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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 17, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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tonight. >> a maryland miracle. no serious injuries after wild winds destroyed homes in baltimore city and county. the damage looks like a movie set. sky eye chopper 13 is over the worst damage in the city and northeast baltimore. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. derek valcourt is tracking the impact. but we begin with adam may, on the ground in northeast baltimore. adam? >> reporter: kai, a vigorous cleanup effort is still under way right now. behind me, you can see bge crews are still back here, trying to get the power restored. they have been in this neighborhood, literally since early this morning. we're also seeing tree trimmers out here, roofing companies, window companies, trying to get things back to normal, so residents can get back home. >> reporter: the dutch village apartment complex in northeast baltimore, torn to shreds by a strong storm that surprised residents overnight. >> i was asleep. and i just heard the boom, boom, boom. >> and that was your roof? >> that was my roof coming.
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with the glass breaking from my window. >> the tree from my backyard had flew over into my window and shattered it completely. >> reporter: 54 units and 16 buildings have now been condemned. many are missing windows. some look like they have been bombed. residents gather for help at a nearby shelter. >> we are not permitting anyone to go back in. because there's all danger that surrounds the development. trees are falling. there are hot lines on the ground. cars stacking each other. and it's not in anybody's best interest to go back tonight. >> they were tossed around the parking lot. governor o'malley and mayor stephanie rawlings-blake toured the damage, helping organize restoration and cleanup. >> pretty devastating damage, right through a cut right across the city-county line here in northeast baltimore. >> we are tremendously blessed that we're not here talking about significant loss of life, with what we just witnessed
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today. >> reporter: and as we take another live look from sky eye chopper 13 overhead right now, we can tell you that we just got updated numbers from the mayor's office. on top of those units that have been condemned, a total of 359 units here did have substantial damage. also, some have been registered. on top of all of this, there is a curfew that is now in effect for this area until tomorrow morning. so no one is allowed in here inside this dutch village apartment complex. also, three people did suffer minor injuries, including one man who just survived cancer. i'll have his incredible story of survival. for now, we're live, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, adam. thank you. people in baltimore county were literally shaken out of bed overnight by this powerful storm. wjz is live overnight. derek valcourt is there.
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this is just one example. the roofing company going to down now. all because this came crashing into the house. right in the middle of the storm. this is just one example. in fact, almost every single home has had at least minor damage. it's a mess. when the storms ripped through 1:30 in the morning. >> it was extremely loud. the whole house was shaking. >> my wife and i woke up. and said, we better get to the basement. >> it got worse and worse. and it didn't last more than 20 or 30 seconds. >> winds ripped off siding. tore off roofing shingles. but it's the towering trees and in some cases, even into houses. this one in carne, among the hardest hit. >> reporter: that corner of the house is a master bedroom. luckily, no one was inside when
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those 80-mile-an-hour winds literally uprooted these giant tree. neighbors had to call 911. >> all of this is good for tree trimming. insurance justers getting pulled as well. >> i'll be doing some of that today. tomorrow. >> you'll have a lot of debris in their yard. and people, sometimes they got singles. good news for a lot of these folks, though, power has just been restored in this particular neighborhood. but many of them know they have a lot of work ahead of them. derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> the images are hard to believe.
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sky eye chopper 13 remains over the scene of the damage. let's go to captain mike perry with more. you're looking at along northern parkway. this is where the ruse from -- roofs from the dutch village apartment complex landed about 300 yards north of where they originally came off. number 1, to assist employees and also to assist homeowners who may still be in the area. power has not been completely restored to the area. generally speak being, most of the people who are here are either residents who are being allowed to shelter in place. or workers who are actually just trying to restore some people's homes to liveability. we have mcclane boulevard. police command post is set up. and a number of police officers
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to enforce the curfew that adam was telling you about. >> still unclear what exactly swept through. >> well, we just got off the phone with the national weather service. said they hoped to have all of the information. but this is the storm that caused all of the damage. that went right near. and take a look at this. we're going to repeat this loop a couple of times. it comes from the southwest. and has bright colors along. and that is a thunderstorm that produced all of that damage. now, what the national weather service is looking at is a couple of different things. one, the pattern of storm damage, whether all of these trees were in a straight line, or whether there was rotation to them. that's one indication, also. from the damage, they look at how well built the houses were to see probably what the winds were that would have taken a roof off of the house like this.
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those are a couple of areas. we have still been dealing way lot of weather all day in the form of wind. wind advisory has been dropped for most of maryland. but still in effect until 8:00. now, they're starting to back off. most of the day, they have been over 20 miles per hour. but overall, these are peak wind gusts today, whether they were with the thunderstorm or after the thunderstorm. we've had 56-mile-per-hour wind gusts in dover. camp david. and bwi marshall, 46 miles per hour. yes, very high winds. all of that will start to back off tonight. and we'll have a full forecast coming up for you. in the dark. that is the reality for more than 10,000 people tonight, as they wait for their power to be restored. here's a look at the outages right now. a little more than 200 people without power in baltimore county. derek showed us in the neighborhood, he is in. the power just went back on. 3,391 outages in the city. in anne arundel county, close
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to 7,000 people still waiting for service. wjz, stay with us for first warning weather coverage. remember, we are always on. for live doppler radar and the latest closings and delays, log onto crucial decision. a ground-breaking contract, linking city teacher's paychecks to students' performance. now, they are voting on it again. teachers are casting their ballot. gigi barnett has more on this. >> last month, teachers complained, they didn't get enough information about the contract to make an educated vote. the teachers union launched a massive campaign. this time, they hope teachers will approve the contract and bigger paychecks. >> after striking down a proposed contract in record numbers last month, city teachers are back at the polls.
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this new contract, if approved today, would make them the highest paid teachers in the state. >> a lot of teachers feel that we should be compensated more for the work we put in and the hours we put in, especially those who go above and beyond. >> reporter: the new contract changes the way city teachers are paid, based on student achievement. and how much training instructors receive outside the classroom. the four school leaders -- before, school leaders relied on seniority and graduate degrees to get higher pay. they visited more than 200 school wills in the past month, pushing for the new contract. >> we work very hard. and as i have talked to them, old and young, they want to be treated as professionals, and paid as professionals. >> reporter: here what that means. with better pay, schools can attract and keep better teachers. but not all voted for the
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contract. >> i have never met somebody who doesn't want to do their job l. i have met people who don't do their job well. but they're trying their best. and paying them more isn't going to make them do better. the polls close at 6:00. and shortly after that, will know the results of today's vote. back to you on tv hill. last month, teachers rejected the original contract by 400 400 votes. tackling theft. tackling several car break-ins. well, mary. groceries paid for with stolen credit cards. and tonight, police say they have a look at the suspect responsible. anne arundel county police release these surveillance photos. according to investigators, the credit card she used was stolen
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from schools in car lots and parking areas. police say there may be others involved in this theft as well. anybody with information about this case should call metro crimestoppers. the number, 1-866-7-lockup. you may also be eligible for a cash reward of up to $2,000. blackout in a can. the national outcry. has the maker of four loko pulling the drug. the future of this drink and others are in jeopardy. >> what's inside here is an unsafe food additive. the best today said alcohol and caffeine don't mix. also today, four loko announced it was pulling its drinks. >> with four loko's decision, do you feel like you won? >> yeah. >> four loko understood and saw what was coming and made the right decision. to get these off the market. you cannot combine caffeine and alcohol.
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>> scores of college kids have been hospitalized. and the parents of this girl in maryland, blame the drink for her death. several states have banned the stuff. here's why it is so dangerous. >> drinking just three of these four lokos. it's like drinking 18 light beers. and six cups of fully caffeinated coffee. >> this is the owner of one of the largest liquor stores in the state. >> we stopped selling it. we said, i don't need this. >> reporter: and despite the bad press, interest is jumped. >> a lot of people are going, do you have any of that stuff i heard on the news? >> reporter: one down, 40 to go, until the government bans this product, there are 40 other manufacturers who make similar drinks. >> some think a ban could be coming soon. and still ahead. airport outrage. will the tsa stop the patdown of some passengers?
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this mad madagascar cockroaches is just one of several cockroaches. i'm weijia jiang, with the latest on who took them in the first place. the largest holiday event on the east coast comes to baltimore. see how the festival of trees helped many young people in our community. baltimore transformed into the windy city. bob has our forecast coming up. , ♪
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mawbl inaudible -- [ no audio ] [ audio muffled ] >> there is noise to make noise about. >> this is the iguana that was
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stolen. >> reporter: not just celebrating gina's return. but also the comeback of five turtles, geckos, a corn snake, and yes, even a mad madagascar hissing cockroach. >> we thought most likely, we would never see him again. >> reporter: and a mile away, on a townhome on clifton avenue. they say a group of juveniles brought them here after breaking through a window sunday and monday night. >> we were expecting the worst. >> reporter: employees say all of the animals taken are not dangerous, but they are vulnerable and need a lot of special care to survive. >> they have to be kept at particular temperatures, particular levels of humidity. they have to have certain vitamins. some of them have health issues. >> reporter: though some of them barely made it. >> she's a little under the weather from the ordeal. >> reporter: maybe under the weather. but say of she says maybe getting back to normal. they're even getting ready to
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eat. >> security measures have been upgraded. and the alarm is now working. reporting in west baltimore, weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. >> police expect to charge three more teenagers involved in this case. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads with sharon gibala, live at wjz traffic control. pretty typical afternoon commute, with the exception of the debris there from the storm overnight. that is still blocking northern parkway between hillen road. watch for an accident now on 295, northbound on west nursery road. two in owings mills. one in essex, involving a scooter middleborough road. several in the city. and then an accident in glen burnie. two more in arnold. richie highway. one more in annapolis.
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meantime, there's a look at your speeds on the beltway. 25 miles an hour. those are your slowest spots on the west side and top side inner loop. we can take a live look at 70. that's a look at the delay on the westbound lanes between 29 and marriottsville road. this traffic report is brought to you by h.h. greg. watch the most exciting games of the year on the latest tv from h.h. greg. h.h. greg. price and advice, guaranteed. back to you. >> we are close to a week away from the annual festival of trees. and as part of our continuing community commitment, wjz shows you why this event makes such a difference in so many lives. the kennedy festival of trees is about to light up the start of the holiday season. proceeds from the event, which wjz is proud to sponsor, as part of our continuing community commitment. help children with neurological disorders. >> up.
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>> put your feet up. >> 1-year-old ben chasen is enrolled in one of kennedy krieger's early diagnosis research program. ben showed subtle red flags for autism at only 3 months. but through this program , he is making noticeable gains. >> i'm a stay-at-home mom. and i feel very confident in what this program, little learners, has given me. and what ben is getting from it, from the therapist that he works with, it's been just amazing to watch him blossom. >> we work on helping the children learn to play. that's one of the first priorities. you because once children learn to play in objects, they learn to share in their play with other people. >> reporter: so our attendance there is creating wonders here. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: as children like ben make progress and thrive.
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>> let's really raise the awareness of the community, about developmental disabilities and how much hope all of us should have for these children. >> and the festival of trees opens friday. runs through november 28th. at the fairgrounds. features 600 decorated trees. and special appearances by dorothy hamill and several baltimore ravens players. and as part of our continuing community commitment, wjz, of course, a proud sponsor. we'd love to do it every year. let's take a look at temperatures and conditions. cooling a little bit. temperatures are dropping. west winds at 13 now. the barometer on the way back up. we'll have a look at the end of the week and the weekend after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i guess you could call it the calm after the storm. last night, the very strong front that came through with the line of thunderstorms. damages across southeast baltimore. and portions of baltimore county. don't know whether it was a tornado yet. or just strait-line winds. but to tell you the truth. sometimes straight-line winds
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with a thunderstorm can be stronger than a category 1 or really small tornadoes can cause damage. but we'll probably find out in the next 30 to 40 minutes. let's take a look at conditions around the region now. temperature-wise, we're dropping a little bit. 55. a lot cooler out to the west. and it will cool down here. still 59 in ocean city. dew points dropping, much dryer air moving in. remember, yesterday, with temperatures in the mid-50s. dew points around 53, 54. well, they drop way down. much dryer. it came in with these strong west/northwest winds. still have a wind advisory until 8:00. upper shore, delaware, jersey. it's been canceled for the rest of the region as the winds continue. 13, 10, 10, as you can see. not nearly as strong as they were earlier. we had wind gusts in the 40 to 50-mile-an-hour range. right now, strongest wind gusts, ocean city. only 6. but we're still in the mid-20s, as you can see.
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out to the west, much lighter. 17. and oakland only at 7. peak wind gusts. annapolis, 47. marshall airport. bwi, 46. frostburg, 49. camp david, 43 miles an hour. and dover up to 56. now, some of these were outside of those thunderstorms. you don't know exactly how strong those winds were. and that thunderstorm was possible. they were over 80 miles an hour. we'll find out. at least be a good estimate. the rain continued this morning to our north and northeast. the actually continues to move away from the region. we have generally clear skies. there was another weak system across the southern portions of our country right here. there it is. that's going to move down to the south tomorrow. it will bring clouds to the south tomorrow. and clearing out and turning cooler for the end. week.
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bay temp, around 54. tonight, generally clear skies. a few clouds from time to time. 38. and the winds will die down. tomorrow, sun and then clouds. 54. it clears out tomorrow night. and getting chilly again. at least for one day, for friday. >> okay. >> so that's like a cool end of the week. >> another one. great, bob. thank you. still ahead at 5:00. a fourth speaks out. >> snowno way would do that to my baby. >> what a father is saying to those who think he is responsible. earlier this week. neighbors were upset about losing all of their parking spaces to students. but now, the president has come up with solutions. i'll have those coming up next. behind bars. a survivor producer arrested for murdering his wife. for murdering his wife. the e ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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stir it's 5:30. and 55 degrees. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. the images are dramatic. a powerful storm whipped across baltimore county. tonight, many are homeless. an entire apartment complex lost his roof. it's some of the worst damage in the city. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. adam may has one man's story of survival. >> the flood lights are on back here at the dutch village apartment complex here, so
5:31 pm
crews continue working throughout the night. more than 350 units suffered damage. some of them did lose their roofs. and one man was laying in bed when it happened. >> right outside my window. >> reporter: speaking only to wjz, michael wilkins barely made it out alive, from a devastating storm that ripped through the apartment complex in northeast baltimore. >> the lights went off. tv went off. and it was just a loud boom. and before i could brace myself for what i knew had to be disastrous, i was hit in the face with some sort of debris. and when i looked up, all i saw was the sky. and it looked very dark.
5:32 pm
>> it was just unbelievable. and i looked around. and it looked like i was in a war zone. >> do you feel like you're in shock a little bit? >> i'm still in shock. i've been in shock since this happened. and i'm still in shock. there would have been no way i would have gotten out of there. i was definitely afraid and fearful for my life. >> there is a curfew in effect in this area. so residents are not being allowed to go into the apartment complex, until the morning. and that is at the very earliest. we're expecting an update. reporting live in northeast baltimore, adam may, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, adam. thank you. so what was it that caused all of this damage? bob turk has a closer look.
5:33 pm
last night, around 11:00, we had a little line of very scary, not that impressive thundershowers across virginia. they developed much stronger during the overnight. and there is the line. and by 2:00, 3:00, it was pretty much gone. look at that little area. right near towson, perry hall. and there's where it hit right there. very, very strong winds for these thunderstorms. we still don't know whether it was in fact, a tornado, or what we call straight line winds. we'll find out shortly. the weather service was out there, looking at the scene. determining whether the damage was twisted or pushed in one direction. that's pretty much how we can tell. obviously they had very strong winds, probably over 80 miles an hour. which is really like a hurricane in many respects. so even a small tornado. it's possible we'll find out very shortly. >> all right, bob. stay with wjz 13 for first warning weather coverage. remember, wjz is always on.
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for live doppler radar, the latest closings or delays, log onto a community frustrated. neighbors say students are hogging parking spaces in restricted residential areas. suzanne collins reports on a push tonight to put an end to this parking dispute. people who live next to morgan state university picket this week. they pay for the passes. >> the community is outraged. >> morgan does not seem to care. >> both sides call it productive. >> we were able to identify, 600600 underparked areas. >> morgan's president is going to reduce the daily rate from
5:35 pm
$4 to just $3 a day. >> they say enforcement will be increased to dict ticket cars without residential restrictions. it will allow them to stay there all day. >> neighborhood leaders were pleased, saying these were great first steps. >> we were hurt. which was great. >> suzanne collins, wjz eyewitness news. >> parking restrictions near morgan allow a two-hour restriction. but that could become even more restrictive. a father denies he had anything to do with the death of his 10-year-old daughter. well, kai, a memorial includes signs blaming the adults in her life. calls for justice at her at a vigil on what would have been her 11th birthday.
5:36 pm
her stepmother is currently in custody for writing a false ransom note. he strongly denies having any involvement in zara's brutal death. >> no. there's no way i would do that to my baby. no possible way to ever fill the hole left by my daughter. >> zara's remains were found several miles apart. >> zara's stepmarth asked to have her bond reduced, saying she asked to lead to her stoap daughter's remains. levy's story made headlines when she was romantically linked with former california congressman gary condit. the defense said it was condit, not guandique, who acted guilty in the months after levy went missing. prosecutors say her death fits
5:37 pm
the pattern of other crimes committed by guandique in 2001. they have been causing controversy. but the tsa says airport patdowns are here to stay. the head of the tsa admits the new patdowns are more invasive but say they are necessary to protect travelers. but they say passengers will not be able too void body screening based on religious beliefs. several civil rights groups have protested, saying it violates their rights. both parties voted to keep leaders in place. but not without some debate. >> she may be giving up the gavel. but nancy pelosi is holding onto power. as leader of democrats in the house. in a contentious, closed-door vote. democrats elected pelosi to lead them when they become the minority party next year.
5:38 pm
she survived a minority. they say pelosi is partly to blame for one of the worst bruceings in decades. and it's time to change. >> she is the face that defeated us in this last election. >> reporter: but die-hard pelosi supporters won the day. she won millions in votes from democrats and that paid off. >> while they had drama, it was a different story on the other side of the aisle. republicans were putting up a united front. >> reporter: as expected, house republicans backed ohio congressman john boehner as leader. that means he will become house leader in january. and republicans didn't come to the cameras, instead, spending the day in closed-door meetings, with the flood of gop freshmen. both sides are due at the white house november 30th, for bipartisan talks with president obama.
5:39 pm
aimed at ensuring that this washington power shift doesn't end in washington gridlock. >> reporter: in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> tomorrow's talks have been postponed. republicans say the white house announced the date without checking with their leaders first. a big thank you from the jewish community center to the police department. a donation was made to the police athletic lead. it was done because of the recognition of the officer's work in providing security for this summer's experience. it brought 1200 to baltimore for athletic competition and programs in the arts. time now for this and the baltimore sun. a look ahead to the trial of a federal officer, accused. shooting a dog in severna park. remembering the life and career of local boxing trainer, mack louis.
5:40 pm
and a look at harry potter. remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. we have breaking news now on edison highway. sky eye chopper 13 is over the scene with more. >> looks like a truck might have snagged the traffic signal here. this is at edison highway and east madison street. police are now detouring traffic, going westbound east madison. onto north highway. as possible works officials are here on the scene. trying to get the traffic light restrung up again. there is no word on any injuries here at this point. you can see, it's causing some minor delays, as traffic moves through the area. city police are assisting motorists to get by. >> thank you, captain mike perry. mammoth manic monday meltdown. voting is under way at
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ists may appear back on july 12th. please welcome the social security administration. ♪ [ music ] the 12th annual mammoth manic monday meltdown is now just five days away. the winner will take home the coveted valentino. >> thank you, pete, very much. don't forget, cast your vote. the voting continues here at now, back to you. >> oh.
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>> peter morgianos is our resident actor here at wjz. he really does act. don't forget to join don, marty and ron for the annual mammoth meltdown. right here on wjz 13. pete, hollywood is going to come calling at any moment. >> you got it. 10 weeks in. and some experts in the wjz pro football challenge are starting to emerge. jessica kartalija is live at to update the bobblehead leader board. jess? >> mary, everybody back here is still laughing at pete. that shot. you have to know pete because he's great. anyway, the sports guys now have some familiar company at the top. sports director mark viviano is starting to extend the lead with 91 points. i am in second with 88 points. then meteorologist bernadette woods tied with stan saunders, 88 points. this week's big winner. bill moore of baltimore.
5:43 pm
he came closer to the score of 28 games. you can still sign up to play. all you have to do is come here. click on the banner at the top of the home page. >> and i noticed your bobble now has a little bubble. >> yes. >> move that paper down. >> yes. >> my bobble has a bubble. big winners, we say. >> yes. there you go. ravens are back on the road sunday to face the carolina panthers. you can see the game live here at 1:00, here on wjz 13. bobble in a bubble. >> that's it. >> we believe in conservation in global things here on wjz. still ahead. crime scene at chuck e. cheese. the attack that has california parents concerned. i'm bob turk in the first warning weather center. we'll have a look at this the chevy malibu was designed to catch the eye... but great design is also what you don't see.
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tire it's quieting down on this wednesday night. how about your thursday. looking at what we have on tap.
5:47 pm
>> well, there is a weak storm that is going to pass by to our south. tomorrow, starting off with a mixed cloud in the afternoon. nothing like today. >> it won't cool down for friday. as you can see. down below 50. that's below average. 33, friday night. for the weekend pretty nice. same thing sunday. 53. and warming up for monday. thanksgiving week, up to 61 degrees again. mary? >> bob, thank you. in today's energy saver, a 10- minute shower can use less water than a full bath. a low-flow will save you 5 gallons of water over a typical bath. a new shower will also take energy up to $145 a year. for more information on how you
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can be an energy saver, go to and click on our special section on the home page. surveillance cameras caught it all, as the masked men put a gun to the head of the teenage boy. seven months after his wife's murder, a former survivor producer has been arrested. mexican police say they have new evidence, including blood found in the couple's rooms. and witnesses hearing violent arguments between them. he h fled before an arrest warrant was issued. eva longoria, confirmed via twitter that she is leaving tony parker. she discovered that parker was having an affair. the couple began dating seven years ago and was married in
5:49 pm
2007. check in with eyewitness news at 6:00. assessing the damage. complete coverage, with the powerful storm that ripped through several neighborhoods. that continues next at 6:00. i'm alex demetrick. coming up, why watermen are out of their boats and off the bay. that story as eyewitness news continues. check in for these stories and all the breaking news. still ahead on wjz eyewitness news. >> the ravens are back on the practice field. >> mark is in owings mills to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:52 pm
ravens getting ready for another road trip. sports director mark viviano. >> they're expected to get a win. but you never know in football. we do know their opponent is hurting even before the game begins. carolina panthers don't know if they'll have their starting
5:53 pm
quarterback rookie jimmy klausen. and carolina's top running back. deangelo williams. he's out for a year. they put him on injury reserve today. with a foot injury. it's a game they led to the final seconds. wilson says he can't wait to get back out there. >> i'm past that, you know. it happened. nothing is going to change it. the most important thing is not what happened to me, what happened to the defense that we lost. you're not going to change the loss. anything under that, it really doesn't matter. you're going to have your good days and bad days. you have to weather them all. of course when the bad days come, people will hit you on the head.
5:54 pm
reed hobbled when he collided with falcons qb matt ryan reed. reed did practice today. 11 weeks into the season. you can see the ravens fight for a win sunday. you can see it here on wjz. he'll kick it off sunday at 1:00. more on the ravens as they get ready for that road trip. plus, the maryland basketball team with a big game in the big apple tonight. we'll hear from the terps. plus, youth is served. i'll have details coming up in sports at 6:00. back to you for now. in tonight's wjz healthwatch report, the best antibiotic treatment for common childhood ear infections may be no antibiotic at all. a new study said they would get better without the help of antibiotics. doctors say that some were a bit faster. they also raised the effects of
5:55 pm
side effects, such as rash and diarrhea. a new study shows that these can increase alcoholism. students found students who drink one once a week are more likely to get drunk at an earlier age and more likely to develop an alcohol dependence. looking ahead to the holidays. more americans will be hitting the road. more than 32 million people will be traveling away from home. trips by motor vehicle remain the most popular form of holiday travel, with 94% of people reaching their destination by driving. flying is expected to account for 4% of overall travel. and still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. a devastating storm destroys an apartment complex in northeast baltimore. i'm adam may, with an overview of the damage and what
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5:58 pm
right now. incredible storm. coverage. >> government bans the sale of dangerous-alcohol fueled energy drinks? city teachers head back to the polls. but did they approve a new contract? i'm gigi barnett. what this new deal means for city students.
5:59 pm
details ahead. >> check in for these and all of the day's breaking news. >> wjz eyewitness news starts now. >> from the city to the counties, to your neighborhood. now, it's complete coverage. it's wjz maryland's news station. sudden impact, a huge storm rips through part of baltimore county and the city. >> tonight, the extensive damage. and the massive cleanup that is only just beginning. hello, everybody. i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about tonight. path of destruction. a line of powerful storms cut through parts of baltimore county and the city, causing severe damage to hundreds of apartments and homes. a live look from sky eye chopper 13 right now, where it is going to be a long process. now, the national weather service is