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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  June 18, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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coverage, it's wjz, maryland's news station. shakeup at bp, heavy criticism leads to a major change, who is out of the driver's seat in the oil spill cleanup. >> hi, everybody, i'm mary bubala, bp's ceo is no longer on the front lines in the battle against the oil spill. the change comes as the crude continues to gush from the underwater well. reporting from wjz in the alabama coast >> reporter: more boats joining the battle against the oil spill. bp's chairman says that the ceo will hand off direction to bp manager. on the water, the coast guard is promising to better move the
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boat >> we want to make sure we're creating community and effort >> reporter: gulf coast residents still worry if it's enough. >> you see the booms and you see there's activity, but it seems like there's not much getting done >> reporter: the bay is usually full of tourists, it's close to all recreation and the dock sit empty. they supply produce to several restaurants and fears he may not have a job next month. this is just the start of it. >> reporter: lawmakers say that bp is paid less than 12% of claims to businesses and workers, the man president obama chose to oversee the fund visiting the region and promising to pay up quickly. today, scientists are pointing out an overlooked
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danger from the spill, the crude gushing can thanes -- contain vast amounts of methane gas. a second arrest in the murder of a woman outside of her pasadena apartment complex. we have the latest. >> reporter: the double stabbing left debra lynn gill did and another man injured. police have just arrested 22-year-old daniel swain on thursday. this is the second arrest in the case. police believe that the stabbing at the apartments was part of a robbery. witnesses describe seeing the group fighting before the suspects fled the scene >> thank you. he is currently held without bail two 17-year-olds facing charges after anne arundel county police say they targeted
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innocent people with rocks. they're charged as adults with assault. they threw rocks out of a vehicle at five different people this week. a 35-year-old jogger was injured and an elderly couple and a man walking with his daughter a major development in the budget battle, the bottle tax failed to win support from the council. reporting on the fall out that includes looming cuts and layoffs >>reporter: it came down to a tie 7-7, the city council president -- it couldn't be pushed through the showdown between the mayor and a city council over a 4- cent tax ended far loss for the mayor who supported it and says it will cost 70 workers with their
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jobs and other services >> we're urging council to reconsider >> reporter: there's still a chance it could be introduced but passage will be hard and that drew anger from some on the council >> it's going to be filthy dirty out there and we're going to be picking up the phone in my office and people are going to be saying, what are you going to do about the trash cans on green mount avenue on sunday morning and i'm going to say, i can't do anything >> reporter: the mayor calls it a win for big business. >> this could have gone against us and would have been devastating, we're getting back to the business of selling a lot of soft drinks, and creating more jobs >> reporter: the council passed other taxes and fees including on parking to make up for the
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budget short fall >> reporter: the money would have reduced rotating fire house closures in the city. >> the council was scheduled to pass controversial pension reform for firefighters and police but that was amended and moved to monday's meeting for approval. we are receiving a positive report from the job front, the latest improvement >> reporter: the u.s. department of labor says that maryland's unemployment rate dropped 7% last month as they added 11,000 jobs to the economy nation- wide, more than half of the gains comes from the government hiring it's a trend seen across the country as temporary census workers begin to collect paychecks. the president attended the
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project from the stimulus program. he says it's proof it is working. >> the number of jobless marylanders sits at 215,000. baltimore city has a new plan for dealing with dangerous heat this summer. city and health officials will activate the code red alert program before 6:00 a.m. on days of extreme heat and humidity. it will provide cooling centers for those who need them and water for homeless. sever weather leaves 3 people dead after 30 tornadoes ripped through minnesota. reporting for wjz with a look of the path of destruction. >> a string of deadly tornadoes tore through minnesota.
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another massive funnel cloud touched down >> the biggest i've ever seen >> reporter: in mentor, a gas station owner was kill when a tornado came through his store >> the whole store exploded >> reporter: an auto parts warehouse was ripped to shreds, trees and power lines down everywhere, a quarter of the city's buildings destroyed >> i've never seen anything like it. i've seen it on tv now we've lived through it >> reporter: it took no lives there. warning signs went off giving residents a chance to save themselves >> everyone is safe, nobody is hurt. everyone is replaceable >> reporter: if all 46 tornado
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sightings are confirmed it will be a record, the most tornadoes ever in one day >> police and national guard is blocking off neighborhoods to make room for cleanup crews our weather is much calmer here. looking outside, a beautiful afternoon with plenty of sunshine, it's still so dry. just perfect for friday we have weather and traffic together. >> a beautiful afternoon, only got up to 84 degrees. nothing on the ray radar at all. just beautiful sunshine and low humidity. for weekend, there will be some changes, by tomorrow, humidity will be surging back. by tomorrow night, it will feel sticky. temperatures maybe 5- 6 degrees warmer than today's. the cool spots, right along the beaches where you have a sea breeze, ocean city may not get
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out of the 70s tomorrow lets check on the roads now with kristi. >> reporter: typical friday afternoon, plenty of delays throughout the region. on 95 delays to the beltway, further up heavy to the delaware state line. as far as the beltway goes, outer loop slow to 83, inner loop heavy, moving to the west side, baltimore national pike, average speed about 23 miles per hour. northbound, brake lights, and as far as city accidents go, 3 to report. eastern at cane street.
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thank you. there was some big traffic at the port of baltimore this morning. royals caribbean enchantment of the seas rolled in today. it will offer cruises from charm city to canada and other destinations, it features a rock climbing wall, a day spa, nine pools, a lot of restaurants. still ahead on wjz, caught on tape, a police officer in trouble for a night of drinking that only gets worse from here. the fallout for the dallas police department. >> reporter: coming up, the search for a suspect who vanished after a car wreck. that story as we continue.
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an unlikely wedding, a royal princess will marry her gym trainer. >> the first warning weather forecast. >> complete coverage continues with kye jackson, mary bubala and weather with bob turk and tim williams. ,,,, i came up with this mobile art gallery
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it was a dramatic morning when the united states made a late comeback in the world cup. >> out the door, usa, the comeback kings strike again. >> that was the tying goal by michael bradley who is the coach's son. they were trailing 2-0 at the half and finished at 2-2. the u.s. plays al algeria on
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wednesday local tv news helicopters caught a rowdy crowd jumping on a taxi, there were fights and fires near the center. most of the 38 arrests were for vandalism a dallas police officer is in trouble after a night of drinking and the actions are caught on tape. the department is calling it an embarrassment >> reporter: it started at this bar is few blocks away from the police officer. the woman on video is a police officer. the department officials say that the patrol officer should have arrest her for public intoxication. one decided to drive her home.
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>> oh, my god >> reporter: about 15 minutes into the drive, she wants the officer to pull over, but he refuses >> you need to stop now. moments later, they capture the sound of her firing the gun into the floor board of the seat and the reaction of the officer. you need to stop now. >> drop the gun. drop the gun. drop the gun. drop the gun >> reporter: the department commanders have examined the video and call it embarrassing >> i understand people go out and have a good time and party, and that my expectation is that they will control it in a manner that won't be an embarrassment to themselves or the department
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>> it's only a misdemeanor but the punishment maybe the end of our law enforcement career. after three years and one night capture on camera. >> the two other officers are on restrictive duty a good day to end the week on wall street. stocks climb for the fourth straight day, the dow is up 16, s&p up a point. let's go to new york where we have the cbs money -- watch update the biggest bank will hand over the names of 4500 suspected tax thieves to the u.s they will identify americans that could be hiding money in offshore accounts.
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walgreens ended a dispute to force thousands of customers customer to look for a new place to fill their prescriptions. gold closed at a record price. a piece of beatle's history could be yours. john lennon's writings will be on auction. coming up on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00, death by firing squad, a killer is put to a
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violent death the female version of viagra, does it really work? the perfect end to a beautiful day, the updated forecast is next. wjz is always on for the top stories, and for weather all the time, click on ♪
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where do we live? sunshine, the humidity, but you don't feel it because the humidity is so low, the dew points again today were in the mid 50s. when you have temperatures in the 80s, you're going to feel comfort. right now we're at not bad, at 83 degrees, looking at the temperature, but the dew point is once again at 57 degrees, humidity 41%, winds have just shifted to the southeast at 6,
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the barometer now holding steady. nice at ocean city, the sea breeze kicked in, see the land heats up and allows the air to come in from the ocean. 74 in ocean city. 83, nobody is that hot. d.c. up to 86, oak land 82, comfortable in come cumberland. very pleas pleas -- nice last night. tomorrow it will bring our temperatures up 4 or 5 degrees, close to 95. the humidity the dew point tomorrow probably back up in the 60s, tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night, you will feel the humidity around the region. not a cloud in sight this afternoon across michigan. a front that crossed over the plains is crossing through
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michigan and moving northwest. beautiful weather for the time being. by saturday night, another weak front through the region and may bring us a shower. behind it, on sunday afternoon, for father's day, it will be warm but less humid. ahead of it, warm and humid conditions for saturday, saturday night, the front comes through weak, maybe some showers to the north but it will be warm, with the west wind coming down, the upper 80s on sunday on probably monday. looks like the worst of humidity is going to be saturday afternoon, saturday night into early sunday and things dry out somewhat by sunday. south winds tomorrow at 5-10 knots the bay temperature around 76 degrees. going to be nice.
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tonight, generally clear, tfort clear comfortable. tomorrow we'll call it hot, the normal high around 83, back up to 90 but definitely more human by tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. it will be sticky. not as bad as next weekend. you just feel it. >> have a good weekend >> enjoy today >> don't miss tonight's prime time lineup. katie couric has a preview of the evening news the overall economy, how a single
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the new demand from joran van der sloot a state trooper killed during a traffic stop. why two drunk drivers are to blame doctors freeze a baby to save his life. we continue after this. ,,,,,,,,
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it is 4:29, 82 degrees and sunny. thank you for joining us. i'm denise coke here's what people will be talking about, a convicted killer put to death. utah carried out an execution by firing squad for the first time in 14 years. reporting on ronnie lee gardener's final moments >> execution warrant served at 5:20 >> reporter: the condemned killer said he had no last
4:30 pm
words and with that, the 49-year-old was shot through the heart by 5 marksmen >> after he was shot, he move. i don't know how much was replex, but his left arm did move up and down a couple times and he seemed to be clinching >> when you watch a human being move, it was violent. >> reporter: the shooters were 20 feet away, firing a single shot from a rifle. one executioner had a blank round so we never know for sure who kill him. he shot an attorney to death and wounded a bailiff inside the courthouse. reeltives are glad it's over >> reporter: he had a troubled life, addicted to sniffing glue at age 6. sexually abused in a
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foster home. his family and friends held a vigil for him until the end. they said he was remorseful and not a trade to die >> i said i loved him and i would see him later. stay strong >> reporter: he had his last meal tuesday, steak and lobster and spend his final hours watching the lord of the rings >> hello, we're north of edge woo along i-95 south of route 543, where a single-vehicle accident appears that a truck overturned off of the right shoulder, firefighters were
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able to use an ambulance to transport to shock trauma >> he will talk about the case but only with a judge. they will interrogate joran van der sloot about the murder of stephany flores in his hotel room >> you get it down again so that it's a tight case. i wonder whether there's any correlation with the aruba case and the authorities and hoping
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to get information >> joran van der sloot's mother insists her son is not a killer. fellow officers are saying good-bye to a maryland state trooper gunned down one week ago. he was shot and killed while working at a security guard in prince george county at an apple bees. one man was kicked out of the restaurant before the shooting took place. the viewing is underway in capital heights and the funeral is tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. at jericho city of praise.
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>> it's deadly serious, the attempted murder of a sheriff's deputy and the suspect's get away. >> reporter: it was a routine stop until the driver stuck a handgun out of the window. at the time he backed away from the vehicle, and the driver fled the scene >>reporter: a high-speed chase came ending as fast as it begin >> i see this truck on its side. in all of this, i hear glass and everything like that. >> the fleeing suv narrowly missed two houses after going airborne. the driver is brian joseph hill wanted. >> i would say 90 seconds later, police came up >> reporter: he climb out of
4:35 pm
the wreck and vanished >> he got away on foot >> that is correct. >> despite he may have been left injured >> there's no way that this salesperson going to survive this crash >> reporter: a reward has been up to $10,000 and he will be the focus of an america's most wanted tv show >> it's going national because he has relatives on the mid atlantic region >> reporter: they hope that the reward will turn hill up.
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an infant was frozen to keep his heart rate stable. it was an ordeal because it looked like their child was not real. after 12 days, it was a success and he's back at home and doing well also in health watch,
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viagra is available for women. it failed to make much of a difference >> a panel shot down the new drug for women with low sex drives. they say it didn't increase too much and there's a lot of side effects. researchers have try to develop a treatment for women, experiments fell short so the maker tried a different approach. this drug was actually an unsuccessful antidepressant works in the pleasure center of the brain >> hoping for a solution for years for some women >> men need it, it's available and they have an option. it's not available to women so they have no option. >> reporter: finding a remedy
4:38 pm
for women is not as easy because their bodies work differently >> it's a mechanical issue, it works on blood flow >> now it's up to men to figure out the mystery of what makes women tick. new york. viagra was first introduced 12 years ago as part of our community commitment, the great prostate challenge continues this weekend. >> wjz has weather and traffic together. the updated numbers from bob looks like the cruise ships are getting ready to head out,
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we get up to the low 80s this afternoon, the radar is clear. a few passing clouds and we have dropped one degree to 83 degrees. however, on saturday, particularly late in the day on sat night, that's when the surge of humidity will be felt. the beaches may not get over the 60s, low 80s on saturday. maybe warmer on sunday. the ocean city forecast coming up. thank you. let's check on the roads now with chrissy and wjz traffic control. >> reporter: we do have some major problems for 95 in the harford county area. corm -- earlier challenge. looks like one side had open up and will cause delays. they have the medical equipment
4:40 pm
on the scene. >> on the north side loop, still sluggish in the southbound direction, to the beltway and an accident in windsor mill road. here's a look at heavy congestion at route 40. this is brought to you by bill's carpet. bill's has it all for you. thank you. it's being bill as a fairy tale royal wedding. the story of the court ship has all of the twists and turns of a modern day tale >> found her prince at the gym. she will marry her.
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she say we had a beautiful relationship that became love. the father was not amused that she was settling for a guy from a small village he had long hair, favored baseball caps and jeans and had a country accent. he now sports conservative suits and designer glasses. he has won over the king and quine queen and they have enjoyed every twist and turn of the soap opera. she says they're so beautiful together. you can tell how happy they are. some like the 36-year-old's common touch. she says i hope he keeps his
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job as a personal trainer and focus on fitness, it's what he's good at. they're sparing no money on the i-do, churning out chocolate for the sweet romance. he says i hope i will deserve this public support. saturday he will become his royal duke. in some social circles their call it a cinderfella story. straight ahead, violence at a u.s. army reserve center, who is in custody. up in flames, explosions rip through a neighborhood a beautiful night to sit outside, the updated forecast is ahead ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> a shooting at the army center. they have not determined a motive an unclear what the relationship was between the two men. firefighters very busy today in a northern arizona area. they are battling the eagle rock fire at the national forest. 3,000 akers have burned, 60 homes are evacuated. it's not yet known what sparked the fire a series of explosions creates a scene in a miami neighborhood. gigi has more no one was sure what was happening they didn't waste time getting people out of the way. the flames were shooting 80 to
4:47 pm
100 feet in the air from a gas line. firefighters evacuated the area. the delivery trek carry about 12,000 gallons. >> a veteran mississippi trooper was killed, they're blaming two drunk drivers for the death >> these are the calls you never want to get. >> the call came in the middle of the night, the trooper killed in the line of downtown. a 28-year veteran was working a road construction detail this morning in mansfeel, his cruiser blocking the ramp to 495 when
4:48 pm
the driver of this acura try to get around him. he was out of his car dealing with the driver when a pickup truck approached. a ford 150 pickup truck crashed into the vehicle from behind. the impact of the crash pushed the acura into him and then across all three travel lanes. it came to rest on the left side of the highway and the sergeant sergeant -- suffered injury >> he was pronounced dead at the hospital police charged the driver . the four young boys who
4:49 pm
idolized their father, and to have to tell them that their father is no longer with them will remain forever in my heart. >> the troopers four sons range in age 15-26. our country's battle on on the field. officers used a grenade. taking over the world cup security. as for the games on field, the u.s. tied. they played soccer with orphans, the royals spent the
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night in the mountains. beautiful day torching into a pleasant and dry evening. bob turk has your forecast. ,,,,
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first warning weather and the complete warning of severe weather here's a look outside, not a cloud in the sky. 83 degrees in baltimore, 77 in oakland. 82 in cumberland. a pleasant 74 with the ocean breeze kicking in, during the day, the land heats up, and because of that, the air rises
4:54 pm
creteing a pressure at the service, they come in and fill up the void and bring that cool area and that's the sea breeze, it happens also that doesn't geo as far inland as the ocean breeze because the ocean is bigger. a nice ocean breeze. just shifting to the south and the southeast tomorrow, they go back. that brings in some warmer temperatures. around the east, not a cloud except here in michigan where it is part of a complex that moved through the upper plains with severe weather.
4:55 pm
beautiful conditions tonight, late tonight, the funnel passage, that could bring a shower and ahead of it, the winds go southwest and bring in warmer temperatures the front, not a lot of moisture to work with. it will turn drying. it will be warm, but it won't be that humid. the bay in the mid to upper 70s reported. clear night upper 50s in the low to mid-60s and more comfortable tonight and tomorrow up to 90. sunshine all day long and humidity creeps back by tomorrow night, it will be plain old sticky and warm. it's almost summer.
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>> coming up, bobbles and cents, a tax on some bottled beverages failed to win support from the city council. the fallout cuts and layoffs loom. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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coming up, the bolt tax falls flat. remembering a fallen state trooper. i'm weijia jiang with the latest on the murder investigation next. leadership changes. bp changing the way it handles
4:59 pm
the crisis in the gulf but is it too little too late. eyewitness news at 5 starts right now. down the drain, a bottle tax fizzles. what can stop job and program cuts. >> i'm mary bubala. >> i'm vic carter. >> the mayor says big business beat working people after the controversial vote that shot down her bottle tax. without it at least 70 jobs could be gone. we have


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