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tv   CBS Evening News With Russ Mitchell  CBS  November 14, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> mitchell: tonight a call to action. nobel peace prize winner aung san suu kyi calls on the people of myanmar to join her fight for democracy and says she does not fear the consequences. i'm russ mitchell. also tonight freed by pirates. modern day buck a nearings in somalia released a retired british couple they held for near nearly a year. a for effort one large failing high school turned itself around through the power of the written word. >> who i became is like wow, i'm really proud of myself. >> mitchell: and fighting fish. meet the anglers who take on the toughest, maniest fish on the river-- meanest fish
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on the river. >> this is the "cb captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with russ mitchell. >> mitchell: and good evening. one day after being freed from house arrest human rights activist aung san suu kyi is throwing down the quantity let to the military rulers of myanmarment she told followers she is carrying on her fight for democracy likely setting the stage for another confrontation. celia hatton has the latest. >> reporter: myanmar's opposition leader aung san suu kyi spoke to a huge crowd of supporters today hours after being freed from seven years of house arrest. she called for democratic rights in her military rule's country, once known as burma. >> if we are to walk the democratic path, we have to walk together. build together, pave together, she told 5,000 supporters. suu kye spent 15 of the last 21 years in detention in near isolation but she's never been forgotten.
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>> i'm so happy the hair on my skin is standing up says this follower. burmese people call her mother, auntie or quite simply the conscience of myanmar, a country where the military has held power for decades while the majority subsist in deep poverty. aung san suu kyi's father, general aung san fought for burma's independence from colonial rule in the 1940s. decades later she left her husbands and-- sus and sons in england sparking the first of many detentions. >> suu kyi party won a landslide election in 1990 but the regime refused to relinquish power. the junta won its own election a week ago so it is widely believed that vote was rigged. it's unclear how myanmar's rulers will react to suu kyi's call for change. she was under house arrest when she won the nobel peace prize in 1991 which was accepted by her family.
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when her husband michael arris who is dying of cancer in england she decided to stay in myanmar fearing the country's leader was not let her return if she left. to carry the hope and expectations of the people is a burden. but i'm not afraid of the responsibility she told the crowd today. aung san suu kyi will likely need that freedom from fear in the days and weeks to come. celia hatton, cbs news, beijing. >> mitchell: now to somalia where there is good news tonight. a british couple held captive by pirates for 388 days has been freed. as charlie tells us, the husband and wife return home tomorrow but tonight in somalia there are still questions and concerns. >> reporter: still on some alley soil but out of the grasp of her cappers rachel chandler could only laugh when she was asked if she felt safe. on the flight to kenya the
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chandlers said they were happy to be alive after being held by s-- somali pirate force more than a year. paul chandler said they were rather skinny and boney but otherwise fine. the retired british couple were sailing in the indian ocean when they were seized by somali pirates in october 2009. their kidnappers initially threatened it to kill them if their demand for the $7 million ransom was not met, in released video to show they were serious. >> i don't know what else i can say. just please, please help us. please. >> reporter: despite international efforts to stop them, somali pirates have been attacking ships in the seas off their coast for years. they usually target large cargo vessels, hijacking them and demanding millions in ransom to let crew and cargo free. pirates are still holding close to 500 hostages in
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more than 20 ships. it's thought somalies living abroad helped pay some of the estimated 500,000 dollars ransom money to secure the chandler's release. british official was only insist the u.k. would never award hostage takers. >> no british government is going to start paying ransoms for hostages. >> reporter: the couple will spend the night at the british high commission in nairobi and they are expected to fly back to the u.k. tomorrow. the family says although they appear to be in good shape it's hard to tell how this ordeal has affected them physically and emotionally. russ? >> mitchell: thank you very much. >> nato forces in afghanistan suffered their worst losses in a month today. five nato service members were killed in attacks in the east and south. it is not known if any were american. and a dozen tanker trucks hauling fuel for nato forces went up in flames during an insurgent attack. president obama is back in washington tonight after returning from his ten-day-trip to asia. during the flight, mr. obama
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praised israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu for backing a u.s. proposal for a 90 day freeze on west bank settlements. >> and of course mr. obama returns home to a politically divided washington. and today some new folks came to town. the congressional class of 2011. wyatt andrews has more. >> hi. >> hi, todd. >> good to see you. >> reporter: it's the largest freshman class elected to the house in more than 60 years. almost one fourth of the house, at least 93 new members. are streaming into washington for orientation, collecting new laptops, blackberries and a crushing load of reading on how to set up their offices and even how to behave. >> this is just the ethics manual. >> that's the ethics manual. so i get congress needs to learn a little more about ethics than most other folks. >> reporter: the 93 new members are mostly republican. only 9 are democrats. the class includes a former star of the mtv show real
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world. there's one former star from the nfl. there's a son of the former vice president dan quayle, and eight newly elected doctors and nurses. but 32 new members, one-third of the class either own or run a small business. and most of them like scott tipton a tea party-backed republican from western colorado say their mission is to increase jobs, reduce taxes and cut government. >> we have to be able to get people employed. get the private sector working once again in this nation. >> in january we can get right to work. >> reporter: and almost all of the new members republican and democrats say they were elected because voters are angry at washington. that includes detroit democrat hanson clark. >> number one mission, work directly for the taxpayers and citizens, not for all these lobbyists and groups and politicians in washington. >> that seems to be the common thread, that a lot of folks are coming in the door with. >> reporter: by that you mean don't become washington. >> don't become washington,
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remember where you are at, where you came from, who sent you. >> reporter: meanwhile the lame duck congress returns to washington this week to start negotiations overextending the bush era tax cut. but now they'll deal with all these new members of congress in town for orientation, with most of them arguing to make the tax cuts permanent and apply to everyone. russ. >> mitchell: these folks have been sworn in, but given what happened on election day just how influential will they be during this lame duck session? >>. >> reporter: russ, they will be very influential. they railroad already are. lots of democrats used to say let's raise tax only on people above $250,000 a year. are now saying let's make that a million dollars. let's only raise taxes on millionaires so they don't have a vote as you point out but the fact that so many low-tax members got elected to the new congress, is pushing the debate in the current congress. >> mitchell: okay, wyatt andrews in can top-- capitol hill thanks. tomorrow marks the halfway point in notify and those
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battling for your shopping cash are facing an unexpected opponent this year. an opponent that already has a lot of consumers thinking twice. bill whitaker has more. >> reporter: just when retailers were hoping the coming holidays would get shoppers spending their dollars, rapidly rising prices might make them pinch their pennies instead. >> the paycheck just doesn't go as far as it used to. >> reporter: gas costs 13 cents more per gallon than last year. a gallon of milk is up nearly 30 cents. in just the last month, coffee has gone up 24 cents a pound. and now cotton prices are at all-time highs, up 400% in the last two years. last week's price was nearly double what it was in july. last spring bad weather in india, pakistan and china destroyed cotton fields, slashing the global supply. while demand is higher than ever, the growing middle class in those countries is spending its new found wealth on western-style cotton clothes. rich works in china where
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investors are ignoring stocks and buying bails. >> what they are doing is buying actually containers of cotton yarn and holding it, and sitting on it. >> reporter: upping the prices which are just now trickling down the supply chain. the cotton costs more so the pockets cost more which means these all cotton jeans are going to cost you more. >> reporter: higher prices are a tough sell in this economy so manufacturers are cutting where they can. using synthetic blends, lowering labor costs, and searching for long-term alternatives. including from an unlikely source, bamboo which looks like cotton, feels like cotton and at this point is cheaper than cotton. >> shows all the kids style. >> reporter: delano says inquiries for his bamboo fabric are up almost 50%. >> more manufacturers, more brands, more designers are looking for alternative fibers and alternative fabrics. >> reporter: tough times can be fertile ground for new ideas. bill whitaker, cbs news, los
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about how you can move toward relief. celebrex. for a body in motion. >> mitchell: education reformers often favor the creation of smaller schools believing schools with large enrollments are simply too big and too impersonal to do the job. now one innovative high school near boston is challenging that view. bianca solorzano has the latest installment in our series reading, writing and reform. >> reporter: they call her dr. zack, principal susan zackowwitz is the school's number one cheerleader and a driving force behind the turn around the experts said could not be done because it the school was too big. >> i believe people said it couldn't be done. a large urban high school,
6:15 pm
they come from great poverty but i want them to fight. >> reporter: brockton's battle began in 1988 when the state of magazines mass studented an exam that all high-school students had to pass in order to graduate. >> we had 44% failing english and 75% failing math. so the school was in trouble. >> reporter: desperate, she came up with a plan. i small committee of teachers meeting on saturday mornings engineered a back to basics curriculum they call the literacy initiative. at its core, reading, speaking, reasoning and most importantly, writing. >> reporter: writing is thinking. once they started the writing, they started learning the material better. >> reporter: writing doesn't stop at english class. the choir writes about a composer. the band writes about music. even in gym class. >> three complete sentences. >> reporter: every day, every class, no exceptions.
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>> reporter: not everyone loved the idea. >> i would say i was a doubting thomas but as you can see from our test scores, it's really made a difference. >> reporter: over 12 years the improvement has been dramatic. in english a 44% failure rate dropped to 5%. in math, a 77% failure rate dropped to 15%. the students weren't even -- >> honestly a hated it. i thought it was tedious. >> reporter: basketball player neffie rolled her eyes at first. >> even though it is just-- i feel the pressure already. >> reporter: but now she says it has upped her game on all fronts. >> everything is clearer, actually. there are times when i'm on the court to when i'm inside making my bed, it's crazy, literacy objectives get to you. they creep up on you. >> it prepared me for the sats. it prepared me for life in general and how to communicate. >> reporter: tatiana initially described by her teachers as a total nightmare is now college
6:17 pm
bound. >> from what i was and then who i became, is like wow, i'm really proud of myself. >> i think that what you see here are kids that think it's cool to be smart. >> reporter: the method is supported by the teachers union and is being studied by harvard university. the bottom line for brockton students is a brighter future. >> students don't have a right to fail. we have an obligation to make sure they don't. >> reporter: and that is something to cheer about. bianca solorzano, cbs news, brockton, massachusetts. >> mitchell: police in ohio today arrested a man in a kidnapping charge after finding a missing 13-year-old girl bound and gagged in his basement. officials hoped the man can chreed them to the girl's mother, brother and a friend of the mother. the three have been missing since last week. next up on tonight's krrx bs evening news, a safe haven for former nazies in the united states aww, not the mall.
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>> mitchell: the nork times today posted on its web site a never released justice department report detailing the success to which nazi war criminals were allowed to enter the u.s. after
6:21 pm
world war ii, it is a report the government has suppressed for years. according to the long secret report after world war ii nazis were allowed not u.s., some for intelligence reasons, as the nation's focus shifted to the cold war. the 600 page report called striving for accountability in the aftermath of the holocaust does not put a number on the nazis admitted but concludes that, quote, america which prided itself on being a safe haven for the persecuted became in some small measure a safe haven for persecuters as well with. >> it's repugnant that intelligence agencies would want to do business with people that were involved in the worst genocide in the history of man kind. >> mitchell: responding to revelations about suspected nazis in the u.s., in 1979 the justice department created the office of special investigations to identify and deport nazis. the government has since deported 67 and blocked the
6:22 pm
entry of 200 more. but often the war criminals lived here for decades. arthur rudolph who developed german missiles with slave labor in concentration camps entered the u.s. in 1945 and was credited with helping nasa create the saturn 5 rocket that took american astronauts to the moon. rudolph wasn't deported to germany until 1992. andrea artukocvich from croatia known as the butcher of the balkans lived here until the mid 1980s before being deported and died a convicted war criminal in yugoslavia. >> the strong burden ought to be on making it public it is a long time ago and we can learn from our mistakes. >> mitchell: the justice department's told cbs news that the four-year-old report was not made public because it was a draft which had omissions and errors. it appears the american dream of home ownership is being downsized in these hard times. a new survey shows the median home size has dropped from 2300 square feet in
6:23 pm
2007 to 2100 today. and many americans say their ideal size is even smaller, less than 2,000 square feet. findings of the longest major study on stress in women are in this evening. the ten year study found women with demanding jobs were 40% more likely to have a heart attack or stroke as women with less stressful jobs. the study also found that women who lacked control over their work or were afraid of being fired were also at greater risk. and coming up on tonight's "cbs evening news", forget about the one that got away. these fish fight back. for a full 24 hours. prevent the acid that causes frequent heartburn with prevacid®24hr, all day, all night. nothing works better.
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what soup can do.™ >> mitchell: finally in sunday the army corps of engineers said last week that the vicious asian silver carp seems to have snuck by an electronic barrier on the illinois river and may have reached lake michigan. while the army may find the carp quite the opponent john blackstone says one civilian fisherman believes he's found the answer. >> reporter: when outdoorsmen chris bracket sets out on a fishing trip he comes armed for combat. >> let the battle begin. >> the river looks deceptively calm but one by one, then two by two the enemy makes
6:27 pm
itself known. meet the asian silver carp, scourge of the illinois river, imported to keep fish farms alge free. the carp escaped during midwest floods and now dominates many waterways. vibrations from outdoor motors scare the carp setting off their notorious and frenzied flight. >> it is one of those deals to where a redneck says watch this. >> reporter: like any good river rat chris bracket saw an opportunity. >> i hit the first fish and knew immediately it was going to be something school. >> extreme aerial boat fishing. >> reporter: a sport was born. >> pretty much when you draw. >> reporter: what began as a goof among friends is now a thriving charter business. >> here is your weapon. >> it's awesome. the thrill of it. >> country music star craig morgan who also hosted a hunting and fishing show on the outdoor channel saw a bracket's racket on-line but he was unconvinced.
6:28 pm
>> weferb said this was pretty intense. i jump out of planes and ride dirt bikes for fun. after all, it's just fish. >> reporter: but what fish? you have to call this a target rich environment. it's hard to say whether morgan had more fun as a hunter or the hunted. shooting fish in a barrel? maybe but it does take patience and steady aim. quick reflexes help too. but beware, bracket says the silver carp is cross breeding with its heftier cousin the big head carp. next year-- could be the season of 50 to 60 pounders. >> killer fish, man. we're going to need bigger cages. >> we're going to need a bigger cage. >> we're going need a bigger boat. >> reporter: john blackstone, cbs news, san francisco. >> mitchell: that is wild. and that is the "cbs evening news." later on cbs, "60 minutes." thanks for joining us this sunday evening, i'm russ
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mitchell, cbs news in new york. katie couric will be here tomorrow. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh access.wgbh.oror ,,