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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  September 19, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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all in one ultra-thin package. you want it, we got it. buy a samsung fascinate and any other phone is free. only at verizon. ian: back in landover, maryland, for those of you expecting to see "60 minutes," you're seeing nfl on cbs, "60 minutes" will be seen immediately after this game except on the west coast where it will be seen at its regularly scheduled time. trent williams helped off the field for washington. houston has scored 17 unanswered points to tie this game at 27-27. 1:20 left. mcnabb on third and 20, throwing, it's caught. santana moss has got a first
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down for washington. he went up high to get it. dan: flag down, holding against the redskins. referee: 10-yard penalty, third down. ian: oh, boy. dan: that's what 91,000 just said when they saw the flag. dan: and guess who, the man who stepped in for trent williams, heyer. dan: working against smith who is a darn good pass rusher himself. and there's the hold that wrap around the neck. what a throw by mcnabb. that's a 40-yard throw on a line to moss, all for nothing. ian: it looked like a facsimile of what we saw a week ago when washington benefited on a third and 30 now for the redskins. they go conservative. toss out for santana moss, he's brought down.
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1:01 to play, washington and houston tied at 27-27. the redskins go three and out on this important possession and they're going to have to give it back to the houston texans with plenty of time left on the clock. how did we get here in donovan mcnabb put on a show in the first half. the long pass to his tight end fred davis, led to a portis touchdown, he was forced out of the one, another touchdown, mcnabb to cooley, houston comes from behind, here in the fourth quarter, schaub to andre johnson who left the game with a right ankle injury, comes back to tie this one up at 27-27. bidwell punting. jacoby jones is the return man, standing at his own 32. back pedal to the 28. 52-yard punt, jonets forced out of bounds. short of the 30-yard line.
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with 49 seconds to play. byron westbrook getting down the field on special teams for washington. dan: rackers has a 59-yard field goal as his career best. to get to that distance, the texans must get to the 37-yard line of the redskins. they have just one time-out and just 49 seconds to do that. if i'm the redskins, i'm going to double, i'm going to triple-team number 80, andre johnson, something they didn't do on fourth and 10 moments ago and it cost them big time. ian: first and 10 for houston. schaub, throwing, over the middle, andre johnson. modest gain on first down of four. as dan mentioned, one time-out remaining. they have to work the clock here, 37 seconds left this game tied at 27-27. second and six for the texans.
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dan: take an lot of time to get this play off. ian: there's no sense of urgency here for houston. knocked down at the line of scrimmage. it's holliday, the veteran, now in his 13th year. dan: it's almost as if the houston texans saw they weren't going to get a long punt return out of jones, they've gone conservative with the short pass on first down, thaves going to be another short pass on second down now they've got to be concerned about this play on third. they certainly don't want to give the redskins the ball back or they have to get into punt formation and risk a blocked punt. dick: 21 seconds remaining here in the fourth, -- ian: 21 seconds remaining here in the fourth. foster forced out of bounds short of a first down. no he was inbounds. again the call is made.
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dan: i'm not sure the redskins realize he was inbounds. now they call time. ian: time has run out on the clock. take a look at the knee of foster, was he down? he was. it's the right call by the officials, he did not get to the sideline. the clock continued to roll. mcintosh there to make the play for washington. they'll put three seconds back on the clock. dan: that's huge for washington. matt turk has had three punts blocked in his long career. his last punlt was a very poor one. we haven't had a whole lot of punting today, have we? ian: no, we've had a whole lot of offense. 363 yards for houston, 390 for
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washington. dan: mcnabb thrown only eight incompletions, schaub only 11. a whole lot of yards a lot of completions a lot of pressure on matt turk to get the ball going. ian: why do you have to punt it here? dan: he could take the snap, run around and take a knee. ian: i think houston used its final time-out to do exactly that. dan: the special teams coach got in the air of kubiak who called a time to talk about the situation. ian: there's no reason to punt right now for the texans, it's the end of regulation. heads up coaching from joe marciano. no time-outs remaining, three
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seconds on the clock. on fourth down. that's exactly what turk will do. two seconds. one second. he goes down at the 9-yard line. dan: he looked like a punter running around, didn't he? ian: that was pure speed. dan: you want slow there, to take time off the clock. ian: good play there. dan: heads up play by the coaching staff they realize they don't have to attempt to punt here. ian: that's the end of regulation here, houston and washington tied at 27-27. we are headed to overtime. washington led 27-10, last play of the third quarter, houston gets a touchdown to cut into that washington lead and they continue their rally into the fourth quarter.
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captains come out for the coin toss. from jeff triplette. referee: all right, gentlemen. we're going into the overtime period. it's 15 minutes in length, each team will have two time-outs, you'll have -- all replays will be done by the booth. there's the coin, the head, the tails. >> tails. referee: tails is the call. >> we want the ball. referee: which way you want to kick? ok. houston won the toss, will receive. ian: the texans get the football to open up overtime when we come back.
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[ ding ] [the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of the national captioning institute inc., which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions are not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any transcription or for any errors in transcription.] [captioning made possible by cbs sports, a division of cbs broadcasting, inc.] dan: foster has 14 carries on the ground, he's caught another 51 passes, right now the redskins will be looking for the passing game, will be looking for andre johnson, toostst it's time for the texans' offensive line to gain control as they did against indianapolis last week and get foster rolling. ian: the texans have never won an overtime game in their
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franchise history. 0-6. driven backwards as the redskins come firing out on special teams. dan: two great kickoffs for gano. remember earlier when slaton caught the ball, stepped out at the 1-yard line, that time he stayed inbounds but was penned inside the sidelines. this is a horrible place to start your overtime backed up on your own end of the field. ian: the line of scrimmage will be the 12-yard line for houston. see what the texans did to get back into it. they scored the last 17 points of regulation. foster in the backfield, on a first and 10 from the 12 for the texans. schaub to throw. and schaub makes it to kevin walter. what a huge day walter has had. in coverage there, carlos rogers a 15-yard passing catch.
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the linebackers up, opened up the area behind them to walter. ian: johnson gone for 12 catches 15rk8 yards. play fake. look at the room in front of schaub to work with. on the blot leg throwing sideline, it's a clean catch made by kevin walter. dan: the ward they used to describe walter, he does the dirty work. this is dirty work here, along the sidelines, making the catch, on sosh -- absorbing the hit from deangelo hall. pretty good 1-2 combination for the texans with walter and the explosive johnson. ian: 22 receptions between the two of them. shaw with 4 -- schaub with 448 yards passing a career high.
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foster spins his way through the hole and takes it to the 45-yard line. that's a 10-yard run for foster, the a.f.c. player of the week last week. neil rackers, career long of 55 yards he did that back in 2004. dan: need about 20 yards to get him to that spot. dan: houston on the move, first possession of overtime. owen daniels, foster staying on his feet, good, hard running from foster to pick up six. golston there for the stop for washington. dan: he adage used to be set up the pass by running the ball, texans have turned it around and most of the day have set up the run by throwing the ball. two-play actions on first and second down, a couple of strong
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runs by foster. got to be nervous time for mcnabb and the redskins. dick: foster remains in the backfield. schaub to put it in the air. high throw. it's handled by walter. great concentration. he brings it in against carlos rogers for another houston first down into washington territory, it covers nine yards. dan: about five yards closer to the target line now for the houston texans and neil rackers. speaking of field goal, how big now when you look back on bernard pollard's blocked field goal of graham gano. ian: play of the game right now looking back on it. first and 10 at the washington 40. to the ground, foster. redskins players digging for that football. holliday, the first man to greet him. a gain of a yard, yard and a half depending on the spot.
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dan: watch as he's trying to strip the ball along with orakpo. foster knows how important that ball is. he doesn't want to have that reputation of fumbling the ball. ian: pollard to block the field goal attempt in the fourth quarter to keep houston alive. now the texans with an opportunity to win this game in overtime. on a second and 9. schaub in trouble. schaub gets rid of it. vontae leach, the fullback. and leach is able to create after the catch. that could have been a disaster for houston, it turns into a four-yard gain as holliday and hall combine to bring him down. dan: that's the thing about schaub, he doesn't see the rush, he feels it, he moves slightly in the pocket, sees his outlet, keeps his focus down the field, not about the guys trying to tackle him, keeping poised in the pocket, that was as good a play as he's
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made all day. ian: right now, they're looking at a 52, 53-yard field goal attempt, trying to convert on third and 4. first posofingse o.t. schaub, throwing, on the move. andre johnson in double coverage, it's incomplete. houston and washington tied at 27-27. fourth down for the texans in overtime. neil rackers with a career long of 49, rackers not putting on his helmet. right now, it would be about a a 53-yard attempt. they're going to punt it. dan: i can't believe that. don't you have confidence in your kicker? you say if you miss you got great field position if you
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make it you go home. delay of game, moot point now. referee: delay of game, offense. five-yard penalty. ian: kubiak will trust his defense to keep the team in it. instead of attempting a 53-yard field goal, it's matt turk, the punter, on the field trying to pen washington deep in its own territory here in overtime. turk, a former red skin. buchanon, back deep. turk plants this one in the end zone. it's coming back to the 20. a net punt of 19 yards. washington led this game 27-10 but in the second half, houston came storming back.
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schaub connecting with walter, schaub then on a scramble and touchdown to johnson or to tie this one up. dan: that scramble and touchdown to johnson came on fourth down and 10, and johnson, who was the only receiver on that side of the field, schaub going to his main man, saw the single coverage by doughty and threw the old alley-oop. ian: i think it's safe to say donovan mcnabb knows theover time rule. dan: you think so? ian: i think system of sudden death. it's first and 10. mcnabb, pressure from behind. he's dumped. flags thrown. williams and okoye there defensively. referee: foul, number 94 on the defense, is a--- 15-yard penalty, automatic first down. ian: what a sequence here for the houston texans.
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washington gets the football at the 43orial. dan: mcnabb searching for a receiver gets the three-man rush by the texan, the sack by williams, and the -- and the redskins get a flee freeh 15. ian: tied at 27-27, we hit the 10:00 mark of overtime. mcnabb, short drop. a hard throw to santana moss. 12-yard hookup, first down for washington, don't forget, of minutes will be seen in its entirety immediately following this game except on the west coast where it will be seen at its normally scheduled time. washington now on the move at the 45-yard line. mcnabb has cracked 400 yards passing, he's at 405. mcnabb.
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looking so comfortable out there as he hits chris cooley in the houston territory. going to try to set this up for the first year kicker, graham gano. career long, he hit it last week. 49 yards in the win over dallas. line of scrimmage is now the 48-yard line of houston. they need about 13, 14 more yards to get into gano territory. mcnabb, fires. he's got moss. santana moss curling it up field for extra yardage. they are inside the houston 40. dan: another bullet from mcnabb, watch how high he has to go to catch this one.
7:22 pm
now he's so dangerous after the catch, minnesota ncaa getting time to throw. that's 10 catches for santana moss. ian: and the line of scrimmage is the 37. a helpless feeling for matt schaub and the texans' offense. it's washington in control. 81k4r07b to play in overtime. first down. mcnabb's pass is smacked down at the line of scrimmage by mario williams. it'll be second and 10 for washington. coming up tonight on cbs, "60 minutes," followed by back-to-back episodes of "undercover boss" and then "c.s.i.: miami" all tonight, only cbs. graham gano won the award as the neigh's top kick for the 2008 from florida state he kicked in the u.f.l. second and 10 from washington.
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mcnabb. on a sideline pass. he connects with the rookie keiland williams out of l.s.u. zack diles the linebacker there they pick up three yards on the pass play. dan: hicks the right guard came up limping for that pass play. ian: right now, it would be a 52-yard field goal attempt for gano, washington with third and 7. in overtime. 7:30 to play. tied at 27-27. williams stays in there for the redskins. mcnabb to throw it. mcnabb, up in the air, too high for moss. what do you do if you're washington? same situation that gary kubiak just faced, except on the other side of the field. the same exact spot, dan.
7:24 pm
52-yard field goal attempt, does mike shanahan send out gano? dan: yes, he does. if he misses it, there's going to be great field position. here's the block from earlier today. pollard with the left hand. blocked a shorter drive. this is a real long drive for gano. first-year kicker. a time-out taker. gano drilled it. dan: houston called time before they sneaped ball. referee: houston, time-out, first of the overtime period, a 30-second time-out. ian: i hate that. there ought to be a rule about icing the kicker, giving at least five sengeds or so. he drilled it, though. he's all smiles right now. this one went through from about a good 53, it clears it by a mile. that would have gone by 6 --
7:25 pm
from 63, maybe. ian: kubiak taking that time-out, he had a plan, knew exactly what he wanted to do gano will get an opportunity to be the hero. redskins looking for the win. 52-yard attempt for gano. from 52 yards away. gano, it's no good. off to the right. gary kubiak calling the time-out negating the previous field goal try and the texans still alive in overtime. dan: usually you hit your mulligan better than the first one, don't you? that's twice now we've seen field goals slide off to the right this one no pressure at all, he just flat missed it. and now, great field position
7:26 pm
for schaub and the texans. ian: we saw kubiak make the decision not to put in rackers to try for the field goal. shanahan trusted his fourth-year kicker look where the texans have the ball. it's incomplete. laron landry has played at an all-pro level here tonight. dan: he hides it behind the defensive line, looks like a running back and slides through. here he comes right here. watch him try to find this hole here, gets right in the back of schaub with great explosion and cause that incompletion. another great blitz by landry.
7:27 pm
ian: don't forget, "60 minutes" coming up immediately following our coverage here on the east coast. tossed to jacoby jones. jones picks up a yard on the play. washington, very aggressive defensively on their new defensive coordinator jim haslett. dan: landry is down in the backfield of the texans. he might just be totally exhausted. ian: he had 17 tackles last week. he's been all over the place here today for the redskins. third and nine for houston. he was having trouble with that left hand earlier. dan: makes you wonder what the target line is for graham gano or rather for neil rackers. here's landry. he's just tired, it seems. making plays in the secondary
7:28 pm
and rushing the passer. but you know, maybe they need 25, maybe 30 yards before kubiak is comfortable with giving rackers a long try. ian: coming up tonight, "60 minutes," "undercover boss" and "c.s.i.: miami." that's all here on cbs. landry appears to be ok. rackers never even got the opportunity to put on his helmet on the last possession. gary kubiak elected to trust his defense to stop washington. redskins have a 52-yard field goal attempt. gano connected on his first try. kubiak took a time-out and on the next attempt, he pushed it off to the right. third and 9 for matt schaub who has 469 yards through the air.
7:29 pm
flags are down, schaub on a pass to foster, foster stays on his feet. he spins his way out near first down yardage, he'll come up just short but a penalty marker. dan: it looked like the redskins were moving early. whether they were drown off or not, i don't think system of looks like it might be number 48. ian: they're going to get nailed on the penalty. triplette pointed in the redskins' direction. houston reacted. dan: it would be fourth and 1 or third down and about 3. referee: before giving the option for the penalty. dan: that explains that. ian: you're looking at fourth and less than half a yard, or third and about 4.
7:30 pm
referee: offside, washington, number 48. five-yard penalty. still third down. dan: that's temperaturing to take the -- to give up the penalty and take the play. landry remains on the sideline, horton remains in the game. horton was coming out of blitz just as landry had been doing. ian: call it third and four for the texans, in overtime, tied at 27-27. out near midfield, pumps, throws, receiver fell down, jacoby jones, he brings it in for first down. dan: right in front of mike shanahan, shanahan was yelling he did not catch this ball. he had his hands underneath the
7:31 pm
ball. that is a good catch by jones. a gigantic first down for the texans. take a look at this one but if they see what we just saw, they cannot overturn that. ian: it will be under review whether or not jones brought that ball in cleanly. here's another look at it. he had both hands under the ball, had a right hand under the ball at the end of the play. doesn't look like it hits the ground there he has his hands underneath the ball. you can see the right arm cradling that ball. ian: looks like a clean catch.
7:32 pm
dan: this cannot be a challenge. they showed a replay here and it looked incomplete for 91,000. doesn't matter what they say, it matters what jeff triplette says. ian: the fans just reacted here at fedex field. the question is, did he secure it. boy what a huge play here. and there is where the ball is out. that's what the fans reacted to. dan: i'm not sure his right hand is not under it. see the blue glove. you can almost see his index finger. i think his hand is underneath the ball.
7:33 pm
ian: it was called a clean catch on the field. referee: after the review, ruling on the field is confirmed, it is a catch. ian: 90,000 officials are not going to change the opinion of jeff triplette. dan fouts you were all over it from the very start. ian: this drive keeps going for houston. it's caught. joel dreessen getting involved on offense. the tight end hauls it in, houston is in business, matt schaub has been tremendous here today. dan: first catch of the afternoon for dreessen. ian: he dropped it in the
7:34 pm
bucket for dreessen, 28 yards. dan: and three yards short of 500. referee: reviewing the previous play. ian: they'll take a look at whether this was a clean catch. dan: this is not a challenge. all reviews in overtime are ordered by the replay booth upstairs. ian: and the goal is just to get it right. a couple of stoppages here. dan: remember, schaub going after his replacement, did not see the ball come loose there. what an effort to go up and get this ball. certainly looked like he had it
7:35 pm
all the way. ian: joel dreessen started 11 games last season, and dreessen gets his number called in overtime and it could turn out to be the play that sets up the game-winning field goal for houston. jeff triplette will take a look at what you're seeing right now. dreessen getting upstairs and hauling that ball in dan: there will be some defense'6" backs that sleep well tonight. ball in the air, a lot of great effort. dreessen know he is made that catch. telling everybody on the sidelines, i had it. ian: there's no doubt that the officials are being extra cautious, making sure that they
7:36 pm
check on everything. previous play was called a clean catch on the field to jones, they took a look at that the fans here disagreed when they saw the replay on these brand new h.d. screens inside fedex field and now on this play, back-to-back. joel dreessen. dan: decision time new for gary kubiak. do i bring out the field goal team now? it would be a smart idea to do it now, the crowd is totally out of it. the stadium is quiet, it would be a field goal -- referee: after review, the ruling on the field stands. dan: it would be a 36-yard field goal try. that's the play to make right now. end this one right now. don't risk a fumble, don't risk an interception, though i'm sure arian foster will have the ball in his hands from now on. maybe they want to move the ball to the middle of the field.
7:37 pm
ian: first and 10 for houston. 5:00 to go in overtime. handoff to foster, foster dives forward securing the football. no gain on the play. getting back to the line of scrimmage. right now, they're looking at a 36, 37-yard field goal. dan: you saw the way foster held onto that ball. he's not going to try to get to the end zone, he would risk the ball being away from his body and potentially fumble. ian: "60 minutes" up next, except on the west coast where it will air at its regularly scheduled time. foster again going down. foster picks up two as he was able to lung forward once he was on the ground, now no more chances. dan: rackers wants the ball on the right hash mark. that's smart. you can aim at the right upright and bring the ball between the posts. ian: you know gary kubiak used
7:38 pm
the time-out when gano went out there, see if shanahan uses the time-out to try to ice neil rackers, the veteran. 35-yard attempt. dan: shanahan is not near an firm to call a time-out. ian: for the win from 35 yards away, he's got it. the houston texans come from behind and shock the redskins in overtime. 30-27. houston wins it. first victory in franchise history in o.t. matt schaub, 497 yards passing. and rackers knocks it through from 35 yards out for the w. gary kubiak against his mentor mike shanahan and it's kubiak and the texans coming out with
7:39 pm
and the texans coming out with the win. win. ian: final score, 30-27, in overtime. the texans rally for the win. for dan fouts and the rest of our crew, this is ian eagle so long from landover, maryland, you've been watching the nfl on cbs.
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captioning funded by cbs and ford-- built for the road ahead. >> kroft: if it hadn't been for bernie madoff, the most famous white-collar criminal in america right now would probably be marc dreier.
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he also ran a ponzi scheme and wound up in prison, but unlike madoff, he agreed to talk about it. >> i thought if somebody would interview me in a program such as yours, it would be for something good i've done, not something humiliating i've done. >> kroft: this isn't the way you wanted to be on "60 minutes." >> no. >> stahl: you don't often hear an american president, past or present, talking about his mistakes and shortcomings in office. but that's what you'll hear tonight from jimmy carter. can i look? >> yeah, you're welcome to look. >> stahl: it turns out the 39th president kept a diary while in the white house, which he has now turned into a book. when american citizens get this book, what do you think is going to surprise them the most? >> i think the absolute unadulterated frankness of what i had to say. >> stahl: and that includes calling ted kennedy irresponsible and abusive.
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>> kroft: if it hadn't been for bernie madoff, the most famous white-collar criminal in america right now would probably be marc dreier. if that name's not ringing a bell, it's because dreier's $400 million ponzi scheme was blown off the front pages by madoff's arrest just a few days later. but the case is no less fascinating. the highly respected attorney, who ran a big park avenue law firm, was initially arrested in toronto for impersonating an officer in a pension fund in what has been described as perhaps the most bizarre arrest in the history of white collar crime. but unlike bernie madoff, marc dreier agreed to talk to "60 minutes" last fall in his only television interview.
7:49 pm
>> marc dreier: i thought, if somebody would ever interview me on a program such as yours, it would be for something good i've done, not something humiliating i've done. >> kroft: this isn't the way you wanted to be on "60 minutes." >> dreier: no. >> kroft: nor was this the way that marc dreier wanted to make his final appearance in federal court-- as a defendant in his own fraud case. when we first interviewed him last year, he was a prisoner in his own penthouse, with a g.p.s. monitoring device on his ankle, detained by private jailers whose $70,000 monthly fee was being paid for by dreier's 88- year-old mother. with his assets frozen or confiscated by the court, all that remained of dreier's $40 million art collection were the hooks on the wall. how did you end up becoming a crook? >> dreier: i can't remember the moment in which i decided to do something that i knew was wrong. i had an ambition that i needed to feed. i think i fell into the trap of wanting to be more successful than i was.
7:50 pm
>> kroft: but you were successful? >> dreier: i was, but i really wanted to distinguish myself. i wanted to... i wanted to be as important as i thought i was... deserved to be. >> kroft: with degrees from yale and harvard law, and the ego of a successful trial lawyer, dreier told friends he was going to become a billionaire. he started his own law firm that he said would revolutionize the business of law. he was going to hire the best attorneys, pay them top dollar, and keep all the profits for himself as the firm's only partner. >> dreier: the idea for the law firm was very viable. but it needed much more money to get off the ground than i anticipated, much more. so that wasn't very well thought out. i had a good idea, but a very bad business plan. >> kroft: and the plan was about to get much worse. with his law firm a money pit and dreier tapped out, he began approaching hedge funds with a cockamamie scheme he thought might save his dream. dreier told the hedge funds that he was representing a
7:51 pm
billionaire real estate developer who was looking to borrow hundreds of millions of dollars to embark on some new projects. the developer, dreier said, would issue short-term promissory notes, guaranteeing interest rates of between 7% and 12%, well above market rates. and it seemed like a very good deal. the only problem was, that real estate mogul who was supposed to be borrowing all this money, sheldon solow, didn't know anything about it. nor did he know that dreier, his former lawyer, was fabricating financial information about his company and keeping the loan proceeds for himself. so you convinced hedge funds to lend money, ostensibly to mr. solow, your former client, and in fact the money was going to you? >> dreier: yes. >> kroft: so you came up with phony financial statements, phony audits, forged documents for mr. solow's company? >> dreier: yes. >> kroft: how did you do all that? how did you get that stuff? >> dreier: well, i invented it. >> kroft: what was your biggest deal? >> dreier: $100 million. >> kroft: and somebody just gave
7:52 pm
you $100 million and never bothered to check with your supposed, alleged client to make sure that this was on the up- and-up? >> dreier: right. but i don't know. i guess i heard a long time ago, too, that the more money you look for, the fewer questions people ask, sometimes. >> kroft: the obvious flaw in dreier's scheme was that he would eventually have to pay off all the promissory notes, plus interest, if he wanted to stay out of jail. and in the end, the only way he could do it was by selling more notes to new investors. so you were digging yourself into a hole? >> dreier: yeah, very much so. you start with something that you think is manageable and small. you know it's wrong, but you think you can fix it, and you... and you can't get out of it. it became quicksand. i had to keep meeting obligations that grew bigger and bigger. clearly, all along the way, if there was a way for me to have gotten out of it, i... i would've done it. >> kroft: dreier says he used most of the $400 million he stole to expand his law firm, and to finance a lifestyle designed to create the illusion that he already was a
7:53 pm
billionaire. there was the $11 million ocean- front compound in the hamptons, an art collection that included a picasso, three matisses, and 12 warhols. and then there was the 120-foot yacht "seascape," with a full- time crew of ten, all mortgaged to the hilt. how much did you pay for the yacht? >> dreier: $18 million. >> kroft: and for this apartment? >> dreier: $10.5 million. >> kroft: you enjoyed the good life. >> dreier: i did. it was clear to me that the more you showed people that you didn't need money, the easier it was to attract money. so having the trappings of success was a very important part of the plan. >> kroft: to raise his profile, dreier co-hosted annual charity events with former new york giants star michael strahan that attracted top name performers like diana ross, jon bon jovi and alicia keys. and then there were the extravagant office parties where dreier himself sometimes performed. >> dreier: in this town, you have to really be something. you know, you don't succeed
7:54 pm
quietly in this town, perhaps. and i... i think i succumbed to that. >> kroft: by 2007, dreier l.l.p. occupied ten floors of a park avenue building, employed more than 250 lawyers around the country, with high-profile clients like bill cosby, andy pettitte, maria sharapova, and justin timberlake. what no one but marc dreier knew was that the rents, the salaries and the expenses were all being subsidized by fraud. >> dreier: i recognized in the last couple of years that what i saw as a $20 million mistake had grown into a mistake of a few hundred million dollars. and then i did some increasingly irrational things, because i wasn't thinking clearly. >> kroft: crazy things. >> dreier: yeah. >> kroft: desperate. >> dreier: yeah. >> kroft: as the financial crisis set in, dreier was holding hundreds of millions of dollars in loans that were about to come due, and everyone wanted their money back. when dreier was a month late on a $100 million loan payment, the
7:55 pm
hedge fund that was owed the money demanded a face-to-face meeting with executives at sheldon solow's real estate operations, here at his office building in new york. with reality closing in, dreier enlisted the services of a former client, kosta kovachev, to impersonate the president of solow's operation, and then he commandeered a conference room in solow's office for a meeting with the hedge fund, in hopes of getting a loan extension. and you conduct this whole charade right there in the middle of... of solow's business. >> dreier: yeah. >> kroft: did you think you were going to get away with that? >> dreier: yeah. >> kroft: you did, actually, didn't you? >> dreier: yeah. >> kroft: were you nervous? >> dreier: i should've been nervous, but i don't know, i... i wasn't very nervous. >> kroft: i don't get the sense that you're a very emotional person. >> dreier: i think i am. i didn't plan anything i was going to say in this interview, other than not to lose my
7:56 pm
emotions. but it is not going to do me any good to literally cry over it. >> kroft: when i ask you about the... the emotion, i mean, here you are, walking into a former client's office, perpetuating this scheme right in his office... >> dreier: that's called chutzpa, that's not emotion. you know, i mean, do i have chutzpa? yes. can i... am... can i be very tough under pressure? yes. so, was i able to go into mr. solow's office and pull off that charade without falling apart? yes. did i think i could do that? yes. because i had done things that required nerves of steel before. but it doesn't mean that i'm not emotional about what i did. i clearly remember when i left that office thinking i had done something really crazy and foolish. >> gerald shargel: it was bizarre. i mean, he was impervious to the idea of being caught. >> kroft: attorney gerald shargel, who would represent dreier during his legal proceedings and plea negotiations with the u.s. government, said the facts of the case were beyond the reach of a sound bite.
7:57 pm
>> shargel: he was a solid lawyer, and there are a number of judges told me that marc dreier was probably the best lawyer that has ever appeared in front of them. and all of a sudden, out of the blue, it's like something went off the tracks. >> kroft: in december of 2008, both investors and investigators had grown suspicious of dreier, and his luck would eventually run out in toronto, where he pretended to be a lawyer for a teacher's pension fund in order to swindle a hedge fund out of $33 million. >> dreier: that was the first act i'd done where i knew i was going to get caught and just couldn't help myself. i just wasn't thinking clearly. >> kroft: dreier had collected a business card from the lawyer he was claiming to be, but the man he was supposed to meet with sensed that there was something wrong. what made him suspicious, do you think? >> dreier: you know, he had acted diligently, and he made some phone calls, which i think led him to be suspicious. i knew as soon as he walked in that he was suspicious, but i still did it. >> kroft: the police in toronto were called, and dreier was arrested for impersonation.
7:58 pm
when he returned to new york five days later, he was apprehended by the fbi on charges of fraud and money laundering, to the complete and utter astonishment of the new york legal community and to the employees of his own law firm. >> joanne rapuano: when we heard the news, we thought it was a joke, at first. >> tori lalonde: there were ten floors of attorneys and boxes. but a lot of people started to resign immediately. they just walked out the door. >> okay, next up, these are the black poltrona frau leather bucket-style chairs... >> kroft: ten days after dreier's arrest, the law firm bearing his name had declared bankruptcy and 600 people were looking for work. the day we met attorney joanne rapuano and long-time office manager tori lalonde, the firm's furniture and office equipment were being sold off by the court to pay off the creditors, mostly hedge funds and their investors, who are not likely to see much of the missing $400 million. >> okay, now, we have the paper shredder.
7:59 pm
if this paper shredder could talk! how much for the paper shredder? $25 bid. open it up now... >> kroft: what's it like being here? >> rapuano: truly tragic. you know, you watch something get built, you think you're part of something on its way up. and all of a sudden, you see it being carted out the front door. >> $1,000 opens it up. $1,000 bid to open it up... >> lalonde: it's just disgraceful. we are victims. i have no job, i have no medical after today. i'm done. so, now, what do i do, start my career all over? >> kroft: i don't want to compare you with madoff, but one of the questions that people ask about madoff, constantly, is: how could he do this? how could he walk around living this life, spending all this money, never showing a crack in the facade? and there are some similarities. how did you deal with that? >> dreier: i was doing a lot of things at the same time. i was engaged in a fraud, which took a lot of energy to sustain. but i was also running a law firm-- a legitimate law firm-- other than, obviously, the obvious fact that it was funded illegitimately. i was a practicing lawyer; i was handling my own cases in court, which took a lot of energy. i almost didn't have enough time to dwell on the elephant in th


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