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tv   The Early Show  CBS  November 16, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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breaking news. royal engagement. official word that prince william and kate middleton are getting married next year. after an eight-year courtship. we'll go live to london for the latest and talk with a royal expert about the upcoming royal nuptials. screening backlash. protests sweep across the nation over the new airport security inspections. the government says they are necessary. critics say it's just too much. >> i don't understand how a sexual assault is a condition of my flying. >> we'll talk to the man whose clash with tsa agents has sparked the growing debate and take you live inside one of the controversial new machines.
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and ohio mystery. police say a mother, son and friend, missing since last week, could be dead. as the man implicated in the family's disappearance heads to court today. we will talk with the father of one of the missing women "early" this tuesday morning, november one of the missing women "early" this tuesday morning, november 16th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs happy tuesday morning in the big city. good morning, everybody, i'm harry smith. >> and i'm maggie rodriguez. and we are feeling the excitement all the way over here. let's take you right to london right now for that breaking story where we know, in fact, there will be a royal wedding next year, because prince william and his longtime love, kate middleton, are now officially engaged. cbs news correspondent mark phillips is in london this morning. mark, how is the mood out there now that it's official? >> well, pretty excited. yes, it is official. perhaps the most widely rumored wedding in recent times.
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certainly the longest rumored is going to happen. prince william and kate middleton, his girlfriend since college, will get married next spring or summer. the details of the wedding have not yet been announced. this is no surprise. but in britain, and around the world, this is a big deal. the announcement of the engagement was made this morning in london. but it seems william actually proposed, finally, to kate while on a vacation last month in africa. and judging by the wording of the announcement, we're going to have to start calling her katherine. with one brief breakup, she and william have been a couple since their days at st. andrews university in scotland eight years ago. while they make an undeniably attractive couple, her suitability has always been an issue. she's not from an aristocratic background. but what the royals and the country wants most is a marriage that will last. >> what they want is somebody who's not going to frighten the horses. kate middleton is it.
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and if that's what she achieves by being middle-class that's absolutely fine. i think people have very come round to it. of course they want a fairy tale princess, but at least you could say she's our fairy tale princess. >> reporter: the last fairy tale wedding was between william's father, prince charles, and diana. and we all know how that went. this pairing has had a much longer trial run. the couple are very familiar with each other. in their university careers, at least. and have a lot more in common. both are 28 years old. the time in life when william always said he'd consider marriage. it all fits. a very serious question now is what kind of wedding this will be. a grand, royal affair in one of or something more modest in keeping with these austere times. the major, will they or won't they decision has been made. now it's a time for small decisions about how, when and where.
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maggie? >> and we're going to start talking about all of that right now. mark phillips in london, thank you. royal watcher ingrid seward joins us on the telephone. ingrid, good morning. >> good morning. >> so much to get to. let's start with how are they going to pull this off? how are they going to plan a royal wedding in less than a year? >> well, they always plan everything six months in advance, so i guess they have been planning this. and i mean, gosh, if you wanted anyone to plan a wedding, you get the lord chamberlain's office to do it and they're very organized. >> very organized. >> very organized, indeed. >> and they have quite a bit of experience planning these sorts of things. it will be in the -- go ahead. >> so they have a huge amount of experience. and the only sort of sad thing, perhaps, i know that diana experienced, was that she didn't seem to have anything much to do with it herself. >> i wonder -- >> normally it's the bride and the bride's mum. but in this case it won't be. >> i wonder what kind of wedding, then, we can expect to see.
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because we all think back to july 29th, 1981, 750 million people around the world watched diana and charles walk down the aisle in that beautiful cathedral, st. paul's. do you think we'll see anything remotely close to this again? >> well, i don't know. but i think traditionally, historically, royal weddings were always a cause to cheer the country. even when the queen got married it was right after the war, and they were still rationing, and it was a great blast of joy and people sent their coupons to help her with her clothes, and i think not that it's going to happen this time, but i think maybe it will be bigger and grander than we imagined. just as a way of cheering people up. >> exactly. and we are looking at britain's future queen katherine elizabeth middleton, who is different in many ways from diana. she is nine years older than diana was when diana got married. she is the same age as her
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fiance, unlike diana who was 13 years younger than charles. she is not as shy as diana, they say she is more wise than diana. do you think she will be or is already as beloved? >> no. but she will be our princess. i think people just don't know her. they've never heard her speak. they've seen plenty of pictures of her but they just don't know what she's like. and of course, remember, she's not our future queen. she's our future queen but one but charles is the next king and camilla will be our next queen. there is the generation gap there. so she won't have quite so much pressure as diana. >> what do we know about her? her family? she is so enigmatic. >> she comes from a very pretty royal country, that is she's had a very cozy life. i mean, a sort of enviable life. she went to school, she's always lived in this wonderful leafy
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area of berkshire, no screaming traffic. and she's got a brother and a sister, and a very, very close family. and i think this is what the queen is hoping, because she comes from such a stable background, is that we will, you know, she will make the perfect wife for william. she cooks, she sews, she's beautiful. she looks after him. i mean, we have to remember, of course, that william's mum died, you know, when he was very young. and he was 15. when diana was killed. and obviously there's a part of him that does look for a mother figure. i think she is -- and she fills that role. >> do you think that we'll see more of kate in the coming months? will they start to bring her out more as the wedding approaches? or will we have to wait until after the wedding to get to know her better? >> that is the burning question. i do hope we see more of her. but i don't quite know how they'll play it. i mean what happened with diana was that diana went to live at clarence house, and she was -- beg your pardon, she went to
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live at buckingham palace, she was very lonely, she didn't know what to do. but she was 19 years old. this girl has her own friends, a close-knit family. i think we will see a bit more of her. i think we might see her doing a bit of charity work and of course we will see her at sandringham over christmas if, indeed, prince william goes. >> and what do you think that people expect to see in the coming months? what do you think people are hoping to see in the coming months? >> i think people are hoping to see her doing a bit of something with children, something with charity. especially as it's christmas coming up. i think maybe she'll appear at a soup kitchen or doing something with the poor. i mean, none of this may happen. but i think that's what people may like to see. she might just, you know, retreat back in to her life. but i just think people need to see her doing something. >> i don't know that she'll be able to retreat back into her life. >> when i say retreat, that's the wrong word. >> all right. ingrid seward, thank you very much for your time this morning.
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>> thank you very much, indeed. >> have a good day. now here's harry. >> all right, maggie, thank you very much. we turn now to washington politics. dozens of candidates just elected to congress are visiting capitol hill this week. many of them were tea party candidates and they've already had quite an impact on the capital. a leading tea party supporter republican senator jim demint of south carolina joins us now from capitol hill. senator, good morning. >> good morning, harry. i don't think i can compete with a royal wedding, but let's try. >> you know, it's apples and oranges and morning tv. we appreciate your time and patience this morning, senator. let's talk about mitch mcconnell. he's leading republican in the senate, does a complete about-face yesterday and says you know what? let's take all of these earmarks, they're off the table. we're no longer in the earmark business. followed immediately by the president saying, you know what, this is something we actually can agree on. is this the beginning of a cultural change in the nation's capital? >> i really think it is.
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and this is why mitch mcconnell is a great leader for the republicans. he listened to fellow republicans. but more importantly he listened to the voters. parochial, wasteful, pork barrel earmarks have been wasting money for years here and it's kept our focus on local parking garageses, rather than the nation's business. i think this is the beginning of a cultural change away from the culture of spending. >> right. but at the same time, it can only be -- it maybe is merely symbolic and maybe the symbol is important because we're not talking about, what, 1% in change of the total budget? >> it's much more than that, in that it greases the skids for more spending, bad legislation. i've seen it happen for the 12 years that i've been in the house and the senate. we need to end this, because you've got over 500 congressmen and senators today who think they're here to take home the bacon. the country is in too much trouble to have that kind of focus. >> how surprised were you that
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the president spoke out immediately and said, we're on board, too. >> well, the president co-sponsored this legislation when i introduced it when he was in the senate. and so he's spoken out for it before. and i think it could be something that we work together on. we've got to look at every place to cut spending, and i think this is a great place to start. >> all right. cutting spending is a great place to start and a lot of people feel like, wow, that's a really good idea. in the meantime, how much money is coming through the pipeline, and of course these bush tax cuts are due to expire. is there some point of commonality between the white house and especially with conservative republicans as this gets closer down to the time to either sign on or sign off? >> i think most people in congress know, harry, that we can't raise taxes in the middle of a recession. and the upper income that they talk about, being the rich, that includes $750,000 small businesses that employ tens of millions of americans. we can't raise taxes on them.
7:12 am
so i think the president has come around to the idea of let's keep current rates the same. we're not trying to cut taxes. we just want to keep current rates the same. i'm going to introduce legislation later today, with mike pence from the house, that would make the current rates permanent. if we do that, then businesses will know what their taxes will be well out into the future, they can plan expansion. they can plan hiring people. we can't keep this uncertainty going in washington. >> but at the end of the day would you settle for a two-year extension on the top? >> well, i don't know. i'm going to fight for the permanent. two years is not enough to plan the expansion of a plan. >> got it. >> so i think the short-term view that politicians have really doesn't work in our economy. >> all right. senator, thank you very much. do appreciate it. and we'll let you get back to finding out the details of the royal wedding. >> thanks, harry. >> all right. take care. do appreciate it. all right. let's get more news now. erica hill is at the news desk. good morning, erica. >> good morning, harry. i'm certainly planning travel as we speak. there are new questions and protests, speaking of travel
7:13 am
this morning, and they're all centered around airport security. with the busy holiday travel season about to take off, many airline passengers say it's not the crowds they're worried about this year, it is the airport screeners. cbs news correspondent don teague joins us this morning from arlington, virginia, with more on that. don, good morning. >> good morning, erica. i'm at rapidscan systems where they make these new body scanners which are really an advance in airport security that many worry is also an invasion of privacy. >> put your arms over your head. >> reporter: the latest weapon against terrorism in the skies, advanced imaging technology machines or aits, from being called high-tech strip searches by some people, concerned about the full body images they produce. >> i'm not going to do it at all. never, not once am i going to show them my naked body. >> reporter: but homeland security janet napolitano defends their use. >> we're not doing this just to do it. we're doing it because we need
7:14 am
to keep powders and gels and liquids off of planes that are unauthorized. >> reporter: some passengers just aren't buying it. >> they asked me to go through the scanner. i told them, i don't think so. >> reporter: on saturday john tyner opted, instead, for an enhanced and more invasive pat-down. an alternative security measure offered by the tsa. but he felt even that went too far. he recorded what happened in the san diego airport on his cell phone. >> i'm going to place my hand on your hip, my other hand on your inner thigh, slowly go up and slide down. >> okay. >> if you'd like a private screening, we can make that available for you also. >> we can do that out here but if you touch my junk i'm going to have you arrested. >> reporter: soon a supervisor arrived. >> i don't understand how a sexual assault can be made a condition of my flying. >> this is not considered a sexual assault. >> it would be if you weren't the government. >> reporter: tyner was not allowed on his flight and now faces legal trouble. and while some others share his concerns -- >> i don't know. i think it invades a little privacy. >> reporter: a cbs news poll released monday shows 81% of
7:15 am
americans support the use of the full body scans. >> i fly a couple times a month. i'm more worried about getting blown up in the air than i am about the body imaging. >> reporter: evidence, perhaps, that people are willing to give up some privacy to translate to safety in the sky. well, we were going to give you a live demonstration this morning. i can tell you i went through this machine about an hour ago. apparently the image was so horrifying the machine shut down and it won't boot up again. the good news is they don't save these images but we can't show you the live demonstration we had hoped to. they have 385 of these machines in airports around the country right now. by the end of this year there will be about 500 of these in service. erica? >> don, thanks. talk about taking one for the team. i hope the people in arlington aren't too scarred this morning. >> they scrubbed all the drives, for sure. >> hope they get it back up and running soon. don teague, thanks this morning. there is a report out this morning on the home foreclosure crisis which finds it could get
7:16 am
worse. and we are talking much worse. the reason here is actually one you've heard before. improper paperwork by big banks and other mortgage lenders. the report comes from a congressional watchdog panel. and says 6.4 trillion dollars in mortgages are at stake. it knows fundamental property rights issues could be questions and if they are, caution the housing market could collapse, which of course would undermine the country's faxal stability. there's a new development this morning in the case of missing teenager natalee holloway. dutch forensic experts are testing a bone found in aruba. a dutch newspaper says the bone was found by tourists on a beach. experts want to see if it belongs to holloway. who disappeared in aruba more than five years ago. a raging bull injured at least four people at a rodeo in canada. the bull, you can see it in the video, there we go, watch that, jumped over the rail, lands right into the crowd. one woman suffered a broken pelvis and a broken jaw before the bull was lassoed.
7:17 am
amazing there wasn't more damage. and this could be one of the biggest deals ever for itunes. the beatles catalog available through apple's popular online music store. there's still no confirmation. apple's website, however, is promising an exciting itunes announcement today. and "the wall street journal" quotes insiders as saying apple's long pursuit of those beatles tunes is a done deal. dave price, of coursese
7:18 am
and that is your latest weather. it's just about 18 minutes past the hour. over to maggie. >> thank you, erica. still ahead this morning the latest from ohio where police say they fear the worst for a missing mother, son and friend. we'll talk with the father of one of the missing women ahead this morning here on "the early show" on cbs. ♪
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still lots of loose ends in this case in ohio. 13-year-old sarah maynard found alive in the home of matthew hoffman. he is in custody. he's going to be arraigned today. still missing, her mother, her brother, her mother's best friend. we're going to talk to the mother's best friend's father in
7:22 am
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hello again. we're in a rain lull but we've got fog. sharon will have the rush our right after marty's first warning weather. we had a break in the action. you can see where tv hill is right over the l in the word baltimore. more shower activity moving our way. the forecast calls for a high of 57. temperatures essentially remaining steady through the day. impact on the highways, you think? here's sharon gibala.
7:26 am
good morning. >> doom, everyone. still a busy morning. we have plenty of accidents to talk about including one on the harrisburg expressway. watch for that one. that will be approaching tell moan yum red. didn't on 32 westbound locking one lane at 607. an accident at west pratt in jarrettsville and another one if pasadena at east chestnut. there's a look at your drive times and speeds. 25 miles an hour on the top and west side. you're also looking at an 11-minute setback and the 895. this traffic report is brought to you by by loyola. an fbi investigation in prince george's county leads to the arrest of nine more people including police officers. andrea fujii is live with the latest. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney's office says this is part of a
7:27 am
public corruption probe. federal investigators first arrested prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife an friday, both accused of taking bribes. now nine others are indicted. some officers were paid in exchange for safe travel of cigarettes and alcohol. one person owns several liquor stores in the state. a teenage musician from harford county collapses and ours later is declared dead. 18-year-old casey butler was a student at pee body. the medical examiner will conduct an hot today. five days after mayor stephanie rawlings-blake's husband's car was broken into, police make an arrest. anthony thomas admitted to breaking into the car and stealing the satellite system. it was out of the view of the mayor's security detail.
7:28 am
stay with wjz 13, maryland's news station. up next, new details in the heated custody battle between mel gibson and his former girlfriend and the latest on the family and family friend still missing in ohio. missing in ohio. no rain combine that with the taste, and it's a combo combo. huh? dunkin's new sausage pancake bites. sausage inside maple-flavored pancake -- 3 for just $1.59. america runs on dunkin'.
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[ car alarm blares ] we got this. holiday decorating runs on dunkin', with our delicious gingerbread lattes. hurry in today. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ there they are. welcome back to "the early show." a royal engagement this morning between kate -- excuse me, katherine now, elizabeth middleton, and prince william. it is official. the royal family is confirming it, and the queen says that she is delighted to announce. and i think she said it exactly that way. delighted to announce the royal engagement. welcome back to "the early show." coming up we're going to get you more details on what kind of wedding we're likely to see and we will take you live to london, as well, to get reactions.
7:31 am
>> first, though, we want to change gears here a bit and go to this case in ohio. where authorities are speculating out loud this morning that three people missing for nearly a week might be found -- might not be found alive. cbs news national correspondent dean reynolds is in mount vernon, ohio, with the latest on this baffling case. dean, good morning. >> good morning, harry. well, authorities here are no longer calling this a missing persons case. instead, they're describing it as an investigation into the recovery of three people. neighbors gathered for a vigil last night, hoping that the horror story that hit their town has a happy ending. they gathered a few steps up the road from the home of matthew hoffman, the lone suspect so far in the case involving the disappearance of a mother, her two children, and a friend. among them, only 13-year-old sarah maynard is safe. having been rescued sunday morning from hoffman's basement, where she'd been bound and gagged for four days. police aren't saying whether she
7:32 am
was assaulted, as well. the girl is now out of the hospital, though, staying with relatives and helping investigators. >> a 13-year-old girl being held captive for four days by a total stranger. i would call her the epitome of bravery. >> reporter: but officials are clearly worried about the others, tina hermann, kody maynard and stephanie sprang. >> we just have to be realistic that there's a possibility that these folks are dead. >> reporter: the sheriff also disclosed that police initially questioned the suspect when they spotted him sitting in his car close to where hermann's truck was located a day after she disappeared. it's been reported that surveillance tapes from local stores may also have led authorities to hoffman. now, a formal arraignment is set to take place here today for the suspect, matthew hoffman, on kidnapping charges. harry? >> dean reynolds in mount vernon, ohio, this morning. thank you. joining us now is steve thompson, stephanie sprang's
7:33 am
father. mr. thompson, good morning. >> good morning, harry. >> can you talk to me a little bit about how well your daughter knew tina herrmann and her family? >> well, they lived together for many years now -- or i should say side by side for many years now. and they've been friends for just as many years. >> do you have any idea of whether or not your daughter or tina herrmann knew this -- the man in custody, the man who's been arrested, matthew hoffman? >> we don't know how that -- i don't know how that relationship between him and stephanie and tina was. we're trying to figure that part out. that's one thing that's a mystery at this time. >> this must be difficult days, as could be for a father to imagine. the sheriff yesterday said,
7:34 am
acknowledged, that these three folks, your daughter and her friend, and her son, might not be alive. what are they telling you? >> well, at that point we're not listening to them. i'm sorry. as far as we are -- we know they are alive and we will find them eventually. >> what do you need to have happen? what break do you need to bust this thing open and make your -- your -- what you're dreaming about come true? >> to find them. have theme just come walking out of some building somewhere. maybe they've been tied up some place and couldn't get free. and now they are. that would make it all right. that would make it happy. we're just looking at -- i cannot thank the folks that are doing all the searching and everything. i'm in contact with them quite a
7:35 am
bit out there with them sometimes. following up every lead that we can, or having vigils all over the place. the people from all around here, and even out of the state coming in to help, i can't thank them enough. support that we're getting is very good. most of the stuff that we hear when we're talking to people is positive. >> right, right. >> so -- >> mr. thompson -- go ahead, sir. >> i was just going to say, i just want to make it clear for the searchers, i mean, there's a lot of them out there, that a lot that we know, a lot of them that we don't know, but when they do run across something, just make sure that they handle it can care so that we can get all the clues undisturbed. get a hold of those sheriff's department and have them take care of it.
7:36 am
don't try to take care of it yourself, no matter what it might be. >> well mr. thompson, you and a lot of other people trying to pull together here, and we hope that's the best possible outcome comes your way, and sooner rather than later. thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, harry. >> all right. okay. it's time now for a check of what we're seeing here is rain getting ready to throttle up again. we had rain over the overnight. there was a break but the rest of the commute looks to be a wet one. temperatures pretty much where they should be. the normal is 57. overnight we'll see rain tapering off, 51. tomorrow will be a mild day with a mixture of clouds and sun, but and up next, more of our breaking news, prince william
7:37 am
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welcome back to "the early show." we continue our coverage this morning of the breaking news. the official royal engagement of prince william and kate middleton. we go back now on the phone where royal watcher neil shaun is standing by in london. neil, good morning. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm well. how is everybody there, more importantly? how are you seeing people react to this great news? >> well, it's a beautiful, sunny, autumn day here in london. we're outside buckingham palace. there's a real thrill in the air. thankfully, finally prince william has seen the light and made kate middleton his honorable lady. >> kate now but in the official release from the royal family she is called katherine. is that very deliberate? will she, from now on, be known as katherine? >> well, i think in royal circles, certainly. but i think between william or kate it's always kate and katie. i think that's what the family obviously call her. yes but for royal protocol it
7:41 am
will be princess katherine. >> once they marry she will become -- >> princess katherine. >> okay. i just was wondering what her official title will be. will she be the princess of? >> well, right now, that decision of what title will be bestowed on her will remain private with the queen. no doubt that will be leaked out nearer the time. >> okay. i look at them, neil, and i can't help but think of diana. how would she feel to see her little boy all grown up and getting married? would she approve of the bride? kate seems to be, you know, the court of woman that diana would love. beautiful, sophisticated, intelligent, seemingly self-assured. what do you think? >> you know, it's interesting. because a lot of people obviously debate that question. you know, obviously diana was a great icon, not just around the world, but, of course, to william. you know, she was his mother, but also he's totally and ultimately devoted to her. interesting to note as well that katherine, kate, talked a lot about diana. and i think that the two would
7:42 am
have genuinely got on well. i think they both share quite similar qualities. but katherine is slightly more subdued, shall we say than the late, great princess diana. >> thank you so much, neil. we have the opportunity now to take you all live to 10 downing street where prime minister david cameron is standing by. sir, good morning to you. are you able to hear? oh, he is speaking to the public there so we are able to listen in. unfortunately we are not able to listen in. but obviously the fact that t the -- that the prime minister is holding a news conference, neil, speaks to how huge this is for your country. neil, are you still on the line with us? wow, we're going to try to re-establish contact with neil. this is so fantastic. i mean i'm getting excited all over again. and i think that we're going to
7:43 am
see even a bit of the grand wedding like we saw with diana and charles. i think they have a much better shot. i mean they're both 28. they've been dating for a long time. >> long time. >> kate is not the shy 19-year-old demure girl who had no idea what she was getting into. >> two different stages in life, as you mentioned. and obviously, for all the talk of some of the similarities that you may see, there's also so much talk about the differences and the fact that she has really led her own, full life. she has her own friends. she went to college which is, of course, where she met now her fiance prince william. so this is a very different woman. and also a different time. >> it's interesting, because they said they met when they were both first year at university. >> eight years ago. >> right. >> and the story is that he was very disenchanted and wanted to leave, and she's the one who talked him into staying. >> mm-hmm. >> and that by the time they graduated the families had lunch together at the graduation ceremonies. >> that's wonderful. that the families -- that the families are getting along as well as they have. because she does come from a
7:44 am
family of self-made millionaires but they're not royals. she's not from an aristocratic family. which back in the day would have been a deal breaker. but not now. we have evolved. >> it will be interesting to see, too. i'm really interested to see what the wedding is like. because the guest we had on earlier this morning just at the top of the hour was talking about how even, of course, when queen elizabeth got married, this was an austere time but it was a celebration. it's different when you look at the economic situation around the world and in the uk. while it would be a cause for celebration, there has been so much public outcry against some of the money that is spent by the royal family, that i would imagine there will be some -- >> do they need a big wedding like this to distract them from the harsh reality? and would they welcome it for that reason? or would they criticize it because times are so tough? >> the bloggers are getting ready to criticize no matter what. >> and it will be interesting because kate won't have a say in this wedding. and will she be okay with that? >> you know, it's interesting. because william clearly likes his -- loves his privacy. and one of the things that's
7:45 am
been written about is she's going to become a military wife. they're going to be up in wales some place, he's going to be flying his helicopter. they'll have this chance to nest, perhaps, for awhile after they get married away from the public eye. >> well, we wish the future mr. and mrs. prince and princess well. we're going to be talking about it a lot. we'll be right back. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. i heard that nearly 4 out 5 women aren't getting enough vitamin d. so i take one a day women's, a complete multivitamin with more vitamin d to support bone and breast health. [ female announcer ] one a day women's. thank you for calling usa pmy name peggy. peggy, yes, i'd like to redeem my reward points for a gift card. tell points please? 250,000. calculating...
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7:48 am
we're going to check in with dave now. "no way home." remember last week, sent him off to alaska. 50 bucks and a cell phone. we watched the episode yesterday, he worked in the canning factory. did all these jobs. managed to get a flight into washington. he was traveling across washington and we want to check in with dave. we don't even know. where are you now? >> i don't want to tell you where i am now because it's too embarrassing. >> oh. >> but let's just -- let's just say -- let's just say i'm in general terms i'm at a conoco
7:49 am
station. >> yeah. >> in a place where, if i had money, i could get very good breakfast potatoes. >> sounds like idaho to me, young man. doesn't sound like you're making very much progress. >> dave, you look rather downtrodden and cold. >> dejected. >> it was a very -- it was a very rough day yesterday. you know, i -- everything i tried didn't go well. you'll hear about it soon. >> no way. >> are you crying? >> please get me -- i'm not crying. >> when i say dave -- >> we'll get details on dave's travails when -- in our next half hour. >> he's crying! [ women ] ♪ pop-tarts happy sunshine time! ♪ [ man ] ♪ grab a pop-tart and you might just start ♪ ♪ to sing songs like a meadow lark ♪
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7:55 am
hello again. we have a day of rain. sharon's got the latest on traffic. >> i've got the best story in the world. here's first warning doppler radar. go to i'll tell you what to do on your mobile phone, go to click on weather and mark this page. you got it in your hand. we got shower activity moving into the area. forecast calls for rain with a high of 57 degrees.
7:56 am
that simple. now, the phone, they work together. here's sharon gibala with website woab traffic control. >> good morning. rain is definitely having its effect on the morning commute. so is the fog. we have peak past timonium and three accidents on 100, one on the right shoulder and eastbound at 103. meadow ridge at 100. watch for two accidents on 28th street and east fayette at north parkton. there's another accident at st. stevens. that's old port road, typical delays on the beltway. this traffic report is brought to you by kia motors. to learn moshings visit -- more, visit corruption arrests mount in prince george's county where three police officers are in custody along with a howard county couple. andrea fujii has the story. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney's
7:57 am
office says this is part of a corruption probe. investigators first arrested prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife an friday, both accused of taking bribes. now nine others are indicted. some officers were paid in exchange for safe transport of alcohol hand cigarettes and that other officers were selling cocaine. a howard county couple owns several liquor stores in the state. police fire an officer for misusing databases. officer keith nolan was fired for looking up tag information of an undercover police officer. police say nolan had no part in drug conspiracy and faces no criminal charges. stay with wjz 13. up next, dave price has made it to idaho, but can he make it back it new york with only $50
7:58 am
back it new york with only $50 and,,
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it is time to talk about a royal wedding. we're looking at a live picture of buckingham palace this morning. and you can imagine, if you're a tourist hanging and, you're looking to look for the flag to see if the queen is home, and the buzz must be phenomenal. >> now that kate middleton, katherine elizabeth middleton, and prince william are officially engaged. welcome back to "the early show," everybody. i'm maggie rodriguez with harry smith. we do expect to see kate a little bit later today when she
8:01 am
shows off her engagement ring. let's get you all the latest on the news with erica hill at the news desk. >> good morning. a lot of buzz in the studio about that upcoming wedding which is being called the wedding of the decade. may be the wedding of the century. royal officials announcing that prince william and kate middleton are, indeed, engaged to be married. cbs news correspondent elizabeth palmer joins us this morning from buckingham palace in london. good morning, or rather good afternoon where you are. >> good morning. well, the whole country is abuzz. this was a very well-kept secret. we learned this morning that prince william popped the question in kenya some time ago. so the couple's been sitting on the news. this morning it broke, and it's all anybody's been talking about. in fact, just a few minutes ago we heard david cameron, the british prime minister's, reaction. >> i spoke to prince william a few moments ago. and passed on my congratulations. and also welcomed the fact he'd returned safely from afghanistan. he was obviously extremely excited about the news, and
8:02 am
thrilled about what lies in store. and i just said that obviously the government stood ready to do anything we could to help make sure that what i know will be a great day of national celebration will be a great success. >> now we're wondering when that day will be. we know it's going to be sometime in the spring or summer of 2011. and now we're waiting for the date. erica? >> waiting for the date, and oh, so much more. but boy there's a lot of excitement this morning. elizabeth palmer in london. we want to turn now to royal watcher neil sean who is also standing by at buckingham palace. neil, good morning. as liz mentioned, we're waiting on the when. but many people also wondering about the where, as in where the wedding will take place. >> well, i'm glad you asked me that, erica, because the simple reason is right now that's in the preparation stage. the bottom line is that we are obviously in a difficult economic time here in britain. and it wouldn't be right for the royal family to be seen to be
8:03 am
spending too much money. however, the world demands a magical fairy tale day. whether they get that or not remains to be seen so far. >> and that's going to be quite a balance to achieve there. it's interesting, too, for the bride in this case, because especially here in the united states, people are used to the wedding, in many cases, being about the bride. she makes a number of decisions. this is her day. not really the case when you're talking about a woman who is marrying a prince. >> well, you know, this is the difference between an average wedding a wedding. consequently, you know, what it is kate middleton and william say, the bottom line remains that, of course, they have to invite heads of state, obviously president obama, people like that. that all costs and that kind of eats into a budget that possibly right now simply isn't there. maybe she should -- >> let us know what you get in terms of feedback.
8:04 am
neil, thanks, we appreciate having you with us this morning. >> a pleasure, thank you. generalal
8:05 am
good morning. let's take a look at first warning doppler radar. really, what we're seeing, is a pretty good chunk of rain, having moved into the area. take a look at forecast for today. 59. it will go for a high of 57. temperatures normal. tonight during the overnight, the rain will taper off. tomorrow clearing. it's going to be mild with temps in the mid-60s gusting to 40 this weather report
8:06 am
sponsored by macy's. >> now here's maggie. >> thanks, erica. knock on wood. coming up we're going to look at the power of superstition. and later we'll see if dave is any closer to new york with just the gps in his phone and the money he's made on his "no way home" journey. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. >> "no way home" sponsored by on cbs. >> "no way home" sponsored by new windows phone. 's pretty di it's got these live tiles that update right here. one look and i can see what my brother's up to... what's happening on twitter... and even xbox live. and i'm done. so now i can put the phone away, spend more time with her. spend less time... alone. vo: less staring, more clubbing. new windows phone. get yours at at&t.
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8:10 am
everyday lives. ♪ while clearly lacking in logic, these rituals, both silly and serious, can affect our behavior. in fact, some of the most talented people are the most superstitions. >> you know, like throwing salt over your shoulder. anything that tips the scales of fate in my favor. >> reporter: former nfl great and seven-time pro bowler warren sapp created a unique pregame routine. >> same locker. >> reporter: did you always order the same meal? >> definitely. seasoned chicken, well done hamburger, and apple pie a la mode. >> reporter: and broadway star derrick baskin starts his performance long before the curtain lifts on the tony award winning musical "memphis." >> i get my emotions, my favorite candy, put it in my pocket. then i put the lotion on, i open the candy and then the show
8:11 am
begins. >> reporter: so -- really exist? >> thinking that if i don't shave and i got a hit in baseball, well then there must be some connection between my shaving and my batting. and, you know what, science tells us is that there's almost never a connection. >> reporter: despite a lack of scientific evidence, quirky rituals run rampant. in fact a recent poll reveals that half of all americans subscribe to is up stations. >> it is normal for people to have superstitions. being superstitious may actually reduce anxiety. >> reporter: and perhaps it's just that sense of security driving these seemingly irrational habits. >> it's your sanctuary. it's what you do. >> it calms me down. just kind of a routine i do. >> reporter: so far you've had pretty good success. >> so far. ♪ >> let's bring in psychologist and "early" show contributor jennifer hartstein to tell us more about the power of
8:12 am
superstition. let's hope this segment goes well. >> my mom has me convinced that if i put my purse on the floor i'm going to lose all my money. why do we believe in these silly superstitions? >> we mention how sometimes there is a causal reaction. we look for connections between two things. that are unlikely to be connected. and so we try and find there to be a reason. we try and find it to control our environment and when it does work, it gives us some proof so we keep doing it and keep doing it and it gets handed down generation to generation. >> do you think it could be a good thing to believe in superstitions? >> there are really some good elements. it gives us some control over our environment. it can motivate us. there have been probably some major discoveries that have occurred because trial and error and things went together. so there is a placebo effect kind of thing where we think if i keep my fingers crossed and wish on the first star we're going to feel better, feel more in control and good things are going to happen. >> it's sort of the self-fulfilling prophesy. >> yes, if we wish it, it will come.
8:13 am
>> then i can imagine if you were constantly caught up on negative things that could have a negative effect on you, too? >> absolutely. they do show there is more research showing positive attributions lead to more positive things and the negative. if you go in thinking about negative things and only looking for negative things, they're going to come true. absolutely going to happen. >> what are some signs you're taking your superstitions way too seriously? >> and you can. there's three main things. the first thing you want to think about, are you feeling more anxious and tense when you start to think about these things? so it's not reducing your anxiety, it's actually increasing it. are you having more obsessive thoughts. you can only think about if i don't do this and if i don't follow this ritual or this routine i'm going to have bad luck. and lastly, are you having repetitive behavior, so you have to test the same thing, do the same thing, act the same way every time and if you don't, bad stuff is going to happen. thank you. we've got to rub the foot. who invented the rabbit's foot and why? >> fabulous question. >> is there really no way home
8:14 am
for dave? he needs one of these. we're going to hear about his travels and find out where he is today when we come back. he made a friend. "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by benefiber. a better you from the inside out. that's the beauty of benefiber. you won't believe it's fiber. benefiber. clear, taste-free, and dissolves completely. what a beautiful way to get fiber everyday. that's the beauty of benefiber. to bring you a low-price medicare prescription drug plan called the humana walmart-preferred prescription plan. it's a new plan that covers both brand and generic prescriptions and has the lowest-priced national premium in the country of only $14.80 per month and in-store copays as low as $2. when you could save over $450 a year, you can focus on the things that really matter. ♪ go to for details.
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8:16 am
well, it is time once again to check in with dave, who is, as it turns out, having a much
8:17 am
tougher time getting home than we anticipated. as you'll recall he started his trek back to new york last friday in alaska. with $50 and his cell phone. relying on the kindness of strangers. and you, our loyal viewers. by yesterday morning he'd made it to yakima, washington. unfortunately this morning, he's only gotten as far as coeur d'alene, idaho. can you imagine? he's got three days left, he's still got about 2500 miles to go to get to new york city by the end of the show. >> wow. >> and dave is joining us now. dave, i know we've been giving you a ribbing but people don't realize. you are really out there without a tether. and to think that -- what's going on? >> well, yesterday was all about bad decisions, and i don't know, maybe a little bad karma, too. the good news is we're moving eastward, and we put 260 miles on the odometer, if you will. the bad news is at this pace
8:18 am
i'll be home in 9 days and 18 hours. not good. not good. right now we're at the conoco here in coeur d'alene. the trip has had its ups and downs. we've had such great times meeting terrific people. but yesterday was probably more downs than ups. ♪ i've been everywhere man i've been everywhere man ♪ ♪ cross the desert bare man i breathe the mountain air man ♪ >> reporter: it's an awesome experience to be on the road, never knowing what sights you'll see next or what fascinating people you'll meet along the way. but it also happens that sometimes you get stuck. and that's what happened to me. i got stuck in yakima, washington. yakima, washington. population 82,000. a nice city. unless you have no way to get out of it. this is awful. i can't get out of here. there's nothing going right. i thought i had a lift on a
8:19 am
small plane, but that fell through. and none of my rides worked out. so i turned to the internet. i'm calling about your advertisement on craigslist. by doing a variety of jobs over the last three days i've been able to rack up more than $300. and my idea was to spend money, buy a car, and just drive it. so if your arms are strong you can drive it without the power steering? i was able to find a sweet ride. a 1986 this? en max ma, that i located on the web. but when i got there, it appeared that the car came with some extras. does this come with the car? we have three issues. number one, the tire's bubbled and i can't take that on a long road trip. number two, they can't find -- and number three, there's a woman in the trunk. that's a deal breaker. the car was a mess but they agreed to fix the tire. so i decided to buy the car. $275. the power steering didn't work,
8:20 am
but for $275, i was the proud owner of a fine piece of japanese engineering. i'm going to christen my new ride. there's nothing like buying a car to reawaken your spirit. i'm going to take this baby as far as i can go. probably to idaho. then, it was out on the open road. behind the wheel of my new ride i felt a sense of freedom. ♪ get your motor running ♪ head out on the highway >> reporter: since the invention of the internal combustion engine americans have loved the idea that their cars could take them to far-away destinations. unfortunately that wasn't true of my new car. i had only gotten a few miles outside of yakima when my dreams of the open road stalled. come on! oh!
8:21 am
$275! ♪ 'cause you had a bad day just hanging around ♪ >> reporter: i was stranded on interstate 82. the nearest city, 20 miles away. the nearest cow, just across the median. what's going through my head right now? i'm done. my car broke, i was broke. and for the first time on this trip, i truly felt there might really be "no way home." ♪ you had a bad day >> wow. >> now i'm crying. >> yeah. >> oh. i feel bad. >> what's your plan for today? >> they don't even live there anymore. >> that's the way those internet operations work, dave. that's a good lesson, i guess. >> so what's the plan, big guy? >> i don't have one. i mean, i tweeted earlier this morning, i put out a blog. i'm just going to wait and see what comes in.
8:22 am
i need to make some major money this morning. i've got to get on a plane. i've got to get some mileage or i'm never going to make this up. and that's, you know, i'm just going to sit here at the conoco and see what happens. they have good slurpees. >> maybe someone will buy you one. the other day you had an "i know harry smith" sign. maybe that would, you know, get you a little mileage. >> i don't know. i'm going to troy to get a team photo fedexed here and see if that works. >> i think really we just have to ask the viewers, please. i mean look at dave. we need to make this happen and we can do it. so call everybody you know out there in idaho. >> yeah. >> you know, go on twitter. >> and we'll check in with you tomorrow, pal. all right. we're going to look to you tomorrow and -- >> the other thing is i have no jacket. >> maybe somebody will give you -- >> we can't give him a jacket. but you can pay him a little bit of money for the job. and he can buy it. >> you can follow dave and give him suggestions either on twitter, early show dave.
8:23 am
or send him an e-mail at you can follow all the misadventures at >> help our friend out, people. we need you. >> "no way home" sponsored by new windows phone.,,,, [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable, and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. and there's no term contract required.
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8:25 am
it's still very overcast. downtown it looks like it's raining. it as rain lag lot downtown. take a look. we've got steady rain in the area. the forecast calls for periods of rain and a high of 57. 51, over to sharon gibala. good morning. we still have plenty of accidents, including one on 83 in the northbound lanes that one at timonium. watch for a wreck on 100.
8:26 am
that one is a new one. we have one eastbound approaching 295. that isessably involving a truck. the second one at 103 meadow reg. east fayette at north duncan. clarkston parkway. middletown to mt. carmel 10 minutes. 10 minutes from shawan to the beltway. we can take a live look outside. that is the west side. typical delays there as well as 95. this traffic report is brought to you by by lynn the plumber. call and have it done today. back to you. an fbi investigation into prince george's county's executive jack johnson has led to the arrest of several people. andrea fujii stays on the story. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney's office says this is part of the
8:27 am
corruption probe. federal investigators first arrested prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife on friday accused of taking bribes. now nine others are indicted. some officers were paid in exchange of safe transport of cigarettes and alcohol. officer -- other officers were selling cocaine. five inmates were stabbed in a dormitory at the metropolitan transition center. no officers were injured and none of the injuries is life-threatening. people living near morgan state university said they're fed up with have nothing where to park. protesters said they are tired of competing with morgan students and faculty. the university's new president said he would hear their concerns. the top schools will be
8:28 am
awarded the blue ribbon distinction. congressman eli jap cummings will address it. stay with wjz, marylanan,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
and how she lost the weight. her diet secrets, every woman should know. plus she's 14 and battling cancer. why a few minutes with her will change your life. "the talk" today, live on cbs. i love paris in the spring and new york in the fall. it is a beautiful morning here. welcome back to "the early show," everybody. coming up, acclaimed actor and director billy bob thornton is in the studio this morning to tell us about his new role as a
8:31 am
veteran movie in the movie "faster." good morning, billy bob. >> also coming up this morning we are kicking off a new series called "senior moments" in honor of the first wave of baby boomers who turn 65 in january. that sounds like or feels like a bummer to you, as they might have said in the '60s, we're going to show the upside of all of this starting this morning with incredible discounts that will come your way the moment you turn 65. >> i like it. and just think you could share it with a friend, too. >> i like to partake in discounts. >> also ahead this morning from parkas to puffer kates, katrina szish is here with some warm outer wear. coping you cozy. everyone's going to stay stylish in the snow with great outfits ahead. >> we wish dave had a coat as he tries to get back home. he's working on that right now. so erica is here to give us another check of the weather. >> all right, dave, this one's for you. checking today's weather. a large storm system impacting
8:32 am
the eastern third of the country. it is bringing much-needed rain to the southeast. showers to the northeast. we're in a little b b good morning. we continue to see shower activity. it will come at us in waves, periods of rain with a high of 57 degrees this day. normal temperatures pretty much normal overnight. the normal low is 36, 51 tonight. low 50s right now. rain tapers off overnight. tomorrow a mixture of clouds and sun, but winds could gust at >> this portion of "the early show" sponsored by v-8 v-fusion. vegetables that taste like
8:33 am
fruit. this morning we are kicking off our new "senior moments" series with our print partners at "usa today." in january, the first baby boomers will turn 65. so from now until then, we're going to help you plan for your older and wiser years. we begin with a list of ten great benefits for baby boomers courtesy of ken budd, who is the executive editor of "aarp, the magazine." good morning, sir. >> great to be here. >> baby boomer is who exactly? how many of them are there? >> anyone born from 1946 to 1964, 75 million people, 29% of the population. >> 29% of the population. and they can save all kinds of money. let's go through a list. we have ten different things. >> right. >> starting with travel. >> travel is a great one. aarp is one of the masters of this. doing car rentals, you get 20% off at budget, 25% at alamo, avis, hertz, 30% at national.
8:34 am
we found $100 on a two-day rental on savings there. >> right. >> amtrak, 15% if you're 62 and over. you can get regional deals of 50% on select routes. euro rail for 60 and over, if you're flying southwest, united. united as a club program, as well, if you're 55 and over. >> lots of different ways to cash in. >> exactly. >> what about hotels? >> hotels, always ask for the discount when you're making the reservation. they may ask for i.d. when you get there. that's fine. it's well worth it. best western, 10% off if you're in your 50s. marriott 15% off if you're 62 and up. the highest, 25% to 50% off if you're 62 and up. >> yeah! my birthday is coming up. now what about fitness? >> fitness, gold's gym, bali's total fitness, they both have membership deals if you're older. it's going to vary from place to place. but if you're 62 and up check out bally's, they can get from $50 to $100 off. >> that sounds pretty good. now this one seems odd to me,
8:35 am
because the other ones i've heard of. clothing you can get a discount if you're older on clothes? >> yeah, this is great. this is one of the secret deals you don't know about. ban ma republic, 10% off if you're in your 50s, every day of the week. at kohl's if you're 62 and up, 15% off one day a week. >> you have to find out what the day is. >> yes. >> but 15% off at kohl's just because you're 62. >> right. >> one day a week. that's absolutely worth remembering. now this one, perhaps, less useful for people of a certain age, or certain genetic makeup, haircuts. >> at super cuts -- >> i made you laugh. >> you can get $2 off if you're 60 and up on haircuts. master cuts, salon services, haircare products, 20% off. monday to thursday. you're going to need a special discount card so make sure you get that. >> i've seen this one too for entertainment. movie theaters, you can save serious dough. >> this is great. regal entertainment group, they have over 500 theaters. if you're age 60 you get 30%
8:36 am
off, cinemark theaters, it's 35%. the whitney here, you can get discounts. disney land has discounts. and broadway, wednesday matinee days, most theaters $5 to $25 off. >> they herd them in like cattle. happy to be alive. what about restaurants? >> americans 55 and up spend about $160 a month on restaurants. so this is rich territory. a lot of the chains offer deals. applebee's has a bolden apple club. a lot of the chains like boston market, pizza hut, they have deals. krispy kreme doughnuts if you're 50 and over, 10% off. >> here's one that surprises me, also. you can actually save money on groceries if you're older? >> yeah, definitely ask your local grocery store, kroger for example has a plus card, 10% off if you're in your 60s. in the midwest, shop n save one day a week, 20% off. >> some days it's a one-day deal. you need to do your due
8:37 am
diligence. >> exactly. >> if you do it you can save money on toys even? >> yes, kb boys, 10% off on tuesdays. so today, so -- >> and then last but not least on our list, you can save on the unexpected. like what for instance? >> well, this is why you ask for deals. we found deals for people 50 and over on contractors, plumbers, veterinarians, car dealers. car wash places. always ask. on the website,, if you're ordering wine, 10% off if you're 50 and up. goodwill stores have discounts one day a week. and car places like midas. >> jiffy lube. >> 10% off. >> it pays to get older. right? happy to be a baby boomer. at least this morning. >> right. >> knowing that i'm going to save all this money. ken budd, thank you very much. if you would like more information on baby boomer benefits go to or check out our website, that's
8:38 am
maggie? >> harry, thank you. oscar winner billy bob thornton is always in demand in hollywood. we've seen him take on a variety of roles in movies like "monster's wall ball" and "friday night lights." in the new film "faster" he plays a veteran cop hot on the trail of a killer. >> what's next, a lawyer? >> this day got a whole lot weirder. witnesses place a second shooter at the scene. after i suspect he whacked mr. rogers here he went and had a little shoot-out in the hall. >> maybe an armed neighbor? >> huh-uh. no one recognized this dude. they exchanged gunfire then disappeared. both of them. >> how about the second shooter? any description? >> the word beautiful came up. >> beautiful? >> like a movie star. >> billy bob thornton, the movie star, is here with us. good morning. >> all right. >> i know you said that you're normally getting up at this time. >> yeah, this is a little early for me. but, you know, i work in a
8:39 am
recording studio a lot. we tend to work overnight mostly. >> so we appreciate you changing your schedule for us. >> no problem. happy to be here. >> in this movie your character is chasing this revenge-seeking murderer played by dwayne johnson, the rock. did you know each other before you worked on the movie? >> no, we didn't, actually. we had a lot of mutual friends. and we were always sending messages to each other through those friends. and saying, hey, we should work together sometime, i'd like to meet you and that kind of thing. and, you know, people see a guy like him, and it's so big and everything, and they think he's intimidating. that's the nicest guy i think i've ever worked with. >> i second that. he's been here before and he's actually just a giggle. >> he really is. >> what was it like to work together? >> it was pretty great. the thing is in the movie there's sort of a cat and mouse thing going on. >> right. >> so we really, like the lead people in the movie don't really have a lot to do with each other a lot of times in the movie. so we're on the set together a lot, but, actual scenes together, there weren't that many. so, it was kind of odd.
8:40 am
i've done movies like that before. it's always strange for people to say, hey, how was so and so to work with? i don't know. but we do have some stuff together. it was terrific. and dwayne does a great job in it. >> this movie is so interesting. it's unique in a couple of ways. one is that your characters actually don't have names. your character is just cop, and his character is just driver. does the ambiguity of the character make it easier or harder for you to play the character? >> i think in this case, it makes it easier. you know, the character, you learn a lot about the character's tasks, you know. just because the script was written, in such a way to give you that information. but, i think in this case it was really nice to be a bit ambiguous. i'm attracted to roles like that anyway. and i'm playing a guy who also, his life's kind of gone down the wrong path. he's a cop but he's kind of tired, ready to get it over with
8:41 am
and rejoin his estranged family and that kind of thing. and that attracted me to it, also. that type of character. and i have a son in the movie, and this little kid, aidan, who played my son, and a girl named moon bloodgood plays my wife, she's a terrific actress. on the set i'll never forget, the kid he comes up to me, aidan, little short, kind of row tund kid, terrific, he came up to me the first day, without even saying hello or anything, he goes, he goes, hey, you know those capital one commercials with the vikings? and i go, yeah, i love those. he goes, you know the fat kid? i go, yeah. he goes, that's me. >> that's hysterical. did you say, you know that movie i won an oscar for writing, that's me? >> it was pretty funny. >> do you think you'll ever do anything like that? do you think you'll ever do anything like that again? >> oh, write and direct and star -- >> i though that you're directing a movie now. but do you think that you'll
8:42 am
lean more in that direction versusabilitying in the future or will you try to continue to do it all? >> i love it all. so i'll probably keep trying to do that. i mean maybe, you know, once you get, you know, god willing you get up in your 80s or 90s you can, you know, i always thought it would be nice to retire on a television show like peter boyle is on with his show, you know, just kind of sit in a chair and like make a comment. >> "everybody loves raymond." >> exactly. >> you also find time for music with your group. what do you get from singing and being a musician that you don't get from acting? >> well, i've always been comfortable in the music business because i grew up in it before acting. but, i guess the real difference for me is that when you're playing live you get an immediate reaction from people. where in movies, people if you're not there when the people are watching your movie, so you never know what the reaction is. but i think maybe you get more of a visceral high. >> yeah. >> from music. >> you know. >> so movies, i think the part that keeps you in your head is
8:43 am
really good in movies. >> well, we love it all and we're happy you plan to continue doing it all. >> thank you. >> thanks a lot, billy bob. "faster" will be in theaters nationwide next wednesday, a week from tomorrow. over to you, erica. >> 345g i go, thanks. winter is just a few short weeks away although it could already feel as if it's arrived where you are. this morning we have the coolest coats to keep you toasty warm in the coming months. joining us for that, katrina szish is here with some of her favorites this season. we always love having you here because you have fun stuff that's also within range. >> yes, absolutely. well let's start right off, sporty coats are some of those that have the most advanced technology, because of course when you're out there doing athletics you need to have something that's breathable, but also keeps you warm. >> and they don't look like the old sort of ski jackets that we were used to. especially the one we see right here. >> and they don't have to be neon which is always -- >> thank you. >> they can be. on brittany we have a burton jet set jacket. what is great is it does have a feminine face as you pointed out. but it is a waterproof shell but lined with a very thin
8:44 am
insulation so it keeps you warm and dry. you can wear it with simple leggings on the weekend or with jeans or even on the slopes. >> it's really cute. >> we have a hat which is great and then we've got these cute little north face boots from >> faux fur lined which i love. >> charles is kind of our ruggedly handsome gentleman here. we have this columbia parka. it's a little pricier at $280. but it's three jackets in one. you get the parka that you're seeing here, plus the liner zips out, so then you just have a stand-alone goose down jacket. and then you can also can wear the shell by itself for those activity-filled days. >> i say those are great. my husband has one of those jackets and it is a life saver. >> it's amazing. inside is one of my favorite details. it's got this omni thermal heat lining which actually retains your body heat while looking pretty snazzy. it's a shiny silver. >> it almost looks like those sort of aluminum foil looking
8:45 am
blankets. >> exactly what it is. it retains your body heat. it is very lightweight and we talked about some gloves that have the same technology inside, keeps you warm. and some boots. waterproof. >> i have to get those after the show. i have very poor circulation. >> me, too. up next you have the modern puffer jacket. i've noticed since i have moved to new york this seems to be the jacket to have to keep you warm on the street. >> yes. it is. but of course a lot of us think okay, great, puffer jacket equals michelin man or boring colors. and in the gymboree jacket you can see there's nothing boring about this polka dot jacket. i wish they made this in my size. this is $30 from gymboree. it's really a fun look. you can compare it with other bright colors. we added a scarf and these old navy boots. which i think are great. >> the whole outfit is fantastic. i love it, paige. >> on martina you can see you don't have to be the michelin man. this one is filled with an ultralight down. it's $90. and you can really cinch that
8:46 am
waist. you're not having all of those layers and big, you know, baffles and everything. and this one is great because it's vest till and sleek. you can wear it to the office. you can wear it on the-week-old and. and you can even wear it to all the holiday parties. >> and $90. they are stepping up in the market. >> great selection. absolutely. so it's fashionable and functional. >> i will take both. so we've got the puffer jacket, you've got your sporty coat. classics with a twist is your next round of jackets here. >> yeah. here we go. we all love our classic wool coats in early fall. but when it gets chilly you can feel the wind blowing right through them. so we found some classic military-inspired jackets that actually have different types of lining in them that will protect you from those windy days. now first on brady we have a 77 kids by american eagle, plaid coat. and of course it looks like we've layered but the coat comes layered already. >> so that little -- >> it's a fully quilted lining. with a quilted hood, and adorable wool pea coat. so it's extra warm.
8:47 am
plus, we've finished the look off with one of the hottest trends of the season, anything buffalo plaid. our boots from ralph lauren from endless.kwom. >> and when you've got someone like brady they always look cute. >> they always look cute. >> now on cassidy we have this grate coat from delia's. it's lined with thinsulate. so it's very lightweight but also very warm. you can continue that military inspired trend that we were all loving in early fall right through the winter. we added also a buffalo plaid accent again with the lands' end canvas trappers hat. one of the hottest silhouettes and patterns of the season. >> i do have to ask you quickly about that hat. i started to see them last year and i said to my husband, i think i need one of those. but they're very in, aren't they? >> they're very in. they keep your eyes warm which is very important. >> i'm with you. >> and then of course over the knee boots are always a fun way to be sexy in the city.
8:48 am
all right and finally on brant we have one of the most classic looks here, classic navy pea coat. what's great about this. it has a fully quilted lining. all of the seams are really, they're welted, they're insulated. they have hand warmer pockets, extra deep. $198. and of course, we finish it off with buffalo plaid, again. this time in the tie version. >> that is a coat, too, that you will have year after year. >> year after year after year. it's really durable. it's really rugged. and finish the look off with l.l. bean signature boots. >> for more of these looks and more information logon to our website at before we let you go, though, there's a little something i understand that you have planned. >> looking to help some folks out there. some "early" show viewers a little something we're calling makeover mondays. >> i'm so excited about it. basically if there's anyone, any of you at home if you need a makeover or know someone who needs one or deserves one, you've got to e-mail us.
8:49 am
absolutely and we're going to try to get you on the show and give you a fabulous makeover. you can do it at >> i love that. you want to hear, of course, why this person should be chosen. what they need to do, send us a head-to-toe body shot. tell us why they are so stuck in oh, i don't know, 1979, 1966, any of them work, '93. >> you need new hair. you need new jeans. >> katrina is here to help. you can get all that information on our website, and while you logon we're going to take a quick break. we'll be back with more. you're watching "the early show" on cbs.,,,,
8:50 am
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it's time for fios. and you know, if you run that record, the old record in reverse you'll be able to hear cash registers. because today -- >> does that work with beatles records. >> on this day, apple has
8:52 am
finally said we've made a deal with the beatle catalog so you can go online and download. >> finally on itunes. you know how many times i try to find a beatles song. all you get are cover songs. >> some are pretty bad. >> like my favorite, for instance -- ♪ the day breaks >> is that a good song? >> that's a good song. that's a good song. and if you were going to download a beatles song what will it be? >> definitely will be "in my life." see, i just hear it, i get chills. all the people that you know and like and remember, even though you don't stay in touch and what they've meant to you. you find the one that is -- you love the most. >> almost went harryoke on you for a second. at a later date. and you? >> i've got a couple. i do have a soft spot in my heart for "all you need is love" which we may or may not have. >> we have it. >> my cousin, someone sang it at my cousin's wedding. but also yellow submarine is my
8:53 am
son's favorite song. he will sing it at the top of his lungs. if you hear a kid running around new york city singing yellow submarine, that's my son. >> you can tell him the taxis are like yellow submarines. >> we'll be checking in again with dave tomorrow, see what >> we'll be checking in again with dave tomorrow, see what kind of progress he ,,,,,,
8:54 am
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introducing wisk with stain spectrum technology. try new wisk. we upgraded the formula, but not the price. ♪ let's take a look at first warning doppler radar. it's wet for sure. we'll have periods of rain today. 57 will be the high. pretty much normal. quite low. normal is 36. the rain tapers off overnight. mixed clouds and sun tomorrow. it's going to be a mild day with winds gusting to 40 miles an hour. 64 is the high. a federal investigation in prince george's county leads to the arrest of nine more people including prince george's county police officers and howard
8:56 am
county couple. andrea fujii has the latest on the story. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney's office says this is part of a public corruption probe. federal investigators arrested prince george's county executive jack johnson and his wife on friday, both accused of taking bribes. now nine others are indicted. some were paid in exchange for safe traps port of alcohol and cigarettes. another scheme involved a howard county couple who owns a leck core store. a teenage musician collapses in the middle of a lesson and hours later is declared dead. 18-year-old case butler was a first-year student at peabody conservatory. the medical examiner will conduct an autopsy later today. thousands of students at three different colleges in the area are being told to keep their eyes and ears open, especially at night. several students were held up at neigh point at loy yow lap and
8:57 am
at gun point both towson. police do not believe the crimes are all related. there have been no arrests in any of them. a woman from maryland and two children are dead follows the first-degree murder-suicide. police say the children's father shot them there and then himself. the couple's 2-year-old son survives. mallennowski told friends she was planning to leave the man who shot her. you can see on baitman street how close the flames got. bge said the transformer shorted out and caused the fire. ravens held the 10th annual auction party inside m&t bank
8:58 am
stadium. sports memorabilia was sold to raise mon niment players included ray rice, todd heat and half a dozen others. complete news and fist warning weather today at noon. ,, ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] bursting with mouth-watering real fruit and refreshingly blended with creamy, low-fat yogurt. mcdonald's new strawberry banana and wildberry smoothies are 100% pure sipping fun. the simple joy of real fruit smoothies. ♪ i'm losing energy...
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