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tv   CBS Evening News With Russ Mitchell  CBS  May 23, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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jim: fedex cup standings, not going to have either one of these players, even with a win, crack the top 10. i knew it was going to be riveting. i didn't know there would be this much drama. nick: it is nerve wracking for these two guys. they won't be sleeping tonight without thinking, wow. i could have, should have, might have, wish i did. jim: let's get back to adams who has had to sit back and think about it for a while. he has this for a five. >> i say he jars it.
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jim: easy. >> that simplifies things, surely. jim: two-putts for the win for day. >> it had that look about it. >> i was wondering where that came from. what a day. jim: there is the lineup tonight on cbs. cbs, brooks and dunn, the last rodeo. c.s.i., special night. two-putts, that is all that it will take. blake adams lost his father on easter sunday 2004.
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sunday of the masters. the sunday that mickelson won for the first time. he wears all black as a tribute to mike adams who got blake started in golf. right in the hole. victory. what was the line you and ian came up with? >> good day mate. jim: we had a couple of weeks ago 20-year-old rory mcllroy, two days shy of 21. couple weeks down the road you have a 22-year-old winning.
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it is all part of the story that is happening this year on tour. the game is going young. and adams able to negotiate that. to share second with brian gay and overton. jason day the victor with a final hole bogey. congratulations to him. we will see you next week at the crowne plaza at colonial. nationwide insurance, hit me.
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captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: and good evening. tension is high and frustrations continue to mount along the gulf coast as the race to stop the b.p. oil spill hits another snag. here's the latest: the amount of oil being siphoned from the spill has dropped by more than one-third. the oil is creeping further into wetlands and affecting wildlife. interior intek tear ken salazar said he's frustrated and angry with b.p.'s efforts to stop the leak. we have two reports tonight beginning with mark strassmann in grand isle, louisiana. mark, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, russ. there's a lot of oil on this beach, but this community really caught a needed break today. new waves of oil mostly stayed off shore. and there was another big change on the water. grand isle told b.p. to step aside.
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shrimp boats worked the gulf, but no one was fishing. with oil all over, a fishing ban circled all of grand isle for a mile. this community is in crisis. >> we don't know how much more is coming. they didn't stop the leak. >> david camardelle is grand isle's mayor. by helicopter we toured the damage and a new phase in the cleanup. yesterday wave after wave of oil washed ashore. camardelle watched, distraught. >> i want to save my fishermen. >> reporter: and frustrated by what he calls b.p.'s inaction. >> too many chiefs. you got a representative from b.p. on this island. he can't tell me nothing. he can't pull the trigger. >> reporter: today camardelle and the locals took over. they repositioned fishing boats, mostly shrimpers, carrying booms and skimmers. does it make sense to you have who have locals who know the water running the show? >> absolutely. who knows it better than us who work it.
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absolutely. >> reporter: as soon as local leaders put out the word, local fishermen responded. there are maybe 125 boats out here in this cajun flotilla, three times as many as yesterday when residents complained that nobody seemed to be in charge. oil has hit louisiana's beaches. >> these islands are very important. >> reporter: it's its fragile marshes. bobby jindal, louisiana's governor, surveyed the damage. >> we don't want to see oil anywhere along louisiana's coast, but we especially don't want to see this oil in our fragile wetlands and our fragile ecosystem. >> reporter: bomb p. had two more setbacks today. a mile under water this tube is capturing a little more than half the oil it was a day ago. with wildlife trapped in the crisis, some birds suffering, others dying, camardelle also worries about this nearby island. a home for hundreds of nesting brown pelicans. their future as much at risk as the people of grand isle. >> it's first time in our life that we experienced something like that.
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you're realizing how valuable the water is to our livelihoods. >> reporter: this oil runs for seven miles on this beach and it comes at the worst possible time for this community. most people here from fishing or tourism, work for four months for money they will live off of all year long, and this is that critical time. right now grand isle's economy is drowning in oil. russ? >> mitchell: mark strassmann, thank you very much. and b.p. is catching new heat tonight from the white house after being slammed for being too soft on the oil company. the obama administration is sending some heavy hitters to the gulf this week. seth doane has that part of the story. >> reporter: day 33 and counting with no end in sight. streaming video of oil and gas gushing into the gulf of mexico is turning up the pressure on dry land. he was angry and frustrated with b.p.'s inability to stop the leak. >> we are 33 days into this
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effort, and deadline after deadline has been missed. >> reporter: and today b.p., which still claims it does not know exactly how much oil is spewing into the gulf, said the tube inserted to siphon some of surface is capturing less oil than it was just two days ago. independent experts believe up flooding into the gulf every day. >> i think that there's a measurement that can be made there. >> reporter: professor steve wereley is part of the government taskforce that's trying to determine the flow rates. >> one thing that people may not realize when they look at these videos is the diameter of the pipe that they're seeing in the video. the pipe diameter is almost two feet around. this is like a sewer pipe. it's gushing oil out continually. >> reporter: wereley says determining exactly how much oil is spewing out is an essential part of the cleanup effort. the obama administration is facing criticism that's only growing louder. >> you used to think this could be your administration's katrina. >> well, i think if you look
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backwhat happened in katrina, the government wasn't there to respond to what was happening. i think the difference in this case is we were there immediately. we have been there ever since. >> press secretary robert gibbs said the justice department is gathering information but would not say if a criminal investigation would be open. meanwhile, b.p., which is responsible for the cleanup, made a full-page public relations effort in today's "new york times" and will try again to plug the leak with a squad top kill, which would pump a mud mixture from the surface down to this in nearry would clog and stop the flow of oil, but, of course, there are no guarantees. >> and you see this streaming video of the leak in the corner of your screen. well, we figure that during that two-minute-long story, using after average estimate from independent experts, more than 4,000 gallons of oil poured into the gulf. that's enough to fill roughly 100 bathtubs with oil, all in just two minutes.
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tomorrow a revised official estimate is expected to be released. russ? >> mitchell: really helps put it into perspective. >> reporter: really scary. >> mitchell: fugitive cleric anwar al-awlaki. chief foreign affairs correspondent lara rogan has the latest. >> reporter: the radical muslim preacher chose not use english, his native tongue, for this propaganda message. instead the american-born cleric dressed up in yemeni tribal gear and spoke in arabic to call for the killing of american civilians and soldiers. in a video produced by the media wing of al qaeda, al-awlaki praised his student, mange nadal hassan, accused of killing 13 people at fort hood last november, and described the shooting as an heroic and wonderful act.
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white house press secretary robert gibbs responded on cbs's "face the nation," calling al-awlaki a murderous thug. >> we are actively trying to find him and many others throughout the world that seek to do our country and to do our interests great harm. >> reporter: the obama administration admitted in april that al-awlaki is on the c.i.a.'s list of targets for assassination, despite his american citizenship. >> because he's so visible, it would be very important to get him because it would send a message to radical islamists and jihadists around the world. >> so there is a section for the sisters, a section for the brothers. >> this is al-awlaki driving on the streets of america and preaching in an american mosque. before he went into hiding in yemen after the fort hood shooting. in spite of the religious freedom we enjoyed here, al-awlaki is now at war with america. he made it clear in the latest video that it's a religious war, calling president obama the leader of the war on islam and
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leader of the crusader campaign. in a commencement speech yesterday at west point just hours before the video was released, the president embraced american muslims. >> extremeextremistings want a war between americans and islam, but muslims are part of our life, including those who serve in our united states army. >> reporter: asked in a video about muslim groups who disapproved of the christmas day airline plot because it targeted civilian, al-awlaki had a chilling response. he said those who might be killed in a plane are merely a drop of water in the sea. russ? >> mitchell: lara logan, thank you very much. iran's intelligence minister asserted today the three u.s. hikers arrested last month are definitely spies. the three were allowed a brief meeting with their mothers this past week. now the incredible story of the duchess and the royal sting. sarah ferguson, the duchess of york, has been caught on tape apparently trying to -- we're
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get more. feel more. >> mitchell: and now, and this time i really mean it, the incredible story of the duchess in the royal sting. sarah ferguson, the duchess of york, has been caught on tape apparently trying to sell an undercover reporter access to her ex-husband, prince andrew. mark phillips has more. >> the former wife of one of britain's royal princes, and that's $40,000 sitting on the table in front of her, a down payment for access she says she would provide for a businessman to meet her ex-husband, but it's a setup. the businessman is actually a reporter for britain's "news of the world" newspaper, and he's got a hidden camera. the full fee being demanded $500,000 british pounds, more than $700,000.
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>> reporter: opens doors to prince andrew, fergie's ex, the queen's second son, who acts as a british trade envoy, a non--paying position. >>ly. >> sarah and andrew's marriage only lasted ten years. they divorced in 1996 but have stayed friends. sarah tells the reporter that andrew wouldn't see a penny from the deal, but that doesn't stop her. >> reporter: sarah ferguson promised she could open any door with the royal connection. here at buckingham palace had thought they long ago slammed the door on sarah ferguson and her trouble with a capital "t." they hadn't counted on her greed with a capital "g." >> when you're known for being high-spirited, you tend to attract a bit of attention. >> reporter: sarah ferguson has long been rumored to have money problems. she's been an ex-royal for hire. >> cheers. >> reporter: done commercials.
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promoted weight watchers. even appeared on sitcoms. >> it's fergie, baby! >> but there's nothing funny about the situation sarah ferguson now finds herself in. mark phillips, cbs news, london. >> mitchell: and still ahead on tonight's "cbs evening news," the montana ranch that's offering a second chance to the mon(announcer)that's acid reflux disease. it's got many faces. ugh, my heartburn won't quit-keeps coming back. and don't even bring up that... ...bad taste in my throat. yuck! and that belching... so nasty. excuse me! sound familiar? taste familiar? (announcer) if you're not getting relief from your burning, bad taste, and belching, talk to your doctor. it could be acid reflux disease. and ask about prescription aciphex. one pill works all day... ...all night. (announcer) now, you can try aciphex for free! just call 1-800-358-4062 or visit for a 14-day free trial voucher. take it to your doctor and ask if aciphex is right for you.
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the count was 1-5-5. all survived. after a few minutes, we were jumped. controversy earlier this year when a woman sent her hard-to-handle son back to russia. a ranch in big sky country of montana has a different approach. that's tonight's "sunday cover," one woman's effort to make kids from overseas adopt to home on the range. russia, 17-year-old vanna is helping a group of hungry boys prepare a campfire lunch. >> i actually like working with the kids. they actually like me a lot. >> mitchell: vanna earned this helper job after two years at the ranch for kids, last stop for troubled and violent children, most of them russian, brought to the states by
6:23 pm
adoptive families who were with fetal affects impulse control and makes children prone to violence. he spent eight rough years in a russian orphanage before being brought to america by new parents, strangers who didn't speak his language. >> i made them real mad. i flipped out and yelled at them. >> in some cases the child has tried kill the parents. maybe he's killed a family pet, molested other children, tried to burn the house down. worst-case scenarios. >> mitchell: joyce sterkel created the ranch for kids, providing 30 children with a low-stress, highly structured routine. sterkel has been observing the effects for fetal alcohol syndrome for decades. she took this video of a 14-year-old russian adoptee. no one is expected to have a homicidal child. no one is expecting that. i don't think you can be prepared for that. >> mitchell: this boy tried to kill his adoptive grandmother when he was five and was jailed
6:24 pm
three times before he was eight years old. >> they have a hidden disability. when we look at them, they look like absolutely normal children. >> mitchell: a trained staff works with kids who spend long days in class punctuated by physical activity and recreation on the weekends. they are never left alone. >> we feed livestock. we have ranch work to do. we do landscaping. we pick up rocks and sticks. we do all kinds of very boring monotonous things. >> mitchell: critics say the ranch is too idyllic and does not prepare children for the real world, but sterkel says she's teaching kids coping skills in a safe place and some will be able to go back to their adoptive parents. others may be readopted by a new family. vanya, now almost 18, has decided to stay on and work at the ranch. >> mitchell: but even in this harmonious setting, the kids struggle. >> there's this anger inside, and i got to fix it and i got to find where it's coming from.
6:25 pm
the ranch for four years. now 17, she's planning to move on. >> yeah, i'm growing up, but at the same time i'm a little bittner vows to leave. >> mitchell: the ranch is a state licensed non-profit, but the cost to parents is high, $3,500 a month. still, sterkel has a waiting list. >> i think the need is great, and i think there should be a lot of places like this. >> this place makes sure that you understand that even if you fall, we will still love you anyway an we will help you get back up on your feet and keep walking. >> mitchell: despite all the hard work, some young people do return to violence after leaving the ranch. many others, however, go on the lead successful lives, and sophia, who you just saw, is these days, money market funds are paying less than 2%. so forget return on investment. let's talk return on insurance. switch your car insurance to allstate, and you can earn a 5% bonus.
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coming up on wjz eyewitness news. how did a 6 -week-old baby end up dead? the university of virginia remembers a lost member from the class of 2010. thousands of winners with one goal to ,,


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