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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  September 23, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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suit settled. the tractor trailer crash off the bay bridge and into the
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chesapeake bay killing the driver. >> today the settlement reached in a lawsuit filed by the driver's family. hello everyone i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. here is what everybody is talking about tonight. >> driver shord swerved to avoid hitting a car. >> reporter: the settlement amount is next to nothing compared to the original amount. but it does bring closure for a man who was ripped away forever. john short images were impossible to shake. short's tractor trailer fell off the bridge after it swerved
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from hitting a camaro. baldwin's lawyer. >> my compliant is distraught. she's deeply sorry for what happened. she's very remorseful. she didn't set out that evening to have this happen. >> certainly for the safety of the citizens of our state who cross that bridge daily, more should have been done. but in july the short family decided to drop those claims as long as the state agreed to work to make the bridge safer for other drivers. if that ultimately does not happen, the family has the right to refile the lawsuit. since the accident, the state has spent more than $3 million inspecting and fixing the bridge as for baldwin, staple says she moved to alaska to
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seek solice. she paid $170 in tickets. >> we're not going to say we're happy this is resolved but we're relieved it's over. >> reporter: weijia jiang, wjz news. new tonight the man dubbed the preppy burglar is trading in a suit and tie for a jail jump suit. we released this surveillance video yesterday, today he was arrested at his home. a week after a man opened fire inside john hopkins hospital, the hospital is now being asked to review it's security measures. according to our media partner,
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the agency that reviews safety is submitting reports. >> reporter: according to the aclu, it's not just good teachers that can boost test scores, the group says bigger brighter buildings can too. baltimore city schools are old. classrooms that feel like refrigerators in the winter feel like boilers in the spring. >> there were no air- conditioning in the summer, the kids were baking on the chairs. >> reporter: in some hall ways students walk to class almost in the dark. >> we had problems with the lights. they would go off from time to time which got in the way of our work. >> reporter: it's a tale city
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council members have heard before from teachers, students and parents. they heard it again tonight at city hall. but this time the aclu joined in. in a new report released this week, the civil liberties group, urged the city to spend $2.8 billion restorying the schools. >> we want leaders in the community involvement to do it here. its can be done. >> reporter: alonzo agrees but finding private and public dollars to help is the hurdle he now faces. >> it's about money but it's also about will. i always said that the reason why kids drop out is because we accept it. the reason why the schools are in a particular physical condition is because for too long it was accepted.
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>> reporter: baltimore has nearly 200 buildings in its district. many of those buildings have not had renovations in 15 to 20 years. a $20 billion billionaire friends a district. zuckerbird is donating $100 million to the newark school system. they've been plagued for years with low test scores and was taken over by the state in 1995. today the fda said it is placing new restrictions on
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avandia sighting the heart attack risks with the drug. a maryland doctor raised concerns about the drug after noticing her patients had problems. the maker says it believes avandia is an important treatment for patients with type 2 diabetes. many provisions in president obama's health care reform is taking place. there is guaranteed coverage for children with preexisting conditions. and insurers can no longer set caps on life insurance. if one group of republican lawmakers have their way the health care will be repealed before it can be put into place.
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they promise to cut spending and repeal health care. the plan is meant to sway voters before the november midterm election. the federal government is pitching in to help pay for all of that snow clean up. so far the federal government has given maryland a total of $30 million to pay for the historic blizzards. you may remember our area got several dozes of blizzardss in they are terrorizing nasalities. the stink bugs are here in record numbers and tonight susan collins describes why. >> if you destroy them or crush them. they really do stink. at the cross household stink bugs are congregates in great numbers on one side of the hall. takes that welcome friends sign
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to heart. but tape around the air- conditioninger did air conditioner -- around the air conditioner did not keep them out. >> every time i went upstairs it was worse and worse and worse and worse. >> reporter: what are you going to do? >> we stripped the room, we bombed it, and i have the exterminator coming and i'm over it. these bugs have got to go. >> reporter: these stink bugs are not native to america and the first are thought to have come from indonesia. the population is growing.
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now that it's getting colder the stink bug wants to come inside and get cozy. at chapman gardens, the bugs have been setting off motion alarms four or five times a night. >> there's hundreds, they fly, they land on you. they are in groups. you open the door they are in your hair. >> reporter: what's the best weapon against stink bugs. according to the experts it's a vacuum cleaner. but they warn people, if the bugs get crushed as they are sucked in, it will end up stinking. >> well they may stink but they don't bite, they don't spread disease but they can be harmful to crops. jelly fish are invading the harbor. you can see the constalation in
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the back. >> another reason not to swim in the inner harbor. too hot for sesame street. why katy perry's duo with elmo the is being banned. after sustaining a debilitating head injury. a maryland teen testifies on capitol hill. coming up next on wjz, why if this law passes it could affect you and your children. much cooler weekend headed our way, i'm bob turk. i have a complete warning forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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74 degrees and clear. but first, tragedy in seattle. a woman shot and killed her husband and then shot herself. a nicaraguan man was killed
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just hours before he was supposed to attend a meeting. the 24-year-old had a throat slashed and the knife was next to his body. no suspect or motive was made. mercado had been working in the u.s. for the last nine years. a woman is executed for arranging the murder of her husband and stepson. teresa lewis became the first female to be executed in the united states. h her case drew international attention and more than 7,000 appeals were made on her behalf. however the u.s. supreme court in virginia governor bob mcdonnell refused to stop her execution. the two men accused of pulling the trigger were sentenced to life in prison. and man was hiding in a
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dumpster when a garbage truck made the pick up. >> he had been compacted several times. he was just begging us to empty the truck. >> reporter: police say he tried to flee after stealing $1,000 of merchandise from wal- mart. and jessica cartalia reports, it's an effort to protect students from concussions, by educating parents and staff. >> reporter: urging congress to considering a bill establishing standards for student athletes who get concussions. >> i jumped up, had an apoaching corner kick. i don't remember everything that followed. >> reporter: during a soccer
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game, chang suffered a debilitating concussion. >> headaches lingered and i began to forget things. >> kids can get concussions and you don't necessarily have to be hit in the head to get a concussion. >> reporter: dr. dennis crochfield is an expert in concussions. >> any time you hit the floor even without hitting your head is enough to rattle the brain. >> reporter: if passed the bill would require schools educate
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coaches, students and parents on the dangers of concussions. back to you. several states have already passed laws regarding sports related concussions. pop singer katy perry knew how to get to sesame street but she wasn't allowed to stay there. her wardrobe led to this segment being cut from the upcoming season. the the sesame workshop says they received complaints from parents after the clip was previewed on the internet. many thought that perry's outfit showed too much cleavage. the performance remains on her website. the gold is now in an atm. it's a special one located at a hotel in madrid. the machine dispenses gold bars and coins. it can even make customized
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coins for souvenirs and gifts. the exchange rate is updated every 10 minutes. more on the gold to go machine are expected across europe. that's pretty impressive. >> how about we see one right next to the water. >> i can't get my change out of there. >> you just hold on to it and in 10 minutes it's worth more. let's take a look at the weather, it's going to be very hot tomorrow. a little warmer than it was today. we might get close to breaking a record. the high will be 95. we'll get at least to the low 90s. right now not too bad at 74. the barometer has been rising 75.5-inches. 72 ocean city, still 80 in washington. pretty amazing stuff. they did get to a record there in adelas at 72 degrees. it's a pretty humid evening and
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tomorrow will be a humid day. generally a southerly breeze to keep us in the very warm air. most of the country from new york state all the way down to the gulf coast, and from the east coast out to the front way above normal temperatures with some record breaking numbers. this front will move here saturday afternoon around noontime. i think the front will go through behind et and probably no rain. much cooler air is starting to come in. we might see some rain and i think maybe by monday night or tuesday that front is going to hang up. we might see much needed rain by monday night and tuesday. let's go back to tropics quickly. matthew, winds out to 46. it's headed off to the west at 17. the only real update tonight is, by the end of this period,
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by tuesday that's actually tuesday they have it over the yucatan and weakening. earlier we still had it as a category one hurricane. the latest models have it inland. hopefully it stays there and dies because if it reforms it could affect the unite by sometime early next week. the bay temp around 74 degrees. tonight we have a little bit of fog in some spots. other wise clear to partly cloudy. tomorrow it's going to be hot. low perhaps even the mid-90s in some spots. by saturday, cooling 83, 51, much cooler sunday, monday and tuesday. maybe some showers by late monday and a pretty good chance on tuesday of some rain hopefully, 76 degrees. the ravens look ahead to the ravens look ahead to their next opponent ,,,,,,,,,,
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imagine that i'm singing happy birthday. but imagine. >> harbaugh is celebrating his birthday today. many expect harbaugh to unwrap a victory. the browns will come to town most likely counting on seneca wallis. wallis can be dangerous. he's a mobile qb not prone to stand back and throw. >> when you watch the film, the first thing you see, his ability is how he can break the pocket. you know people have clear blitzes on him. that's kind of thing you have to deal with with him.
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>> ravens rookie linebacker sergio kindell won't be playing this year. kindell was a second round pick. but he suffered a serious head injury in a domestic incident this year. kendell can watch and cheer like the fans in the stands. catch it right here on baseball, it's an off day for the orioles. jose batista reached a milestone. once that raises one of the biggest spices of the year against felix hernandez. batista hit his 50th home run of the season. what's amazing is that batista is a journey man. he's never hit more than 16 homers in the season before this year. his 50th was the only run of the game. 1-0 jays. again the orioles play at toronto tomorrow. to atlanta, the pga tour
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championship. a $10 million bonus up for grabs in this season ending series play off. phil mickelson delivers the shot of the day. two eagles for the lefty today. that's three shots off the lead which is shared by three golfers including paul casey who is eligible for the $10 million. talk about a pressure put. if this one comes down to something like that and there's $10 million on the line, that would be pressure. >> exciting if you win. >> exciting if you win. thth,,,,(music playing)
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one california man from reaching the mountain top. using a specially designed climbing chair, steven walker scaled the el capitan mountain in yosemite park. he pulled himself up 8,000 times a day during the six day climb. walker practiced for over a year and had to overcome his fear of heights. well, it's the largest heaping helping of everyone's favorite comfort food. you are looking at a 18,000- pound serving of mac and cheese. a louisiana chef made the mammoth mac and cheese and then mammoth mac and cheese and then turned into an ,, old gibbs canning company.
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mammoth mac and cheese and then turned into an ,, today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you.
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