today. >> for year, people have been calling on sea world to stop making them perform these silly tricks. and it's not surprising at all that these large intelligent animals lash out. >> reporter: opposition from many animal rights activists comes at dawn branchae was attacked and killed by a sea world orlando orca. 2,000 people attended the performance saturday. the president's team of doctors say he's still smoking occasionally, has tendinitis in his knees and needs to eat a little better to bring down his cholesterol. the 48-year-old doesn't have to
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back to another doctor's visit until his 50th birthday. a 10-cent fair increase has been applied. in tonight's wjz pump watch report, the snow is melting, that caused the price at the pump to jump. right now the roads are clear and driving more. still far away from what we were paying years ago. new efforts tonight by a maryland consumer group to throw out the state ban on wine sales. the campaign has support from
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winery, stores and t buyers. >> reporter: online sales have opened the line for all sorts of sales, but one is out. >> you can buy books, dvds, anything. but if you were to order a bottle of wine, you would be going to jail. >> reporter: he plans to ask lawmakers to get rid of the shipping rate for wine. >> most marylanders don't realize that legislators determine what they drink, unless they hear from consumers about this issue and say, enough is enough. 85% of american wineries don't sell in the state of maryland and i want to be able to access them, then it will remain the status quo. >> reporter: under a proposed law, an adult signature will be required before wine is delivered to homes. but some lawmakers fear teens will still be able to have wine
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shipped to them. this time a list of lawmakers have signed on. buyers too. >> i lived in multiple states over the past few years, most of the states have allowed people to purchase wine across the line. >> i think it's pretty archaic. i don't see how that's different from a lot of other products that people enjoy. and certainly help maryland's wine industry. if we can show off maryland's wine to more states. >> reporter: local wineries agree. >> there's no way to expand your business unless you go online. most have the capabilities but don't turn them on because they can't ship to most counties in maryland.
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>> reporter: in baltimore, i'm gigi barnett, wjz news. >> maryland is one of three states that do not allow online shipping of wine. my grandma would like it if that was fixed, she lives in phoenix and she loves bordie wine. >> local, it's great. it's been pretty mild out there. most of the day. even though it was snowing and raining. barometer way back up, we'll be back with a lolo are you making it easier for bacteria to grow on your dentures? you are if you use toothpaste instead of soaking them in polident toothpaste is abrasive on dentures look, scratches where bacteria can collect and grow and bacteria can cause bad breath that's why i recommend replacing toothpaste with polident only polident is proven to clean without scratching and kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria don't scratch your dentures clean
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we've had a few rain showers in the region. snow flakes quickly moved through the region. 41 now here, 27 the cold spot. those snow showers and rain showers pretty much done for the time being. looks like we're pretty much done with that, at least for
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the next couple of days. it's been a little bit breezy today, and tomorrow we're going to be dealing with a bit of a breeze, and pressure continues to go way to the north. the system that may or may not affect us is over southern arizona this afternoon. at this point, most the models have it across virginia and the carolinas, they are moving quickly up to sea. maybe a little rain or snow mixture, late tuesday night and wednesday. all depends on the exact track. right now i'm not too convinced we'll get a whole lot out of it. stay with us tomorrow, into early tuesday and we'll be careful where it is expected to go. some spots get near 50 degrees tomorrow, and then late tuesday into wednesday.
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that system down to our south, the models showing you pretty well south. it may spill over to our region. you have to keep your eyes peeled. looks like the southern storm track will keep it just far enough away from us, we'll get rain down here. you might even see some more. this is unbelievable. more snow in atlanta and some of the northern sections of georgia, alabama, tennessee. if that storm passes to our south, enough air to give those folks a little bit of rain. the storm heads out to sea, these two streams have to phase. right now it doesn't look like it's going to happen. a little gusty and a small craft advisory through the afternoon. northwest 15 to 20 knots. tonight then, eventually partly cloudy down to 30. so we'll get just below freezing tomorrow. a lot of sunshine, up to 47- degree. we'll take it, the next five
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days, tuesday increasing clouds. 44, wednesday may be a rain- snow mixture 38. even if it snows it will probably likely melt. partly cloudy skies here on friday. our normal high by the end of the week is 50 degrees. >> stan just wawa,,,,
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hello everybody, what a difference a day makes in sarasota, florida. where today's masn solicits opinion on the birds. beautiful weather in the bird's
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camp. >> he doesn't recognize it when i see it, i think a lot of fans think we made progress from 2008 to 2009, even though the number of wins diminished during that time. we introduced a large quantity of players. i would like to see us make more collective progress this year and win more games and start to show that upward movement in the standings. >> reporter: birds open their season, tuesday april 6 at tampa bay. the curtain soon to be drawn on the winners. the u.s. lost to canada. yesterday, what an exciting finish during women's speed skaters yesterday. photo finish gets germany at
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the top of the win. germany wins by 1/100 of a second. that's tough. and maryland ladies were home. terps got matched up discarded by florida state. florida state can shoot the three pointer. brenda should grin. despite 23 from tutang, she's 6'3". she's from france. meantime want some high drama, high anxiety, here's some stress cocktail for you. late in louisville. that's the knock out punch, 78- 76 yukon. the old college try, not good.
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unranked louisville beats utah for the second time in a month, 78-76. >> wow i think i almost saw rick petino smile about that. >> he hasn't had much do smile about lately. basketball is an oasis to him. a violent storm hits the southwest. be sure to watch cbs's drama cold case. that's immediately followed by wjz eyewitness news at 7:00. more than two dozen maryland mayors came together to sky dive out of a plane with
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the knight parachute team. each was paired with a sky diver for the dive. and finally bacon lovers in hog heaven at the bacon fest in iowa this weekend. during the event, some 1300 bounds of ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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