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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  October 5, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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will fail said terror plot. the times square bomber learns his punishment. hi, everybody. i'm mary bubala. >> i'm kai jackson. here's what people are talking about. >> life sentence. faisal shahzad has no remorse about his failed bombing attempt. he says muslim terrorists will not stop attacking the u.s. randall pinkston reports on today's court decision. >> faisal shahzad smirked when the court handed down the sentence. defiant to the end, he told the court he felt no remorse for his failed may 1st bombing attempt. he said, quote, i'm happy with the deal that god has given me. the pakistani-born shahzad said
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we are proud terrorists, and we will keep terrorizing you. shshaswrawd became a u.s. citizen last year. he received training and said the taliban gave him money to carry out a terror attack in times square. prosecutors made a case to demonstrate what would have happened if shahzad's bomb would have gone off. >> shahzad said he hoped to kill 40 people in times square and was planning another attack two weeks later. >> the judge said shahzad's sentence should be a warning to anyone who hopes to follow in his footsteps. she told shahzad, he should spend time behind bars, thinking about whether the koran really advocates killing people. >> shahzad also told a judge if he was given 1,000 lives, he would sacrifice them all for the life of allah. flames, smoke and water damage.
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today, a croupe is working inside a popular east harbor -- crew is inside a popular east harbor restaurant. >> the fire broke out in the ceiling and the proof of pass oh. a -- pazo. a mediterranean restaurant. there is damage in the kitchen. in the end, none was hurt. city firefighters say a woodburning stove may have sparked the flames. >> a spokesperson said it may have reopened in a restaurant in a few days. >> at this hour, jurors continue to look at evidence in the trial involving city councilman ken harris. derek valcourt is live, where the jury is trying to come to a decision. derek? >> reporter: there is a lot for the jurors in this case to consider. after all, they have sat through more than two weeks of testimony and seen dozens of exhibits, including dna and forensic evidence. >> reporter:
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>> reporter: prosecutors say dna on key evidence, allegedly used during the robbery, links the three defendants to the murder of city councilman ken harris, killed outside of the nightclub in 2008. prosecutors reminded jurors of surveillance testimony. and showed video that put hill at the crime scene. a juror said they are all three equally responsible for everything involved in this case. and they came there locked and loaded. police say ken harris visit the lounge to borrow a cork screw and to use the bathroom. but he walked in on a robbery, tried to get away, and was shot in the back. his sudden death stunned his family and the city. >> my husband was a true champion for justice. he understood the mean of community and people working together. >> i stand here when i say i want justice to prevail. >> reporter: they asked jurors
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not to believe everything they hear, especially the prosecution's case. >> reporter: jurors had just two questions for the judge today. they wanted to see transcripts from prior testimony in the trial. the judge did not have those transcripts available to give them. they also asked to see the bullet that actually struck and killed ken harris. they wanted to examine that for themselves. that request was granted. if they are not able to reach a verdict by the end of the day today, they will likely be called back here to resume their deliberations first thing tomorrow. we're live at the courthouse, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> and as soon as a verdict is reached, count on wjz to bring it to you, and as well as bge wants to raise your rates again. jessica kartalija is in the newsroom with more on how much you can pay and how you can have your say about it. jess? >> reporter: kai, the increase could be as much as $54 a year. at issue is the delivery rate for the electricity and the
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gas. bge says it has contained costs for years. you do have a chance to voice your opinion. there is a public hearing at 7:00 tonight in the town hall rotunda in downtown bel air. there are four other public hearings over the next few weeks. and for more information and the times, log onto, and click on local news. kai? >> over the years, weight increase has been a big bone of contention between governor robert ehrlich and governor martin o'malley. denise will moderate. it will be taped and broadcast exclusively here on wjz at 7:00 in the evening. do you have a question for the candidate. submit them by going to the sun is trying to come out. outside right now, it's mostly cloudy. but the sun did make at least a little appearance on tv hill? wjz has weather ask traffic
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together. meteorologist bern bet det woods is -- bernadette woods is here with us. >> reporter: the same storm that moved in on sunday is affecting us. but it's weakening along the way. that's why we saw a couple of peeks of sun with a lot of clouds out there. the rain has fanned off to the north and west of us. all around the storm system. but what's going to happen is as this remains around, there is still a chance for a shower. small chance tonight. but again for tomorrow, before the storm finally holds out. here on thursday. but temperatures taking a major hit. it is 60 degrees now in baltimore. it's warmer than yesterday. but still pretty cool out there. take a look at the mountains, still in the 30s this afternoon. we'll have the forecast coming up. kai? >> thank you, bernadette. let's check on the roads with sharon gibala. >> we are liking the break in the rain. because the roads are running pretty smoothly. in fact, just a few minor accidents. one of them on the beltway. watch for that one on the top side inner loop. it's on the left shoulder, not
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causing any big delays there. another accident there, in jarrettsville. one in the city on reisterstown road at druid park drive. that one already in the clearing stages. and watch for continuing fire activity. possible lane closures there with equipment still in the road. alessandro street between eden and caroline street. there's a look at your drive times. slowest spot is going to be the top side. that's going to be between 83 and 95. partly because of that earlier accident at perring parkway. that accident is off to the shoulder now and not really causing any major delays. in fact, we could take a look at it. there is a look outside at the beltway. there is a live look outside at the top side at 83. a little slow there just to the right on the inner loop. and a look at the west side, at 70. this traffic report is brought to you by bill's. bill's carpet and laminate. back over to you. >> sharon, thank you. the white house is going green. the most famous residence in
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all of america will install solar panels on top of the white house living quarters. the panels will provide some electricity and heat and water for the first family. the entire project could cost about $100,000. but that should be earned back in savings in the first five years. a former resident of the white house was helping with home remodeling right here in baltimore. alex demetrick aren'ts, former president jimmy carter and his wife backed a long-time cause with some hands-on work. >> reporter: along jefferson street in east baltimore -- >> here we go. >> improvements are coming one home at a time, as volunteers for habitat for humanity, restore old houses for new owners. taking on jobs that would be overwhelming for a new mother and young son. >> a lot more of trial and error, with being part of habitat. and trying to help you through the trial and error process. >> down the street, one of those volunteers was working on
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a windowsill and moulding. former president jimmy carter was an unexpected addition to the rehab. >> what is that going to be like? it's just been great. he's been great. the whole organization has been great. >> former first lady rosalyn carter was also there. >> 27 years, they have been our most visible and famous volunteers. they're genuine to the commitment and need for housing. and they're passionate in building. and they're the hardest workers on the work site. >> reporter: for the carters who give bibles to the new homeowners, it is also an extension of their christian belief. >> you cross a border between rich people who have everything, like we do, and people who need a home like these folks. and habitat is the best avenue i've ever found to cross that border very easily. >> people who have never in their lives dreamed to have a home. and habitat make its possible for them. >> reporter: homes aren't the only things being built here. so are some unique memories. >> i can't believe it. they're actually in my house. it's going to be great. and i have my bible.
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i'm going to cherish that. >> feelings that help make a house a home. >> former president carter was in the news this past weekend when he was hospitalized for a stomach illness at age 86, he says he feels fine today. he looks great, too. he was wielding that saw really tough. >> did great. wish them well. wonderful thing he and his wife and dedicated their lives to. coming up at 4:00, it's called teen talking. one of the greatest photos of all time. hear from the photographer who snapped the photo of tiger woods' shame. their home in ashes. the shocking story of why firefighters refused to put out the flames. another gray and chilly day. meteorologist bernadette woods coming up. ,,,,,, [ female announcer ] after months of martin o'malley telling us
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we're learning more today about a deadly shooting in florida. police say clifford miller drove through his neighborhood shooting and wounding five people. police believe his victims may have been specifically targeted. miller lately shot -- later shot and killed himself inside his truck. they are not sure what sparked the violence, but people say he had a history of mental illness. homeowner didn't pay a $75 fee. officials say firefighters didn't even respond to the call until flames spread next door. one paid the fire coverage fee. one was allowed to burn down. former classmates take a field trip to a funeral home. and as john slattery reports,
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uncover a gruesome secret. >> reporter: andre shipley and his wife carishia say it's still hard to believe that for to 2 months after their son was buried, his brain was not with the rest of the remains. >> it was bad. >> reporter: it was in january of 2005, when their son jesse, a 17-year-old student at port richmond high school, a passenger in a car, was killed in an accident. after an autopsy, the body was released to the family. >> reporter: but imagine the family's shock, two months later, when they learned that a high school field trip to the morgue involving some of their son's own friends, noticed jesse's brain in a jar. >> his friends who were there discovered that his brain was in a jar on display, with his name labeled on it. >> the m.e.'s office told the parents that the brain was held for tests with other brains. but the parents say they were
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never informed. so the parents won a court order order for a return of the organ and their son was buried a second time. >> we had no idea. so we had to dig it up each further to put the rest -- even further to put the rest of his remains with his body. the body had to be exhumed. and the body parts were actually sown into the cavity -- sewn into the cavity of jesse's corps. and a second burial had to take place. >> reporter: the boy's mother wants to know why she was never informed that the boy's brain was held back. >> i'm destroyed. i would live with this the rest of my life. >> you had two burials for your son? >> exactly. >> reporter: the state's appellate is allowing the lawsuit to proceed. the state's office says we are evaluating our legal options in light of the decision. we note that the court correctly recognized that it was within the medical
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examiner's discretion to perform the autopsy. >> the parents said if they had been informed that an organ was being held for testing, they might have delayed the first funeral, instead of having two. a major rally on wall street. dow posted gains throughout the day. dow was up 193 points. s&p up 24. nasdaq up 55. the stocks rallied to a five-month high after the bank of japan cut its key interest rate to stimulate its economy. that has investors betting the federal reserve will announce similar steps. and a new report shows the service industry, which includes restaurants, hotels groo, grew for the 9th straight month in september. the governor is making it harder for a vehicle to get a five-star crash rating. the department is changing its safety rating.
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only two of the 34 vehicles tested under the program received five stars. the -- and the hyundai sonata. talbots is closing some stores. that news sent shares of talbots tumbling. and ford is giving its lincoln brand a makeover. the average owner of a lincoln is 66. and ford hopes to change that. it hopes to reach out to younger buyers. sales of the lincoln brand peaked 20 years ago. ford sold less than 83,000 of the cars last year. for more headlines, you can head to cbs money in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. >> beware of tiger. a photographer takes a once-in a-lifetime picture a fraction of a second before getting hit by the golfer's shot.
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take a look. the photographer was able to snap this shot right before woods' ball collided with his fam ra. although -- camera. although it was a bad shot, the photographer said it wasn't completely woods' fault. >> just happened to hit me and land at my feet. and tiger's face, he almost couldn't believe it. >> both the photographer and his camera are fine. the u.s. went on to lose the rider tup -- cup to urine. -- to europe. tiger woods did pretty well, though. coming up on eyewitness news at 4:00. strict system. why the new crash test ratings, failed almost every vehicle. trapped but for how much longer? the specific date in mind to rescue those chilan miners. and cloudy outside with the occasional sprinkle. when will sun return? for the top stories on
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it was an improvement over yesterday for sure. but still not quite there. >> we're going to transition into that system. we're taking steps in the right dwreks, but not quite there yet. i want to show you as far as the satellite goes, notice not that far often from the sunshine in west virginia. but the clouds had a few peaks in those clouds and sunshine as we moved through the afternoon. but still a lot of clouds out there. we're up from yesterday. we're at 60 degrees now in baltimore. we didn't get to 60 yesterday. we're in the 50s all day. it is still very cool. and about 10 to 15 degrees below average across this map. the other thing, take a look at this. 41 degrees in oakland. just incredible, cloudy and cold out in the mountains right now. here's the storm system.
4:24 pm
you notice how it sort of pushed all of the rain to the north and west. rotating around the low that's dominating this. so the thing is, with it still on top of us, there is still a chance for a shower. we didn't see much today. and tonight, again, a chance for a shower. tomorrow, as this low wraps around itself around, again, there will be a chance for a shower. not the rain we're seeingauf to the north. and not -- seeing off to the north. and not the rain we saw yesterday. but still the chance for a shower. then this pull -- storm pulls away. when it leaves also, it's going to take all of the cool air with it. sunshine. and temperatures will rebound pretty nicely, as we head toward the second half of the week. it's a complete reversal of our weather pattern. this was dug out. but the thing is, it's going to lift off to the north. and the warm air will return pretty quickly thursday. and stick around right into the weekend. so on the water, a small craft advisory is in effect until 6:00 today. then the winds will start to die down.
4:25 pm
and tomorrow, we'll actually eventually transfer to the southwest. but we don't see much of a warmup coming until we get the clouds. chance for a shower or two. we're going down into the 30s. and clouds, a few peeks of sunshine. couple of showers are possible. slightly better chance for a few showers tomorrow. not the rain we've had completely. but -- yesterday, but not completely dry. by thursday, this git gets out of here. sunshine returns in the afternoon. >> it's warmer. >> and that's going to be the case sunshine on friday, saturday, and sunday around here. >> beautiful. >> we're feeling fall. >> it is like hitting us in the face. >> it has. thanks, bern. don't miss tonight's cbs primetime lineup tonight. at 10:00, it's a brand new episode of the good wife. and it is getting good. that's followed by eyewitness news at 11:00. the ravens are back at home this sunday to face the denver broncos. you can see the game at 1:00, live here on wjz 13. katie couric has a preview of what's coming up tonight on
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the cbs evening news. as the healthcare system braces for a new wave of patients, could nurses be the answer. what the changing face of healthcare may mean for your next checkup. that's tonight, only on the cbs evening news. twin tower dust. at this time urgent message from new york's mayor, to ground zero workers with health problems. mysterious murder. an unbelievable story. a man shot while jet skiing in texas. why his widow wants president obama's help. night of terror. and the sole survivor of the attack reacts. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with denise and vic continues with denise and vic after this. ,,,,,,
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stee r. it is 4:29. mostly cloudy and 61 degrees. >> i'm denise koch. here's what people are talk being. >> the scene was bloody and violent.
4:30 pm
today, a connecticut jury returns a verdict in a double home invasion case that made headlines. sandra hughes made has the story. >> it took five hours to decide that steven hays is guilty of capital murder and assault in the murder of jennifer petit and her two daughters. >> some relief, but my family is still -- still gone. it doesn't bring them back. >> reporter: dr. williams said it was tied up and left for dead in the 2007 assault. his wife was subject to the -- sent to the bank to get money. jennifer petit was sent in to withdraw $15,000 and alerted the teller was what was going on in the house. her 11-year-old daughter michaela was also sexually assaulted. then gasoline was poured on the girls who were tied to their beds. then they set the house on fire. the police arrested hayes and
4:31 pm
an alleged accomplice who hayes says was the instigator as they fled the house. police have been criticized for not moving in sooner. jennifer petit's father is satisfied with the progress. >> we feel that as far as the trial has gone, justice is being served. >> reporter: dr. petit, who was in court day in and day out, was asked how he made it through the gruesome testimony and crime scene photos. >> and your family was destroyed by evil, i think that you would all try to do the same thing and be there for your family. >> reporter: the jury will now decide whether hayes will get the death penalty. then his alleged accomplice will go to trial. in los angeles, sandra hughes, wjz eyewitness news. >> jurors who saw photos of the victims, charred beds, ropes, ripped clothing, and ransacked rooms, wept at times during the eight days of testimony. updating one of the top stories, the man behind the
4:32 pm
failed bombing attack in times square will spend the rest of his life in prison. faisal shahzad tried to blow up times square. he showed no remorse for the plot and told investigators he received weapons and money from the pakistani taliban. a u.s. missile strike in afghanistan kills eight militants in pakistan. and they may have been involved in a terror plot, targeting several european cities. kai is in the newsroom with more. >> reporter: officials believe that they are at the heart of the terror plot. the eight militants killed in pakistan were all from germany. osama bin laden has reportedly given the go ahead to his followers to carry out attacks on european soil. but right now, u.s. authorities will not confirm those killed in the missile strike were directly involved in the planned assault. denise? >> the recent security concerns have prompted warnings for u.s.
4:33 pm
citizens, traveling abroad. but the state department is telling americans it is still okay to travel to europe. there's new hope today to that rescuers could reach 33 trapped miners in chile in just a few weeks. they have been trapped 3700 feet below the surface. they are putting in a capsule to lift the miners out one at a time. the rescue tunnel will only be about 25 inches wide. a search is under way in wyoming for a maryland man, missing in yellowstone park. search teams are looking for 48- year-old stewart isaac. he was reportedly on a cross country trip when he disappeared over the weekend. isaac's car was discovered abandoned in yellowstone national park. authorities say repeated air and ground searches have been done so far. a u.s. army ranger from maryland was killed in combat from afghanistan.
4:34 pm
29-year-old sergeant first class lance vogler died friday in a heavy firefight. the frederick native was on his 8th deployment in afghanistan. he also served seven tours in iraq. he is survived by his wife and two children. mexican and american authorities are still searching for the body of david hartly. the american tourist and his wife were jet skiing on a lake when they were ambushed by gunmen. erica hill reports for wjz with the latest. >> reporter: there is still no sign of american tourist, david hartly. this, four days after he was reportedly shot in the head by suspected pirates. it happened on the lake along the mexican border. >> hello? >> yes? >> yes. >> okay. are you sure that your husband got shot? >> yes! in his head. >> reporter: his wife tiffany made that desperate 911 call, after reportedly racing to his aid but says she was chased away by gunfire. >> did you see anybody? >> three boats.
4:35 pm
>> reporter: hartly is now presumed dead. has body, though, is not recovered. and now, mexican authorities are questioning whether the attack took place at all, saying, quote, we are not sure. we are not certain that the incident happened the way that they are telling us. why hartly's body has not been found, especially after they were told he was wearing a life vest. and also, why there's no sign of his jet ski. in fact, no physical evidence a crime was committed. security experts say americans traveling to mexico or other potentially dangerous regions should stay alert. >> be aware of what the local conditions are, what the threats are, what you need to know. >> reporter: meantime, in hartly's home town of lovely, colorado, there is question of mourning. >> i assumed david had an accident. because he likes to go fast. but then he said no, he was shot. >> reporter: what exactly happened to david hartly remains a mystery. >> tiffany hartly is now pleading to president obama and secretary of state hillary
4:36 pm
clinton to ask for more cooperation from mexican authorities. >> reporter: in tonight's consumer watch, new cars and trucks will have a tough time getting high grades for safety. the transportation department has announced changes to the five-star safety rating system to make it more difficult to earn top store scores. only two of the 32 tested received a five-star rating. the system evaluates front end and side impact crashes and rollovers. it is a way to give consumers a different way to compare vehicles. outside, it's cloudy, it's gray. and it's warmer than yesterday, a bit. wjz has weather and traffic together. bob is here with updated first warning weather. it was chilly. yesterday, we stayed in the low 50s. today, we finally got a little warmer air. and as you saw, a little sun breaking through. take a look at radar. 60 degrees to the north. that's where the rain is pretty much gone now. looks like our chances of
4:37 pm
showers are very slim. maybe one shower can drift through the region during the day tomorrow. as the little upper level disturbance in ohio comes through. then, a really nice forecast coming up. >> thanks, bob. let's check in on the roads now with sharon gibala. for the moment, we are enjoying a nice quiet afternoon commute. we have one accident still working on the shoulder on the top side. that one on the inner loop at perring parkway. another crash in towson. north charles at willow way. one in the city on reisterstown road. at druid park drive. and one more in glen burnie. there is a look at your speeds outside. 23 miles an hour. your slow spot between 83 and 95. that again is because of that accident on the top side of perring parkway. taking a live look outside. that is the inner loop. and it is a little slow there at 70. same goes for the top side of the beltway at 83. this traffic report was brought
4:38 pm
to you by purdue, oven ready roaster. in tonight's wjz healthwatch report, botox use has increased dramatically over the last 10 years. now, more and more young people are following the face-freezing trend. cynthia demos has the story. >> reporter: 19-year-old morgan frisido is a sophomore, going to the university of miami. but this beautiful coed is like a growing number of young women who feel they need botox to improve their appearance. >> i decided to do it because i have wrinkles in my forehead already. and it's not the best case scenario for someone my age. >> reporter: according to diane walder, she is seeing more and more young women, like morgan, coming in for beauty treatments. >> usually, they come in with their mother and they have that. >> walder says getting botox at a young age may not actually be a bad idea.
4:39 pm
>> what i recommend, when they start getting the lines, at rest, that's the time to start considering botox. >> the idea is it will prevent deeper wrinkles in the future. >> i think it's a choice f. it bothers you and you can fix it, and you can afford it, why not? >> reporter: coauthor of the book beauty prescription, suggests achieving real beauty has nothing to do with botox. >> where the real power is in taking care of your health. to be beautiful of that age should consist of getting enough sleep, which they don't do, eating properly, exercising -- exercising, using sun block, and taking care of acne or something that may disfigure their face. >> thank you. >> but young women clearly have their own definition of what is attractive. and while beauty phase, it seems -- fades, it seems this trend isn't going away any time soon. >> anyone in hollywood is getting it done. and they already have like perfect bodies and everything
4:40 pm
else. it definitely influences girls my age that don't have perfect busies to feel the need to do this. >> that was cynthia demos reporting. last year alone, 1.6 million people received botox injections. speaking of drugs, the university of maryland school pharmacy opens a $52 million facility. it is located on north fine street. it features classrooms for pharmacy students, as well as lab areas. the pharmacy hall will also employ 100 full-time workers and bring in millions of dollars for the state. >> all right. straight ahead on wjz eyewitness news at 4:00. snack switch. frito lay is ditching their new bags. and you won't believe why. well, remember, i don't know what. >> okay. >> quick thinking clerk. a water department worker givens life-saving customer service over the phone. and gloomy skies. bob turk is coming up to tell us how long they will stick
4:41 pm
around. when we come back. ,,,,,,,,
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i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message. the real andy harris. buried in his website - a promise to replace the tax code with a 23% sales tax and eliminate the mortgage interest deduction. a bush tax panel said families would pay $6,000 more a year. a reagan tax advisor calls it a very dumb idea. but that's not his only bad idea. harris was the only senator to vote against
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some of the best balloonists in the nation are paying tribute to two of their missing comrades. hundreds in the america's challenge gas balloon race in mexico are hanging two dried chiles from their balloons in honor of the pair. they went missing while in a thunderstorm. they are presumed dead. yohanes mercy on was convicted of involuntary manslaughter after shooting an unarmed black passenger in 2009. merzo says he accidentally -- meant to taze the man but
4:45 pm
grabbed his gun by mistake. workers cleaning up. new york mayor michael bloomberg is urging thousands to settle problems caused by world trade center dust. depending how many people take the deal, it could be worth anywhere from $625 to $7 12 million. it would pay out to workers, depending on the severity of their illnesses. people respiratory illnesses linked to ground zero could get more than $1 million. >> the settlement can only happen if 95% of the plaintiffs accept. another day of violence near the afghanistan-pakistan border, as nato troops clash with insurgents. this is video of a recent nato helicopter assault on a militant stronghold. reports say pakistani officials failed to notify them before
4:46 pm
attacking targets inside pakistan's borders. a maryland soldier killed last week in afghanistan will be buried next to a man he knew well. his family opted to have him buried in arlington, next to his best friend. as todd quinones explains, they were best friends. >> they were best friends in name academy. both heard the call to serve their country. >> they almost seemed invincible. and you don't think it could happen to them. >> reporter: tom and manuel lost their son travis in iraq in 2007. the 26-year-old was killed, rescuing fellow wounded marines. they say travis's best friend, navy seal, brandon loony was a tremendous help in dealing with the loss of their son, and the families grew closer. >> we went to meet him in delaware before he went to afghanistan and spent the day with him, his mother and his brother, had a good time. >> reporter: last week, loony was among nine americans killed
4:47 pm
in a helicopter crash in the mountains of afghanistan. >> i relived the day that they came knocking on our door. >> mannion was buried at the family plot in west conshohocken. but his family later learned of his desire to be laid to rest at arlington national cemetery. a wish the family plans to fulfill someday. tough decision to make. but we think this is the right thing. this is where he wanted to be. >> reporter: so when word came that loony would be buried at arlington. the mannings made the extraordinary decision to move their son's remains so the two best friends would be buried next to each other forever. >> he wanted to be with his brothers. and now he's with one of his closest brothers in brendan together, side by side. >> and loony was from owings, maryland. a texas water department employee is being called a hero after her quick thinking saves
4:48 pm
a customer's life. she was complaining about a toilet. and during the conversation, the customer sounded disoriented and had trouble remembering details. the worker sent an ambulance to her home and the woman had suffered a stroke. the woman said she was being careful. >> i always said, i'd rather ask forgiveness than permission. i thought, it's got to be the right thing to help this lady if we can. >> the elderly caller was taken to the hospital and is expected to be just fine. in today's consumer watch, the plan to ban fast food toys in san francisco moves forward. lawmakers have given preliminary approval to a law that would stop fast food restaurants from giving toys to kids in kids meals. in april, santa clara county adopted a similar law, banning all fast food freebies. frito lay is making changes to its complaints about sun
4:49 pm
chips. the company says it is ditching its biodegradable bag, after customers complained it was too noisy. they will switch back to the original plastic bags. this weekend marks the 60th anniversary of peanuts, by charles m. schulz. it will honor the anniversary, a photograph of charles m. schulz was presented to the institution. schulz' family is working hard to keep peanuts moern. -- modern. they're working on the first animated media film in years. >> hollywood classic. >> sure is. well, it's been dry for the most part today. the sun is trying to peek out. bob turk has your updated first warning weather forecast after this commercial break. ,,,,
4:50 pm
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moisture wasn't enough to
4:53 pm
activate windshield wipers. it was just a pain. >> dirtied everything up. >> once again, it is the law, when it is raining, drizzling, if you've got your wipers on, you must have your headlights on. please. it's impossible to see you with all of the mist coming up on the roads. it's really dangerous on a big highway. so please put your lights on when you have your wipers on. thanks. enough said. let's take a look. whenever i go to my bank, my bank teller says, please remind people to turn their lights on when they have their wipers on. so we just did it. take a look at temps around the region. it has warmed up. about 8 degrees warmer. 60 now. high was 61. west/northwest winds at 10. barometer holding steady. 30.04 inches. the dew point actually comes down. it's not nearly as moist out as it was. but check this out. 39. they have been around the upper 30s all day long. 52 at cumberland. 60 in ocean city.
4:54 pm
and pax river. it's been an abnormally cool day. temperatures running anywhere from 5 to 7 or 8 degrees below normal. 10-mile-an-hour winds now out of the northwest. that looks like the breeze will continue tonight. again, tomorrow, continued kind of cool with a lot of clouds around. we're not going to clear it up a whole lot. but most of the rain has moved up well to our north. there's one little system, across portions of ohio that might run across the mountains. and may give us a brief shower tomorrow. not a great chance. but you can see how this circulation has flowed. it's a stalled low-pressure system. and because of this, some of this may make it back into our region tomorrow. it won't be a beautiful day. a lot of clouds. probably more than we saw today. then that will move out. good news is, come up for later wednesday and thursday. dryer air moving in. looks like a very nice and milder pattern for thursday, friday, into the weekend. lots of sunshine. temperatures getting back up into the low 70s.
4:55 pm
southwest winds, 10 to 15 knots. bay temp around 72. and advisory, with small craft advisory tonight until 6:00 p.m. tonight, then, lots of clouds. maybe a scattered sprinkle. 46, cool tonight. then tonight, back up to 64. lots of clouds. maybe a peek of sun. but also a slight chance of a shower. not much of a chance of rain. don't let that ruin your day. not like yesterday, where it got up to a half to an inch of rain. >> yes, i know. >> well -- >> thank you, bob. still to come on eyewitness news tonight. >> three men on trial for the murder of a baltimore city councilmember. i'm derek valcourt with more on what is taking the jury so long what is taking the jury so long and the bizarre question they,,,
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
two governors, two different approaches. even in good times bob ehrlich didn't make education a priority. he increased college tuition by 40%, cut school construction by $200 million, and ehrlich voted to eliminate the department of education while serving in congress. but in the toughest of times, martin o'malley has made record investments in public schools, new school construction, and o'malley froze college tuition four years in a row. with martin o'malley,
4:58 pm
our children always come first. coming up next on wjz's eyewitness news at 5:00. >> it's the largest single-day filing of malpractice lawsuits in maryland history. i'm mike hellgren in saint joseph's medical center. the hospital is being sued, along with one of its premiere doctors over an unnecessary heart procedure. why this could have national implications. councilman murdered. three men on trial. the question holding up the jury. the man behind the plot to bomb times square. check in for more on these and breaking news.
4:59 pm
scandal. a prominent doctor and major maryland hospital are slammed with more than 100 lawsuits. tonight, inside, the latest twist in the scandal that alleged unnecessary operations that may have put patients at risk. i'm kai jackson. >> i'm mary bubala. here's what people are talking about. a wave of more than 100 lawsuits were filed today against st. joseph's medical center. and a prominent doctor, accusing them of negligence and operations. wjz is live with mike hellgren who is breaking down the response. >> this scandal broke when a patient led st. joseph to review the stent operation. and they found that


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