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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  March 21, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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like nats in there. they keep swarming. holmes. he's a fun player to watch. mike: he can also give you double figures scoring as well. last eight games, 10 1/2 points. they need to have him come alive. tim: smith pops out for three. middleton the rebound. mike: nothing coming easily for texas a&m. they have had to hammer away in the half court and every possession has been hard fought. tim: i think mark turgeon realizes that without bryan davis in there his team is not as effective on the post.
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loubeau gets the feed from sloan. you sense loubeau is going to be a factor. mike: no question. that was a good swing to the basketball that time. tim: loose ball. turner comes out with it and gives it up for sloan. gets it back from sloan. yes, and a foul! aggies come storming back. mike: sloan has really been a playmaker. nice give-up that time. the second-tier guys for a&m. scoring inside. this is what they did the first mint -- minutes of the half when they were starting to pull away from purdue. tim: texas a&m answering that 15-2 run by going inside. bryan davis back on the floor. kramer sits down for purdue.
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barlow is back into the game. also, hibbert is back on the floor for action tm and dash harris as well. that was a bad pass by moore. sort of nonchalant it at the feet of sell -- kelsey barlow and that's a turnover. byrd almost had it picked but his hands are so good he was able to regather. amaechi he does a lot off the dribble for a big man. tim: jajuan johnson answered the 8-0 aggie run. 50-48, texas a&m.
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davis. again, drawing a lot of help. mike: they're not allowing johnson to stay there by himself. tim: moore gives it up to byrd. but doesn't get it to go. on the deck, hibber. got a time-out. smart play by hibbert.
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[the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of the national captioning institute, inc., which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any transcription or for any errors in transcription.] [captioning made possible by cbs sports, a division of cbs broadcasting, inc.] mike: even kramer hitting a three. he's in double first. they're getting maximum effort from sh. tim: and it's about points in the paint and the aggies are leading in that category, 18-4.
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yeah, that's more than geico and progressive combined. by a lot. 40 million drivers. more savings. and discounts up to 40%. where else you gonna get discounts like that? call an agent at 1-800-state-farm or go online. greg g.: greg gumbel in new york. xavier and pitt. down under three minutes now. this is terrell holloway of
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xavier. 2:40 to play. xavier leading pittsburgh 61-56. back to spokane. tim: all right, greg, thank you. and you knew that jeramey dixon's club would hang in. what a remarkable job he's done. you lose players like sam young, levance fields and yet his team on the brink of another sweet 16. mike: built a program, not a lot of mcdonald's all-americans but toughness and defense and scrap. tim: very much like these two teams. mike: very impressive offensive half for purdue. 9-14, shooting 3-5 from behind the arc. this will only be the third and fourth free throw attempts of the half, though.
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tim: franklin central high school in indianapolis, indiana for jajuan johnson. would love to get back there. ncaa march madness on demand is streaming every game for free. watch any game from the tournament live at much different second half for jajuan jackson. we mentioned kramer's points and most have come in transition, mike, but one thing that you can constantly understand with him is he's the energizing bunny for this team. loubeau has his pocket picked by keiton grant.
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numbers. moore. off the window. mike: moore, a little solo fake. put the dribble down, got himself under control. because of that, got himself in balance and was able to finish. tim: first points in this half for e'twaun moore. holmes. grant runs down the rebound. [whistle] tim: and the push by holmes. obviously moore had an advantage in that matchup. mike: here's the steal and there's that one dribble getting by sloan. tim: davis, la bo,e holmes,
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nash, harris back on the floor. mike: a lot of time, a player gets it on steals or blocks but kramer is truly a great defensive player. he walks guys down. whoever has the hot hand is who he gets. tim: davis with a up and under move. crameer is like that free safety in this football, like a rover back. i asked him and he said yeah, the coach lets him free wheel depending on the matchup. what a move. davis flopped and jajuan johnson went in with a farble for -- facial for someone who was on the ground. mike: no call by the referee. tim: 53-50 purdue.
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sloan gives it up to davis. the loose ball between away and threaten the rejection by johnson. barlow. greg g.: greg gumbel in new york. in milwaukee, xavier leading pittsburgh by five. 55 seconds to play. let's listen in. >> 53. left on the clock. greg g.: let's send you back and we'll bring you back when they resume play. mike: jajuan johnson starteding to become a factor on the defensive end. tim: texas a&m is scoreless in the last 3:39. this game has been all about runs by either team. grant! 55-50 purdue.
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mike: second steal for him in the last couple of possessions. time-out! 4:24 remaining. greg g.: xavier and pitt coming out of a time-out. five-point difference. 53 seconds to play. >> i think because of the shot clock he's got to play this series out right here. >> and xavier trying to seal it. 13 to shoot. jim: you just can't reach out and foul. [whistle] ian: the foul called. it benefited xavier as pitt
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allowed them to use clock and then gave the foul anyway. jim: absolutely. one grab and then another from the shirt from the other side. ian: and terrell holloway. we told you about gibbs' prowess at the free-throw line. holloway led the atlantic 10 in free-throw shooting during the regular season. 85%. it's a five-point lead for xavier. one-and-one. holloway. the lead is six. each team with one time-out remaining. two free throws for holloway. it's 67-60, xavier. jim: instead of 50 seconds it's only 35.
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you you have to look quick. woodall. bouncings off of mclean out of bounds with 30.2 left on the clock. jim: unless they get a quick hitter going to the basket, you need a three. ian: woodall will toss it in. musketeers 30 seconds away from a sweet 16 berth. a three! gilbert brown nails it! 27. left on the clock. 67-63. hold on. we're not done in milwaukee.
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tim: pittsburgh is out of time-outs. we have 27. left here. xavier leading third-seeded pitt 67-63. musketeers with the basketball after the three-pointer from gilbert brown of the panthers.
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jim: the entry pass is key. you want to get your good free throw shooters, crawford, holloway around the basketball, making sure they're coming to the basketball and then a quick double-team if you're pitt. ian: on a bounce to holloway. back to crawford. playing keepaway. 24.5 remaining and crawford a 77% shooter will head to the line. jim: xavier did the right thing initially. they got the ball to holloway. so good coaching, stretching this game. and as we've seen a million times before. all the strategies go right out the window if you hit free throws. ian: and crawford is now 4-4 from the line.
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lyons checks in, replacing redford. chris mack, what an impressive coaching legacy at xavier. and now mack is closing in on a second-round victory for the musketeers. 27 for crawford. 69-6 3. brown another three, and he drills it! jim: same message if your pitt right now. ian: 16.9 left on the clock. out of bounds! they'll change it. the initial call from the referee -- jim: pitt now has to regroup. forget about the call. ian: and it was the right call. jim: so now pitt has to regroup and think. same exercise for them.
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ian: both teams are out of time-outs. possession arrow favors xavier. 15.9 remaining and the musketeers leading pitt 69-66. jim: i always think that's huge. ian, you have obviously the strategy but the xavier possession arrow. you tell your guys if you get the ball entered inbounds and you're in trouble, put the ball under your shirt and let's try it again. ian: they nearly turned it over on the last inbounds try then they were forced to use a
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time-out. jim: so good shooters come to the ball. ian: tim valentyn with an extended chat to jamie dixon. he'll hand the ball to crawford, who will toss it in. 15.9 remaining. jim: very, very tough to enter this ball. you're probably going to try to come up the sideline. [whistle] ian: got it in. holloway is fouled. 14.3 left on the clock and terrell holloway is going back to the free-throw line. 85% shooter. jim: that is a terrific call by chris mack but watch how tough this one is. that ball starts to curve back and i think holloway was thinking that same point. i'm just going to catch and it see what happens because i know i'm going to get fouled. ian: gilbert brown has fouled out. 14 points, all in the second half, back-to-back three's to
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make this one interesting. dixon comes in to replace him. holloway at the line. he is 3-3 tonight. 11 points for the musketeers' point guard. jim: that one is huge. ian: two-possession game now. no time-outs least -- left for xavier or pitt. second one is good! 71-66. panthers running out of time. 10 seconds left. down the lane, woodal lays it in with 7. 2. it's a three-point game. crawford comes to the ball with 8.2 left on the clock. jim: everybody is looking for the grabs.
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[whistle] ian: it will be a foul given. dante jackson, an 81% shoot we are 6.9 showing on the clock. jim: chris mack and company really found their good shooters at the free-throw line. to give pitt credit right now, they did just about everything they could to give themselves opportunities for a bounce or two but xavier did a better job of getting their shooters to the line and obviously this one here is the huge one. ian: first trip to the line tonight. short. and the window is still open for pitt. jim: all those times you practice at the line thinking i want to win a game. ian: pivotal one here. rims out. woodall. five seconds remaining. pitt rushes it ahead. gibbs for the tie, no! [buzzer] ian: knocked out of bounds. that's it. the musketeers move on to the
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sweet 16 with an exclamation point. the officials will take a look at the clock. if it stands it's a 71-68 win for xavier. jim: boy did he ever get a good look right here. in traffic, pulls off. just off left. and let's see if there's any time. ian: ooh, they might put .2 up. and who touched it last? jim: that's a question too but if there is any time left you can't get a shot off. it's just a flip and an attempt. ian: it's out of bounds on the baseline. jim: right there. they might put a .4 up there. ian: it looks that way. this one isn't over. jim: so now, obviously with the three, you got to have some
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catch and coss -- toss. it's possible by rule. highly unlikely but anything can happen. jamie dixon was all over there. he knew that there was time. did you see how fast he gapped that clipboard to set something up? greg g.: we'll keep you updated. let's take you to spokane, half a minute to play. mike: shot clock is off. tim: e'twaun moore with a one-2004 four set and an opportunity to -- one-four set and an opportunity to punch purdue's ticket to houston. moore, the other option, loose
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ball. and it's a time-out taken by a&m. did they get it? i believe they did with .1 remaining. they did get possession with 1.1 remaining. it appeared we would have a tie ball. mike: yeah, we were shielded from it. davis got the polka way. ah looks like somebody's a winner. ha, not me! cause shipping is a hassle. different states, different rates. not with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. so shipping for the chess champ in charleston is the same as shipping for the football phenom in philly? yep. so i win! actually, i think you deserve this. no, i deserve this. wow, got one of those with a mailman on top? priority mail flat rate box shipping starts at $4.95, only from the postal service.
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tim: tim brando, mike gminski. officials are looking at the clock to determine how much time should tim: for now, texas a&m about 20, 25 feet up the floor for this inbounds pass. mike: that's the good news. because of where the tie-up took place it's going to be equal you to that on the sidelines. tim: there's the time-out. mike: that's where it was signaled for. not when it might have been rewarded which is when the clock stops. tim: another incredible defensive stand for texas a&m. that guy has been the catalyst. mike: it's been bryan davis. he got the poke-away on that last place as well. dash harris getting on the floor. it was b.j. holmes who came in late for the tie-up. tim: duke has advanced. xavier was able to hold off
7:28 pm
pittsburgh and move forward. mike: the key thing here, texas a&m out of time-outs right now so they have to get it in. tim: the winner of this game will advance to take on the duke blue devils in the sweet 16 in houston, something that the aggie faithful have been salivating over for quite some time. i give a lot of credit there to texas a&m getting the steal. mike: it look like he first signaled for the time-out at 1. . tim: b.j. holmes all over the place and brian davis i believe was the player that did call the time-out. wise choice on his part. they are still looking at the monitors and have not changed their minds are regard to the time left on the clock. i believe it should be right around where it is. again, where is it signaled?
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you see the official running up at 1. 18. i believe that's where it was. great move on the part of dash harris. let's go to new york for an update. greg g.: all right, tim. while they're settling things in spokane, this is how xavier and pitt wound down. pittsburgh's last gasp attempt comes up short. xavier is in the sweet 16. tim, back to you in spokane. tim: all right, greg. huge win for the musketeers and how good was that league all year, huh? mike: a-10, absolutely. tough. they're going to leave it at 1. 18. plenty of time for a catch and shoot. -- 1.1. tim: time-out remaining for purdue. painter is going to take it. ♪
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spokane. back with overtime in spokane. who gets to houston? honda accord and toyota camry stand behind their powertrain for up to 60,000 miles. chevy malibu stands behind theirs for up to 100,000 miles. which makes it pretty clear whose standing out front. a consumers digest "best buy" two years running. chevy malibu. compare it to anyone and may the best car win.
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now, qualified lessees get a low mileage lease on this 2010 malibu ls for around $199 a month. call for details. see your local chevy dealer. tim: tonight on cbs, it's all new, beginning with "60 minutes" followed by new open seeds of "the amazing race." "undercover boss" and "cold case." tim brando, mike gminski, our finale for the sweet 16 going into overtime now between texas a&m and purdue. both teams exhausted their time-outs in regulation and get one as we head to overtime. texas a&m has not been able to get a three ball to drop in the second half. all their points coming in the
7:33 pm
paint. purdue closing out regulation with no scoring in the last 4:30 minutes. mike: relying on their defense and it's been a game of runs. tim: won't two for johnson. the rebound to loubeau. do you sense an advantage at all because of the size and perhaps depth of texas a&m here? mike: that's what you would think but you never want to bet against the resolve that purdue has shown in this game. tim: an example of it right there. jajuan johnson get into the passing lane. mike: just a lazy pass inside. tim: jackson following his own shot. that was tipped away. b.j. holmes gives it up to harris. dash. mike: dash harris cleaning up the court as he through in the ball. tim: holmes and harris have tremendous quickness.
7:34 pm
louis johnson undersized as is kramer. but bryan davis and loubeau would seem to be the advantage for texas a&m. especially in the last five minutes. right on queue. mike: he looks very fresh inside. there's not much that johnson physically can do with him. tim: purdue missed eight straight during that period where they could note get a bucket to close out regulation. to kramer and he puts it through. kramer now with 13. mike: good play out of the double team. it allowed kramer to get a look from the weak side. tim: earlier today michigan state winning at the buzzer. korie lucious. it may come down to that again. the winner of this game will advance to take on duke who
7:35 pm
defeated california out of the pac-10 earlier. sloan on moore with eight to shoot. harris, what a delivery! with flash from dash to davis. mike: he's a pass-first point guard but he drew things in and davis has been outstanding in this game. 17 points, 13 rebounds. [whistle] tim: and kramer takes it right in and it looks like davis is hurt. mike: he banged knees right there. that's a beautiful pray pa -- play. with harris you have to make him finish because he makes too many big decisions. the shot clock isify flying at him and -- shot blockers flying at him and that opened up the front of the rim for bryan davis. tim: called by his coaches the grand slam of d. seth davis calls him a blue
7:36 pm
guy. as you mentioned, mike, donald sloan understands that. you think he's going to be seeing him in his sleep tonight. mike: not only that but we talked about we felt he needed to be a double-figure scorer in this game. 15 points for kramer, seven rebounds. tim: tied again with 2:30 remaining. sloan working against grant. in the shot clock under 10. sloan for three. ball was last touched by loubeau for texas a&m. it belongs to purdue.
7:37 pm
and ryan smythe will reenter the game. lewis jackson takes a seat. one of the reasons why jackson likely to sit at the end of games, his inability to make free throws. mike: he and kelsey barlow usually don't play at the end of games but because of the injury to hummel they're forced to. tim: jackson took six free throws at the end of the season, only made two of them. kramer working on loubeau. not there. bryan davis, the rebound. kramer lost his shoe. literally playing on a sock. inside loubeau, the jump hook. and they've got to give kramer time to get the shoe back on. mike: that was a solid play by loubeau because he had johnson on him. normally in this stretch it had
7:38 pm
been kramer guarding him. tim: graves and kramer, both four point in the overtime. and a time-out with 1:18 remaining. aggies by two. love to get clos home for the sweet 16.
7:39 pm
mike: bryan davis has been very impressive in this game, both ends of the floor. making his presence felt defensively and he's been assertive on the offensive end as well. a couple of dunks by harris there. a double-double for him. 17 points, 14 rebounds. tim: texas a&m has a time-out remaining. five points in the first half, 1 in the and he could and overtime. his uncle barry is the director of student athlete development. how broward to you think he is of that young man? mike: he's been terrific and really stepped up.
7:40 pm
their bigs had to be dominant in this game. tim: e'twaun moore pulls up and knocks it home. tied at 61-61 with 60 seconds left. mike: drove harris down then took a step back to give him some separation. tim: dash harris looking for sloan. finds him. e'twaun moore. the floater doesn't go. [whistle] davis again. how about that play? the arrow is to texas a&m. ryne smith got right in his face and it was all leather. mike: he tried to elevate. he had it from the start. what a terrific play by smith. tim: he does not appear to be strong enough in the upper body to pull that off, but he did.
7:41 pm
mike: purdue will have six 1/2 seconds or there about on the way back. they need a good defensive stand. tim: holmes back on the floor. he's a threat. dash harris has to deal with him. he's got that wrist injury. sloan on the other wing. and you always think about davis' ability on putbacks if the ball gets on the rim for a second-chance opportunity. the late double. well done by johnson and moore. mike: time-out coming for purdue. tim: and they play on in spokane. mark turgeon not asking for the foul call although i believe davis would have loved to have gotten one. to have gotten one. ities. at the hartford, we help you pursue them with confidence.
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by preparing you for tomorrow. while protecting what you have today. you've counted on us for 200 years. let's embrace tomorrow. and with the hartford behind you, achieve what's ahead of you. ♪ ♪ [ all ] aah! aah! aah! aah! aah! [ man ] take my bag, not my money! [ man #2 ] you want an airline you can count on? [ ding ] [ man #3 ] grab your bag. it's on. >> tim: again a quick tim: a quick reminder. "60 minutes" will be seen in its entirety immediately after
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our game except on the west coast, where it will be seen at its regularly scheduled time. tim brando, mike gminski here in spokane. the last ticket to be punched for the sweet 16. purdue with the ball. just over 10 seconds left in overtime. who's going to take it? mike: maybe a twoman game with moore and johnson. tim: he got it! with 4. 2. dash harris to holmes. it's over! purdue is headed to the sweet 16. the boilermakers' little big man again. mike: kramer, 17 points, seven rebounds. that's about what robbie hummel averages on a season but he has stepped up.
7:44 pm
tim: i think he surprised walkup by going crossover. he noticed right away he had a big on him and a quickness advantage. and holmes' shot off the front iron. 17 points, six in overtime. look at this. mike: just a great, great move. we've been talking about him defensively but has he stepped up and filled the volleyed on offense. 6-10 from the field, perfect from the line. tim: the old quarterback said i want to play basketball. that means duke will be on the other end in houston. for mike gminski and our entire cbs sports crew. tim brando saying so long. [captioning made possible by cbs sports, a division of cbs broadcasting, cbs broadcasting, inc.] controlled freeze zone is a new technology... being developed by exxonmobil... to remove the co2 from the natural gas... so we can safely store it... where it won't get into the atmosphere. exxonmobil is spending more than 100 million dollars...
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to build a plant that will demonstrate this process. i'm very optimistic about it... because this technology could be used... to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly. ♪ >> greg: welcome back. greg g.: a reminder, tonight on cbs begins with another edition of 60's minute, followed by amazing race, undercover boston and "cold case." here are the thursday and friday lineups for regional semifinals in. zathe in thest with -- west, butler and syracuse followed by xavier and kansas city. in the east regional, washington-west virginia. cornell will take on kentucky.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford-- built for the road ahead. >> so how often do you go into the oval office on a daily basis? >> i've never counted, but more than eight, less than 15. >> as chief of staff rahm emanuel is involved in just about everything that happens at the white house. and it doesn't always go his way. he reportedly urged the president to settle for less ambitious health care reform.
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>> if you have your druters, would you have said let's take small irbites that are more palatable to the american people? >> my druthers is whatever the president wants. >> have you ever said to the president, i think you're wrong? >> it's been ten weeks since the earthquake in haiti and we were struck by what is still an apocalyptic landscape. one of the first things you notice is the children. there are half a million of them, living on the streets in crowded orphanages or in make-shift camps, untold thousands of kids are threatened by hunger, disease, sexual assault, and a modern day slave trade. we found that even a man rescuing hundreds of orphans was at the same time searching for his own missing 8-year-old son. >> the bryan brothers do everything in sync, you get mesmerized watching, like what they're about to return a shot,
7:52 pm
or on the sidelines between games or while practicing here near their home north of los angeles. >> we complement each other really well, you put us together we're run really good complete player. >> the bryan boys are mirror image identical twins, null one in the world in doubles and they celebrate each victory the same way. with 58 professional titles, their chest may be getting sore. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm lez list stahl. >> i'm scott simon. >> i'm morley safer. >> i'm katie couric. those stories and andy rooney tonight on "60 minutes". estions. and while it can never be fully answered, it helps to have a financial partner like northern trust. by gaining a keen understanding of your financial needs, we're able to tailor a plan using a full suite...
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>> couric: the messy, year-long battle over health care reform is finally coming down to a make or break vote. a tremendous amount of political capital has been expended to get the bill passed, and so much is riding on the outcome. behind the scenes of the negotiations has been president obama's chief of staff, rahm emanuel. the hard-charging, high-octane emanuel is a former influential congressman from chicago, who is known as an arm twister on capitol hill, an enforcer with a reputation for getting things done. he was brought into the obama administration for moments just like this. ironically, when health care reform began encountering opposition last summer, rahm emanuel reportedly urged the president to scale back his ambitious plans. if you had your druthers, would
7:56 pm
you have said, "let's take smaller bites that... that are more palatable to the american people"? >> rahm emanuel: my druthers is whatever the president wants. >> we spend one and a half times more per person on health care. >> once president obama made the decision to go forward. >> couric: once president obama made the decision to go forward with a massive overhaul of health care, his chief of staff started selling the plan. according to senior white house advisors, health care reform would have died long ago had rahm emanuel not worked the phones and prowled the halls of the capitol, pushing for support. many people have suggested spending all this time on health care reform while the economy was in such bad shape was a big mistake. >> emanuel: the president is working on the economy every day. it's not an either/or choice. >> couric: but that wasn't the impression a lot of people had, you know that. >> emanuel: i understand that. what is basically the most fiscally dangerous part of the american economic system? both its budget, what it affects-- families, small businesses is health care costs.
7:57 pm
>> couric: are you concerned that pushing health care legislation through congress without any bipartisan support is going to leave a bad taste in voters' mouths? >> emanuel: the process does not trump the product. and if we get pre-existing conditions banned as discriminatory process, if we get people who are uninsured health care that they never had, get senior citizens complete coverage of their prescription drugs... >> couric: if you do all those things, will the opposition fade? >> emanuel: yes. i... i absolutely believe that. because people will see the immediate benefit. right now, it's kind of out there. it's not touching their lives. >> couric: the bruising fight over health care contributed to president obama's sinking approval ratings, and polls show a vast majority of americans think washington is dysfunctional. do you think washington is working? >> emanuel: yeah. >> couric: so, you... you don't... >> emanuel: no. i don't, i really... >> couric: ...believe this whole premise that washington is broken? >> emanuel: i mean, look, washington can deal with these
7:58 pm
issues. if you didn't think it could, you wouldn't get out of bed at 5:00 in the morning to go attack the day. i fundamentally believe america's set up to deal with this. >> couric: why do you think the impression, though, around the country, in every news magazine you pick up, it says, "washington is broken. why can't washington get anything done?" so are you saying this isn't real? >> emanuel: let me say this-- you can get bipartisanship to get certain things done. sometimes, you will have differences, and that's not a negative. just because there's politics or principle difference doesn't mean it's a negative. it means we have fundamental philosophical policy differences. that's what elections are about, that's what governing's about, and not every... >> couric: but what if they get in the way of progress or actually getting something done? >> emanuel: no, katie, then, there's a legitimate criticism. but that's not the total picture. >> couric: the total picture, he insists, includes several bills that had bipartisan support. just this past week, the president signed a $17 billion jobs package that had the backing of 11 republican senators.
7:59 pm
>> emanuel: what i do is, every day, i start the day with a to- do list... >> couric: rahm emanuel believes his job as the white house chief of staff is to put ideas into action. >> emanuel: if you notice in this space... >> couric: his west wing office, which is bigger than the vice- president's, sits only 40 feet away from the president himself. so, how often do you go into the oval office on a daily basis? >> emanuel: you know, i've never counted, but you know, more than eight, less than 15. >> couric: but every day, you meet with him first thing in the morning when he gets in? >> emanuel: he walks in, i'll head down. we do about three minutes or four minutes. and then at the end of the day, we'll have, see, even, "stay away. stay, stay away." there's.. there's the schedule. and i'll see him-- at the end of the day, we do this thing called "wrap up." >> couric: traditionally, the chief of staff has been a gatekeeper, someone who controls access to the president. emanuel admits he isn't interested in that. he relishes giving the president his unvarnished opinion. have you ever said to the president, "i think you're


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