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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 14, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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baltimore city a lot at stake for city voters >> reporter: it's been a fierce battle between the candidates. both are attorneys so they're used to making arguments, this time they're doing it in front of the voters asking for their support. they're running on the same record, patricia jessamy's record says it's a great one. it's a choice for voters, 15-year incumbent patricia jessamy running on her record, both hit polling places to ask for votes. the campaign has been anything but friendly with --
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>> i know what i'm doing, i'm getting violent criminals off of the streets. she's has had the backing of religious leaders and he has the support of the police union the state's attorney's office has been unable to work with law enforcement >> reporter: he's raised more money while her adds have defended her record. both of the can dates -- candidates have been out making their case like they would to a jury on
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why the voters should choose them, it's going to be a long night waiting for the results. >> thank you. it's a very big night for voters in baltimore county as well. in towson they're watching the race for baltimore county executive, two democrats from two very different backgrounds battling it out, let's start with kevin kamenetz. it's the most expensive rate and he's out early shaking hands trying to get last-minute votes reminding people heading to the polls of his experience. >> getting a nice reception from voters, they have done their research and we're just enenforcing that.
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. he touted his record and discussed plans to deal with growth and development in baltimore county >> we want to keep our neighborhood safe and the schools strong and have a modern government that allows us to do more in difficult times. they're responsing to the message, i'm all smiles today and upbeat. somewhat happy it's over but i need to keep campaigning. >> he got up this morning and headed to the polls and worked them all day long. we learned from the commercials that the challenger is used to getting up early, let's go to adam may where he's live where the 2010 coverage continues >> reporter: joe -- joe bartenfelder gets up early, he works on a farm despite being a politician. during his campaigning, he decided to focus on pikesville,
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an unusual move because it's his district and joe bartenfelder is hoping to pick up some support here. >> many politicians roll up their sleeves for the cameras, joe bartenfelder takes it further removing his campaign shirt to vote in the race. >> joe bartenfelder is a farmer. >> reporter: it showcases his blue-collar roots. >> he's an honest joe. >> they say it gives him the edge. all day the former state delegate hit polling places sending a message to voters >> we're going to work hard and deliver to them the services they expect and the taxes they pay. >> now let's not forget that in addition to the executive race, there's some continuous races
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because joe bartenfelder is vacating the post so voters are subjected to campaigning for county council members and a lot of calls that they will be glad when it's over. >> it's been how low voter turnout has been. it's making records here. let's take a look. we're looking at a comparison of 2006, 25% in baltimore city voter turnout. now as of 5:45, just 10.5 in the city. going back to baltimore, they saw 33% of voter turnout in the primary race, it is just at 12%.
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we're going back to vick on tv hill. >> looks like it's lost its luster and people are not going out. >> check in for complete coverage. log onto we want to update the breaking news from last hour, a shooting at a busy downtown intersection, sky chopper is over the scene and mike perry has more. >> it occurred within the last hour, it's pennsylvania avenue north of martin luther king boulevard where a man was shot multiple times, a very violent shooting. a man was shot at least 6 times,
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they saw a black honda with two suspects inside. it's unclear of the condition of the man who was shot. the big issue is martin luther king boulevard is closed in both directions from franklin, west franklin avenue up to druid hill avenue. major delays, expect delays and expect to be detoured at those two intersections. thank you. at this hour, baltimore police looking for answers after a man was found dead in his home. more on this. >> reporter: that is right. police call it a suspicious death, the body of a middle- aged man was found not far from the city county line, he was suffering from some form of trauma to the body. they're searching for clues at
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the scene. police charged this man in the murder of a 26-year-old man found dead outside of his apartment complex in hamstead. the victim was stabbed to death. the man and woman were involved in a fight. ussell scott laderer aged 22 and cassandra lynn glover aged 19, are charged with second-degree murder. >> a string of evenings continue. plenty of blue skies and mile temperatures, wjz is live with first-warning weather coverage. bob turk updating the forecast. >> pleasant conditions. very dry, the breeze we had this afternoon beginning to calm down and makes for a cool night.
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bernadette woods looking at 3 named storms on the map. >> reporter: it's the peak of hurricane season and you can see it on the map. starting out with igor because it's the strongest one. 144 mile-per-hour winds, it's moving northwest slowly and it's taking it towards bermuda. that's the concern with the storm. we'll talk about this one moving slowly straight through the weekend. now heading further out, julia, category 1 hurricane. it's really far out there and even when it makes the turn looks like it will stay out there. the newest one is karl. it's expected to keep strengthening and make its way over the peninsula. it looks like it will gain more strength over the southern
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parts of the gulf and making land fall in southern texas where there's a lot of storms this year. no it was a hard-fought brawl but when it was over, the ravens came out on the road in the national spotlight. joining us now on the big win. >> denise, it's lived up to what is expected. the low-scoring match up, two defenses in a standoff and it's the ravens who stand tallest in the end. the look of disaster at the start. they were flattened by the jets and fumbled. the first of three turnovers but they survive it thanks to their own defense. the purple swarm made life miserable for sanchez. the ravens held them to 6 first
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downs and when sanchez was able to throw, his receivers paid a price. a hard-hitting start to the season goes the ravens way for all of the talk of their offense, it was the defense that led the way in a 10-9 win over the jets >> we bends but we don't break, that's how we played today. we proved that we can be the number one defense. it was high emotions. . >> with our wjz fan cam, we asked you what impressed you most about the ravens win over the jets? >> hard hitting ray lewis
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putting a hurting on them. awesome game. >> reporter: the defense gets its due but how does the offense feel about the performance? we'll hear from joe flacco coming up. the ravens are back on the road next weekend, back on wjz, you can watch the ravens and the -- here. . >> an american woman held hostage in iran. what are the fate of her two friends left behind? >> coming up, fueling up without paying up. anne arundel county fuel thieves, that story as we continue. >> reporter: downtown, a new plan to revitalize the four parks in front of the
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washington monument is drawing controversy, the removal of trees. this story coming up a delightful evening, stick around for the forecast coming up. ,,,,,,
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in anne arundel, thieves are going after gas,
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specifically diesel fuel. they have made off with over a thousand gallons so far >> reporter: if you watch the numbers roll, you know what a fill up can cost, but this store is paying the price for an illegal fill-up. the suspects were able to steal diesel fuel valued at over $2000. >> is second one hit >> in published reports, an expert on fuel hauling, they speculated it would take a large pickup truck hauling a tank or trailer and some knowledge of which cover to pop to gain access to the tank and the 1500 gallons of diesel. >> it's not known if they're using it themselves or selling it to someone else. >> reporter: potential uses includes combines and trackers
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found on farms. >> that's what we're trying to ascertain. we're running checks in the area to monitor it. >> looking for those who don't pay full price. >> when contacted with wjz, a representative declined to comment on the theft while an investigation is underway. >> police are looking for this man who they say robbed a bank of america last week, the suspect is between 18-25 years old and he got away with an undisclosed amount of money. you're asked to call crime stoppers the corner stone was lay for the monument, some much-needed repairs are stirring a controversy. for the past two hundred years the area around the base of this monument has changed 1/2 dozen
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times, the latest plan is fixed sidewalks and a redo of the streets and sidewalks >> this is baltimore's most iconic symbol and it deserves the attention. >> reporter: where the winds of change for some blow cold. the current crop of trees were planted in hodgepodge and features hidden behind foilage. over 100 trees have to go. >> it's shocking to hear, but many are on the verge of death. >> reporter: the campaign director for the project, they're donating the design and construction to the city. >> we are taking down the trees but i believe there's 109 trees and replacing them with 118 and large trees >> it's not a good idea >> reporter: some who use the parks are not impressed
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>> people are used to this. modernizing things, sometimes things need to be left alone. >> reporter: any changes must be approved by the department. >> the planning commission votes at the next meeting on october 12th >> taking a look at temperatures, 76 now northwest winds at 6 the barometer holding steady. looking at the pleasant night and pleasant wednesday. ,,,,,,,,
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leaking at pictures like this, it's nice out there. >> wish i was on a boat. >> normal temperatures are pleasant, upper 70 , nighttime lows in the 50s. that's pretty much where we've been. looking at temperatures around the region, close to where we should be, 76 here, 77 elkton
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and ocean city and the coolest spot, oakland down to 68 degrees. the dew point of 48. once the winds die down, which they do now and the skies clear out, particularly north and west of the city, temperatures getting into the upper 40s by morning. winds out of the west, brought an air mass into the region, now it's beginning to clear out. you can see the clouds through this afternoon shifting down to the south, let's look at that moving right across the region this afternoon, a little thin band, some of it developing off of the midwest and the great lakes probably give us a chance of a shower or shower activities and we need it again thursday night into friday. not looking for a lot of rain, most will pass across michigan, ontario and up to the north and new england. we have a chance.
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high pressure will build in over the day tomorrow and sunshine all day long, thursday nice day, thursday night, that's when the the clouds come in and the risk of just a couple showers. igor, category four, strong storm heading right as a category three for bermuda by the weekend, i'm sure they will have hurricane watches up and probably they will probably stay in the current track and probably a solid track. it's right in its scope unfortunately for the folks there, it will go through quickly could see quite a bit of damage. julia heading northwest and curving and probably will not impact bermuda that is the little spot there. we have igor and karl not well formed but will cause a lot of
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rain into mexico probably have some heavy rain there as well. should not impact the united states but it will impact cancun, small craft advisory through 9:00. tonight clearing out, calm conditions later and it will be cool, 58 downtown. tomorrow sun and a few clouds, a nice afternoon, dry, upper 70s to maybe 80 degrees. a nice wednesday coming up. thank you. still to come tonight, troubling trend, a disturbing number of rape investigations now congress is getting involve. >> the nfl is investigating the jets for sexual-harassing behavior against a sports reporter. the latest next.
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coming up on eyewitness new, voters consider how government is doing and guess what? they're not all that enthused. the ravens use defense to win their opening game but joe flacco and the offense is proud of what they did. ,,,,,,,,,,
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it is just before 6:30, 76 degrees with a few clouds, thank you for joining us. here are some of the stories people are talking about. after more than a year in a hellish iran prison, sarah shourd is out. she has reunited with her parents. >> reporter: sarah shourd put her nightmare in an iranian prison behind her. >> i want to thank every country and official and individual involved in the
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process >> she spoke moments after her release and boarded a plane where her mother was waiting. >> i know how much effort has gone into this afternoon i'm grateful >> reporter: she was arrested with two other americans in july 2009 hiking in iran and iraq. she was seen here last may during a visit of all three hikers' mothers they were charged with spying. iran court set the bail at $500,000 and initially the family couldn't pay. but it's not clear who did play sarah shourd's bail since they have no diplomatic relations with iran. officials are not certain of the final terms of her release. >> if the question is, did the united states government pay anything for this release, the answer is no. >> reporter: the white house
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put out a statement saying they were pleased with her release. the two men are still in jail. there's no indication that the government is listening to calls for their release. joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> there's no word when she will be back in the u.s police are investigating the startling number of rape cases, how a change in procedures has happen >>reporter: an investigation by wjz's media partner revealed that the city was number one in the nation for rapes and 30% of all cases. since then the commissioner
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implimented new measures, on capitol hill, they pushed for a federal investigation on how cases are reported nation-wide they said more research is a must >> baltimore are requires reports to be filed, now we're we're -- getting a second look to make sure there's a followup. i'm concerns in other areas of the nation, we may not be hitting the radar screen. >> no one in baltimore was asked to testify but the advocate says she was moe -- motivated by the sun's report. >> a waste water overflow causes concerns, it happened in arnold, 12,000 gallons overflowed from a pumping station with 3,000
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going into the dividing creek. warning signs have been posted and residents have been notified. it's been a rough couple days for the new york jets, their loss is overshadowed by al -- allegations that the team members harassed a reporter. >> it was a rough start to the regular season for the jets as the ravens win 10-9 monday night, but they have other things to worry about. they're investigating the jets for sexually harassing a female sports reporter from mexico. she is a former miss spain and miss universe was on the sidelines during saturday's practice when coaches and players appeared to throw footballs in her direction. later as she waited in the locker room to do this interview with mark sanchez, she was the target of rude comments and
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tweeted in spanish, i'm so uncomfortable. i'm in the jets locker room waiting for mark sanchez and trying to look around me. i want to cover my ears. it's making for embarrassing headlines for the jets and the nfl >> personally and professionally discouraging. >> reporter: a member of the fall hall of fame and journeys says there's no room for the boys will be boys attitude. the jets owner has apologized and she leaves it up to the nfl to determine if disciplinary action is necessary >> i believe that they find that they need to punish someone, their going do to it and if it's not necessary, i trust in what they say. >> it doesn't mean the jets are clear of any legal trouble. >> if people around her saw it as sexual harassment, it could
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be actionable even though she's not quite clear if she wants to file a lawsuit yet. >> no word on how long the investigation would take. >> thank you, the nfl started the investigation just ten hours after the alleged incident occurred. >> enrollment at baltimore county hits new highs. 26,000 students have enrolled for the 2010 fall semester. enrollment is up at each campus. >> the polls are still open at this hour and people are casting their votes in the primary elections to have a national impact but so far, turnout has been poor and it appears there's a disconnect with voters. pat warren with more. >> primary anybody is what election officials must be
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wondering as they trickle in to cast their votes and how marylanders are feeling, the mood of the voters. if the nation has a water cooler, it's likely to be the polling place what voters say about how government is doing. some voters are not happy >> no. >> we want a change. >> maryland voters may not make as big of a statements as others. it's not clear if it will influence the general election. >> i know that the former governor is hoping it would be the case, that it's the primary factor in what he hopes for a victory over o'malley, but i don't expect it to be the case. >> reporter: the general
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election may see some changes in the status quo >> they're not totally responsive for the needs that people have. >> the new blood idea may influence the race and democrat is focusing on an independent voting record rather than taking a strict party line. p
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>> they talked today, a lot can happen between now and november and the candidates may have to concentrate on working up voter interest. back to you. >> thank you. wjz 13 is always on. check in for campaign 2010, for results and reaction, log onto time for a quick look at the stories you find in tomorrow's edition of baltimore sun. how to add a little fizz to your food by cooking with soft drinks. these stories and more in the baltimore sun, look for the updated forecast in the first warning weather team. still to come, judgment day, george michael learns his fate after a conviction on drug charges. the forecast, more of this fine weather on tap. the five-day forecast coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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officials say that the car crossed several lanes of traffic and crashed down an embankment.
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they're trying to figure out the cause of the crash they're starting the investigation into the cause of the massive pipeline explosion. four people died and 37 homes went up in flames after a pipeline ruptured. the owners pacific gas and electric will help residents recover. investigators hoping to prevent similar explosions from happening around the country another wildfire near boulder, colorado. it has destroyed two homes since sunday and some 25% contain. the next 36 hours are the most critical as flames pick up. singer george michael sentenced to 8 weeks in jail. the award winner pled guilty of driving under the influence of cannabis. he was slumped over the wheel after crashes into a photo
6:43 pm
store. he had not been drinking. it's not his first run in with the law. for a second year in a row, president obama delivered a lesson to school children across the nation, this year's speech was not met with much controversy. president obama is telling american students to work hard and dream big. >> the future is in your hands, your life is what you make of it. nothing is beyond your reach. >> reporter: nothing is going to have a great of an impact on your success in life as your education. >> reporter: schools across the country had the option to show the speech many the classroom. last year just the idea of president obama delivering a message to students sparked an out cry accusing him to push politics on children. >> reporter: this year it was
6:44 pm
absent. a survey of schools few plan to show the president's remarks. on their lunch break to new york city, students had a mixed reaction to the message >> he's promising that if we work hard things will get better >> do you believe that? >> i do. >> i want to believe what he is saying, you'll be successful, but a bunch of people right now layoff have no work. >> reporter: still these four young men are optimistic about their future and college-bound. the president says the performance will determine america's suck success in the future. >> schools compete to land him
6:45 pm
as the graduation speaker. a preview of what is happening this evening with katie couric why have u.s. schools fallen behind so many other countries? how the u.s. can prepare the next generation of kids. that's tonight only on the cbs evening news. here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street, we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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as a career prosecutor i made decisions on facts not politics. in washington, i'm trying to do the same. that's why i voted to crackdown on wall street and protect the bay. and why i voted against the $3 trillion budget, the big bank bailout, and against the health care bill. you see for me it's not about democrats or republicans it's about common sense and doing what's best for our families. maybe that's why i'm ranked one of the most independent members of congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message.
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bob's updates the forecast, bernadette woods live in the out back with more of what we can expect tomorrow >> reporter: it's going to be another nice and dry one. temperatures in the low 50s through the afternoon. we warm up to 80 degrees, we head through the evening, temperatures start to drop but another storm moving our way, for more, here's bob. >> some pleasant temperatures, 80 degrees tomorrow and mostly
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sunny skies. by thursday night, late at night, maybe a shower or two through the area. 83, 79, nice day on friday as it clears out, 80 on saturday and low 80s, maybe 84 with a lot of sunshine on sunday. thank you. still to come, more on the ravens big opening night victory. mark is here with more. today is the day i double down.
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it worked out for the ravens, the win featured two dominating defense and two young quarterbacks and the defenses appear about equally tough, the ravens have the edge where joe flacco's development is ahead and he found his new receiver 7 times for a hundred yards, they connected on a scoring drive and was able to execute a plan against a defense. >> they were going to come after us and play and we had to chase down the feel, it was like
6:53 pm
green bay, we caught it and this time we came up with a lot of good catches and got a couple holding calls and that's where you have to go, try to take chunks and sometimes you end up getting penalties. >> a long pass to todd for a big game, he suffered a strained shoulder on the play but said to be okay and expected to practice tomorrow. the ravens begin for another tough road game against the attack in cincinnati. you can see it here on wjz ravens game. there were two monday night games last night. the chargers were frustrated on the road.
6:54 pm
sean hill starts for the jays and faces an orioles lineup without roberts who got hit last night. the game starts in about 15 minutes checking on the division races with a couple of weeks to go.
6:55 pm
the slim lead in the national league west. a big night for the orioles. 3 hits and drove in a season-high run. san diego a half game up. good for him to have some fun. the orioles are having fun and playing better. >> people enjoying watching them too. everyone knows a fee is a tax. you raised some taxes during that period, particularly the property tax as well as a lot of fee increases. as you know, there's a big difference between fees and taxes. but...they're the same. it's a tax.
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it's a tax. it's a tax. it's a tax. there's a big difference between fees and taxes. fees and taxes are one in the same. if it comes out of my pocket, it's a tax. now he says it isn't true. we didn't raise taxes. what? still doing the same thing, paying out more money. typical politician.
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don't miss the cbs prime time lineup. that's it for us, back at 11:00. >> thank you for joining us on
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wjz, more ahead on the >> couric: tonight, an american held by iran for more than a year is finally released for health reasons, but her two friends, including her fiance, remain in custody, accused of spying. i'm katie couric. also tonight, a life insurance giant profiting from the death benefits of fallen heroes. now it turns out the v.a. not only knew about it but agreed to it. the other oil spill. michigan homeowners say the own of a ruptured pipeline deceived them into signing away their rights. and a photographer who won the trust of civil rights leaders is exposed as a paid f.b.i. informant. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric.


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