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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 23, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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concerns concerns that patients may have had unnecessary medical procedures. as we first told you last night at 11:00, the news comes from a state report just released. wjz is live. derek valcourt explains, a lot of people want to know which hospital is under investigation this time around. derek? >> that's the question a lot of people have today. but right now, state officials robot ready -- aren't ready to answer it just yet. >> reporter: the maryland department of health and mental hygiene get data from across the state. and it led to another investigation in a second hospital. that the state's health secretary isn't saying which one. >> once the report is done and that becomes public, we'll help folks know about it. >> nearly 600 patients may have had unnecessary stents placed in their body by a cardiologist who previously practiced there. stents are small devices that opened blocked arteries. earlier this year, wjz spoke to
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one of the affected patients who asked to keep her identity private. >> i just went in for a routine checkup. and i felt that i didn't have a blockage. and i was really surprised that he told me i had a blockage and he put two stents in. >> reporter: the investigation initially began as a broader look on how to keep similar events from happening in the future. >> are these events happening in other institutions? and do we have the regulatory tools to address that? >> reporter: but this finds the state doesn't have the proper resources or each the authority -- or even the authority to keep this from happening at other hospitals. they say its members are turning a microscope on themselves, saying in a statement, recent allegations of misuse of the healthcare system raised red flags that have spurred caregivers across the state to take a look at how they can improve their care processes including hospitals. >> several have vowed to fight for new legislation which would
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give regulators the teeth and the tools that they need to vt investigate possible cases of medical fraud. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, derek. thank you. we will stay on investigation, bring you any new information, as soon as it is released. a truck driver killed while trying to avoid a head-on collision on the bay bridge. tonight, word that they have reached a settlement with the 19-year-old who caused the accident. >> well, vic, john short's tractor-trailer flew off and plummeted 30 feet into the chesapeake bay. it was summer 2008 when the 57- year-old swerved to avoid candy baldwin's car and went off the barrier. candy baldwin said she fell asleep behind the wheel when she crossed the line. her legal alcohol was below -- alcohol level was below the legal limit.
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and her insurance company will pay $100,000 to the short family. this that is the maximum payable under the policy. tonight, memorial plans are under way for a naval academy graduate, killed in afghanistan. navy lieutenant brendan loony of owings, maryland, was one of nine u.s. military personnel killed in a helicopter crash in afghanistan. the 29-year-old was a former navy lacrosse player. our media partner, the baltimore sun, says that services have been tentatively set at st. john the baptist roman catholic church. police say they have no suspects and no motive for a deadly shooting there. it happened this morning in the 1500 block of broadway. according to police, the victim was shot on the front steps of the house there. he was taken to an area hospital where he died. family-friendly restaurants, targeted by a
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masked robber. and most of the crimes occur here in maryland. weijia jiang is at the most recently targeted restaurant. >> reporter: fbi agents are not revealing exactly how much money the suspect has collected. but they say he's been robbing restaurants for a year and a half and he could strike again at any moment. >> reporter: the fbi is aggressively looking for this man who they say has been on a major crime spree, spanning four states since february 2009. agents believe he is responsible for 38 armed robberies in maryland, delaware, pennsylvania and northern virginia. >> each of these robberies, he has covered up facially. so it's difficult to identify these individuals when we simply don't know who they are. >> reporter: investigators say the suspect is working alone, targeting large restaurants, demanding cash from employees. mostly in maryland. hitting up businesses in carol, harford, howard and montgomery counties.
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among them, this friendly's. and bob evans. >> the fbi says the suspect whipped out a handgun at every robbery. most recently, here at this appleby's. . >> katherine elder has worked right next door at the bob evans next door for 13 years. >> i'm very frightened to each come into work right now. you don't know what he's looking at, what he's going to do. >> reporter: each case, witnesses described the man as a robber with a light complexion. 6'tall. 250 pounds. disimpghts blue or green eyes. >> if anyone has seen an individual who has possibly talked about these crimes or bragged about these crimes or has the features that we already went over. that will be extremely helpful. >> and to protect the investigation, the fbi is not talking about what time of day these attacks are happening or whether anyone has been
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injured. they are offering a $10,000 reward for good information. we're live in columbia tonight, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> special alleges are asking anyone with information to call the fbi at 410-265-8080. all calls are confidential. tonight, people are still assessing the damage from the powerful storms that whipped through our area yesterday. rain and lightning moved through the area. in northern baltimore county. sky eye chopper 13 over monkton road. you can see part of a tree broken. and now, hanging dangerously closing to some of those power lines. at the height of last night's storms, bge reported more than 18 people without power. at last check, a little more than 1,000 customers are still without power. a live look outside right now. sky eye chopper 13. another warm day. more hot weather is on the way, we're told. wjz is live with the first warning weather. >> one more day of the heat. but then things begin to change. tomorrow may be the last 90-
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degree day we say. going to be pretty hot tomorrow. let's take a look at radar. nothing around here. but there's one little shower that porched -- popped up across northern virginia. the rest of the area, pretty quiet. there's one little tiny sprinkle across frederick county. generally clear to partly cloudy skies tonight. and could be fog as well. tomorrow, a front way out to the west. will start bringing warm air ahead of it. record high tomorrow is 95. we're predicting the low 90s. may get to 93, 94. so get pretty close to those all-time records for tomorrow. after that, saturday, that front goes through. dry. and then temperatures get back to actually below normal here by sunday. vic? >> thanks, bob. a big day for international relations. president obama used his second address to put the world's spotlight on the mideast peace process. manuel galeg us has detail -- gallegus has details from the
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u.n. >> reporter: president obama is calling on world leaders to step up and lend a hand to the middle east peace process. >> peace must be made by israelis and palestinians. but each of us has a responsibility to do our part as well. >> reporter: the president urged friends of israel to accept a palestinian state and asked arab nations to support the palestinian authority, politically and financially. president obama says u.s.-led negotiations can produce results if the international community sets aside decades of division and pessimism. when we come back here next year, ye can have know -- we can have an agreement that will lead to united nations. independent, solid state of palestine, living with israel. >> the hall welcomed those words with applause. though israel's seat sat empty because of a jewish holiday. during his second speech, president obama was able to highlight progress on other weighty global issues. >> reporter: working with other nations, the president said the
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u.s. is waging a more effective war against terrorism and securing nuclear weapons. he told iran, it must obey international law. >> the iranian government must demonstrate a clear government. and confirm to the world, a peaceful intent to the nuclear world. iranian president, mahmoud ahmadinejad is addressing the general asem bee blee this afternoon -- assembly this afternoon. >> president obama also talked about pulling the economy back from the brink. controversial pill. once a popular treatment for diabetes. tonight, federal regulators make a ruling on the drug linked to heart attacks. family killer. takes the stand. they look like an armored vehicle. they really smell when you crush them. and they're driving people crazy in their houses. i'll tell you what is invading
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maryland next. and a first full day of fall. but the summer-like temperatures are sticking around. the first warning temperatures are coming up with bob. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a brutal home invasion in connecticut gains national attention. a mother and her daughters, raped and killed. now, a jury is hearing from the accused killer himself. jeff glor has the latest. >> reporter: the latest testimony paints a picture of a simple robbery gone horribly wrong. on wednesday, a police detective gave a gripping account of a confession given by defendant steven hayes. hayes accounted how things quickly got, quote, out of control. >> this is very powerful testimony. because these are the words of
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the defendant himself as to the savagery that these two imposed on this family. >> hayes told police that joshua sarcojeffski broke through the door and beat william petit with a baseball bat. quote, the man began screaming and there was blood all over the place. >> there was a tough day for the family. i think everyone saw that who listened to the testimony. >> reporter: it was the explanation of the rapes that was most chilling. hayes said he escoarlted jennifer hawk-petit to the bank where she withdrew $15,000. and when they returned, the other suspect had already sexually assaulted 11-year-old michaela. and he told hayes to, quote, have sex with the mother to settle things up. >> hayes is trying to point to his codefendant ask say, he was the bad guy. he was the worst one.
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>> reporter: jurors saw video of hayes purchasing gas that prosecutors say used to set the house on fire. >> he found soot in michaela's voice box, airways and lungs, showing it took several minutes for her to pass away. when the medical examiner took the stand, william petit and other family members left the courtroom. the details of the family's death was too much for them to hear. let's check in on the roads now. here's sharon gibala. >> reporter: the top side of the beltway is to be avoided right now. we have an accident with a lane closure. that is going to be on the top side inner loop. just approaching the harrisburg expressway. watch for delays there. also that accident on the jfx is still there on the northbound lanes at cold spring lanes. wood bine at purdue.
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one near in annapolis. slow in two spots. beltway drive times and speeds, actually looking better than they were 25 minutes ago. 35 miles an hour. taking a live look at the beltway. that's the inner loop there. there's a look at the northwest side. and a big jam. running from 97 to the severn river bridge. this traffic report is brought to you by famous dave. they won't last long. famous dave's wings are perfect for parties and watching football. back to you. they are crawling up the sides of our houses. getting inside. and then flying into our soup or our coffee. wjz is live. suzanne collins explains why
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there is this sudden invasion of stink bugs in maryland. i have them in my house. i don't know what to do. they stink. you're not alone, mary. they are a delicacy in mexico and they do not bite. but people have had enough of stink bugs. >> they look like a little tank. if you disturb them or crush them, they really do stink. atat the cross household, they are taking the sign to heart. but taping around the window air conditioner did not stop these critters from coming inside. >> i had like 40 in my bedroom. and the kids are like, get the bugs out. we don't want the bugs. a windsor mills woman had the same problem. >> every time i went, it got worse and worse and worse. >> what are you going to do?
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>> i have the exterminator coming. and i'm over it. these bugs have to go these bugs are not native. but leaping onto cars, they are now spring and now in maryland. a towson bug expert says they are growing and growing and growing. >> you're going to increase exponentially. there's nothing to keep these eggs from growing and thriving. >> now that it's getting colder, the stink bug wants to come inside and get warm and cozy. bugs have been setting offer the motion alarm four and five times a night. >> there are hundreds. they fly. they land on you. they're in groups you only the door. it's in your hair.
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>> what is the best way to protect against it? vacuum. but if they get crushed, your vacuum will end up smelling. >> just tried to kill him in my hand and my hand stunk so bad. they were horrible. >> that towson professor says you can put them in a bottle of soapy water. they'll die. you can try to caulk your house. but if you throw them out the door, they're liable to get right back in. >> we did a lot of screaming in here suzanne. these are a true problem. >> yes, they are. as suzanne said, stink bugs don't bite. they are so annoying. they don't spread disease, though. and they can be harmful to crops. very harmful to crops, actually. farmers are devastated. >> i wanted to point out that was you who screamed. >> no that was you. that was a gasp at least. cold days. >> they're all in my house.
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by my fireplace with their feet up. they're like my new terch apts. 85 degrees. dew point up. barometer holding steady. come back and take a look at a hot end to the week. but nicer weekend after this. that's in andy harris' unfair tax plan. 23% sales tax. a 23% sales tax will cut my business in half. would be devastating. andy harris' 23% sales tax absolutely makes no sense. 23% sales tax would really make things unaffordable. that's too high for the average american out here. i don't know how we would manage it really. don't like that idea. we can't afford andy harris' idea.
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warm afternoon. i mean, it's not a horrible afternoon, as compared to july with temperatures over 100. did get close to 90, though, some spots. right now, it's a little cooler than yesterday at this time. we're town to 85 degrees. you gotta remember, our normal high now is only in the mid- 70s. so temperatures still 10 to 15 degrees above normal. 91. 97. ocean city. the coolest spot. wind coming in off the water there at 75 degrees. but the dew point is coming up. yes, it's going to be a sticky, warm, humid evening. and tomorrow, it's going to be a hot and humid afternoon. winds now southeast. tomorrow, more of a southwest flow. that's going to bring in that warm air. temperatures down across the south. you've had some near record and
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record-breaking temperatures. columbia, south carolina. some spots in alabama were near 100 degrees. very unusual for this time of year. and it was humid as well. out to the west, a pretty strong front. most of the rain will pass to the north. but the actual front will be dried out. but it will give us a wind shift out of the north and northwest. that will bring temperatures down saturday afternoon. i think the front will come down around noontime side afternoon. probably about 8 or 10 degrees cooler than tomorrow. temperatures will be coming down. in the meantime, a few tiny little sprinkles and showers have popped up in virginia and the mountains. but that front will approach us, actually on saturday afternoon. but in the meantime, the winds go back to the west.
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that's when the real heat comes in. it cools down saturday after, saturday night. gets real pleasant. winds up to 40. and a couple other ones have it kind of staying alive maybe as a category 1 storm. and it may emerge into the gulf of mexico. and that could cause problems later by next week. so we'll have to watch matthew as it continues to develop or not develop over the next few days. south winds, 10 to 15 knots. bay temp, still in the mid-70s. so tonight, fair, warm. maybe patchy fog particularly north of the city. 64 by morning. 70 in the city. hot, yeah. and more humid tomorrow. >> i mean, goodness. 92.
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maybe 94 in some spots. we're following breaking news in northwest baltimore. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene of a house fire. >> third floor end of group row home here. this is in liberty avenue. you can see the fire addressing it at the moment. they are venting the structure. there was a lot of smoke here. no injuries here at this point or on what caused the fire. back to you on tv hill. >> thank you, mike. we're impressed with the firefighter on the roof there. doing his job. but it's risky. starbucks says its prices are going up. but not for every drink. the reason behind the increase. after sustaining a debilitating head injury, a
5:27 pm
maryland teen testifies on capitol hill. >> why if this law passes, it could interest you and your children. three years and $370 million million. when is the big day. and how will patients get there. i'm andrea fujii. that story is just ahead on eyewitit,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 5:29. sunny and 85 degrees out there. good evening, everybody. thanks for staying with wjz's eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. after sustaining a serious head injury, maryland teen testifies on capitol hill. this is a bill that would change the way concussions are handled throughout the u.s. >> pediatricians believe developing brains in teens are more vulnerable to injury than adults. that is why there is a push to save kids from their head injuries by educating staff and parents. >> reporter: alex testifies on capitol hill, urging congress to consider a bill, establishing standards for student athletes who get concussions. >> i jump up, approaching a cornerric -- cornerric can with the-- corner kick with the
5:31 pm
right side of my head. i don't remember anything after that. >> headaches lingered. and i began to forget things. not just day to day. but morning to evening. or each moment to moment. >> reporter: the bill, called protecting student athletes, would require students who suffer concussions to undergo examination and get the okay to play again. >> anything that causes acceleration or decelebration of the skull. can jostle the brain enough to cause concussion. a government study found more than 400,00000,000 occurred in 2008. and schools are already taking action. we're much more prepared this year than last.
5:32 pm
and a lot of it has to do with education and awareness. >> and the bill would require education of schools, parents and coaches. >> several states have already passed laws, regarding sports- related concussions. another development in the sports surrounding avandia. sales, of avandia plummeted. now, federal regulators say they won't pull it off the market. they will get a prescription for avandia, only only if they can't control diabetes with other medications. tonight, many provisions of the healthcare bill that was ultimately signed into law take effect. denise is in the newsroom with what that means if are families. >> reporter: today was a big day for families without health
5:33 pm
insurance and starting today, parents can keep their adult children on their health insurance plans until age 26. and coverage is guaranteed. another thing, insurers can no longer set lifetime caps. 30% of people are in favor of the $1 trillion bill to extend healthcare coverage to the uninsured. republicans rolled out a new plan, hoping to win over independent voters. as joel brown reports, the plan shows where a republican congress would take the country. republicans say their pledge to america shows how they'll turn things around if they win in november. >> our government has failed us. >> reporter: gop leaders paid a visit to a small business in virginia thursday to roll out their proposal. it calls for cutting $100
5:34 pm
billion out of government programs, except the military. it would leave bush-era tax cuts in place for everyone. and would replace president obama's healthcare plan, replacing it. >> with this, republicans will save the american dream. we will not a low the torch of liberty to be mortgaged. >> reporter: as they unveil the plan, republican leaders called on democrats to join them and start work on it right away. but that's unlikely. most democrats made it clear they reject the pledge to america. >> if this is implemented, what we're going to see is the infliction of a plague on america. >> reporter: as for voters, polls show the economy and deficit are tops on the concerns. >> stop spending more money than we're taking in. >> we need to forget about healthcare and think about the people who are losing their
5:35 pm
homes to foreclosure. >> i'd like for them to start working together. not be so separate. -- separated. >> reporter: but with midterm elections less than six weeks away, chances of both parties working together any time soon are pretty slim. >> reporter: in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news remember. >> not all republicans agreed to the pledge to america. some want to include social issues, like a ban on same-sex marriage. once a leader of the video rental industry. tonight, word that blockbuster is filing for protection. blockbuster has been struggling for years as more people rent movies from services like net flix. you will soon need some extra cash at starbucks. the coffee chain says it will raise prices on some of its drinks. and blames soaring raw coffee prices. it will be mainly for figuring more labor-intensive drinks. days after the nearly
5:36 pm
abandoned towson commons complex was auctioned off, a new apartment complex opened in towson today, with high hopes the area is ready to im -- embrace even more luxury. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: developers and county officials are standing inside this building. it is called the palisades of towson. 357 studio one- and two-bedroom luxury apartments. they are filled with amenities. bamboo flooring. kohler fixtures in bathroom. and an automated parking garage that parks your car for you. >> today, we're taking another giant step forward in towson and changing the skyline of this community with the opening of this new, beautiful apartment complex.
5:37 pm
>> sold for $28 million. >> tuesday, they saw what happens when it doesn't work. the towson commons, facing foreclosure. it didn't take shoppers. will they take to luxury living? developers and county developers are betting on it. >> also, the past five years, almost $500 million in new development has taken place in downtown towson. and there is even more in the pipeline. >> reporter: apartments start at more than 1200 dollars a month for a studio and go up to $2400 a month for a two- bedroom. report the of a major donation from facebook founder, mark zuckerberg. the 26-year-old announced he is donating $100 million to improve newark, new jersey public schools. the announcement is scheduled for tomorrow. someway they -- they estimate he is worth $4.9 billion.
5:38 pm
time now for a look at the baltimore sun. a project that will lead to a problem for commuters for up to six months. and a roundup of the best area sports bars for watching the ravens game. for these stories and much more, read the baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast. in less than three months, patients will be moving into the new mercy hospital building. after three years years and $370 million. andrea fujii got a look at the facility's progress. serenity and peaceful space are key to the mercy hospital building. it will have green space garden. >> it is shown to have a good therapeutic effect on the staff. >> called the mary katherine bunting center will have 259 private patient beds. hospital staff say the new facility is a necessity.
5:39 pm
plus, mercy, fueled with the older growth led to this one. >> and the first patients will be transferred mid-december. >> the patients will be wheeled over on sunday morning, december 19th in a systematic way over about a six-hour period. >> reporter: once there, planters hope they'll be comforted with the greenery, which is also environmentally friendly. >> a green group will save 15% on costs for the hospital. >> we're standing on the hospital's old parking garage. after it was imploded, some of that was recycled and is now in the garden. >> reporter: the sisters of mercy found theed the hospital in 1870. >> the old mercy hospital building will eventually be converted to outpatient care and administrative space.
5:40 pm
we want to remind you, the great prostate challenge is this sunday. make sure you come out for the walk-run and see by our own marty bass. this sunday at johnny unitas stadium at towson university. >> did you see all of those manly men from wjz? >> i did. yes. you among them. >> well, yes, of course. >> you weren't pushed down. railroaded. >> it wasn't going to happen. poor adam. an accused criminal asks police for help. the tight situation that led to the unusual call. i'm ron matz in mount vernon. need a good read? we'll tell you what is cooking at the baltimore festival this weekend. the story coming up here on wjz eyewitness news. bob turk. the first warning weather center. cooling down this weekend for the hot friday. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. first, here's today's report from wall street. we'll be right back. ♪
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storyteller: little miss muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey. along came a burglar who broke into her home, and ransacked the place making off with several valuable tuffets. fortunately, geico had recently helped her with homeowners insurance.
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she got full replacement on her tuffets. the burglar was later captured when he was spotted with whey on his face. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance. old gibbs canning company. today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you. the 15th annual baltimore book festival.
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ron matz reports, there is music, food. and a chance for voices behind the written word. >> reporter: there's a lot going on near the washington monument. you'll want a front row seat for this weekend's 15th annual baltimore book festival. tony artis's 15-year-old daughter jalin thinks it's great. >> i'll bring my daughter tomorrow. >> mayor stephanie rawlings- blake says she plans to bring her daughter, too. >> they're going to have a storybook parade. and they're going to have a unicorn versus monster theatrical performance. so it will be fun for kids. >> reporter: of course, whether it's a fairy tale or mystery, books are the are the stars. and there's a lot are in cook -- are the stars. >> reporter: there's food, music. children's activities. they're hands-on activities you can do. >> reporter: last year, the festival had a $4.5 million
5:45 pm
economic impact on the city. and attracted 50,000 people. big crowds are expected again this year. >> we're looking forward to that. and we just had a baby. so the children's book stand is over there. so we're looking forward to buying some children's books. >> reporter: you'll have a chance to meet more than 300 authors this weekend. and it all starts friday at noon. >> we're known to be a sports town. now we're a book town. and 15 years of bringing some of the best authors from around the country, right here to baltimore. and this year is no exception. >> reporter: in mount vernon, ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> for complete baltimore book festival schedule, log onto our website, and click on the local news section. big question. will the weather cooperate for the festival? bob turk is in the first warning weather center with a look at what we can expect. tomorrow, i would definitely take a hat. the weekend looks great, though. take a look at tomorrow. it will start off pretty mild, upper 60s to low 70s in some spots. and north and west of town, there will probably be some fog. watch out for that.
5:46 pm
getting up to 91, 92 degrees by afternoon. some spot the, 93 or 94 on saturday. only 83. down to 51 saturday night. beautiful night. and sunday, only 73. a chance of showers coming back finally on monday and tuesday. temps probably only in the mid, maybe even low 70s. and today's energy savers tip. consider buying a laptop for your next computer upgrade. they use a lot less energy than desk top computers. for more information, how you can become an energy saver, just go to and click onto our special section on the home page. mary? >> all right, bob. thank you. a group of volunteers in new vealand is work -- new zealand is working around the clock to save stranded whales. about 70 were found stranded on a remote new zealand beach. they are being carried to a nearby lagoon. and they will eventually be released back into the water.
5:47 pm
an ohio robbery suspect found himself trapped in one dangerous place. as alexis christoforous reports for wjz. the story began on the wal-mart and ended at a recycling plant. here's the view from the windshield. as police race to the scene in ohio. they're headed to rescue a robbery suspect who got himself in a tight spot. he is trapped. compacted him once. >> the trouble began at a wal- mart. they think james michael brienzo was running from the scene when he chose the wrong place to hide. right after his dumpster dive, a trash compactor arrived for pickup and went right to work. brienzo called a friend. and that friend called police. >> he was in a lot of pain. he had been compacted several times. he was just begging us to empty the truck. >> they dumped the trash and
5:48 pm
untangled brienzo from the pile. the experience left him in critical condition. >> reporter: alexis christoforous, wjz eyewitness news. >> the suspect is accused of trying to steal about $1,000 worth of merchandise from the walgreens. in custody. baltimore county police arrest a suspect they say is responsible for a sexual assault and another attempted assault. how they tracked him down. grand unveiling. morgan state university's new library gets a new name. find out who is being honored. check in for these stories all new at 6:00. now, back to mary. ravens' owner steve bisciotti remains on one very exclusive list. >> yes, indeed. he ranks 3 very 8th -- 30 the 8th on the forbes list of the 400 richest americans. his net worth, about $300
5:49 pm
billion300 billion. i think so bob turk is like 401. >> yes. just below the list. but we're pushing for him to get on it next year so we can do the interview with him. eyewitness sports is next. >> this is mark viviano. the ravens' defense is dynamite. and they look to the browns. and a most unexpected outstanding play by an oriole. you have to see it to understand what i mean. it's ahead when eyewitness news continues. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy,
5:52 pm
we really need a governor on our side. home opener sets up well for the ravens. cleveland browns are coming in. starter jake delhomme has a sprained ankle. lost in the conversation about how much the ravens' offense has struggled, maybe you've missed just how good the defense has been. it's the only defense in the nfl that has not allowed a t.d. and remember, they're playing well, despite injuries to their
5:53 pm
secondary. it hasn't slowed these ravens down. >> we haven't gave up a touchdown in god knows how long. and that's why you play the game. and any time you hear all of these injuries here and there. but for us, it's always next man up. >> we're trying to get back to our normal selves. the city of baltimore is used to us playing like. and you can do that when you have a healthy defense. >> a do a lot on thursday. try to create a lot of turnovers. so, you know, that's the only thing i can say about them. everybody knows they're a good defense. great defense. and we just got in trouble. >> ravens rookie linebacker sergio kindle won't be playing this year. but he has signed a contract. kindle suffered a serious head injury in an accident this summer. that injury will keep him off the field this year. watching on tv. and you can see the ravens take
5:54 pm
on the browns in the home opener here on wjz. coverage comes your way at 1:00. baseball news, washington team nats, castin announced he is resigning. he was not specific about the reasons why he was leaving. orioles team president, andy macphail has another year on his contract. and he might give himself a new deal. foul ball headed macphail's way. bare-handed makes the grab. o's are off today. they resume the final road trip of the season in toronto tomorrow night. a milestone in toronto today. where the blue jays played seattle in a matinee. today. he connected for his 50th homer of the year.
5:55 pm
now, 16 home runs was the most he ever hit before this year. he's played for five hits the only run in a 1-0, jays win. coming up next hour, college football color commentary. they're feeling blue at one school. and there's a reason for painting the practice field the way they did. and i'll tell you why, on eyewitness news at 6:00. >> wow. that's different. >> very different. >> that's at oregon state. >> okay. but i'll tell you why they did it. because they usually don't do that. >> thanks, mark. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. are there more marylanders who had unnecessary medical procedures? hospitals under review.
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coming up. state health regulators are investigating another hospital, suspected of performing unnecessary procedures. fbi agents are aggressively looking for this man who they say is on a crime spree, spanning at least four states, including maryland. i'm weijia jiang. why police say he is armed and very dangerous. a maryland teen testifies before capitol hill. >> i'm jessica kartalija. coming up on wjz. why if this law passes, it could affect you and your
5:59 pm
children. it is the first full day of fall. but feel the more like summer, doesn't it? don't miss the updated forecast. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. wjz at 6:00 starts now. hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about tonight. state officials are now investigating another maryland hospital. the concern is that patients may have had unnecessary medical procedures. as we first told you about last night at 11:00, the news comes from a state report that was just leleased. derek valcourt explains, a lot of people want to know which hospital is under investigation. derek? >> that's


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