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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  November 14, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EST

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coming up next, eyewitness news behind bars. police make an arrest in a deadly robbery attempt in anne arundel county. we'll have details. a string of college robberies has students on alert and police searching for suspects. political corruption, new details today on why the f.b.i. targeted a powerful maryland lawmaker and his wife in a federal investigation. and looking live outside now another sunny start to the day. but how long will it stay? meteorologist tim williams has the forecast. and benefit just about to begin. we're live at meadowwood park. details coming up.
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eyewitness news is seconds away. good morning. welcome to eyewitness news this sunday. it's the 14th of november. a pretty frosty start to the day. temperatures across the area ranging just around freezing to about 40. it's a bit cool out but nothing like we haven't seen just about every morning for the last week or so. good bit of sunshine out there. just saw sharon with the sunshining brightly on her face. we will see clouds increasing through the day and into tomorrow. but for the most part we have another very nice day in store. look at temp chairs across the region. warmest temperature we have 48 in oakland. 46 on the shore.
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everyone else falling somewhere right between twot. so your forecast looks like this on this sunday. temperatures going up to just around we'll call it 63 degrees with sunshine and flu skies. overnight lows back in the 30s. first updated forecast in just a moment. thank you, tim. here's what people are talking about this morning. the teen behind bars. police arrest and charge a teenager with murder and attempted robbery at a glen burnie pizza shop. detectives still searching for three other suspects. we spoke with the pizza store own saw the shooting. >> reporter: the victim is a young man who came to visit a female clerk at the pizza shop police say when the armed men walked in he told them to leave and was shot. there is a shrine set up in honor of the murder victim outside the pizza shop in glen burnie. the 20-year-old shot to death there in an apparent robbery attempt while visiting a female employee. four assailants had masks. >> we were working in the
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kitchen. but then i heard the noise and i came outside and i seen the one guy with a gun in his hand and he told me you go back. and i just stepped back and -- >> reporter: aaron countyanne arundel county police have arrested. victim son of salvador immigrants. >> it's very hard to believe. i still don't believe it. doing all this and i just can't accept it that he's not here no more. >> he's a very cool guy. >> reporter: ironically he would have been 21 just hours after his murder. his friends poured out a beer in his honor in front of the shrine they constructed. >> he's always been a friend to us all. we still pay him respect. let him have his last beer. >> he was having so much fun today. >> reporter: instead deep sadness over his murder. police are not saying if he was the trigger man but they say
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there were four men and two were armed. >> anne arundel county police urge anyone with information on the case to give them a call. another outbreak of violent crime in baltimore city this weekend. late last night officers rushed to a stabbing in the 400 block of southeast avenue. that's blocks from patterson park. medics say the man has critical injuries. police are also looking into at least five shootings in the last couple of days including one last night near first mariner arena. police have identified a child killed by a car. the 7-year-old was crossing the street with other children and an adult when he was hit. investigators believe the boy darted out in front of the car. they say the driver probably didn't have enough time to stop or did not see him. over in anne arundel county a bicyclist in critical condition after a car struck him. police say the driver hit the 21-year-old near crane highway and route 648 in glen burnie. detectives believe he road his bike into the street against
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the red light and the driver in that case as well did not have enough time to stop either. campus concern. two university students held at knife point and robbed. it's the latest in a slew of robberies at area colleges that have students on edge. and universities working together to solve crimes. >> reporter: it happened thursday evening at the community college of baltimore county essex campus. sky eye chopper 13 over the scene as police say a man walked up to a female student and robbed her at gunpoint. now students who say they were never told are concerned. >> they tell teachers but not students. i don't think that's fair. if one should know they all should know. >> reporter: that student isn't alone. another armed robbery happened at towson university. a student at a bank atm loses his cash. towson security sent campus wide text messages to students and teachers. thursday night roberts hit another university and mugged two students at knife point and
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beat up another student who tried to help. >> as they crossed the parking lot they were confronted by two individuals who demanded money and jewelry. those individuals were brandishing knives and obviously threatened the victims. >> i don't feel safe. it's awful. especially because where the incident happened was right there and we do that walk all the time. >> reporter: tonight security there is high. >> this is their home and they need to feel safe here and it's our responsibility to make sure that's the way they feel. >> right now police are still searching for suspects in all of the robberies. more details this morning on the corruption arrest of prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife. federal agents raided the home last week and charged the couple with taking money from a developer. we've now learned that the charges may be linked to a development near the green belt metro station. in a separate civil case a hotel owner says johnson solicited bribes. according to our media partner the baltimore sun more arrests could be made in this case as early as this week.
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baltimore mourning the loss of an inspirational trainer. for more than half a century he taught thousands of young boys and men in baltimore how to box and councilled them on life issues. he passed away last night at the good samaritan hospital. he was 92. well, just as the holidays roll around much of the midwest is experienced the first snowfall of the winter. this was the scene in minnesota where a foot of snow fell in some places. police there say it has caused more than 400 traffic accidents. and the wintery conditions in wisconsin are also responsible for a crash that killed two people there. be careful in that. yeah. to say the least. we've had our bout with that. hopefully no time soon. >> please, no, tim, not yet. >> all i'll say is that is the same storm system moving our way. the only difference is temperature. it's very cold over there. it's very mild here. if we had the same temperatures we'd have the samewet stkpwhrer what do we do? >> we keep it in perspective.
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live through it. enjoy what we have right now. that's what we have right now. sunshine and blue skies. yesterday we got to 66 degrees. the average and normal high is 58. so we were well above the norm. nowhere near the records though. the records for right around this week or so have been up near 80 degrees. 78, 79. we're nowhere near that but we are definitely enjoying this stretch. it continues into tomorrow. the change in tomorrow is that that storm system finally does arrive late tomorrow night into tuesday. and as it does it brings us some rain. our temperatures are still going to be way too mild for any winter precipitation. that's a good thing. we'll hold out as long as we can. 88% relative humidity. calm winds currently at bwi marshal. the barometer much lower than it has been with high pressure still in control. the high pressure is bringing us the nice conditions, clear skies and very dry air. dew point's at 31.
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38 oakland. 38 cumberland. then we jump up to 40. ten degree differential between allegheny and washington county. and then 30s across central maryland 46 down on the shore where the winds are coming in from the north at 3 miles per hour. and again calm readings around much of the state. we've had small craft advisories in effect for parts of the weekend. they have now been lifted. the winds are really not a factor. this is the very slow moving cold front. we've been talking about this thing for just about a week. it's being driven by a low pressure system pushing all over in our direction. on the top edge of the spin cold air being yanked down from canada is creating snow conditions across the dakotas over into the upper peninsula of michigan seeing colder air over toward minneapolis and fall. all of that is moving in our direction. again, you see the transition. more of a rain event as it starts to move into the milder air. now the colder air on the western side of this, the back edge, will drop our temperatures a little bit. but the temperatures dropping only mean that we go down to very close to normal highs for
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this time of year. so high pressure builds in right behind the front as it proves on through. we'll start to see clouds increase tomorrow. rain through tuesday. and then we'll start to see high pressure building in by wednesday. but the temperatures will go down into the 50s rather than these mid-60s. again, that's closer to normal for this time in november. sunset at 4:53 today. southeast wind on the bay at five to ten naughts. 12:54 is our next high tide at fort mchenry. clouds mixing with sun. overnight lows down to about 41. a little colder in the north and west suburbs. 60 tomorrow. mostly cloudy heading into the afternoon. but still a mild day in store. and then 60 on tuesday with rain. 62 on wednesday. 56 and 50 on thursday and friday as the front moves on by. overnight lows still in the 40s. so we'll still be relatively mild. and, again, nothing like what we're seeing out in the midwest. >> okay. if you say so. still ahead on eyewitness news sunday morning, cruise ship fire. why the investigation into the break down that stranded
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thousands of passengers may have hit some rough water. and bidders in new york get a chance to get their hands on some of bernie madoff's most valuable possessions. even his boxer shorts. we'll explain. >> reporter: and on this chilly morning runners have just taken off for the first annual restoration run to benefit the jones fall restoration. we'll tell you more about it coming up after the break. all right. but first here's saturday's winning lottery numbers. good luck everybody. we are back in just a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. sunday november 14th. taking a look outside at a gorgeous day start. few more clouds out there than we have seen over the last few days, but that is not going to factor into the weather today too much. still a lot of sunshine. i want to show you first warning live doppler radar and give you an idea of what's moving our way in actual time. radar shows very slow moving cold front we've been watching creeping across the region. it extends from the great lakes all the way down to the gulf.
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it will definitely bring rain by monday evening into tuesday. the way it plays out looks like this. moisture streams right on up the coast. we will see likely an inch of rain out of this across parts of the area. we are already about four inches above the normal rainfall for the year. so we don't really need the rain, but it's always positive to have some especially when we haven't had it in about two weeks or so. 63 degrees today. our forecast high sun with some clouds. partly cloudy tonight. 41 degrees. then tomorrow 60. mostly cloudy especially heading into late afternoon. we'll have your five-day forecast in a few moments. thank you, tim. first back to other stories people are talking about this morning. the investigation into the carnival cruise ship fire hits a rough patch. the splendor is now in san diego after 4500 passengers and crew lived through three days without electricity, showers and hot food. originally u.s. authorities planned to lead the investigation, but the ship is registered in panama. so that country will take over. critics say carnival is trying
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to avoid tougher regulations in the u.s. three soldiers in colorado caught on tape breaking into a marijuana dispensary. police were called to a neighboring business when they noticed movement inside the dispensary. the thieves realized they were being watched and try today go back the way they came in but the officers were waiting for them out back and took the trio into custody. scammed thousands of their life savings, now his lifestyle is up for sale. some of bernie madoff's prized possessions were sold at auction in new york. someone bought his grand piano for nearly $40,000. people also bought his monogram slippers and boxer shorts. the 10 karat diamond engagement ring madoff gave his wife brought in $550,000. all that money will be divided among the people that he cheated out of through his investment scheme. and you may not know that the jones falls has the most fertile trout stream in maryland. >> one group is now working to
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protect that stream with the first annual restoration run. wjz is live at meadow wood park in lutherville. that's where sharon gibala is for the event. >> reporter: runners got up for another good cause. this one is for as you mentioned restoration run to benefit the restoration of the jones falls and help the trout population. we have jay here to tell us a little more. good morning. >> hi, good morning. yeah. the race is the first of what we hope is many. what we're going to be planning to do here is raising money that will go directly into the jones falls. we have about right now we have plans to put an $800,000 project downstream from here. so this is just something to get us started to help in that effort. i think the main thing is we wanted the public or the community to understand that our group is not just made up of a bunch of fishermen. we are fishermen, but our main goal is to protect these
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waters. and they're everyone's waters. they all flow downstream. >> reporter: and what's the shape of the jones falls right now? >> actually the jones falls is one of the highest density trout streams in the state of maryland. so nobody really realizes that. and it's right in everyone's backyard. but out in this area it's not heavily fished. but it holds a lot of fish. but it's a lot of private land too. >> reporter: what's the response you've been getting so far? >> we got a tremendous response. we had in the race here got about little over 100 runners. sponsors came through and probably raise around $8,000 or $9,000 with this race. and just keep it going in the future. >> reporter: very good then. if you want to learn more about their project back to you guys. >> sharon, are you a fisher lady? >> fisher person? i don't think she can hear me. >> reporter: i'm sorry. i couldn't hear you.
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am i a fisher lady? i was a fisher kid. it's been a long time. >> okay. maybe we'll all have to put together a fishing trip down the jones falls. how about that? >> how about an eating trip. you go and fish and i'll eat it. >> that's no fun. >> okay. all right. all right. still to come on eyewitness news sunday morning. >> flesh eating bacteria. as scary for doctors as it is for patients. up next a mother's ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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well, we were talking about rain moving into the region. we've had an incredible stretch. i don't think anyone can complain about the weather we've had for the last week. first warning live doppler radar shows the story. we are not on the bad side of this system. we've seen snow out in the midwest out toward minneapolis and heading into toward milwaukee. but we're going to get rain out of this. could see a pretty good soaking through tomorrow. the one thing i will caution you there are still a lot of leaves on the roads. when we're dealing with rain moving in like it is, the leaves get wet and starts to get dangerous. tomorrow morning could be a little tricky -- not tomorrow morning but tuesday morning could be tricky. rain gets here tomorrow morning late and then into tuesday. tuesday is the day we'll see the rain. your forecast for the next five days looks like this. rain tomorrow, late at night. we're talking about after rush hour after you're already home. but then tuesday about an inch of rain throughout the day. 60 still our high. start to clear out wednesday, thursday and friday. temperatures start to gradually drop. 62, 56 and 50. we'll finally start to pull out
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some of those nice fall sweaters people have been dying to wear. >> all right. this morning's wjz health watch an incredible story of survival. a columbia howard county woman spent years in the hospital fighting a rare flesh eating bacteria. >> she talked with denise about the life and death battle she's facing. >> good morning. there were many days sandy's doctors feared she wouldn't make it to the next. but her will to live kept her going. just a few years ago sandy was literally being eaten alive. >> i was being torn apart from the inside out. >> reporter: flesh eating bacteria were attacking her body, ravaging her organs in a life and death battle. >> do you remember the first time you heard them tell you you have what we call flesh eating bacteria? >> the first time i actually realized what was going on was when i looked down. >> reporter: what did you see?
8:24 am
>> there was this yellow waxy wrap stuff over my abdomen. and i remember very clearly seeing what looked like french fries or chicken underneath it. and what it was actually was my internal organs. and i could see my intestines. >> reporter: the infection is one of the most feared in all of medicine because it's highly resistant to antibiotics. it's rare attacking only about 600 people a year in the u.s. but it is deadly for up to a third of its victims. >> she has a very difficult infection to treat. there is just no question about that. >> reporter: the doctor led the team that kept sandy alive during the year and a half she spent at shock trauma. >> i would just shake my head. why? why can't we get her well? >> reporter: sandy's trouble started in 2005 when she gave birth to her son christopher by c section. she developed complications. then doctors realized the deadly danger she faced. >> they were trying to give me
8:25 am
hope, but i can read it behind their eyes that they didn't think there was any hope. >> reporter: on a recent visit to shock trauma no one could believe sandy was alive. >> oh my gosh. hi. >> reporter: sandy and her doctors can't pinpoint where she picked up the bacteria but surprisingly it exists all around us. it lives in crowded places like day care centers, schools or prisons. you can pick it up from contaminated items like sports equipment. all it needs is an open wound to get in your body where it can run rampant. >> i don't know the number of times we operated on her, but it was probably 50 when all was said and done. maybe more. >> reporter: sandy spent the first years of her baby's life in the hospital. but doctors finally got rid of the deadly bacteria. with her organs literally eaten away, she then underwent a rare transplant of her small and large intestines. do you think you would have survived this if you hadn't had
8:26 am
this beautiful boy to come home to? >> i remember thinking about this in the hospital. and it was basically thank god it was me because it could have been my son. >> reporter: denise koch. wjz eyewitness news. >> she plans to renew her nursing license and return to her career at an area hospital. >> the ground breaking surgeries are always performed many times performed right here locally with our medical staff here near baltimore. >> yeah, we're lucky. still much more to come on eyewitness news sunday morning. federal investigation new information this morning on why the f.b.i. raided the home of a powerful maryland politician. and returning home, president obama is back in the u.s. and he's got some tough challenges waiting for him at the white house. quit itch world cup? maryland students head to new york to compete in harry potter's favorite new game. that's coming up when eyewitness news sunday morning
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a good start although a few more clouds than we've seen over the last few days filtering in. it's all ahead of a storm system a pretty potent front taking its time getting across the country. we'll see rain into tuesday very late monday into tuesday. but for another day we have very nice conditions. it starts to shape up like this. temperatures starting around 40. 63 our daytime high with sun and just a few clouds. partly cloudy tonight. 41. another mild night. and then 60 tomorrow. mostly cloudy. clouds increase by nightfall. first updated first warning forecast in just a moment. first here's what people are talking about this morning. new details emerging about the arrest of a powerful maryland politician. we are learning more about a specific development that could be tied to corruption allegations. adam has more. >> reporter: prince george's county executive and his wife arrested on corruption charges. their home raided moments after a wiretapped conversation between the couple.
8:31 am
the f.b.i. claims it discussed a $100,000 check from a developer. leslie said do you want me to put it down the toilet? jack responded yes flush that. f.b.i. says the johnsons discussed almost $80,000 in cash. he allegedly told the wife to hide the money in her bra. >> i'm an elected county executive. i said earlier when the facts are revealed, i am absolutely convinced without a shadow of a doubt that i am going to be vindicated. >> reporter: charges may be linked to a development near the green belt metro station. in a separate civil case a hotel owner claims that johnson solicited bribes. >> we done all this voting. and the people we selecting are doing us not right. >> reporter: at a popular barbershop in the county constituents are outraged. >> i know him personally. if these allegations are true i'm terribly disappointed that he's fallen to temptation. >> reporter: adam may, wjz,
8:32 am
eyewitness news. >> several more arrests are expected in connection with the investigation possibly as early as this week. stay with us for complete coverage of the arrest of county executive jacksonson for more on the charges and investigation go to police have charged a teenager with murder and a robbery gone wrong at a glen burnie pizza shop. anne arundel county police say 17-year-old vincent and three others burst into the mr. wings and pizza restaurant on friday night. the 20-year-old there visiting a clerk at the shop. police say he told the masked men to leave and that's when they opened fire striking him. friends of the victim are still in shock. >> very hard to believe. i still don't believe it. and we're doing all this and i just can't accept it. that he's not here no more. >> and police charged vincent as an adult with first-degree murder. the other three suspects are still on the loose. president obama is back in
8:33 am
the u.s. after wrapping up a ten day tour of asia. he'll come home to face an ongoing power struggle in washington. terrell brown reports for wjz with the latest. >> reporter: president obama and russian president agreed to work together on economic and security issues. the president wants the senate to approve the nuclear reduction treaty the leader signed in april. >> i reiterated my commitment to get the treaty done during the lame duck session. i've communicated to congress it's a top priority. >> reporter: the meeting in japan comes as the president ends his ten day asian tour. it's a trip that didn't always go as he'd hoped. president obama cut a new trade deal with india, but couldn't nail down a free trade agreement with south korea. he, again, pushed his idea that expanding trade with asia will create jobs in america. >> what happens in japan or china or indonesia also has a direct effect on the lives and fortunes of the american
8:34 am
people. >> reporter: president obama returns to washington sunday. he'll land just as republicans prepare to take control of the house. >> american people have sent their government a clear message. they want us to focus on creating jobs. they want to see congress spend less. >> reporter: both parties will first have to deal with the bush era tax cuts that expire at the end of the year. republicans want to make the cuts permanent. president obama says the nation can't afford it. he wants to extend the tax cuts for americans who make under $200,000 a year. >> the white house is very much looking to make a deal. they don't want to have a fight over a tax increase right after they lost the house. >> reporter: it's a battle between president obama and lawmakers that will play out in the days ahead. in new york, terrell brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> and with that all cuts could expire in january at least temporarily. that could bring significant tax increases at families at every income level. the water is back on for hundreds in baltimore county. but a broken water main is
8:35 am
still causing some problems. the break caused severe damage yesterday. crews worked all day to repair the 12-inch main. the department of public works is now asking homeowners to take precautionary steps. >> people have to remember that when the water does come back it may be a little cloudy. they can take the aerator off their faucet and let it run for five or ten minutes and it should clear. >> and the road will be closed until at least the middle of next week. there's another speed camera taking pictures of maryland drivers. college park is activating its first camera. soon it will be handing out $40 fines to drivers. the new camera will go into operation tomorrow along paint branch parkway. the city plans to add several more cameras including one on route 1 and one on university boulevard. well, when you hear about heart disease, you probably imagine someone older, overweight or maybe even a smoker. but at johns hopkins researcher
8:36 am
trying to protect an unlikely group. >> reporter: at an event for thousands of city students to choose their high school next year, amidst this hub you can stands a man with an envy able education and a mission to help these kids. >> i'm a cardiologist at johns hopkins. there are conditions in children that could also predispose them to not just heart disease later in life which is what we're doing today, looking for diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, but also they might have things that they were born with that could cause them to die suddenly. >> reporter: so that's what these people come in. the kids' blood is tested, their pressure checked. >> i'm not too worried about my heart. >> i just wanted to check it out. >> heart problems run in our family. >> reporter: when they're finding problems often related to he ready, how they're living or socioeconomic issues. >> the main is they don't have
8:37 am
access to health care. through these events we're hoping to give them access to health care and give them the knowledge they need to do something about it. >> reporter: wjz, eyewitness news. >> and the hop hopkins group is already planning for next year's screening. the maryland football team looking to bounce back against virginia after a disappointing loss last week. it was senior day in charlottesville. adams stole the show. he ran for three touchdowns in the 42-23 victory. maryland improves to 7-3 on the season. the terps can make their first ever acc title game appearance with wins over bothflorida state and north carolina state in the next two weeks. both games are in college park. 7-3. that's the record ravens are aspiring to. >> must be something in the water in maryland. >> let's hope. grab your broom stick. some local college students are flying into new york for the quidditch world cup. >> teams from johns hopkins,
8:38 am
salisbury and university of maryland are all competing in harry potter's favorite sport. it's described as cross between rug by, dodge ball and tag. >> they may not be your typical jocks but the game is harder than you might think. >> people are saying you're playing quidditch? it's so nerd de. we're like yeah watch the game. it's a contact sport. >> i don't know what a nerd looks like but i'm sure if you looked it up in the dictionary it wouldn't be me. so if quidditch is for the nerds, i guess i'll be a nerd. >> now teams from 16 states and 46 colleges are competing in this year's quidditch world cup. we don't think they fly during the game. >> that's a good thing. >> my question then is if it's maryland and salisbury and all these other colleges, 46 of them, is there a scholarship program for this like there is for football, rug by, lacrosse? why not? >> okay. why not? >> you know. >> they probably all have -- they're probably all going to
8:39 am
school on academic scholarships. >> let's hope. i don't think you're going to go far with a quidditch degree. we have a decent forecast. we are just one fence away from loyal will's sports complex. all week long we're hearing events on their field. [ overlapping speakers ] now we know it could be quidditch they're practicing for. it's going to be a good day for anything you plan on doing outside. mnt bank stadium sitting quiet. we want to forget thursday. ravens back in action next week. they have a long week to rest and then they'll be back i think in carolina playing carolina next week. so hopefully this weather will stick with us the next time they come back home. unfortunate we have not had a nice weekend like this to enjoy. so hopefully it stays this way for a little while longer. 34 now temperature at bwi marshal. 88% relative humidity with calm winds. barometer now at 30.12. look at the temperature soring out in oakland. ahead of the cold front that's
8:40 am
moving in we're still in the warm zone of air. we were at 52 in oakland right now. temperatures start to drop pretty drastically off in cumberland at 30 about a 20- degree differential there. 40s40s haggerstown. this is the dynamic we are watching. the spin in the atmosphere is the drive that's pushing this here. the low pressure that's driving this cold front extending from the great lakes all the way down to the gulf. on the western edge, the north western edge, cold air being pulled down. and this is the snow we've been watching moving across the dakotas into minneapolis and now towards wisconsin. we're getting the rain of course with temperatures in the 60s. we won't see any winter precipitation out of this at all. clouds starting to move into our region ahead of this front. we'll start to see more thickening of those clouds tomorrow afternoon into the
8:41 am
evening. this storm system starts to move in here by late monday after you're already home from work and into tuesday. tuesday really could be a pretty soggy day all in all. pretty much of a soaking. we could be expecting about an inch of rain out of this. as the front moves through high pressure stays in control again for the middle of the week heading into next weekend. temperatures will also drop but we'll get closer to normal highs into the upper 50s as opposed to the mid-60s we've been in the last week or so. sunset to the 4:53. no advisories on the bay. southeast wind five to ten naughts. next high tide at 12:54 at fort mchenry. overnight lows at 41. partly cloudy conditions. and for the next five days 60 tomorrow, 62 on wednesday. temperatures in the 50s for thursday and friday. close to 50 on friday. overnight lows going through the 40s down into the mid-30s by the end of the week. all right. still to come on eyewitness news sunday morning, the
8:42 am
holidays can sell. >> but not to worry. we'll show you some holiday dishes that are truly hip. the hip cafe is here. we'll talk about it in just a moment. >> reporter: and a good portion of the runners for the first annual restoration run to benefit the jones falls restoration have crossed the finish line. coming up we'll talk about what this race is all about. this race is all about. that's after the break. ,,,,,,,, @
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bye, camry. get ready for sunday. 40 degrees and partly sunny at 8:43 this morning. welcome back to eyewitness news. right now meadowwood park hosting the first ever restoration run to help jones fall. >> let's go live to sharon with why this event is so important. >> reporter: good morning again, guys. we're waiting on one more runner to cross the finish line for the first annual restoration run. as you mentioned this is to benefit the restoration of the jones falls. specifically the trout that are in the jones falls. a lot of people may not know how big of a home the jones is to the trout. we have tom here to tell us all about that. good morning. >> good morning. thanks for coming out. it's been a great run this morning. it's really in tribute to a remarkable fishery. cold water fishery. the stream itself is created by
8:46 am
three springs upstream from us. and because of the limestone formations it's one of the richest and most fertile streams in maryland. something in the neighborhood of about 4,000 fish per mile which is roughly a fish per foot. so we're out here bringing attention to the fact that cold water fisheries are an indicater of water quality and trout are often called the canary in the mine shaft with regard to water quality. that said we have a restoration project about a mile downstream where we're going to take about 1400 linear feet of stream and restore it and bring attention to other work around the state of maryland as a chapter of a national organization that is dedicated to conserving, protecting and restoring cold water fisheries and their watersheds throughout the country. >> reporter: and how happy are you with the response today? >> it's remarkable. most inaugural runs don't get
8:47 am
too many folks. by all indication they loved the course. it's a gorgeous course. it runs downhill side road and back. look at this fall weather. you couldn't ask for more. we're very pleased with the turn out. >> reporter: okay. if you would like to learn more about their cause log onto back over to you guys. >> all right. sharon, thank you very much. more the next time it rains so heavy that dumpsters floating down the jones falls, not to worry get our your fishing rod. she looks at us like we're crazy. reporting live from meadowwood this morning. still ahead on eyewitness news sunday morning, the holidays are right around the corner along with the great food that comes with it. >> when we come back chef paul from the hip cafe with some tips on how to leave your guests coming back for seconds. guests coming back for seconds. we'll be right back. ,,
8:48 am
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8:50 am
there are eleven days left until thanksgiving. still searching for menu ideas? here's a tip do it baltimore style. >> that's right. we have the hippest way to do it. the hip cafe chef here to talk about how you can do it and leave your guests coming back for more. good morning to you, chef. >> good morning to you. thanks for having us. >> this is baltimore style you said. >> absolutely. this is a great, great. this is a transplant. i've been here for decades it's mine now. what i've noticed about the town we have great seafood and we also have it's so multicultural. coming from los angeles originally that's really appreciated. we talk about thanksgiving of course and the holidays coming up. we are offering take home thanksgiving packages located at the theater on the baltimore side right next to the box
8:51 am
office there. we do banqueting. we have more than 300 events a year. the cafe open monday through friday. talk about lunch. >> this looks good. >> yeah. it's a big bowl of soup. corn chowder. what could be better for thanksgiving than corn, potatoes and cream. >> what's in the middle? >> that's a crab cake. that's how we serve our crab and corn chowder at the cafe. nice little crunch. you know you got crab in it and it's nice jumbo crab meat from here in the chesapeake bay. nice way to start off. getting on to the main course. i love the big roast turkey. but people you know struggle with the knife and carving and et cetera and getting ready, but here you have a turkey breast. i bought this [ overlapping speakers ] no problem. here i have a turkey breast bought from giant. it's a free range turkey breast. and what we've done is pounded it out. that's half the fun of it right
8:52 am
there. make it nice and flat and we stuffed it. i've stuffed it with what we have best in maryland. wild mushrooms just across the border in pennsylvania. fire fly goat cheese from right here in maryland. and roasted peppers from my backyard. >> that sounds delicious. >> you can put anything in it. talk about your sausage stuffing et cetera. but here it is wrapped in foil in the oven took about 50 minutes. so instead of the four hours and how easy to carve is that. a little reduction sauce of turkey gravy. moving on. the theater located and located next to the beautiful scenic lexington market. the oldest public market in the united states. and i love going there. i've learned a lot about food from going there. and i really recommend anyone who has a chance to go get some fresh produce, fresh seafood. talk about chicken, fried chicken there i'm addicted to park's fried chicken.
8:53 am
they also serve collared greens. they're braised in turkey stock of course. we started with smoked bacon for -- that's what you got right on top. i've blended it. it's nice and crispy. it remind me kind of the green bean and crunchy onion things you see. don't do that. stop right now. we have the starch course if you will. and of course right after thanksgiving is hanukkah. and we've got goat -- we have smoked salmon on top and a little caviar too. >> before you go on, we'll leave dessert for last. when we come back we'll talk about what's for dessert. all right. hip you can see all this on on weekend mornings edition. we'll be right back in just a moment. ,,,, could switching to geico really save you
8:54 am
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first warning forecast. we're looking at temperatures just around 34 degrees today. 34 starting. rain on tuesday into the 50s by next thursday and friday. >> okay, chef paul, everybody loves dessert. >> absolutely. and i love chocolate. but these are not chocolate. cranberries you always think of that for thanksgiving. this is another way to use them. >> yeah, new twist. >> these are cranberry cookies. we sell these at our cafe at concessions at the theater. i'm amazed because i'm a chocolate a high schoolic. they sell just as well as the chocolate. there's basically a snicker doodle recipe. the recipes are on your website. just do your favorite snicker doodle recipe and then i press dried cranberries right on top. they are absolutely delicious and sweet. and also this is a milk free
8:57 am
allergen free recipe. [ overlapping speakers ] >> we have up as well the hip cafe we have on our internet right now. and if they want to contact us for the thanksgiving meals or to make reservation or just come visit me at the hip cafe i would love to have you come in. you can contact us at chef chef paul@hot >> all right. thank you very much. i'm tim williams. i'm tim williams. ♪golden morning family's smiling♪ ♪gonna be a special day anncr: for the perfect start to the perfect day, i always choose land o'lakes all-natural eggs. from hens fed a rich, whole-grain diet with no added antibiotics or hormones. ♪pure and simple always natural♪ ♪our best eggs say land o'lakes♪
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