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tv   The Early Show  CBS  July 22, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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apology accepted. in a dramatic turnaround, the obama administration apologizes to shirley sherrod and offers her a new job. she'll join us live in the studio. tropical threat. efforts to plug the gulf oil leak are suspended as bp begins to evacuate the area as a potential tropical storm moves toward the gulf. we'll have the latest. restraining order. jennifer aniston gets legal help to keep an accused stalker away. but is that enough to keep her safe? and a whale of a tale. a 40-ton whale suddenly leaps
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out of the water and crushes this sailboat. we'll talk to the sailors about their harrowing adventure "early" this thursday morning, their harrowing adventure "early" this thursday morning, july 22, 2010. captioning funded by cbs good morning on this thursday. i'm harry smith. >> and i'm erica hill. good to have you with us. >> have you ever been to the tetons? >> i have not. >> beautiful, most soaring stunning peaks outside of jackson, wyoming. if you're a werner -- i lived out there for a dozen years. you want to climb those things. one of the trooults of climbing out there, is late in the afternoon you can get thunderstorms almost every day. thunder lightning here in the tetons. there were three different climbing groups up above 13,000 feet. >> and it's 13,700 -- they were almost up there. >> way up there. honestly, you get up that high, there's no place to hide.
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thunder and lightning comes in. a one person still missing this person. we'll also take a look at that whale. the pictures are amazing. a 40-ton whale crushes a boat. we're going to speak with the couple on board that boat. i can't even imagine what it must be like when you see this lurching at you. that's the aftereffects. first, it has been a whirlwind couple of days for shirley sherrod, wrongly branded as a racist, apologized from her job and now the afollow i goes. now she says she needs time to think. jan crawford joins us. this story will keep on you your toes. >> something we saw yesterday that hardly ever happens in this town. an apologies. >> reporter: that sharp about-face came wednesday afternoon, one day after tom vilsack abankruptly fired
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shirley sherrod. he had seen part of a speech she gave last spring to the naacp, but that wasn't the whole speech or the whole story. >> you know, as it was unfold g unfolding, my whole thought was, this is so unreal. >> reporter: vilsack apologized to sherrod and offered her another job. >> again, i express my deep regret. >> reporter: late last night sherrod responded. >> yes, i was satisfied with it. in fact, i told him, i appreciated the apology. >> reporter: the controversy started three days ago when the clip lit up the internet and cable outlets. in it sherrod reflected on her reluctance 24 years ago to help a poor farmer because he was white. but it turns out sherrod didn't say anything racist at all. her comments were taken out of context. >> they definitely didn't do the right thing because they didn't look deeper to see what i was trying to say to them. >> reporter: her message in the speech is one of unity. she said she was wrong when she downplayed the farmer's request
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for help and she ultimately helped him save his farm. sherrod said the administration forced her out because it was scrambling to head off criticism from the conservative media, something press secretary robert gibbs acknowledged. >> i think we live in a culture that things rip around, people want fast responses, we want to give fast responses. >> reporter: but the controversy seems to show that on one of the nation's most complex social issues, race, the obama administration reacted impulsively. >> we need to get this out in public discussion. we can't hide from it. and i'm afraid the obama administration more often hides from it than confronts it. >> reporter: now, secretary of vilsack said he hopes sherrod would come back to the department and work with them on civil rights issues. erica? >> jan crawford in washington, thanks. joining us now from miami this morning, michael eric dyson, director of sociology at georgetown university, the author of more than a dozen books swlg including the upcoming "presidential race"
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about president obama and the issue of race. good to have you with us this morning. >> good to be here. >> as we heard yesterday from robert gibbs, he said the people wanted a quick response, the administration wanted a fast response, but in going for that fast response is seems due diligence was thrown out the window. why is this happening seemingly often? >> well, i think part of the reason is that we're responding to certain segments. we're not responding with accuracy and speed to certain elements of african-american life. we're not responding to the need of african-american people to see targeted policies with issues toward them. we're seeing rather quick responses to the right-wing media. there's unfair pressure on the obama administration, mr. obama himself, from the far right wing which perceives black gain at the expense of white security. and i think the white house, unfortunately, in this period, caved into duress and stress from the right wing, which was inaccurate. number one. number two, what's interesting here is that if that same right
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wing is not trusted in the obama administration for views on its own policies, why who it take the word of that same right wing on the practices of somebody in its own administration? it's a rather paradox cal situation in which the obama administration finds it. finally, again, what this begs for is a clear and direct engagement with race at the top of american echelon at the white house and we wouldn't have these contested crisis that end up doing more harm than good. i think ultimately here miss sherrod was an example of the very redemptive story line of race that mr. obama could seize upon and make a valid point about how we can overcome together when we work past our own prejudices toward a greater end. >> the irony is that her speech was not necessarily about black and white and the struggles there but the struggles between the have and have nots. it seems there have been sempl attempts for talks to happen.
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have you enengaged in some conversations, you've been consulted. why is it still so difficult for people in this country at every level to talk openly and honestly about race? >> well, because there's so much at stake. first of all, people want to pretend they're equal partners in the conversation when that has not been the case. number two, you're right -- it's never been about blackers have white. as martin luther king said, it's righters have wrong. thirdly, it's about the have gots and have nots. poor white farmers in need of the help of an african-american woman, miss sherrod talked about the superior attitude that might have been presence in even working class white america than her own particular prejudices might have been involve and they overcame them together. the difficulty of speak being race in america is we don't want to openly and honestly talk about it because we have to examine our own practices, our own institutions. it's not a matter of those right wing guys over there are horrible. there's liberal racism as well.
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>> the naacp initially jumped on this and condemned sherrod as well. this is coming from all sides. this is not just a right wing or left wing issue. >> absolutely -- well, no, no, well, we're assuming that the naacp is more progressive and therefore left wing. i'm saying that, yes, the naacp acted dishonorably. said they were snookered. why do we take the word of a right wing media on the issues and behaviors of people in the broader mainstream? we have to be very careful here. it shows that andrew breitbart and other bloggers have an intense -- at fox news that forces the main stream media to pay attention and the white house itself got roped into this. the question is, can it get ahead of the curve and say, let's have some interesting powerful, insightful dialogue. mr. obama wrote a billant book on race. now that he's president he's been hamstrung. i think the american public is skiddish about mr. obama engaging the issue of race. mr. obama is disenkleined to
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engage in malstroms that exist. we need for the bully pulpit of the president to be used to honorably engage in dialogue and difficult discussion across the board. when we do that, then we have a better chance of being honest and open on all sides to tell the truth about the history of america, the checkered history of our racial past and -- >> well, and the -- >> -- the progress we made and the -- >> and a lesson for everyone on all sides of this debate, that there is a little something called research we clearly all need to do a better job of. professor michael eric dyson -- >> the facts are critical. thank you. >> good point. harry, on to you. >> that old never let the facts get in the way of a good story, right? now to the gulf oil spill. a brewing tropical storm hundreds of miles away is already threatening efforts to plug the leak. cbs news correspondent kelly cobiella in grand isle once again with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, harry. drilling on this relief well has
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now been halted for a time because of this storm brewing out in the caribbean. it's not yet a tropical storm, but it could become one in the next couple of days. and nearly all of the computer models have it headed into the gulf and the direction of those ships working on the well. the work to finally plug bp's blown out well is now on hold because of this storm. it's hundreds of miles from the gulf yet it could head toward the spill site. ships on the surface need to get out of the way well ahead of time. >> if we are forced to move off the site because of weather, the entire operation could be delayed 10 to 14 days. >> reporter: and they may have to release some of the pressure on the well, which means releasing oil for the first time in a week. before they close it again and leave it unwatched. if the storm becomes a hurricane and passes to the west side of the slick still on the surface, it could drive oil straight to the coast. more than a third of the gulf is still closed to commercial fishing regardless of the weather. the federal government wants to
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keep gulf seafood from reaching restaurants until they know it's safe. louisiana governor bobby jindal insists that it is. >> we've done hundreds of our own tests. now we're calling the fda to do their tests so people can go back out there, make a living. >> reporter: it's not that simple. shrimp boat captain clint guidry never joined bp's clean-up mantra but others did. >> it's going to be a hard decision because they're getting a steady paycheck. >> reporter: still the fda says now most of the fish it has test ready safe and some of those commercial areas could be reopened by next week. harry? >> wouldn't that be something. kelly cobiella in grand isle, louisiana, thank you so much. taking a look at the economy and that big drop on wall street, the dow plummeting yesterday almost 110 points after fed chief ben bernanke told congress the outlook for the economy was, quote, unusu unusually certain. now joining us rebecca jarvis joining us from the new york stock exchange. what was it specifically -- not
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just that comment, there was more to it, about mr. bernanke's comments that did send the markets tumbling? >> reporter: first off the markets never like to hear that an official in the government is uncertain about our recovery. on top of that, it was a question of jobs. he said it's somewhat slower right now as far as the jobs picture goes than the fed ever expected. our recovery of all those 8.5 million jobs lost during the recession is slower than we anticipated. that's not a good sign. >> in terms of the recovery, the housing market, we've also seen, is stalling, which i know he touched on as well. >> reporter: he talked about housing being in a moderate recovery. the issue right now facing lawmakers is a question of what to do to get the housing market back on track to start improving a little bit. right now what we've seen is this stimulus dollars, that $8,000 tax credit, now that it's worn off, people aren't buying homes anymore. >> interest rates are at a record low level and bernanke mentioned one of the things to
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be done is to keep these interest rates low, but yet it's increasingly difficult for people to get mortgages. will that be tackled? >> reporter: they hope that will eventually be tackled. the federal reserve as well as the government have a couple thing this their arsenal to make sure that's easier. banks aren't assuming the risk of sending out money to people like you or me or small businesses because it's too risky in their view. meantime, we are trying to put our money in the bank and save and we can't get much for our money in the bank as savers because interest rates are so low. if you looked at your savings account recently, you're seeing at the very most that you can get about a percent on your money for keeping it in the bank. >> unfortunately, i have seen those numbers. rebecca jarvis, thanks. >> it just doesn't grow. >> it's amazing the difference based on a couple years ago the interest rate we were getting. >> betty nguyen at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning to you at home. the search resumes at day break
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for a missing mountain climber in grand teton national park. he was one of 17 climbers caught in a lightning storm yesterday high on grand teton mountain. all about 13,200 feet. the 16 others were rescued by helicopter. park rangers suspended by ropes were able to reach them. the storm hit around midday and all the climbers had been injured by lightning strikes. >> that can run the gamut from burns to neurological injuries to, perhaps, just numbness from the shock of getting, you know, kind of a subsequent shock from the lightning bolt. >> some climbers were struck three or four times. park officials say the missing climber fell off of a steep cliff. we'll continue to follow that for you. in other news -- colton harris-moore, accused barefoot bandit is due in court in seattle today to finally face justice. cbs news national correspondent jeff glor reports. >> reporter: colton harris-moore returned to his home state of
7:15 am
washington wednesday arriving in seattle on a u.s. marshal plane awaiting appearance before a federal judge. >> they had to get him back to seattle because that's where the criminal charges were coming out of. that will be the first court he starts in but certainly not the last. >> reporter: the 19-year-old was arrested earlier this month in the bahamas. a week after he allegedly crash-landed a plane stolen from indiana, one of five stolen planes for him in all, police say, taking some across state lines. a federal offense punishable by up to ten years in prison. the plane-stealing accusation is just the latest in a troubled young life. today's "new york times" reports neighbors suspected harris-moore was stealing pizza, cookies and ice cream from them at an early age. at his first arrest at age 12, social worker wants mom to stop drinking and smoking, get a job and have food in the house. mom refuses. with so many cases in so many jurisdictions, legal watchers say it will not be a simple process. >> they can go after him for
7:16 am
some crimes, but they have to sort out which crimes, which crimes do they have the best evidence on. which crimes carry the most penalty. which crimes will they have the jury that's most sympathetic to them and not the celebrity defendant. >> reporter: we could hear some of those answers today. jeff glor, cbs news, new york. finally, we have just released video of a near-fatal elephant attack. it happened three weeks ago at a zoo in ohio. a keeper enters the elephant enclosure and startles a male. the keeper retreats but returns only to be attacked again. the keeper finally escapes with punctured lungs and broken ribs. well, dave price is off this morning, so lonnie quinn is joining us this morning. good to see you, lonnie. >> nice seeing you as well. what are you do with an enclosed space with a mad elephant? >> you don't startle them. >> you lie on the floor and act like a mouse. here's the weather picture. toughest weather around the northern plains from fargo
7:17 am
stretching toward chicago. a lot of storms out there. i'm talking a lot of thunder and lightning, rain, wind. northeast, high pressure in control. i'll tell you what, wherever are you in the country, make it a great day and now back to harry and erica. >> thanks. just ahead, the latest on jennifer aniston and her alleged stalker. accused of driving cross
7:18 am
country, apparently hoping to marry her. big changes for expectant moms who have already had a c-section. plus, moby dick's revenge. the wail that crushed a boat. you'll hear from the folks on board that boat. this is "the early show" on cbs. is it a place for everything ? is it enough space for a banquet ? is it everyone's favorite restaurant ? it's the lg french door refrigerator. with slim spaceplus ice system for maximum shelf space. so is it a refrigerator ? or something better ?
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shirley sherrod will join us live in the studio. i can't help but look at this and say this is political correctness run amuck. >> i'm with on you that one. >> i mean, the fee-jerk reaction to this, both from the naacp, from the agriculture department, from the administration. if there's a teachable moment, maybe that's it. >> there may be several. >> that's my soap box. we'll be right back. ang angst. >> announcer: this portion of "the early show" sponsored by neutrogena. undo a year's worth of skin aging in under four weeks.
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hello again. >> we are cruising into the upper 70s right now. we have lost a tad bit of humidity. it's still going to be a hot afternoon. we've lost it on paper if you will. 94 will be the high. over to sharon gibala, wjz tv traffic control. only a few mean for issues. one of them on 795. a report of a vehicle fire on the shoulder. only one accident at pulaski
7:26 am
highway. 95 slow and so is 795 from owings mills to the the beltway. top side still running smoothly but you are looking at a west side delay between 795 and 95. this traffic report is brought to you by mas disa. take a test drive at your mazda today. zoom zoom forever. we're following a developing story in baltimore. police shoot and kill one man. >> reporter: police believe three suspects were running a counterfeit money ring in pikesville. at midnight they moved in and the three suspects ran. one suspect fired at the officers. they shot back killing them. the other two are in custody. inside the police found counterfeit money making equipment and fake bills. baltimore county police and the secret service had been
7:27 am
tracking these guys for awhile. they say this operation may span the entire east coast. the suspects' names vap been released. back to you. in west baltimore a police cruiser collides with a car while rushing to the aid of another. the officer was rushing to help another officer who was injured, chasing a man with a gun. both officer injured in the crash and the officer he was on his way to help are expected to refer. a warning for drivers. the department of public works said 16 manhole covers were stolen between the 6900 and 6300 of east lombard streets. they were discovered wednesday afternoon and have been re maced. still officials are warning drivers and walkers to keep a close eye on the road. up next, aniston's stalker. our legal experts talk about the case.
7:28 am
and whale on deck. it's the photo everyone's talking about. a whale leaps out of the water nearly crushing a bet. now experts are asking did the boater provoke it.t.,,,,,,,,,,,,
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7:30 am
nice crowd out there on the plaza for a thursday morning. we'll get out there and meet some of those folks in a little while. >> i'm looking forward to it. i always love the signs. welcome back to "the early show." half past the hour now. you may have seen there's a new video on the internet, on the youtubes. it's an 11-year-old girl. she seems to be swearing. you know, it almost sounds like she's talking to another 11-year-old girl or imagining she's talking to another 11-year-old girl. >> looks like she's reading. >> i think she's talking to herself, watching herself. we're going to take a closer look at the video. she calls herself jessie slaughter. not her real name.
7:31 am
a lot of people are questioning, where are her parents? why is she talking like this? i think there's a little more to it than this. and the person in the news this morning, shirley sherrod, in our studio, to have a conversation about all that has transpired over the last 48 hours or so. lots to talk about. so glad are you here this morning. we'll get to that in a little bit. and we have an incredible whale of a tale to tell. a 40-ton whale leaps out of the water and comes slamming down on a boat. two people were on board. fortunately, they were not hurt. we're going to hear their story in just a little bit. first, though, jennifer aniston has been granted an order -- a restraining order against an alleged stalker. a man who apparently drove across the country to find her and reportedly will not take his court-ordered antipsychotic medication. hattie kauffman has more. >> reporter: jennifer aniston is in london promoting her new perfume. >> thank you all for coming and
7:32 am
showing. >> reporter: she's never met the man who drove across the u.s. allegedly stalking her. jason peyton told his parents he's going to marry her. he was arrested in hollywood. he had rubber gloves, duct tape, a camera and a sharp object. >> jennifer aniston said there's been ever-increasing harassment from peyton to her, to where she feels for her personal safety and those around her. >> reporter: celebrity stalkers have creeped into the headlines recently. sandra bullock needed a restraining order twice. olympic gold medalist shawn johnson's stalker was found with duct tape and a gun. how often are these stalkers mentally ill? >> 99% of the time. >> reporter: chinapen believes restraining orders are just part of the answer. >> we're very aggressive. we prevent a situation before it happens. >> reporter: how can you do that? >> by stalking the stalker. >> reporter: in aniston's petition to the erratic, unpred
7:33 am
and stalking conduct has continued and escalated. he told authorities, quote, jennifer communicated to me mentally. she wants me to be the father of her children. he's been placed on involuntary psychiatric hold by the lapd. hattie kauffman. joining us is rachel solov, deputy district attorney for san diego county. good morning. >> good morning. i read the statistic this morning and it seems extreme to me. is it really possible there are as many as 3 -- more than 3 million people over the age of 18 who are victims of stalking? >> yes, that is the latest statistic that has been researched, that it's 3.4 million adults over the age of 18. quite honestly, i think that's really the tip of the iceberg because it's an old behavior. it's something that's been around for years and years and
7:34 am
years. it's only fairly recently become a crime. and so, we're just starting to get the right responses in place and people are just starting to report it accurately. so, actually, that number is probably lower than what is really out there. >> wow. is there a common characteristic to the -- you know, if you want to put it in quotation marks -- typical stalker? >> there really is no typical stalker. we have seen stalkers in all shapes and sizes from all different backgrounds and demographics. there's also different dynamics whether you're talking about a celebrity stalker, as in the jennifer aniston case, or if you're talking about a stalker which is more common, which is is someone that knows their stalker, that has come out of a relationship or -- >> rejected suitor stereotype. >> right. if i can't have you, no one else can. >> and in this case, which seems to be the preponderance of ca s cases, the rejected suitor, so, you go to court, so you contact
7:35 am
authorities, so you get a restraining order. is it going to work? >> restraining orders are a very controversial topic because the bottom line is that a restraining order is not going to stop someone that is truly, truly committed to getting to you. restraining orders are great tools for law enforcement. they help us gauge the risk level because if someone is going to abide by a restraining order, that's great. that's someone who we probably are not that concerned about acting on you violently. restraining orders also tend to make a connection or a bond with -- between the stalker and the victim. because it's a documented piece of paper that now connects these two people and the victim will are to go to court to -- usually to testify against the stalker. and it can also escalate the situation. it can make things a lot worse. it can send the stalker over the edge. >> most important piece of advice, if you think somebody is stalking you, you should do what? >> there's a couple thing.
7:36 am
every case is different. most importantly is reach out and get help from law enforcement, from people that know how to assess the situation. stop all contact with the stalker. make sure thaw document everything. these cases go on for really long periods of time, and so it's difficult to document and relay all the information, save all the evidence, all the messages, text mess messages, because that will help us prosecute later. >> rachel solov, thank you for your time this morning. >> you're welcome. let's get to lonnie with another check of the weather. mr. quinn. >> hello, miss erica. what i wan
7:37 am
it's pretty warm. we're in the upper 70s for a high of 94, slightly less humid, but nothing to get too excited b tonight we'll go town to 69. tomorrow 96. heat indices close to 100. saturday 101 your everybody, have a great kay. that's the latest weather picture. over to you. just ahead, we'll speak live with shirley sherrod. this is "the early show" on cbs. [ male announcer ] looks clean, doesn't it?
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dizziness and sweating. (woman) for me, pristiq is a key in helping to treat my depression. (announcer) ask your doctor about pristiq. we want to recap the explosive story we reported earlier in the telecast. a video was shown on
7:41 am
conservative blogger, showing shirley sherrod with her reluctance to help a white farmer 24 years ago. that video went viral. sherrod was forced to resign and then the entire video surfaced when it became clear her statement taken out of context. secretary vilsack has apologized and offered her another job. >> we had an opportunity to discuss a unique opportunity here at usda that might be of interest to her. >> shirley sherrod joins us live in the studio this morning. good to have you with us. >> thank you. good to be here. >> i'm sure it's been an exhausting few days for you. >> yes, it has. >> there's so much to talk about, how quick everyone was to react to this. the administration, the naacp. you said you weren't given a chance to explain. you were told to pull over on the side of the road, resign on your blackberry. what does that say about the state of thing in this country for them to say so quickly, you're wrong, you're out. >> yes. it tells me we've gotten to the
7:42 am
point where we're not interested -- well, i guess i shouldn't say interested in the truth. but we're not willing to take the time to look at all of the facts before jumping out there to make decisions. decisions that were so wrong in this -- especially in this case. >> and when you look at your case specifically, you were taken -- things you said were taken, put on a website, edited because someone had a bone to pick. not with you. >> right. >> but with someone else, with something greater. how does that make you feel as a person? >> you know, it does not feel good that someone was just willing to -- you know, as much as -- i can't even think of his name -- >> andrew breitbart. >> yes. as much as he's is saying it was about the naacp, he had to know that it was about me. he was willing to destroy me to get to what he thought -- to try to destroy the naacp. i don't see how he could connect
7:43 am
the two because the naacp didn't make those statements. i made the statements. i told the story. i was using my life to really help people see how i changed. and in doing that -- and i have every -- you know, if you hear my story, you know i have every reason to think differently. but in telling my story, how i moved to a place where i could work with anyone, it helps others to see that they can do the same. >> it seems to be the ultimate irony that your story, which was about understanding, it's not about black and white or different races, but it's a struggle for the haves and are notes. the ultimate irony that that story was used, in fact, to hopefully portray the exact opposite. >> right. that's why he had to know what he was doing. i think he -- i'm certain he didn't think the other side of the story would come out, but he knew he was misrepresenting the facts. >> has he apologized to you. >> no, he hasn't. >> do you expect an apology? >> no, i don't.
7:44 am
you know, i don't know him, never heard of him before this happened. but from what i think he is, i don't think i would ever receive an apology. >> would you consider legal action against him? >> yes. >> and is that something you're actively talking about or -- >> i haven't talked about it actively, but i would definitely consider it. >> you've also been ofd a job, a new job, not your old position, back with the agriculture department. i know you still need time to look at the offer but essentially dealing with civil rights issues. >> right. >> is that something you'd like to be involved in? >> that's something i've been involved in since 1965. it's not something new to me. maybe it's something new to the department, but definitely not something new to me. i would not like to be the one person that this country is looking at to solve all of the problems of discrimination within the department of agriculture. they have been going on for years in terms of black farmers and now hispanic farmers, native
7:45 am
american farmers, women farmers. there are many, many, many layers of issues there. and i don't know that the department is ready to deal with them. >> which is sort of a sad statement to say they may not be ready to deal with them. do you think the government, perhaps the american people, are ready to deal with issues like this, the quick reaction, the knee-jerk reaction because someone is so afraid of any perceived bias or any perceived racism? >> you know, i would hope that by -- you know, having gone through this, these last few days, it would help this country -- people in this country to really look at what we're doing. you know, let's step back and see if we can have a new start. you know, if my sufficieering o the last few days can help move that forward, hey, i'm willing to be the fall guy for that. >> that's quite a fall, but you're rising up from it.
7:46 am
we do appreciate you taking the time to join us this morning. shirley sherrod, thanks. >> thank you. >> this is "the early show" on cbs. stay with us. ♪ gonna meet me at the lunchtime bell ♪ ♪ long division can't split us in two ♪ ♪ we'll share the day, i'll share it with you ♪ ♪ share it with me, i'll share it with you ♪ [ sneezes ] [ female announcer ] only kleenex brand has sneeze shield in all of their tissues, to help catch a sneeze in its tracks, so kids can continue to pass on the fun of learning. kleenex. sneeze shield your classroom. vegetables are naturally low in calories. v8 juice gives you 3 of your 5 daily servings. it's a tasty, nutritious way to make this number go up... and help this one go down. v8. what's your number? but women have made olay #1. not surgical results, regenerist is the #1 anti-aging serum and the #1 anti-aging moisturizer. not drastic.
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7:49 am
i want to put a postscript on your great interview with shirley sherrod. she said, i'm willing to be the fall guy if people will just stop and think for a minute about what they're doing. her ordeal over the last couple of days. she said, if i'm -- if it makes sense for people to stop and think about it, i'm happy to pay the price. >> and you can tell, she's 100% sincere when she says that. you're really hoping something better comes out of it. long summer days, and not enough sleep. what i wouldn't do for a do-over. [ female announcer ] new neutrogena® clinical skincare. exclusive ion2 complex combined with activating cream helps restore collagen depleted skin. neutrogena clinical skincare is clinically tested to undo the look of a year's worth of skin aging in just 4 weeks. do-overs do exist.
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let's begin with sharon gibala. still a calm commute. just a vehicle fire on 795 in the northbound lanes between owings mills boulevard and franklin boulevard. it's on the shoulder. francis avenue and car vel and a second at pulaski highway. 3 -- 83 slow with an average speed of 35 miles an hour. slow from the beltway to 895. four minutes at 42 miles an hour. 795 also in the yellow.
7:56 am
five minutes at 32 miles an hour. there's a look at your drive times and speeds. there's a lock at 295. southbound lanes slow in the usual spots. this traffic report is brought to you by hyundai. they have the best warranty in the industry. back over to you no gunshots ring out in baltimore county overnight leaving one man dead and two more in police custody. andrea fujii has more on what happened. >> reporter: police believe the three suspects were running a counterfeit money ring in a hotel room in pikesville. about midnight they moved. the three suspects ran. one suspect shot at an officer. they fired back, killing him. the two other suspects were found nearby and are in custody. police found counterfeit money making equipment and fake bills. baltimore county police and the secret service had been tracking these guys for awhile. they say this operation may
7:57 am
span the entire east coast. the suspects' names haven't been released. it's bel air's first murder in four years. 20-year-old rakin muhammad of parkville is now a wanted man. he killed an aberdeen man. a teenage girl was also shot, most likely by a stray bullet. stay with wjz 13. before we head out, let's check in with marty. right now we're in the upper 70s. it's going to be an uncomfortable afternoon. on paper we lost a little humidity. 94 degrees going to be the high. 69 tonight. getting humid tomorrow. hot and humid, 96 the high. we're going to 101 on saturday, shy of 100 on sunday. shy of 100 on sunday. up next sheryl ,,,,,,
7:58 am
he inherited a $1.7 billion budget deficit... then an economic crisis. but martin o'malley went to work. cutting $5 billion in waste and government spending, while also making opportunities for middle class families a priority. freezing college tuition four years in a row,
7:59 am
record investments in our schools, and tax credits for small businesses to create jobs. while other states are still struggling, martin o'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward.
8:00 am
enthusiastic crowd on the plaza this morning, right? a lot of people here from all over the place, including texas and louisiana. even somebody here from new york city. >> stop. boy, they really traveled a long way for us. we owe them a big thank you. >> i know, the exciting, isn't it? all right. welcome back to the "early show," everybody. i'm harry smith along with erica hill. coming up, it's truly a whale of a tale. you've seen this picture.
8:01 am
it's been out for about a day or so now. this is a 40-ton whale, literally comes right out of the water and lands on top of this sailboat. the two people on board have quite a story to tell. and we're going to hear from them in just a couple minutes. >> it almost looks photoshopped. it's not but looks that way. also, some really big changes for pregnant women. if you've had a c-section, you were always told, once a c-section, you'll have another one. even if wanted to try for a vbac and not a c-section. now there are new guidelines saying you can, in fact, try to have a baby the old fashioned way and it may be a good option for you. dr. jennifer ashton is here. she's an ob-gyn so she'll bring us the details on that. also, shock and anger ever this 11-year-old girl's rants on youtube. she weaswears a lot, lashes out her critics. her father defends her. it's a train wreck on tape. we'll talk about that with one
8:02 am
of our pals, a child psychologist. first, we want to check in with betty nguyen standing by at the news desk with a look at some headlines this morning. good morning. >> good morning, erica and harry. good morning to you at home. who says things don't move fast in washington? a day after she was fired by the government for racist remarks, shirley sherrod has been offered a new job and a whole bunch of apologies. cbs news chief legal correspondent jan crawford is in washington with the latest on this fast-moving story. good morning, jan. >> reporter: good morning, b betty. it was one of those things you hardly ever see in this town, a flat out, no strings apology. the administration did a 180-degree turn wednesday afternoon, less than one day after agriculture secretary vilsack abruptly fired sherrod for the speech she gave last spring to the naacp. in that speech sherrod was seen refrequenting on her rear lack tans 4 years ago to help a poor farmer because he was white. that part of her speech, just that little part, lit up the internet and conservative media
8:03 am
and sherrod was immediately branded a racist. but that wasn't the whole speech. sherrod's remarks were taken completely out of context. she didn't say anything racist at all. in fact, her message in this speech was one of unity. she realized she was wrong, she said, when she downplayed the farmer's request for help and she ultimately helped him save his farm. vilsack said he deeply regretted his decision. he should are gotten his facts together first. he offered her another job at the usda. on the last half hour of "the early show," sherrod talked to erica hill. >> it would hip this country to really -- people in this country to really look at what we're doing. you know, let's step back and see if we can have a new start. you know, if my suffering over these last few days can help move that forward, hey, i'm willing to be the fall guy for that. >> reporter: and that was a point civil right leaders were
8:04 am
also making. maybe all of this will spark a calmer discussion on race. betty? >> if nothing else, just a discussion. jan crawford in washington, thank you for that. the search resumes this morning for a mountain climber missing in wyoming following intense lightning storm. the storm struck yesterday afternoon in grand teton national park. 16 other climbers were rescued. all of them trapped above 13,200 feet. they suffered lightning burns and shock. some hit three or four times. park officials say the missing climber fell off the cliff. work to permanently plug the gulf of mexico oil leak has been put on hold because of an approaching storm. a cluster of thunderstorms in the caribbean could move into the gulf this weekend. forecasters say it has a 40% chance of becoming a tropical depression. skimming boats have been moved to shore and evacuations have begun. today the house is expected to pass a bill that will resume benefits to the long-term unemployed. president obama said he'll sign the measure as soon as it's
8:05 am
passed. the senate passed the bill yesterday after a month-long stale made. a 2.5 million people who have been out of work for six months or more, they're affected by this. some can expect retro active payment as early as next week. in new hampshire, it wasn't exactly jaws but a scary sea creature did send beachgoers running. it was a big yelly fish, a 50 ho 50-pounder floating near the beach. the jellyfish was dead but the pe tent kels remain lethal. talk about a kodak moment. a couple sailing off the coast of south africa when a whale leaped out of the water. cbs news correspondent mark phillips has the story. >> reporter: it's the time of year for whale watching off the coast of south africa. and what better way to do it than from your own boat? that's what ralph thought dw.
8:06 am
>> it's such a loud sound. >> reporter: the whale was attracted to the boat, too attracted. sailors on a neighboring boat took these shot. >> i just saw this thing come up. apparently i said, oh, [ bleep ], you know, that's what she told me. i don't remember. i just saw this huge thing come out of the wart. the mast crashed everything around. i ducked, i think you ducked. >> yes. >> the dog house was completely collapsed with solar panel in the water and it mast missed me by a couple minutes. >> reporter: the boat was a mess but still floating. >> and then my first thought was, let's start the engine and get out of there in case it was attacking us. yeah, she went down, started the engine -- >> and we were not taking any water in. >> reporter: the southern would it whales migrate from the to the tip of south africa every year to breed and feed. ralph and poloma were just whale
8:07 am
watchers who happened to be in the way. >> it was a juvenile. maybe it was just frolicking, having fun. we just happened to be in -- in its collision path, you know, as it was going up and down and having fun. >> sometimes people and whales can have too much fun. mark phillips, cbs news, london. is there such a thing as too much fun? i don't know. let's check in with lonnie quinn outside as he looks at the weather. are you having a lot of fun out there? >> how i can not? check out this crowd i've got out here. i love checking out and reading all the signs. this is colorful. you love cbs. we have free weezy. i didn't know george jefferson had he
8:08 am
we're close to 80. it's going to be a hot day. slightly less humid than yesterday on paper anyway, partly cloudy, 69 tonight. tomorrow gets back to being humid. it gets hot. 96 the high. 101 the forecast high on saturday. 96 sunday. monday and tuesday in the upper 80s.
8:09 am
>> announcer: this weather report sponsored by mott's, purely delicious flavor and great nutrition. >> so, you guys just hoop and holler whenever cameras are on. texas is here. >> you have them well trained already. just ahead, dr. jennifer ashton is here to explain new guidelines for pregnant women. you want to listen up. if you've already had a c-section, big changes could be coming. r kids to eat the way they should requires a little magic from mom. [ kids ] whoa! [ marcia ] new motts medleys. looks and tastes just like the motts juice kids already love. but has two total fruit and veggie servings in every glass. new motts medleys. invisible vegetables, magical taste. [ laughter ] [ slamming ] [ engines revving ] [ tires screech ] [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] before you take it on your road trip...
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and get this year's colors up on the wall...this year. let's get better prices... and better paint. let's break out the drop cloths, rollers, brushes, and tape. let's start small. then go big. no matter what the budget. and when we're done, let's take a bow. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. behr premium plus ultra. the only interior paint and primer in one that's rated number one. in this morning's "healthwatch," new guidelines on giving birth. nearly a third of all births in the u.s. are by c-sections. that's a staggering 5 3% increase since 1956. now a leading group of ob-gyns says that number can and should
8:13 am
be reduced. this is important information for not just moms but dads and partners out here. dr. jennifer ashton here to explain. this is your specialty. the new guidelines, what stood out to me is this could be good not just for women who have had one c-section, but even two. >> exactly, erica. this is, in fact, front page news. these new guidelines expand the pool of women who should be counselled and considered for what's called a trial of labor. when you're talking about a third of women delivering via c-sec, we're talking about over a million women and their families impacted on this news. basically, these new guidelines include those women who should be considered for a trial of labor, which is, in fact, most women are previous c-sections, including those with two previous c-secs, those carrying twins. in the past we didn't consider that entity as a possible candidate. and most interestingly for me, a woman with an unknown scar on her uterus. now, most women will say, well, i have a bikini cut.
8:14 am
that's the scar you have on your skin. inside on the uterus, the scar can be up and down, sideways. in the past, if we didn't know what type of scar was on a woman's uterus, that woman was not considered a candidate for a vbac. now she's in the pool. >> now she's in the pool. what are some of the benefits to having a quote/unquote, natural childbirth after c-section? >> there's a lot 6 them. we need to consider risks versus benefits. when you talk about the benefits of a successful trial of labor vbac we're talking about the possibility of avoiding major surgery, a c-section is a major operation. obviously, that can be avoided. lower rates of blood loss, hemorrhage, infection. you lose about a liter of blood in an average c-section, so this is significant. obviously, shorter, quicker recovery for the mom. and really improved impacts on future maternal health. women who want to have a lot of babies, really, they want to minimize the number of c-secs so this is -- >> and talk there can be benefit from the baby from coming through the birth canal.
8:15 am
there's a way it's set up that way. >> a c-section is not completely risk-free for the baby. most moms think they're taking the rifblg on themselves and most moms are ready and able to do that. it's not zero risk for the baby. >> we should point out vbac is never zero risk either. what are the options to weigh? >> 60% to 80% of women can successfully vbac, however there are real risks. the biggest risk we talk about an-w an unsuccessful trial of labor is called a uterine rupture. it's a low risk. doesn't happen very often. happens 1 in 100 to 1 in 200 cases. if it happens, it can be catastrophic for the mother and the baby. with hemorrhage, blood loss, hysterectomy, worst case scenar scenario, a dead baby. not to be taken lightly. >> if you're going in there and you want to discuss this with your doctor, that you may be a candidate for vbac, what are the questions you ask? >> first you say do you think i'm a good candidate?
8:16 am
then do due dpil diligence about the hospital if which you plan to deliver. you want to ask, is there 24-hour anesthesia? is there the ability to do a stat or emergency c-section? you need a operating room available. and you want to ask the pete trick unit at the hospital. get all your ducks in a row, hope for the best, plan for the worst. >> always your advice to all of us pregnant ladies at "the early show." worked well. so good on this topic because you know it so well. a little girl's foul-mouth rants on youtube. a lot of people asking, where are her parents? we'll check in with our resident child psychologist just ahead. this is "the early show" on cbs. >> announcer: "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by neutrogena clinical skin care. undo a year's worth of skin aging in just four weeks. and you want to do the same for your laughable, lovable dog. [ barks ] that's why purina fit & trim is specially formulated...
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8:18 am
i love your work. the internet is all abuzz over an 11-year-old girl's foul-mouth rants.
8:19 am
reaction has come fast and furious. ranging from shock to concern. look for yourself. >> send me messages, but you know what, i don't give a [ bleep ]. i'm happy with my life, okay? if you can't, like, realize that and stop hating, you know what, i'll pop a glc in your mouth. >> that's so crazy. joining us is "early show" contributor and child psychologist jennifer hartstein. >> good morning. >> hello. you've seen this tape now a couple times and you see it again and it still takes your breath away. >> it does. i'm rarely speechless and this one i sat and shook my head and just wondered who was guiding this young woman. it's really scary. >> later on, the parents come into the tape and what have you. but just as you're looking at this, as you see it, say it's not her. we don't want you to diagnose her. >> sure. >> on television, but as you see this girl, what are the -- what
8:20 am
are your immediate thoughts from the standpoint of either pathology or what's missing or what she really needs? what is she trying to do? >> what's her motivation, is the question i keep going to? is she looking for friendship? is she looking for a group to belong to? is she looking for a sense of camaraderie and connection? it's really hard to know. but there's something she's looking for. she's reaching out to make these connections with people, replying to their comments, having these conversations. at 11 she's seeing the power of the internet but not the full scope of how far it can go. >> there's a desperation in this, right? >> absolutely. this real sense of -- there's another video where the desperation is so real because these people she thought were maybe friends or she was connected to really start to bully her and go after her and beat her up. she really loses control when that happens. >> so, here's, you know, what we assume is when a parent is in the background. >> she's very upset. >> she's very upset. did you not think at some point
8:21 am
this would be the result? >> right. clearly, her parents are not aware of what's happening. i did read an interview with the mom who said she thought she was video chatting with her friends and making videos for "america's got talent" but never went in and checked what her 11-year-old was doing online. request questioned whether her own daughter's authenticity. clearly, they're her daughter. >> at the same time, looking at this video this morning, it almost -- it seemed inauthentic to me. was this really her voice? it almost looks -- is she looking into the monitor? is she reading some of this stuff? it doesn't seem like whatever is coming out of her mouth is really coming out of the soul of an 1 1-year-old. >> there are moments in this video, if you see the whole thing, where she's purely 11, talks about her mannerisms. so i think it is really her. she's dressing up and believing the dress-up.
8:22 am
it's like she wants to be the princess and is the princess. she wants to be older than she is. >> and somehow being the character she's portraying in this. wow. >> and not seeing the consequences of her actions to open the door. >> there's something overwhelmingly sad about this. >> it's very sad that an 11-year-old needs to go to this length to feel connected to somebody. we have to worry about that for her in the long term. >> at the same time, its one more cautionary tale about what our children are doing, especially when on the internet. and then clearly the consequences that come as a result of that. >> absolutely. it's what we talk about all the time. >> dr. jennifer hartstein, thank you so much. still ahead, butts are big this summer. we mean that in a good way. we'll show you how to get the best possible gluteus maximu. [ male announcer ] achin' for steak & bacon?
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good morning. marty is in the weather center. >> let's take a look at the forecast. we're almost at 80 degrees. sunny and partly cloudy with a high of 94. tonight partly cloudy 69. tomorrow we starts to get heat. 94. with that humidity it feels closer to 100. today the coolest out of the next many. let's send it over to sharon. not a bad morning on the
8:26 am
road. we have a disabled vehicle on kimball roadblock the right lane. a new accident on parkville, and francis and carville and at pulaski highway. 83 southbound in the yellow. same goes for 95 southbound and 795 southbound between owings mills boulevard and the beltway. there's a look at the west side at old port road. this traffic report is brought to you by high on day. see why people who test dry a hyundai drive a hyundai. a police involved shooting leaves one man dead and two more behind bars. baltimore county police were about to arrest three men suspected of a counterfeit money operation. one suspect shot at the
8:27 am
officer. police shot back and killed him. the other two suspects were caught nearby. >> the next thing you know i hear probably like nine rounds. i'm like -- and my husband said get down on the floor. >> police believe the men were involved in a counterfeit ring that spanned the east coast. a new pension could take a toll on the police force. dozens of officers quit or retired days before the pensions took effect. 42 officers left the department come fired 17 of last june. a car was empty but crews spent hours searching for a driver. witnesses said they saw several juveniles run away from the crash. investigators are trying to determine who owned the vehicle.
8:28 am
up next, record high unemployment is sending many graduates back home to mom and dad. dad. and we have our top ,,,, air has no prejudice.
8:29 am
it does not carry the opinions... of the man faster... than those of a woman. does not filter out an idea... because i'm 16... and not 30. air is unaware if i'm black... or white... and wouldn't care if it knew. so it stands to reason my ideas will be powerful... if they are wise... infectious... if they are worthy. if my thoughts have... flawless delivery... i can lead the army that will follow. rule the air. verizon.
8:30 am
puerto rico on the plaza this morning. welcome back to the "early show." there's a sweet little face right there. welcome back to the "early show," everyone. a little energy. harry's going to get lessons on proper sign-holding skills. >> now f you can't hold your sign properly, we're going to ask you to put them down, please. all right, very good. >> there will be a tutorial later on. >> bianca, you heard the name bianca. at the end of that big game, landon donovan, he does this shout out to bianca, right? well, bianca kajlich on "rules
8:31 am
of engagement," she's her with her brother, a double amputee about an amazing summer camp they'll both be at later on this summer where amputees from all over the country, kids come and learn how to deal with their disability. >> it's so great to have someone who can use their star power to help people in this situation. >> agreed. >> a great story there. also coming up this morning, we're getting straight to the bottom line for you. we're talking about the trend towards a bigger booty. some of us have been part of that trend -- >> even if we didn't want to be. >> celebrity trainer seven boggs is here to turn buns into buns of steal. if you read "the wall street journal," on the front page, talk of boosting your booty. >> i love these. there are inserts you can stick in your undies to boost your booty? >> does that work or do you need exercise? >> we'll show you both.
8:32 am
>> we'll demonstrate and get harry right on that. >> after all that exercise, you won't feel guilty treating yourself to some great new versions of pizza and burger. chef spike mendelsohn who was -- has a wildly successful washington restaurant is about to open a second. remember him from "top chef," the guy with the hat. >> love "top chef". >> sounds good. >> somebody else is excited. you picked a good day to be here. >> yes. >> and lonnie quinn has a final check of the weather. hey there, lonnie. >> hello, there. betty, those inserts you were talking about -- >> not wearing them at the moment? >> i'm sporting a pair right now. >> are you okay? okay. >> you were talking about this cute little face right here. this is allison.
8:33 am
good morning. temperatures above 80 degrees. going for a high of right around 94 degrees, going to be the coolest out of the next few. 69. partly cloudy tonight. tomorrow hot, more humid. 96. it will feel like 100.
8:34 am
101 on saturday. sunday -- not until monday and tuesday we what do you think, was that enough air time for you? yes, what she said. harry, over to you. >> thanks, lonnie snee we all know bianca kajlich for her starring role in the hit show "rules of engagement" but she has another passion that's helping kids who have lost a limb. in 2003 her brother andre was hit by a train and had both legs amputat amputated. this weekend they're heading to ohio to work at a camp for kids living with limb loss. bianca and andre are with us this morning. good morning. >> morning. >> what a good, good thing. you're accident, prague, the subway. how did you end up being run over by a train? >> the details of that we don't know.
8:35 am
as far as i know, it was the story of waking up three weeks later in the hospital and learning this, as i slowly came to. >> wow, wow. >> you found out about this over long distance. and your family is in shock. landon helped out and helped get your father to czechoslovakia. the reality then sets in afterwards. and as a family, how did you come to grips with this? >> well, i think it was -- it was a big testament to the unity of our family and how certainly our love and also our humor helped us to get through it. i mean, andre really set the precedent because when he woke up out of the coma, his -- i remember one of the first things he said was, well, i lived with a perfect body for almost 25 years. now i have to deal with this. and we move forward. >> perfect, the exact words i used were perfect. >> yeah. when you get ready to go to a camp like this and you meet kids
8:36 am
who are going through what you've endured, what's the most important message you're going to have for them? >> i think my message to them will be just present my experience and just going on with life, i think, finding out what's important and the things, especially growing up as kids, that they really shouldn't worry about as kids anyways are extra important for them to realize. but i think just to interact, discover there's a lot of other kids in the country like them. >> i have to believe that's significant. because if you're living in a situation like this, you're thinking, why am i the one? why is it that i've been picked to end up, you know, in a situation like this? if you can meet other kids, you can realize, especially in this day and age, you can develop your own internet network or whatever. >> yeah. >> in your experience this way, what do you hope to bring when you go to the camp?
8:37 am
>> well, i think a really great aspect of the camp is the fact that these kids are flown there. their camp expenses are taken care of, which is largely helped by donation. and for some of these kids, the first time they get to be around other amputees. and so we're actually going to start the first drama department at the camp. >> ah. >> which i feel is my personal, you know, gift to help out. you know, i think that there's such a great thing about acting, is that you get to be in your body and you get to imagine different characters, be different thing. that will be so fun to share with them. >> that sounds so great. i have a couple personal questions. so, we're talking about the world cup. there's landon. he comes on, hi, bianca, gives you the shout out. what is the status of your relationship? how is that? >> good question. the status of our
8:38 am
relationship -- >> because you went to the espys together, right? >> yes, yes. >> landon is certainly one of the most important people in my life. and i mean, it was -- he helped my family so much through this experience and we are still married. we are separated. we care about each other a lot. what the future brings, who knows. but, you know, i think it's really hard for people to understand or realize that you can still be friends, that these type of situations don't have to be negative. and, you know what, we're in a great place in our lives right now. i have my serious and i'm filming a movie and he's just come off this great thing with the world cup. >> how cool was it for you guys to see how well he played and how well you guys did during the world cup? >> it was very exciting. >> very, very cool, right? how proud were you? >> very proud. he's worked really hard. and, you know, that's the thing most people don't see, is the leadup. i mean, he's been doing these kind of acts and goals and, you
8:39 am
know, the team has been succeeding for a while. the fact that people are getting to recognize that is really great. >> we'll see you this fall in "rules of engagement." season five already? >> yeah. >> isn't that great? good luck at the camp. appreciate it. you can catch "rules of engagement" monday night at 7 8:30/7:30 central. >> it is the hottest part of the summer, the backside and we're putting it front and center this morning. >> reporter: it goes by many nicknames and has been photographed many times but not until the hit song has there been so much praise for the backside. >> the new part of the body is behind you. over your shoulder it's the big butt. summer's hottest accessory. >> reporter: it's a trend perhaps made most famous by a few cheeky celebrities. >> celebrities that have the best backside right now, i would have to say, jessica alba, b be
8:40 am
yan say, kim kardashian. she gives people permission to have a full womanly body with kufb. >> it makes her money. >> my jiggle is out for the world to see. >> reporter: kardashian's bottom line is reportedly worth $5.5 million. >> it's not good for us tall, slim, less curvaceous girls. it throws us in our face what we're missing. >> reporter: sara jamison is one of thousands working for a better backside. she goes to an exercise class inspired by brazil. >> it's the most important part of the body to work out. >> reporter: one our a day, four times a week she sweats it out for buns of steel. >> i have a little more work to do to get literally perfect but i think i look great. >> reporter: but if you don't feel like sweating, you can buy a little enhancement.
8:41 am
in the past year women spent over $848 million in shapeware, including booty-boosting items. whether you hit the gym and earn it or hit the stores and buy it, one thing for sure, butts are in this summer. the bigger the better. we know they're in. personal train and bally spokesperson seven boggs is here to show us how to boost our booty. it's on the front page of the wall street journal talking about one of the products here, not the exercise products, but some of these products we saw in the piece that can really boost your booty. so, we have the inserts here. there are lotions, creams. do these really work for you to get that butt? >> i'm glad you touched base on that. it depends on what you use. injections work temporarily. creams don't work at all. of course, this works if you need immediate emergency help. at the end of the day it's going to be what you look like under
8:42 am
your clothes. everyone wants a beautiful derriere. nicole richie was tweeting about her wanting a pair of this. it's a popular trend. if you want to fill up the jeans for that night, great to go with the underwear. >> if you want it to last -- >> you have to do good old-fashioned exercise. >> so, as we move over to our exercise area. >> this is the key. main thing is what are you going to look like once those clothes come off, put on your swimsuit or in your underwear? what does the booty look like unerneath it all. that's where this goes out the window and good, old-fashioned exercise -- >> you don't want a big, flabby booty. you want a toned booty. >> plump and tight. >> it's easy to do. my pmom swears by this. give it a squeeze when you're walking the dog. >> you can hold it for up to 15, 20 seconds. contracting the muscle and releasing and contracting it again. >> standing at line in the
8:43 am
grocery store, at your desk. >> no one knows you're doing it. of course, there are work outs as well. >> these are all quick fixes. >> kick to the back, kick to the side. >> if you want to do something a little more hard core, you want to boost that butt -- >> at the end of the day, us trainer live and die by these exercises. the first is a dead lift. this is the most popular thing with all the trainer. clients hate it because it causes a lot of pain. >> but it works. >> works very effectively. the key to the exercise is keeping a good arch on your lower back. stick your booty out. take a good arch and take it as low as you can. >> you want to feel it in the back of your legs and butt. >> on your hamstrings and butt. the next way is put your feet close together. even though it looks like the same exact exercise you're targeting a different part of your gluteal muscles. they are doing a simplified version with the bar and the ladies behind me are doing more weight resistance. >> we see all options there.
8:44 am
we have dumbbells, a yoga mat, soup cans. how much weight and how many? >> 15 to 20 repetitions and you can use any weight, a gallon of water or one of your own body without any weights at all. the next exercise, very effective, body builders, we all know this is the most effective exercise of all to really lift and build that booty. we'll do a basic squat. i'll do the advanced version of the squat. i'm going to use ilgt weight. we'll come down -- >> my feet are weight. hip width apart. >> or slidely wider. you can take it in closer, too. >> where am i getting the maximum benefit, closer or further apart? >> when doing the squat take it down as low as you possibly can, watching your posture. the girls behind are doing sit and stand. if you can't take it deep enough, these girls have their marks. the girl in the middle has a little thing. it's basically to show -- >> that's how far i have to go?
8:45 am
>> the deeper you go, the more the booty is working. >> these are 15 to 20 reps at a time? >> and three to four sets at least. >> lots of good stuff. great to have you with us, seven. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> harry, you ready? squats over there? >> all of this stuff you're doing over there, we're just going to completely -- it's going to be for naught. "top chef" made had him famous and his culinary cooking has kept him in the spotlight. shout out for spike mendelsohn with the soon to open, and i love the name "we the pizza." eels also written "the good stuff cookbook" and here to show us some of his favorite recipes. spike mendelsohn, good morning. >> thank you. how's it going? >> it's going really good. i like your food, dude. >> you do? >> yeah. >> ready to make some with me? >> yeah. what do you have going? >> we have the mac and cheese,
8:46 am
one of my favorite recipes in the cookbook. it's simple. we'll start making a sauce, just a little butter, white flour. >> white sauce. >> yeah. >> add some cheese. >> watch it melt. >> and i always add a little spice to it. spicy guy? >> yeah. >> we'll add cayenne in there. a little more. >> why not? >> dash of pepper. >> regular old pepper? >> regular old pepper. mix that around and get that stirring. that's melling the keys a little bit. we'll add -- this is nice parmesan cheese. >> pour that in there? >> first, we'll add all the herbs. a little parsley, a little thyme, oregano and rosemary. just mix that all around. add the bacon. i'm going to mix the cheese right here. >> i'm liking this. i'm liking this a lot. >> do you make mac and cheese at the house? >> yeah, with about four or five different kinds of cheese. it takes all day. >> maybe have you a recipe for
8:47 am
me. >> come on over. >> this is all melted. we'll pour it over -- >> yeah. >> right on the top. just going to mix that all around. >> cool, harry. >> you're sous cheffing today, right? >> that's on my resume, bro. you got the bacon working in there. look at it. >> we can mix the rest of it in there. look at that. look at that goodness. >> that's goes in there. if we threw that in the oven and -- >> it would come out -- >> -- looking like that. >> yeah. >> you know what, we'll give you a little taste of this, right? >> i'm just going to go in. >> i don't have to be shy. this is so good. >> the face value. crispy, a lot of texture, cheesy. >> that works. >> it's good? >> that works. >> this is one of the exotic burgers in the cookbook, the blazing barn, one at good stuff eatery. i picked this up in vietnam.
8:48 am
so, we got nicely seared beef seasoned with salt and pepper. then we take the burgers, and you are to toast your buns. >> toast your buns? >> always toast your buns. >> that's what we were trying to do in the earlier segment. >> add the beef to the bun. take pickles and put it right on top. while you're doing that i'm going to make this spicy mayonnaise. we have mayonnaise, ciracha sauce. >> everybody has to have that. >> the new ketchup. a little trick, add a little condensed milk to add that out. mix that up. >> mellow. >> mellow, round out those flaifz. then just top it off like that. and it's the blazing barn burger. >> that's pretty good looking thing right there. we like that. when's the pizza place open?
8:49 am
>> this monday. i'm really, really excited about it. we're doing homemade sodas, home mate gelato, italian subs, and pizza from scratch. we're bringing a little new york love to the d.c. area. dough, toss it like it. >> can you toss pizza in. >> of course i can. >> let's check that out. ya! all right! so, if this job doesn't work out you can come to we love the pizza. >> i may hold you to that. we'll add a little tomato sauce, layer it in the middle, and twist it -- show me your pizza skills. >> this is like the really fresh -- the mozzarella and tomato. shredded mozzarella -- >> because worry running out of time. >> mozzarella, roasted tomatoes, looks like this and it's perfect. >> then take a bite. >> we go to we the pizza starting monday in washington, d.c. spike mendelsohn, thank you so much.
8:50 am
for these and all the recipes go to our,,,,,, i'm chef michael, and my dog bailey and i love to hang out in the kitchen. you love the aroma of beef tenderloin, don't you? you inspired a very special dog food.
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[ female announcer ] chef michael's canine creations. chef inspired. dog desired. 4 varieties like meatball italiano made with delicious meats and melted cheeses on bakery fresh tasting bread that crisps in the microwave in minutes. the taste of your favorite sub shop without leaving home. new stouffer's toasted subs.
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we want to say congratulations to julie. julie and some other -- sara gilbert. >> holly robinson pete. >> sharon osbourne and other folks are going to start this talk show on cbs this fall. >> a bunch of mommys. i love that. >> it's untitled right for you. do you have any idea -- moms speak? >> we've bep thinking about that. >> lonmy night have some ideas. >> mom speak. >> mom speak? >> i don't think that's going to go too far, quite frankly. >> how about, because i said so?
8:53 am
>> oh, that is good. >> that's really good. >> julie, let me know what you think about that. very excited for you. congratulations. your local news is next. ,,,,
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